• June 25, 2022

Report: Asante Samuel Is Willing To Take Pay Cut To Help Trade Possibilities

Paul Domowitch of Philly.com reported on Saturday that Asante Samuel’s agent, Alonzo Shavers has communicated that the Pro Bowl cornerback is willing to take a $2.5 million dollar cut in salary if necessary in order to help the Eagles trade him.

It seems like a forgone conclusion that Samuel won’t be playing with the Eagles during the 2012 season, but where he will be at is still unknown.  It has been reported that the Tennessee Titans are interested in Samuel.

I personally feel much better about confident cornerback than a lot of Eagles fans.  He’s a big play player who had major role in helping the Birds get to the NFC Championship game in 2008.

I think Samuel has made many big plays for the Eagles during his time in Philadelphia, even though his tackling has left something to be desired.  He reads routes as well as any cornerback I’ve ever seen.



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  • Nice to hear,
    Now I would be on the phone with 2 teams right now

    1st Team I contact
    The Vikings, I offer the #15th Pick, the #89th Pick (3rd Round) and maybe a 3rd/4th Rounder in 2013 with CB Samuel to the Vikings for their #3 Overall Pick. Then with the 3rd Round I select LT Matt Kalil and have him at LT from Day 1

    2nd Team is the Carolina Panthers ,
    I Offer 2nd Round Pick (51st Overall) a 6th Round PIck, CB Samuel and DE Darryl Tapp to the Panthers for RB J Stewart and OT Jeff Otah

  • He is the only play maker on the defense. Again , like Djax he gets judged by his attitude, rather than is play by Holy than though fans.

  • Way to dispel the myth of “Mesante”… This is a move deserving of respect and appreciation.

  • ozzman, I don’t know that fans are against his attitude at all. I think it’s more his LACK of play – you know, things like coverage and tackling for the sake of ints…. I like the guy as a football player, but not now for this team. And again, I think the hate on him is purely based on football believe it or not.

  • Keep Asante and trade Reid/Roseman.

  • Where is Banner?

    Last reported he was last seen at a dental cosmetic shop getting a 2nd opinion on his toothstainitis.

    time’s your’s

  • The Eagl;es screwed up and shoould have traded him last Off-Season/Summer Camp when his value was higher and after they traded for DCr and signed Asmo.. Now they will be lucky to get a mid-round pick at best or risk the problem of having distractions and an unhappy player at OTA/CAmp…
    Samuel was their best play-maker 2-3 years ago, but he has not done much the last Season and 1/2.. and once he injured that knee in early Nov 2010, he’s been average to below at best.. Time for him and the Team to move on..

  • Where’s songs –

    last seen he was at the Adam and Eve day spa catching a quick leg waxing while reading the Holly Robinson Peete football tutorial ‘ Get Your Own Damn Beer, I’m Watching the Game!: A Woman’s Guide to Loving Pro Football ‘

    He always posts after reading a paragraph with his new found knowledge – you wondered where he came up with all this ‘football guy’ stuff

  • Paulman, if I were the Eagles, I wouldn’t trade for Matt Kalil. I don’t see the potential domination that some of the experts claim. I see nothing special. For me he is light in the pants, and will be overmatched in the NFL, just like Sam Baker, another overrated USC lineman…see PHI vs ATL game Trent Cole vs Sam Baker. That’s what you can expect from Matt Kalil. There are no 1st day OT starters in this draft. Anyone that is drafted, won’t really be effective until year 2 of their career, or later. They are going to HAVE to sign a band aid free agent, or it’s just going to be King Dunlap.

  • The Lineman you want is the one coming out next year from Alabama. His name is DJ Fluker. I would give up the farm almost to get him 6-6 335 lbs of domination, and Peters successor if The Eagles front office is smart. GMCliff is ready for next years draft as well. Matt Kalil cant touch the potential of DJ Fluker. Remember that name. Guarantee you’ll thank me later.

  • Lets get that 3rd round pick for Asante…..Thanks for the servicable years, but personally watching you get burned, not tackling, and your lack of speed, I’ve grown tired of your ass, and your weak, dog, and pony show. In the words of Howard Eskin, you can take your Mr.Softee truck, and park it in Memphis.

  • If Asante Samuel is traded throw in Howard Eskin as a freebie.

