• August 14, 2022

Free Agency And The NFC East In 2012

In the first week of free agency the Washington Redskins made some big splashes. To answer, the Eagles did nothing but pay their own. There was rumors of Penn State product Dan Connor, who has since signed with the Cowboys, a premature tweet about linebacker Curtis Lofton being an Eagle, and a visit by former Redskin safety Laron Landry.

The Redskins bolstered their offense by adding two wide receivers, Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan. Of course, these two have been added to help Robert Griffin III, the Baylor product expected to go with the number two overall pick that the Redskins gave so much up for.

Along with the Eagles, the Giants have been relatively quiet, only signing a few of their own through the first four days of the 2012 offseason. The Cowboys have signed Kyle Orton to play behing Tony Romo and have added Dan Connor, Brandon Carr and Brodney Pool to help a defense that was one of the best at pressuring the quarterback last season.

So what does this all mean in the NFC East?

While the Redskins are improving greatly on offense, their defense, barring any big signings, will be without some major pieces that they had last season. London Fletcher, one of the most consistent linebackers in the league, is a free agent. So are safeties Laron Landry and Oshiomogho Atogwe. In a division with Dez Bryant, Hakeem Nicks, and DeSean Jackson, a poor defensive backfield is not an option.

The Cowboys haven’t done much to improve their team as a whole. While backup quarterback is a big deal in Dallas, where Tony Romo missed 10 games just two seasons ago, it is not a season changing move. The additions of a linebacker and two defensive backs will help improve a defense that was 23rd in pass defense and 7th in rush defense.

The Giants and Eagles have showed that they are pretty happy with where they sit. The Eagles might have an answer at linebacker in the draft if Luke Kuechly drops to the 15th pick or maybe they are waiting for the market for linebackers to develop so they know what kind of offers to make. They have rewarded DeSean Jackson with a five year contract that nets in excess of $50 million. Antonio Dixon, Trent Cole, and Todd Herremans have all been recipients of new contracts as well.

The Giants have resigned cornerback Terrell Thomas and backup quarterback David Carr. The only additions they have made are Martellus Bennett at tight end and safety Chris Horton.

From the looks of it, the Eagles, forgetting the fluke that was last season, should have a real shot at regaining their dominance in the division. The Redskins will be led by a rookie quarterback and for the most part, rookie quarterbacks are rarely successful in season one. Andy Dalton is an example of an exception to the rule. The Cowboys always find ways to lose games they should win. The Giants are defending champions but the Eagles have had their number lately winning seven of the last eight matchups.

The question lies outside the division where the Eagles will be playing against offenses like the Ravens, Falcons, and Bengals at home and the Saints on the road. The Eagles can be the best in the division without question. But to be a true contender come playoff time, changes still need to be made by bringing in veteran defensive players. Expect those changes to come.

Brenden Peddigree

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  • Dan Conner only got 2 years, $6.5M; $2.7M guaranteed) so the Eagles couldn’t match that this team needs 2 starting linebackers they have the worst unit in the NFL they better wake up.

  • turk, reports are that the Eagles barely wanted Conner at all, and that they had no intention of really signing the guy after the visit, unless he realized himself that he’s not worth starting money. Realize, 0 other LBs of any trace significance have signed at this point. There are 5 or 6 better guys still out there. I hardly think the Connor situation is an indication of how they’ll treat the position this ear…

  • I’m looking at the money Conner got thats up the Eagles alley and why we waiting for every one else if you see a guy you like go get him this linebacker situation is a issue.

  • ” should have a real shot at regaining their dominance in the division”

    LMAO really? out of the last 7 years the Eagles have only won 2 division titles. You call that dominance?

  • Michael Vick is officially the WORST quarterback in the NFC East. I put Romo, Eli, and RGlll ahead of him.

  • I’m looking for them to get Tulloch in here soon. Im getting a feeling Detroit isnt ready to shell out the bread to keep him around. They wanted him last year and made a huge mistake by not making it happen. Pro Bowl year and would of been a big time leader last year.

    I’m pleased witth them getting there guys signed but im going to look at the offseason as a solid c+ unless they get Plax and or a vet MLB. He would solve red-zone and blitz sit. problems immediatly.

    Is anyone else thinking ill take Fletcher for two years until a rook learns the ropes? Guy DOES NOT miss tackles.

  • The fact that your putting Romo ahead of Vick shows how much partisan you have and haterade you pump.Ok…im given you Eli…no doubt…guy shows poise like no other right now and with an improved o-line is gonna continue to be top shelf.Romo has done nothing to even be compared to Vick. Sorry, E.s….NFC Title game appearance,beat Pack 1st time ever at Lamb.in p-off game,running ability,much better accuracy on deep ball, when both are locked in with there arm im taking Vick power and pocket movement over Romo. Romo is a tough s.o.b. and does get some crap from us cause hes a Cowboy. But don tbe a narrow minded Eagle hater. Rg3??? He hasnt played a down yet.

  • Eaglessuck- I have Vick as the 3rd best QB in the NFC East.

    Erock- Tulloch is a beast. I heard that the Birds wasn’t interested in him. I like the Eagles selecting a DT. I think now that Bunkley is gone and Trevor Laws just isnt cutting it I think thats a position that Andy wants to fill asap. I also have reason to think that is because with this team you think you have it all figured out like we know they need a safety a LB etc but come draft time they always seem to shock us. Thats just how I see it.

  • Tony Romo

    Completions 346
    yards- 4184
    Ints- 10
    TD- 31

    Michael Vick

    Completions- 253
    yards- 3303
    ints- 14
    TD- 18

    In the words of Jay-z men lie women lie numbers dont.

  • Looks like the child molester is looking for more attention…..going to threaten anyone else tonite? EaglesSuck, get ready for another long night. I can’t wait for more stories about your mother.

  • Wow people can be really dumb. Talking about someones mother on a sports blog website. Makes you look immature.

  • Shut up Ryan. Stay in Downingtown. This loser Giants fan will hear from me everytime he starts his act on here. I could care less what you think you media-whore Ryan.

  • turk, I hear you. But be patient man. Tulloch wants to be paid like he’s the best LB on the market, and he’s not. There’s still Hawthorne (who I want for SAM), Lofton, Fletcher, and a few other quality upgrades out there – all better than Connor is. And despite how you seem to paint it, free agency is ANYTHING BUT SIMPLE. It’s a complex game of chicken, poker, and different teams with different needs.

    Just take Connor – the Eagles and Cowboys D’s are so different from eachother. Connor in Dallas will be playing with Ware, Lee, and in a 3-4. Not here, totally different situation. So even for 1 given player, just from a football standpoint, each situation is unique….

  • Vick is a better quarterback then Romo.Thats my call…quoting JayZ doesnt make you right.It means your basing an answer to a opinon based question on #’s. Stop dude…Vick has out performed Romo in his career and will finish with a better resume. RG3….???

    Can you please give me your reg Gmen site so i can come on there and talk football with the rest of the Giants fan.

    Angry….you just sounded like Mrs. Brady…fallback and enjoy the ride.He’s busting chops.

  • Erock I blog on 3 other sites. A New York a Washington and a Dallas. NY is Bigblueview dot com. Many people including Eagles fans come and jab at the blue view. Its what make sports fun. I get you guys hate me and I wouldnt have it any other way. I may be a Giants fan but at heart I love sports in general so going to these sites like gcobb are helpful. But enough with the sob story.

    I know Romos a bitch but you cant deny what he did last year. He played like an elite QB and you gotta give credit where credit is due so the momentum going into 2012-2013 I think Romo has a SLIGHT edge over Vick but that remains to be seen.

  • Anyone know Maclin’s deal? He might be inline for an extension too.

  • In an under the radar but important Free-Agent signing this afternoon.
    The SL Rams signed Free-Agent Center Scott Wells away from the Packers who do not have a viable,experienced Center/Back-up on their Roster..
    Veteran Matt Birk already has re-signed withe Ravens and the Texans also re-signed Center Chris Myers to a big deal leaving the CEnter market very thin
    Raiders also released, as expected ,OLB Kamerion WImbley who had a very productive season last year but was unable to rework his Deal with the Raiders so they released him in a Salary Cap move.. Wimbley is 6-4 255lbs and has 7 Sacks and 19 QB Hits last Season to go along with his 73 Tackles and 1 INt.. I think he could make an excellent SAM LB on RUnning Downs and Blitz Packages, He is not known as a Coverage LB so on opassing downs a more athletic drop back LB would be needed, but you can move him around, good against the run and excellent when you let him loose to get into the backfield.. Eagles should definitely contact him for he won’t last long on the open markey..

  • The eagles should draft zach brown … because theyre going to have to go against rg3 twice a year.. and its rumored the giants are interested in brown to stop vick and rg3.. and then sign a free agent for the middle

  • This is the eagles dominance i see.Eagles last playoff win was 2008 season then got knocked out first round 2009 and first round 2010 then missed last year.I think if the eagles only win the division and lose in the first round this year andy will be gone and maybe vick too but they really do not have anyone to replace him on the roster right now as kafka only appears to be a backup in this league as he does not seem to have a strong arm to throw the deep balls almost like kolb.

  • The Giants can really sit back in free agency because their front office actually know how to draft. ….

    The Eagles on the other hand are trying to sign their own mimicking the G Men yet bust consistently in the draft concerning defensive players.

    The Eagles will never win the big one with this poor FO, mediocre head coach in Reid, and the failed offensive line coach running point as defensive coordinator.

