• July 6, 2022

Eagles Have Question Marks At The Safety Position

I’ve talked numerous times about the importance of this off season for Michael Vick, but this is also a very important off season for other Philadelphia Eagles players.   For instance, young safeties Nate Allen and Jaiquawn Jarrett should be living at the Nova Care Complex with Vick.

Allen must start recognizing pass patterns a split second sooner.  He should never make the mistake again of breaking up toward the line of scrimmage on a dive fake and giving up an easy touchdown on a deep throw like he did against the New England Patriots.

I could see Allen being able to pick off six to nine passes this year and in future years, if he comes back with the knee totally healthy and a better understanding of the Eagles coverages and the way teams are going to attack them.  I’ve seen him break on the ball at times during practice and in the games where I’m very impressed.  He’s got the potential to be a big play guy when it comes to intercepting passes because he’s got good speed and quickness along with the ability to play the ball in the air at its highest point.  This is an extremely important time for him.

Last year I saw a slight hesitancy in his game that must vanish if he’s going to be the player, the Eagles envisioned being.  Football is a split-second game and a player can’t afford to hesitate at all.  Allen has to eliminate all hesitancy from his game.

If you watch the great safeties in the game like, Pittsburgh’s Troy Polamalu and Baltimore’s Ed Reed.  They attack plays rather than vice-versa.  They recognize and pounce like a lion in the jungle.  Allen must believe what he sees during each play then attack it.  At the same time he must remember, a safety can’t have that mentality on plays when he’s covering the deep third.

The name safety says a lot about the position.

Jarrett was even farther away from being up to speed a year ago.  He doesn’t have good speed to begin with and he was lost back there in the secondary.  I was expecting to see his outstanding and sure tackling but we saw a guy lost on an island.  If I were in the Eagles front office I would be concerned about what I saw a year ago from Jarrett.

If he puts in the time, and makes great progress maybe he makes the big jump, but Jarrett couldn’t play back there a year ago.  Think about it, as bad as they were at the safety position a year ago, they couldn’t afford to put him on the field.  To put it honestly, the youngster didn’t look like he belonged in the NFL a year ago.

The other safety in the rotation is Kurt Coleman, who happens to get the most out of his ability.  He doesn’t have great size or speed, but he does have the savvy of a good safety.  He recognizes formations, reads quarterbacks and will try to pound receivers and running backs.

I doubt that the Eagles do anything at the safety position before the fourth round, but they can’t help but think about improving this position during this year’s draft.


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  • Great article GC. The birds need to bring in a veteran Safety to help groom these youngsters. Nate Allen did have alot of hesitancy but towards the end of the year improved drastically. He began breaking on the ball and making some big hits, i expect Allen to make a huge leap, possibly in the top 5 in safeties. JJ couldnt be this bad, can he? He may be another bad pick for the birds in an early round (2nd). They better hope hes a player because if not they set that position back and team for that matter. They gotta stop blowing high picks on guys that dont deserve to be drafted until the 4th or 5th rounds. With that said, they need to bring in Yeremiah Bell. If they dont, they will go to war with these guys and outside of Nate Allen, im not totally confident in what we have, and since reports are that the eagles had interest in Laron Landry the birds see a need there too. They add a veteran soon or they will stick with what they have and add a rookie in the draft to groom..

  • Signing Bell is the move. Need a veteran to help this young group and stabilize the position. Bell’s already got ties to the coaching staff. I expect they’re already working numbers and length. Just wondering if it will be a pre-draft or post-draft move.

  • They’ll ignore this glaring blindspot and instead of getting a competent player they’ll make a bon head move drafting another guy that can’t play.

    We’ll be talking about the Safety position again after this season is wasted.

  • Eagles should Draft a Safety in the Top 3 Rounds per many of the reasons that G-Man just wrote about above.. There are 3-4 Safeties like Harrison Smith,Markelle Martin,Anotnio Allen,George Illoka that could compete by 2013 at the Safety position.. I stated many times and still believe that the Eagles really reached and missed big time on J Jarrett.. I just don’t see him as having Starter skills at all or at anytime soon, he’s not quick or big enough..Coleman to me is a back-up and Special Teamer.. Bringing in a Veteran, only if it’s Y Bell would make sense since he would play for familiar Coach Bowles, bringing in another Vet like Melivin Bullit or someone else who would have to learn a new system,new teammates and we have all seen that this is not done easily (Bishop,Sean Jones,J Page) etc,etc all struggled to adjust to a new team & system…Draft a good one in the early rounds and develop that player under Bowles would be the best long term solution

  • there are only 2 safeties worth being selected in the first 3 rounds…..Mark Barron and Harrison Smith…. this is a weak class.

