• May 26, 2022

NFL Debuts New NIKE Uniforms

The Eagles new NIKE uniforms don’t look like a different shade of green, but I’m sure that going with NIKE means more green for the NFL.   Pro Bowl running back LeSean McCoy was the Eagles player wearing the new uniform in the picture.

They debuted the new uniforms for the league in Brooklyn today, but they didn’t look any different from the ones of a year ago other than there was a NIKE swoosh on them rather than the Reebok “R”.

“The new NFL uniforms thru Nike are going to be crazy …  Innovation at its finest!,” Michael Vick tweeted last night.  Of course Vick is a NIKE spokesperson, so you could understand it.


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  • Some of the new unis look like costumes in a Japanese animated action flick. If that is what they are going for perhaps they are preparing to transition us from humans playing the game to computer generated look a likes and the guys doing voice overs. Takes care of the liabilities from injury lawsuits.

  • I don’t like them, I hate these ’rounded numerals” , they look bogus and are feminine looking if you ask me.. Give me the Bold,Straight Numerals with the raised face on it or even the 3-D version look better than these rounded numbers.. ..

  • Who cares? Stop bitching. Worry about the players, that they put on the field.

  • BTW, why does Shady look like he’s taking a dump in his pants, in that picture above? BWAHAHAHAHA!!! LMFBO!!!

  • does anybody know if the one in the picture with shady and vick are the actual uni’s we will wear or the futureistic ones i see on google that looks like Oregons from last year are the offical ones? I like the new look to me it looks mean. And most of the other teams have the team logo in the middle of the gloves when you match the together how come we dont? I guess i just have to wait and see.

  • From what I read they will be wearing the uniforms in the picture. They said there was a handful of tems that will not change a thing and the eagles being one of them.

    I would personaly love to see them wear the kelly green uniforms all the time. The ones that were worn as our throwbacks last season.

  • Paul your so old fashioned… its 2012 not 1960.. Some people just don’t like change. These jersey’s are ridiculously hot.. What im hearing from the players is that the jersey’s are alot lighter and arent as restrictive as the last ones. Though i do agree that these companies like nike and other clothing co. do try to make men clothes that resemble female attire, “skinny jeans” among other types, but here i see none of that..

  • man, for a secnd there i thought jh thought shady looked “hot” there, my bad, I hope

  • Change has nothing to do with it JH,
    I think Rounded,Soft Numerals on NFL Football Jersey’s looks wussyfied and feminine, save that for the Soccer Teams ..

  • We have the same damn jerseys, nothing to see here.

  • Eagles just signed LT Bell

  • 5 year Deal, not sure if any Financial Details were released..
    Does anyone the Financial Details know for obviously his signing will reduce the Overall available Salary Cap…

  • not saying though Philly.com ‘thinks’ the eagles will have an out after 2012


    Eagles agree to terms on five-year deal with OT Bell

    www nfl com/news/story/09000d5d82813fb2/article/eagles-agree-to-terms-on-fiveyear-deal-with-ot-bell?module=HP11_headline_stack

    This is going to be a huge blessing in disguise! Prepare for a great season guys!

  • 5 yrs 35ms for Demetress Bell

  • Wow that’s a big deal for a 1 year fill-in player…
    I guess we’ll see how Peters rehabs from his injury but surely come next season
    the Eagles are not going to carry 3 OT’s with Big Contracts in Peters, Herremann’s and Bell under Contract..
    With Watkins,Mathis and Kelce all under contract for the next 3 Seasons.. lots of flexibilty, but lots of $$$ to a player who would not be starting..

    I am not sure if Schiller will allow me to do a “Trade Alert” 1 year ahead of time but I will give it a shot anyways ….
    In Feb of 2013, Eagles Trade Herremans to the Detroit Lions for a 3rd Round Pick

  • Eagles Opening Day 2013 Offfensive Line
    LT Peters, LG Mathis, C Kelce, RG Watkins, RT Bell

  • Pman…you are really out-doing yourself.

    Less than an hour of announcing the signing of Bell, and you already have Herremans traded next year. We haven’t even seen Bell at an OTA, or even in a uniform, and you already have him replacing Herremans…classic.

  • Is this guy really worth that much $ or is this a desperation move. I know that we will have to see what the breakdown is (yearly rate, guaranteed money), but that is a BIG contract.