  • eagles are a bust in draft on defense, draft a pro bowler in second round, djax, and monkey around signing him, they must build through the draft, resign your core players, this is a huge draft for the eagles, they have to get it right this time, if they do and vick steps it up they will win the nfc east easily

  • The Eagles have not improved from last year so I dont see how they are going to win the NFC East…. they signed their own, but still have major holes at LB and S. They stil dont have a red zone target at WR either. Vick and Reid are basically in their last years so the stress is going to be high this coming season. Its going to be a tougher season than last…. the Skins have improved, the Giants are still very good and the Cowboys a threat.

  • Hey the eagles can pick up Jameel Mclain from baltimore and Kimberly wake from oakland. This will solve their linebacker problems, Mclain is a local kid. What do you guys think, Wake can play the Sam

  • Oh my bad Kamerion Wimbley from Oakland, wow I butchered that name.

  • kamerion wimbley i was so confused i was like theres a dude i nthe nfl name kimberly… hes a beast tho 6’4 255 .. ran a 4.61

  • I know he would cover the tight ends and I believe Mclain can man the middle. He learned behind Ray for years. And there both like twenty six, that would be nice. But they won’t do it.

  • I dont think theyll do it either .. they gotta do something though.. id take wimbley and keuchly.. i cant see them signing 2 free agent linebackers… or mcclain and zac brown

  • Man that would be nice you get those two guys that solves are linebacker issues for years. Then at #15 we can get our DT and in the second rd we can draft another LB to study under these two guys. I like that scenario what do you guys think?

  • Yeah but that kid from boston won’t be there at #15. They would have to move up to get him. I thought two free agents could work, because I didn’t think Mclain would cost them a ton.

  • he might be there depends on chiefs and seattle mostly .. becuase seattle lost fatupu but they may take that quarterback.. and chiefs took justin houston last year so he may be there.. if we picked up mcclain we could then draft zac brown

  • Larrwd it’s funny cause we are simply fans and we just solved their linebacker problem. Our scenarios both make them way better at that position now. Let’s see if they can figure it out.

  • imagine if the dont sign one and the draft comes and they dont draft one..this town will be in an uproar

  • Reports are saying that the Eagles have no interest in Tulloch, Hawthorne, or Lofton. Tulloch is asking for a contract similar to Jackson’s from the Browns (5 yr 42 mill). No shit…what do you think you get one of the best linebackers in the league for cheap? think you are going to sign Tulloch for like 2 million a year…This seems like it will be a repeat of last year (or basically every year Reid has been here) when he passes on the top linebacker available for the taking…Again this would be different if Reid actually showed he was capable of drafting Lbs but he cant for the life of him…which is why I don’t get why just pay for atleast one stud and have the below average around him..atleast it would be better then having all below average LBs here. Please Reid prove me wrong

    Does anyone know the deal on K. Wimbley? would he be a good fit here? (i mean if it really matters anyways)

  • Lb, S, and a Wr in the red zone are the biggest problems facing us at the moment. This FO staff is awful at drafting defensive players and with JC as D-coord could prove to cost us again.

  • Man look If you can get Mclain from baltimore to play the middle, Wimbley to play the sam where good at that spot. Our safties our here allen, jarret and coleman are it. They will let them play and develop, as far as the redzone they have to just call better and different plays. They are too predictable down there, they have to switch it up. I frustrated because there are players availabe that can help us right now. And they hesitate, bringing in one or two top notch linebackers would not kill us.

  • Wimbley is best suited for a 3-4 Scheme for he’s more of a pass rushing LB (With 15 Sacks over the last 2 seasons) then a true 3 Down LB so Probably little interest from the Eagles with him, though I think he could be a good “SAM’ LB on rushing downs and then use him to blitz which the Eagles don’t really do with their LB’s..

  • Pheags, you’re taking that “report” at face value? Since when do speculative reports hold their weight? I say everyone is an option until they are signed elsewhere. If the eagles are in fact interested in any of those guys, wouldn’t it be in their best interest to not say so?

    And as far as tulloch goes, I don’t thing most would agree with you that he’s one of the best lbs. He’s very good as a run stopper in the wide9, but he hardly one of the best lbs in the league. And he’s asking to be paid like a star.

  • My sources have the Eagles as potentially interested in and looking at
    LB’s Jordan Senn, Phillip Wheeler and Safety Reggie Nelson and that’s about it..

  • Schiller get real we talked before FA started and told you As long as Reid is here he will not pay top dollar for the best linebacker in FA in the open market and he will not spend a 1st on one for the best talent in the draft. No point of even arguing about it cuz it never happened since Reid has been here and never will…Again i hope Reid proves me wrong and makes me look stupid cuz I think i would be best for the team to sign Tulloch and draft Barron. BUt again it won’t happen, keep living in your fairy tale land.

    And tulloch is not asking to be paid like a top star…he is not asking for Ware money. HE is one of the best overall linebackers in the league and his probowls show it. just stop it man lol.

  • Pheags, you are insisting that you know the future. That is obsurd.

    And tulloch is a reknowned liabily against the pass which disqualifies him from being one of the best all around lbs. Period. ware is a rush outside 3-4 lb, practically a different position

  • Pheags, if the past always dictated the future, that would mean that people who are virgins will never have children

  • Eagles Strategy appears to lock up their young Core Players from an 8-8 Team. Then Draft well and hope the Team protects the ball better and if they cut their Tunrovers in half, that they will be a 10-11 Win team and make the Playoffs wit h having a full regular Season of OTA’s and Camps together which they believe will really help the 2nd/3rd Year players as well as QB Vick.. Will it be enough as other Teams add Talent to Upgrade their Rosters ….. (TB Bucs, Redskins,Cowboys, Rams & 49ers have been pretty agressive so far and Bears added a #1 True WR as far as Teams in the NFC) Do the Eagles by standing pat actually fall further behind in the improving NFC… These answers we will have in about 9 Months when the 2012 Season is owinding down..
    If you want to hear something crazy, I put the Eagles Chances of making the Playoffs in 2012by when they play the Steelers.. If they can play the Steelers within the 1st 2 weeks of the Season (when they won’t have Hampton,Mendenhall, Keisel) then they have a shot of a winning Season.. If the Steelers are on the schedule for later in the season when these players return from late season injuries, then it’s all over.. I would not be surprised to see the Eagles open up with the Steelers & Ravens in the first 2 weeks of the Season which if the can go 1-1 they are fine, starting 0-2 will not be good. .

  • Any word on Mathis? Last I saw he was returning to ARZ to decide on offers from Ravens and Eagles. I know that it isn’t as popular as talking about LB’s we want, but taking care of the OL is going to be a big part of the Birds success this year.

  • Yea Schiller, I pretty much do know the future when it comes to Reid and his linebackers. Any reasonable Eagles fan that has followed the team does. Reid will not pay top dollar for the best linebacker in FA…if that statement is absurd to you then you need some serious mental help.

    LOL great quote, whats really funny about it is the past does dictate the future when it comes to Reid and linebackers for his Birds team.

  • Schill you are wrong in your statement about Tulloch…he is widely understood to be a 3 down LB. He does will on passing downs, and does not leave the field. Unlike Lofton, who has been primarily a 2 down LB with ATL.

  • i think the eagles have their eye on keuchly

  • Greenfan, agree. And I do not know how it would disqualify Tulloch from being one of the top linebackers in the game since basically every linebacker in the league will struggle against the pass on occasions these days..esp with these superhuman tight ends…see P. Willis getting exposed by JG in the NFC championship game. I guess he is disqualified now too

  • Greenfan, my bad you are correct and I was mistaken for a moment there on tulloch. I just still think that whoever gets him this year will be overpaying a bit, but by no means am I against the eagles signing him. But I want hawthorne for sam. Id be happy with fletcher too

  • SL Rams Sign DE Kendall Langford from the Dolphins to a 4 Year $24 Million deal ($12 Million in guaranteed $$) The relevance of this signing probably means the Rams will not pursue Jason Jones who may still be on the Eagles Radar… jason Jones is really a natural DE at 6-5 275lbs but has been used in pass-rushing downs from the DT position due to his explosive 1st couple of steps, long arms …

    More news from Arizona State Pro-Workout Day Friday
    #1) QB Prospect Brock Osweiler did not throw
    #2 CB Omar Bolden (5-10 202lbs) had a good 40 time and is coming off a torn ACL in which he missed the entire 2011 Season (but word is the Eagles ike him for a potential Safety spot and had a private workout with him along with the Patriots and Giants)
    #3) MLB Vontaeze Burfict had a poor work-out day again and disappointed those since he refused to run the 40 Time again.. He did participate in Cone Drills/Short Suttle Drills in which his times were terrible per Rob Rang of NFL Draft Scouts. . Burficts Shuttle Times would have ranked him deal last out of all the LB’s that were at the Indy Combine and Burfict’s 40 Time at Indy COmbins of 5.08 ranked dead last again out of all LB and was actually beaten out by 26 of the 38 Defenseive Lineman who rai nin Indy…
    Rang had dropped Burfict as a 5th/6th Rounder at this point and could possibly even go undrafted with his off-the field/character issues let alone his lack of athleticim.. Looks liked this kid peaked 2 Years ago when he was a sophomore for it’s been a steady decline ever since for those who had followed his career… I am still sure that Songs thinks he a difference maker when in fact, a very good possibility that he’s not even in the NFL as as Active Player in 2012…. Go figure..

