• December 2, 2021

Eagles Hosting CB Janoris Jenkins And Scheduling Visit For DT Jerel Worthy

The Eagles are still busy at work, trying to evaluate top prospects and in some cases take a closer look at them.

Michigan State defensive tackle Jerel Worthy told former Washington Redskins GM and current NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly that the Eagles call him to set up him for a visit to Philadelphia.  Worthy has been rising on some draft boards because teams don’t want to get caught getting fooled by NFL Combine performances.

Worthy is quick as a cat and does a great job of getting penetration into offensive backfields.  I’m confident the Birds will select a defensive tackle with their first pick, but the big question is which one will it be.

Speedy cornerback Janoris Jenkins of North Alabama is in town today visiting the Eagles according to Richard Vicchiano of the New York Daily News.  Jenkins is a cornerback with great ability but he played for North Alabama this year because Florida kicked off the team.  Jenkins had gotten in trouble with the law for a number of times.

A guy like Jenkins might be on the board much later than he should be because of his legal troubles.  This would allow the Birds to grab him late which would be a great value pick for the Birds.   Everybody knows they’re going to let go of Asante Samuel, so it would be a bad thing to bring in another cornerback.


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  • Asante reported to camp today. These are not mandatory there voluntary. This may mean that he is eager to stay with the birds and willing to adjust his play in order to remain or the team or he may be trying to speed the trading process up. Alot of possibilities.

  • I’d be very happy if both these guys became Eagles. Cox is my first preference at DT, but Worthy is a very close 2nd in my eyes. Both Cox and Worthy fit the UT role in Washburn’s wide 9 – we already have 3 strong at NT – Patterson, Landri, Dixon. But the penetrating pass rushing DT, they UT, all we have that’s natural there is Jenkins – great, but aging and needs a backup. Worthy is PERFECT for Wash’s scheme.

    Janoris Jenkins – the legal stuff seemed to be mostly pot – not a big deal in the pros if he smartens up a bit. They know when to drink the right product, or just flat out lay off the weed for a short time period/how to work the system. We all know many NFL players smoke pot, and it doesn’t seem to harm them athletically. Otherwise, there’s issues with him getting women pregnant – certainly not honorable or smart… but it hasn’t stopped MANY NFL players from having very good NFL careers. I just like him as a player enough to look past those issues personally….

  • DL Coach Washburn reportedly had a private workout with Fletcher Cox
    down at Miss State within the last week or so.. Word is that Washburn came away very impressed about the player and the young man himself…

    Jenkins is another with a few strikes against him and not just marijuana either, Had Discipline Issues and Academic/Schoolwork issues while down at Florida, Missing team meetings, etc, etc… Maybe he’s matured but Jenkins, though very talented, does not fit the Eagle Profile.. In fact the Detroit LIions who are desperate for some young quality CB’s have publicly stated that he is off their Draft Board entirely..
    Say what you want about off the field behavoirs, but Teams are a lot more conscious and have little wiggle room about bringing players into their Organization who do not fit their Teams Goals,Personalities and what they want to represent them as a Player..
    Many team recently have really cleaned up their locker rooms of players with questionalble backgrouns.. Even look that the COwboys, Panthers who in recent seasons have cut the chord with some questionable character players..

  • J.Jenkins is a flat out stud and probably the best corner in the draft based solely on ability. Its nuts when you think about how much money this guy has cost himself…gave millions away for getting high…However, if this guy is on the board with our 2nd pick in the 2nd round I would take him. (hoping that we got Barron or Cox and a linebacker with the first 2 picks). He would have easily been a top 10 pick in this passing league.

  • Not to mention Jenkins already has 4 kids from 3 different women…lol…stay away!!

  • I’m the last person to care about what these guys do off the field…its all about ability on the field and whether you can help the Birds win games. Like people already mentioned, all his drug violations have to do with pot. A college kid smoking pot is not the end of the world to me…the 4 children with all the different mothers seems worst in my opinion..maybe he just has a lot of love to give to the world i dunno…but Im sure Paulman would be up to the task of being their personal babysitter…it would give him a couple of new so-called EAgles sources to add to his wacky mind

  • pheags, not sure I’d trust any kids to Paulman’s care. He’s probably nice enough, but last time I checked, childcare requires the person to not be glued to a computer or mirror all his waking life…

  • I would take jenkins in the second round, he is a little bit of a problem. But he can ball and he is a bad boy. You need some of them on your team, a whole team of choir boys in football will get you 8-8.

