• July 5, 2022

Chris Rainey Might Get The Chance To Challenge Chad Hall

I wasn’t surprised at all to read on Philly.com that the Birds were interested in an all-purpose back like Florida’s Chris Rainey.  This guy is Andy Reid’s type of back, who can create mismatches with linebackers and safeties that try to cover him.

Think about Brian Westbrook at Villanova.  He was an all-purpose back who grew into a franchise back, but he started out as an all-purpose guy.

I think the Birds like their current all-purpose guy, Chad Hall, because he’s smart and as tough as nails, but he doesn’t have the speed to be as effective as the Birds want him to be.  Rainey has the ability to take this position to another level.  He runs the forty-yard dash in 4.45 seconds.

Rainey is on the small side (5-8, 180), but that’s no problem because the Birds aren’t looking for size at this spot, they want a playmaker.  From what I understand he has the potential to be just that.  They should be able to get him as late as rounds five or six.

Jason Peters underwent Achilles Tendon surgery today at Jefferson Hospital at the Navy Yard


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  • I would like this pick up. Andy almost had his guy in Dexter McCluster a few years back.

  • where is Florida’s Chris Rainey be projected to be drafted?

  • Frank22 so you think McCluster was worth a 2nd round pick ?

  • Looking back at what he has done, No.But he might have been able to excell in a different city. Cant deny his speed. Chiefs arent a very good team.

  • the article says in the 5th or 6th.

  • if Rainey can tackle on punts from the outside I would be more interested

  • Stay away from this guy
    Arrested 2010 on “Aggravated Stalking” Charges whichg is a felony in Florida
    Has had shoulder problems since HIgh School..Has Attitude and character flags too. At 5-8 180’bs he’s a smaller version of Percy Harvin, who can’t stay healthy enough to play consistently..
    Eagles already signed WR/Returner Mardy Gilyard who goes 5’11 & 195lbs and I don’t think they have the luxury of carrying too mansy smallish WR to begin with when there are other needs..
    If they want to spend a 6th Rounder on a All-Purose type of player
    I would rather them Draft Devon Wylie from Fresno State who is 5’9 190lbs and is a Wes Welker clone who is tough, high motor and of high character per all reports, Stay away from this Rainey.. he’s bad news…

  • Marty Gilyard personally delivers chocolates, beer, and lottery tickets to Paulman daily. Paul likes the sweets and booze, but the lottery tickets really push his buttons because they let him flex his imaginary psychic skills.

  • LMAO – come on Paulman, that “nookie” may have been that damn good…he had to stalk her ass! LOL can’t fault I man for not wanting to give up some good “nookie”

    Chad Hall might not be the most exciting player, but I like his heart. However, this move makes no difference to me, I dont think Hall did enough to believe Rainey can’t do equal to or exceed production.

  • Per NFL DraftScouts.com
    Rainey is the 120th Prospect rated in the Draft with a late 3rd/4th Round grade on him…
    Eagles already have Dion Lewis who should be able to fill some of this role..
    How about some bigger RB/WR’s.. Eagles have about the smallest WR corps as it is alreadt with D-JAx,Maclin, Avant and Hall, signed Gilyard and then add another smurf…

  • I do not care if is Rainey or another player with his skill set. Eagles can use that guy who splits out wide and plays well in space. He does have some off the field baggage, but he can move.

  • Why havent they done some of these things with D Lewis? Is he able to split out and be affective?

  • frank – he didn’t do it in college. Pitt doesn’t use RBs in the passing game much. And definitely not lined up out wide. So the extent of his receiving experience was visible to you as an Eagles fan… not much (save for kick returns).

    He’s pretty much a running back exclusively in my book.

  • Saints SIgned LB David Hawthorne to a 5 Year Deal..
    They also sign Chris Lofton a week or 2 ago as they rebuild their Defense in Spag’s likeness… You would have to think that even if MLB J Vilma is not suspended with “Bountygate”, that he will be released for Salary Cap reasons..

  • Good!…let’s get Reno Mahe part Deux the hell outta here. How in the hell Chad hall keep making the team anyway

  • Paulman it’s ironic that the saints linebackers were better than ours last year yet they get 2 studs while we get a guy with a bad wheel.

  • I believe Spags made it known when he took the job as DC that their LB’s needed upgrading and it appears their GM has taken Spags advice and is goign about upgrading their Defense.. The Saints better sign Brees for he will hold out and not play under a Franchise Tag which he has stated numerous time which will cause all kinds of issues down in the Big Easy….

  • I know this is hard for you Songs so I will type really slow, becuase you have truoble comprehending anything football related – Chad Hall could:

    1) Line up at RB and take a handoff
    2) Line up at WR and catch a pass
    3) Line up as a punt returner and field the ball and then try to return it
    4) Line up as kick returner and field the ball and try to return it
    5) He could line up on special teams (that would be the non-offensive and/or defensive plays songs) like punt team and Kickoff team and run down the field and make tackles

    while it was ture he was never going to compete for a league title in any of those categories, he could and di in fact do them all –

    see songs – every coach at every level has an ‘issue’ he has to deal with – in Pop Warner it is the minimum play requirement (and parents!) in High School its the grades (and the parents) In college it is somewhat the grades but mostly the feeding and caring of the mighty recuriting machine and the boosters (but no parents and you can curse!) in the pros – it is the fact you only get 53 players on your roster and can only dress a certain amount on game day –

    so see songs – Hall is on the team cause for 1 roster spot – you get a guy to play special teams and also be a back up RB and WR – that is how the hell he made this team – but if you have a name that could have done that last year – lets hear it…. thought so

    I know – you stuggle with the basics – I think the whole purpose of this article is that this cat may be a little bigger and faster then Hall to fill the same role –


  • I posted after reading the paragraph with Chad Hall’s name and didn’t read any of you guys post; I then went back and read Songs post and I’m glad you saw exactly the same thing in that bum Songs. Andy’s gotta go after this season. He waste’s picks like matthews etc. Get this bum scrapheap grabbing coach outta here.

  • he wont last til 5 or 6 anyway. It doesnt matter because this FO and Coaching staff cant draft quality players most of the time. The players they happen to draft who become probowlers ain’t because of this FO, it’s because they are guys with heart like DJax and Trent cole. This team sucks without a better coaching staff all the way around.