  • Tulloch would be an updgrade, but how much and at what costs is the issue..
    Does the benefit outweigh the cost.. Probably not so the EAgles will pass on him..
    Luke Kuechly the Eagles would grab but the problem is that he will be gone by the #15 the PIck.. Some the DT’s have dropped, some the OLB have Dropped while MLB Kuechley has continue to rise..
    #1) Carolina at #9 is very high on him (Beasons has had back to back season ending Knee/Achilles Injuries and could be a Salary Cap casualty)
    #2) Buffalo at #10 (they signed the big pass-rusher Mario WIlliams and Drafted DT Marcel Dareus with last years #1 Pick) so they may look to address the MLB position with Kuechley and slide LB Nick Barnett to OLB…
    #3) KC Chiefs at #11 (now with HC R Crennel running the show and is a Defensive minded coach and he loves having smart, team leadership at the MLB Position like he did back with the Pats)
    #4) Arizona at #13 (had OL issues but signed a couple during Free-agency in Adam Snyder and resigning/restructuring Levi Brown contract and may be looking at LB/DE.. They probably need a pass rusher to play opposite Calias Campbell more, but HC Wisenhut may look to add a future signal caller in Kuechly since they have the agining ILB’s Paris Lenon & Stewart Bradleywho are not getting any younger.

    These are the 4 Teams most likely to select MLB Kuechley before the EAgles have a Chance at #15

  • My self-start Rumor is that the Eagles are going to offer their #15 Pick and DE Darryl Tapp to the NE Patriots in return for their 2 late 1st Round Picks (#27 & #31). The Pats are desperate for DL/DE help and really like DE Prospects Whintey Mercillus & Melvin Ingram and know they have to move up in the Draft to be able to get one of these Players… Meanwhile the Pats obtain a consistent Pro in Darryl Tapp who could help them right away while the Eaglesget their 2 picks at the end of the 1st Round.. A Win-Win for everyone…
    In this Scenario, I believe the Eagles could Draft the Following Players

    1st -(#27) DT Kensall Reyes (Connecticut 6-4 300lbs)
    1st -(#31) MLB Donta Hightower (Alabama 6-2 265lbs)
    2nd- (#51) OLB Shea McClellin (Boise State 6-3 260lbs)
    2nd-(#55) SS Harrison Smith (Notre Dame 6-2 213lbs)
    3rd -(#79) RB Bernard Pierce (Temple 6-0 218lbs)
    4th – (#105) WR Nick Toon (Wisconsin 6-2 215lbs)
    4th – (#115) C/G Mike Brewster (Ohio State 6-2 310lbs)
    5th – (#143) TE Brian Linthicum (Mich State 6-4 250lbs)
    6th – (#161) FB Evan Rodriquez (Temple 6-1 240lbs)

  • paulman,

    I like it !

  • No problem Schill about Tulloch. I believe that he or Fletcher would be the best fit for this team right now, but agree with you in that Tulloch may be asking for above market $ right now.

  • Swap out Shea McClellin for Zach Brown or Lavonte David and I’m on board.

  • sullybleedsgreen,

    I agree. I don’t think McClellin is projected as a 2nd round pick. What the hell do I know I’ve never seen the kid play.

  • Man I personally like Mclain, he’s a tough kid from philly. Who went and learned from one of the best ever (Ray Lewis). He can be had at a reasonable price, he’s young he can bring some of that baltimore toughness and swagger to this D. Why not? And Wimbley is a beast he is big and fast perfect Sam for us. But know we will got get old ass london fletcher Oh boy.

  • wimbley would make a terrible sam. The primary job of the sam lb in a 4-3 defense is to cover tds. Don’t give me that take him out on third down thing, throw at him on first and second, automatic first downs. He’d have to play de for us and we don’t need de

  • His body type is too small for DE, well look will just come back with jamar chaney oh goodie.

  • DT Jason Jones signs with the seahawks

  • And what in the hell is wrong with having a linebacker that can blitz well. We haven’t had a beast like that in ages. Eagle fans we have to switch up the philosophy a little bit. Same types of players year in and year out has produced zero chips. Wimbley is a playmaker period.

  • Evan Mathis resigned!!! 5 year deal at a reasonable price.

  • 5 years $25 million.

  • How did i beat Paulman and JH at this news??? My sources must be more on top of it.


  • Paul, I thought Mathis was a goner? Ha, time to hang up your crystal ball old man.

  • When I am wrong I say I am wrong, I just youtube wimbley that dude is huge. Your right he is better suited in a 3-4 scheme that dude is jacked up man. They got him listed at 255 but he looks bigger than that. Yeah he wouldn’t be great in coverage at all.

  • Great pick up on keepingh Mathis, this gives us on of the best side offenses in the entire league. I read that the Eagles were 5-1 when this starting crew played together so keep your chin up and observe the mandatory low negativity limits thank you very much.

    Oh guess what the Eagles rank as of this past Thursday 6th in salary cap space with over 22 million in the pot……shaazam!! Cowgirls and Skinnies both under 12 mill, not counting the hugh sack of moala they may have to cough up this year 10 and 38 mill. respectivly over next two seasons.

    Nice piece of change to bring in say a certain tall WR( Plex), and a smart old fart of a LB who still has game, and has shown a will to teach youngsters with potential (Stop it! you know our lbs are simply young and not bums get over it).

  • Dang wake up Mono……. “Best left side offenses”

    Does anyone else have typing issues on here?

  • I am not trying to start anything on the beautiful sat but our linebackers our a bunch of 4-7 round picks. Just because their young doesn’t mean they are ever going to be players. If they were first or second round picks I would have a lot more optimism.

  • i feel the best DT in the draft by far is devon still.. just from watching tape

  • Okay, there are 1st and 2nd round lbs that haven’t done much either. Our youngster are just that youngsters, do we need an upgrade to more season vets with a wealth of battle knowledge hell yea! HELL YEA! but there seems to be only one rating system around here in Eaglesville and that rating would be” bum-bust- garbage” or “pro bowler”

    To date Vick is a bum; cole is a bum, babin is a bum, celek is a part time bum; lewis in his first year is a bum; McCoy in his first season was not the answer; DJax in his first season too small; Maclin is a bum; Cooper is a bum; Avant is 5th WR; Waktins is a bum; Mathis was a bum (until he actually played a game); Peters is an off an on bum; Kelce I am sure someone on here said he was a bum; Ansante is a bum; Asom is a bum; DRC is a bum; bum bums bums every where bums WOW! all these young players on the verge of something big fooled me becasue they are all just young dumb bums!!!!


  • Its confirmed as Eagle Eyes first announced, Evan Mathis did in fact resign with the birds, 5 yrs 25m’s…

    My thoughts: This was a priority. Kudos to the eagles for really making an asserted effort to take care of there own this off season. Dont get me wrong free agency did just begin and i expect some more moves in the next few days here, as i reported anywhere between 1-4.. so im not in panic mode. Im unsure if evan took less or more money to stay here, i ll know soon. But our OLine is ready to go to war today, its set.. now expect them to address other positions

  • There not bums, they are most of them young players asked to be starters or big players without the benefit of stud mentors, I say they showed up their circumstance was what it was. Now get us some strong vets (At Lb for sure) like we should have done and these youngsters are going to prove their worth to all of us by falling into their roles just fine.

  • Alright your getting a little carried away with your point. Rolle is just okay and chaney is just ok. Well I never said they were bums, you may be referring to other people but why not upgrade with first round talent. I will got out on a limb and say DONTA HIGHTOWER is better than any linebacker we have right now. Now of course I could be wrong but I am willing to make that kind of mistake based off his college career. And he has actually won something already. He is a winner.

  • actually i think rolle is pretty good .. and i think the casey mathews expirement really hurt chaneys development,,

  • @Paulman – McClellan and Smith are poor picks and not value….both are 4th round picks at best and special teams players…

  • i dont like paulmans mocks hes always trying to move down and select 1AA guys.. he would fit right in with the eagles organization..

  • 1st Round – MLB Luke Kuechly, Boston College
    2nd Round – DT Brandon Thompson, Clemson
    2nd Round – OLB Lavonte David, Nebraska
    3rd Round – CB Trumaine Johnson, Montana
    4th Round – WR Marvin McNutt, Iowa
    4th Round – DE Malik Jackson, Tennessee
    5th Round – RB/KR Cyrus Gray, Texas A&M
    6th Round – QB Austin Davis, Southern Miss

  • The Eagles will not draft a safety… they have 3 THEY really like and this draft is weak at the position. Next year’s draft is loaded.

  • they will land a FA linebacker , the fact that none of them really signed is saying its a money thing , when the 1st one goes the birds will get one ( hopefully ) if they do , i am fine with p-mans mock draft .

  • LB S McClellin is rated as the 41st Overall Prospect and the 5th Best OLB on the board behind M Ingram, C Upshaw, Zack Brown and Lavonte David and is projected as a 2nd Round Selection and is probably the 2nd most versatile LB (behind Upshaw) since he can play both outside and inside
    SS HArrison Smith is rated as the 66th Rated Prospect and the 2nd Best Overall Strong Safety in this Draft Class behind Mark Barron

    These Ratings are from NFL DraftScouts.Com who doing a very good job in rating Prospects for the NFL in my opinion with weekly updates,etc,etc ..

  • I like Jott’s Mock Draft too but question whether DT Brandon Thompson will be on the Board at#51 (Very unlikely) and Question the 6th Round QB pick since the Eagles have 3 QB already on board to start Camp (VIck,Edwards,Kafka) and I thought they still have that Johnson kid from Practice squad too and do need to target FB/OL Depth

  • Congrats to Evan Mathis, his family and the to the Eagles for locking him up for 5 Years $25 Million Contract with a $7 Million in Guaranteed $$$ which is a agodo deal for both sides… I believe the Eagles come into the 2012 Season with one of top 3 OL’s in the entire NFL on paper. Now I do think they should re-sign Dunlap as back-up insurance for either OT position in case of injury

    Other Signings today
    KC Chiefs sign OT Eric Winston and Back-up QB Brady Quinn
    Patriots set to sign WR Brandon Lloyd as expected
    Seahawks Sign DE/DT Jason Jones to a 1 Year Deal

    The importance of the KC Chiefs signing OT Winston is now they won’t use their Top Draft Pick (#10 Overall) on OT’s R Reiff or J Martin as many had projected in Mock Drafts since they signed Winston and will now turn their attention with their 1st Pick on Defense and probably go DT or LB and will look closely at LB’s Luke Kuechley & C Upshaw


  • Good job FO. Signing Mathis will keep a solid group together for a number of years. Stability on the line, operating within Coach Mudd’s system will be a good thing for Vick and Shadey. While this off season is nothing like last year, we are in an excellent cap position to address areas of known trouble on the defense, and then look to the draft to find some impact players early on.

