• June 27, 2022

How About Some Optimism About The DeMeco Ryans Deal?

The prevailing opinion around the league is that the Eagles got the best of last week’s swap that sent a fourth-round draft pick and a swap of third-round selections to the Houston Texans in exchange for 27-year-old former All-Pro middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans. And it’s hard not to feel that way.

Ryans has been one of the best at his position since entering the league out of Alabama in 2006. He went on to win NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year that season, made two Pro Bowls (2007, 2009) and was All-Pro in 2007. His impressive resume speaks for itself.

By now, we all know that Ryans missed 10 games during the 2010 season due to a season-ending Achilles injury, but he bounced back to play in each of Houston’s games a year ago. We also know his production suffered, partly because he wasn’t fully recovered from the injury, but partly because of the team’s switch to a 3-4 base defense that saw Ryans on the field for approximately only half of the team’s defensive snaps.

Still, most who watched the former University of Alabama standout agreed that he became more comfortable as the season progressed. Former coaches and teammates alike have unanimously agreed that Ryans is a great team leader who will thrive on the field with the Eagles.

So what gives? Why would the Texans do a deal like this? Sure, Ryans cap number is undesirable, particularly if he isn’t ideal for what the Texans want to do on defense, but elite middle linebackers aren’t a dime a dozen.

So is there really something more to this whole deal than meets the eye?

That’s what we we here in Philadelphia do–we think worst-case scenarios.

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak tried to explain what to most appears to be a very questionable deal yesterday at the NFL owners’ meetings.

“No doubt, he played his best football for us at the end of the year, there’s no doubt about that,” Kubiak said. “Absolutely no doubt. He battled his elbow, he battled his Achilles, but at the end of the year he played his best football for us.”

One would have to assume that the Texans don’t think they traded away a complete lemon to the Eagles, but it’s still fair to wonder if they know something the rest of us don’t.

Kubiak believes that Ryans can be still be a three-down linebacker in the right fit. And it appears, at least initially, Philadelphia may provide the right fit.

Even if Ryans fails to meet the lofty expectations in terms of physical play, his communication and leadership skills are something that the Eagles sorely needed. And Kubiak has full confidence that he’ll help the Eagles in that respect.

“All you have to do is turn the film on and watch him,” Kubiak said. “He runs the show. Everybody goes to him, they trust him so much and what he’s doing. He really raised Cushing in a lot of ways. … He’s just a guy on the field that gave everybody some calm: ‘Hey, I got it under control. What are we doing? What’s our adjustment?’ DeMeco let us know we got it.”

Ultimately, there’s a bit of uncertainty regarding any trade–teams don’t know what they have until the player goes out there and does it. And this trade is no different, but you have to assume that regardless of whether or not Ryans returns to form that he’s still going to provide a significant upgrade to the play and cohesiveness of a unit that spent much of last season completely out of whack.

We tend to be skeptical and negative around here because we’ve seen this show before. We were promised playmakers with the arrival of Will Witherspoon and Takeo Spikes–it didn’t happen. But Ryans is significantly better than both of those players at this point in his career.

We tend to contain our enthusiasm because we watched Nnamdi Asomugha–the market’s slam-dunk best defensive player of a year ago get worked by Victor Cruz. We watched him commit untimely penalties. And we watched him out of position far too many times. We are a bit on edge because it’s been 52 years since the Eagles were the last team standing and because of brutal losses to St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Carolina, New England, and Arizona in championship rounds. We’ve been betrayed and stung so many times that even when something seemingly good happens, our first response is “yeah, but…”

But nothing. We have to let this go. Wounds heal. This is a good move. And it was the right to make for this team right now. Nothing is guaranteed, but we just have to enjoy the ride.

So while I get the skepticism, we have to take a collective step back from the ledge and assume that even if Ryans doesn’t return to peak form, he’s still going to provide a major boost of to this defense.

There’s a reason that the prevailing thought around the league is that the Eagles got the best of the DeMeco Ryans trade–because they probably did.

Bob Wankel

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  • Was an excellent pick-up in getting MLB D Ryans, whom I am sure was surprised and a even a little hurt being traded by the Team that Drafted him and groomed him.. The Texasn finially have a plyoff caliber team in a wide-up AFC SOuth Divivision and he’s no longer there, so I expect him to have a major chip on his shoulder coming into 2012 and as he mentioned, Philly and their 4-3 Def Schemes is a perfect fit for him to be productuve and what player doesn’t get fired up playing for anew team that actually ‘wanted him” .. Even if he’s only 90% of wht he was 2-3 Years ago still makes him the best LB on the Eagles Roster and his Leadership/Toughness Skills cannot be underestimated.. This is a major Win-Win for Eagles and for Ryans.. Welcome.

  • The reason why we are very skeptical about the trade is we know first hand how to bamboozel another team. We all knew McNabb was done and laughed when Washington took him off our hands. We all knew Kolb SUCKED and laughed when we suckered Arizona into that deal. They are lucky the lockout prevented more teams from raiseing the price on him. Lets not act like team dont screw teams all the time and know something we dont know. Asante would of been on that hoodwinked list last year if Howie wasnt so greedy. We are hoping Ryans is more of a Doc Holliday then a Chris Webber..

  • Honestly I dont think Ryans means alot if the DT dont help keep the guards and center off of him. I dont care who plays MLB. Its asking alot for a 250 pound player to constantly have to shed the block of a 330lb man then make the tackle. Its simple math and the little guy isnt gonna win. Just imagine that you are 200 lbs and you have to block someone who is 120lbs there noway you are not gonna win that battle. Your bigger and stronger. I hope Washburn realizes this and adjusts.

  • Hey guy..we’re skeptical because thee’s a dance Ryan may go down and we’ll be stuck with the garbage linebackers behind him. You can’t get excited when all your linebackers a 3rd teamers and special team players at best.

    Get us 2 more linebackers.

    Our Safety position have been targeted by QB’s regularly especially when we sewed up the right corner position and Coleman was our best Safety last year. We need to cut our losses with Nate Allen and bring in a Stud Safety.

    We have problems when everyone see Landri is better than Trevor Laws yet we keep Laws around because Rosebud don’t want to admit his high choice at DT is another defensive bust.

    So, yes there’s skepticism, but it’s not because of Ryan.

    We just don’t want this organization to sell us Ryan as the answer to our defensive woes when there’s other positions of concern, including Juan Castillo calling plays against Superior offensive minds.

    I believe if Sean Payton and Greg Williams were coaching this team a trophy would be here.

    If Tom Coughlin was coaching this team a trophy would be here.

    So, Andy Reid is another concern.

    Do Demeco Ryan correct all these issues?

