• August 15, 2022

Eagles Should Target Curtis Lofton Or Stephen Tulloch In Free Agency

I’m very excited for the start of the NFL Free Agency period, which is one of my favorite times of the year. Today at 4pm EST is the real start of the NFL off-season. The flurry of players changing teams is exciting. I constantly find myself refreshing twitter to see the latest breaking news.

We all know last season the Eagles surprised us all, going out and throwing money at members of the “dream team.” Don’t get your hopes up Eagles fans, because its not going to be like that this time around. There are many reasons for this hypothesis, one being that the front office and organization want to erase the “dream team” label from being associated with the Eagles. It caused expectations to rise, and for ESPN’s hype machine to go into overdrive.

The Birds never lived it down, and the players let the hype get to their heads. Another reason is cap room. The Eagles are only projected to have at this moment, about 9.8 million in cap room. This isnt nearly enough to do what the Birds did a year ago. Finally, the Eagles are a team that wants to build through the draft, and they’ve done it the last few years with Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, and LeSean McCoy.

However, that being said, I don’t think the Eagles shouldn’t sign a couple of players to fill needs. The biggest need in Free Agency has to be at the LB position. The Eagles don’t just need one LB, they really need two. Its really important that the Eagles have adept personnel for all positions, and they failed to do so last season at LB.

It was a HUGE mistake to rely on a rookie like Casey Matthews to start at the MLB position. The Eagles should have known that it’s important to be solid in the middle in the Wide 9. Just ask DL coach Jim Washburn. When he was in Tennessee he had three-time All-Pro Keith Bulluck in the middle for almost ten years, and then Stephen Tulloch in 2010. The bottom line is that Washburn, and the Eagles know that they need to acquire a starting caliber veteran in the middle.

They need a bowling ball that can step right in and and be a tackling machine.  The Eagles would be doing wonders for their defense if signed a veteran MLB. Im not set on a particular name, I just want one of Stephen Tulloch, Curtis Lofton and old reliable, London Fletcher.

Tulloch has the advantage because he has played behind the Wide-9 formation his whole career, and is a versatile player. He’s a bowling ball that can hit, and is quick enough to play on 3rd down.  The Lions want him back badly, but may not have the cap room to do so.

Lofton is younger than both players, and has notched over one hundred tackles for the last three seasons. He would definitely give the Eagles the solid play at MLB that they have needed since Stewart Bradley tore his ACL a few years back. The only downside to Lofton is that he may not be the best in coverage. If this is the case, he probably wont be worth the money he’s going to ask for. The Falcons seem to be ready to let him walk, so that may be a red flag.

There’s been a report that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to make a concerted effort to sign Lofton.

Fletcher would bring leadership and a voice in the locker room. He been a captain for the Redskins for the last couple years and  sets a good example for the young players on defense. He’s also a tackling machine, collecting a total of 166 tackles last year. Fletcher is definitely a fit, but age is a huge question. Hes going to be 37 in May. The Redskins want him back, but also have other priorities.

I would be fine with the Eagles signing any of the above players to man the middle next year. The Eagles could also look to upgrade the SAM LB spot, and former Seahawk David Hawthorne would fit the bill. He has played OLB and MLB, so his versatility could be attractive to the Eagles brass.

It would also do the Eagles wonders to sign former Giant and Jet Plaxico Burress. Burress’s 6’5 frame would provide the Eagles with much needed help in the red-zone, where the Eagles have historically struggled.  The Eagles have needed a physical, tall, possession WR for a long time. Riley Cooper was supposed to help in the red-zone, but hasn’t produced much so far in his NFL career.

Plaxico would take snaps away from Riley, but so be it. I’m not even sure Cooper makes the team next year. It also helps that Plax wants to come to the Eagles, and that him and Michael Vick are great friends. Its worth the character risk. I have confidence that Andy Reid and Michael Vick would keep Plax on his best behavior. If he is fine with a reduced role, he could land with the Eagles.

The Eagles should also look to add a veteran safety, and possibly a back-up for Shady McCoy in Free Agency.

It would also be wise to re-sign LG Evan Mathis, who fit great into Howard Mudd’s system. Mathis helped make the Eagles O line one of the best in the NFL last year, starting 15 games. Mathis played well next to All-Pro LT Jason Peters, and solidified the Eagles left side of the OL.He must be resigned.

Free Agency is always a blast. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the chaos. I know I will.