  • wow rocko – how many ‘game changer’ (nice lame ass cliche there) or ‘special players’ are there really on a 53 man roster? Who becomes the 53 man on the roster – by definition are any teams 50/51/52 and 53 players ‘game changers’ big forest out there – try not to hit the tree in front of you –

    just keep telling yourself you have a clue – somehow songs manages to do it..

  • Devon Wylie, and Joe Adams, should be on the Eagles radar for the return game. Adams is the better receiver, but Wylie has more intangibles, and is faster 4.36 40 yd dash.

    I absolutely, Agree with Paulman, Chris Rainey although an option, should be taken off our draft board.

  • If the Eagles want a all purpose guy LiMicheal James is the best guy for the job in this years draft and if McCoy gets hurt he a fill in and do the job.

  • I can’t believe none of you guys didn’t mention LiMicheal James he’s a beast he’s gonna be just like Darren Sproles

  • there was a guy that was available in FA that would have been a great addition – Sproles –

    Need to find a dedicated PR/KR who makes his living running back kicks – don’t care if he ever steps on the field O or D – I want a Walley Henry a Val Sikehema a Brian Mitchell

  • let’s examine Chad Hall as a….

    receiver – poor
    runningback – poor
    punt returner – poor
    kick returner poor

    So, if he’s poor in every area ….how can anyone claim he can do multiple jobs?

    oh! Because Andy put him in those positions.

    let’s get a skier named jeremy bloom and have him take over return duties.
    let’s keep Reno Mahe on the roster because he field balls with 0 yak.
    let’s get the chad hall guy from the service because he’s Andy’s locker room mascot.

    I’m pissed over this already. Remember the time we cut Landri with garbage ass Laws (another wasted early round pick) making the cut?
    You’ll never guess who kept a roster spot?

    you got it.

    Andy freakin Hall. Hall must have found the negatives of Andy in a compromised position that Segrest left to Juan Castillo.

  • I remember how many chumps in the media and fans bought into the Jeremy Bloom Hype/Story.. What a joke that was… People actually expected that he could be an impact player for the Eagles and in the NFL… Gullible & Naiive are so many Eagle Fans..
    Just the QB Vick and the Drream team of Ladst Year, Just like with the WR Corps of 2 Years ago and just like the OL of a few years ago with the Andrew Sisters… Obviously many Eagle fans do not watch much football outside of the Eagles.. Wonder what it will be this year.. I hope it’s not Ryan Tannehill for I don’t believe he is anything special and is a 2-3 Year Project just to be a back-upat best in my book and the Eagles already haave Kafka to be that.

  • let examine songs as a …

    fan – asshole – constant negative

    American – asshole – constnat negative about how government is out to get people

    student – asshole – founding fathers were devil worshipers

    understanding of the game of football – worse the piss poor

    well – there ya go

    as for Chad Hall – again songs – name the dude that was better then serviceable in all of those areas (he also covered kicks) – again – you are such a constant moron nobody is saying you can’t upgrade – the question you asked your tap dancing fuck – is how the hell did he make the team – the question got answered – and now you want to change the question (notice the reference to Laws and Andy Hall (wasn’t he a 6th rounder that hung out on the practice squad for a year or so…)

    but thank you songs – you give me easy fodder every night your typical bitch all you want and ask lots of questions – but when asked a simple football question – lost- clueless and ignorant – when you had that big coaches meeting – what did you talk about – ubiform colors, mascot changes – immunizations?

  • Chad Hall is an average special teams player but still better than Jaiquawn Jarrett, Dion Lewis, and Brandon Graham who are other Eagle 2nd teamers who are horrible special team players —– Songs and Rocko are typing their anger at the wrong players — run Lewis, Jarrett and Graham out of town before Chad Hall

  • Rainey ran a 4.36 40 at his pro day and beat world class sprinter and teamate jeff demps in a race at practice

  • If we get him in the 5th, or 6th, take a fly on him. Because our return teams blow, & we ain’t chancing DJax on special teams anymore, since we re-upped him with the new contract. Lewis & Hall ain’t going to hack it. But hey, Reid went with Mahe for umpteenth years, because he fair caught & didn’t fumble, so I doubt that position will even be addressed, unless it is a combo position playing rookie. Paulman, WTF is your infatuation with Mardy Gilyard. Holy Krikees! He is a camp body. HE IS A NON-FACTOR! Stop it already. Every article about ST, you bring him up. Did he treat you to a free Washy Washy, or something? Sweet Jesus!

  • Every year with the FAT MAN it’s the same thing.

    We kick off to an opponent, and have to hold our breath that he won’t break it all the way.

    They kick off to us, and we have slow motion kick returner (reno mahe or chad hall or some other scrub) back their putting no fear in the heart of the opponent, and us starting on the 22 yard line every drive.

    In 13 years, how many kick returns have we had for a touchdown???

    How do these slow bums keep making an NFL roster when every year the every team in the SEC and BIG 12 has a barn burner running back kicks.

    Mal-nutrition guy is a stable in the ANDY REID roster.

    Todd Stinkton, Desean Jackson, Chad Hall, Reno Mahe etc…

    There is a company called Weider… They make weights.

    Why not find a college player who knows what these are and uses them.

    FAT BOY…Stop being so happy to make a slow undersized college player’s NFL fantasy come true and make the Eagles Fans fantasy of a NFL championship a reality.

    Goals are dreams with a deadline.

    Andy Greed’s should have been up 5 seasons ago.

  • Songs have you ever been happy or even pleased with a move this team makes? It seems to me that you are a whiny bitch over anything they do. Go route for the Browns, then you’ll have something to complain about.

  • wild – I don’t think Songs is ever happy about anything – need to get himself some little blue pills and take a trip to the Far East –

    To paraphrase Robim Williams from Good Morning Vietnam – I have never met a man in more dire need of a ……………………

    maybe after his trip he will understand what this ass is he is always talking about

  • Karl Malon’s son just signed with the Eagles! Demetress Bell signed to a 5 year deal to replace Peters for this season.

  • Good job on signing Bell but they still did a shit job in FA. This defense needed more than one guy.