    I think not!

    We all knew they needed Linebackers before preseason last season but, Andy said things were fine.

    We knew we needed a corner once they traded Sheldon Brown but, Andy said things were fine.

    We knew we needed a Safety after seeing the position grossly downgraded and past over Earl Thomas who could have manned the position for years to come only to get an undersized situational defensive end.

    So, if you think we should be doing back flips with the acquisition of Ryan,you’re sadly mistaken.

    By the way..Did we get a kick off returner yet?

    Fix the team for a legitimate run at this thing and you’l see the excitement!

    Did you see the excitement the year T.O. was signed?

    We were able to get behind the team for a Superbowl run because everyone knew he was the missing piece. We’re excited about Ryan but not that excited. There’s more questions than answers with this team from the top down which place fans in a “wait and see” mode.

    As of now this team is 9-7 at best and would not make it far in the post season.

  • I think everyone is cautiously optimistic about the deal. If he’s good to go its a slam dunk.

    The difficulty is that achilles ruptures are one of (if not the most) difficult to return from. Stats show only 2/3 of NFL players every return (he’s passed this test), but most of those never return to the performance levels they were at before the injury. (still unknown)

    So again, optimistic that this will work out, but cautious with expectations knowing the history.

  • Bob Wankel – Fantastic Article brother!! You absolutely know the mentality of the Philadelphia fan, because we have seen it all.

    DeMeco Ryans, is an obvious upgrade, but we can get better by drafting 2 OLB in the draft. If we can get 2 stud DT’s, he’ll be even more effective. I just wish Babin was better.

  • @ Songs- you are straight up the man!! with your opinions!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • What do you think would make this team better than 9-7?

    What would it take to get them deep in the playoffs?

    They have a difficult road ahead, playing the teams they do this year.

  • Paul and dagg….you both made good points. Wanker you misused the term All Pro again. Major peeve of mine. Ryans never made AP. Second team doesn’t count.
    I definitely think this is a major upgrade over Chaney who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. At least we have someone who now knows what they are doing out there. And he will provide leadership to a unit that has no idenity. Now they need a leader in the secondary. The line has Jenkins and Babin, the LBs and defense as a whole has Ryans. The secondary needs a leader. Nnamdi and Allen are too reserved to lead. And Assante just runs his mouth without saying anything.
    On another note, I do think his best football is behind him. And, despite the upgrade we are not getting any PB player. His leadership will make him just as valuable though so that’s ok. I think we are just thinking that it was not enough. This defense needed 3-4 pieces and they got one. They could have done more in FA. Not to mention there are some offensive depth issues and the return game that should have been addressed with FAs. Whats wrong with Ted Ginn or Ryan Grant or Yerimiah Bell? They added one player to the defense. They made an average defense a good solid defense. They are still a far cry from a SB defense. They are relying on the offense and hence Vick to carry this team and I don’t think that is a safe bet. They will be a good offense next year but I odn’t think they will be great or off the charts. A lot would have to happen for them to be great.

  • The FO and coaching staff’s dream:

    2011 O line at the end of the year
    2010 Vick (before Nov 30)
    2011 Shady
    2009 D Jack
    2009 Celek
    Maclin finally breaks out for 70+, 1200 and 12.

    Yeah if that happens we are a SB team. By a show of hands, who thinks this will happen?? Crickets chirping……more crickets…..yeah thats what I thought.

  • rotoworld reports that A Samuel is open to restructuring deal to get out of town

  • Frank 22….A solid kick returner that does both kicks and punts would have helped quite a bit. I think this team is a stretch for 10-6 right now, but Ted Ginn or Eric Weams would have meade them a definite playoff team. Does anyone think B Mitchell had something to do with what was an essentially 10-6 team going 12-4. Yeah go play your tapes of the 2002 season and I’ll ask you again. Anyone like Schill who says the return game is not a concern is misinformed or not paying attention. A good return man is worth at least one win and sometimes more.

  • Jbird – Ted Ginn stinks, and is overrated as a pro. What has he really accomplished? Ryan Grant is washed up, and Yeremiah Bell is just a name that is no better than Nate Allen, and Kurt Coleman, at this point in his career, that won’t really improve the team. That’s what I see is wrong with them. Kudos to the Eagles for avoiding all three of them. But I do agree that we need more, that what we have. I have to believe they are going to add through the draft, and shore up the roster with whats left over in free agency.

  • We are going to give Gilyard a look. That’s why the Rams (2-14) didn’t want him because he is the next Devon Hester. They did not want a guy that has the potential to be an awesome return man. But we just need Reno Mahe to go out there and not fumble and we will be fine. That is really overlooking something that is not an afterthought. That field position thing. Its kind of important. PLUS YOU SAW THE DIFFERENCE WITH MITCHELL SO YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS ANDY!!!!!! Why are you fucking thick?!?!?!?

  • gmcliff….I thought you agreed the kick return game is a problem?

  • Gmcliff….whats wrong with Manny Lawson? He is not going to cost you a fortune to stiffen up your two down stop unit. The LBs on this team are not going to develop. Rolle may be solid at best. But he may also turn out to be shit like Jordan did. And the draft is not the answer for this year. Second and third round picks are not going to make the 2012 Eagles a better defense so fuck shoring up through the draft. That ain’t gonna work.

  • “No doubt, he played his best football for us at the end of the year, there’s no doubt about that,” Kubiak said. “Absolutely no doubt. He battled his elbow, he battled his Achilles, but at the end of the year he played his best football for us.”

    The fact that his coach said he battled an elbow and Achilles injury at the end of the year, means he did not heal from the Achilles. By the end of the year he should have been healed.

    So…Once again, the most clever front office in the history of the NFL has pulled the wool over the eyes of everyone else. It’s like the Star Wars scene when Princess Lea has to tell Han Solo, that “they let us go, that’s the only reason for the ease of our escape.”

    I am sure the Redskins were estatic when they Got a 6 time Pro Bowl QB in Donovan McNabb… But Fat Andy knew McBlob was out of shape and probably on drugs…Probably some kind of steoroid. We have had a CB recently busted on the Eagles for violation of the substance policy and when he came back he was garbage. (holio hanson)

    The Eagles put one over on the Redskins. Please don’t think that the Texans are so stupid to let a probowl linebacker go. He did not fit the system is code for he can’t play in the system. If you are a linebacker you should be able to play 3-4, 4-3, or 5-2. His job is to hit like a freight train in the running game and cover runningbacks and TEs in the passing game. We make it complicated.

    Even in peewee football, you can notice a football player right away.