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Matt McCool

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  • yup- its what weve been screaming for for a while. I pray we get this done. Not gunna lie- im nervous.

  • Waiting for the cost conscious move. Some injury riddled player who was once promising. Its all about making money for the Eagles.

    Everyone knows Lurie loves Reid and will not fire him.

  • Tulloch! hes already proven he can go to a new team and jump right in and dominate the position

  • Yes I agree guys. The cost conscious move would definitely be Dan Connor. Solid, but not a difference maker. I’m not even sure if hes a three down player.

  • Eagles under $9mil in cap space now with Herremans extension. They can make space by dumping someone… might as well let Samuel go in some way because he’s a $10mil cap hit and let DRC play fulltime. We don’t need Fletcher in here at age 37 when everyone was complaining about Watkins, the 27y-o rookie! Tulloch, Lofton and Hawthorne are the guys that would be huge upgrade, but they’re all looking for big money. There surely is someone better than Leber in the draft… but can this FO pick the right guy?!

  • Stephen Tulloch is nothing special — if people were going crazy for Curtis Lofton I’d understand it more because he is a much better player than Tulloch —

  • I dont like Lofton or Tulluch.. there noone to lose your breath over.. if im the eagles i dont throw all this money at these guys who in my opinion arent worth it.. Give me a dominate DE and DT and i ll put up with the LBs.. I dont think you guys understand that if we hae a dominant line that will help improve the back end of the defense.. The LBs SS S etc etc..

  • Jon, and when they do screens?

    this is crazy. Did you guys watch this year? we need a MLB first! Yes a DT would be great but there is NOTHING behind them right now.

  • I’m hoping for Hawthorne at SAM

  • I would take Joe Mays back for MLB and then take him out in passing situations..

  • If I am Eagles, I go out and SIgn RT Eric WInston immediately and switch Herremans back to LG and let Evan Mathis Walk….
    2012 OL would be Peters,Herremans,Kelce,Watkins & Winston which would be one of the Top 3-4 OL in the NFL.. Then Resign Dunlap to be back-up,
    trade/release W Justice and draft an interior C/G Back-up in the 6th Round and your set at OL for the next 4 Seasons barring any injuries

  • Paul — Herremans is making “TACKLE MONEY” now, they’re keeping him there.

  • **Report**
    2 third round draft picks go to the dolphins from the bears for brandon marshall. 5 mins into free agency.. unreal

  • Paulman I think the extra money the Birds just gave Herremans hints they are keeping him at tackle– maybe Winston Justice can play guard because they can’t cut him it is the same money either way ( Justice was a bad extension signing )

  • The bears made a huge trade by getting Brandon Marshall.. Huge deal

  • jon Hart — Marshall and Cutler back together WoW

  • That is a really good trade for the Bears…that sucks for the Birds…I hate seeing NFC teams get better!!

  • Perhaps the Bears swoop in and suprise everyone by signing Manning….


    “huge trade”…whatever. Its still Cutler.

  • Vinnie – haha, but the word was that Manning didn’t want to play with Marshall and that’s why Miami got rid of him…

  • Who would he throw to in Miami now? I think that this eliminates the dolphins unless they are going after V-Jax.

  • Dolphins will sign both WR R Wayne and P Garcon per my sources..
    then they have Devon Bess as slot WR and Brian Hartline as their 4th
    Also expect them to sign TE Dallas Clark and win the next 3 Super Bowls in a row…. Go Fin’s…

  • Bugsy – They could sign Reggie Wayne, they have Devon Bess, and could add a draft pick, Meacham, Garcon (who they say is negotiating with Washington as we speak)…. doesn’t matter. Manning makes receivers, not the other way around….

  • Your sources stink PMan, because Garcon just tweeted that he is signing with the Redskins. My point is why would he choose that over potentially having Wayne and Larry Fitz?

  • Manningham is still out there

  • Norv Turner just lost 2 starting OL and a Pro Bowl WR – tick tick tick– Coach Reid to the Chargers

  • MY sources report (espn) that the bears are talking to Mario Williams. My sources ha ha move over pman, move over Jon Hart, Gm Cliff here comes diddy.

  • Oh no my sources suck he is talking to buffalo my bad.