  • wild bk – he was delirius when we signed Nnamdi – in fact, he took credit for the move – thought that all his whining and bitching for the Eagles to sign Nnamdi convinced the team to do it. And then he declared that we’d go 19-0 because of signing Nnamdi. And THEN, after Nnamdi had a dissapointing season with the Eagles he said they should trade Nnamdi and not Asante.

    That’s Songs for you….

  • jbird – “they still did a shit job in FA” – Didn’t they do an excellent job in FA last year, with poor results for the season? But it’s still about quantity of moves for you? What would a ‘not shit job’ have looked like for you this season?

  • This Bell signing tells m that they may have their eye on someone in the draft and didn’t want Peter’s injury to hamper their efforts to get him. I just hope it’s not Tannenhill.
    On another note I just read in a NY paper that a former Florida Gator who played with Tim Tebow, said that he formed his first impression of Tebow as a nice guy when he walked in on Tebow and Riley Cooper having a pillow fight in their dorm room . Really? a pillow fight? And we wonder why this team is soft. I don’t want to draft anyone who would have a pillow fight with another man.
    But I digress.
    That is all.

  • *anyone else

  • I belive the Eagles went out aggresivley and signed Bell (even though they probably overpaid) but they had the Cap $$S space to do so , where some of teams that Bell visited like the Steelers and Lions didn’t, so that the Eagles can keep their Draft Strategy intact.. This signing allows them use those first 4 picks within the top 3 Rounds and to focus on Defense and specifically the DT/OLB/SS positions instead of probably having to reach for OT early in the Draft.. This was quick,smart move by the Front Office which shows me that they are top of things right now which is a positve thing to see leading up to the Draft.. Now I hope they just don’t screw it up by making a move for Tannehill.. Let’s focus on the Defense and then grab a big WR,FB and sign a experienced RB like J Addai or Ryan Grant to spell MCCoy once in a while

  • I like the signing also. I think it signals that they have someone in mind in the draft also. I dont think it’s tannehill but a DLineman. I would think Fletcher Cox, but could be another tackle that could rush the passer.

    Wonder if they are thinking that Peters injury mite take longer than expected to get healthy? He is a 320 lb man.

  • i’m sure there is a way out of this contract if peters does come back healthy.

  • schill…..You needed two LBs. We got one. The Saints just signed Lofton and Hawthorne. We couldn’t talk to Hawthorne about playing SAM? Lets look at the left side of the defense. You have Babin that doesn’t play the run very well, you got DRC who tackles like Assante and behind the SAM you have a guaranteed mediocre SS in either Coleman or Jarrett. I would be shocked if Jarrett could even be an average pro ball player. And the SAM is going to be who?? Jamar Chaney (a mediocre seventh round draft choice coming off a neck injury who stunk up the joint at SAM last year) OR a second or third round draft pick (that is highly questionable they will pick the right player). Then of course there is Fucku or Jordan who both suck as starters. Since we pursued no veterans this us hwat we are stuck with. AGAIN THEY IGNORED THE POSITION!!!!

  • paulman….Um. I’m waiting. They cannot possibly fill in all the empty spaces with draft picks. They need a starting SAM, another safety, another RB, another corner (if they trade Assante) and like three reserves on the O line. Are we going to fill this all through the draft with nine picks. I’m counting seven roster spots with nine picks. Not all the picks will make the cut so that leaves the proverbial scrap heap. Can we please sign a couple guys before the draft that are not off the scrap heap??? Like Yeramiah Bell and Ryan Grant maybe? Maybe a Jake Scott for the line? Please!

  • Eagles could still Draft LB Luke Kuechley and have him play SAM from Day 1 which makes the Startets Rolle, Ryans and Kuchely with Clayton,Chaney & Matthews as back-ups as an option..
    They could draft Upshaw or HIghtower and make them SAM LB’s..
    or they could go for a Zac Brown/Shea McClellin/Bobby Wagner in the 2nd Round for the SAM position

  • Good points Paulman, there are linebackers to be had in the first or second round. As for Bell, I need to do more research into this. How good of a player is he? Better than Stacey Andrews I hope lol.

    I could easily see the Eagles doing something surprising like draft Tannehill or Michael Floyd.

    Last year I was sure they would go OG, thought it would be Pouncey though. This year I have no clue.

  • JBird,
    I do think they pick-up a Veteran RB and possibly a Veteran Safety, but I think they are done in Free-Agency unless some injuries pop up..

  • Bell is 36 years old and pretty decent player, he’s played for Todd Bowles who is now the Sencondary Coach for the Eagles so he would have a pretty easy learning curve and probably a good veteran for the young players to leard from.. I don’t think pass covereage skills are his strength and is more of down in the box type of Safety where I beleive the Eagles would like add a Safety who strength is in Pass Coverages since they already have 2 on the roster in Coleman and Jarrett who struggle somewhat in pass coverage too…
    I like Harrison Smith from Notre Dame and George Illoka from Boise State who both have size and speed, Smith will go in the 2nd Round (Probably before the Eagles Pick) and Illoka will probably going early in 3rd Round (again before the Eagle pick) so I am not sure they will be able to get either one unless they trade up…

    I would like them to Trade CB Samuel and their 5th Round PIck (#153)
    either to the Vikings or Panthers to get an early 3rd Round pick which could be used to get get SS George Illoka

  • Jbird – yeah, I hear you about Hawethorne, and the SAM position. It does seem they’re going rookie or Cheney/other backups on the roster for that position. BUT, for backup RB, there is still plenty on the market so to say they did nothing when it’s not over is silly. For backup OL, you’re honestly going to tell me that there is better proven talent for backup OL on the free agent market than our backup OL? Hard to prove a point either way there. You’re trippin. Deep breaths. And there’s still safety options.

    That’s about it. so they COULD fill the spots – sign a free agent RB (there’s certainly precedence there, the Eagles have signed at least one reasonable vet RB in FA for most of the past few years), They COULD still sign a FA safety. They can definitely draft a sam, a backup OL, and some depth at the other positions in the draft.


  • Paulman…Who? Jarad Page and Jerome Harrison? They could have done better than that. If they are not going to pick up anything before the draft then they are not going to get any more than a roster body. This team was not a MLB away from being a championship contender which demonstartes to me that all they really want to do is make the playoffs, keep us interested and keep butts in the seats. Once again a couple small steps (that they refuse to take) short. They have to keep every dollar they can in Jeff’s pockets. Ideally they will extend Shady and still not spend more than ten or fifteen bucks over the CBA mandated minimum.