    “He battled through” means he was hurt at the end of last year. Andy Reid is the the coach who put Akers on the field after he collapsed trying to kick the ball off. Andy Reid let McNabb play with a game with a broken leg. Westbrook was on life support when Andy had him out of the field battling through his injuryies. I give him credit, he did let westbrook skip practice. But this guy is new to the team and Andy will insist he needs all the reps he can get.

    I don’t apoligize for disliking and blaming Andy Reid for everything. Including global warming and the twin towers collapse. He’s the reason all fat people are fat and bank robbers rob banks.

    He’s the one who constantly says ‘I’ve got to do a better job of putting the players in position to win.” That’s one thing we agree on, and after 13 seasons. I’ve seen enough of his football philosophy to know it does not work.

    The results speak for themselves.

  • Devon Wylie, and Joe Adams are better options than Ted Ginn, that we won’t waste money on an overhyped reputation from his college days. Go with the cheaper options with higher upside, Young, fast guys. I would also like to see the Eagles make a run at JoLon Dunbar, to play OLB, another better option than Jamar Chaney. Zach Brown on the other side, a better option than a sorry Casey Matthews, and Brian Rolle for the long haul.

  • I like Manny Lawson too J-Bird. I do think the return game is in need of an upgrade. I just don’t think Ted Ginn Jr is the answer. I just don’t like him for our team.

  • Collin Cowherd (ESPN) made a very interesting assement of Bill Parcels yesterday.

    Parcels and his coaching tree has won multiple superbowls.

    Parcels is the greatest rebuilder in the history of the NFL.

    Parcels does not go out and get a bunch of high priced players, he gets the BEST COACHES.

    The Eagles have not had a decent linebacker coach since Buddy Ryan was coaching the team.

    Only a few years ago the linebacker coaches bio on the Eagles website said his football experience consisted of playing semi-pro football.

    Now they are running a system that the current coach does not know. Or even played in. So how can he coach it?

    The Eagles need a linebacker coach who has mastered this pitiful choice of a defense. Otherwise it will be the blind leading the blind.

  • do you think the texans would have put this guy out on trash day if they thought he was the player he was or could be that player? Big skepticism here

  • You have to build through the draft. You can’t sign every free agent available. When you do that you strap yourself financially with the cap. Some players have maxed their potential, so you have to trust your coaching staff, and go with the young guys.

  • gmcliff…I respect your opinion on Ginn but Weams was out there as well. Would you have liked that move? I like the idea of getting a guy in college as well but I think they are selling themselves on Gilyard like they did Jeremy Bloom and we will be left with nothing. The Eagles are going to draft a slew of O linemen after the second round so don’t think they are going to address all these little areas we are looking at gmcliff. My gut tells me DT or CB at 15, then QB/LB with the second two picks. After that at least three o linemen with the last six picks. I like Desmond Wynn from Rutgers in the sixth. I think Mudd can make him a good NFL lineman.

  • bsm….Caldwell was a mut as a player and now he’s a mut of a coach. But Andy likes him. He’s nice like Juan. Regarding your earlier comments. Andy thinks he is an offensive genius. His offense (which was always pretty pedestrian except one year with TO) will take away the run, so the LBs are not needed. Neither are DTs. Neither are safeties. Bill Bellichick said you build from the lines and up the middle (Hm he has won five SBs and been in like eight). But Andy knows best. All you need bsm are quick high mootor D linemen and corners. And DEs and corners and more corners. DTs, LBs and Ss are not important. Thats the gold standard. When your offense kicks a FG every time they touch the ball, you don’t have to worry about stopping the run. Did I say FG?? Or did I mean TD? No FG was right. GO BIRDS!!!

  • Does anyone miss Tracy White? Nice little role player we gave away unnecessarily for nothing.

  • I believe if Sean Payton and Greg Williams were coaching this team we would be needing a headcoach & D-Cord for 2012 and crying about the loss of draft picks and player suspensions

  • What I would do is as follows :
    sign free agent Jo-Lon Dunbar
    draft Fletcher Cox @ 15
    Draft Vinnt curry or another DE and 46
    Draft best available LB @ 51

    Fixes your LB core to give them depth. Gives you a tremendous amount of depth and talent along the DLine.

  • Frank 22….nice little plan. I like it a lot. Here is the alternate plan Andy will follow. He will sign a bottom feeding back up RB, re-sign Trevor Laws instead of Landri or someone else, and draft three linemen after the second round. Before the second round, he will trade out of the first round for more picks for more back up O linemen. In the second round, he will take the wrong undersized LB and a QB people thought was a fifth round selection. One of the linemen will actually turn out to be pretty good and so will one of the other players they pick. The rest will be crap.

  • Gotta Luv it…..I’ll take that if I can say my Team finally won a SB like the once poor NO Saints fans can say today.

  • It is sad but true JBird…Lets hope that Washburn is changing Andys mind in regards to the LB position. I dont believe you need the best LB core in the league to win, but if you want to win a superbowl you sure and hell cant have the worst. It would be a shame is they signed Laws and not Landri. I just cant help but think (hope) that he dosent do what you said and move out of the top of the draft and select o-lineman. I would like to add some depth to the o-line tho.

  • Jake you never heard of Ryan’s so your opinion means squat. You probably never heard of any other team’s players unless they are future Hall of Famers. Get a clue.

  • Considering Ryans only played approx 50% of the plays last season. Texans scheme changed which appears to be attributed to lack of playing time. Do you play a player due to make 6mil, for only playing half the game? I think this is the big reason as to why the Texans parted ways. Good news, he did not miss a game in 2011 due to his achilles….I’d think the lockout impacted his rehab somewhat…with a full off season, he may be back all the way back! This move was excellent….Eagles traded a player for a 2nd rounder and a player….we got a proven Pro Bowler for 4th rounder and 3rd round swap.
    Eagles fans I know its hard, but just be happy, that we got a player of this caliber that will add much of what we lacked from the LB group. We are fortunate that the Texans thought of Ryans enough to trade him to our team, a team in which many think will be a top team…

  • Mr Wankel – there is little optimism becuase the great majority of folks that post on this site don’t know there asses from holes in the ground let alone understand football!

    Look at Daggolden ewho talk sabout keeping the guards off the LBs – um.. sorry fella – in the wide 9 against the run the issue was the OTs were pushing/letting the DEs get 3 yards up field and then releasing onto the LBs – so the RB would start outside – cut underneath the DE – then go outside the OT block on the LB – the team tried to fix this later in the year (you know the games that didn’t matter) by bringing the DEs in tighter on non-passing downs – don;t worry – its a football thing –

    As for the number of plays and production – the issue was that Ryans only played on 1st and second downs… he came out on passing downs.. as the TExans had one of the best (I think #2) defenses in the NFL – makes logical (oh no I didn’t – I used the word LOGICAL) that other teams would not be getting lots and lots of 1st downs.. less time on field..

