• May 21, 2022

Eagles Take A Look At Ryan Tannehill And Michael Floyd

The Philadelphia Eagles are busy preparing for the draft and that includes taking a look at the top prospects in this year’s talent pool.  Yesterday they were at Texas A&M getting a close look at Ryan Tannehill.

Could the Eagles move up into the first five or ten picks to grab Tannehill?  I guess so, but it would be an amazing move when you consider all the needs they have elsewhere.

No one has looked at Michael Vick and the Eagles quarterback situation from the stand point that adding a talented young quarterback like Tannehill would put some heat on Vick.  I don’t think it does, but I do think the Eagles would like to have more competition at the position.

He played the best football of his career when he was backing up and competing with Kevin Kolb for the starting job.  You know the Jets feel Mark Sanchez needs competition in order to play his best football, perhaps the Birds feel the same way about Vick.

Personally, I think Andy Reid always dreams of what he can do with a young talented quarterback

According to Aaron Wilson of Scout.com, the Birds have worked out Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd, who is a big receiver at 6’3″ 220 pounds.  Floyd doesn’t have big time speed but he seems to be a good fit for the west coast offense.

I don’t see how the Birds could draft him since he’s expected to go in the first round.  The Eagles have too many needs and there’s too much talent in their areas of need for Andy Reid and Howie Roseman to make Floyd their guy.  I think the same is true with Tannehill.

I think the Eagles are just doing their homework with the workouts of Tannehill and Floyd.


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  • No one works best when their replacement is behind them. You do your best because its your job and you want to be the best. Maybe I’m missing something but this is long run in the playoffs or clean house of Vick and Reid! Neither one of these draft picks could help up “THIS YEAR!”

  • WR M Floyd is a very interesting pick and I think could add the most Value to the Eagles Offense for a couple of reasons

    #1) He adds size and strength at 6-3 and 224lbs and could be a nice Red-Zone target as well as a perfect Slot Receiver to work those intermediate/middle of the field routes that Avant presently does,but is much more athletic with more upside than Avant or that disappointing Riley Cooper has …
    (Imagine a 3 WR Set with D-Jax & Maclin lined up on the outside with Floyd in the Slot..this line-up would create many mismatches in the Eagles favor
    #2) Floyd could contribute right away as being the primary Kick-off Returner and Punt Returner (Allowing D-Jax to concentrate at WR and save some punishment for D-Jax)
    #3) Remember that Maclin is coming into his Contract Year so who knows what lies ahead in the future, If Maclin would move on in Free-Agency, then Floyd could step in 2013 as the #2 Option after D-Jax.. If Maclin remains with Eagles then FLoyd probably would overtake 3rd WR Avant by 2013 giving a the Eagles a very Deep,Versatile and BIg Play WR Coprs to rival any Team in the NFL
    (right now its D-Jax/Maclin and then not much else in terms of making big plays..)

    I think WR M Floyd with his skills and upside and immediate contribution to the Team in 2012 in the Return Game and as a 4th WR make him the best Value Pick at #15 is he is still on the board and would be a great fill-in WR in the eveny that D-Jax/Maclin or Avant were to get hurt in 2012.

  • I keep hearing the Eagles brass and players continued stressing that they’re so glad they have a complete offseason now, as if the Philadelphia Eagles are the only team that was locked out last year. Andy, is saying Vick never had a full offseason as a starter with the Eagles….Did the rookie Daulton with Cincy have a complete offseason? What about Cam Newton? Tim Tebow…

    Alex Smith was garbage and did well with a lockout and a new offensive coaches.

    This Eagles Team have excuses ….Superbowl winning teams don’t.

  • @ EagleCo….While I don’t think Tannehill makes sense for the birds, I could not disagree more with your statement regarding performance…..competition leads to a better performance in my opinion….having a job handed to you and knowing that there is nothing you can do to negatively affect your position, does not usually lead to the best performance.