  • Schill…it just makes me nervous. If you told me hey they are dead set on Kuechly. He’s their guy. I would be cool and the gang. But I question when will they go LB? Second round? No we really like this DE so we are going to wait until the third. No we like this corner, so fourth round. How long do they wait? They can’t be strictly BPA with that position. I think if they are not going after a decent vet, they have to address it on the first three picks. And are they going to draft some midget like Spence where everyone scratches their head because they see something in him like a high motor or athleticism that they love. I have a feeling they are going to blow it again with some Matt McCoy, Barry Gardner, Jaquan Jarrett pick up and I am going to have to buy a new tv. And I really can’t afford another tv after I smash mine.

  • jbird – you think they profit the money they don’t spend in free agency? You really think that? You think Banner, Lurie – those guys who are proven business men don’t keep an operating budget for their biggest business? It’s all output or profit? Really?

    Get a clue.

  • jbird – Jarrett was a rookie last year with no rookie camps, no otas. By any reasonable NFL draft analysis standards, you are jumping the gun big time on him. You seem to be very anxious here. Go work out or get laid or something. You’re freaking out. The draft is weeks away. And improvements can happen from within, although you seem to be discounting that.

    Also at SAM – I do want them to draft Keuchly (but I’d be happy with Cox, Worthy, several other players too)… but for the SAM position – even a Cheney or Jordan playing there will benefit from Ryans. Having a MLB who is a proven team leader, proven ‘qb of the d’ DOES make a difference. Same goes for any rookie SAM they might play there (if not Keuchley).

    It’s not Juan’s first year as a DC anymore either. Nor is it Washburn’s inagural year installing the wide 9 in Philly. Cullen Jenkins knows the line now and can amp up his leadership. Rolle might continue to develop. Same goes with Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman. If Asante is jetted, we don’t know what kind of + DRC playing man will add. Same goes for Nnamdi not having to play safety, slot corner, and Charles Woodson impersonations…..

    There are MANY factors involved here – Phillip Hunt putting on weight and continuing to develop. Dixon maybe staying healthy and making a difference v. the run. Maybe Graham makes a full recovery and makes the DL even better. Maybe the light goes on for Clayton or Mathews.

    You’re freaking out and ingnoring (or forgetting) a lot that can happen, regardless of free agent aquisitions.


  • Schill…and the fact that they won’t draft Mark Barron really burns my ass. Just admit you made a mistake and fix it. You can’t have mediocre safeties and win a SB. Name the last team with mediocre safeties to do so? You would have to go back to the eighties. Safety is very important these days. And they are going to go with GD Jaquan Jarrett no matter what BECAUSE he was a second round pick. So if they screwed up and drafted me in the second round, I guess I would have to start even though I am 42 and never played college football?? What kind of logic is that??
    But if it doesn’t work we have Coleman. Thats a plan. Let me tell you something. Coleman has a high football IQ and good instincts. Bowles can’t coach him up. He is too small and slow. The stuff you coach is already in him so no amount of coaching is going to make Coleman a good NFL safety. He is what he is.

  • Schill….I agree that SOME things can happen. I expect Nate Allen will end up being a good NFL safety under Bowles coaching. I think Coleman and Jarrett are dead average at best. Sorry I just will not concede either one as an answer. Graham is a bust. I bet you dinner at Barclay’s that Graham does not have twenty sacks before he is out of football. I love Philip Hunt. My candidate for surprise player of the year. Dixon needs to pick it up and show a little more effort than last year. We counted on him big time and he came in out of shape and was hurt all summer. Chaney was another big disappointment. He just is not very bright and has poor instincts. Once again, fastest LB goes seventh round. Teams saw some obvious shit there.
    Clayton sucks. They have given him every opportunity and he just can’t get it done. Mathews will carve out a career as a specialist and back up. Larry Izzo type of guy. Don’t see him as a good starter. I think DRC and Nnamdi will be fine. I am not freaking out any more than you are thinking everything will work out and that just doesn’t happen. You have to make it work out and I do not see the urgency.

  • Schill…%Ryans did not make this a SB defense. It was a very good move if he stays healthy. He gives this defense a voice and a face. He is a defensive QB and we sorely needed that. But he does not significantly elevate the whole LB corps. Otherwise the Niners never really needed Bowman or Justin Smith, Willis could have just elevated the other scrubs because he is so good.

  • Schill… I forgot to say I think Rolle will be surprisingly good. He plays with heart and drive. I see him as a future play maker with his speed and tenacity.

  • Schill… you crack me up dude. I keep trying to cinvince you to cut your wrists with me and you just keep singing Zippity Doo Da with your green glasses. You do help me out some with your sunshine outlook but I just wish I could get you to be a little more critical.

  • Watch for DT Cedric Thornton this Summer, my surprise play on the DL for the Eagles..
    On Offene, I expect TE C Harbor to break out and have a great Season and playing many roles as TE, FB,/HB and even split out wide.. I also see an emergence of Guard J Vandervelde to push both Mathis and Watkins for playing time..
    Of Course, I think Special Teamer/5th WR mardy Gilyard has a great camp and makes some nice contribtions in the Return Game and on some end-arounds/bubble screens on Offense..

  • j – your ass is burning because you believe something that can’t be backed up? get your head checked, that’s not a proctology issue. “they won’t draft Mark Barron” – SAYS WHO? There’s a grand total of 0 humans in the Milky Way right now who know who the Eagles will and will not draft. How did you get a memo stating otherwise?

    And why are you sure that Barron is a sure fix? He has an injury history, is not a guarantee – 0 NFL draft prospects are. And he’s the best safetey prospect in a terrible safetey class – not necessarily a great endorsement. He could turn out to be good. But you seem to be sure of things that aren’t sure things.

  • Secondary I think Nate Allen is finally 100% Healthy, bigger and stronger and will really improve under Sec Coach Todd Bowles and finally, CB Trevor Lindley shows whay he was highly regarded after his Junior Season at Kentucky when in College as a Slot CB which should be a natural position for him and pushes Juselio Hanson for playing time

    LB I think Rolle & Matthews make nice jumps after their 1st Full Off-season as Eagles.. I wished they would have CLayton lose the 10 lbs he gained last year and have him take reps at Safety to see what he’s got for his is not a Natural NFL LB, he blitzes well and is good in pass proection which is why I think he can play Safety, His natural size is about 6-1 220lbs and he was an All-State SAfety in the huge State of Texas coming out of High School before being converted to LB by Oklahoma .. If not,he probably doesn’t make the Eagles squad in 2012 as a LB.