    And again – anyone that makes an absolutley stupid comment about Ryans play (BSM Video for you brother) just state up front you did not watch the Texans Ravens playoff game – you did not watch this guy battling with Ray Rice – you didn’t – so you speak from a position of ignorance cause this guy – in a big game – against a good team and a bad ass running back – did some serious damage – just admit – you didn’t see it and you are basing this all off of ‘what you think’

    You also can’t read – because he battled the elbow and achillies at the BEGINNING of the year – but was fine by the end – READ – then write

    Jakedog – really – out on trash day – did you thik that all up by yourself or get some help from your big brother – Why is it when a pro coach explains EXACTLY why he traded someone – the assumption is he is lying – they needed cap space, he didn’t fit there scheme? you happen to notice the TExans (well hell boy) as well as several other teams have had to ‘put out the trash’ for cap issues – guess you really don;t follow football much huh?

    Bill PArcels – really – really – wow – how that work for him those 4 years in dallas when he finished I think 34-32 and didnt win a playoff game.. how about Miami – he built a great program there..

    Guys just make shit up – throw it at the wall – hope it sticks

  • Like your plan Frank except for LB Dunbar,
    I believe Jo-Lynn Dunbar a “Restricted Free-Agent” meaning the Eagles would have to give the Saints like a 2nd ROund Draft Pick which probably prevents this from this happening..

    No Doubt that Samuel will re-structure his deal for another Team that want’s him and to get out of Philly…
    I still say he gets traded to PAnthers and is reunited with DC McDermott and the EAgles land RB J Stewart in return and maybe the team flip-flop some Draft Picks.. Panthers need a quality CB opposite of Chris Gamble and play in the pass happy NFC SOuth with Saints,Falcons and Now TB Bucs with C-JAx.. It also makes sense for Samuel since he knows McDermott’s schemes and could hit the ground running from Day #1 while the Eagles get a very solid back-up RB in J Steart who can do a little of everything.. Run,Catch, Block, short-yardage,Red Zone which if utilized properly could give the Eagles a 2 headed monster and probably extend McCoy’s Prime Career by a season or 2 by spreading out the workload..
    This Paulman Deal is too good for both Teams and needs to happen..

  • hmm not sure why I was not aware he was a RFA. I would not provide a 2nd rd pick for him. It would also not change my stance on bolstering the the DL with the first 2 picks. I would still try to find a LB in free agency wether it be SAM or WIL.I would focus this wholde draft on D! I couldnt agree more on a trade with the panthers. Stewart provides great ins for shady if he gets a little crazy with his demands. Dont get me wrong, I would still pay the man.

  • Songs–I’m not talking about kick returner, or any of the other 18 points you made. I’m talking about this deal in a vacuum. They’ve have needs they need to address. I’m not telling you they’re going down Broad Street because of one trade–I’m saying that there’s an awful lot of negativity and doubt surrounding a trade that we should be excited about.

    Is Ryans going to produce? There are no guarantees–but the deal makes the team better. Let them operate through the back-end of free agency and the draft, then assess and complain if your concerns (many of which I share) aren’t addressed.

  • I just heard Sal Pal describe Demeco Ryans as Brian Dawkins in a Linebackers body. I take that with a grain of salt but believe that his statement is closer to the truth than what some of you are saying on this site. In fact the Texans players reaction to him leaving was similar to the feelings our players and fans had about B Dawkins when he left here. I’m not saying he’s guaranteed to be Ray Lewis but I feel good about this trade and will not knock it for no good reason.

  • I have no idea who is in his ear? Things seem to be trending toward a diffrent adtuide or trian of thought with this whole off season. Might just myself be guliable but who knows?

  • being guliable

  • You cats brag on here how much you follow footbal as a badge of honor, there are other sports in this town, other endeavors in life, but I know enough to know and anyone with half a clue or who has ever played football or any other sport that with a surgicially repaired achilles this guy, with all the other attributes that have been reported about him (few if any of you watched him play), he is damaged goods, not top five linebacker before he was hurt, again, if he were healthy he would be a texan

  • jakedog – you’ve said that you’re currenlty in school for something – I hope you do well and whatever degree you earn serves you well in life. That having been said, I hope you’re not studying to be a doctor, or any other field that entails doing inmportant detail oriented things for othe people. Because clearly you ignore major pertinent facts when you analyze things. You’ve ignored every comment from the media, his teamates, his coaches, analysts, and even stats…..

    Like I said, good luck, but please tell me you’re in art school or something innocuous…

  • Jake, get your head checked. And if he wasn’t a top 5 linebacker before his injury, but he was a top 7 linebacker, then your statement is bullshit.

    FYI, 1+1 = 2. Chew on that for a while… we’ll give you more once you’ve proven you can handle the basics….

  • I am excited about him, because Ryans at 80% is still the best LB on the roster. And I think that they will take a young LB in the draft. Hopefully someone that played in MLB that can play on the outside here.

  • Jake..I’m with you.

    looking at Ryan walk through the Eagle’s facility it was clear he’s favoring that leg.

    Since Burfict is dropping we should pick him in the late rounds to bring fire as a Back up for insurance. low risk insurance.

  • So Jake are you saying that the only reason to ever trade a player is because he sucks? Are there no other factors that come into play? Did we get rid of B Dawk because he sucked? Did the niners trade TO to us because he sucked? I think not. Sometimes in sports u have to juggle especially in the salary cap era. Brian Cushing is in line for a big raise soon. Please show me another team in the league paying 12-15 million per year just for their middle linebackers. Anyone with a modicum of football knowledge understands this, except you. Please stop making yourself look bad. I’m almost embarrassed for you.

  • Mr Wankel – Songs could have the entire NFC Pro Bowl roster and he would still find something to bitch about – of course – check out how having the highest paid most famous roster has worked out for teams like Miami in hoops and the Yanks in BBall –

    Your point was spot on – anything – anything this team does there is a large segment of the folks that will immediatley condem the call- the team needed a MLB – everyone assumed they would look at a FA like Tulloch – – instead – the FO does there homewrok – finds a guy like Ryans and trades for him – the knock is that 2 seasons ago he was hurt –

    part that cracks me up is not only will people bitch – then they will make excuses for their 16 year old high school girl behavior and start justifying all the reasons why they should be whining – we are frustrated, we have been waiting – yeah yeah yeah – we all have –

  • Why does our “Answers” come with “Questions”?