  • Songs — having NO offseason with a COMPLETELY new team is just a recipe for disaster. I’ll agree with you that it wasn’t properly managed and maybe they went into 2011 just hoping for the best.

    However, to disregard the fact that the Eagles (who were almost completely overhauled and had internal problems) had no offseason to gel is just stupidity. They showed flashes of greatness throughout the season and dominated at the end, but it was too late.

    I fully expect them to dominate going into 2012 with a full offseason together and a chip on their shoulder from last year.

    As for your other points, the lack of offseason allowed teams that aren’t normally contenders (Panthers, Bengals, 49ers, Texans, etc.) to compete with the teams that are consistently good (Patriots, Packers, Saints, EAGLES, etc.)

  • Birdo….”having NO offseason with a COMPLETELY new team is just a recipe for disaster.” May explain the defensive struggles, but aside from shuffling on the Oline, the all the skill players on the offence were left intact from 2010. I do not buy the “Vick needs an offseason” business. (can’t believe I’m agreeing with a post from Songs). The skill players on O played together all 2010….so the “couldn’t get on the same page without an offseason” claim is weak at best.

    Both eagleCo and Greenfan are correct. Both competition, and an individual’s internal desire to do the best can bring out the best in someone. Depends on their personality. Some are self-motivated but look over shoulders/wilt with competition, others use competition to motivate However….seeing that this is a sport where it is essential that one rises in the face of competition, I’d prefer the guys that exel when somone’s pushing them.

    And Green…I look forward to the day when Reid get sback to drafting for future projected needs (Brown and Lito, Westbrook) rather than scrambling for immediate starters.

  • I think this is a smokescreen and they have their eye on trading up.

    I think they move up around 7-10 and grab a lineman or suprise us.

    Floyd would be a nice red zone target but why not just pickup Burress and use the pick elsewhere.

  • @greenfan/Eagleco I can see both sides of this issue and am kind of on the fence about this. If they take Tannehill at 15 then yes I believe that is a mistake. That being said, I don’t know that Tannehill will go in the first round. He’s a converted QB that was a former WR and some scouts have doubts about his ability to play QB at the NFL level. He’s a developmental prospect and has decent athleticism thus he wouldn’t be ready for maybe 3yrs. Little know fact is that The GB packers broke down Rodgers and rebuilt him into the QB that he is and I think if Philly takes Tannehill in the later rounds that’s what they would do with him. But rest assured he would not be brought in to be a replacement. Vick’s job is secure for some time (regardless of the naysayers).

    @songs… legitimate point, but let’s be honest one or two plays goes the Eagles way and we were in the playoffs and not the Giants (we went 5-1 in the division). The FO did great in FA but with the shortened offseason too many changes were made for the team to succeed but having said that who knew when the lockout would end, in fact for a short time the entire season was in jeopardy… there was almost no season. The Panthers has a solid O-line and consistency in their WRs all season long but their defense let them down (they finished two game behind us). We were ahead of the Panthers in 3 of the 4 major statistical categories (including passing yds). Cincy finished 1 game ahead of us and we were better than them in 3 out of the 4 major statistical categories. Andy Dalton threw for 95 more yards than Vick (and Vick missed 3 1/2 games). Tim Tebow… no comment.

    Andy said he goofed… I just think he got overly excited about the situation we were in before the season began. Theoretically we were sitting pretty. He expected the offense to carry us and in reality it did (although there were allot of turnovers). The offense was ranked 4th overall and the defense was ranked 16th.

    We’re in good shape for the season to come so I for one am very optimistic.

  • Jason Avant did not have a good year last year and Riley Cooper does not look like he will ever be a top 3 WR in the league, I understand why they might look at Floyd ———– Mike Vick looks like a completely different QB without injuries, two years in a row he broke his ribs. Maybe the wool is pulled over my eyes but I still believe in him as a Super Bowl QB —- throw the ball away, run out of bounds, slide, don’t take any hits until the playoffs —-

  • Lets not forget Maclin was battling some strange illness, Desean was pouting like a baby, two rookies on the o-line.