  • do the Eagles move their outside linebackers with the tight end or do they play them like their cornerbacks ( right and left )?

  • And Jb – I think Ryans DOES elevate the whole LB corp because a good MLB tells people where to be, and how to play upcoming plays. Cheney and Mathews were rookies/newbies at that in the NFL. Even if they played lights out themselves at MLB last year (which of course didn’t happen), they did not have the experience of directing the other LBs from play to play. Ryans WILL do that.

  • Eagles open up Pre-Season versus the Patriots on August 20th in Foxboro..
    Which is a good omen I believe for the 2012 Season

  • And J – I think the last team to win the superbowl with mediocre safeties was the NY Giants. I really do.

    I’ll take that Graham bet too… mmmmmm barclays….mmmmmm

  • Rolle is not mediocre

  • eagles0 – the later. They don’t have the sam swap with weak if the TE goes in motion or lines up on the weak side.

  • eagles0 – the later. They don’t have the sam swap with weak if the TE goes in motion or lines up on the weak side.

  • Antrel Rolle

  • Some early Stats for upcoming game versus the PAts
    Vick 4-7 for 82 YArds and 1 TD (Michael Floyd in the corner of the End-Zone)
    RB Bernard Pierce for the Eagles breaks a 68 yeard TD Run in the 4th Quarter
    DE B Graham has 2 Sacks and 1 forced fumble
    Returnman Mardy Gilyard Returns 3 Koick-offs for 113 Yards including a
    56 YArd to open up the Game

  • good info on my question Schiller

  • eagles0 – I don’t think Rolle is all that good personally. Maybe I’m biased because I hate the Giants. But when the Eagles play them, I’m not like ‘oh shit, Shady, Maclin, Avant, Jacskon, Celek, they’re going to have weak days because the Giants safties are so good’. Never.

    And I’ll be honest, I do worry about our OL when we play the Giants becauase their DL is great. But I’ve never ever thought twice about having trouble with their secondary at all, let alone their safties.

  • The Giants Safety Group last Season of Antrelle Rolle, Kenny Phillips and 3rd Man Deon Grant is probably one of the deepest Safety Corps in the NFL and probably on the the best in the NFL behind the 49ers & Steelers Group when you think about it..

  • Paul, I disagree. Listing their names doesn’t make them good.

  • Pman — we play the Steelers in the first game of the preseason.

  • There is no point in draft kuechly anymore bobby wagner just ran a 4.46 and 4.47 at his proday.. he was a the third inside linebacker rated and was projected to run a 4.8 … even when projected with a 4.8 40 he was rated the third best linebacker ..

  • Good find larrwd….I just checked out his pro-day…Bobby Wagner looks like a player….loads of tackles….2 year captain……good size and 4.46 speed. He would look good in Nike Green!!

  • Name some better Safety Corps in the NFL from last year Schiller..

  • Plus the 3 that I named from the GIants Safety Corp would be better than any Safety on the Eagles Roster.. Like them or not, they are more talented and better all around players than Allen,Coleman & Jarrett as far as 2011 Season went…

  • Concrete Marley, at least they weren’t caught sword fighting in the dark. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • I predicted before last years draft that Trevard Lindley, wouldn’t even make the team. I was correct. I predict the same thing this year. He was brought back because the Eagles were more familiar with him, than anyone they would have brought in for depth. Whoever they draft will make the team before him.

    Trumaine Johnson, and Josh Norman would be future starters, if drafted to learn behind, Nnamdi, and DRC.

    Greenfan, I have always said you are a smart man. Bobby Wagner, Demario Davis, Zach Brown, Nigel Bradham, and I still say I would take a fly on Vontaze in the 5th- 6th rounds, should all be on the Eagles radar. We should be able to draft 3 of the 5, to replace the stagnant talent at Linebacker. We need to nail the first 4 picks we have this year.

  • Only Bobby Wagner is an OLB, not a MLB. Nigel Bradham, is a strong, fast SAM option, and I like Demario Davis to learn behind DeMeco Ryans at MLB. They have an opportunity to really strengthen their depth and the future

  • agreed Cliff….there are some players worth going after to strengthen our LB’s for the future. I still like Rolle and Chaney, and hope that put into the right position they will be able to become contributors for the Birds in the future also.

  • I like Demario Davis from Arkansas State.. This guy is a player and has a bright future..
    Not to change gears GMCliff, but I been checking on FB”s since the Eagles don’t really have an experienced one on their roster and I keep coming across this player Emil Igwenagu from U Mass.. You know anything about this guy.. His measureables were off the charts and he’s 6-1 249 lbs and probably a 6th/7th Rounder since FB’s just down attract a lot of attention anymore..
    Last year I really liked Harry Hypnoski from Pitt who ended up undrafted and hooked up with the Giants and became their Starter after Hedgecock was injured .
    Check this FB Igwenagu out and give me your thoughts..

  • I am not a fan of J Chaney and stated so last off-season, I think he’s limited and really doesn’t tackle well when you watch him on tape, I also question his leadership/fottball IQ…. I think of him as a 5th/6th LB on the Roster and a Special Teamer, I also do not think Fokou is anywhere a starting caliber NFL LB and If I was GM, would not even be on the Roster…

  • @ Pman….we agree on Fokou.

  • I am aware of who Igwanagu is, and yes I think he is a sleeper in the 6th -7th rounds. The only real knock I see on him is, his level of competition, and the fact that fullback isn’t a position that scouts pay alot of attention to.

    Greenfan, we are on the same page. I want to get rid of Fouiku, and Matthews( A FLAT OUT BUM) . I also think that Keenan Clayton can play SS.

    Demarrio Davis, would be a nice selection for future MLB, with Bobby Wagner on the WOLB, and Nigel Bradham, at the SAM.