  • Songs are u related to Burfict. Even his own mom was probably ashamed of his epic failures at the combine/pro day. In fact I do t think I ‘ve ever heard of another decent prospect having as a horrible pro day. A proxy is designed for you to look good. Its your home turf and a controlled environment meant to make u look good even if you suck. If you can’t succeed in that atmosphere no way you survive in the high pressure of the NFL. I’d gladly take him as a sixth or seventh rounder but not a moment before. He’s a guy who will surely eat, sleep and shit his way out of the league if given set for life money. Let him come in at league minimum and work his way up. But I doubt he would last two years.

  • songs, questions come with everyone. Name me a player and I can find you a question about him.

  • Songs are u related to Burfict. Even his own mom was probably ashamed of his epic failures at the combine/pro day. In fact I don’ t think I ‘ve ever heard of another decent prospect having as a horrible pro day. A pro-day is designed for you to look good. Its your home turf and a controlled environment meant to make u look good even if you suck. If you can’t succeed in that atmosphere no way you survive in the high pressure of the NFL. I’d gladly take him as a sixth or seventh rounder but not a moment before. He’s a guy who will surely eat, sleep and shit his way out of the league if given set for life money. Let him come in at league minimum and work his way up. But I doubt he would last two years.

  • i don’t give a damn about the combine. There’s guys who train for the combine that do nothing on the football field. We need a gamer.

    Burfict is a gamer.

  • To Frank,
    My bad, Jo-Lynn Dunbar is a “Unrestricted Free-Agent” and no compensation would need to be awarded to the Saints if any Team chooses to sign him..
    (I got him mixed up with Detroit’s DeAndre Levy which many people around the NFL are pretty high on to as well as Dunbar)

  • Burfict will probably be playing in Canada..

  • Dudes – many people from all sports have returned after injuring their achilles – STOP MAKING SHIT UP – Testeverde – Jenson (OT for Skins) Derrick Burgess in football – Vince Carter in hoops – Cortney Kupets won a bronze medal in gymnastics one year after rupturing achilles – Keely Holmes won 2 gold medals as a distance runner AFTER rupturing her achillies Tszuy held a boxing championship afetr rupturing his achilles –

    I mean did Derrick burgess not rupture his achilles in preseason 03 and by the NFCC game in 05 (end of 04 season) not win Defensive player of the week – then get signed to a huge FA contract by the Radiers and go on to be all-pro –

    now we have songs – who apparently spent as much time watching Ryans walk as he did watching Burflict play last year commenting that he is ‘favoring’ his leg.. I watched him hammer Ray Rice in the playoffs last year – didn;t notice it then Songs….

  • Burflict ia a gamer —- yeah – he brought that pride and gamer attitude – aloing with his boobies to the combine and pro day

  • brian cox comes to mind

  • I love what Andy had to say…..

    “We had young guys there, and so I knew that going in,” Reid said. “The plan that I had I didn’t execute it very well. Right? Thaty’s my responsibility. I goofed on that one, right? I expected the young guys on defense to get where they’re getting by the end of the season sooner, particularly the middle of the defense — linebackers and safeties. I expected the offense to carry it through. So that part didn’t take place. But to tell you, yeah, your linebackers — the more gaps you open up, the more physical they have to be. That’s how it is.”

    Love it. It shows that they are going to make the changes needed. Im telling you….. they are moving in the right direction. They WANTED to be the pack…. throw deep on every play… 4 down lineman and 7 cb’s but that ISNT what they will do this year. Im telling you guys….. expect more running. expect that they add a physical FS…. im loving this.

  • Paul, I thought so. Thanks for the clarifying tho. I would take a flyer on burfict but not until the 5th or 6th round. No doubt, if he is motivated and gets in shape her could help a team. That is a big IF tho.

  • It does make you wonder about the guy… he has so much to gain by showi g up in shape and impress coaches with his interviews and he just didn’t.. Do u want a guy like that on your team? Personaly.. I would give him a shot

  • Pman- asam goes to McD? um… you must be foiregetting the game/games when McD told him to press at the line and Asam would drop back a little more……see bubble screen dallas. yea… aint happening.

  • Ryans was a good trade. The problem is he was not enough. And the rest is not in the draft. The Eagles did nothing in FA and there are dregs left now. So we did not make this a SB team for this year. Playoff team, maybe. SB team, definitely not. Unless Maclin turns out to be a top ten WR, the secondary makes a tremendous recovery and no one important gets hurt, I cannot see any chance for a deep run. Sorry Charlie but the playoffs just don’t do it for me anymore. You should have met me back in ’88. The playoffs thrilled me then. Now I could care less about the Eagles “maiking the playoffs” or even the NFCC for that matter. Without a trophy, the season sucked. Is Concrete Charlie dead yet? I’m waiting.

  • Frank 22….Burfict is clearly a top of the line asshole. The kid deosn’t give a fuck. He is no one we want on our football team.

  • Jbird – clearly I am out of touch with the common GCOBB fan (distinctly different from an actual eagle fan) in that I do not see or know of one move made during Free Agency that would ensure an Eagles SB appearance or victory…… um – perhaps getting Peyton Manning – but he was one record as saying he didn’t want to play against his brother twice a year…

    So enlighten me – Who should the Eagles have gotten – who are the dregs? Addai as a back-up RB – Burres as a Red Zone threat.. What out of last years 9-7 Giant team made you think they were a SB team… just checking –

    sorry you could ‘care less’ about making the playoffs – sucks for you – not even April Fools day and you are a quitter –

  • By the way, Chaney is the starter at SAM and Rolle will be great next year at WILL. Might even make the PB. LBs are set. And if for some unknown reason, Chaney and Rolle do not turn out to be excellent starters, we STILL have great prospects in Mathews and Clayton. And don’t forget Greg Lloyd’s bloodlines. He is the dark horse in all this. He may just be the best LB on the roster if not in the whole division behind Ware.

  • jbird – really? you think you make a SB in free agency. Proof is on the other side of that argument. And there are still quality guys available in free agency. And free agency is definitely not over.

  • JBird I do agree that he is a “top of the line ass hole.” I am only playing the devils advocate here, but dont you think Demeco Ryans could help the guy out? Not saying I want him here by any stretch.

    steve0- i think they are making the necessary strides to put togather a very, very good team. I also like what is going on over there at the novacare complex. I cant for the life of me figure out what is giving the guy a change of direction…. washburn,boles maybe? quite possible he does see the end of the line if he does not change. Boles is a defensive minded coach and maybe Andy feels the pressure from him as a possible replacement?