    It all added up for the offense.

  • @Birdo… Maclin was battling what they thought was lymphoma (cancer).

  • Paulman’s NFL Round #1 Mock Draft (37th Version)

    #1) Colts – QB A Luck (Stanford)
    #2) Redksins – QB RGIII (Baylor)
    #3) EAGLES – OT Matt Kalil (USC) In trade w/Vikings for their 15th, 51st & CB Samuel to move up from #15 to #3
    #4) Browns – QB R Tannehill (Texas A&M)
    #5) Bucs – RB T Richardson (Alabama)
    #6) Rams – WR J Blackmon (Oklahoma State)
    #7) Jaguars – DT D Poe (Memphis)
    #8) Dolphins – DT M Brockers (LSU)
    #9) Panthers – DE Q Coples (UNC)
    #10) Buffalo – WR M Floyd (Notre Dame)
    #11) Chiefs – OLB M Ingram (South Carlolina)
    #12) Seahawks – MLB L Kuechley (Boston College)
    #13) Cardinals – OL D DeCastro (Stanford)
    #14) Cowboys – CB M Claiborne (LSU)
    #15) Vikings – OT J Martin (Stanford)
    #16) NY Jets – SS M Barron (ALabama)
    #17) Bengals – CB D Kirkpatrick (Alabama)
    #18) Chargers – OL C Glenn (Georgia)
    #19) Bears – OLB C Upshaw (Alabama)
    #20) Titans – DE W Mercilus (Illinois)
    #21) Bengals – OT R Reiff (Iowa)
    #22) Browns – TE C Fleener (Stanford)
    #23) Lions – CB S Gilmore (South Carolina)
    #24) Steelers – DT J Worthy (Mich State)
    #25) Broncos – DT D Still (Penn State)
    #26) Texans – WR K Wright (Baylor)
    #27) Patriots – DE A Branch (CLemson)
    #28) Packers – DT K Reyes (U Conn)
    #29) Ravens – LB D Hightower (Alabama)
    #30) 49ers – WR S Hill (Georgia)
    #31) Patriots – CB J Jenkins (Northern Alabama)
    #32) GIants – OT M Adams (Illinois)

    That’s It for Now..

  • I think the Eagles will roll the dice with King Dunlap at LT (or possibly switch Hermmans to LT and put Dunlap at RT and please no stupid Blind side comments – yes, I know Disney made a movie by that name) before they trade away the draft – I think Ried likes the versatility of his OL and despite the constant barrage of negativity – Dunlap has actaully played decently when he has started – just my prediction – if they can get a BEll or if McNiel is healthy – but if they can get a year from Dunlap…. see where PEters is at – setting up for BSM to have another line to add to his annual rants list – in 2012 went into the season without a starting LT.,….. but that is where I think they will go

  • I was really facinated with Tannehill at the start of the season. For some reason I seem to like the aggies and have for some time. A Game I was looking forward to watching was Baylor and A&M week 4 or 5 of this past season. This is when I thought the eagles would be able to grab them. Well the circumstances have now changed and they both shot up the draft board. I can see why Reid would like Tannehill, good arm, athletic and smart. I personally would not mortgage this draft for him. He is a project, but we do have the time to work with him as Vick is entrenched for the next 2 years(?).

    Flloyd – I hate ND, therefore I do not want him. But on a searous not… If the eagles were father along with the D, I would take Floyd. I just think there are too many other needs.

  • Paul – I would mortgage a lot for Kalil. I dont think that gets it done to go from 15 to 3. Would be nice tho.

  • I agree Frank and didn’t want to take up too much space in the Mock Form
    But it would probably it would take 1st (#15th) a 2nd (#51st) and a 2nd Rounder in 2013 plus CB Samuel or DCR who probably has a higer value and maybe
    another player (maybe WR J Avant or a DE D Tapp) to get them to make a move..

  • I would still do that. Mean, angry lineman who likes to work. I’m sold.