    I would take Mark Barron in a heartbeat at #15…. if not, then Harrison Smith would be my pick with one of the 2nd round picks….that is, if he is still available….

    both of these players can play either FS or SS and are “impact” performers.

  • In all honesty. I do feel we need solid consistant play at the safety position. But the draftest 2 safetys 2 years straight in the 2nd round. Thats very high. They are going to have to play them. That means the Jarrett project. U just cant take someone that high and not play them. Sounds good drafting another one. But in defense of our Safetys. Coleman has shown signs of being a playmaker. Nate Allen did need last season to fully recover from the knee injury. And Jarrett hasnt gotten a true opertunity to prove his self. He was a rookie. U just cant quit on him so soon. It is what it is

  • However the fact that Jarrett couldnt get on the field for whatever reason concerns me. Notice the Eagles draft corners also that cant seem to find playing time. That African kid a few years back name Jack. And now this other kid. Cant think of his name. We cut em last year and brought him back i believe

  • Dont waste any picks on a young safety this year. Ride with the young guys and see what they have in 12′ .Maybe bring in a vet for depth but it makes no sense to take another safety in the early rounds when we have 3 already.

    I’m with G in thinking Allen has a solid year. Prior to his knee issue i thought he was progressing. Lets hope he continues.Need him to take one for the team now and again…in other words DO NOT get ran over.Sacrifice yourself and save the big gain man.

  • Certain players want to be great. Some are just glad to be in the league and others just want a paycheck.

    If they put in the time…

    It’s a shame that a athlete with a finite number of years would waste them buy not studying film and working out.

    Some of this skinny Eagles don’t even know what weights are…

    McCoy is a prime example of how you can be, early in your career, when you are in top shape and devote yourself…

    It’s amazing how many people talked about Boney James (desean) being under paid and never mentioned a true team player and fellow 2nd rounder McCoy. He only did everything a back could do, being handicapped in FAT BOY’S system.

    When you get a locker room full of players that have heart, and don’t have to print it on their t-shirts… Get back to me..

    The Patriots took what heart they had…Sorta like what Blake Griffin did to Pal Gassau….

    He truely should turn in his jock strap and get a dress after that dunk..

  • Melmilliones….if you give them a chance based on your comment….and they fail?

    Wouldn’t that cost games and a chance to compete for a championship?

    Is it worth waiting when it’s a good chance what we’ve seen so far is as good as our safeties will get?

    The earlier we turn the page on these mistakes, the quicker this team will advance.


    Allen was supposed to be Dawk’s replacement and was getting run over and torched before the injury.

    If there’s a player who is clearly better like “Barron”…the opportunity is here to make a statement.

    If you don’t perform on the field regardless of where you were drafted…you’re cut!

    The Eagles have made serious errors in drafting on the defensive side of the ball. Serious.

    We all knew they needed linebackers last season and guys like you were on here saying give the young guys a chance.

    We’re not hearing it.

    This defense will get better once the Safety position is taken care of and Juan Castillo is the hell outta here.

    Nate Allen’s position needs to be upgraded.

    Hell, we traded up in the 1st round only to have a rotational defensive end in Graham who will back up the once journey man Babin.

    Come on Man.

    Things needs to change and this mess have Andy Reid written all over it.

  • I don’t understand what’s taking them so long in signing Bell! He is the perfect fit here. We have his X-coach, Todd Bowles here, he is a very solid veteran Safety, who can help the young guys, be better pro’s, while he still contribute. Guess what!? He’s a good tackler. They all ready missed out on a veteran OLB, with the David Hawthorne, Barrett Ruud & Leroy Hill signings, now they are snoozing on Safety too. Are they even going to dip in FA!? I like what they’ve done thus far, with the Ryans trade & the resignings, but they have done nothing to upgrade this team. Shady’s deal is at a snails pace & Mesante’s cancerous @$$ is still here. If this is all they are going to do & are expecting the draft to be the miracle cure, with their track record, they all better get their resumès ready.

