• January 22, 2022

Eagles Looking At Prospects To Replace Chad Hall?

I have all the respect in the world for Eagles versatile Chad Hall, because he’s gotten everything he could from his talent.  I think Hall is going to have the fight of his life to keep his job this summer because it seems that Andy Reid and Howie Roseman have targeted his position for an upgrade.

Hall is smart and tough, but he lacks the speed to truly be able to create the type of mismatches which Reid and Marty Mornhinweg love to create and feast off of.   Hall doesn’t fit in an offense with the speed of DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and LeSean McCoy.

The Birds have been taking close looks at draft prospects who could compete with him for his all-purpose role with the Birds.

Aaron Wilson of Scout.com is reporting that the Eagles worked out Tulsa diminutive all-purpose back Damaris Johnson.  Amazingly Johnson is the NCAA’s all-time leader in all purpose yards with 7,796, despite missing the entire 2011 season due to a suspension.

I think he’s Reid’s type of guy because he can play running back, receiver and return kicks.  In addition to his ability, the fact that he was convicted of a felony embezzlement will allow the Birds to get him later in the draft.  Don’t be shocked if he becomes an Eagles.

The key will be his intelligence because they would like to able to line him up all over their formations.  They utilized Brian Westbrook in this manner.  Lining him up in the backfield, then shifting him outside, then sending him in motion.  They would give him the ball regardless of where he lined up.  Hall has taken on this roll, but his lack of big time speed eliminates too many opportunities.


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  • im good with this. I would love to see them add a 6’4 WR to push for the #3 or $ spot but i would also love to see them grab a guy like this to round out the group.

  • I thnik the Eagles need Upgrades at both the 4th/5th WR postions
    as well as RB, and develop a FB.. CAn HArbor take some snaps at FB or is last years Draft Pick/Practice squad player Stan Havilli to step up and take the position..
    Remember the Eagles did sign former Ram and Univesity of Cincinnati Star WR/Returnman Mardy Gilyard who is a lot more athletic all across the board than Chad Hall is.. He could end up being the surprise 5th WR and Return spcialist and then the Eagles could Draft a big 6-3/6-4 WR to compete for the disappointing Riley Cooper

  • There’s also a lot of return prospects at CB and Safety. Always an option too.

    Paul, the Eagles offense used a fullback on very few plays last year. (I saw the percentage posted somewhere and it was very low – can’t remember where). The position is of VERY little importance in the modern NFl. The Eagles offense sure wasn’t perfect last year, but it really does not seem like the deficiencies – poor QB play, fumbles, etc….were due to a lack of FB. If you have a great like Weaver healthy and around, then it’s a big +, but McCoy had that season without major FB contribution, and it wasn’t what was lacking in the passing game execution.

    You’re harping on a very inconsiquential and insignificant factor. Business as usual (see your Gilyard obsession…)…but still, if you want a FB to groom, I say draft Robert Turbin. Google his name plus the word ‘picture’ and the pictures say it all – dude is JACKED

  • “Eagles Looking At Prospects To Replace Chad Hall?”

    Ya and his Name is Reno Mahe!

  • Here are the names the Eagles should be looking at as permanant K/PR/WR options :

    1. TY Hilton – 5-9 183 4.3 40 – DeSean Jackson clone, good hands
    2. Joe Adams – 5-10 190 4.45 – strongest, and more durable of the three, hands
    3. Devon Wylie – 5-10 193 4.36 – Wes Welker like potential

    Where as I respect the opinion of my ace Paulman,:) , I am not one that believes Marty Gilyard will even be on the 60 man roster. They will finally have to draft an option specifically for those duties, and these three would bring it.

  • @Shiller, I like Turbin a lot; good call. He is getting heavy attention from the Pittsburgh Steelers, he and Bernard Pierce as potential options in case Mendenhall can’t carry the load. They both could be gone by 2nd round.

  • gmcliff – credit Tommy Lawlor – igglesblitz.com

  • GM – nice list their boss – I am thinking round 4 we get our PR/KR

  • Thnx GMCliff,
    I believe MArdy Gilyard is going to open some eyes up come camp Time,
    I liked him out of College and never did get off the right foot with ST Louis
    with a Rookie QB in Bradford, then new Coaches, his Injurues, etc,etc…
    No more excuses for him, this is a perfect opportunity to showcase his abilities, this guy was a very good WR and Returnman his Junior & Senior Seasons at University of Cincinnati and this is probably his final chance to make and contribute to an NFL team so I think we will see a hard-working matture kid make some plays and make the Eagels Roster..