  • @navy… I want to continue on your theme of the OL versitility. I think it would be a HUGE blessing if we could get bell. If we got him and they moved him to RT, Herremans to RG, and put Dunlop at LT I think the Eagles would have great success. It’s a theory, but I think it could work from the standpoint of Bell being used to protecting the blind side of the QB. If Peters comes back this line is top tier in the league if he doesn’t the line is still solid. Besides, we could still get a solid LT in the draft that could compete with Dunlop if the Eagles want to go that route. We could have the leagues only “ambidextrous” O-line…. I’m just sayin’.

  • no Fletcher Cox in round 1??

  • A few players are dropping though
    CB M Claiborne had wrist surgery and apparently scored a “4” on his Wonderlic Test..
    DE Q Coples has dropped with some attitude, work ethic concernsDT D Still has dropped to a late 1st/even Early 2nd Round DT pick as DT’s Kendall Reyes Rise up..
    OT Riley Reiff doesn’t appear to have the athleticim to play LT and is more of a RT prospect dropping his Value a 1/2 a round or so..
    OLB C Upshaw has dropped for many Scouts are still not sure if he’s a true
    LB or a Pass-Rusher and where he would best fit

    Players on the Rise
    QB R Tannehill
    WR M Floyd
    DT F Cox
    MLB L Kuechley
    OL C Glenn
    DE W Mercilus

  • Typo Error Frank

    DT Flethcer Cox goes #25 to the Broncos instead of D Still who drops into the 2nd Round

  • got ya

  • if the Eagles want to move up from 15 to 3 it will cost them Kelsey and another first and 2 2nd rounders — no rebuilding team wants DRC, Assante, or Tapp unless your foolish like say Eagle trained Heckert in Cleveland to accept that type of Garbage

  • lions – tell you truth – honest indian – I never ever heard the term or used the term ‘blind side’ my entire playing/coaching career – its a media slash agent word – LT are typically the best OL because typically the RDE (Strahan and Jevon Kearse and Babin are a couple guys that stand out in my mind that attack from the LDE) is the oppts best DL – but in reality the technique for pass and run blocking does not change based upon if the QB is right or left handed – for exmaple – Peters used the exact same technique if it was left handed Vick, or right handed VY or Kafka….

    the issue becomes between right and left side is which foot is back – which direction your first step is and which hand goes down in your stance.. some guys are just more comfortable on the right then on the left – some guys (liek Hermanns) seem very comfortable in both..

    Dunlap has some solid physical tools to be a solid T – very long arms – frame that can carry a lot of weight –

    his issue was that even at 310 pounds he was skinny and DL could get under him and lift him off balance – he is now listed at 330 –

    he actually replaced Marcus MCNiel at Auburn – I think he was a RT at Auburn –

    Watkins I think was a starting LT in College – again – the whole versatility thing..Reid wants guys that can play more the one position

  • Michael Vick and the Eagles play book seems to be the same as a right handed QB anyway — i know Vick is a lefty but he doesn’t seem to play like a lefty

  • And with the 15th Pick of 2012 NFL Draft, The Philadelphia Eagles trade the Pick to the Oakland Raiders for future Considerations…
    The Oakland Raiders select DT Michael Brockers from LSU ..
    The NY Jets are now on the Clock, wait the NY Jets are up and ready with their pick already, The 16th Pick of the NFL Draft is Safety Mark Barron from Alabama to the NY Jets..

  • Eagles get the Raiders 2013 1st Round Pick, a 2014 2nd Round Pick and
    a 2012 4th round Draft pick in giving up the #15 Selection

  • @navy… I see your point. I still think if you’re going to play QB at an elite level and hang in the pocket you’re going to have to have confidence in your OL. That being said opposing teams are going their best pass rusher on the side of the QB’s non throwing hand. Three key plays come to mind of Vick being sacked or fumbling or throwing an Int because he hung in the pocket trusting the protection of his RT: the bills game when he was hit in the back while throwing which lead to an int, the 2nd cowboys game when he was sacked/stripped by Dware, and the Jets game where he got smacked right after throwing a touchdown to Celek. All those came from the right side. So it just makes sense to me that if you can get another probowl caliber OT than I think you should. If you typically line you’re best pass rusher up on their weakest O-lineman what would teams do if they had to go up against Peters (or Dunlap) and Mathis on the left and Herremans and Bell on the right? I get the aspect of foot work but I think having Howard Mudd gives us an advantage in this case. Besides, allot of the plays in the Eagles playbook take a long time to develop and having bookend Tackles, IMO, helps with this.