  • That would be an awesome young LB Corps..
    I think the Eagles will select a SAM LB in the 2nd Round and then maybe a
    Back-up MLB/OLB in the 4th/5th Rounds who is versatile and can play multiple positions (Demario Davis ,James Michael Johnson,Keenan Robinson,Kyle Wilber,Emanuel Acho,Brandon Lindsey)
    I am willing to give MAtthews this year to fully evaluate and judge him, I do not and stated so last year, ever think he’s a Starter in the NFL, but could be a good and versatile LB to play all positions in a pinch and come in on Obvious Passing/Nickel situations which I think he actually did a pretty good job with late in the Season.. A full off-season for him will do wonders and to be honest, throwing him out there to start SUmmer Camp as your Starting MLB was stupid and not really fair to him as he was trying to adjust to the Pro game and I do give him credit for keeping his cool and playing thru and actually came on pretty well at th eend of the season

  • Dontari poe is at the complex right now with jim washburn.. i like poe even though his stats arent all that great.. i like that size and speed to help our runts

  • Dontari Poe!?!?…………I like it. I have this funny sense that he will be the exception to the rule, in regards to Combine Supermen…I think he will probabay be a better Pro than Collegiant player.

    Put him next to my best sleeper, Nicolas Jean Baptiste of Baylor 6-4 335 lbs, DT”s for the future. Play them both with Cullen Jenkins, and give them some major experience, and work ethic.

  • I still think the best course for the Eagles is to trade down for more picks in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds:

    1a. Quentin Coples DE
    1b. Dontari Poe DT

    2a. Bobby Wagner OLB
    2b. Vinny Curry DE
    2c. Kelechi Osemele OG
    2d. Trumaine Johnson CB/S

    3a. Bobbie Massie OT
    3b. Nigel Bradham OLB
    3c. Brandon Brooks OG

    4a.Nicolas Jean Baptiste DT
    4b.Josh Norman CB
    4c. Demarrio Davis MLB/OLB

    5a. Devon Wylie KR/PR/WR
    5b. Kelcie McCray FS/SS

    6a Vontaze Burfict OLB/MLB
    6b Brock Oseweiler QB

    What do you think of these prospects fellas?

  • @ gmcliff i think so too.. i read an article that said Poe was doubled every single play in college and even tripled sometimes.. dont know how true it is havnt watched the tape

  • I am not a Poe fan….great numbers from the combine….inconsistant career as a FOOTBALL player….he will be drafted high due to his size and combine performance…..doubt he will be as good a player for the slot he is drafted.

    I continue to want the birds to take Fletcher Cox or if he would happen to slip, Stills from PSU. In the second round I want Stephen Hill from GT as a tall and speedy WR.

    Even though I have dogged his crazed supporters, I have no problem taking a shot at Burfict in the 6th round.

    Even though the birds have all of these draft picks, I doubt that they will actually pick that many players. I would have to believe that they will trade some of those picks either to move this year or picks next year.

  • Baptisite will most likely end up as a NT in a 3-4 Scheme . Watch the Steelers,Packers,Ravens or Cowboys end up with him..

    On Dontario Poe, I am still so-so on.. I love his upside and physcially he has all the tools.. I just didn’t see a whole lot of production watching him on tape and wonder about his “Motor” and “Football IQ”.. Obviously, he prepared and ramped up big time at the COmbines, so I believe he had the drive and self-motivations to be the best that he can be which is always a good sign and half the battle for Rookies…

  • I never look at prospects as a 3-4, or 4-3 scheme player. I look at them as are they football players. I think thats where GM’s get themselves fired, because they try to put square pegs, in round holes of their schemes, and the guys they select are collegiant scheme players, and not football players; that is NFL ready players in terms of talent. If a guy can stuff the middle of a 3-4, then he will be effective as a 4-3 DT, if he’s a player.

    Both Baptiste, and Poe can play in both systems because they are both aggressive, FOOTBALL PLAYERS. And yes Larrwd, he was doubled, and Tripled teamed. That would effect his production. That why I have no problem selecting him.

    Paul, another prospect with upside at this position is Brandon Thompson.

  • *Eagles News*

    – Three of the top DT’s in this years draft have visited the eagles novacare complex. 1. Fletcher Cox 2. Michael Brockers 3. Dontari Poe.

    My Thoughts- Poe may be the guy they choose if hes still available.

  • DT Brandon Thompson is great against the run and holding the fort down so to speak, not much of a penetrator but strong as an ox at the point of attack.. I like him but not really sure if he’s the type that best suits Washburn’s scheme.. a DT ,who I really like and that is kind of under the radar is Derek Wolfe from University of Cincinnati… About 6-5 300lbs but is a real penetrator with burst and a up the field type of DT who I feel would be a very good match with Washburn’s attack the backfield type of scheme. Wolfe has the type of frame to put on a 10-20 lbs within 2 years time very easily without becoming soft or slow.. He’s projected as 4th/5th Rounder due to the depth of quality DT’s in this Draft.. The Eagles have had a lot of success with U of Cincinnati players, who flew under the radar in college, but became good Pros due to a strong work ethic and being coachable and mature when the came into the Pro’s.. Trent Cole, Brent Celek & Jason Kelce are good examples… If Eagles don’t select a DT in the 1st 2 Rounds, don’t be surprised if they are targeting Derek Wolfe in 3rd or 4th Round
    Remember this name

  • I’m tired of these small “fastballs”, that Andy likes. We can get more production out of bigger DT’s. I dont think these small DT’s like Derek Wolfe are worth drafting; he doesn’t dominate the line of scrimmage.

    Fletcher Cox, Devon, Brockers, Poe, Thompson, and Jean- Baptiste, are the only DT’s in my opinion, that would really help get some push from that position. I’m done with the smallish fastballs that get dominated by 320-340 lb offensive lineman. People wonder why we get run on so much ……our DT’S ARE TOO SMALL………I want, and we need some big boys in the middle. Washburn has been most successful with bigger DT’s.

