• August 14, 2022

Why Do I Still Love The Sixers?

Why do I still love the Sixers? It’s funny I am watching the past two Flyers game in which they might have been the most entertaining games ever. The whole time sitting there the damn Sixers kept on popping into my head. I kept saying to myself what the hell is wrong with me. When it comes down to it I guess I can’t help myself.
What happened to this season? Were the Sixers overrated early on? Do they actually have young talent that they can build around? Have they finally tuned out Doug’s hard style of coaching? I say all the above.

I will be the first one to tell you this season has gone completely different than I ever thought it would. I thought this was the season where Turner, Holiday and Thad take charge of this team and grow together, they where the ones that were going to lead us to victories not Lou, Iggy or Brand. That is the way it should of went down but obviously it has not. All are to blame and some more than others.

Let me start with Holiday, for not staying aggressive enough on the offensive end, not working to get through the picks better on the defensive side and not demanding the ball. Yes, I know that might sound weird. If you watch the Sixers you will see that Holiday usually will have a solid first quarter controlling the ball. Then after that Iggy and Lou will dominate the ball a lot the rest of the game.
Doug has to take blame for that as well. You are trying to groom a young point guard. You already know what Iggy and Lou are as players. By the way, can we please stop this love for Lou? He is not a number one scorer. I know he leads this team in scoring but that is all Doug has him do is just jack shots up. Lou hurts this team more than he helps them right now. He is a nice 6th man but I do not think he fits here anymore. Once he gets the ball forget about it. Pound city.
Evan, is a total different story. He seems to bitch and complain a lot when he is out there and when he is taken out of games. He needs to man up and just go out and play. That is where the other story begins. Doug has the quickest hook with him out of any player on this team. At times Evan has deserved it and at times he does not. They both need to swallow their pride. Not sure if that will ever happen.
Jodie Meeks is Collins love child. He has to be. Why else is he starting and getting the run he gets? Vuc seems to have some skill and I am glad that Doug went back to playing him. He buried him on the bench for some odd reason. Wait! I take that back. Vuc did not play at all last night. SMH.
Well, I guess you can say he sat for Spencer Hawes. In which makes no sense to me. So that first month of the season was a mirage I guess. Hawes seems to be a little soft at times down low. Maybe he is still hurt? Who knows? Hawes is in a perfect place right now. Coming off the bench. He is solid back up center. The thing is that there are not many solid big men in the league, so he will likely have a starting job for a long time some where. I can not dog Thad. He gives you everything he has out there every night even if struggles offensively.Remember when they started 20-9 and the city was buzzing about them? That seems like that was a decade ago. They have gone 11-20 since that start, from first place in the division to maybe not making the playoffs. I am so frustrated with this team. I have always said that this year was about growth and there has not been any. This really seems like a lost season. They have 6 games left in the regular season. Am I going to watch them? Unfortunately, I will because I am a complete jackass. I will also be attending the last home game tonight against the Pacers. What?!

Joe Hickman Jr.

Bleed Philly Sports! 84 ounces of Coffee a day because that is what I do! Utley's hair has nothing on me! Father of the craziest little girl in the world! Born and raised in Darby, PA! By the way, my Grammar Sucks! You can follow on twitter @phillytugger.

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  • Pacers are on a roll and have been the 2nd half of the Season and my wild card team in the Eastern Conference.. I believe they will make it to the Eastern Conference Finals and then lose to the Heat.. They will destroy the 76ers tonight on the boards and probably have the deepest front court in all of Basketball They have Center Roy Hibbert, Power Forwards David West, Tyler Hansbrough and Shooting Forward Danny Granger… I like the make-up of this club as they are built for the rough & tough playoffs where the 76ers are a jump shooting team and when they get outrebounded or can’t force many turnovers , then they are simply in trouble..

  • Nice stuff Joe..Right now its just impossible to watch this team. How do you lose to a Magic team without Howard when you are fighting for your playoff life?Unbelievable…This is truly a sad time to be a Sixers fan…you just have no hope that this thing will change..1) because the coach loves/overrates some of the players on this team that need to leave town asap…2)and cuz the FO falls into this category too. I’m not sure the FO even realizes who we are as fans. They spent so much damn time before the season in trying to figure out who the mascot would be. Smh…who the F*** cares. Should have traded Iggy or Holliday for a better puzzle piece for this team the second you drafted ET. Trade this whole damn team for the 1st overall pick and draft Anthony DAvis and start over because this group will not cut it.