  • Good! Now GTFO! Ciao! Yeah makes a lot of plays. 3 int’s, gets toasted on every other play, is a red zone liability & couldn’t tackle a corpe. Not to mention that he is a selfish, locker room cancer. I hate to break the news to you misinformed cats but, he ain’t curing cancer, or donating his $2.5M to Make a wish foundation. IF HE DOESN’T TAKE A CUT, WE CAN’T TRADE HIM, THEN HE GET’S STUGOTS & RELEASED! Then where is he going to make $8.5M- $10.5M? Not going to make that $$$, with his age & recent history. Don’t anoint him a martyr, it’s a last ditch effort to save face. I’m surprised he swallowed his pride. But I have a sneeky suspicion that it’s his agents doing, since he’s been doing all of the talking lately, since they know his goose is cooked.

  • **CORPSE**

  • I would think Assante and his Agent would want for him to get his release..
    He would not make the scheduled $19.5 MIllover over the next 2 Years that he is due with Current Contract with the Eagles.. But I am sure he would he get
    $6 Million per Season and probably a few million iup Front as a SIgning Bonus.. The fact that he’s willing to take less to speed up a trade scenario tells you how bad he wants out of Philly..

  • Matt Kalil has it all GMCliff and is in no way comparable with Sam Baker who also went to USC but was not as highly thought of..
    Kalil has size,great feet and hands and has a nasty attitide.. His older brother Ryan, is Starting Center for the Panthers and probably would be a Pro-Bowler if he played on a better team. sinc ehe would receive more regcognition. This family of Kalil’s are smart,tough kids and not afraid of hard work so I think he will be a very good player with a long Career in the NFL

  • We’ll see Paul, Buddy……I think there are a lot of players in this draft that when we look back 3-4 years from now will be overrated, and drafted higher than they probably should have been, and eventually labled bust.

    His brother may be a good player, but that says nothing for HIM. That analogy doesn’t always work. Uhhh, remember Casey Matthews, overvalued by the Eagles; and in my opinion a BUM!!, although his brother is an all pro for now. I stand put on my evaluation of Matt Kalil, Quinton Coples, Trent Richardson, Ryan Tannahill, and Michael Floyd……..Buyer beware…just my respectful opinion Paul.

  • Actually if Samuel is willing to restructure why trade him. As I’ve said numerous times The Eagles are going to need those interceptions this year and they aren’t going to get them from Nnamdi or DRC.

  • It’s amazing that everyone is talking about trading our best corner last season. The Eagles would be better served switching Asante Samuel to safety since that’s what he do from a corner position.He read the QB and jump routes like a safety is trained to do.

    Some might push back and claim a free safety needs to be able to tackle and hit….well,that alone excludes Nate Allen.

    If you’re going to have a safety that don’t hit or tackle then you might as well have Asante Samuel who will at least get interceptions at the position.


  • As much as I don’t like Asante you need him against elite QB’s. He is a thorn in the side of good quarterbacks. Peyton Manning guys like that get victimized by his style of play. They other games don’t really show his worth it’s the big games against the best is where he will be missed.

  • Coleman had 4 INt’s and led the Team and Allen had 3 Int’s which was the same amount as Sammuel.. Give it up Songs.. Team is moving forward..

  • Sounds godo GMCliff

    I like Kalil, M Floyd a lot but have reservations about Coples,Blackmon, Upshaw, Reiff, & Tannehill, Brockers & Poe and other Top Players who are due to be the Top 1/2 of teh 1st Round… I like many of the Prospects much better that are rated from about #25 thru #75
    I think Richardson will be a good RB and reminds me of a Marshawn Lynch who is a solid player, but I would never take RB in the 1st Round myself…

  • The Problem with this team for the last 10 years has been the QB. Michael Vick isnt cutting it. I hate to sound like Rush Limbaugh but Michael Vick will not be the first black QB to win a superbowl. Black quarterbacks just dont cut it in the NFL.

  • Paulman ……you actually proved my point. The same output except Samuel did not get exploited in the reed one as mush as allen….which corner had the most INT’s on our team?

  • Paulman you failed to mention 3 of Coleman’s INT’s were against Gross MAN in one game against the Redskins, which means he got “one” interception out of 15 regular season games. He sucks ass and so do Nate Allen. We need 2 Safeties and we can keep Coleman as a back up and special teams player. Nate Allen need to be cut right out.

  • You cant tell me Nam and DRC dont pick up there pick total next year.