  • Pman- lets see…. for this off season….

    Andy is a goner- Nope
    Djax is a goner- Nope
    Mathis is a goner- Nope

    you funally got the parker thing right…. only took ya 4 years.

    As i always say…. i love your stats, i have no beef with you but please…. be humbled.. take this… to heart. LEARN.

  • To Schiller,
    Once MAthis starting to talk to other teams, I thought he would move on and gald that they stayed with it and offered him a fair deal and retained him.. This is huge to have all 5 OL Return who should only improve with another year playing together, full OTA/Camp… This may be the most important signing of the Off-Season to date… Now they can focused on the first 3 Draft Picks on the Defensive Side of the ball right up the middle with a DT,MLB, and SS and the Eagles shoudl be in pretty godo shape moving forward..

  • I never stated that Coach AR was a goner, (or Juan Castillo either for that matter) I stated that CoacH AR and the entire Coaching Staff would remain thru 2012 .. (I did believe that Coach MM would move on on his own though)
    So 1 out of 3 is not bad and puts me into the HOF if it were Baseball…. ha ha

  • Parker/Jackson should have been moved last Season (and they could have maybe gotten a Draft pick for either one) which is why I am glad the moved
    W Justice (another call)..

  • parker signed with the browns he only had 1.5 sacks last year.. i liked parker but i like phillip hunt also

  • Confirmed. Patriots sign Brandon Lloyd. Jets make an offer to Reggie Nelson.

  • ESPN Reports
    49ers Sign WR Mario Manningham to a 2 Year Deal
    Seahawks signed DL Jason Jones (from the Titans) to a 1 Year Deal
    Redksins re-sing QB Rex Grossman to a 1 Year Deal
    Lions re-sign OT Jack Backus and Back-up QB Shaun Hill to 2 Year Deals
    Jet’s sign QB Drew Stanton (from Lions) to be back-up to Sanchez
    Bengals sign OG Travelle Wharton (from Panthers), details were not disclosed
    Chargers re-sign TE R McMichael
    Colts sign Safety Tom Zbitowski & DT Corey Redding (both from Ravens) as the Colts remake their Roster in a more Pyhsical Style to reflect their new philosophy under Coach Chuck Pagano
    Patriots signed WR’s Brandon Lloyd and Anthony Gonzales to give QB Brady deep threats and much more speed on the outside than they have had in a couple of seasons

  • I’ll admit it, I think if Petyon Manning goes to San Fran, they will be very hard to beat. Moss, Crabtree, Manningham, Davis, Gore, (forget the small speedy back too who can catch out of the backfield’s name), very strong D…. Gonna be a good team.

  • Paulman makes so many predictions he is bound to be right – someday.

  • That’s RB Kendall Hunter who the 49res drafted from Oklahoma State in last years Draft), If you recall, Coach AR really liked this kid and there was some talk that he was torn between Hunter & Casey MAtthews in that 4th Round. The 49ers had the selection just before the Eagles taking HUnter leaving the Eagles to select Matthews and then get their scat back in the 5th Round with DIon Lewis

    **49ers QB Alex SMith reportedly on way to Miami to visit the Dolphins which sounds like a pretty good chance the Manning will sign with the 49ers

  • I believe Peyton Manning & Alex Smith have the same Agent in Tom Condon. Mr Condon must feel strongly that Peyton is close with making a deal with the 49ers and probably instructed Alex Smith to check out the Dolphins before they go out and sign Matt Flynn as the QB availalbe spots become less and less desirable and less in value..

  • QB position never loses its value. Cmon man. Thats the most important position on the team regardless of who goes where. Everyone knows that they share agents, everyone is talking about it. And as reported there agent obviously gave alex smith a heads up… I bet the dolphins really feel stupid dumping Brandon Marshall who allegedly Peyton did not want to play with and told the dolphins that specifically and Peyton told them that hes no longer interested in playing there. Oh the horror.. So how foolish they feel by trading Marshall who is a top 5 wr. They better plan to replace him somehow, and hope to acquire Matt flynn or Alex Smith … Peyton will be a niner, no doubt about it.. he doesnt care about being a titan for life, he knows what matters in the end and thats SB ring, multiple ones.. and hes fully aware of that… the ring is the thing. He ll be a niner and they will be a tough out in the playoffs, could be SB bound if you ask me. They were a quality QB away from being in Sbowl last season, expect them to be instant contenders if and when Peyton signs on the dotted line bc out of the teams left on his list the niners are the closest to being there.. He ll be in San Fran by next week..

  • Dam on paper if Manning signs with the niners, thats a ridiculous team. Their D is beast like now you add Manning to a top flight offense wow. Nfc is tough as shit man, Eagles better get ready for another hell of a season.

  • You only have 2 teams really left in the QB market… Miami and Cleveland and since it appears that Flynn, possibly Alex Smith and maybe a Vince Young, I don’t see with team throwing out a big Contracat to any of these QB.. Remember the Dolphins played pretty well with WB Matt Moore down the stretch and remember that the 3rd Rates QB in this Draft (Steve Tannehill) will still be out there to draft and Dolphins OC Mike Sherman coached him in COllege (Texas A&M) and supposedly is very high on him and would come into a familiar system… The Seahawks signed Chad Henne who will compete with Tavaris Jackson sp it’s very unlikley they will add another QB and same with Arizona who just paid Kolb that $7 Million Roster bonus who will compete with John Skelton as their Starter… What other Teams are out there who are going to pay Smith,Flynn,VY and big $$$… I just don’t see it…

  • Eagles have enough to worry about with their own schedule playing the AFC North and NFC South this season.. Look at the upgrades the TB Bucs made..
    The Ravens have lost some tplayers are are getting a little old on the Defensive side of the ball so they may not be as strong as years past.. Also the Steelers have 3 Starters who will most likely not be ready the first month of the Season (RB Mendenhall, DT Casey Hampton, DE B Kiesel) and released popoular Veterans like WR Ward, DE Smith, LB Farrior) so if the Eagles can get them early in the Season, they have a good shot at beating them… How the Eagles do against both these teams will go a long ways in determinng if they are indeed a Playoff Team in 2012 in my opinion,,,

  • Not expecting any significant signings by the Eagles for the rest of Free-Agency, maybe a Veteran MLB and a Big-target WR like Plex Burress..
    This is GM-wanna-be Paulman’s Draft Strategy for next months NFL Draft
    I am going to assume the Eagles Sign WR Placixo Burress to a 2 Year Deal

    I am going to include 3 Trades that I hope that happen for the Eagles to maximize the Draft Selections from the late 1st Rd thru the 3rd Round which is where this Draft is deepest and offers it’s best Value on players..

    #1) Eagles Trade #15 Pick and DE Darryl Tapp to the NE Patriots for their #27th & #31st Selections at the end of the 1st Round
    #2) Eagles Trade thier 4th Round Pick (#115) and CB A Samuel to the Minnesota Vikings (who are desperate for a CB playing the Packers,Lions & Bears with marshall and need a legitimate CB playmaker) for the Vikings 2nd Round PIck in return (#35 Overall)
    #3) Surprise trade is the Eagles sending WR Jeremy Maclin to the SL Rams
    for their 2nd Round Pick (#33 Overeall) and a 5th Round Pick in 2013.
    (remember the Eagles signed Burress and that Maclin is from ST Louis and will be in his final Contract Year/Season and since the Eagles have committted quite a bit to D-Jax, maybe it’s time to draft a new WR with some time to groom them and for the Rams acquiring Maclin, they can use their 1st Round big on a OL/Secondary/DL player instead of WR J Blackmon who has not shown real well in his workouts/combine and has some maturity isses that do concern some scouts and with getting a lot of Draft picks from the Redksins Trade, HC Fisher may want some proven players who can come in abnd contribute right away for QB Bradford….

    Now the Eagles Draft Scenario looks like this

    1st (#27th from Pats) – WR Steven Hill (AGeorgia Tech 6-2 215lbs)lbs)
    1st (#31st from Pats) – MLB Donta Hightower (Alabama 6-2 265lbs)
    2nd (#33rd from Rams) DE Andre Branch (Clemson 6-4 260lbs)
    2nd (#35th from Vikings) DT Brandon Thompson (Clemson 6-2 314lbs)
    2nd (#51st from Cards) OLB Lavonte David (Nebraska 6-1 233lbs)
    2nd (#55th -Own pick) SS Harrison SMith (Notre Dame 6-2 215lbs)
    3rd (#79th – Own Pick RB Bernard Pierce (Temple 6-0 218lbs)
    4th (#115th-Own Pick) CB Josh Norman (Coastal Carolina 6-0 197lbs)

    These moves would give the Eagles 8 Picks of the Top #115 and 6 Picks out of the Top 55 where they can not only address some immediate needs (MLB,OLB,DT& SS) but develop Starters for down the road in WR S Hill, DE Branch, and a great combination RB in Pierce which would help extend McCoy’s time as a player.

