• August 17, 2022

Could It Be That The Eagles Are Helping Browns? Not Really Interested In Moving Up

Would it make sense for Andy Reid and the Eagles to give up the 15th pick in the first round as well as a second-round and possibly another pick to move up to the fourth spot in the first round to get Texas A&M quarterback, Ryan Tannehill?  I don’t think it makes sense for them to make that move and I don’t think they have any serious intention of moving up.

I think this is a case of Andy Reid and the Birds doing a favor for his mentor Mike Holmgren and the Cleveland Browns.  The Eagles are trying to help the Browns make it appear that there’s a bidding war underway for that fourth pick.  The St. Louis Rams are legitimately interested and the Cleveland Plain Dealer says there are two additional teams to the Eagles which are interested.

Let’s be honest, the Browns are NFL relatives of the Eagles.  Holmgren brought Reid into the NFL when he hired him as an assistant coach when he was head coach of the Green Bay Packers.

Browns head coach Pat Shurmur is the head coach of the Browns and he was previously the quarterback’s coach for the Eagles.

Eagles GM Howie Roseman and Browns GM Tom Heckert have known each other for quite a few years, so it all makes me think that this is a story which was leaked to help the Browns get more from the other teams which are interested in moving up to the fourth spot.

I would imagine that Reid and Holmgren have talked about Tannehill.  They probably feel the same way about him after talking about him for a while.  I think if Reid were high on Tannehill, Holmgren would be high on him as well.  The Browns need a better starting quarterback, so it doesn’t make sense for the Browns to be allowing the Birds to move up to get a quarterback which they could use.

This is a matter of family helping family.



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  • I agree with this. It dosent make sense for them to trade up to grab a qb. Vick, kafka, and they signed trent edwards. You really think they are going to keep 4qbs on the roster? No way and i dont think tannehill, is a guy they are willing to kick someone off this squad for. I think they are going to sit back and wait and see what happens or what falls to them.

  • dawkplex, I doubt they’d have any hesitance at all to cut Edwards…..or even if they hated Kafka for some reason to cut him (doubt that).

    But G’s definitely onto something. Either that or the league “source” was Tannenhill’s agent or some hack journalist with little but BS behind the story….

  • AGAIN, Edwards is a camp body, backup plan. Period! They have ZERO invested in that bum. If they draft a good Qb prospect, in the middle rounds, he will be 3rd string, like Kafka was when he was drafted.

  • Why would they draft another QB in the middle rounds. They have Kafka. They should go big or do nothing at all.

  • If im the Dolphins im laughing at both the Eagles and Browns because one if the Eagles and Browns are in a quote unquote discussion of trading spots for Tannehill I know even if that has some truth to it that right off the back the Browns are not interested in drafting Tannehill and two we are not dumb enough to believe that the Eagles would sacrifice a 15 a 46 and a 51 and next years 1st for a quarterback when you already have a quality quarterback. Total BS

  • eaglessuck (no they don’t) – but there are other potential teams the browns are reportedly talking to. So the dolphins would be stupid for laughing in that situation. Oh, wait, they are stupid, they’ve proven that. Nevermind, you’re right, laughing…..

  • @dtime
    I’d agree with that! There is absolutely no reason to draft another Kafka-type in middle rounds; Kafka isn’t even NFL starting material. He’s merely a safety net if worst case scenario happens the two in front of him. If you’re going to draft a QB this time round, it needs to be one of the very top prospects like Tannehill or just forget it.

  • Tom Brady – hate the guy – but he’s proof that thinking only 1rst round guys make good QBs is faulty.

  • Most SB type QB’s were drafted in the top half of the 1st round. In fact most teams starting QB’s were drafted in the 1st round. There are exception but not that many good one’s

  • Schiller I 2nd that.

  • Dtime who do you consider the best QB prospects in this years draft?

  • shiiller is right if kafka isnt the guy , it doesnt hurt to draft another potential backup . i am ok with giving edwards a shot with ried!

  • There are 2 players only worth really trading up in this Draft and the Redksins has alreafdy done so to secure one of them.. After QB Luck and RGIII, there is little differnece between Picks #3 thru about #40 in my opinion. then you have another dip from #41 thru about #75 and so on and so on..
    To trade away additional and future picks fo rmove up to #4 would be assanine in my opinion…
    I just don’t see a who lot of Difference in Talent after th Top 2 QB’s are chosen worth it to trade away other valuable picks.

  • sure paul, but you don’t necessarily need to trade up to draft a qb…maybe if you want tannenhill, but maybe not even in that case…

  • To get QB Tannehill they would have to move up for if the Browns don’t grab him at #4, then the Dolphins shurely would at #9, for the other reamining QB’s (Weeden, Cousins,Osweiler,Foles, Wilson,Moore, etc,etc are all projected 2nd Rounders or later) and for the record, I don’t think Tannehill is worth it or any of these QB’s outside of the Top 2 in Luck and RGIII
    Now if this Draft had QB like Matt BArkley, Landri Jones, then there would have been a lot of movement by many teams to trade up, this Draft has the opposite with many of the teams from #3 thru #15 Looking to Trade down due to the overall lack of big-time playmakers in this Draft.. It’s deep at many positions, but when your are talking about pur playmakers, there is not many impact players after the Top 2 QB’s are gone by most observors.. ..

  • Adam Schefter is reporting that the chances the birds move up to #4 is slim to none. Almost no chance at all. But he did not say they wouldnt move up at all. They seem to like Fletcher Cox who may still be there in that 8-15 range. So will Poe and Coples and others who they seem to like. Like i said b4 id wait it out if i were them, sit pretty at 15 and if u have to move up out of the top 10 then do it but dont trade away your entire draft for a QB who will not directly benefit your team this year in a year that is SB or bust. I like Tannehill but hes not worth moving all the way up into the top 5 for. Like ive said b4 if Matt Barkley were in this draft then id throw the whole draft for him, similar to wjat the skins did for rg3. Next year is the year they need to draft a franchise QB. Try to get Barkley..

  • @JonHart — whether this year is Super Bowl or Bust has nothing to do with what talent we select in this years draft.

    What I mean by that since I know you didn’t comprehend is — it’s not realistic to believe a ROOKIE is going to play a vital part in our Super Bowl aspirations.

  • Paulman has reported this for over a week now Jon HArt, there is no player worth moving up to the 4th Spot for the Eagles costing them multiple picks.. Outside of the Top 2 QB’s, what other players are there in this draft that you could remotely lable as a Franchise Player or a Difference Maker,.. that’s right, there are none.. Stay Put and select from the deep talent pool of good,but not great prospects, but don’t trade and lose other picks for 2012 or in the future for simply a good football player.. there are a bunch of them in this draft so sit tight and draft at 15,46,51 & 88 and come out with 4 good players who fill some needs and can contribute early on their Eagle Careers
    and if the Eagles were really smart, they would trrade down from #15 and get another 2nd or 3rd Round Pick in return and have 5 Picks out of the Top 88

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