  • draft a safety again, what, didnt the eagles draft two in the second round, allen, Jarrett, you mean they missed again at drafting a defensive player early that can actually play and is not considered a weak spot, incompetence

  • Andy and the crew will drag their feet again just like they did concerning the linebackers last season.

    Look, if they’re saying the MLB was the only issue on defense then they’re more blind than I thought.

    We needed an upgrade at all 3 linebacker positions, 2 NFL starting caliber safeties who can hit…(By the way, Q Mikell is better than every safety on our team and we let him walk.), We needed a Corner opposite of asmo who can press and tackle in open space to help linebackers, and capable of playing either side while Asmo stay with the top receiver on any team.

    This was answered by signing the same players and adding DeMeco Ryan?

    Are you freakin kiddin me?

    Teams will torch our Safeties all day this coming season and they will continue to be weak in the red zone.

    another thing……

    We need a linebacker coach….How can you have Caldwell and not get Trot who was like a coach on the field and played down hill?

    Caldwell is the new Segrest.

    Stop it already!!!!!

    Get some fire under their butts.

    Hire Trot and fire Caldwell!!!!!

  • Dc – gentlemans bet – the Birds sign Bell right after the draft – this way they can see which safeties/ if a safety is available in first two rounds –

    LB will get lots of attention in draft.. as will DT and DE – Asante will become draft picks – nad Shady will be signed by camp –

    and Songs will move on to the next thing to bitch about – now he is bitching about coaches –

    funny – the eagles 4 assistant coaches many consider among the best in the biz – April at ST – Washburn at DL, Mudd at OL and Bowles in the secondary – and people will still complain about a guy on the staff –

    yeah, Hire Trotter – gettum fired up – It worked soooo well for Mike Singeltary

  • a math problem for all those that talk about drafting defensive players –

    if I flip a coin – what is the chance it will be heads – 50/50 good

    if I flip a coin 10 times – and the last 10 were heads – what is the probablity the next flip will be a heads….. 50% – very good –

    in mathmatics it is called an independent event – what happens this year is absolutley independent of what happened last year as far as what happens to the guys that get drafted –

    bottom line – let it go – it is nothing more then chronic whining – everyone here on this board knows the status of GRaham – everyone here knows the Status of Jarret – instead of bitching – lets see how he does on the field??? YA all talk like you have a freaking clue when mentioning the combine – next year is independent of last year – –

  • NAVY, your lips to God’s ears. I don’t know if he will last. He’s had interest from 4-5 teams. I don’t want anymore rookie safeties. We already have too many kids back there & are devoid of veteran leadership. So unless Barron falls to the 2nd round, there are no other safeties worthy, in this draft. Maybe ILoka in the 3-4.

  • Navy,,,ask Willis about Singletary contribution before he was thrusted into the Head coaching job.

    Those linebackers were good under Singletary buddy and learned..

    Trotter would be a better linebacker coach than Caldwell.

  • Exactly D – that’s how I see it playing out and will self immoliate if my prediction doesn’t come true –

    just kidding – I will take my Eagles foam brick my mother set me to throw at the TV and sacrifice it to the fire pit (might get in trouble by the enviro guys for burning foam!) I will – hell I will be songs for a day and bitch, whine, moan and piss in the wind and pretend anything I say matters!

  • Now I’m hearing an new excuse for Nate Allen….He’ll be 100% in his 2nd year from injury.

    That’s the new line.


    Well, if the Eagles knew this ..then why in the hell did they let Quinton Mikell walk?

    Did the Eagles have this knowledge concerning this type of Injury?

    They’re also shoveling excrement when bringing up the short offseason….

    and I kind of agree with them there.

    It was totally unfair that the whole league avoided the lockout and forced the Philadelphia eagles to have a short off season.

    Yes, and the Eagles helped themselves in a short off season by plugging the MLB position with a slow, pathetic mid round rookie.


    Who could have known that this kid would struggle horribly?