  • Navy…..clearly you cannot be happy with what they have done thus far with not visiting with one FA in 15 days. And you and I usually communicate well so stop questioning my fanhood because my expectations are higher than yours or we do not agree on some points. Thats a violation. I wept in 1981. I can tell you more than most fans about specifics of the last thirty years. I watch every frigging game and sit here writing on this blog. So do not piss me off by ever questioing my fanhood again. Hopefully we can proceed with our usual friendly banter.
    Obviously there is not some group of players that I could say well we are going to the SB now. But I would have liked to see them sign one FA starter aside from the very good trade they made. I was looking for two moves. Thats it. Just two. Not 5-6 guys. Two good moves. KR and I would have been pleased as punch. Good number two back would have been nice. Another veteran starting LB. Just wanted to see a little more urgency and less settling for what they already have. Too much enthusiasm about the last two draft classes that have not had “their first offseason yet.” They are counting on getting too much from the youngsters. They think guys like Graham, Mathews, Harbor, Jarrett, Cooper are going to pop out of nowhere and I just don’t see it.
    Regarding the Giants. I saw they had a top ten QB with a ring already. I saw they had a legitimate number one WR. I saw they had a dominant D line if healthy. I saw they have an excellent and under rated coach. We have none of those things. So yes I could see that team winning a SB before we did and they did. And it makes me vomit and I hate them but I know when a team is better than mine even if it sucks.

  • Jbird….would you rather have Casey Matthews or Burfict on your team? if Matthews please explain.

    We all know Matthews is straight “ASS” at best.

  • jbird, you realize that there’s two good options, in fact still the 2 best, for SAM available in Hawthorne and Dunbar right? Also, Plax is available, Most of the good RBs who’d actually consider signing to be a backup are still out there. Same for safties….

  • Draft LB Kuechely and play him at the SAM Position..
    We need LB’s who are smart, big,fast and can tackle and who know their assignments and opposing teams tendancies and and not a bag of rocks like Burfict…

  • Songs- i dont think that is our only options. I would rather them spend the pick on a run stopping fat boy at DT but i guess my options are draft Burfict or re draft Matthews in the first round. Dang…. i know the league is changing rules but that one doesnt seem fair. lol.

    Point is Songs- its clear this guys stock is falling- and for good reason. You may say…. look past all that, and i may be inclined to agree with you but…. they need a STUD with thier first pick…. perhaps 2nd pick too and if this guys turns out to be 1/3 the homeboy turd he appears to be….. they would be stupid to draft him.

  • Songs…that whole post about the LBs was sarcasm. I thought you would get a laugh out of it. All the LBs on this team suck except Ryans and maybe Rolle. Chaney is mediocre witha neck injury.

  • About Coach AR comments ..
    Remember we all knew as the Eagles Coaching Staff knew and even stated that the EAgles Offense was goign to have to carry the team the first 4-6 weeks of the Season as the Denfese and it;s Ocaches came together as a Unit.. I think many of us stated this last SUmmer numerous times and bottom line, with Vick’s inconsistent play, Spotty OL blocking the 1st month, WR’s MAclin/Djax not 100% and unfocused & dropping passes and fumbling put the Team behind the 8-Ball..
    The Eagles Defense ened up ranked 8th Statistically and lead the NFL in Sacks..There biggest problems were not creating enough Turnovers, not getting off the field enough on 3rd Downs and pathetic play in the Red-Zone..
    If the Offense does their part, and the Eagles D improve in those 3 Areas and there is no reason the Eagels should not contend for an NFC East Crown in 2012

  • Im with ya Pman if he’s there. We need smarts if we are going to run the wide (am i the only guy who still loves the wide 9?)

    If that happens, i would use my next 3 picks to grab, DT, CB, OL.

  • Burfict = Bag of Rocks…

  • Pman- yes WE all knew that… but WE also knew we needs a WR back in the day. WE knew a DT does not a FB make back in the day. and WE knew 7 fast mini guys does not equal a quality return guy.

    Point is- THEY dont always see what we see… and perhaps thats FINALLY changing.

    and as far as our D being 8th. I dont even want to hear that crap. You and i know that they were not 8th in the league.

    What were they in red zone?
    What were they in miss tackles?
    What were they in 20 yard runs given up on 3rd and 19?

    They were soft.

  • Stevo, you’re missing the point.

    You guys here are dissing Burfict when right now with all his problems is better than every linebacker who payed a down for us last season.

    I hear guys claiming they Burfict hype is over a few youtube clips. You know those clips would not be possible if he didn’t actually make this plays in games…right?

    That’s telling people to ignore what they see with their own eyes and except players who have no highlights at all.

    If you going to roll out the garbage linebackers we had last year, then you can not now look at a better talent and claim he have flaws.

    Burfict is a reach in the 1st round but if he’s dropping ..it’s less of a risk to take a player with the best upside of all linebacker prospects.

    If he buy in to a system and get in shape the game can be a game changing linebacker. He’s young.

    a good coach can work with him and I think his raw talent is worth it if you’re not risking a high draft pick on him.

  • Schill….according to Walter ratings (which is not the gospel), Dunbar is a 1.5 star player. He is listed at 22 in OLBs. Lawson is better option (5). And Hawthorne will want too much money. We will pay maybe 2 mil for another LB. No more than that I would guess. I think Ryan Grant fits here and he is dillusional if he thinks anyone thinks he is a starter. Plax I wouldn’t mind but I’m sure he wants three mil and we are thinking more like 1.5. He will need a few more weeks to see that no one is desperate enough to hire him as a starter. Then maybe the price comes down. I do think he wants to win, but he lost a lot of money in prison so he has his future to think of. I’m sure he doesn’t want to move into some upper middle class Florida neighborhood when he is done. He wants to keep his mansion.

  • My Top 3 Round Selections

    1st #15 – LB L Kuechely (6-3 245lbs and make him the SAM LB from Day 1)
    2nd #46 – DE V Curry (6-3 265lbs for I don’t beleive the Eagles are sold on Brandon Graham and Curry fits the Eagles Scheme perfectly)
    2nd #51 – DT Brandon Thompson (Clemson 6-2 314lbs)
    3rd #89 – CB Trumaine Johnson (Montana 6-2 208lbs)
    4th #115- WR Juron Criner (Arizona St 6-3 224lbs)
    5th #143 – OT Nate Potter (Boise St) or Tom COmpton (Montana)
    6th #161 – FB Emil Igwenagu (U Mass 6-1 250lbs and off the charts)

  • Paul…I would not argue with your logic. Vick was not bad after the 1-4 start. He looked like hell in Miami but that was rust. Mathis was huge. We have a top five O line right now. And given that, Vick will be just fine. If Reid and Marty maintain some balance and the WRs show up he will be pretty damn good actually. Just cannot see this defense getting past GB or NO in the second round. And then of course there is a huge problem with the Bears that I can’t quite understand. Any of those three teams eliminate us in the playoffs without some more D.