  • When looking at the Future Talent and Contributions from this above list and all the Eagles traded were Tapp, Samuel (who I don’t believe fit in the future plans anyways) and then the difficult decision on Maclin which is tough call to make, but to take advantage of his Value before a contract year and to be able to build for the future, sometimes you have to trade from a position of strength to sure up some weaknesses and remember the Eagles do need to extend McCoy to a long-term deal so have more younger players on their rookie Deals helps take pressure off the Salary Cap for the next few seasons and with having Burress on Board with D-Jax/Avant and Cooper, The Presurre on We Hill to come in right away and contribute is less so he can learn and be groomed behind Pros like Burress.Avant & D-Jax and then become a Starter by 2013/2014 with a bright future and more upside than retaining Maclin in my opinion or by overpaying Maclin next Off-season to keep him in Philly.. I am not so sure that Salaray Cap wise and Eagles Philosophy Wise,that the Eagles are going to want to have 2 WR’s have $40-$50 Long-term Deals on their roster at the same time..

  • Paulman you hit it right on the head with maclin. There is noway they pay Maclin a big contract. He is average at best and no team has the luxury of paying 2 recievers big contracts. I look around the league and see the V Cruz of the world and the Brandon Lloyds (a career journeyman) evolve in the right systems and the opportunity. The Eagles commiting to DJax (like it or not) has sealed Maclins fate and I also would move him if the opportunity arises. But I fear with 0 Pro bowls and 0 1000 yard seasons a 3rd or 4th round pick is all he is worth. Keeping him and letting him walk may be best for the Eagles.

  • Not breaking the bank for Shady eithier. With the Eagles quite possibly having a top 5 offensive line in all of football does Shadys value goes down? Do you think there are many backs that can get 1000 yards behind our oline? Shady is a great back a 1400 yard back and dynamic. Whats he gonna want 50-60 million? You dont think I cant find a back who could get me 1100 yards for under 10 million? Of course you can. There are 20 backs who get 1000 yards every year. I love Shady dont get me wrong but is it wise to break the bank on a rb in a passing league?

  • I think the Rams would give up a 2nd or a 3rd Round Pick for they have addressed a lot of needs on their team already (CB/OL/DL) but still need a WR and relying on a Draft pick to step right in and contribute is still risky.. Fisher likes Veterans and Maclin being from St Louis,Mo and a Pro with little baggage if any would be a good fit for him and for the Rams & Bradford.. (maybe the Eeagles would have to kick in a 4th/5th Round Pick with Maclin for the Rams 2nd Round Pick.. Just an option.. But Maclin was a mid-1st Round Pick 3 Years ago and not that he’s been All_Pro, but he’s been productive and especially in the Red-Zone and take away his illness,slow start and then injury from last Season, I think he was ready to take that next step and he can easily be that 60-70 Receptions for 800-1000 Yards per Season with 10 TD’s Type of Receiver which I would think most teams would Value pretty well… (and especialyl the Rams who have few other options)

  • Which is why I pick-up Bernard Pierce in the 3rd Round in my Mock Draft Scenario.. McCoy is about to enter his 4th Season and to be honest, he probably has 2, maybe 3 Peack Seasons left in him, though he keeps himself in great shape and really has had no serious leg,knee or foot injuries to this point so he may be that exception type of RB who goes on strong for another 5-6 Years.. but picking up a legitimate back-up Rb and actually letting them get some carries would definintely extend MCCoy’s legs and time in the NFL.. Deon Lewis is not the answer and the Eagles are very thin at RB and have no real FB on their Roster which these need to be addressed. Getting a legitimate back-up RB is critical in the event that McCoy does have an injury then Eagles and Vick will have to throw the ball 50 times a game again which is not good for anyone…

  • Maclin will probably get a deal similar to deseans

  • Geez you can tell its a slow news day with people getting a little crazy with this Eagles FA period…when people are actually talking about the Eagles letting Shady go because he will want to get paid like the best player on this team (which he is)…and Eagles fans are actually being kinda fine with that lol…No way in hell do the Eagles let Shady go. They will pay him too…I think the EAgles even consider him a better player than Westbrook and they will keep him here to he is basically useless then let him go. Shady has stats that are history making I believe so far…its not just about his running ability (prolly the best stop on the dime and go in other direction RB in the league) but his catching, receiving ability ect…you DONT find guys that have it all like shady does. He will be an Eagle for basically his entire career, bank on it

  • Thanks for making sense out of all of this nonsense these idiots are talking about on this thread pheags88.

  • Who said about letting Shady Go, I draft RB Pierce to have a viable back-up and remember that McCoy is going into 4th Season already and has been injury free for his entire career so far, but you can’t count on that, RB’s and even the great ones last about 7-8 Years max, so whats wrong in getting in another good RB to learn the system and be ready to take major snaps in the event McCoy gets injured… This is how you build a quality roster by having doo depth.. Right now the EAgles have no FB and no back-ups to MCCoy.. most teams have 3 Capable RB’s on their Roster and right now, the Eagles have 1 …

  • Say what you want Rocko teams with great RBs dont win championships. Ive watched the Giants, NE, Indy, GB, Pitts all win without much of a running game. Teams with great passing games win championships. I think Shady is great and hope he stays. But I also understand if they dont sign him to Chris Johnson money. Sign a guy for 3 years and 10-15 million who gets me 1100 yards or Shady who would get 5 years and 60 million for 1400 yards. I dont know is he worth 50 million dollars more to avg 20 more yards a game better than the next guy? Just throwing it out there.

  • I do like Bernard Pierce as a back-up RB (would really like the kid out of miami but don’t see us spending a 2nd on him)…another possibility is J. Addai. He would prolly be the perfect backup to Shady since he can catch and pass protect really well.

    Dag you are right about those teams but the fact is we don’t have great a QB like all of those teams do so keeping Shady here for the majority of his career is a must. I think the EAgles FO knows it gives us our only shot to win. Rmbr tho the guys that get those 50-60 million dollar deals are guys that are their teams offense for the most part, 30 carries a game. And when it comes to you best player overpaying is simply justified. see C. Johnson, A peterson, P Manning etc

  • The kid out of Miami (Lamar Miller) is a stud and will proabbly be gone by the 2nd Round.. He reminds many, of a young Edgerrin James, but a little faster.. and similar build too.. 5-11 212lbs.. He’s definitely one to watch come Sunday’s for someone.. I see a Cleveland or Tampa Bay or maybe even Indianapolis grabbing him early in the 2nd Round…

  • Holy Shart bat girl!!! Did I hear someone say the running game was not big? Dam posters on this site have been praising the running game as essential, now that the Eagles have a nice run game, hell its just not important. We wanted quality WR’s now we have them and hey “THEIR BUMS” get rid of them.

    I pray at night before I go to rest my little head at night and thank the big Eagle in the sky that now of you blouts are not even close to making FO decisions. At least I admit I am not a X/O guru, just a guy with a thought.

    If some of you guys were making the decisions I would for sure be on GCobb demanding your arse be fired!Now relax fellows what we do here is plain fun I get it so I am having fun right now “YOUR FIRED!!!!”

  • Monolith – Thanks again for clearing up some of this nonsense a few of these idiots are talking about on this thread buddy.

  • What nonsense you talking about Rocko.. You do have to look at 2-3 Years down the road sometimes in Roster management/Draft time.. This is what the Succesful teams do.. Players are interchangeable and come and go, and are really a dime a dozen (except fror QB where you have to have an Elite one to compete for a Championship)

  • Paulman, players do come and go, but in your messed up head, they come and go 20 times between every NFL snap, and that’s just during the season. Your addiction to imaginary player transactions makes Charlie Sheen look like a choir boy. And you self edit your thoughts far less than rush limbough.

  • EAgles have 3 Very tradeable players on their Roster if they want to add more Draft picks or move up.. CB Samuel, DE D Tapp and WR J Maclin..
    Now if the Eagles want to keep all 3 for 2012 and then see what happens after the Season that’s fine, but these are marketeable players where EAgles have depth and it does make sense to see about potential trades from a position of Strength to help futher updgrade the roster and to keep an eye on the future as far and draft Talent and having a manageable Salary Cap in future years… What’s wrong with discussing these options that the EAgles are forunate to have .
    #1) DE Tapp.. If Brandon Graham is 100 % Healthy and plays to his potential, then Tapp is simply a luxury earning a big $$$$ as a rotational player
    #) CB Samuel – If the Secondary is going to a more press-man Coverage scheme as reported and favored by Secondary Coach Bowles, then Asmo/DCR would be the better Starting Tandem and again, you don’t keep Samuel around for $9.5 Salary as a 3rd CB.. (ad maybe you do keep Samuel and trade DCR who is still young, coming into a contract year after 2012 and would draw lots of interest from teams needing a CB… (either way, Eagles need to decide on which 2 CB’s are the Starters nad move the odd man out
    #3) WR Maclin also coming into a Contract year next season, with the Committment made to D-JAx and maybe the signing of red-zone Target Burress, why not trade Maclin and get maximum value where they can draft a younger WR and pay under a rookie Salary for the next 3 years and keep Burress around for a 2 year deal.. Does the WR Corp suffer significantly, not.. Are the Eagles likely to sign Maclin to a big deal next off-season while have D_Jax Contract on the books too.. I don’t think so….

    The othe school of thought of course is AR wanting the best 53 Players right now for the 2012 Season and worry about the future in the future, but part of a good GM’s Jon is to explore these type of things and look at acquitring more young talkent for future seasons, to avoid the big Contracts/Franchise Tags if possible and to manage your Salary Cap accordingly.. Simply to look at 2012 and the short term is not what the GM should be doing, he should work in tandem with the Head Coach but also keep an eye for future seasons,upgrading the roster and keep the fiscal house in order…

  • SCHILL, you have a lot of balls, saying someone else has a messed up head, when clearly you are the biggest basket case on here. What makes you think that you are always right, & gives you the right to criticise everyone? You are a delusion, condescending, nut job. GET SOME THERAPY, & GET A LIFE!