    They haven’t proved a damn thing this year. Period. People like JohnHart actually thought they were going to go like 15-5 or something to close out the season. Nothing wrong with being positive but being gullible and blind to the reality of this team is something else.

  • I think they are 10-20 since Feb 1st, basically a shitty team playing .333 Basketball, This team , its Players, Coaches and Ownership do not deserve any Playoffs for 2012.. Time to clean house again ..

  • Thaddeus Young, has been my favorite player on the 76ers, for the last 4 years. If you remember Thad came out, after his freshman year. His progression has been steady, outside the fact Eddie Jordan taking him out of the game after being the leading scorer by halftime some games, and not putting him back in until half way through the 4th quarter, so that the franchise Igoudala could shine, and Doug Collins rediculously playing him as a power forward instead of his natural position at small forward, he can be better if the coach draws up some plays for him finally, and lets him play his game. He is better than what he has shown. We haven’t seen the best of him yet. Maybe they will get smart and trade Igoudala, so that he can finally grow.

  • You can’t trade Jrue Holiday…..You have to Trade Igoudala, Lou, Meeks, and Brand, and keep Holiday,and Thad as your neucleus, along with Turner if he can learn to play with the team, stop trying to be so cute with his handle, and learn how to shoot a consistant jumpshot…….otherwise trade his ass too

  • JOE, my brother, Paul & I have been trying to save you the heartache all year. I feel your pain. But they are who they are & have been for a LONG time now. They are a fraudulent, bad team, that should have been totally blown up 2 years ago. But we still have Stinkadala & Brand, we made a big BOO-BOO with drafting Turner & Collins keeps playing the wrong combo of players. You can’t see what the young guys have, when he continually plays Stinkadala, Brand, Meeks & Williams, the majority of the games. They did NOTHING to upgrade this team, in the off-season, nor the trade deadline. Bringing in Sam FREAKING Young, was a useless, disgraceful, redundant, move that should have NEVER been made. They stink & I actually want them to not make the playoffs, now. I refuse to watch anymore games this year, because they clearly have quit. There is no good, viable reason for them making the playoffs.

  • Keep Thadd, Vuch, one of either Turner/ Holiday & blow the rest up, IMMEDIATELY after the post season trade deadline opens. Use the Amnesty on Brand ASAP!!!!! I don’t care how long it takes for them to rebuild. They are 3 years away, from being 3 years away, anyways. Do the rebuild correctly. No good free agents are going to come here & we have ZERO to offer them anyways. We don’t even have salary space. It’s nauseatingly pathetic, how King, Stephansky & Thorn have f^#@ed this Franchise up!


  • Evan is shell shocked, Doug has him trying to be perfect, which leads to him not shooting. No one has as quick a hook in the NBA. Blow this team up now… erase lou, iggy, Brand, and Hawes too and start over. We need athletic BIGs… get better talent evaluators too.

  • Evan is a BUM. When are you morons going to get it through your thick heads? He’s not a star. He doesn’t have the “it” factor. Get over it.

    Shoulda drafted Cousins.


  • You guys are all sooo right!.. I am so damned sick of this team and the way they do things. Everything is half ass. To me you dont really know what you have in Evan Turner because this coach refuses to leave him in for extended amounts of time. Youve got to let the young players play and see what you have. You already know what you have in fraudalent All Star Andre Igoudala and Brand and Meeks. Enough with the three of them. Let the young guys play, make mistakes and grow together. Its so shortsighted of them to play those older veterans…For what reason?? To gt a few more wins and get into the playoffs to be slaughtered in the first round?? If there really was a deal or possibility to get Montae Ellis last year then they should have done it and got Igoudala out of town QUICKLY!!! This coach is annointed Great all the time in the local media. If you go back and look at Doug Collins time in Chicago, Detroit, and Washington its the same thing over and over again. Get the teams to a certain level by overplaying the veterans and not hardly playing the youngsters. Im not saying he is a bad coach, Im just saying he doesnt know how to deal with and develop the young players that good teams rely on to get better.

  • Sixers CEO Adam Aron ask fans what they would do if they were GM of the Sixers next year on his twitter….I like the attempt of connecting with the fans but come on dude is it really that hard to guess what needs to happen with this current made up team on a path to nowhere? Blow the bitch up and start fresh

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