• October 5, 2022

Phillies Fans Will Have To Face Up To The Truth

If the Phillies offensive struggles during spring training wasn’t enough of an indication as to what fans should expect from this season’s Fightins, then their 2.3 rpg in the Pirates season factored in by their two-run output against the Marlins in game one of that series should convince the Philly faithful that this team is not equipped for their sixth straight NL East title.

Recent reports regarding the Phillies outcome heading into this season have voiced much optimism in how the team will fair. Many believe that with the Big Three, and I’m not talking about Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, and Cliff Lee but with the return of Chase Utley and Ryan Howard to go along with J-Roll will make this team the odds on favorite in their division. With those bats back in the lineup combined with the aforementioned three aces one could make the case. But with chronic injuries plaguing this franchise’s finest; it’s hard to believe that even with them back how realistic is it for the team to return to the form that spectators are so used to seeing.

Heading into this season we see a worn down club with aging bats that have reached their peak tallied by well paid-pitchers that are carrying the weight of the team on their shoulders upon each and every start.

The Phils opening day lineup managed eight hits in the win against the Pirates, but just two of those hits came from the middle of their lineup. Rollins, a reliable bat over his career while dressed in pinstripes, will be 34 at the end of this season and hasn’t played more than 140 games since the 2009 season. It’s proven that when the heart and soul of this club plays he plays he does produce, but will he be able to continue the longevity at shortstop heading into his upper thirties.

Chase Utley who has emerged himself as a model athlete and citizen in this city since getting the full-time 2nd base position in 2005 has faced knee injuries over the past few seasons that have left him questioning his future playing pro baseball. With essentially no cartilage remaining in one of his knees, it will be realistically impossible for the cornerstone infielder to return to the similar numbers that he had in the 2008 MVP caliber season in which he recorded 33 homers and 104 RBI’s. Utley played in just 103 games last season and featured in 115 games in the 2010 season.

Utley isn’t the same player he was in the past.  Even Charlie Manuel acknowledged it when he moved him to the second spot in the batting order for last year’s playoffs. He hit only 11 home runs and drove in only 44 runs in over a 103 games.  Utley may never ever be a legitimate three-spot hitter again.

His batting average has dropped from .332 in 2007, to .298 in 2008, to .282 in 2009, to .275 in 2010, and to only .259 in 2011.  That’s a 70 point drop in five years.  With an indefinite timeline as to when he will re-join the club, Utley at this point in his career won’t have much fuel left in the tank without a knee to plant to be an everyday second baseman.

One of the biggest mysteries heading into this year’s Phillies was the status of Ryan Howard and would he be able to play come opening day. He wasn’t ready and probably won’t be for a few more weeks as he continues to recover from offseason surgery on repairing his Achilles tendon. The constant home run threat in the middle of the lineup has declined in those power numbers that we are so accustomed to seeing since 2008 as well when he hit for 48 bombs and 146 ribbies.

Such numbers seem unrepeatable for any star even in perfect health but coming off back to back 33 plus home run seasons and an OBP that has dropped almost 20 points since 2009 it doesn’t look like the big man in the middle will have an increase from that ceiling. Look for Howard to struggle mightily when he returns to the lineup for he will still be in search of his swing.

Not to sound overly pessimistic, but the Phillies only have one thing going for them, even when the club get all of their pieces back. Those factors include pitching and experience, something that the Phils have more so than their division opponents.

But the Phils will not be able to ride on that all season. Teams in the NL East have made a number of offseason moves that have put them in position to dethrone the reigning Fightins. For Charlie Manuel and Ruben Amaro they have done a great job over the years building around their superstars and putting platoon players in positions where they can contribute. The franchise has withstood the test of time, but the legitimate reality of this team is that the young and upcoming superstars are not young anymore.

This season in addition to heading into next season the franchise will have to make moves for the future and may be facing those debilitating words “rebuild” or at least reload. We saw signs of this when the Phillies tried implementing some of their top prospects into the mix such as Dominic Brown and John Mayberry Jr.

Brown has showed growing pains in his transition to the big leagues as he still tries to find the right approach at the plate and trying to trip down his long flailing swing. Mayberry is an older prospect but has shown glimpses of promise at times, but the question mark with him is can he be an everyday player and produce at the same rate over a 162 game season.

