• May 27, 2022

Asante Samuel Is Saying All The Right Things Now

Do you remember when Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel went off in the Birds locker room and said the front office was playing fantasy football with the owner Jeffrey Lurie’s money?  Well that Asante Samuel no longer plays for the Birds.

Samuel was at the Eagles first off season workout at the Nova Care Complex today and his attitude has changed dramatically.  He’s praising the organization despite the fact that they’re trying to ship him out of town.

“You have to pay attention,” he said in an interview with PhiladelphiaEagles.com. “Any time your name comes up, of course you’re going to pay attention. It’s my future. I’m not going to dwell on it or whatever, but I just know the Eagles’ main focus is to win a Super Bowl, and I think I’m an important part of that, so we’ll see how it goes.”

“Of course, I love it here,” Samuel said. “This is my home. I’ve never been to a place that I love more than Philadelphia. So it’s up to management. I want to be here. I’ve always voiced that opinion. It’s up to them.”

The Eagles left cornerback has definitely changed his tune.  It’s probably because he wants the Eagles front office to either keep him here or workout a trade so that he can keep his contract intact.

Like Samuel or not, the guy has been very productive during his time with the Birds.  He’s made the Pro Bowl three times and picked off 25 passes during his four years.

More importantly, Samuel has made big plays in big games.  He picked off key passes in consecutive weeks in the Eagles last trip to the NFC Championship game.

I don’t think he will be wearing an Eagles uniform in 2012, but he’s one of the few Eagles who has performed up to his contract.



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  • QUICK count how many PLAYMAKERS this team has? ready? go………. I counted 1 and his name happens to be Asante Samuel.

  • And I mean on DEFENSE not offense.

  • Previewing for a new Team, I am not sure what everyone expects him to say..
    He knows his time is up in PHilly and he is a Professional and will present himself as best as he can knowing the 2 weeks are crucial for his career if the Eagles can work out a trade for him, it’s in his best interest to put his best face forward right now.. We have all indentified teams teams who are in need of a CB (Titans,Vikings,Falcons,TB Bucs,Panthers,Browns,Dolphins,Cowboys and many others) If he goes about pouting and playing the victim, and some of these teams draft young CB ‘s early in the Draft then he knows that market will get that much smaller for him and if he’s released after Draft weekend, then he will be looking at a substantial paycut to hook up with another Team.

  • I hope we keep him. I love Asante’s game. Does it have flaws? Of course. Every player has flaws. But his strengths out-weigh his flaws.

  • Bird dont be deceived man. He wants to get paid and to stay at the current deal he has so he can get that 10mil this yr. I wanted him gone a month a go. And now hes playing good citizen on his way out. He cant stop what is the inevitable. He will be traded, if not traded a flat out release. I mean they could restructure his cureent deal but i doubt asante would be wiling to do that with the birds.. hes a goner

  • eagles(dont)suck – I can beat your 1. Cole, Babin, Jenkins, Landri, Ryans, Samuel.

    One could also certainly argue Asomugha, Coleman, and Rolle – as guys who have been playmakers in the past/and/or are on the brink of being playmakers.

    If you don’t consider sacks, tackles for loses, and big hits to be ‘plays’ then you don’t know football.

    But seriously, nice try.

    Now tell me this, the NY giants won the superbowl. How many playmakers on D did they have? (now first use your criteria where a playmaker has to be an interception guy only – then use mine).

    I expect your answers promptly, none of that crawl away with your tail between your legs bullshit

  • and don’t give me “they only made plays against weak offenses/bad Qbs” because guess what, the NFL is usually about half full of weak O’s and bad Qbs, so they’ll be on the schedule no doubt.

  • One of last yeras biggest mistakes among many was not Trading him during SUmmer Camp once they Traded for DCR and SIgned Asmo.. Niether player felt comfortable with him and probably still don’t.. The lack of moving him set in motion the entire debacle with went on on the Defensive Side of the ball the first 4-6 weeks of last season.. Players didn’t trust each other, Players didn”t trust the Coaches and Coaches didn’t even trust each other which was a recipe for disasater which is exactly what we saw out of the entire Defensive unit until mid to late season..

  • Schill is Trent Cole a game changer? is Babin a game changer? I dont know.. They’re good but I dont know if I can place them in the game changer category. And as far as my Name goes if I could change it I would. When I first signed up on this site I never expected to be commenting as much as I do. These articles are not very good but the comments keep this site interesting.