    I know you guys here would like to think it’s all in the past…But guess what?

    The Same Guys are calling the shots…and there is a such thing as the word “trend”.

    When there’s a consistent area of concern in which you can expect the same result…it’s no longer a coincidence.

    Players change yet this team struggles in the red zone on both sides of the ball year after year.

    When will this organization realize it’s their choice of players up the middle of the defense?

    Demeco Ryan is great but the safety position will keep this team from advancing….paste it for next off season.


  • First off Songs – Trotter has ZERO coaching experience – so what he would and wouldn’t do as a coach is strictly based on the same thing most of your posts are – shit pulled out of your ass (credit to Schill – I semi-got that from him) – and your theory that he who was a 260 lb hammer would also be able to teach OLBs how to drop into coverage, hold up a TE, cover deep middle – all those ‘fun’ things LBs need to learn to do today – that Trotter really didn’t ‘specialize in’.

    Secondly – while it is fun, easy etc. to blame Caldwell (or Castillo), who in his first year as LB coach – let us review for just a moment _

    New DC, check, new LB Coach, check, New DL coach, check, new secondary coach… I think that’s a check as well – new ‘wide 9 system, check, new DE, DT, CB,

    OTAs, canx’d, training camp shortened – check –

    are these facts or excuses – to me it depends on if the person looking at the situation is one of those that likes to ‘blame’

    but out of all that mess – you say ‘Caldwell’ is the problem – he did his years a Quality control and assistant LB coach – now he has a Vet to help mentor –

    but hey – lets switch – bring in a guy with ZERO coaching experince –

    again – I am AMAZED some front office in the NFL hasn’t scooped you up

  • Navy? How much coaching experience did Caldwell have before Reid hired him?

  • Look at how many years the eagles gave to Laws, Abiamiri and McCoy..all second round picks. The eagles arent going to give up on Jerrett. NFL teams dont like to be wrong, almost to a fault. They are certianly not going to draft another safety in the first couple rounds.

  • You have to admit that last year our linebacker play was sub-par….Andy has even admitted that during his famous “I goofed” interview…..placing a 1st year coach in charge of linebackers working for a 1st year DC, combined with starting a 4th round pick rookie at MLB for the 1st (4) games, was a disaster….yes, Caldwell served as a coaching “intern”, and then in “qc”, but he clearly did not provide the leadership to the young LB’s that was needed. Has he learned? Well we had better hope that he has, because it doesn’t look like there will be a change this year, but to say that someone doesn’t know what they are talking about when they look to upgrade our coaching at the LB’s is unfair and inccorect in my opinion….regardless of who says it.

  • Songs – you are the bitch – stop asking me questions you can look up yourself –

  • GF – you say ‘ but to say that someone doesn’t know what they are talking about when they look to upgrade our coaching at the LB’s is unfair and inccorect in my opinion ‘

    fair enough boss – but 1)when upgrading – please suggest a proven, experienced coach vice a gent that has never coached becuase he was ‘tough’ when he played last in 2009 I think?

    2) with all the variables from last year – to pinpoint anything is dishonest – multiple variables were involved.

    3) For anyone to guess between the players, the coaches, or the scheme if just that A GUESS

    4) the LB play got better as the year went on – I totally disagree with all who say the last 4 games were meaningless – the overall play of the LBs improved – which is a sign that the LB coach is doing well –

    do you look for upgrades and every single position – HELL YES – but pulling willy nilly names out of your ass is stupid –

    Hell – lets get Bill Bergey to be our LB coach! Where is John Bunting or Frank Lemaster? What about Seth Joyner – why not get those guys??

    So brother – I am all ears if you have a solid recommendation for who could replace Caldwell – but the only cats on here that could magically pull some names out are Pman and GMCliff –

  • Navy, I think you know the answer but refuse to knowing it would totally contradict your point.

    you claim Trot wouldn’t be better because he have no coaching experience…yet Caldwell had no coaching experience when Andy Hired him.

    How do you explain your reasoning?


    He have coaching experience.

    How do you think he would work out?