The 2012 Phillies area team right now trying to find their niche. The Pattison Street squad will rely a lot on their starting pitching this season and hopefully they will be able to give a good seven to eight innings each night to then hand it over to off-season acquisition closer Jonathan Papelbon. The home run balls of old that helped the Phils make up for large deficits will not be a crutch to lean on. With Wigginton as a five-hole hitter while trying to depend on a cast of utility players will not go over well if the Phillies look to make a trip back to October.

If you’re Charlie Manuel you should probably take a few pages out of the San Diego Padres playbook back when they had that stellar pitching led by Jake Peavy and Chris Young to go along with the ageless Trevor Hoffman at the end of games.

The team’s offense played “small ball”, something that hasn’t been uttered in the Phillies organization in decades. They will need players that will step in the box batting for average instead of swinging for the fences. The only hitch in this formula that seems perfect suit for the bats in this lineup is that the Padres play in Petco Park and the Phillies play at Citizens’ Bank Park the home of pop flies that end up six rows deep into left and right field.

Colin Washington

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April 11, 2012 10:33 am

Only good thing going for them (besides pitching) is that every team in the division has deficencies also. Phils should have the pitching to overcome a lot this year. Will it be enough to win the penant? doubt it.

April 11, 2012 12:33 pm

this is the most ridiculous article ever published on this site, after four games you have figured out and are calling for the Phillies demise, what a jerk

April 11, 2012 5:03 pm

It’s going to be a long summer!

April 11, 2012 5:18 pm

haha- negadelphia at its best!

Gcobb has become a place where people care more about being A) Right and B) First to “report”, then they care about the sports we love.

Blowhards like Pman and Jheart line up to come off as reporters and fight about what they “reported” 8 months ago.

Enough is enough…. Phillies for sure are not perfect but i will rally behind this team.

April 11, 2012 5:29 pm

Stevo — not all of us buddy. I still come to discuss sports with other PHILLY SPORTS FANS…..but I do agree with you that some of these clowns would much rather spew out garbage and then hope for our favorite sports team to fail so they can come on here and rant about how they were right all along.

Bunch of clowns.

I love my Birds, Fightin’s and Sixers (don’t care much about hockey but definitely rep and hope the best for them Flyboys) — I’ll never CONTINOUSLY degrade them. They’ll piss me off every once in a while and I’ll rave about it, but I won’t make a habit out of it like some on here do.

April 11, 2012 7:03 pm

way to go Rev….fans jumping ship after what….4 games?? I am with you, and behind the Phils….looking forward to an actual pennant race this year, instead of the cake-walk the NL East has been for the last few……don’t count this team out in just the 2nd week of the season with this pitching staff!!

April 11, 2012 8:42 pm

Hold up guys, we’re up 6-1 on Josh Johnson now, how fast can we get an article up about the turnaround? Oh wait the season is 162 games. Orioles are in 1st place to begin the season AGAIN and Spanks and Red Sox are in last. Season’s over guys, pack it in.

April 12, 2012 3:07 pm

great game- great win… and guess what… sky was not falling. wow.

April 12, 2012 9:29 pm

another sad loss for the phillies. dang. fold up the tent. oh what? they won? are you sure? i guess writters like colin will have to face it…… WAYYYYY tooooo soon to cry about this season.

April 12, 2012 10:02 pm

Keep it up Stevo. Go Phils

April 13, 2012 4:27 am

Stevo, funny stuff! 😀
We better hope we get pitching like we have had, all year, because it’s going to be a struggle to score consistently. I REALLY PRAY I’M WRONG! But you’re right, it is too early to panic, but I’m antsy. Still very pi$$ed at the pi$$ poor job Amaro did this off-season. Water under the bridge, or over the dam. Whatever the freaking saying is!? Hopefully they can hold their own until we can either make a trade, or two, & Howard & Utley can possibly give us anything, when/ if they return. Little cold, but the game was cold last night. Am, I the only one that loves their hot dogs, BBQ pork sandwich & soft serve ice cream? I love that park. Along with the misses & the rugrats, I visited with X-coworkers of mine down there. Fun night. What a starting staff. Keep building up your trade value, Fat Joe!?