  • Dcar, for someone who wants me to stop posting, you sure continue direct conversation with me a bunch..

    I don’t think calling pauly messed up takes balls, its a near concensus around here, referenced and agreed to by the only and only paulman, and backed by mounds or evidence. And mostly, why would that be ballsy? What can possibly be risky or dangerous about me saying that?

    And the right? 1rst ammendment. Don’t have much more to say about that, you do the same to me and others on a usual basis. I would call it hypocritical but hey, its only human.

  • I am not content with the Status Quo with either the Phils or Eagles Rosters Schiller. I am always looking on how to improve the roster and I enjoy doing so as a fan.. The key is turning over your Roster from older players who have peaked and replacing them with younger players still on the rise.. Sometimes teams don’t have that luxury of moving a player for they have no viable option and is the Job of th GM?Front Office to ensure that there is a pipeline of talent that can replace any player if soething unfortunate would occure.. Baseball has minor league system to develop talent and generally speaking has time on it side and many options to improve the talent level..
    Football uis much fdiffereny.. You have 25 Starters on a Team (INcluding 3 Special Teamers) and about 25-27 Back-ups/ROtational players which a good 30-40% of are made up of Rookies.. On top of this you have only 8 Players on your Practice squad who could be scooped up by another team if they have an opening on their 53man Roster (which I never liked or understood this rule) .. So Drafting and developing depth for a Football Roster is much more complex and vital to a teams success.. and in the case of Football wherer injuries have a tendancy to be more serious and potentially season ending, a Teams Depth will be challenged all season long so a good GM has to prepare, anticipate and be ready to move quickly if a injury, suspension arises with a Player.. Anyways. I like what the Eagles have down so far this Off-season with locking up key players, now they need to add 3-4 pieces on Defense right up the middle (DT,LB,Safety and OLB) and this team should be good to go, to do need a FB, back-up RB and a big-target WR for the Red-Zone.. They are sitting good Salary Cap wise but should address the McCoy Contract sooner rather than later, and they probably still need to bring in 1 Free-Agent LB & FB in at the very least
    We’ll see what happens but I think it would be very proactive to move the 3 Players I mentioned to get maximum Value for this Draft and build for the future rather than simply playing the 2012 Season out and then see what happend..

  • **Report**
    Confirmed. Broncos reach an agreement with LB Joe Mays, 3 year deal
    Confirmed. Bengals reach an agreement with safety Reggie Nelson, now the Jets have to look elsewhere.

    My Thoughts: Look for the Eagles to make anywhere between 1-4 signings in free agency. Dont be alarmed because they havent made any moves to this point. Its still ridiculously early in FA..They have been waiting for the market to settle down, sometime this week could be when they start signing guys, LB S FB WR..

  • Not many Fullbacks or Safeties out there for that matter…

    MLB Joe Mays had a pretty good seasons for the Broncos and I wouldn’t have mind, if he came back to the Eagles, He is more of a true MLB and tough against the run, again his pass-coverage skills were lacking, but against the run,red-zone and short-yardage situations he was pretty good and is like many other MLB in today’s NFL, they are 2 Down back and come off the field in obvious passing situations where a quicker,more athletic LB or Safety comes in to replace them..

  • Schiller =HYPOCRITE. Look in the mirror. That’s what I meant by having the balls to call someone else something that you are. But go ahead, do what you do best, do your usual deflecting of everything onto others, with your delusions, contradictions, & know nothing BS. Every time you are called to the carpet with your BS, you do a horrible job of self PR. You are making a bigger & bigger @$$ out of yourself, with each post. Keep it up, it is entertaining to know such an idiot is out there. God, I hope you don’t have an important job, that entails helping, or God forbid saving another life, because I feel sorry for them.

  • **Early Morning Eagles Report**
    -According to former Redskins GM Vinny Cerrato, Free Agent Safety Laron Landry will be coming to philly for a visit with the birds this week.
    -Eagles may be announcing a signing come tuesday or Thursday (Possibly Landry or one of those FA LBs)
    -Heard they could be targeting two LBs in free agency or one in free agency and the other in the draft.

    My Thoughts- Ive stated this before that we need one veteran safety to complete that group. We only have 3 quality ones right now. Pats and Jets seem to have pulled out of the running for him. Maybe because he informed them that hes signing with the eagles? Remains to be seen but i wouldnt mind them bring this guy in, hes a good player, hard hitting, brings that intimidation factor, too many throws over the middle and we didnt have a guy that could lay the lumber to prevent those easy throws.. lets hope if they do in fact sign him that hes healthy and can provide what we need from him..

  • Also, according to a source, Asante Samuel will not be traded. His contract is untradeable. He most likely will be released.

    My Thoughts- Not shocked at all. Time to move on from Asante. We have won nothing with him in the past few years hes been here. Hes very fragile on the field and off it. Time to move away from him and stick with Nnamdi and DRC..guys that fit the new scheme that the birds have implemented with more press man2man coverage, totally not the strength of asante, hew no longer worth the money, esp being over the age of 30 and with 9ms owed to him this year… So expect a flat out release soon here since they cannot trade him with that contract.

  • Good work JH. You are on the ball lately. If they get Landry & either Tulloch or Hawthorne, I’m going to be stoked. Someone down (legit source, not one of Paulman’s) at the NovaCare complex, told me the front runners to be signed are Lofton & Leonard. About Asante, I said all along that no one is going to trade for him, & his horrific contract. Cut his @$$ already. Sick of looking at his ugly, non-tackling @$$, with his arms folded, in that overly used picture of his. He’s probably one of the most overrated players that we have in this city. Next to Stinkadala & Utley. Although I used to like Utley, but he gets too much positive press, when he ain’t did squat in 4-5 years, is old & falling apart. But that’s another story.

  • Jhart, the word on landy is that he had a serious injury, refused coventional treatment and then started body building. That makes teams unsure of his durability and coverage ability now. Hey, if we sign him and he plays great now, great, but that’s probably why the jets and cheatriots passed…

  • I states that unless Samuel is willing to work out a new deal (which I don’t think he is) that he will be released.. They will attemtp to trade Draft weekend but unless he works out a new deal with a potential new team, then he’s released and on the street… Team that has the biggest need is the Vikings, but since they are in a rebuilding mode, they are not going to pay him tht type of $$$$ but playing in the NFC North with the passing attacks of PAckers,Lions and now wit Marshall with th eCutler/Bears, the Vikings could sure use his services..
    I do not see the Eagles pursuing Safety Landry (too many health issues and struggled in pass-coverage when he was helathy anyways) and or MLB Lofton (wants too much $$$ for a 2 Down LB) and I am not sold on how much an upgrade he would be over Chaney to begin with..
    A coupld of journeymen will be added to increase competition but that’s about it and will address these positions in the Draft.. I do think a coupld of LB’s will be released shortly for salaray cap reasons, the Saints with Vilma (Who may be in trouble with the Bounty-Gate Scandal and have to miss a few games) and the Panthers Jon Beason whop apparently is unwilling to re-work is cojntract even though he’s missed back-to-back seasons with ACL/Achilles Injury so the Panthers are proably going to release him and move on..

  • Re LaRon Landry, and the Jets who worked him out are in worse shape at Safety than the Eagles are… If the Jets didn’t like what they saw from Landry, I would stay away..

  • i would take landry on crutches before these bums who were drafted on our team. Coleman is the best safety we have and he is undersized with no speed. but i give him credit for heart. Nate toast Allen is ass and a waste of a 2nd round pick, Jarrett was a serious reach in the 2nd round and we’re stilll watng to see if he actually wants to hit somebody.

    Sign Landry yesterday.

  • Songs I got love for you bro but I need to know if you are still cosigning Vontaze Burfict? I think it’s mea culpa time on that one fam. I’d be happy with Landry and Hawthorne, and a DT in the 1st round.

  • Burfict is ASS and had a poor Pro Day, Poor Combine, Poor Senior Season, has Character and Intellect concerns an dbothches his interviews.. This guy may not even be Drafted now but here is Songs still swearing by him as if he is goaing to take the Eagles to the promise land.. Burfict = Songs = ASS

  • Wow. You alright paulie? can’t say I disagree at all, but that was one of your more agressive posts ever

  • It’s that Dunkins Dark Coffee that’s got me going this morning Schill… Usually I stay away from the personal name calling, but I am tired of Songs saying every player he doesn’t like, is an ASS and so I had to call him out on it about Burfict..

  • Is it safe to assume the Eagles will be addressing their biggest hole last year (LBer) in the draft?

    Something tells me Casey Mathews will be the starting MLB in 2012. SMH.

  • Lmao Paulman is Gangsta today!

  • birdo – I’m getting inpatient too. But I’d say its not safe to assume anything. We’ve all been burned doing that. And with 0 of the free agent LBs of significance signed, who’s to say the Eagles wont get one? I’ve seen the reports that they won’t get one of the top 3 or 4, but they also said we’d spend lightly last year….

  • Paulman, just making sure you’re ok. I’m all for what you said, just out of character for you. And we all can understand where Songs is coming for – better tackling, more toughness, better LB play – yeah, we all want that. But he fell in love, head over heals apparently, with a guy that just seems to be a consensus shitty football player.

  • Manning to the Broncos

  • Pman, I have seen you be more than patient with guys in here. You are certainly entitled to an outburst especially when it is warranted like in this case. Landry has played 17 games in the past 2 years. Not sure that I wanna give that guy a bunch of money.