    Sante to safety is like putting my girlfriend out there…they’d look great until it would be time to make a play.

    Cut him….next story…this is an old topic. He doesnt play defense for this team anymore.

  • Uh, “eaglessuck”, you don’t sound like rush, but you do sound STUPID AS HELL.

    Allow me to explain, Michael Vick INDEED will not be the first black qb to win a superbowl. That’s for sure.

    Go google Doug Williams you genius you

  • We need a general manager and a coach…I’m hoping something works out that we’ll get Sean Payton (A real winning coach) in the near future.

  • Songs – my god – you have lost your freaking mind – oh – never mind – you never had a freakin mind – screen pass right – screen pass right – screen pass right – screen pass right – screen pass right – – pump fake to the underneath route – throw ove rthe top –

    songs – who the hell did Asnate intercept last year – wait – hold on – he had 1 pick in what week 2 against MattRyan – and then the next was against that beast QB you guys all talk about – Mark Sanchez… I belive you Jersey Shore crowd refer to that as a ‘meaningless game’ and the last was against – what the hell was the name of the guy that took over for Kevin Kolb – skeleton, skelton, shelton – Skelton – yeah – he threw three picks that day – so those were the three pro bowl Sb winning bad asses Asante picked off

    so as usual – your point is moot and worthless – you want to keep a guy and pay him top dollar to be a non-tackling (34 tackles in a season) CB that can’t support the run or stop a WR screen because he gave you three picks –

    yet the 2nd year – 2nd round draft pick – coming off an injury – had 59 tackles and 2 picks and he is ass and needs to go – and the 2nd year 7th rounder with 78 tackles and 4 picks..hmmmmm

    I would love to know how many moons there are in the sky in the universe you live because its like you never actually watched an Eagles game…

  • Navy….no tackling? Have you seen Nate (got turned around again) Allen in action?

    He’s a damn speed bump.

  • Songs,maybe you can answer this..
    Over the last 3 Seasons, the Eagels Secondary has given up the most TD Passes in any 3 year History of the Franchise… The 1 Common demoninator despite Coaching Changings,Scheme Changes and even Player Changes is CB Asante Samuel… This Secondary became “Soft” the 1st Day he arrived in Philly and has gotten worse each year in my opinion and I put a lot of blame on him.. I never liked his “do my own thing” attitide of his and never thought he was much of a Team Player or a real mentor to younger players..

  • Paulman….you’re missing a key element there buddy….you’re focusing on the addition of Samuel while ignoring the subtraction of Sheldon Brown, Brian Dawkins….the best tacklers in our secondary before Asante came.

  • lol..Nate allen got a little better actually last year at tackling ..we’ll see this year though.. if coleman was 10 lbs bigger he would be a good saftey… id like to see how jarrett does he can replace nate allen maybe.. i think coleman needs to be on the field he has passion and makes plays..still makes mistakes but he makes plays.. we cant draft another saftey.. i have a feeling everyones gonna be surprised just like last year.. ” With the 23th pick in the 2011 NFL draft, the eagles select danny watkins out of baylor university..

  • Songs – clearly you are such an idiot you didn’t even get the point – Allen is a 2nd year 2nd round draft pick – coming of an injury and you are critical as hell of him

    Asante is one of the highest paid DBs in the NFL, a multi year veteran who admitted that he was not here to make tackles – teams target him becuase of his disliking of tackling – and yet you – from the planet where the game of football must not exist – in one breath will claim Allen is ass and needs to go – will then in the next defend Samuel for his phenominal 3 INTs

    so you think somehow the veteran with the ‘why should I tackle or play team D’ is going to rebound – but the 2nd year guy coming off of knee surgery has to go – wow – just when I think there is no way you could be a bigger idiot you amaze me

    is it me – anyone else on here other then this complete boob see this is a major double standard? not to mention the fact Allen actually had more tackles – and did get better as the seaons went on (notcie during the ‘menaingless’ four game win streak Samuel had that bad ankle….. just saying

  • sheldon brown could TACKLE .. i wanted to move him to free saftey

  • Navy, How many guys on defense the Eagles told us they’ll take a jump after their rookie year actually delivered?

    name one.

  • and Navy we’ll focus on the early round guys for the defense.