  • Chad Hall?

    That should be easy…..what value is “0”?

    This guy brings absolutely nothing to the Eagles team and fans are perplexed with Andy’s charity roster spots.

    How about getting a guy that actually help improve the team?


  • It would be nice to see Paul. I can admit I have been wrong before, but I’m right more than I’m wrong. So, we’ll see. Don’t forget he was cut by the Jets last season as well before the season started.

    @ Big Navy – I think we will draft one of them. Round 4 for sure, but Hilton could go at the backend of the 3rd.

    @Shill- shout out to Tommy Lawlor!!

  • Paulman, is there anyone currently on the Eagles roster that could challenge for a roster spot as a returner?

    Paulman, is there anyone currently on the Eagles roster that could challenge for a roster spot as a returner?

    Paulman, is there anyone currently on the Eagles roster that could challenge for a roster spot as a returner?

    Paulman, is there anyone currently on the Eagles roster that could challenge for a roster spot as a returner?

    Paulman, is there anyone currently on the Eagles roster that could challenge for a roster spot as a returner?

    Paulman, is there anyone currently on the Eagles roster that could challenge for a roster spot as a returner?

    Paulman, is there anyone currently on the Eagles roster that could challenge for a roster spot as a returner?

    Paulman, is there anyone currently on the Eagles roster that could challenge for a roster spot as a returner?

    Paulman, is there anyone currently on the Eagles roster that could challenge for a roster spot as a returner?

    Paulman, is there anyone currently on the Eagles roster that could challenge for a roster spot as a returner?

  • LOL!!!!! Songs you are the man!!!! Nobody puts it as plain English like you brother. You are right, he is a bum……hahahahahah!!!! There is only one Songs!!

  • LOL!!!! Shill……No offense Paul……..hahahahahahh!!!!

  • you guys are in rare form today!!! LMBO!!!!

  • This is my updated mock wish for the Eagles.

    1a. Quentin Coples DE
    1b. Dontari Poe DT

    2a. Vinny Curry DE
    2b. Bobby Wagner OLB
    2c. Kelechi Osemele OG
    2d. Trumaine Johnson CB/S

    3a. Bobbie Massie OT
    3b Brian Quick WR
    3c Nigel Bradham OLB
    3d Brandon Brooks OG

    4a Sean Spence SS
    4b. TY Hilton/ Joe Adams/ Devon Wylie KR/PR/WR
    4c. Christian Thompson FS

    5a Vontaze Burfict MLB
    5b Demarrio Davis OLB/MLB/ST

    6a. Akiem Hicks DT
    6b. Kelcie McCray FS/SS/ST
    6c. Brock Osweiler QB

    7. Joe Long OT

  • funny thing is songs – Chad Hall brings 10X as much to the team as you do to this blog –

    The hate you spew for a guy that quote Mr Cobb – is smart and tough – and – have all the respect in the world for Eagles versatile Chad Hall, because he’s gotten everything he could from his talent –

    is in stark and direct contrast for your man crush on the rolling blob out of the Grand Canyon state amazes me – example three of your double standard BS –

    but again songs – Name another NFL player – ANY NFl player that has stats for Punt Returns, Kick Returns, Rushing, Recieving and Tackling? go on Songs – you are great at being a bitch – you said he brings 0 value – mostly becuase you are an idiot – but here is a guy the eagles can use in 5 different ways – name another guy in the NFl that has stats in those 5 categories…

    course other then call players and coaches and the front office names – YOU GOT NOTHING – except your love of of the apache state chunky love (sounds like a ben and jerry’s ice cream flavor)

  • I said I was going to wait til draft day to chime in but I couldn’t resist. Chad Hall and Reno Mahe are the same people. Throw a dash of Jeremy Bloom in there and you have the complete formula: GARBAGE/WASTE OF ROSTER SPOT/ ADDS NOTHING TO HELPING US WIN GAMES/FIRE ANDY ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rocko, you’re really calling for them to “fire Andy already”? What do you think the probability of that is? Mabye you think different, but most people are pretty confident that the probability of them firing Andy before another Superbowl Champ is crowned is 0.

    So you’re constantly crying and moaning for something to happen, even though general concensus is that the probability of that thing happening is 0.