  • Thanks Greenfan, I try to stay on top of things to inform and entertain the posters here on GCobb as quickly as possible as part of my plea agreement with the Courts..
    Back to Football,
    Eagles have plenty of Salary Cap space and probably overpaid for Bell, but with no immediate help from the Draft, it’s not like they have lots of options and who knows, maybe this Bell fits right in and plays well enough to secure a spot over the length of his contract, If not and plays well in a relief role of Peters, than Eagles will have some trade material next off-season with an abundance of quality OT’s which are always in need arounf the NFL as we have seen the last coupld of years.. Great move by the Front Office

  • bugs – who knows – he was just the best available – either him or the ‘King’ was gonna be a full time starter and we would be drafting a back up – before last year Reid always had the luxury of knowing he could slide HErmanns out –

    either that or OL was your #1 priority in the draft..

    lets see what happens – maybe some of this is backloaded (roster bonus based upon where PEters is?)

  • I think the next move they will make will be dealing Assante prior to the draft.

  • Can anyone help me out with this quote I found on ESPN:

    “The Redskins, as I mentioned, were interested in Bell as a right tackle. But given their sudden level of desperation in the wake of the Peters injury, the Eagles surely were willing to offer more than the Redskins wanted to pay their right tackle.”

    Do you think this is a typo or where the Skins actually looking to sign bell at RT? If this isn’t a typo then I fully expect bell to be converted to RT in the future. If Bell works out and Peters comes back and is able to play at close to the same level… this O-line will be ridiculous!

  • lions- not sure what you’re getting at… he’s an NFL OL. Most likely able to play both tackle spots that’s all. The Redskins must be happy with their LT spot and looking to upgrade RT spot. I don’t think this says anything about how good Bell is or where/how long he’ll play for the Eagles…

  • Just hope this guy can stay healthy…But really there wasn’t much else out there…If he happens to miss a game or 2 I think Dunlap could handle the job tho.

    Paulman if BEll plays lights out this year under Mudd then I can see the Birds trading or cutting PEters if anything…Honestly, who knows if Peters will ever get back to football..being that big of a body with an achilles injury esp for an O-lineman who puts pressure on it on every snap for a burst this could easily be the end of a football career. Hope not tho, he was playing like a stud.

    I wouldn’t get caught up on the contract. there are probably a million ways the eagles could get out of this deal if they decide to do so


  • Navy- just happy they filled a whole and hopefully they will go DT and LB in the draft now. How much cap space do they have now with Assante on the books? How is this going to affect a deal with McCoy?

  • The mock drafts either have the birds taking Brockers the DT from LSU or Barron the S from ‘Bama – rather have the DT or another LB in rd 1

    not the person to ask cap questions – just glad we have a FO that knows how to properly manage the cap so we don;t have to release folks to make the moves we need to –

  • @schiller… What I’m getting at is the potential of a long term run for the Eagles centered around a dominant O-line that could be the best and most versatile in the league. I’m thinking ahead (optimistically). Right now people are looking at Bell as a LT and talking about trading Peters or even making Bell a back-up. Well, what I say is… what if Peters comes back healthy and back to form (or close to it)? Not every linemen in the league is good on both sides. If the Skins are looking at him at RT knowing that he was a LT in Buffalo then they believe he’s versatile enough to make the transition effectively and worth the risk.

    Having said all that… I wonder if the Eagles would consider starting him at RT and let Herremans play LT with the anticipation of Peters return?

    I’m quoting paulman here:

    “Eagles Opening Day 2013 Offfensive Line
    LT Peters, LG Mathis, C Kelce, RG Watkins, RT Bell”

    That would be a friggin’ awesome O-Line. Do you see where I’m coming from?

  • @bugsyhawk… Here’s a link regarding Eagles Cap Space (you have to fill in the dots)

    www eaglescap com

  • Per Cowboy reports,
    They are very likely to select Safety Barron with thier 1st Rd pick (#14) just before the Eagles..

  • Redskins invested their 1st Round Pick,Trent WIlliams, 2 years ago who is their LT now and for the forseeable future who they are very happey with, the Redksins do need help an upgrade at RT..

  • Paul he isn’t going to be a one year fill in player. Peters is done here. By the time he is fully healthy, he will be almost 32-33 years old. He’s done! Good signing. Now i don’t have to worry about King “ain’t” Duncrap playing like a revolving door.

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