  • Sheldon Brown was too small to play Safety(5-10 190lbs) and would have never lasted physcially for any length of time playing the position..
    . Just like Jarrett, who is not an NFL Caliber player is talso oo small and too slow… Perhaps the worst Draft Pick and biggest reach by AR & GM Rosemato date was reaching for Jarrett with a mid 2nd Round pick in last years Draft..
    Most reports had him as late 4th and some even as a 5th Rounder with many questions concerning about his lack of size & speed to ever be Starter in the NFL.. Eagles missed poorly with this pick…

  • songs – you dance like that sad old dude with no teeth that danced to the banjo tune in the Deliverance – topic was about Asante and you danced all you could to try to get the topic off Asante – there is a reason he needs to resturcture his contract – no one wants to pay him that much – notice all the teams lined up trying to trade with us….

  • SMH (shaking my head) – I understand the salary concerns therefore I understand why the Eagles are looking to trade Asante….But all you cats on here saying he is a liability or he doesn’t do this or doesn’t do that…LOL…

    Asante arguably was the best CB in 2010 (profootballfocus, will give you the breakdown)

    QB Rating when throwing at a certain CB
    1st Revis 45.6%
    2nd Asante 52%
    4th Ike Taylor 54.8%
    9th Carlos Rogers 62%

    Completion percentage when throwing at a certain CB
    1st Revis 41.2%
    2 Ike Taylor 41.7%
    8th Asante 47.5%

    Asante was the Eagles best CB in 2011 hands down!!!

    Nice to see, no Eagle CB was ranked in the top ten in yards given up.
    Asante is good with me, he produces!

  • Stats/percentages were from 2011

  • @Songs…you are funny…Didnt we argue about Asante’s production last season…told me I lost credibility because I preferred Asante over Nnamdi and felt we should get a LB instead of Nnamdi….Songs you are ass, my friend!

  • Eagles should have signed physical players CB Carlos Rodgers and Safety Dwan Landry in last years Free-Agency and they would have had a much more Physical Secondary which would most likely be more effective in the Red-Zone which has been this Defense’s biggest problem area the last 3-4 Seasons..
    Eagles D cannot keep anyone from the end-zone and most of this has to do with having a “Soft” Secondary which the Eagles will still have regardless if Samuel moves on or not, CB’s Asmo,DCR and the issues at Safety is just not a physical group in my opinion

  • realtalk has just proven what ive been saying ..

    they also should have moved brain rolle to mlb them short middle linebackers dominate and play for years.. the eagles just do weird things on defense that dont make much sense..

  • Brian Rolle’s probably should have taken some reps at Strong Safety..
    He’s 5-11, natural weight is about 225lbs or so.. Play SS down In the Box on running downs and then slide him up to the LB Spot on Passing Downs and bring in a better Cover Safety for passing downs..

  • here’s how crazy songs is – not only did he do a 180 flip from absolute extreme coveting and love for Nnamdi – he declared that the Eagles would go 19-0 because they signed Nnamdi last year – to wanting to trade Nnamdi, and keep Asante.

    BUT – it gets better/worse (depending on your interpretation)! The man is posting over on Philly.com under an article about PA Medicaid – where people are logically debating Medicaid, the specific situation in PA, Govenor Corbett and his administration – you know, the content of the article. But Songs is there saying that the medical condition that the vignette case for the article – a kid with a CONGENITAL heart condition – Songs is there saying that the condition is from vaccines! He’s not only ignoring the content of the article and the discussion, he’s there to push his conspiracy theory – AND his theory makes no sense because of the precise DEFINITION OF THE WORD CONGENITAL! What a loser.

    Songs, you’re not a doctor, and you’re a piss poor fan/armchair anylist.

  • brian rolle is a power house them short middle linebackers are always the best.. sam mills, zack thomas,, mike singletary.. dexter coakley..london fletcher..

  • schiller, your no doctor either, but a pretty good sheep, at least songs has an original thought in his head, as compared to the retained attorney you are on behalf of the eagles organization

  • ha jake – I agree 100% I’m no doctor. But I don’t try to claim to know medical information better than doctors – Songs does. I can think of a billion original thoughts – doesn’t mean any of them are good or that I should be praised for it. Silly comment.

    And I’m no Lawyer either – the Eagles don’t pay me. Sure wish they did – that would be cool.