    That makes you sir, a FOOL

  • Here are some other names for returners…

    T.J. Graham WR/ KR 5-11 188 NC St

    Josh Robinson CB/ PR UCF 5-10 199 Ranked ninth in the nation by averaging 15.20 yards per punt return his sophmore year

    Chris Rainey HB/ WR/ KR Fla 5-8 180

    Omar Bolden CB/ KR Ari St 5- 10 202 Didn’t play last year due to ACL inj, returned 11 kickoffs for 321 yards and a 29.2 yard average in 2010. 2 career KR TD’s

    Isaiah Pead RB/ PR Cinn 5-10 197

    Jordan BernstineSS/ CB/ KR Iowa 5-11 / 205 30 returns 713 yds 24.4 avg

  • paulman gilyard isn’t the same type of player chad hall is. he is veritale but he can’t line up as a running back. the type of player they are looking for is simular to woodhead, who can return punt,kicks,play in the slot and play in the backfield. Gilyard never has or never will be that type of player, he is a slot reciever with return ability. And I don’t think he would be a good returner do to lack of elite speed

  • gmcliff i like your draft, i really like the demario davis pick

  • Navy….if he’s so valuable…..why look for a replacement ?

  • Jarius Wright from Arkansas who is 5-10 185 lbs with 4.3 Speed would be a nice 5th Round Pick and a big upgrade over Chad Hall..
    I also think they need a big physical WR to compete and take over for Riley Cooper… After the Top 3 WR’s (D-Jax,Maclin & Avant) the Eagles WR corps is not very deep or athletic in comparison to better teams around the NFL and to be honest, I am not sure how many NFL Rosters that Cooper and Hall can even make

  • I also expect that back-Up CB Curtis Marsh will get some reps as a Kick-Off Returner

  • last year ealges met with rolle, casey mathews, chris marsh ,jaqwuan jarrett.. so some of these guys are definitely going to be drafted

    stephen hill
    janzen jackson
    chris rainey
    nick foles
    russell wilson
    fletcher cox
    trumaine jonson
    janoris jackson
    michael floyd

    Thats all i can think of maybe someone can make a better updated list..

  • Schiller – You’re garbage as well. The way you always have to criticize everyone’s comment, your lady (if you got one) has got another dick on the side; trust me on that. As a man you’re a weak pussy who couldn’t defend the honor of your own self if confronted out in the streets. You’re an official “keyboard cunt”; that’s your new name jackass.

  • Eagles Top 5 Draftee’s

    #15 WR Michael FLoyd
    #46 DE Vinny Curry
    #51 DT Derek Wolfe
    #88 CB/S Trumaine Johnson
    #114 LB Kennan Robinson

  • I will repeat the Eagles will NOT draft a WR in the 1st round. Just stupid to do that with so many weak spots on the defense; That is not going to happen and Floyd will be nothing special, so why draft someone thats not going to even be in a position to make an impact for at least 3 years????

    I agree we do need a big red zone target, but trying to draft one in the first round, again is career suicide for Andy Reid. I draft Brian Quick in the 3rd round, who will have a better career in the NFL than Floyd…..so much less a risk, that can have the time to develop behind DeSean, and Maclin, both of whom will be here for a while.

  • The Eagles never brought in Russell Wilson. If they did it’s to see if he could return punts, because he sucks as a QB. THERE ARE BETTER PROSPECTS THAN HIM IN THIS DRAFT. Please, Spare me with Russell Wilson. He is NOT an NFL QB.

  • WHo knows GMCliff
    If the Eagles Top 4 Graded Players are all off the Board at #15 (F Cox, L Kuechley, M Barron, S Gilmore) which I believe is a very strong possibility, and if they are unable to Trade down (which is also a strong possibility) they very well may be stuck with the #15 Pick and at that time have to select the highest rated player availalbe which is probably a pool of players like WR Floyd, Guard Dave DeCastro, CB Dre Kirkpatrick, OLB/DE Upshaw, WR K Wright, OT Jonathin Martin… So who do you take…
    It’s no given either that D-JAx/MAclin remain error free, both has missed games the last coupld of years, Also MAclin is in a contract year, what happens if he walks, Teams are free to doubletriple team D-JAx and what other Eagles WR is going to make a Defense pay.. J Avant, R Cooper or C HAll.. Too many of you way overrate this Eagles WR Copr for they have 2 good #2 WR’s and a steady Avant and that’s it.. Injuries, Contracts
    Plus WR Floys can take care of the Eagles Return game in both Kick-offs and Punts frmo Day 1 saving another Roster spot… There are more reasons to like WR M Floyd than many other players that will be on the Board at #15 …