    I never coached but I played both QB and WR in highschool and in college.

    @eagles0… Vick only throws lefty… he does everything else right handed.

  • Great post fellas. I dont think there is another Football team web blog were the fans really know their ish. I have nothing to say for once, everyone hit on all the spot. Strong move fellas…Eat , Sleep and shit Football. Thats what its about.

  • lions – wish vick had a bit more trust last year – got a little jumpy at times –

    good stuff BTW – appreciate rapping with someone who clearly watched the games and can talk the good and bad without having to chuck in a bunch of lame ass comments

  • LOL @ Paulman Claiborne falling to 14th?

  • Claiborne has had a couple of bad months..
    Didn’t run or have the type of measurables at the Combines, needs more strength , He had a perdestrian Pro-Workout Day, Injured his wrist and is now scheduled to have Surgery possibly putting him out of action until SUmmer Camps. Reports that he only scored a “4” out of a posible ’50” on the Wonderlic Score concerning many Teams… Do you invest that kind of $$$ in a Top 10 Pick with these negative trends.. Every Draft there is a Top Talent that drops for a combination of reasons, and this Draft, I believe it’s Morris Claiborne..

  • @navy – Yeah I can see why you say that but if a team can take a shot at Vick and put him out the game they will. D-Linemen were leading with their head and hitting him late all year. Do you remember that Andy sent tape to the league office regarding this? The hit he got in ATL that put him out the game was late. Hell, the hit he took on the goal line when Kelce missed a block in that same game and the D-Linemen got to Vick untouched causing a fumble almost put him out the game. That hit doesn’t happen Vick is not concussed and the Eagles win the game. The Hit against the Giants that put him out the game was helmet to helmet AND late. The Giants were leading with their helmets that whole game.

    I want Vick to keep running, but I want him to get out of bounds or get down. It’s demoralizing to a defense when they have the perfect coverage but still get gashed for 20 – 30 yds. Look at what he did to the 49ers. They were calling a perfect game defensively but could not get to Vick in the first half. Who the hell would not get frustrated if you send two defenders at Vick and he eludes them and then throws a TD even when they had him dead to rights? If the defense holds up in that game… The Eagles blow the 49ers out. If Maclin doesn’t fumble the Eagles win. Look at what he did to Dallas… Look at how Rex Ryan was humbled after the Jets game. He was bringing the Eagles back in the Buffalo game. If Avant holds on to that pass the Eagles come back and win that game. Vick needs to understand running strategically… if he does we are SB bound.

  • amen on the get out of bounds – and yeah – many times I think the refs let the D take shots that if it were Manning or Brady would have been called..

    I will be a huge Vick fan as long as he is the QB – just want to get the OL stright so he gets as much help as possible –

  • Paulman’s drafts are getting sillier with each version

  • Unless both of them fall to the second round (ain’t happening), we ain’t taking a QB & WR in the first round. We still need 2 LB’s, a L OT, a DT, & a SS. So unless we fill all of them needs with FA, & have the luxury with our 1st rounder, it IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! So who cares that they are looking at them? It’s meaningless.

  • If Dunlap starts the season as either LT or RT, Vick will last one game. He is awful!
    The Eagles will NOT use #15 on an OT, they are more likely to use one of their 2nd round picks on an OT. I like Michael Floyd alot and think he is the red zone threat the Eagles lack in the offense, but if available, I would take S Mark Barron. He would give the Eagles secondary a leader who can play in the box and is good in coverage. He also hits people and will put some fear in receivers going over the middle. Face it – Coleman and Jarrett are special teams players and not NFL starters. Rumor in Dallas has the Cowboys eyeing him at #14 so the Eagles could use a 4th to move up a few spots to grab him if they choose…..however, we know Reid and his buddy Roseman will go DL at #15.