  • schiller, I’m stating facts. The children are developing these organ issues as a direct result of the eugenics vaccination programs. These programs have never shown proof of stopping one disease and it’s time to shine a light on planned parenthood, vaccination programs, fluoridated water which causes cancers and have 0 health benefits for teeth. You don’t ingest fluoride for strong teeth…it’s poison! GMO food also caused organ damage in test trials. The Majority of health issues…asthma, MS, down syndrome, allergic reactions, autism, leukemia, are directly related to the the death vaccination program. The flu shots are deadly also.

  • Songs, if this is information is correct, well thanks for passing it along as it could help all of our society. BUT – DOCTORS don’t think so. Where have you gotten this information, and why is your source better than OUR ENTIRE MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY?

  • schill….doctors are in the pocket…if they expose what they know about the true purpose of vaccines their license would be revoked before they knew what hit them. Sickness is a business. Vaccines are the reason doctors have repeat customers.

    Anyway, on another note.

    I’m hoping we benefit from this thing happening in New Orleans. If Sean Payton can somehow get to coach our team in the immediate future I think we can get the ever so elusive SB.

    We will never win a SB under Andy Reid. Never.

  • schill – I love some of songs conspircay theory – but there are like 250 comments – what does he post under – there is one cat named tanksleyd – that dude is out lunch enough to e songs – and he doesn’t know shit about Mexico…

  • ha, navy – yeah that comment section is all over the place. But his screen name is identical to his one on gcobb. I think he only has one or two posts so you might have to dig – not worth it, I said exactly what he posted – that the example child’s diagnosis is really due to vaccines – again, totally bullshit and totally irrelevant from the point of the article.

  • never mind – just saw it – that’s pretty tame for songs…

  • yeah – find some funny crap in the comments section – i figured out that drummer winslow posts in philly.com as lonewolf 11 cuase he cut a pasted a couple comments – so he is either plagarizing posts or something – he seems to have disappeared since that incident –

    get songs going on the founding fathers belonging to satanic cults (especailly Ben Franklin) or or how the government has a weather controlling machine – they are really good ones.

  • Songs – again, you avoided providing backup to your claims. Makes you sound really stupid.

    “I know something, here it is”

    “Wow, that’s a bold claim where did you hear it”

    “Something unrelated”

    “Wait, you still didn’t backup your claim”

    “Something else unrelated”

    “But, you realize that by not backing up your claim you’re basically confirming that it’s bullshit. Right?”

    “Yet another thing that is irrelevant”.

    “You’re full of shit”

    “Back to football….”

  • Schill, although Songs is rather over the top with the conspiracy theories, go watch Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy theory show. The guy didn’t have dozens of death threats for no reason. He is also an ex- Governer & Navy Seal, so I doubt he would make $#!t up. Very interesting show. If you have time, go watch on You tube, for repeat shows. Also don’t bring up Doctors, because they are in the pocket of the Pharmaceutical Company’s pockets. Why else would you prescribe thousands of medications to people, that has dozens of side-effects, that cause other problems, & even death in extreme cases? ANSWER- $$$$$!!!!! Also, why do you think we have ZERO cures in this country, when you can simply go to Asian countries, for Stem cell treatments, or to get a cure for some cancers, & even full blown AIDS. $$$$$!!!!! How does Magic Johnson not have one spec of AIDS in his system? Because he had the $$$ to go to Asia for treatment. They will never release cures in this country, because if they do, a lot of powerful people will be out of a lot of Escarole! AIDS meds alone cost patients, hundreds- thousands of $$$ monthly. Not to mention insurance $$$ going down, Doctors visits lessening, Treatments lessening, etc. etc. So before you discount Songs all together as a nut-job, do some research, come out from your protective non-reality bubble, & don’t criticize. He may not be as out to lunch as you guys make him out to be. His player man-love is a different story. He makes many valid points. Some are mind boggling, but some are very valid. Navy, by the way he was kind of correct with the founding Fathers thing. It is a known fact that the Free Masons had underground caves, temples, etc. etc., where they held ceremonies, etc. There is one in particular (can’t remember where) under a Church, that is called the Masonic grand lounge, in where they held ceremonies, parties, orgies, & RUMORED sacrifices. So who knows if the satanic rituals & sacrifices thing is true. Nothing would surprise me in this world, anymore. But he makes a lot of valid points. You both don’t have to have a lot of sense to figure it out. Navy you have a lot of knowledge, to figure things out for yourself, but Schill doesn’t. He lives in La La land, is a lost cause, & just has something else to criticize & correct someone about.

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