  • well GM cliff – if you know any ‘big fastballs’ let us know – are we not having this disucssion about which DT to select – with this guy from Memphis being a ‘big fastball’ but everyone says things like didn’t dominate at a top college program –

    and maybe – since I get nauseated reading it – could someone post a list of size (pounds will work) where someone is considered small, medium and big –

    for example the eagles on the OL are going with ‘small fastball’ as Jamal Jackson I think outwieghed Kelce by 30+ pounds? And GRaham gets called ‘small’ at 268 – but he is heavier then Babin and Strahan ever was –

    I completely disagree with your assesment of ‘why we get run on so much’

    Our DTs were failry stout against the run the last several year –

    speaking just to last year – Jenkins and Patterson had very nice years (the wrap on Patterson and Bunkley was NO PASS RUSH – so lets not change history to fit the story) with Landri showing up and Laws perfroming well in limited role –

    the issue with run last year was 3 fold:

    1) SHift to the Wide 9 and attacking the DEs who released upfield allowing the OTs to maul our LBs –

    2) Poor LB play – especially early in the year – they could not get off the blocks – thi simproved later int he year when the wide 9 DEs moved in further and prevented the OTs from getting into the 2nd level

    3) Poor tackling by the secondary – Asante – didn’t tackle – Page – didn’t tackle and Coleman and Allen got better as season went on –

    So by your statement – you want the Eagles to draft Poe – cause all the others are ‘small fastballs’ right?

  • About Rushing Statistics from a Defensive look at things..
    The Eagles Defensive Rushing Statisitcs improved because Teams found it easier to pass on the Eagles Defense and especially on the short-quick/intermediate routes which typically expose the LB’s and Safeties.. therefore Teams did not have to run the ball as much..
    The Eagles Defense for years always had a strong Secondary, the last 2-3 Season this has not been the case so we see opponents throw early and more oftend on them as opposed to many teams that attempted to run the ball at the Eagles Edges versus the small DE’s and OLB’s ..
    Bears have been succesful the last couple of seasons running versus the Eagels.teams that attack the Eagles Edges have the most success running the ball..

  • so……. it was easier to pass aginst the eagles then run… so teams passed…..
    and that is why the run defense was statistaiclly good – is that the crux of the argument there Pman?

    did some stat review and using total yards –

    Pman – not feeling your assessment there partner – stats don’t support your theory (yard/game attempts per game, total yards, avg yards per play)

    I think your ‘attack the edges’ comment jibes with what I was saying – why not run right – Asnate is the Corner – Our DE was sprinting up the field – the TE and FB were taking care of the OLB and the OT was hitting the MLB – that left the safeities…. you got at least 6 yards – break a tackle 15/20

    This came up earlier – do the Eagles linebackers switch sides of the formation based upon the strength of the formation – I don’t think they do – I think they line up left side and right side all game –

    if so – the terms will and sam are not correct and the physical tools and skill sets of both players would have to be identical…

    any one confirm or know something different?

  • I agree that it’s a of factors Navy and a general statement..
    Early in the Season when Eagles were actually leading in many of the games in the 4th Quarter causing their opponents to Pass more and Run less
    It’s become more a Passing league.,. look at how often teams like the Giants,Ravens & Steelers rad the Ball .. Rushing Stats are deceiving like a lot of Stats are..It’s can you stop the run in critical moments, on 3rd/4th & Short, IN the Red-Zone.. Teams have so many weapons all across the field now that if you have to give up on someting, you may have to giev up a litte of the run defense support to be able to prevet the big play down th field and that’s a decision that many D/Coordinators have to make every game depending on the down & distance, score of the game, how much left,weather conditions,etc,etc…

  • DCar- I hope you’re right. I do think that having a great player in the middle if your defense can elevate the play of his teammates. Ray Lewis does it every Sunday. And how do we know those guys on the 49ers would be as good if they weren’t lined up next to He- Man? I think if Ryan is healthy this move will unfortunately secure Roseman’s job for years to come. Talk about a catch 22!

  • Whats up Big Navy!!! I was describing my assessment of Derek Wolfe, and what I felt about player like him that I feel really aren’t worth drafting, because they’ll be nothing more than role players.

    And I disagree with your statement that our defensive line was stout with Patterson, and Bunkley, and Patterson, and Jenkins…….Granted Jenkins, and Patterson had more success, than the later, mainly in my mind, because of the talents, and agressive play of Jenkins; totally different player than Bunkley. But, in key situations during the season, we got the ball run down our throats. The stats don’t key in on those plays. Statistically, game by game, they were inconsistant, so we got some games we played well against teams, then we play the Steelers, Patriots, and Packers, and our DT’s disappear. But when you add up the numbers they did OK….( little sarcasm)We need players with that type of mentality, aggressiveness, and strength….Bigger, stronger, tougher, more talented players ; not bigger fastballs, nor smaller fastballs

    …..But Navy, who would you want on your defensive line Bunkley, or Haloti Ngata? Which one do you think was worth their draft position? Bunkley was a Combine warrior, and under achieved badly. I want better talent than both he, and Derek Wolfe.

  • CM, I hear ya, bruh!

  • to GMCliff
    DT D Wolfe is currently 6-5 300lbs, give him 2 years in a NFL Workout/Conditioning prgram and he’ll probably be 320lbs and a beast… Remember the name Derek Wolfe, he’s a good football player ..

  • GM cliff – sorry partner – you are falling into an old trap – blah blah blah – Mike Mamula. Blah blah blah – Combine warrior –

    Bunkley started at Florida State – kind of a big name program?

    Took over the starting nose guard duties as a senior and went on to earn numerous First-team All-America in 2005. His 25 TFLs ranked 2nd in the nation and set a single-season school record.

    he weighed in at 306 at the combine and was rippied banging out 44 reps on the BP – so if by ‘Combine Warrior’ you mean he kicked ass in college gaining all american honors and being 2nd in the NATION in TFLs and setting school records at FSU – then went to his professional job interview and showed he had size, strength and speed – yeah – he was a combine warrior (lame ass cliche alert)

    What did Bunkley ‘under acheive’ he was a full time starter for 2007, 2008 2009, and 2010 until he hurt his elbow – so you got 5 years (drafted in 06) with the guy starting 4 of those years –

    I am sorry – but where is this mythical magical ‘checklist’ that determines who and who is not successful based upon draft position …. then to make the Obamaish argument – lets pick one of the best DL (actually ranked THE best) and compare and that makes your argument valid?