  • Michael Irvin stayed high it didn’t stop him from winning championships and making the hall of fame. LOL

  • Per my sources in the Eagles’ janitorial department, Duce Staley met with Lamar Smith this morning and came away very impressed. Duce also has started the atkins diet.

  • I would draft Jenkins in the second round with one condition. That he has an irreversible vasectomy prior to signing a contract. 🙂

  • lol too much baby mama drama with jenkins at the nova care complex. Where my check at lol

  • Don’t care how much love you have, you should be wrapping it up

  • jenkins is the 2nd best corner in the draft to me behind claibourn

  • I come on this site everyday to catch up on Eagles News, I love the commentary from paulman’s outrageous predictions to Jon Hart with his second hand “Breaking news”, but the one guy who really pisses me off is songs, he is the most negative eagles fan in the world, but you gotta have someone like that on every fan site.

  • As for the eagles draft I believe Eagles will actually stay at 15 and hope either coples falls or cox and if not they will try to trade back for more picks. I also see them picking up a qb like russel wilson or cousins in the 2 – 4th rd.

  • for Janoris Jenkins I take him in a heartbeat with my second rd pick, not worth a 1st rd pick, but definely 2. The guy is the most talented cover corner in the draft, and his weed smoking IDC what he does I just gotta have him play a good corner and return kicks. I just watched Ty hiltion highlights, the guy is explosive as D jack we gotta get him

  • The best thing I have seen today that Brandon Graham is focused and got back to his lean weight of 260, he has to have at least 7 sacks this year and a number of qb hurries to make this team next year

  • both players are 2nd round picks….Jenkins is falling because of character concerns….Worthy is an early to mid 2nd round talent

  • Still > Cox. Still just looks like the better “football” player. he gets in the backfield he is a team leader and a guy who just gets it. i dont usually like Penn St football players but this guy is not typical of the program. he got no real fan fair as a player but was quetly the best on the feild week in and week out. Cox to me at times looks the part but with no real impact for long stretches then you see something amazing from him. I joked about the way he looked in pads but seriously he doesnt past the eye test play in and play out. if we take Cox I will be on board bc Im an Eagles fan but i dont like his game. again we starting to sound pigeon held by “system” players instead of just taking who we think is the best guy. before was guys are too big for JJ “system” now its Washburn liked him in his “system”. just take the best guy so when Washburn leaves next year it wont matter.

  • Nu agree with you one hundred percent about stills, but bc of penn state reputation with bust over the years it is hurting him.

  • pheags88, you think he cost himself $$$ with his attitude & behavior? Wait until all the baby Momma’s come a callin! These stupid kids don’t know how to wrap it up. Just plain, ignorant & irresponsible behavior, with no self conscience, or care. I try to mentor a lot of these kids, to learn self control & responsibility, but it doesn’t sink in, the little head always out thinks the big one. Thank God my 3 oldest kids, listened. All 3 in college, with significant others, GF/BF, but are playing it safe. Told them, first give yourselves a chance, to etch your futures in stone, before putting yourselves in a hole & making family plans. Makes a Poppa proud. 🙂

    Meanwhile, back at the Batcave, I don’t want Jenkins (not at #15, with the other needs at LB, DT & SS). I really like Worthy. He’s 3rd on my me likey list. Cox- Brockers- Worthy- Still- Thompson. ALL FIT SPLENDID, IN THE WIDE 69.

  • pheags88, case & point for an example. Antonio Cromartie has 10 kids & counting, from 8 different women. WTF!! WOW!!! JUST WOW!!!!

  • Who was the former NBA player who played PF for Seattle Supersonics about 10-15 years ago for most of his career and then bounced around a few teams live the Cleveland Cavaliers who had a bunch of kids all over the Country

  • Just remembered it… Shawn Kemp..

