• January 25, 2022

I still want Ted Ginn, Jr.

Back in 2010, I wrote on this site that I really wanted to go after the bust from the Miami Dolphins, Ted Ginn, Jr. He certainly owes Devin Hester a Christmas card after the Dolphins took him ninth-overall in 2007, after they got drunk on Hester’s bananas 2006 season as a returner. And while he may not have panned out as a wide receiver, he can still return kicks really well.

And that’s why I want him as a free agent from the San Francisco 49ers. I want him to come here and return kicks, because you can put kick returner on the list with “linebackers” as a position that has been woefully inadequate the last so many years.

Think about it, when was the last time the Eagles had a good returner on kickoffs? Jorrick Calvin? Jeremy Maclin? Dion Lewis? These are just off the top of my head. I don’t even want to actually go back and look and see some names I might find. I had UNLV going to the round of eight, so I’m already a little queasy today and can’t take much more.

Remember the debacle that was those two Dallas Cowboys losses to end the 2009 season? I heard a lot of blame going around and most of it was well deserved. The interior of the line was abused. Donovan didn’t play his best football. The team just got spanked overall. Yep, all true.

But, one of the things that stood out in my mind, was the fact that it seemed like every drive started at their own 10-yard line. The things I mentioned before were bad enough, but you compound that with awful field position? Forget it. That’s when you get, well…two embarrassing losses to end the season. And this is before the new kickoff rules!

Ginn could help change these field position issues and I think it would be in the Eagles best interests to get on the phone with him. He’s not expensive and could be a huge boost to this offense. Imagine starting drives at the 30- or 35-yard line. You can’t, can you?! I can’t either! It’s like a fantasyland dream with this team.

Let’s do a little exercise (bear with me): Close your eyes, and imagine. Think hard. Try to imagine how many drives you saw that started at the 35-yard line after a kickoff last year. Exactly. My brain shut off at the 25. You know why? Check out the team stats. An average return of 20.9 yards with a long of 33. One word comes to mind: deplorable. You could put me back there and get those results. I can catch it and take a knee.

This is a huge problem and one that Ginn would solve.

However, here’s the big problem: I’m not sure he’d come to the Eagles. I’ve been hoping and wanting Ginn for a while now, but I just saw this quote from him:

“I want to be known as a receiver, not a specialist guy, not a punt returner, kickoff returner,” Ginn said. “I want to be known as an actual receiver, and that was some of the things that they expressed in here (with the Lions) for me today that I enjoyed.

“I’m six years in now. I just want to be able to just be a receiver, and special teams is given.”


I understand where you are coming from, Ted. But, for the most part, you’ve been a warm bucket of hamster vomit as a wide receiver in this league. Just accept your role as a specialist and give the Eagles a shot. No, there is not much of a role at all for you on offense, but you’d be a huge shot in the arm to a portion of this team that needs it badly.

Time will tell on this. If the market won’t give him the price and the role he wants, maybe he’d be willing to put his tail between his legs and help a team that has a chance to win something (and yes, the Eagles are indeed in that position).

So, with all the talk about adding linebackers and safeties (oh and I’m onboard that ship too, believe me), kick returner is a glaring weakness on this team and has been for some time. C’mon, Howie, at least give Teddy a call.

Micah Warren

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  • Agreed. Lewis was awful. And I think you meant bonanza not bananas.

  • Rather draft Devon Wylie, or Joe Adams, this guy has been overrated since he was drafted.

  • @Micah – Classic description, ” warm bucket of hamster vomit as a wide receiver in this league”. Love it. Exactly why I wouldn’t waste my time, and money. In Devon Wylie, he could be used just like Wes Welker is used with New England.

  • Eagles should try out back-up CB Curtis Marsh on Kick-Off Returns since he was a RB in College his 1st 2 Seasons and has experience as a Returner in High School and College..
    He’s bigger than Lewis or Gilyard and could probaby be a consistent 25-30 Yard Return guy with an occasional chance to get a big return..

  • I agree with the gm, Wylie or Adams would be excellent.

  • For a league minimum incentive laden contract… I could see this working. Any thing outside of that would be uncivilized.

  • Eagels Signed Returnman/WR Mardy Gilyard back in January to compete for this Role and there will be no interest in Ginn Jr for this Role..They have Gilyard signed to do these things..