  • We need Burfict. He’s Burfict. What the fuck do you guys miss about this? BURFICT!

    Terrible at tackling? But I saw a youtube video – with music!!! Burfict.

    Out of position? Was covering for teammates! Burfict!

    Suspended by own team? Stupid coach! Buuuuuuurfict!

    Every scout says he stinks? They obviously hate guys with “attitude!”. Damn Racists! Burfict!!!!!

    Can’t lift 200 lbs at combine? Impossible. Someone switched the plates!Burfict!

    Runs the 40 yrd dash like Vinnietheevictor? The damn stopwatches obviously broken! He’s BURFICT!

    Burfict I tell you! BUUUUUURRRRRRRRRFICT!

  • Songs…there is nothing wrong with your Burfict comments but who is this coach you speak of? You think Caldwell is going to get something out of anyone? We will be lucky if he doesn’t ruin Ryans. This guy is Rory Seagrest caliber.

  • RB Ryan Grant would be a nice Veteran Pick-up and pretty cheap too to be the Back-up for McCoy.. Good Call Jbird..
    I would love WR Burress, but it just doesn’t appear to be a priority with the Eagles right now and even Coach AR stated so that he (Burress)is not the direction that they are looking at, which could be all smoke and mirrors, but I just think he’s too old and are not going to overpay an aging player for 15-20 plays a game and will probably Draft a big WR in the middle rounds.. This Draft has lots of very good WR’s and many of them are 6 2″ and bigger..

  • Paul, do you honestly believe they will take a LB in the first round?

  • Did Jbird just mention Paulman and Logic in the same sentence???… I am going out to lunch…. ha ha

  • Songs- hes better than every LB on our roster? ok- big woop. We dont need someone “better”, im prolly better and im short and chubby. We need GOOD LB’s. Our MLB is ready to go. He’s aggrsive and can tackle. Thats what we needed. Now- we need pieces to work with him.

  • btw- there is NO WAY they draft a LB in round 1. Im not saying they shouldnt, im saying they wont.

    about Plax- he has 2 things we need- Size and Hands. I really wish they wpould just pull the trigger already.

  • jbird – I learned a long long long time ago to not declare my happiness or unhappiness before the race/event/game/situation is over as WAAY to many things can change – I think its called being a grown up – maturing – letting a situation develop and seeing it al the way through –

    but as for the Eagles moves so far – I have ZERO complaints.. but there are several moving pieces parts and puzzles – but I notice you did not list that mythical, magical player selected during FA that will ENSURE the SB victory we all crave..

  • You are right Songs – watching Hicks run all over Allen was sad and pathetic –

    I thought we were passed that when Plexico Burress got sent ot prison and Sheldon Brown got sent to Cleveland….

  • If they were smart, they would.. Taking Kuechly and the Trade for Ryans could finalyl solidiy the LB Corps which has been a year to year issue for the last 5-6 seasons.. If Coach Ar and his Staff want to be around in 2013 and beyond and they built this DEfense on the the Wide-9 Scheme, then they better have some LB’s and I think Coach AR finally see’s the importance of having good LB’s.. MLB Ryans was a great addisiton, but he can’t do it all himself and they need to have strong SAM LB too and Kuechly could be a perfect fit for that and also a Plan B for the MLB if Ryans gets hurt or doesn’t plain doesn’t cut it… What’s wrong with taking the Best Player on the Board at #15

  • jbird – duly noted. But here’s where I got the Dunbar kick – I’m a fan of Tommy Lawlor (scoutsnotebook.com/igglesblitz.com/pe.com…etc) thinks he’s a decent SAM target for the Eagles:

    “Jo-Lonn Dunbar fascinates me. He came into the league as an undersized MLB at 6’0, 230. NFL.com now lists him as 6’0, 226. Is he really smaller? I don’t buy that. Started at SAM and MLB for the Saints in 2011. Can cover. Okay run defender. Started 14 games in 2011. Had 79 total tackles, 6 PDs, and 2 FFs.

    Put on the Giants game and you’ll be impressed. Dunbar played MLB. He had 11 total tackles and a FF. He looked like a complete LB. He’s patient and able to stay back and read plays. Shows a good burst when he does blitz/attack. Good feet. Moves well and gets good depth on his pass drops. Solid tackler. Can wrap up or hit his targets hard. Comfortable playing in space or in traffic. Had one great play in the game. Dunbar had to fill vs the run. OL, Brandon Jacobs both got to him at the same time. Dunbar went low and took both guys on. Actually knocked the ball loose. Tackled Jacbos a few times in the game. That’s why I wonder about the listed weight of 226. Play bigger. I’m not sure I’d project him as a starting MLB, but he could be an interesting OLB target.”

  • no pman – rocks are solid –

    Burflict – Jello with man boobies – looked like a taller Oprah out there broad jumping –

    anyone see the Boise St game where BS rang up 56 points and Burflict had stat line of 1 assist and………………. NADA – ALREADY PASTED

  • Pman – glad to see you have switched from the WR at 15 – Kuelchy would be an outstanding addition at 15 – pick up a DT in the 2nd… then look at the core of your D for the next few year with Cole, Babin, Jenkins, Ryans, Kuelchy, Asmo –

  • Stevo…right on man. Definitely not a top ten D. First question, what were they after the Seattle game? Right. Four games against shit offense can do wonders for cleaing up your defensive stats. The D is middle of the pack. I have no idea what the secondary will do. Bowles might coach the hell out of those guys. But Nnamdi might just be done. He is 31. Anyone remember Roynell Young? He just died suddenly out of the blue when he turned thirty. Nate Allen is a complete mystery. He could be shit or a PB player. There is no telling with him really. DRC is a lazy bum but he will show up if the team is good and he gets to start. He is so much like Lito Shepperd its unreal. I KNOW for a fact that SS will not be very good. There will be no surprises there. If Jarret turns out to be a good player I will shave my head on Youtube. I swear I will. He was a baaad pick. dumb dumb dumb. But they are going to ride with him because they cannot swallow pride ever.
    The OLBs will be mediocre at best. But Ryans will make the run D better than last year for sure. I think we were like 18 at the end but like 24 after Seattle. I say 24 is reality and I predict a move up to around 16 or so with Ryans in there. It really depends on the secondary picking up for the RZ and third down issue. If they get better the D is decent. They are not top ten but they will be good enough for the playoffs. Reaching the next level is going to take some luck for the D. A draft pick that starts and plays very well maybe? A miraclulous revival by Graham? For Nnamdi? Something obviously unforseen.