  • I forgot about that dead-beat Paul. In my book, there is nothing worse than a man who doesn’t take responsibility for Fathering a child. Pure, dead-beat, scumbags. This is the reason why our societies youth are lost, don’t want to work, are lazy & are always in trouble. No Father figures in their lives. It’s a vicious circle that gets passed down generation to generation. Especially in the black community. Me for example, I had a junkie dead-beat Dad, but the only thing that saved me was having a Blessed Mom & 2 Grandfathers who stepped up. That’s the thing that saved me, because all my childhood boys are either dead, or in jail. Very sad to think about… 🙁

  • true that Dcar- and im happy you stayed away from that. God bless bro

  • Yes it is Dcar and kudo’s for beating the odds and it’s nice to hear that you
    had active Granparents and of course, a super Mom…well done..

  • Saw a mock today that had the eagles moving up to get Cox, then trading up again to get the TE from Stanford at 23 – then going RB/KR (running back from Floride?)

    Zilents – hang out – a few more of the moles will stick there heads up at the first sign of trouble.. too bad we can’t get those little beating sticks and play whack-a-mole with them – they are just resting ready to pounce on the draft –

    Cromarti just nixed a reality show for his 10 kids and 7 baby mommas and wife…. apparently the baby mommas are pissed they wanted the money – ever see the youtube of him when he was in san diego trying to name all his kids –

  • Wrong paul, Jon Hart not only mentioned that the eagles should trade for P Peterson, but i also said they may trade for DRC. Look at the records pal, im not hit or miss like you are haha..

  • Most of realisitc people already knew it was going to be DCR, only wishful thinkers drunk off Eagles Kool-aid like you, thought it was going to be Patrick Peterson.. I remember having to correct you many times to stop being so foolish that the Cards were never going to give up one of the Top Players in last Years Draft for Kolb…

  • All I know is DRC was torched on 3rd down 68% of the time by QB’s playing Arizona. He’s ass and the Eagles better not let Asante go.

    We sure up one side the Asmo then put a liability to replace Asante.

    You don’t improve downgrading a position. DRC is no where near the caliber of Asante Samuel and that’s with Asante’s weaknesses in mind.

  • Incorrect. Lets not get on the topic of correcting when your wrong 99% of the time and i have to correct you among others that correct you. Cmon man.. I was the first to even mention DRC to the birds on this site, you better check the records bruh

  • I guarantee a break out year from this secondary, specifically Nnamdi and DRC who will feel at home and comfortable after asante is gone. He would need to be gone from this team in order for them to flourish.. I wouldnt be shocked if they drafted a CB in this drafted, you never can have enough of them.

  • odd- hart and pman at it again, each trying to prove that they are the best of the fake reporters.

  • btw hart- i agree. this 2ndary will be much better this year.

  • Eagles Secondary over the last 2 Seasons has been the Worst in the NFL, so they only have 1 direction to go and that is up.. I do believe the Todd Bowles was an excellent hire and will help get the most of these players and also believe that Samuel has to go by Drafat Weekend or be released ..

  • This secondary will be good of Asante stay.

    Asante is hands down the better than DRC….right?

    So, why downgrade the position. Who cares if the Eagles have to pay the contract they agreed to.

    Keep the best talent and trade the lesser talent.

  • I actually might have to agree with Songs (shudder) on this one.

    DRC had a pretty bad rep coming out of Arizona. Lazy. Unmotivated.

    Last summer I was rollin’ with the family through Penn on the way to Deleware coast. Stopped in at TC for a while, show my kids what it was like etc. (new rules – mostly just walking around….not like TC of old)

    Anyway, long story short…the CBs were right in front of us, and there was DRC, goofin’ the entire time. Doing the “Robot” back to the huddle, constantly looking everywhere except at his coaches. Castillo and whoever the DB coach at the time barked at him to “get his head out of his ass” on more than one occasion. (My son was all, “dad the coach keeps saying bad words…”). Now, I don’t mind keepin a practice light, but he way overboard.

    Now, I bleieve this is a contract year for DRC, and so he may be one of those guys who suddenly has a career year, but I don’t have a lot of faith in DRC.

  • Oh, and of course the other highlight (for me) was my wife asking:

    “Which one is Vick?”
    I responded…”the Qb’s wear the red. He’s #7″
    To which she said, “Really? He’s tiny.”