  • Meant to say it’s no given that both D-Jax/Maclin in stay injury free…
    You have to use the Draft to look 2-3 Years out.. There is not one Players who will be drafted this year who is going to step in and be major contributor/starter in his Rookie Season unless some injuries happen..
    Fletcher Cox would be the 4th DT and play about 15 Snaps a game
    Mark Barron would play behind Kurt Coleman for most the 2012 Season and be ready to replace him as the Strong Safety starter in 2013
    Luke Kuechley, I could see being a Starter at the SAM position due to the position basically being wide open and possibly replacing D Ryans based on Ryans Health and Performance Level..
    CB D Gilmore or D Kirkpatrick would be a nickel back behind Asmo,DCR,Hanson and who knows what Assante Samule status will be
    DE Coples, Mercilus would be the 4th DE’s behind Cole,Babin, Graham and who knows about D Tapp future Status

    The only Starters spot I see being won (barring injury)by a Rookie Draft PIck is SAM LB spot, the FB Position (since there is no one at FB) and possibly the WILL position which will likely be between Rolle and Chaney

    .. .

  • I wouldnt be suprised if they took floyd also .. for the reasons paulman stated.. Also, reid has tried to get a big receiver to come here before Terrel ownens didint work out and we tried to get randy moss twice..

  • larrwd

    Sheil Kapadia at Philly.com has a draft visit list going, but profooball talk has the most up to date list:


    you’re all welcome…and while I agree with Navy the answer to your question is Edelman of the Pats, KR, PR, DEF, WR and had a few touches:The NFL’s 2011 Renaissance Man

  • I think he would draft David DeCastro, before he would draft Michael Floyd, he would also draft Kirkpatrick, Brockers, Gilmore, Poe, Hightower, or even trade down and grab Vinny Curry before he would draft a WR in the 1st round this year. They have to shore up the defensive depth, and talent first. Reid is in no position to get cute with this pick.

  • Lawrrd – TO, and Randy Moss are veterans that have already proven themselves in their career, at a skill position. This guy is one of the latest and greatest, that hasn’t proven anything exept that he has potential. The problem with potential is that he hasn’t accomplished anything yet. So why draft a position that doesn’t need that desperate of an adjustment. Just plain stupid to draft a WR in the 1st round this year. Just my opinion, but a reasonable one.

  • I don’t think they would draft Gilmore either in the 1st round, only because of more pressing needs this year. Kirkpatrick could at least play FS which also addresess a real need.

  • russell wilson apparently had one of the best prodays according to nfldraftscout..

  • Rocko, that’s probably the best nick-name anyone could give the Schill. LMFBO! Schill, your annoyance, nauseousness & weasel-ness has no bounds, nor end. I’m still convinced that you get your jollies off of coming on here, & acting the way you do.
    Paul, can’t go one article, or conversation about our special teams, without throwing in something about Mardy Gilyard. LOL!!! BWAHAHAHA!!! PRICELESS!!!
    Songs, maybe we can play Burfict on our special teams, to replace Hall? LOL!!!
    GM, your Mock wish list, kinda looks familiar….. HMMM….. 😀

  • Just saying gmcliff.. Those big recievers are hard to get unless you draft them. even when theyre traded theyll only go to certain teams..

  • Gmcliff, 94 WIP’s Howard Eskin reports that the Eagles have recently worked out multiple quarterbacks in hopes of grooming one to be a future franchise signal-caller. According to Eskin, Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins, Wisconsin’s Russell Wilson, and San Diego State’s Ryan Lindley have each performed drills for the team.

    Cousins is the most heralded of the bunch. He looks the part, standing at 6-3, 218-pounds and projects as second or third-round draft pick. He isn’t terribly mobile, but he’s an intelligent passer with a good feel for the game. He moves enough and can make all the throws.

    Wilson, meanwhile, had a terrific season for the Badgers after transferring from North Carolina State for his final year of eligibility. Wilson’s size is a bit of a concern. He stands at only 5-11, but quarterbacks of a similar stature of succeeded in the league (see: Brees, Drew and Vick, Michael). Wilson put on a show at Wisconsin’s Pro Day, demonstrating his terrific arm strength and accuracy. He’s athletic and can make plays with his legs, but he was also the nation’s most efficient passer in 2011, tossing 33 touchdowns to only four interceptions as he led Wisconsin to a Rose Bowl appearance. If Wilson’s size wasn’t such a concern, he would be considered a slam-dunk first-round selection. As it stands, Wilson could go anywhere from the middle of the second to fourth rounds.