  • jbird – where’s your psychic booth – AC boardwalk or south street?

  • One caveat to the D situation is this. If the offense does turn out to live up to their potentail and the sun moon and stars line up, this D can definitely play with a large lead. If this D plays with a ten plus lead for thirty minutes a game, then they are a top ten D for sure. They are built to defend one dimensional teams and terrorize desperate QBs. Big leads will allow them to do that.

  • Schill….just educated guesses not predictions. I try to keep it real Schill. I don’t think you can argue anything I say is over the top. Here is the thing: If wild enthusiasm is a ten and the sky is falling is a zero. I would say I’m a four and you’re a six or seven. You’re a little too upbeat and I’m a little too critical. We both love the Eagles so its all good man.

  • Stevo does at this time of the year what i always do- look at the bright side. Well i usually do this anyway,

    I think the CB’s will be better. I would not mind them drafting the next starting CB here but i knoestly think we are ok. psst psst- Draft a tall, fast, aggressive CB with soft hands in the 2nd round. ok andy? I know they grown on trees right?

    I would LOVE for them to sign a LB in round 1. just dont see it happening. hope im wrong.

    I DONT think Nnamdi is done. It was a bad year for sure but i think he had LOTS of pressure on him. Hopefully he will slip back into his role.

    Love the Dline. I was against the babbin move when everyone wanted him back and now i love him when i see many on here dont. I missed something there i guess but whatever.

    Now that we are moving in the right direction on D i will say what Vinnie has been PMSing on here about forever. Vick need to do a better job. Yes Avant needs to not fumble 2 times in a game (they were down as INT’s), yes Djax need to catch those 5 TD passes he dropped. Yes Jmak will hopefully be ready… but Vick needs to be the Capt of this ship. I was a MCNabb fan and like him or hate him… he ran the show. And now Vick needs to do the same.

  • schiller, if people didn’t predict, have opinions, this would be damn dull web site, can only take so much with the stat geeks

  • jbird – I respect that last post of yours. I really do.

    Jake, fair enough – but for me, I personally have a pet peeve about predictions being phrased as statements, or along with phrases like “definitely” or “I know”, or “We all know”…. “wont”…. there’s a difference between a prediction – even a bold prediction, and arrogantly stating that one knows what will happen in the future.

    (Paulman is a different beast altogether, he’s ‘special’…um… ‘unique’…. but….

  • I got the below from philly.com
    Title – The full Andy from the owners meeting….

    I know he and Mike (Vick) are buddies. They grew up together. I have a ton of respect for Plax. He’s had a great career. But right now, that’s now where we’re at. But that doesn’t take anything away from his game. He can still play.

    So it does not look like you’ll see Plax in Eagles green…

  • i would take a fly on Burfict in the 5th – 6th round. But I want Jo Lon Dunbar on the strongside at LB. He can 1st get into shape,and lets see what he’s got, if he wants a job. But no risks in 5th, 6th rounds

  • ok- its all Burfict all the time on here. Any other trades the birds could make for a SS/FS? they know they need to add a vet. Who could the grab? Pman- whos left in FA?

    Ill assume the rumors are true that they LOOKED at Hulk in FA before he landed elsewhere. Add that to the fact that they tried to draft a hitter last year…. they are shopping for a smasher. Whos out there via trade or FA?

  • Songs was on fire early this morning — I like Songs first comment of the day on this article

  • if the eagles were going to upgrade at safety why would they not have made a run at laron landry? Jets got him pretty cheap. I know the injury concern, but if he is somewhat healthy he would appear to be better than any safety we have. Makes me think they will stay put with the safties on board.

  • Their mistake was not pursuing and signed Dwan Landry last Free-agency who is one of the Top 3 Rated SAfeties in The NFL..
    The Eagles screwed up signing ASMO and did not address the Strong Safety and LB position because they blew their wad of $$$ Amso anbd created a clluster at the CB positon insterad of updgradeing multple positions,,
    Leron Landry has not played close to a full season since 2009 and is very suspect in Pass Coverage to begin with and this was before his injuries.. Eagles were smart to stay away from him

  • Frank – here we are having a discussion about a guy that iinjurd his Achilles in 2010 and played 16 games las year and if he is ‘damaged goods’

    and then someone sasys, lets talk about Landry who injured his achilles in 2010 – decided to not get surgery but platelet tratments –

    then after injuring his hamstring and his groin in 2011 – then went on IR when he was advised to get surgery on the achilles – only playing in 8 (vice 16) games

    then as on JAn 2012 was using stem cells on his achilles vice getting the surgery to repair that had neen recommended……..

    here is a prime example of when the front office does NOT go for the cheap – injured guy – and someone asks – well why didn’t we?

  • I did not have a preferance either way on Landry. It seemed to me like a guy the eagles would go after. I understand the injury issues and his lack of pass coverage. I only mentioned Landry becasue he was had on the cheap side and there seems to be a want for a hard hitter, intimidating figure..

  • Navy – i am all for the ryans trade. I am not so much worried about him being damaged goods. He had a full year last year and should have the ability to cut and stop with out thinking about the injury. They say it takes that full year to get over an injury like that. I am not barking becasue the eagles didnt go after Landry. Im not the biggest fan of his.. I was fun to watch him get burned by desean on that fabled monday night game. That is the lasting memory I have of him. The upgrade (if you can call it that) made me think if we didnt get a guy we can have cheap, and is preceived to be better than the guys we have, than we will stay with what we have.

  • Will Witherspoon played pretty well, the problem was that the Eagles consistently had 2-3 weak side LBs on the field.

  • I think the eagles made a great deal, will see how he plays.

  • I’m optimistic about the trade for him, but we still need 2 more LB’s, SS & a stud DT, & they did nothing to add to the team through FA, as of now! That’s why a lot of us are still skeptical & are saying, “OK now what!?” If they think just getting him, & the draft is going to miraculously make them a Super Bowl champion, they are sadly delusional. Minus Ryans, the LB’s are the same group of sad-sack, bunch of bums, that we had last year, & the only positive you had in Chaney, who took a step back last year, is coming off of neck surgery, on a herniated disc. So we need at least another good veteran, & at least 2 good LB draft picks. Fokou, Clayton, Jordon & Matthews can all be sent to Siberia for all I care. Rolle is OK, but can be upgraded, too.IMHO, DT is a huge problem also. We have Jenkins, Dixon off of a year ending injury, Patterson coming off of serious brain surgery & no one else. Laws sucks & won’t be back, Landri was solid, & might get overpaid by someone, & Thornton is a non-factor, camp body. We also need a good SS &/or FS.

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