  • Uh I don’t know…there were so many “journalists” that said DeSean Jackson was done and that he was as good as gone before he got a 5 year contract that I’m starting to believe that all of the “He’s gone…” comments are basically here to bait people into reading articles and responding. I mean look at DRC’s stat’s over the last three years and look at Samuel’s stats. There’s no way anyone could claim to be improving your team by swapping these two guys unless you like the idea of DRC escorting ball carriers to the end zone in an effort to avoid contact.

  • eagles(dont) – I like your summation of this site – well put.

    But you just pulled trick #1 on the gcobb BS list –

    Evade by changing your words when busted

    “Playmaker” => “Game Changer”

  • I could see the EAges Trading DCR and keeping Samuel very easily..
    DCR is in his final contract Seasons and will want a big COntract next off-season though he has shown very little to me that he deserves a big long-term deal but some team will pay him…
    He’s from Bradenton,FL and I believe that we could very well see a Trade to the Titans or TB Bucs for their 2nd Round Pick which I would take in a heartbeat.. I think DCR is as big a fraud as QB Kolb is and that neither one are really NFL Starting Caliber players in my opinion..

  • remember the Amoun of Posters (Jon HArt included) who stated and really though the CArds were going to trade their Top Pick Patrick Peterson for Kolb… Some of you guys crack me up.. Now Peterson is a playemaker, game changer and the Cards dumped their crap (DCR) on the EAales just like the Easgles did with Kolb on the Cardinals so they cancel each other out.. The best part of that deal was this years 2nd Round (#46 Overall) and the Eagles need to nail it but will probably use id on 28 year old QB Brandon Weekend from Oklahoma State.. In Coach AR ‘s mind, he traded a QB last year and got a QB back in the deal with that 2nd Round Pick for this is how te man thinks when it comes to Draft Time and that he’s playing with house money in those extra picks..

  • The real prob with trading Samuel is that leaves us with DRC as a starting corner. Guy is lazy. Unreliable. And doesn’t have a good rep in NFL circles. “Zona fan was not upset to see him go.

    Despite Asante’s flaws (well documented). I’d prefer they trade away DRC and Keep Samuel.

  • For all the folks that wank constantly about the Defensive drafting of the birds – a little tidbot from Peter King – probably the best NFL writer alive:

    Amazing the bust factor at linebacker in the last 10 years. Brandt tipped me onto this, and he’s absolutely right: Look at the top 10 picks in the draft from 2001 to 2010. Six have been linebackers (if you count Terrell Suggs as a defensive end). The six are A.J. Hawk, Ernie Sims, Keith Rivers, Jerod Mayo, Aaron Curry and Rolando McClain. One of the six has made a Pro Bowl — Mayo — and he’s made just one. Rivers was traded to the Giants for a pittance of a fifth-round pick on Friday. Curry was dealt from Seattle to the Raiders for a seventh-rounder last year. The Eagles gave up a fifth-round pick for Sims in 2010; he’s an unsigned free agent now. Hawk and McClain have been pedestrian at best in Green Bay and Oakland, respectively.

    One Pro Bowl linebacker picked in a decade in the top 10 of the draft. Contrast that to defensive linemen: Twenty-six were picked in the top 10 of the draft from 2001 to 2010 — obviously counting Suggs as a defensive end — and those 26 have made 29 Pro Bowls.

    Makes me rethink Kuelchy at 15?

  • Wow great find navy that does say a lot.

  • Might be able to get more for drc, so offer A.S. 7 mill, and extend for two more years if he retires as a eagle, draft a corner and let AS HELP groom him.
    we really have to have him, we cant float to a super bowl with holes in the ship

  • YEAH, he was a big game changer, with those BIG 3 interceptions he had last year, HUH EaglesSucks? He gave up 5 times as many plays in the red-zone, his gambles & missed tackles. Give me a break! BTW, WTF are commenting on the Eagles, when you immediately hate them & are a Giants fan? Go blog on your other sites you go to. HE IS GONE! His Agent has told him to keep his Big mouth shut & play the good soldier, because he knows if he is unable to get traded, he get’s released & gets $0 of his $10.5M, that he is owed this year, & that he will get nowhere near that much on the market. Don’t you guys get that! GEESH!!! Don’t let the door spank you on the way out, Mesante. Go with what we have & draft another mid rounder, with a high ceiling. Good riddance!!!