  • Are you really that stupid – Really – you want to compare a guy who has NEVER coached – with a guy that went through the NFL coaching intern program, spent two years as a QC coach, a year as an assistant LB coach, then became the LB coach –

    and your logic and rational is that before either of them had a coaching job, they both had no experience – really, that is your argument – it would contradict my point

    that is like saying before a person has sex they are a virgin – but the person who has had sex 5 times couldn’t know more about what is was like to have sex then the virgin becuase he was a virgin before he had sex – that is as stupid as the adult with no kids telling the parents the best way to raise kids –

    IS that really the way your mind works?? Really – that Trotter shoudl be given a shot at LB coach becuase before Caldwell started coaching he had no coaching experience? Really?

  • Who cares about Segrest Songs – it goes along with anyhting else – I can list 50 former players in all sports that flamed out as coaches….

    OK songs – how do you explain the improved linebacker play the last 4 weeks of the season – how did that happen

  • Navy….In the words of the great one liner Jeffrey Lurie…”The Last 4 games was fools gold”.

    And this is coming from “The Golden Standard” himself.

    That’s what I think of the last 4 games.

    What do you think about the Seahawk and Arizona games?

    What do you think about Juan Castillo going down in NFL history as the first Defensive Coordinator to lose 4 games in a season with leading in the 4th quarter?

    Or was that 5 games?


    They were just enough for Andy to sling excrement to the Eagles fan base.

    This guy tells us each year is different but is hopeful the last 4 games of last will carry over to this season.

    I know you and gay ass Schill is tickled with Andy blowing mormon smoke up your Anuses, but real fans aren’t buying it.

  • Songs I don’t understand how you can complain about the eagles hiring Castillo because of lack of experience but them demand they bring someone else in to coach the LBs who has even less coaching experience. At least be consistent bro.
    There are no sure things at safety in the draft this year. If we upgrade our DL and LBs I think we will be ok. There’s no team with studs at every position. And if I had to pick one area of my D to be mediocre it’d probably be at Safety. Am I crazy?

  • concrete – no you’re not crazy. Songs is. Good post

  • Songs, you’re a FOOL to worry about what the team says. This is going to blow your mind, but LAST YEAR IS OVER.

    This is a new season, and if you have to change a bunch of players to win a superbowl, then look at the Giants – they looked crapy for 1.75 seasons – that other .25 percent? That other .25 percent was barely making the playoffs, then a playoff run, and a superbowl victory.

    So by using logic and sense, you have no reasonable point to suggest that the Eagles can’t succeed this season. And you’re pointing to last season or anything else in the past is useless.

    I know you’re incapable of understanding that, but in case of a miracle, there you go…

  • Doubt we will go safety early in this draft. I say give the youngsters a chance and bring in Bell. If they draft Barron however, I can see what they are thinking because he is a player.

    I expect Nate Allen to step up this year and play better. I also liked what I saw out of Jarrett at the end of the season.

  • Thanks Schil. Hey I was just thinking about the good ole days on gcobb.com. I’m sure some of you vets remember the Mikemikemike, phillywill wars of yesterday. Who can forget Mikey’s rabid anti-semitism and phillywills blind allegiance to D. Mcnabb. Ahhh good times. Lol

  • Songs – your opinions are yours – they are 99% wrongs and you are an asshole –

    I don;t need to compare you to Drummer Winslow or any other low life douche that constantly comes on here and does nothing but complain, whine and bitch – got it – its who you are – Schiller is Schiller and he is more then capable (as is any three year old) in handling you in a battle of wits – are you such a pussy you need to drag him into our conversation? Does bringing Schill in make you lame ass weak hypotheis more correct?

    What do I think of anything bad that happens to the eagles – I think it sucks you retard – what the what else is there to think – what do I think about Seattle and Arizona – we lost games we should have won – what else is their to think you stupid shit? Really – what else is there to think

    But again, other then the long ass list of what went wrong last year – rehashed for the 157th time – what in your posts showed anything other then exactly what I said in the first post –

    Getting trotter to be the LB coach is based on nothing other then what you pull out of your ass? And as 99% of the feces that drops from you is wrong – why should I or anyone think you have the slighest freakin clue what you are talking about – tha’s it – you can’t tapdance, twist or try to ask 50 questions around that – YOU HAVE NOTHING to back that up – NOTHING