  • Oh and Tanehill is not worth a top 10 pick…..he has all the skills but is 3 years from being an NFL starter.

  • @Paulman – to trade to #3, the Eagles would need to give up #15, both 2nd round picks and next years 1st.

    Asante Samuel is only worth a 5th round pick

  • Its amazing Asante is worth only a 5th round pick. That means theres about 40 CBs better than him in the NFL. Julio Hanson is worth what? a 4th? Did anyone actually watch DRC play last year? He was comical. Talk about not tackling. My favorite is when he tipped a ball and while the play was being returned he had his hand in the air jumping around screaming look what i did. Or maybe when DRC was following the RB for 40 yards and never made an attempt to tackle him. Remember that play in Buffalo also.

  • Samuel is worth a 3rd Round pick if he restructured his contract and would be a Starter from Day 1 for the Vikings who desperatly need a quality CB playing the Packers,Lions twice each Season,
    Realistically it would take at least 3 High Draft picks
    ( 2 1st Rounders 2012 and 2013 and a 2nd Rounder) and maybe even another Starter for the Vikings who also need WR help and DE help which is where potentially a J Avant or D Tapp could come in)
    The Vikings are rebuilding and have that #3 Selection on the MArket ..
    Teams like the Vikings may want to move up for a shot at Tannehill but If I am the Eagles I would not mortgage the future for LT M Kalil who is the best LT in this Draft and probably a 10 Year starter from Day 1 since Peters should be ok by next season and still can play for 3-4 years at a high level..

    After Kalil, most Scouts don’t see another OT Drafted until middle/late 1st Round (Reiff,Martin,Glenn) so I really see the Eagles sitting tight at #15 and grabbing a ‘surprise pick”

    Paulman’s Eagles 2013 Mock Draft (#249 Edition)
    ( I am assuming No Trades and the Eagles to Select Players where they are slotted which is probably not likely)

    1st Rd (#15) CB Stephon Gilmore (South Carolina 6-1 190lbs)
    2nd Rd (#46) OLB Bobby Wanger (Utah St 6-1 244lbs)
    2nd Rd (#51) DT Brandon Thompson (Clemson 6-2 314lbs)
    3rd Rd (#88) OT Brandon Mosley (Auburn 6-6 314lbs)
    4th Rd (#114) WR Nick Toon (Wisconsin 6-2 220lbs)
    5th Rd (#153) SS Duke Ihenacho (St Jose State 6-0 213lbs)
    6th Rd (#172) TE Brian Linthicum (MIch State 6-4 250lbs)
    6th Rd (#194) FB Emil Igwenagu (U MAss 6-1 249lbs)
    6th Rd (#200) MLB Jerry Franklin (Arkansas 6-1 242lbs)

    I do believe the Eagles will try to trade back from the #15 Spot and also believe they will trade CB Samuel with one of their Draft Pick’s to possibly move up at some point in the Draft

  • I see a team like the Dolphins trying move up/trade with thh Vikings to try to get Tannehill… Remember that Tannehill played QB at Texas under Coach Mike Sherman who is now OC for the Dolphins so there’s a lot of familiarity of the player and the ‘system” that the Dolphins will be implementing..
    Dolphins should have held onto WR Brandon Marshall and then offer him in a package with Draft picks to the Vikings, who desperately need a deep threat along for their young QB C Ponder..
    I guess we all beat up GM Roseman but the GM down in Miami (Jeff Ireland) doesn’t seem like he knows what he’s doing either…

  • and since I am on a roll, I believe the Weather will be nice for Easter Sunday no matter what Schiller says..