  • Tolbert to the Panthers.

  • Thanx to everyone for your concerns,as I had to get an adjustment on my medications this morning and was a little out of whack but am somewhat back to normal… (Just busting on Songs) Now back to Footballl

    Tolbert to Panthers, means Pathers will look to trade RB DeAngelo WIlliams or Jonathon Stewart and it will probably be D Williams since he has a higher salary and maybe more value than Stewart..
    I would think Teams that the Redskins,Colts,Patriots,Bengals would all be interested in adding a RB of Williams or Stewart’s ability..
    Could and Eagles Trade of CB Samuel to the Panthers for let’s say RB Jon Stewart be possible..

  • Manning to the Broncos is a little surprising, but obviously Manning feels real comfrotable with the Ownership, ELway and Coach Fox and Staff.. They do need some weapons,, Maybe RB Deangelo WIlilams from the Panthers,
    Free_Agent TE Dallas Clark and they could use a WR (Maybe a Trade with the Eagles involving Jeremy Maclin..)

  • Paul, in both cases – the panthers, with Williams, and the Eagles with Maclin – you’re valuing the trade/transaction more than what the team wants. I just saw a rumor mill starting about Stewart – potentially even to the Eagles. But my point is the Eagles aren’t trading Maclin – you know why? THEY NEED HIM TO PLAY WR. Why in hell would they trade away either their best or second best receiver? That’s crazy. What reason would they possibly have to trade Maclin? And for the Panthers, Williams is the better back and Tolbert isn’t a fulltime starter. So you keep your better back.

    Transactions are one things, but when you favor the transaction over keeping players on your team to play well, you’re going crazy. It’s not the National Trade League it’s the National FOOTBALL League.

  • How is it suprising considering the ownership,coach,gm,and solid defense? Seems like it woulda been a suprise had he went ot Titans.

    Woulda been hard to say no to Elway…he’s hellbent on getting that team back to the top.Props to him for getting Manning in there…like the Broncs to run that division next year.

    Eagles arent trading any starter cept Samuel this off-season. Could see them getting Clark.Draft an rb maybe.

  • I pray that the Eagles don’t trade Maclin. I’m not sure why everyone is nagging on him lately. If we trade him we are left with a 5’8 WR who won’t go over the middle and a bunch of scrubs. Even if we sign Plax he won’t be much more than a 4th WR, who will only be used in the Red Zone.

  • Can anyone see asante restucturing his deal to stay? Cmon paul. He wants the loot, the green, the presidents faces.. Lets not kid ourselves. He has his SB rings, at this point in his career hes trying to patent his stats because he views himself as a future HOF.. I used to be a huge asante fan but hes on the decline big time.. Time to move on from him and it seems like the eagles have the same thought process..I already stated that it may not be lofton or tulluch or hawthorne, i said it could be someone else there targeting, maybe in free agency or via trade, alot of options here.. Also in regards to Landry, there is a few sources that stated the eagles are bringing him in for a visit this week, obviously a physical can be conducted, eagles doctors will look him over. When someone that works for the organization was asked about it, he said “i cannot speak on that”.. that gives us our answer there, it was not shot down or denied, expect landry here this week and a signing tuesday, wed or thursday. There are going to be 2 upcoming signing… stay tuned

  • Peyton will control the offense in Denver too.

  • I would love to see Paulman, and Jon Hart have a smackdown rumor off. That could be the most entertaining event in a while. And for poops and giggles give PM a big gulp of that coffee he had today.

  • Trade rumor for Songs in a 3 Tead Deal…

    Eagles Trade QB M Vick to the Dolphins and WR Maclin to the Broncos in exchange for both the Dolphins & Broncos 1st Round Draft Picks and QB Tim Tebow…

    The Eagles now have the following Draft Picks in the 1st Round

    1st Rd 8th Overall – DE Q Coples (North Carolins 6-6 280lbs)
    1st Rd 15th Overall – WR M Floyd (Notre Dame 6-3 220lbs)
    1st Rd 25th Overall – MLB D Hightower (A;abama 6-2 265lbs)

    Eagles with Tim Tebow at QB go on to win 46 Games in a Row winning 3 Consecutive Super Bowls from 2012 thru 2014.. A Tebow Statue replaced WIllim Penn on of City Hall… Tebow is considered the 13th Apostle, the 5th Beatle … Tebow injures himself when helping to lift Coach AR up after a 3rd Super Bowl Victory forcing him out of Football with a bad back…

  • In a word: awesome.

    But you forgot that because of public demand the Rocky movies are digitally remastered with Tebow substituted for Stallone.

  • Are we really this bored from lack of off season acquisitions?

  • Eagles add C/OG Steve Vallos, in addition to officially signing G/C Mike Gibson to add depth to the offensive line.

  • Are those the 2 signings today you spoke of?

  • Deasr– No, im just trying to keep everyone up to date.

  • Ok, cool. I’m hoping for something good to add to the already successful off season they are already having.

  • Stay tuned bro, these signing may begin to happen fast.. im talking sometime this week. possible 2 guys this week that are unresticted FAs, so anywhere between 1-4 guys added this offseason…

  • Probably means that King Dunlap won’t be back, maybe theEagles Draft an OT in the 3rd/4th Round.. They need some insurance behind Peters/Herremans. at Tackle though. They already have Vandervelde and Zane Taylor as back-up Interior Lineman and now they add Gibson/ & Vallos… Who can play OT in the event Dunlap is not resigned..

  • And Deasr the perfect comparison would be that im the younger, accurate, more up-to-date reporter Adam Schefter, where pauls the old senile out-of-date Chris Mortensen whos hit or miss, mostly misses, inaccurate, off the hip predictions that are wrong 98% of the time.. hes 0-1,010 on his predictions.. poor paul..

  • Hey remember the eagles also signed that kid from the ravens, he plays ot his name escapes me right now. That’s one tackle spot right there.

  • My sources tells me that the eagles love the tackle from florida state (zebrie sanders). And will look to grab him in the later rounds of the draft.

  • Landry signs with the jets OH NO.

  • Confirmed. Laron Landry signs with Jets on a one year deal, 4m’s.

    My Thoughts: Anything can happen. Eagles may have had a change of heart, or the Jets got to Landry before the eagles could. Anything is possible. Jets were more desperate than the eagles were at safety. Still expect 1-4 moves by the eagles..

  • $4 Million for a player wh hasn’t played a full season in 3 years is way too much and who is average at best in Pass Coverage.. Glad the Eagles passed on him
    who I don’t believe were really that interested in him..
    Eagles will bring in a Veteran LB, a Jordan Senn, Phillip Wheeler, but watch for some big names to be released at LB in Salary Cap moves like a Jon Vilma and Jon Beason..

  • Trade Rumors,
    Panthers Send RB J Stewart and their 5th Round PIck to the Eagles for
    CB A Samuel who agrees to rework his Contract with th Panthers and gets to re-unite with DC McDermott who he has some good seasons with…
    You heard it here first..

  • I mean what type of players our senn, or wheeler. I mean I just don’t want them to sign someone just to sign someone. I would like an impact kind of guy. I really don’t know a whole lot about those two guys.

  • Pman that trade would be nice with the panthers.

  • To pdiddy,
    better double check you sources about Florida States OT (Z Sanders 6-6 324lbs) He is not Roger Mudd’s style at all, he’s kind of big soft and coming off Knee Surgery.. Stay away from him… (he’s 6-6 325lbs)
    OT’s in the Draft that fit Coach Mudd’s philosophy and body build (long,lean and quick feet) would be the following

    #1) Bob Massie (Miss State 6-6 315lbs) Late 2nd/3rd Rounder
    #2) Brandon Mosely (Auburn 6-6 310lbs) 3rd Rounder
    #3) Tony Bergstrom (Utah 6-5 310lbs) Late 3rd/Early 4th Rounder
    #4) Nate Potter (Boise St 6-6 305lbs) 4th Round & My Choice
    #5) Matt Reynolds BYU 6-5 305lbs) Late 4th/Early 5th Rounder

    These guys have long arms, quick feet are tough and come from passing offenses except for Bob Massie from Miss State

  • Wow the report I got he was only like 308 he must have packed on some pounds.

  • I will double check with my sources(draft site.com) and get back to you.

  • Hey you know what Jason Peters is 6″4″ and like 330 so maybe he likes his tackles bigger. I think todd is like 320 or so

  • Very doubtful there will any impact players this Free-Agency Pdiddy I am afraid.. The Eagles Stated Goal was to resign key players (D-Jax/ Mathis/Dixon) and extend some key core players like T Herremans & T Cole and probably work on deals for McCoy and Maclin too and add a few complimentary pieces for competition and depth.. They will look to solidify the LB Position thru the Draft and hope that younf LB’s Rolle,Chaney,Matthews continue to improve and probably draft a MLB and OLB to upgrade the Talent..
    I don’t think they would shy away from signing a talented player who would fit the EAgles scheme, maybe a Plaxico Burress. but they are not going to be pursuiing big nam LB’s or other WRs’ that were out there…

  • Hey Pman what do you think about the linebackers from Texas. Acho and Robinson.

  • Patriots sign WR Donta Stallworth to go along with WR’s Anthony Gonzales &
    Brandon LLoyd to go along with West Welker… They also signed TE Daniel Fells from Broncos to a 3 yars Deal worth $7 Million which is suprsing since they have 2 stud TE in Gronkowski and Hernandez..