    And Lurie was/is correct in his quote (funny how you constantly belittle and mock the guy, then quote him) – but as usual (right up there with the gold standard quote) morons like you take it out of context and twist it to fit your bitchy personalities –

    he said to take the last 4 games and say that that puts the eagles on the same level as the Patriots or Saints based upon the last 4 games was fool’s gold – I did not compare the Eagles to the Saints, Patriaots or Steeler – I simply said the LBs played better the last 4 games – which – I do think, were AFTER the Seattle and Atlanta game – it takes good coaches to keep a team properly motivated when they are 4-8 –

    now the eagles have made some changes – new secondary coach – new MLB, got rid of some people, Justice, Laws, Brown, Vince Young –

    instead of being a chronic BITCH why don’t we see where the team stands after the draft… that’s waht a rational person would do – see what happens with Asante, Free Agency – bitching about guys that are going to be back – why – to make yourself feel better?

    but two important things pop up in your dig at Castillo being the first DC to lose 4/5 games

    1) You are nothing more then a whiney bitch (which we all know)
    2) You know nothing about football

    cause it takes a TEAM to win or lose a football game – Did the O move the ball, score points, have long sustained drives, did they convert key 3rd and 4rth down plays and not turn the ball over….. hmmm

    did the Special teams break any big plays, create a monster turnover, flip field position…. ummmmm.

    but it completely shows how you think that ‘Castillo’ lost those games

    but the most offensive comment you made was to refer to yourself as a real fan – you are a bandwagon jumping bitch – nothing more, nothing less –

  • Really…We’re down to arguing LB Coaches ….LMAO

  • my favorite was ol Reggi Dio – that dude came unhinged at everything – he made Dcar look calm and relaxed…

  • I’m on board guys with my finds and toes crossed.

    I hope Nate Allen be what he never was with the Eagles…(Before the injury getting ran over and torched, turned around by QB faking him out of position.)

    I hope Graham come back after a couple years with a major injury and be better than JPP with the GMen.

    I’m hoping Jarrett get on the field and play up to 2nd round potential, even though experts had him rated 4th to 5th round at best because his lack of speed.

    I hope the Eagles will draft a defensive player in the 1st round that actually makes an impact and not hold a roster spot because the team doesn’t want to admit they made another serious error in talent evaluation.


  • Oh snap I forgot about Reg. yes he was funny too.

  • Ahhh, I love GCOBB.com — where Eagles fans fight with Eagles fans just because we’re Eagles fans.

  • Now – Songs – you don’t need to do that – just hold your breath or stick your head in a boucket of water – go ahead – start now

  • Whatever happened to PhillyWill? That sob posted his number on here one time like he was hard and when I called him he started ranting about how hard he was but never showed up to where I told him to meet me at. F’n chump

  • BoB – passes the time! What else is there to do till the draft other then this? I used to have to pick on Cowboy Redskin and Giant fans – but most of them are not as down on the eagles as songs

  • Birdo, would we be Eagles fans if we didn’t? Our passion/anger know no bounds. We eat our young round here. Dig in!

  • REally – you actually called the guy – wasn’t he the one that had like a street corner he would tell everyone to go to?

  • wow, this sounds like a high-school reunion..

  • Birdo you and I both know “Real Gangstas move in Silence”. Nuff said.

  • @Schil, This is what happens when eagles fans are bored at work on a Friday. Lol.

  • seriously

  • PhillyWill may have been over the top sometimes, but nobody is worse than Songs and Paulman. I’ve NEVER seen two guys that are supposedly FANS of a team DEGRADE them so much.

  • brovo Bob-o

  • really schill – new topic – go look at a picutre of the owner of the Jags – does he now look like a middle eastern version of Ron jeremy – I new the stuff was going mainstream but damn!

  • Oh yeah, that guy is a trip. I have a hard time believing that Jacksonville will still have a team by 2020.

  • LAst one – I have to go ref in what is probably going to be a 25mph rainstorm tonight – about 55 degrees out – my chance to whine!

  • I like coleman, I think he can be a player. I think allen can be a player too as far as interceptions go. He is a little soft when it comes to hitting and tackling.