  • Navy, that’s why we’ve been saying DT, DE first & LB in the 2nd/ 3rd & 4th. I think we need to stick to that plan, because this draft is deep in DT, DE & OLB’s. We don’t need another MLB. Why would we waste #15 on another MLB, when he clearly isn’t going to play over Ryans. I surely don’t want Square peg in round hole Reid, drafting & changing a player’s position again, for the umpteenth time! DAMN, THAT’S PROBABLY GOING TO HAPPEN. I can see it now at the presser…… EHHMM, we drafted Luke, & he is going to be a special LB for us, he is a smart, versatile kid & can step right in at SAM for us. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • Asante may have not had his best year last season but Nnamdi & DRC certainly didn’t have their best seasons either. Nobody in the Eagles secondary played well last season. Asante was probably the best cover corner on the team last year. Ya his INT’s were down and he still doesn’t tackle but none of the other corners on the team can tackle either. The only reason I could see the Eagles riding with DRC at the starting left corner this season and trading away Samuels is the $9 mil cap hit he will cost and the fact DRC is 4 to 5 years younger than him. None of the top 3 corners were good at playing the Nickle corner position last season and it seems as though the team would like to make a change there. All that said take away the Eagles letting Dawkins go and they have been pretty good with letting players go or trading players away that they feel are at the end of their careers. You can’t take away the fact that Samuels along with Trent Cole Have been the biggest playmakers on this defense for the past 4 seasons. If Asante is done here in Philly than I gotta agree with G… He was absolutely worth what they paid him for.

  • “I don’t think he will be wearing an Eagles uniform in 2012, but he’s one of the few Eagles who has performed up to his contract.” …G. Cobb

    Yes Samuels has lived up to his contract. He was bought here to create turnovers and he has done it.

    It’s no coinsidence that his performance has gone down with the addition of a buffoon for defensive coordinator.

    Jamar Chaney proved he could play, when he took over for Steward Bradley and doubled the tackle per game output at the MLB position.

    The Eagles need defensive coaches more than they need players.

    Andy Reid’s soft offer to a former superbowl winning defensive coordinator will be his undoing.

    Sorry. Scratch that last sentence. As long as Jeffrie Loser is making a ton of money, we may have Andy Reid for another 13 unlucky years.

  • @ DCAR. You talk alot a shit against Asante. How many ints did Asomugha have last year and how many TDs did he give up? Lets not pick and choose when its convienient. Wanna go on resume with DRC and Aso against Asante? He has about 40 more ints in his career then both of them combined. Wanna talk about tackling? Pssst he tackles better than Aso and DRC. Isnt that something. Hell hes the best CB on the team if you wanna get honest about it. Be very careful about who you wanna keep and get rid of. Hell we should be talking about who should go between DRC and ASO to be honest with you.

  • Mistake #1 last Off-Season was the signing of CB Asmo
    Eagles should have signed the more physical Carlos Rodgers who ended up with a Pro-Bowl Season with the 49ers..Rodgers is a much more physical and excellent in the Red-Zone where the Eagles has struggled as a Secondary for the last 5 Season..Rodgers also played with the Redskins for 4-5 Season so there was no learning curve of knowing NFC oppoenents,WR’s and QB that Asmo clearly struggled with
    All water under the bridge now..

  • dagg, my problem with him is obvious, he isn’t physical at all & is a locker room, cancerous, delusional, egotistical, punk. He isn’t a team player. Has repeatedly, refused to adjust his game, to help the team. Go ask B Dawk & Sheldon Brown, our last 2 DF leaders, how great of a team-mate he is. I agree that Aso & DRC struggled last year, but is it their fault that brain damaged Castillo played them out of position all year? NO! Is it their fault that
    they weren’t press covering the WR’s? NO! Get these facts in your head. He is 32, he has lost a step, he tackles like a matador, is a cancer, not a team player, is Mesante first & is due $9.9M 2012 & $11.4M 2013, plus incentives. They also have to see what they have in DRC, in his final year. NOT HAPPENING! HE’S GONE!