    Lindley is the least-known name of the bunch. And rightfully so. San Diego State football doesn’t exactly draw a national following. But Lindley is a solid pro prospect. He stands at 6-4, 228-pounds–the ideal body type for an NFL passer, but he completed only slightly more than half of his pass attempts last season. Still, he has good arm strength and could thrive under the right circumstances. Lindley likely projects as a fourth-round pick in what is considered a deep draft for the position.

    It’s impossible to project precisely where and when these guys will go, but the best case scenario would getting Wilson in the third round. Yeah, his size is a concern, but he’s a cerebral quarterback that does everything well. There may be more a risk in drafting Wilson than a guy like Cousins, but the payoff could worth it. The Eagles are in no position to miss on draft picks, but I’d rather they take a chance with a high-ceiling player like Wilson than passers like Cousins or Lindley, who, from this perspective, are just guys.

  • Lawrrd, I have no problem with them drafting a QB, and it is glaringly obvious that Russell Wilson is your guy. I would say it’s just my opinion that he’s not an NFL QB, but Mike Mayock, Mike Lombardi, Charley Casserley, Charles Davis, and various scouts say, it maybe a good idea for him to think about a position change, based on his performance at the Senior Bowl, (actually PLAYING the game), where his 5 potential 1st round picks protecting him, were not veiling his glaring weaknesses. He is not in the range of 2nd- 4th round; its the 4th – 5th round. I think he is more of the Randal El, Kordell Stewart, Type athlete, not really an NFL QB that could make a positive impact on this team.

    Cousins, and Lindley are QB’s that I am familiar with, and both will be drafted before Wilson. I personally really don’t like any of these QB’s in this draft, but if I had to pick one it would be Cousins. But, with a second round grade on him I would pass, because we still need to shore up the D, so I’m not going to compromise and draft a QB that maybe nothing special in the second round, just because I’m nervous about missing out on just drafting one. My choice still wouldn’t be Wiison though. I totally disagree that his ceilingis high at the QB position. It’s just my opinion, and some of the so called experts that he’s just not an NFL QB.

  • I realy liked Russell WIlson as a College QB, unfortunately I believe his NFL playing days will be strictly as a 3rd String, maybe a WIldcat option at best.
    He reminds me a lot of Troy Smith (from Ohio State) who is similar size and athletic as WIlson is, problem is that they are short and really don’t possess NFL Arms..

  • Ireally believe the Eagles Coaching Staff and AR agoing to concentrate on the 3 QB’s they have under Contract already
    Vick in his 1st full Off-Season as the Starter
    Kafka in his 1st Full Off-season as an Eagle due to NFL Lockout last year
    Edwards is his 1st Season with the Eagles

    Do they Eagles need to waste Coaching and Reps on a 4th/5th/6th Round 3 year project when their Top 3 QB’s need as many reps as they can get..
    I don’t think so and don’t think a QB is even on the Radar in this Draft unless a someone that they like really dropped and was still on the board in Round 6 where they have 3 Selections..
    Eagles need to hit on at least 4-5 picks on Defense (DT,LB,SS,DE,CB)
    Eagles need to select a FB, back-up RB and a big-target WR and perhaps a Returnman and some OT and TE depth..

  • I agree Paulman……When can I expect Paulmans Ultimate Draft pick Special?

  • I want NO parts of Russell Wilson. He is almost a carbon copy of Troy Smth. Not worth wasting a pick. NO THANKS! Lindley BLOWS! Double NO THANKS!! Cousins only if they 1st get, any combination of 2, out of- Cox, Brockers, Worthy, Still, Thompson, Couples, Curry, Mercilus, Upshaw, Hightower, Wagner, McClellan, or David with their 1st 2 picks.

  • I am still fine tuning my Mock Drafts but will put out today so we discuss/debate on a Complete 1st Round..
    Does anyone know if G-Man will have a running thread during the 1st Round of the Draft or even that Friday evening during the 2nd & 3rd ROunds…

  • Paulman, bring it on. Throw a few trades in there too. I’m pretty sure G-mam will have it again this year. Where else will we spew? LOL!!!

  • Your Right about that Dcar..