  • For Songs INfo

    MLB Vontaeze Burfict has dropped to the 187th Rated Prospect in the NFL Draft and is now projected to be a 6th Rounder per NFL Draftscouts.Com
    He was high as a #44th Prospect and has been dropping a Round almost every 2 weeks or so..

  • brockers tanehill or michael floyd,, thats who you worked out so who do you guys want… out of those 3 id like michael floyd..were still missing that big receiver and those types of receivers are hard to get in free agency

  • When Demetrius Bell left Philadelphia without a contract after visiting with the Eagles over the weekend the chances that the tackle would land here appeared slim.

    Bell, a free agent, had already visited with the Steelers and was reportedly drawing interest from the Packers, Cardinals and Redskins. It was also reported that he was scheduled to travel to Green Bay sometime this week.

    Not true, Bell said on his Twitter account.

    “No, I’m done visiting,” he said. “Where is this coming from?”

    And now there’s speculation that the Eagles are the front-runners to sign Bell, according to Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times, who tweeted that he was “hearing” the Eagles were the favorites.

    Because there were several suitors and Bell had yet to strike a deal, it was believed that the 27-year old was holding out for a long-term deal. With Jason Peters likely out for the season after rupturing his Achilles tendon last week, the Eagles need to find a starting-caliber tackle. But they may not be interested in committing to Bell beyond the coming season.

    Still, they have may surveyed the free agent landscape and realized that the pickings are slim. Marcus McNeill is a possibility, but he’s been plagued by injuries. Kareem McKenzie is still available, but he’s 32 and plays right tackle.

    Bell doesn’t exactly have a clean slate. He’s had injuries shorten seasons in two of the three years. But when he did play for the Bills, he was effective.

    A message left with Bell’s agent, Ted Marchibroda was not immediately returned, but a source close to the situation characterized his meeting with the Eagles as a positive one.

    If Wilson’s report is accurate, the Eagles may be getting some positive news within days.

  • I am not so certain that Bell even beats out Dunlap.. I would not get overly excited but between the both of them, I guess they can hold the fort down for the Season which is about the best we can expect..

    It’s funny or maybe ironic or just plain bad luck, but over the last few seasons, the following have occurred always after a trade is made

    — Couple Years ago, Eagles trade MLB J Mays to Denver for JJ Arrington (bust) and within a week or so Omar Gaither gets injured creating a lack of depth and the Eagles scrambling

    — Last Year, Eagles trade DT B Bunkley and within a week or so, DT Mike Patterson goes down with his pass-out episode which was real scary for everyone and then Eagles go our and scramble to find DT’s (Hargrove and Landri who they should have kept both on the final Roster and released Laws/Parker)

    — This Year, Eagles trade Winston Justice for a pack iof Indy 500 Racing cards to the COlts and within a 2 weeks, LT Peters goes down…

    I am afraid that if the Eagles Trade CB A Samuel, that somone else remaining in the Eagles CB Corps will go down causing another position to go from strength to scrambling around to find quality players…

    Songs is this a legitimate Conspiracy or am I just an paranoid Eagle Fan….

  • Just reported that Eagles did sign LT D Bell to a 5 Year Deal..

  • Dunlaps a natural RT….Bell is the starter at left tackle.

    If your scrared…say your scared….go get a dog.

  • larrwd – Not sure if you know this, but there is a concensus understanding that who a team brings in for a workout in no way is a good predictor of who they will draft. Often teams draft guys they didn’t workout at all, and often the workout guys who they have no intention of drafting. Just FYI..,

    Dude, in general I’d advise to not put too much stock in reports and rumors this time of year. A lot of it is smokescreens, false info, stuff put out by agents, and just misleading.

  • to Larrwd
    All things considered, I think selecting WR M Floyd at #15 gives the best Value and really adds flexibility to the Eagles WR Corp and SPecial Teams..