  • Wow. Ok ok DCar Im sorry Asante sucks. Is a bad teammate and should never of been in the NFL I get it. So DRC and Aso sucked because of the D-cord but Asante was different. So Aso and DRC couldnt tackle because of Juan. hmmmm. When did you talk to Sheldon and Dawk for thier opinion on Asante? Aso for 100 million dollars you would think he could play in any coverage or atleast be able to tackle or atleast be compitent on playing a ball in the air. When Victor Cruz made Asomo his bitch it had nothing to do with Juan. Hmmmm its Juans fault. lmao.

  • Didn’t talk to anybody. I know how to read & listen. It was well stated/ published by Peter King, NFL network, WIP, both of our newspapers, Bleacher report & even by G Cobb, on here, if I’m not mistaken. There’s a few more I’m forgetting, but I think I’ve made my point. BTW, it IS your DF Coordinator’s fault when he plays the entire freaking DF, out of freaking position. Isn’t he the one who by his own admittance said he misplayed both Aso & DRC, also said all of the LB’s & safeties were interchangeable parts. How did all that work out for him, genius? ALSO, before they got here, Aso was a premiere shutdown press cover CB, & DRC was a young Pro Bowl CB. I guess they just forgot how to play, HUH!? Did you ever watch football before, or are you just a Mesante loven, loyalist?

  • Dcar- you are flat out wrong. Asam may be gone but he has been a HUGE player for us for years.

    as far as the DC- im with ya…. i wanted him out- clearly he’s clueless.

  • about being a punk and such- he’s a hired gun. everyone knows it. He talks but everyone knows who he is. They know he’s not a leader like that. BUT….. if you listen to the players…… he works hard. Pushes himself and others. and goes and gets the ball. I think its time to move on from him but he did play hard for us for years. Lets not slam the man. I was at that vikes playoff game…. he won that with the int for a return.

  • P man mistake #1 last year was choosing to make Juan Castillo the new Defensive coordinator!

  • No argument there Stevo..
    They should have hired that young guy from the Saints (Dennis Allen) who as a DC in his 1st Season, heelped revamp the Bronco’s Defense into a pretty good unit (With help from John FOx) and now is the HC of the Raiders..
    Was watching the NFL Channeel last evening and heard lots of positive things about DT Bunkley who they all stated had his best season as a Pro last year adn was a very good signing for the Saints and who should flourish under new DC Spags attach schemes.. I stated last off-season before the Patterson injury and before the Bunkley trade, that Patterson was the one to move and trade and that Bunkley had much more upside and especailly could have flourished under Coach Washburn but never got the chance ..
    Schiller in fact still busts me about this, but I still say the Bunkley was the one to keep in Silver & Green and now with Patterson’s injury/condition, the Eagles are stuck with Patterson who has little trade value due to his brain surgery… Another mistake by the Front Office…

  • Anyone that says signing Asmoghua was a mistake is just an idiot. I’m done here.

  • Lst Year’s Paulman’s Wish list Free Agency wise
    CB Carlos Rodgers, SS Dwan Landry and MLB Steven Tulloch..
    Eagles could have signed all 3 for what they ended up signing and paying for CB Asmo and WR Steve Smith for…
    Anyone who thinks CB Asmo was a Top CB last season doesn’t know how to evaluate Football and I don’t care who the Coaches or schemes are..
    The guy simpley doesn’t know how to play the ball versus the reciver onces it in the air and especailly on deep patterns of more than 20-25 yards, he was embarrasing to watch in my opinion as a former CB.. He mis-times his leaps, he loses the projectory of the ball and has terrible hands …what a waste he was…

  • I find it hard to believe that a lot of you are still hung up on last year’s offseason, woulda coulda shoulda/ I wish they’d have…..


  • Paulman, you are an idiot on this site and most of us knowledgeable fans agree on this. You spew out so much BS, that when you do actually make a point, you won’t get any credit for it.

    Take a guy that has played his entire career in man coverage and give him a couple weeks to learn an ENTIRELY new system and expect him to still be “lockdown” is just idiotic.

    Even then, when Nnamdi was placed in man to man situations, he was EXTRAORDINARY.

    Quick example, in the Patriots game, while HURT, he single-handedly took Rob Gronkowski OUT of the game. Once the lead became insurmountable however, they took Nnamdi out of the game.

    That’s just one of the things this guy does. He can take ANY receiver out of a game if he plays them from the snap of the ball. Period.