    Here’s Round #1

    #1) Colts – QB Andrew Luck
    #2) Redskins – QB RG III
    #3) Vikings – OT Matt Kalil
    #4) Browns – RB Trent Richardson
    #5) TB Bucs – CB Morris Claiborn
    #6) SL Rams – DT Fletcher Cox
    #7) Jaguars – DE Quinton Coples
    #8) Dolphins – QB Ryan Tannehill
    #9) Panthers – DT Michael Brockers
    #10) Bills – WR Michael Floyd
    #11) Chiefs – DT Dontari Poe
    #12) Seahawks – MLB Luke Kuechley
    #13) Cardinals – OLB Melvin Ingram
    #14) Cowboys – SS Mark Barron
    #15) PATRIOTS – DE Whitney Mercilus (Eagles Trade with New England Patriots and receive the #27 and #48th Pick in return for this #15 pick)
    #16) NY Jets – WR Justin Blackmon
    #17) Bengals – OG Dave DeCastro
    #18) SD Chargers – LB Cortney Upshaw
    #19) Bears – CB Stephon Gilmore
    #20) Titans – CB Dre Kirkpatrick
    #21) Bengals – CB Janoris Jenkins
    #22) Browns – TE Coby Fleener
    #23) Lions – OT Riley Reiff
    #24) Steelers – DT Jerel Worthy
    #25) Broncos – DT Devon Still
    #26) Texans – WR Kendall Wright
    #27) EAGLES – OL Cordy Glenn
    #28) Packers – DT Kendall Reyesl
    #29) Ravens – LB Donta Hightower
    #30) 49ers – OL Kevin Zeitler
    #31) Patriots – OLB SHea McClellin
    #32) NY Giants – OT Mike Adams

    That’s it for now

  • Actaully I didnt want to like russell wilson but the kid is just too good.. He also played with the second tallest offensive line in the nation including the NFL offensive lines.. and john gruden and chris weinkie think this is the guy… I dont like out pick in your mock draft paulman lol

  • Either did I, Larrwd.. but this is what the Eagles do to us every year..

  • But the Eagles make up for it in the 2nd Round with the following 3 Picks

    #46 – OLB Zach Brown (UNC 6-1 245lbs)
    #48 – RB Lamar Miller (Miami 5-11 212lbs)
    #51 – DT Brandon Thomspson (Clemson 6-2 314lbs)

  • Paul,

    How long are you still going to continue milking the “Vick in his 1st full Off-Season as the Starter” business?

    You don’t actually believe it. Frankly, its a pretty lame excuse…and reeks of desperate hope.

    Vick has been on the Eagles for 3 years. 2 years as the starter. The fact that there wasn’t a mini-camp last spring should be irrelevant at this point.

  • That the worst case scenario paulman.. Not bad second round .. im hoping some better DTs slide into the second ..

  • To Vinnie,
    I am not milking anything, All I am stating is a fact that all 3 QB’s under Contract right now have not had a full off-season as the #1 Starter (in VIcks Case) or at all ( in Kafka’s & Edwards case) so why spend prescious time trying to groom a QB for 3 years down the road and a diamond in a rough when you are trying to win now and have 3 capable QB’s to get you there ..

  • Oh Paul, to that last question – because if you’re a NFL team that’s not trying to constantly upgrade and groom for the QB position, then you’re doing an awful job.

    You should know that. Its common draft wisdom that you draft for both the short and long term future.

  • Most of the Time Schiller, I would agree with your above Statement 100%
    Unfortunately, Coach AR and his Staff don’t have the luxury of time on their side to be worrying about grooming for 3-4 years down the road and that’s the reality of the situation in 2012 for this Eagle Team

  • Paul, that’s only if you put stock in what fans and the media said.

    Lets do a round up of all the evidence in the world that Reid won’t be coaching the Eagles past this current season.

    Item # 1: __________
    Item #2: ___________


    and so on.


    When you try to build an argument with nothing but assumptions and speculation to support it, your argument is worthless.

  • Paul, the fact of the matter is that neither Reid nor anyone on the front office is thinking about the head coaching position past this season (for now). They’ll have to make a decision on the head coach after this season, DUH, but until then, thinking about it now is incredibly STUPID because the eventual decision will be HEAVILY influenced by (if not soley weighing on) what happens this season. That’s their job. Reid’s current job is to draft what’s best for the Eagles. If Reid is gone next year, the players (for the most part) the Eagles draft this year will still be here. Your job as a coach is not to draft for your job. It’s to draft for the team. And you know what, there’s a good chance Reid IS back next year. And it would be stupid to put himself in a situation with the wrong players because a year earlier, you drafted as if you’d be fired.

  • Finding a QB for the Eagles to groom is a very low Priority for this Club plain and simple

  • a man living in north carolina with a track record of usually getting thing wrong and usually talking out of his ass knows what the front office of a football team in Philadelphia considers prioities. Plain and simple.

    Or just bullshit.

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