  • Report
    Bucs signed Curtis Lofton. Good i didnt want the guy here anyway…

  • Huge News***
    The Eagles MAY have worked out a deal with Trent Cole.. stay tuned

  • Why should we sign Tulloch or Lofton, when they have interest in studs like Conner & Leber? BRILLIANT!!! pdiddy, LMFBO!!! We all have the same sources. At least ours aren’t made up, in our heads like Paulman. Sorry Paulman, you still the man, bro. BTW, there is no way DJax goes anywhere now. Bowe-franchised, Johnson-resigned, Colston-resigned, Garcon-Redskins, VJax-Bucs, Wallace-1st round tendered. There are ZERO upgrades now.


  • Bring MLB Joe Mays back and I will be happy with the 2012 Free-Agency period..

  • Paulman, your sources were wrong again. I don’t think you’ve predicted anything right this year.

  • Your right BTC, I am going to take a break from predicting anything anymore.. I will give it up for remainder of Lent… and then get ready for the NFL Draft..
    To be honest, I don’t see the Eagles being players in this Free-agency class at all.. They will lock up 3-4 players (Herremans,Cole, McCoy and hopefully D-Jax)
    SIgn a couple of veteran Free-agents to add Depth & Competition 7and then go at in the Draft..

  • Cortland finnigan signs with him he rams. Reggie wayne signs back with the colts.. interesting…

  • Garçon signs with Washington! Paulman Wrong AGAIN!

  • Forget Mathis the Eagles need to go out and sign Eric Winston ASAP so they can get Herremans back inside and shore up the O-Line. Freaking Vincent Jackson to the freakin BUCS. ARRRRRGHH!!!!!!!!

  • **Late Night Report**
    Mario Williams left Buffalo tonight without signing a deal with the Bills.. he is still on the open market.. Hear that guys, there is still a chance..


  • “So your saying there’s a chance” 🙂

  • NO!!! LMBO!!!

  • Trade DE Trent Cole to the Patriots for their 1st Rounder (#31 Overall)
    then Sign Super Mario to replace him at RDE… There’s no way te hEagles are going to sign Mario WIlliams for the big bucks he will command and be a rotational players… T Cole would have to go and I would have no problem with that and in fact, PAtriots Belecheck has loved T Cole for years and would probably be willing to part one on their 1st Round PIcks to get him..

  • *Report*
    Stephen Tulluch reportedly is seeking a 6m per year contract.

    My thoughts: He must be out of his mind! 6m’s a year? Noway nohow, the birds better not pay that guy that kind of money.. hes not worth all of that..

  • Former eagles OL Mike Mcglynn signs with the colts.. More colts/eagles connection..

  • Red flag with Tulluch. Why is it that Tulluch doesnt have a job? Why didnt Detroit resign him?What happened in Tenn? Dont give me he is asking to much. I see plenty of players being overpaid. Obviuosly many teams dont think that highly of Tulluch. Especially a team that just spent a billion dollars on a WR.

  • Maybe Tulloch has an idiot agent…we don’t know dag….but from his play, I didn’t see any “redflags”

  • maybe theyll just draft kuechly… becuase thats high

  • Well I think most of us eagles fans looking for a change at lb are most hopping for run stopping, which is tullochs forte. And we have the wide 9 thing which everyone knows he fits. But he is a liability v the pass, and only a handful of teams use the wide 9. For non wide 9 teams, he just another decent lb who doesn’t excell at pass rush or pass defense. So he’s only worth so much to most teams looking for an lb at all. Then he really is asking too much. When a guy sets a number based off of another player who is younger and better than him….I think all that explains it.

    Meanwhile, I think signing hawthorne for sam, then lofton or keuchly, or fletcher, or hightower for mlb, I think any of that could work very nice for us.

  • *Report*
    Hearing the eagles are waiting for the market to slow down, so deals can come anywhere between now and next week. Heard someone in the know say to think outside of Lofton, Hawthorne, tulluch, though the eagles could still go there, but there are others im told that they have interest in. Also heard the birds could sign anywhere between 1-4 guys in free agency.

    My Thoughts: Stay tuned.

  • Cardinals owe Kolb 7 million dollar bonus tomorrow if they don’t cut him. They’re in a tough spot because they really dislike his playmaking and are kinda waiting on the Manning decision. Glad we got rid of that wasted roster spot who Paulman absolutely loved. PAULMAN WHERE YOU AT??? YOU BEEN KINDA QUIET SINCE THE DJAX SIGNING; COME OUT FROM WHATEVER HOLE YOU’VE CRAWLED INTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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