    Occasionally he might slip, fall, miss a tackle on that receiver, but that happens to the best of them.

    I expect Nnamdi to shut alot of idiots up this year.

  • I hope he does but still believe he will go down as the worst, most overhyped Free-Agent Signing in recent times in the NFL and especially for the Eagles..

    I think he played 1 very strong game from beginning to end and that was the Sunday evening Cowboy game on Halloween weekend.. Outside of that game he was no better than the CB he replaced in Dmitri Paterson in my opinion

  • Well you’re wrong 99.9 percent of the time, so the fact that you think he’s is the most overhyped free agent signing means that he will be the complete opposite of that and quite possibly the BEST free agent signing ever! GOOD JOB P-MAN!

  • “most overhyped Free-Agent Signing in recent times in the NFL” (in reference to Nnamdi – stated after 1 season of a multi year contract)


    Haynesworth, every time TO moved to a new team, Ochocinco to the Pats, MANNING THIS YEAR….it goes on and on

    Paul loves playing the ‘rile up REAL eagles fans’ game.

  • Going back to Samuels… Found some interesting stats on him on profootballfocus.com
    Comp % when being targeted – Asante Samuel 47.5 % the 8th highest rating in the NFL. Darrel Revis was 1st with 41.2%
    Asante was targeted 61 times for only 29 completions

    Opposing QB rating when targeting Samuels 52.5 good enough for 2nd best in the NFL right behind Darrel Revis.

    Here is the link to the website

  • pman- Paterson? really? wow- overstated by a mile. nnamdi for sure had a rough year but wow are you wrong. No doubt Fat Al was the biggest bust on that front.

  • Ocho and Haynesworth were not highly paid and were basically brought in as rotational players by the Patriots last year. Now Hayneworth original deal and time with the Redksins was the biggest flop, with Asmo not far behind as second and probably Javon Kearse a close 3rd followed by Darren Howard a close 4th.. The Eagles have had their share or poor signings in Free-Agency when you tihnk about Vince Young, Steve Smith, Ronnie Brown, Safeties Blaine BIshop, Jarrod Page, Sean Jones,

  • Paul, your meds…. you clearly have forgotten them again.

    There have been MANY overrated free agent signings in the NFL recently, and for you to suggest that the only ones that didn’t work out well besides Fat al to Washington where all Eagles moves is 100% BULLCRAP

    Darren Howard and Kerse were productive players for the Eagles.

    Nnamdi is incomparable to all the other examples because he’s STILL ON THE TEAM HE SIGNED WITH. You’re trying to state that he was a bust of a free agent signing compared to the hype. Well listen you knumbskull – none of the hype around Nnamdi was under the misconception that they only signed him and paid him for the 2011 season. But you’re argument hinges on that falsehood.

    Again, meds. Water. Sleep – you’re clearly lacking something today.

  • Songs, please summon your boyfriend to North Carolia to sit on Paulman!!!

    Ok scratch that, I don’t wish death on anybody who posts on this site. but…..

  • In case of confusion, by songs’ boyfriend I meant burfict

  • Burfict is probably the only potential NFL Draftee that is slower than me… Good Greif already…

  • Schill, you talk about meds, & then say in the same breath that Kearse & Howard were productive. Maybe you ought to borrow some of Pauls meds, because you clearly require them too. What did both of them produce, other than withdraw receipts from their banks & stops on the injury report lists? Is just getting on the field, considered production to you? Dude, you clearly have NO CLUE, about what you ever speak about. Why do you continually embarrass yourself. Howard averaged 23 tackles, 5.6 sacks in 4 years & was mediocre. Kearse averaged 18 tackles, 5.5 sacks in 4 years & was a waste & the worst FA signing of the Reid era. Mediocre stiffs. That’s not production in my book. My I’m wrong?

  • BTW, those stats were for ENTIRE SEASONS, not games! Just in case you didn’t understand.

  • This is garbage….Why give Falcons the tools they need to make to the SB with our best Corner from last season?

    Find out what deal Asante will be wiling to sign in a trade and give it to him..trade DRC’s garbage ass or you’ll regret it!

    Asante is better than DRC in coverage and they both shy away from contact.

    DRC is in the last year of his contract so ship him to Atlanta so we can complete 68% of our passes against him, if we run into them in the Playoffs.

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