    With this Draft being very deep at DT, a good amount of OLB’s and plenty of developmental CB’s, I really believe players at all these positions can be found in the 2nd/3rd and even 4th Rounds.. Getting a big playmaker at WR at #15 who fits the Eagles Scheme, Return Kicks nad Punts, and could really take the Eagle WR Corps from the “good” level up to the “elite” level is something to consider and especailly if there are some QB changes for 2013 and beyond, why not surround that potential new QB if Vick falters in 2012 with as many playmakers and weapons as possobile for it has become a big play league where the passing game and scoring TD’s is how you win most games in the NFL.. Floyd at 6-3 220lbs would be the most physical WR that the Eagles have drafted probably since Fred Barnett which worked out pretty good.. I am tired of them drafting 6 ft- 200lbs WR’s or less.. Get an bigger athlete who can compete in the Red-Zone

  • to Larrwd
    All things considered, I think selecting WR M Floyd at #15 gives the best Value and really adds flexibility to the Eagles WR Corp and SPecial Teams..

    With this Draft being very deep at DT, a good amount of OLB’s and plenty of developmental CB’s, I really believe players at all these positions can be found in the 2nd/3rd and even 4th Rounds.. Getting a big playmaker at WR at #15 who fits the Eagles Scheme, Return Kicks nad Punts, and could really take the Eagle WR Corps from the “good” level up to the “elite” level is something to consider and especailly if there are some QB changes for 2013 and beyond, why not surround that potential new QB if Vick falters in 2012 with as many playmakers and weapons as possobile for it has become a big play league where the passing game and scoring TD’s is how you win most games in the NFL.. Floyd at 6-3 220lbs would be the most physical WR that the Eagles have drafted probably since Fred Barnett which worked out pretty good.. I am tired of them drafting 6 ft- 200lbs WR’s or less.. Get some bigger athletic WR’s who can compete in the Red-Zone and give Eagles QB a better target.. Drafting Floyd eliminates the need for a Burress/Braylon Edwards or some other re-tread and groom Floyd to become the Red-Zone Target for the next 7-8-10 years.. Imagine a WR corps of D-Jax,Maclin and Floyd, you probably wouldn’t have to worry about the Eagles WR’s Corp for the next 5-6 Seasons moving forward (unless an injury occurs)..

  • *Eagles make a signing*
    Confirmed. Eagles signed Tackle Demetress Bell to a five year deal

  • Solid Solid move – probably the best OT available right now – gonna miss Peters but feel much better then having to start Dunlap and guess at back-up OT –

  • Jon Hart, we know. You’ve confirmed nothing, no confirmation was needed. We all have access to national and local news too.

    Any updates on NFL uniform changes? I heard a rumor Nike took the contract from Reebok.

    Is there any movement on the saitns maybe signing David Hawthorne?

    Is Robert Griffin III going to give the cotls a private workout?

    Who’s the repbulican nominee?

    Any strange weather in Texas recently?

    Is the Supreme Court going to hear a case on Healthcare Reform sometime this year?

    Isn’t there suppossed to be some sort of basketball tournament involving college students around this time of year?

    Are they ever going to open that sports bar thing owned by Comcast down by the stadiums in south philly?

    Anyone buying the Dodgers or the inquire/daily news soon?

  • I agree navy, this is an athletic OL that will excel in the Howard Mudd system. May even fit as well as Jason Peters did..

  • The birds addressed a need, and signed probably the best OT available at the time. This will give him time to be at all of the OTA’s and work with Mudd on the system. Good job FO in addressing a need after Peters injury, now it is up to the coaches to get the OL in sync.

    This move also allows the birds to continue with their plan in the draft (although, who knows what it is at this point, but it wouldn’t make sense to announce it anyway). There is not a need to draft a tackle to replace Peters, they can choose a player that can best impact the team. I like the signing, but wonder about the length of the contract, but those terms are always inflated, it is more about the guarenteed money anyway.

  • Schill, that was the funniest $#!t that you ever posted. He has urpassed you with leaps & bounds, at being a dumb-dumb! Come on, you didn’t think was going to just complement you, did you? LMFBO! 😀

  • *Surpassed*

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