  • Paul, Gilyard is a journeyman, camp body, that’s it. What is your infatuation with this stiff? LOL!!! I want no parts of Ginn. He gives you returns, thats it. He can’t catch, he is as small, fragile, & injury prone, as DJax, can’t play recovery ST’s, & is basically a one trick pony. NO THANKS, WASTED $$$. Draft a combo kid in the middle rounds.

  • lionsden – do you think he’d sign a minimum incentive laden contract – I don’t. But yes, otherwise that WOULD be uncivilized – agreed.

    And Dcar – agreed as well. I really think that Pauls infatuations (he consistently does it) are RANDOM. He just cherry picks certain infatuations to throw up the wall. Remember he was sure (was the guy named Martell Mallet?) would play RB for us? What about the Mike Patterson thing – over and over and over. Sure Juqua Parker finally came true…. oh well – ha at least we agreed on something

  • Gilyard will be one of the surprises in Camp.. This kid can play and catch so he’s more than a Returnman… I believe he will win the battle as the 5th WR over Chad Hall and make the Roster.. Gilyard was very good in College and unfortunately for him was injured for the Rams last Summer and just wasn’t able to get on the field much during last seasons abbreviate camp to show what he can do.. I am not saying he’s a Pro-Bowler or even a Starter material, but he is upgrade over Chad Hall and can make a differnce on SPecial Teams and maybe get in on some 3 WR sets to catch the bubble routes,end arounds that D-Jax used to do before playing too cautious..

  • I repeat….. rather draft Devon Wylie, or Joe Adams, this guy has been overrated since he was drafted. Exactly why I wouldn’t waste my time, and money. In Devon Wylie, he could be used just like Wes Welker is used with New England, a much better upgrade from Chad Hall, and a better option than Ginn, or Gilyard.

  • With Gilyard and Chad Hall already on the Roster, It’s very unlikley that they will Draft a similar style of player GMCliff.. They will let the 2 (Gilyard/Hall) Battle it out and may the best man/player win..

  • Paul they both have to prove themselves, and show they have what it takes to make the team. They are consistently, bringing in guys to create competition at a position. There is no guarantee, that Hall, and Gilyard will even make the team. So it’s not unreasonable to draft some stability to that position. Nobody has been a guarantee to nailed down the punt, and kick returners spot.They brought in Senorice Moss, last year for the same thing, the result…. cut. But they drafted Dion Lewis, granted to be the futre back up to Shady, but he was penciled into that position because, no one else could cut the mustard. I would draft Wylie specifically for this position, and with his 4.3 speed I utilize that in the screen game when ever I can like the Patriots use Wes Welker. I’m not gaga over Gilyard, and Chad Hall is a nice story, but all fairy tales come to an end. The Eagles have better options, although they like certain players on the roster. I know they like some of their Linebackers too, but they need to cut some of them (Casey Matthews, Moises Foiku, Greg Lloyd, etc) and upgrade, and if Reid wants to keep his job, he better recognize that when they draft this year.

  • Gilyard = Camp body. Enough said. This is one of the very few times, that we disagree, Paulman. But hey nothing can last forever. LMAO!!!

  • I still say this Gilyard will be impressive in camp and find himself a Roster Spot..
    I’ll bet you a $1, he makes the Team. DCar..

  • I got a feeling he’s going to disappoint you Paul. Two other teams prior felt the same, and released him with that same disappointment, and Chad Hall in my opinion is really not an option at all……..It would be wise if they filled that position during the draft.

  • Name the Other team that Released Mardy Gilyard,Cliff.. The Rams are the only Team I am aware that he played for after being Drafted by them in 2010.. and then was hurt during 2011 Pre-seans and failed to make the Roster in a shortened Pre-season/Camp time..

  • @ Paul – Mardy Gilyard was released by the Rams during the shortened season, the day after he signed with the Jets, and they cut him. Here is the reference –

    Gilyard let go by New York: The Newark Star-Ledger reports Friday that WR Mardy Gilyard, who was released by the Rams last Saturday during cut-down day, has been cut by the Jets. He signed with them on the next day.
    (Updated 09/10/2011) all I did was cut and paste.

    This is my opinion, but he is the Ted Ginn Jr of his draft class, good in college a bust as a Professional Player. Sure the Eagles are hoping that he will resurrect his career here, but I doubt that he will…No thanks…Devon Wylie Please.

  • @Shiller – no, I am all but certain he wouldn’t sign a league minimum contract even if it were laced with very lucrative incentives… but what I was truly alluding to is that we don’t need him and he’s not really worth it but why pass up a bargain if you can get it???

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