• July 3, 2022

Bell leaves without a contract…how much does he want?

The Philadelphia Eagles were recently sent into scrambling mode when they found out that they are most likely without Jason Peters for the season when he ruptured an Achilles tendon. He might be the best left tackle in all of football, so they know they need to do something.

They brought in Buffalo Bills tackle Demetrius Bell for a visit this weekend, but just like he did with his other visits, he left without a contract, according to Les Bowen and Jeff McLane.

“Yes, as @LesBowen noted, FA tackle Demetrius Bell ended his visit with the #Eagles and left Philly w/o striking a deal,” McLane tweets.

I’m thinking that this guy just has a price tag that is way too high for his abilities, as he also visited the Cardinals, Redskins, Steelers and Packers. And obviously, he didn’t sign with any of them either.

So while this guy has been around the NFL block this offseason, no team is biting. He’s a nice player, but he’s crazy if he thinks that he’ll get top-five tackle money.

I know the Eagles have also inquired about former San Diego Chargers tackle Marcus McNeill. And with his recent injury issues, he’ll probably come cheaper. If he can stay healthy, he’d actually be a decent replacement for Peters. He won’t be as good, but they need someone that can at least be functional. The good thing is that we aren’t looking to replace Vick’s blind side help.

I would have been happy with Bell, but if he wants someone to break the bank, then he needs to look elsewhere. Even if “elsewhere” doesn’t seem to be interested in giving him big money either.

Micah Warren

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  • Bell is sitting in the “Catbird Seat”.. It was a very weak Free-agency group at the LT position and and it’s even a weaker Draft Class at LT in the upcoming Draft.. Players like him and Marcus McNeil will wait it out to May/June and see who becomes desperate to play LT and that has NFL Experience.. A smart but expected move by them and their Agents at this point… You have to maximize your Salary potential if you are eeither player and you may as well play it out to just before CAmp Time when injuries or players that were Drafted son’t perform as well come Rookie OTA’s, etc,etc… Someone will pay them for some teams like the Eagles will incur some imjuries or unknowns..

  • Before we get crazy about Bell leaving w/o striking a deal, its important to ask ourselves, “who in the world is Demetrius Bell”? I follow football pretty closely and have never heard tell of the man. I’ve never heard him mentioned in the same conversation about the best tackles in the game, or even some of the better tackles in the game. With the exception of being known as Karl Malone’s kid, I’m not aware of his football prowess bringing him any sort of notoriety. Furthemore, he only played in 7 games last year and of those 7, only started 6. I dont know the reason he missed the other 9 games, but if were signing a tackle coming off an injury, give me McNeill, a proven commodity when healthy. Otherwise I could care less that Bell left town without a contract, theres no evidence to support he warrants big $$$.

  • Micah, LT isn’t Vick’s blind side. He’s left handed. He ain’t nothing to write home to Mom about & he’s only played in about 30 games the last 3 years. If he wants top 5 tackle $$$, he’s out of his flipping mind. But we can’t go into this season with King “ain’t” Duncrap, who is a revolving door out there, or a rookie, in which we are going to have to waste our top of our draft, to trade up for. They better sign Bell, McNeal, or hope they can snooker someone else in a trade, or Vick’s season & career will over with the Birds! THIS SUCKS!!!

  • BTW, both Bell & McNeill are injury risks. McNeill has spinal stenosis, Bell has had nagging knee, hamstring, chest & shoulder injuries. McNeill might not play again & there were several reports that he was contemplating retirement. IDK, if true, or untrue? WE ARE F^#@ED!!!

  • Could the Eagles be talking to none other , than Shawn Andews who is a Free-Agent from the GIants and did play some LT for the Giants over the last 2 Seasons … Good Grief… There is not much out there folks…

  • Vick over/under on how many games he will play in 2012 has gone down in Las Veags from 14 Games to 11 Games with Peters Injury..
    The Eagles now have a 100 to 1 Odds of getting to the Super Bowl…just sayin’

  • It’s a shame the Eagles didn’t jump on OT Eric Winston when he was released by the Texasn who ended up signing a Deal with the KC Chiefs.. I liked him over Herremans at RT and would have pursued him and then slid Herremans back to LG and let Guard Mathis walk.. This was all before the injury of course..
    Where have you gone Winston Justice..

  • I’ll take the under.

  • I think this is going to effect McCoy moreso than Vick. Alot of the long runs Shady busted were from peters and mathis side. Granted he made alot out of noting but when they neded a yard or two everyone knew he was going to run behind.