  • I would draft another “young” safety unless he is a stud. The youth of the player already does us no good. Hart was coming off an injury and before that as a rookie he looked damn good. He played better towards the end of last year. Coleman makes plays and he hits and that’s what you ask for. I get how we are as Eagles fans and certain plays get burned inour minds like the Cruz play or the falcons game but he was all over Tony G’s who made a HOF catch. We also learned what kind of a freak Cruz is. Us Coleman a world beater? No but we gave watched teams win superbowl with saftet’s that won’t light the world on fire. Jarret should be abke to fill in for a week or two incase he is needed while ge gets up to speed. I think the Saftey’s get a bad rap bc Page was so horrible. That guy almost made me break my TV he was the absolute worst saftey I seen in Eagle green since Blain Bishop in the NFC championship game vs the Bucs. They could use a veteran but he cannot be a weak journeyman like Page.

  • Nate Allen is a good palyer, I statedat the start of last season that he nowhere near 100% and had no business playing the first 3-4 weeks since he was about t 80% healthy but the Eagles were desperate at Safety spot with the overmatched Jarrett, new player in Page and Coleman that Allen was about the only option.. Remember that Allen suffered a Knee injury in late 2010 and with the lockout and short summer camp, Allen never had a real rehab-offseason as a Pro Yet.. I think we will see a more confident and a much better and consistent player in Nate Allen for 2012

  • Nate allen was soft as babyfood.. but at the end of the season “the speed bump” lmfao wasnt getting ran over as much …..

  • Navy, that’s a lie, he can’t hold a candle to my rants. LOL! BoB, don’t you love the internet gangsters? When you call them out, they turn back into the sackless Nancy’s, that they are. I called a few of the @$$clowns on here’s bluff. The tune changed real quick. LMFBO!!

  • If anyone want to know about Nate Allen…just put on the Titan’s game which was well before his injury in his rookie year.

    That’s the Nate Allen you get against a veteran QB.

  • breaking news mary kay cabot of the cleveland plain dealer is reporting that the rams and eagles are looking to trade-up to the number 4th pick in the draft. my guess is it has to be for the quarterback out of texas a&m. we all know andy reid loves quarterbacks but here’s the thing i thought this was an all out year for andy. i don’t know about you guys but ryan tannehill is not that good to be the 4th pick in the draft.

  • Songs, way to prove your ignorance. Nate did sturggle in that game, but in most if not all cases, the bad plays ocurred when his role was to compensate for some of the worst pro cornerback play in the history of the game, vursus a very talented, physically imposing WR. It had nothing to do with a vet QB, who wasn’t throwing at nate. He was a rookie and charged with covering for shitty cb play on the part of a vet cb. You sir have it all wrong there. a rook isn’t supposed to play well when his vet cb plays GOD AWFUL COVERAGE in front of him. It would be nice if he had, but those were plays that were supposed to be made by the cb.

  • If anyone wants to know about Songs’ lack of understanding football…just put on the titans game from TWO YEARS AGO, in which songs tries to SUM UP a young nfl player by ONE GAME in which as a ROOKIE, he performed poorly in the role of covering up for shittastic vertarn cb play on his side of the field.

  • Schill….why was the CB play so horrible against the Titans? Who idea was it to let or starting Safety and Cornerback walk?

    What about the plays in which Britt lined up inside to go against Allen and avoid the Corner play with Slants and go’s inside?

  • Songs trying to change the subject. Being an evasive fool. Trying to say one game in a rookie season. If you only had a brain…

  • That was the game that everyone started to ask what is wrong with Ellis Hobbs? Is he injured or did he get hurt? Hobbs got burnt pretty bad that game. He actually did get hurt and didn’t tell the coaches and continued to play. Not saying Nate Allen played well that game but he was not solely responsible for Kenny Britt having a career game.

  • “In this week’s episode of…”


    He’s morbidly obese and can not lead by example, if the example is
    to be in the best shape possible to perform as a professional….

    Great stuff Bob…What about next week’s show!

    Don’t miss next week’s exciting episode, when we take an in depth look into the Heart of a champion…

    Does it exist a man who usually takes one to two years to admit a mistake


    Should we take “THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES” approach.
    And kiss the man’s rear, year after year…You Decide!!!

    Plus we will release the world premiere video by CEE LO

    13 years and no championship…FORGET YOU.

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