  • Kolb tried to go where he could wear red every week in hopes he wouldnt get hit…. no go. Damaged goods- who would have thought? oh yea… almost all of us.

  • funny i saw Vick to on south street. He is a little dude and my wife said the same thing… draft a Big Qb his year.. See ya at the draft party..

  • JH, you have a lot of nerve saying Paul is wrong 99% of the time, when you are wrong, delusional & out of touch with reality, 100% of the time. What a world!!
    Mesante is gone folks, get it through your heads.

  • If Jenkins is there in the second round and I have an EXTRA pick, I take him. I totally pass on Worthy He brings noting that Mike Patterson doesn’t already bring to this team.

    Some are discribing this guy like he is really going to make an impact…No he isnt. He is Mike (stinkin) Patterson, and I don’t want him, he ‘s not dominant.

  • I’m on record that I want Dontari Poe. I take hoim over Worthy EVERY day of the week.

  • I pass on Dontari Poe and don’t even have him on my Board.. his tape is very unimpressive against very mediocre competition.. Poe has a real difficult time disengaging from blockers and finding the football. He pushes them back, gets them moving but can’t get off them to make any plays on the ball carrier in my opinion…and remember, he was not going up against NFL Caliber Talent Offensive Lineman playing for University of Memphis
    on the other hand, Fletcher Cox and J WOrthy and even D Still were going against talented players and qualiity O/Lines playing in the SEC and Big X Conferences
    If everyone thinks there is a DT similar to N Suh of the Lions in this Draft, you will be dissapointment.. SUh is once an every 10 Year type of Talent that arrives in NFL.. This Years Draft Class is very deep and versatile, but there are not any real game changers/play makers and I have stated since January that I like Fletcher Cox the best for his versatilty and his athleticism and think he fits the EAgles and Washburn Scheme’s better than the others..

  • Pman, I have been against drafting Poe also based on his performance on the field. But I have a different thought. From what I can determine, the Birds have been looking at most of the top DT’s in the draft, and they have been having Washburn get very involved in the workouts and has lengthy interviews with the players.

    What about this thought….say that Washburn senses from his interviews that in Poe he has a very similar player to Albert Haynesworth. We all know the success that he had with a young Haynesworth. I would feel better about the Birds taking Poe (who to this point I view as a combine star who really shows mid 2nd round ability on his college film) if Washburn is the one making the evaluations and believes that he can make this 1st round pick into a stud on our DL.

  • Paul, It is my opinion that he will be a better pro than college player, and if we don’t draft him….we’ll wished we did. Screw the tape, the man has potential to be much better with NFL Coaching. I wouldn’t draft Worthy. I draft Devon before I draft him, and I believe Devon’s career will be short lived because of his injuries.

    On the other hand Paul, I love Fletcher Cox. My props to you my friend. Wouldn’t mind them trading up for him only if they can get back into the first round for another #1, and I still draft Poe if he’s there.

  • My Top 3 DT’s in the Draft all off-season have been Fletcher Cox, Kendall Reyes & Derek Wolfe, I believe all 3 of these Players would fit very well with Washburn’s and the Eagles Schemes
    Having Washburn being directly involved with working out/interviewing potential candidtaes is smart and should alway be done and expecially with experienced Coaches like Washburn, Mudd and Bowles who would all have a better feel of what type of player fits better into their schemes and to just add to the overall players profile than what the Scouts/Personnel Dept would.
    You may see the Eagles Trade #15 and CB Samuel and maybe a 5th or 6th Round Round pick to the Jaguars for their #7th Overall Pick and then grab Fletcher Cox.. Cox will not last past Carolina at #9 or the KC Chiefs at #11 at the lated and I would not be surprised if Jeff Fisher from the SL Rams selects Fletcher Cox with the Overall #6th Pick and worrys about getting a WR in the 2nd Round.. Fisher has never been too concerned with big-name WR’s.. He wants that DL and OL rebuilt for the Rams first..

  • and GMCliff, I do think Poe can be a good NFL Player with good coaching and teammates around him but I still believe he is better suited for a 3-4 Scheme as a better NT than a DT in a Wide 9 Scheme … and I do value your opinion and analysis on prospective players… keep up the good work..

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