  • decent article – aside from what is reported – does anyone know for how long he wants the contract? Is he willing to do a one or two year deal and then we can see where PEters is – is does he want the 5 year deal?

    Frank22 – I agree – this injury will have more impact on McCoy then Vick –

    If McNiel is healthy enough (big if) he would be a very suitable fill in/replacment –

    The birds have never taken/had/gotten a big blocking TE.. anyone else think it may be worth investing a roster spot in a 3rd TE – thinking would be having to have Dunlap start – and having the blocking TE to support – either that or Celek is going to have to stay in and help a bit more – but the big TE for running plays?

  • WHat ever happened to that that Ryan Harris guy? I rmbr him being very athletic for an OT…atleast when he was healthy…would have been a good fit for a Peters replacement…

    Navy/Frank disagree about shday…Shady made so many plays when the Dline collapsed on him and when it looked like there was no where to go. Yes Seeing Peters running downfield destroying people was a pleasant sight for a Birds fan but I think this hurts Vick more…the guy already has major problems at the line of scrimmage and now he just has one more thing to think about after his best protector is likely done for the year.

    This injury sucks..Peters was a beast. He had his faults when it came to the false starts and he would be kind of fragile in my opinion for a guy his size, always seemed to miss a game or two with something pathetic that JR would play through easily. But his benefits outweigh all those negatives by far..

  • I think they have to go FA here tho. The only way they draft a OT in the first round is if they truly think that this is career threatening like some reports suggest. Obviously the Eagles have the xrays and medical opinions so they will know better than anyone else..If they think he will be fine next year then you don’t draft an OT in the 1st round to sit on the bench till 2014.

    God damn those achilles injuries…Philadelphia sports can’t seem to get away from them

  • pheags – Harris just cant seem to stay healthy. I believe that is the only knock on him.

    I see where you are coming from. I just think those tuff 2-3 yards are going to be alot harder to come by without Peters. He was, and to use a andy reid term a “road grater”. Vicks agility, I believe, will allow him to see the pressure in his face and move around it. I understand that is easier said than done.

  • what is wrong with paying Bell top five money for one year? This is a crisis —- if Assante is traded expect a major injury by DRC or Nnamdi the next week the way these trades have been falling recently

  • E0S – It would seem like a no brainer but look at how many guys balk at being franchised – anyone know how many years they are looking for?

  • Shawn Andrews, if he is healthy I have no problem with him. I’ve always like him. and he is a better option than King Dunlap.

  • @ Pheags
    Ryan Harris received a medical settlement last season from the Eagles and as far as I last read about him , decided against having a 3rd Surgery on his back, pretty muich ending his carrer in Football..

  • Georgia’s Cordy Glenn is a mountain of a man with a truly rare blend of size (6-5½, 345), strength and athleticism who has drawn comparisons to guys like Shawn Andrews and Andre Smith. Glenn played guard for most of his college career before moving to left tackle as a senior and most assumed he would kick back inside at the next level. However a strong showing at tackle during the Senior Bowl week Cordy Glenn | Georgia Bulldogs altered that thought process and there are now many who feel he could survive on the edge.

  • Glenn did perform very well at the Tackle spot during Senior Week and again, this is a pretty weak OT Class that he was being compared too. I believe due to endurance and conditioning reasons and the overall speed and pace of the NFL Game, that he is better suited for the Guard Poistion at the NFL Level..
    If he dropped 15-20lbs, then maybe has a shot at OT.. but definitely has a lot of upside..

  • I think when around better players, that upside will come. this is who i get if im the birds, thx pman

  • I agree Glenn will be a good OL in the NFL, I just don’t think he fits the
    Howard Mudd mold very much which is long and lean.. Glenn is built like the OL when AR/Castillo were drafting O/Lineman.. Big and Big ..

  • he is the closest to j peters size wise, what does he not have that peters has? …besides experience …. and or who can we trade with to get a peters like guy?

  • LT is a premimum postion 2000man and about many Teams in the NFL could use and are looking for a good Starter at LT.. You will not find Teams willing to trade good, established ones and some of the older players like K McKenzie, S Heyer are no better than Dunlap at this Point in their Careers) ..
    Dunlap already knows the EAgles and Mudd System so I would go with him for now and hope he’s ready to play.. Bringing in a Player for a short-term fix until Peters return will be difficult to do with any real positive results, let Dunlap hold the fort down and until the big man returns which I believe will be by early Nov for the stretch drive..

  • Apparently he wants 5 years.

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