  • I have good news and bad news about the Eagles first week of FA. The bad news first: They did not get any better. Now the good news: They didn’t get any worse. By signing Mathis and keeping their O line and more over their entire starting offense intact, they have continutiy moving forward that should help out next year. Do I think making guys happy with bigger checks will find its way to the football field and the win column? NO. Absolutely not. But we do have continuity and guys that are used to each other which helps us over the first five games against teams that maybe did have a lot of turn over on their roster.
    The defense is still average and not built to stop the run, the short pass or hold late game leads. So we are still an 8-10 win team. I do not see them getting impact from the draft so if they do nothing to speak of in FA, then there is no real hope of making any type of deep run. I think the team as it stands could win the NFC East and a WC playoff game. I really can’t see anything at all that makes me believe they can do more than that.
    Anyone would be hard pressed to name one player on the current roster which will have an unexpected coming out this year to the point we will find a really good player we did not expect we had. I do not see a big surprise. So given that, we have a top five or six offense, an average defense and mediocre special teams. That’s good for about 8-10 wins with the schedule we are facing this year.

  • I think mudd likes his guard’s and centers smaller, but doesn’t mind bigger tackles. Because Peters, and Herremans are big men. You heard it hear first Zebrie Sanders 4th round pick by the Eagles. For any other false facts and wrong information come to pdiddy.com. LOL

  • Dam jbird you punching in the gut with a whole lot of truth today. Hey it’s only March 19th lets see what they have up their sleeve.

  • I like them both Pdiddy..
    I think Keenan Robinson can be a very good player and hope they Select him

    There are lots of of quality LB’s in the Draft (outside the the big names like Kuechley,Hightower, Upshaw & Brown) that will be available in the 2nd/3rd/4th Rounds that can help this Eagle Team.. Here are some of the Best of the Rest by many scouting reports

    #1) Mychal Kendricks (Cal 5-11 240lbs Projected 3rd Rounder)
    #2) James-Michael Joseph (Nevada 6-1 240lbs – Projected 4th Rounder)
    #3) Jerry Franklin (Arkansas 6-1240lbs- Projected 5th Rounder)

    SAM Position
    #1) Shea McClellin (Boise State 6-3 260lbs – Projected 2nd Rounder)
    #2) Nigel Bradham (FLorida State 6-2 241lbs- Projected 3rd Rounder)
    #3) Keenan Robinson (Texas 6-3 244lbs – Projected 3rd/4th Rounder)
    #4) Kyle Wilber (Wake Forest – 6-4 250lbs – Projected 3rd/4th Rounder)
    #5) Brandon Lindsey (Pitt 6-3 – 255lbs – Projected 4th/5th Rounder)
    #6) Travis Lewis (Oklahoma 6-1 246lbs- Projected 4th/5th Rounder)

    WILL Position
    #1) Lavonte David (Nebraska 6-1 233lbs – Projected 2nd Rounder)
    #2) Bobby Wagner (Utah St 6-0 240lbs – Projected 2nd Roounder)
    #3) Sean Spence (Miami 5-11 231lbs – Projected 2nd/3rd Rounder)
    #4) Demarrio Davis (Arkansas St 6-2 235lbs – Projected 3rd Rounder)
    #5) Josh Kaddu (Oregon 6-3 240lbs – Projected 3rd Rounder)
    #6) Emmauel Acho (Texas 6-1 238lbs (Projected 4th/5th Rounder)

    Some players have experience at both Inside and Outside LB’s like Robinson,Acho, McClellin.Lindsey so some of these players do offer some versatility

  • Pman — Eagles won’t sign Vilma. Vilma might actually not get signed by ANYBODY this year. He’s going to get suspended and it’s going to be lengthy, bank it.

  • Wow could you imagine if they get Hightower, Robinson and David or Acho. That would be outstanding, all these Lb’s are big and fast. I know we have young guys on our team. But when I see them play I just don’t see a whole lot of upside to none of them. Rolle is ok, he is around the ball a lot. But we need size and speed with our backers. I know the eagles won’t draft all these guys but we could get a couple of these guys. We have the worse linbackers in football. I would take a chance with a young linebacker the caliber of these guys.

  • No doubt that Vilma who will get suspended and proabably get a 8 week suspension in which the NFLPA will fight it and get it down to a 4-6 Week Suspension would be my guess.. Hard to suspend a play for aSeason when they only have a limited time to play.. Unless some reall blatant stuff comes out.
    As far as JBirf above post that has a lot of truth about it, but there are some issues that I will challenge

    #1) Saying the Defense was Average is probably not accurate..They Ranked 8th by Season’s end which is in the Top 25%..The Led the NFL in Sacks and improved the 2nd half of the Season after a poor start.. Biggest areas to improve are Red-Zone Defense and creating more Turnovers.. but when you look around the NFL, many teams have weaker Defensse for it’s a more wide open passing league in which more big plays and points are going to be scored. Patirots,Giants Defense were lacking most of the Season and tightened it up come Playoff Time and make there was to the Super Bowl.. Saints,Packers,even the Steelers were not the strong Defenses of Old.. It’s about being Opportunistic and creating Turnovers in which the Eagles Defense must do to move up..

    #2) I count many players on Denfense as having their 1st true full Off-season as an Eagles..Look 3rd Year players like Nate Allen, Coleman, Chaney, Clayton and Graham were rookies 2 years ago, then locked out last year so this is their 1st full off-season as a Pro NFL Player.. Does this mean they are All-Pro Players, of course not, but they all should be improved as should 2nd Year Eagles players CB Asmo, DCR, C Jenkins, Hunt,Hughes just being more familiar with eacah other and knowing the Eagles sytem, and them you add 2nd Year players from last years Draft like Rolle,Matthews,Marsh.. This Unit just has to be better in my opinion and well as better and more comfortable coaching
    I expect B Graham, A Dixon and P Hunt all to make big steps forward working with DL Washburn and being healthy
    I think Rolle,Clayton & Matthews can all make a nice improvements and I believe the Eagles Secondary will be light years ahead of where they were at the beginning of last Season with much better coordination and coaching from Todd Bowles and players like Asmo/DCR knowing their roles and
    Bottom line, with so many young talented players on Defense, there is a lot of room for improvement and I think we will see it this year, but remember the old shut down defenses of Football from years ago are long gone.. Look how good the 49ers Defense is still the Saints/Giants moved the ball pretty well against thenm at their home field in the Playoffs.. If Eagles Defense can get 1 more Turnover a game and hold a team to a FG instead of a TD just once a game. then they can be a Top 5 Defense and contend fo a SUper Bowl

  • I think the Eagles will end up with 2 off my list of players about
    (McClellin in the 2nd Round and Robinson in the 4th would be my guess and
    Don’t fall asleep on Demario Davis from Arkansas State either)

  • **Eagles Report**

    According to NFL Network, the Eagles have been in contact with Plaxico and his agent. Both the saints and giants have interest in the receiver but the team in the lead for his services are the Philadelphia Eagles.

    My Thoughts- if this is true than good for the eagles. I suggested a year ago as plax left the prison that the eagles needed to sign him. We need his size and strength and ability to jump up and get the ball over the cornerbacks and safeties. It would be a smart signing.. plaxico wanted to come here an year ago but the jets outbided for him.. birds have another chance, we need the redzone threat..

  • ****BREAKING NEWS****

    The Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to terms with Dwayne Johnson. The University of Miami standout was spotted at the Novacare Complex today embarrassing the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles roster in their very own weight room.

    Although at 40 years old, the Eagles are hoping Dwayne can shift to middle linebacker after playing his collegiate career at defensive end…..almost 20 years ago.

    This move is being seen as an immediate upgrade to the Eagles roster by the rest of the league and players are already saying they will not go across the middle of the Eagles defense for fear of getting the smacketh layed down on their roody poo candy a$$es.

  • ******ALERT***** BILL BERGEY was spotted at the Novacare complex for a serious look see….

    He may be 69 years old beu experts say he’d be a serious upgrade at linebacker for the Eagles.

  • Bergeyis still able to outrun Vontaeze “the Breeze” Burfict in the 40 Yrd Dash What a sorry sack of poo, Burfict has become.. You deserve each other Songs .


  • I agree. Paulman, I do not follow the draft publications like you do. I think it’s a little silly to have opinion on a player without seeing him. My question is about Burfict. I’ve seen him play and he looks allot like Trotter to me with both Trotter positives and issues (filling the wrong gap etc). I know he had a terrible combine. What round to you think he will go and do you think the Eagles are interested?

  • I think Burfict goes Late 4th Round to a Team like the Steelers/Ravens/49ers/Bears who have strong defensive leadership and can babysit and groom him for 2 seasons and see how he’s develops
    And no, I don’t believe the Eagles have any interest at all in Burfict, he just d has too many Character Flags and Intellect issues and doesn’t fit the mold of an Eagle Draft Pick.. My bottom line thoughts on him is that he peaked 2 years ago physically and is too immature to perform consistently at the NFL Level..

  • Thanks

  • Dtime and Pualman – the thing about Burfict, is that the scouts and analysts all agree that when you look at tape – complete games, not just highlight reels that ignor bad or neutral plays – the general consensus is that he is a BAD football player. They say he is most often seen on the ground with a running back already past him, or launching his body into air with a TE or RB flying past him. They say that he is a very ineffective LB. A shitty LB who can hit very hard when he is lucky enough to stumble into a tackle doesn’t deserve to be on the NFL playing field. We’ll see if I/they are wrong. But 1 highlight reel does NOT tell the whole story of a player. Forget character issues. I want a guy who plays the position and sport well, and everyone but Songs says this guy just does not.

  • Schiller,

    Makes allot of sense. Many times there is a major differents between what the fans think and the really professionals (the coaches). There are many expamples of players looking good on the highlight tape. Thanks for the input

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