    Hell Kyle Williams from Buffalo was ranked as the # 3 DT in the NFL by scouts inc in 2011 – he was drafted in the 5th round – so compared to that EVERY DT in the NFL drafted before the 5th round was a failure….

    as a matter of fact – the buffalo bills got almost the same bang for the buck with a 5th rounder then the Ravens did with the number 12 pick – logic is a bitch ain’t it

    your smart GM Cliff – you know lots of good stuff – avoid the lame ass cliches – cuase as much as you guys hate it when Reid uses them – I hate it that much when a bunch of bloggers try to sound smart doing it

    lastly – you try being the coach that says – I just drafted player X -instead of saying – ‘we like him cause he has a high motor and is another fastball we can thorw at the other team – the GCOBB fan version – Yeah – we just drafted player X because we wanted to get bigger – stronger (well how do you get stronger if you don;t look at the combine/workout warrior stats?) tougher and more talented….

    yeah – that would be great – look at the free for all when the eagles said everything right but drafted a QB in the 2nd round – with the first choice…. ooow

    reality is a wonderful thing –

  • Navy – As far as production, in my opinion Bunkley did nothing. Cullen Jenkins had more sacks last year than both he, and Patterson combined for the last 3-4 years. Bunkley had 1 sack in 4 years. Thats pathetic. I just need more from our DT’s, I absolutely agree with you, when you say you can find players all over the draft rounds. People dont realize how often Mel Kiper is wrong with his evaluations of players. When I think about it most are bust. Me I try to have fun with this thing, but like you, I see a need for upgrades.

    You played Football right Navy? So you dont feel we need to upgrade things at DT, and OLB? I find that hard to believe brother.

  • Paul, I will keep my eye on him brother. Did you check out Kelcie McCray from Arkansas State yet?

  • GMCliff – as I have written and stated during the BAZILLION articles written about Bunkley and PAtterson and sacks – for the BAZILLION and 1nth time – Bunkley and Patterson played 2 gap in JJs and McDermotts Defense – which meant they did not fire out and attack they read the OL – in other words – THEY DID NOT RUSH UP THE FIELD – very hard to get sacks when playing a two gap technique – in other words THE D SCHEME DID NOT ASK THEM TO – the did WHAT THE COAHCES WANTED THEM TO DO –

    secondly – the eagles have always rotated D lineman – the eagles rotated Patterson and Bunkley off the field on passing downs – and went with more DEs playing DT to get more pass rush on passing downs

    You know – typically you have to be on the field when the other team is passing to get sacks…..

    Do you rate their production on the number of kick returns? Passes defensed – so it is pathetic to evaluate a players production on what YOU think as to what the coaches want….

    as for what you want – well hell – you are albert einstein on a blogger board – you need more.. well in case you hadn’t heard – the eagles switched to a wide 9 last year and want the DTs to play a one gap technique and get up the field….

    As for the need to upgrade _ I am on record well before you came along as stating what the eagles need brother – another LB and DT would make me extrmeemly happy –

    don;t GCOBB shuffle on me – I started this conversation SPECIFICALLY to repsond to your ‘small fastballs’ comment – that’s it – anyting else you are dragging up –

    I am also on record as specifically stating that I do not wtahc enough college ball to tell you with any real insight which DT would be better – Poe, Cox, Brocker ? I couldn;t tell you who is who in the zoo – but my feelings would not be hurt if we went with Landri, Dixon, Jenkins and Patterson. – I am also not nearly as critical of Laws as many… I think he was a solid back up – worthy of a number 2? in hindsight probably not, but you win some (Kelce, Cole, Celek) you lose some

    I think we need to sign a veteran S – give COleman, Allen and Jarret a mentor –

    you bust out any mocks – who would you take at 15 (I lean to Kuelchy)

    I asked for a description of what makes a player ‘small’ and why would you not want guys to be fast? All this crap about players you keep trying to drag in to distract from my intial comment

  • GM, No I haven’t yet on Kelcie McCray.. Let me check on him and will let you know my thoughts..

  • Eagles should pursure Free-Agent Safety Melvin Bullitt from the Colts..
    He has some game, leadership and is sound fundamentally.. He’s a good but not great player, but would be a nice fit with Todd Bowles and Company and help the younger players out along the SAfety positoin..

  • The kind of pickup they need right there Pman – did they part ways with the Safety that got hurt as soon as he got to Philly – Jackson I think? Can Colt Anderson actually play safety? Any word on his injury

  • Colt Anderson will be out until late SUmmer Camp as he rehabs from major ACL Surgery in December, I really don’t expect him to be able to play in 2012
    (maybe the PUP list to start the Season and then be eligible in mid October at the best)
    The Eagles did officially release Marlin “Billie Jean” Jackson last summer..
    I do see some potential good Safeties availalbe in the Draft

    1st Rd – Mark Barron is the best Safety in the Draft and be a Mid 1st Round
    2nd Rd- Harrison Smith will go in the 2nd Round
    3rd Rd – George Illoka & Anthony Allen
    4th Rd – Brandon Taylor,Markelle Martin, Aaron Henry,Trent Robinson
    5th Rd – Duke Ihenacho, Christian Thompson, Brandon Hardin
    6th Rd – Javon WIlson, Justin Bethel, Kelcie McCray,Eddie Pleasant

  • To GMCliff
    SS Kelcie McCray looks pretty impressive, he’s 6-2 202lbs and a 3 Year Platers and Starter for Arkansas State.. He was a highly recruited QB out of High School and switched to SS his Freshman year
    Has 220 Career Tackles with 10 Career Int’s as well as 14 Passes Defended
    Improved his 40 Time to 4.52 at Ark States Pro-Workout Day
    and ran 4.33 Short Shuttle and 7.30 short cone drill.. He had a 33.5″ Vertical and a 10′ 2 ” Long jump so he has very good measurables..
    Eagles should bring this kid in and work him out..

  • Heard phillip hunt has been working out like crazy and has gained 12 pounds .. maybe he can be like dummervill

  • Hmmm…Peters went to Jefferson. He must be eyeing a comeback this season, which would be good. Jefferson’s surgical procedures are built around micro type incisions, pretty high tech stuff that allows for minimal recovery time.

  • butch, isn’t it his job to eye a comeback? Of course he is. They don’t just send some players to the best docs, that’s the idea with every injury. Nothing different here, but yes there may be some reason for optimism on the Peters front. If Bell works out well and Peters comes back strong at some point, it’ll be a great thing.

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