• May 17, 2022

A Quick Look At The Eagles 2012 Schedule

The Eagles 2012 season schedule is out and they’ve got a tough first half of the season then in the second half it looks much easier based on the records the teams had a year ago.  You truly can’t base the 2012 season on the 2011 records but that’s all we have to go by at the moment.

This schedule will be a challenge for the Eagles who have been notoriously slow starters under Andy Reid.  If they don’t get it together quickly with this schedule, they could be facing an uphill battle to get to the playoffs.

The season begins with a battle in Cleveland versus the Browns, who were 4-12 a year ago.  That’s one of the few games in the first half of the season that looks like an easy one.

In week two, the Birds will host the Baltimore Ravens, who were 12-4 a year ago and a play away from the Super Bowl.  They’re coached by former Eagles assistant coach John Harbaugh. This will most likely be a tough one.  Joe Flacco continues to improve as the stars on the defensive side, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, continue to play well despite being well past their prime.

In week three, the Eagles go to Arizona to face Kevin Kolb or John Skelton and the Cardinals, who were 8-8 in 2011.  The Eagles are away from home but it’s a game they need to win because the West division still isn’t very tough.

In week four, the Birds host the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants on Sunday night in front of the nation.  The Giants who were only 9-7 a year ago during the 2011 regular season, but went on an improbable run during the playoffs to win it all.

It doesn’t get easier for the guys in midnight green in week five, when they go to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers, who were a playoff team at 12-4 in 2011.

Week six finds the Eagles playing another 2011 playoff team when they host the Detroit Lions, who were 10-6 in 2011.

In week seven the Birds have a bye.  This a good place for a bye because the week off might give a key Birds player who is injured, time to return to the lineup.  We all hope that Michael Vick isn’t one of those players, who needs time to recover.

Again this is a good time for a bye because the Birds could use a week off during what looks like one of the tougher stretches of the season.  It’s playoff team after playoff team during this part of the schedule.

In week eight, the Eagles host the Falcons who made the playoffs a year ago and were 10-6 during the regular season.  Matt Ryan is getting better and Atlanta is eager to make some noise in the playoffs.

The Birds play on Monday night in week nine.  They’ll be headed to New Orleans to take on the Saints, who were 13-3 and a playoff team a year ago.

Week ten finds the Eagles hosting the division rival Dallas Cowboys, who will be trying to get back to the playoffs after finishing 8-8 in 2011.

In week eleven, the Birds go to Washington for another division game, this time against the Redskins, who were 5-11 in 2011.

It’s another Monday night game in week twelve, this time against Cam Newton and the up and coming Carolina Panthers, who were only 6-10 in 2011.

The Birds will play on Sunday night in week thirteen, when they head to Dallas to battle the division rival Dallas Cowboys, who had an identical record to the Eagles in 2011, 8-8.

In week fourteen, the Eagles head to Tampa Bay for a battle with the Buccaneers who will be trying to rebound from down year in 2011 when they finished 4-12.

In week fifteen the Eagles host the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night in a game which will be telecast on the NFL Network.  The Bengals were a playoff team in 2011 with a 9-7 record.

In week sixteen, the Eagles host the division rival Washington Redskins, who hope to be doing much better than their 5-11 2011 record.

The Eagles conclude the season in North Jersey against the Giants, who of course were only 9-7 in 2011 before getting hot and marching to Super Bowl title.

I see a 10-6 season for the Birds and 11-5 if everything goes well.  This isn’t an easy schedule with the Ravens, Steelers, Bengals, Lions, Falcons and Saints on it.  Not to mention tough games against the three division rivals.


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  • “Glorious!! Perhaps today is a good day to die! Ramming speed!”

    8-8 and Fat Andy Skates…

    bsmvideos: I hear a new apprentice(juan) you have emperor Andy or should I call you Red Fatness…

    Andy: bsmvideos you survived schiller and navy

    bsmvideos: surprised?

    bsmvideos: Your arrogance blinds you. now you will experience the full power of a losing season…I have waited a long time for this moment…My Fat Green Friend…

    bsmvideos: at last the pretenders are no more

    Andy: Not if anything to say about it I have…

    bsmvideos: At an end your rule is and not short enough it was…

    bsmvideos: If so powerful…why not a superbowl championship in 13 years?

    Andy: You will not stop me. Juan Castillo will become more powerful than either of us

    bsmvideos: Faith in your new apprentice misplaced may be… As is your faith in little and injured players….

  • Boy i cant wait to read what some of you are going to say today. Hey fellas lets be real honest and look at the schedule and make a real prediction not a Eagles Guess. I am beginning to think the leauge wants Andy fired to becasue with this schedule his ass is out of here. Ray Diddy will break it down big time today. And i dont know.. First off we dont do good in Primetime with this team, Take a look at the 4 games straight where they are going to play a team coming off there BYE week where they have extra days to prepair. 4 games starting with Pittsburg. Thats tuff and these teams finished with winning records and History has PROVEN REID DOESNT FAIR WELL AGAINST TEAMS WITH A WINNING RECORD.
    Then you have after that rough stretch here comes Dallas in Dallas after they had 9 days to prepair and relax after there Thanksgiving game. AT that time the Eagles would have 4 days to prepair plus 1 day of travel and this is coming off a Monday night game.. I dont recall a schedule like this, They would deserve the Team of the Millenium if they win the Big one with this schedule. Good luck and i will still cheer for my team when we are getting our butts kicked and when we are kicking butts becasue in the end We will clean house and start a new. I would rather do that then keep bullshitting myself thinking its the players . Any other coach can come on here an win games with this line up but somehow Andy cant get it together.

    Maybe he is delusional like Mcslabb doing a interview saying he is better than some hall of famers who won 3 superbowls. The man said out of his mouth that THE BIG GAME IS THE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.. NOT THE SUPERBOWL..ohhhhhhhhhhhh no it makes sense he and andy believed they only had to get to the championship game and that is the superbowl.. F..ing dummy. And if i read any of you on here praising them for NOT MAKING IT TO THE SUPERBOWL then you dont belong on here.

    Almost getting some P#$$y does not count if you dont put it in fellas, Mcslabb and Reid are those guys who bragged about almost getting some. They are just fine with getting stinky fingers …. Dont be a McReid out it all the way in…….. Balls deep this time… That means WIn the damn super Bowl then brag Becasue damn it if you do you will be GODS….

  • I Tthink the Eagles are pretty fortunate with this schedule
    they have the Ravens and Steelers early in the Season

    1st 4 Games (at least 2-2, should be 3-1)
    2nd Games (get a split 2-2
    3rd 4 Games (go 3-1)
    Final 4 Games (for 3-1)

    Finish with 10 wins

    The get playoff teams in the Lions and Falcons at the LINC where both teams historically do not play well on the road
    I think it comes down to this, Eagles need to protect home field and go 6-2
    and then have very winnable road games at Cleveland, Arizona and Tampa and then steal a road win in one of their NFC East Divisional Games and they fininsh with 10 Wins..

    Looking at NFC East rivals Cowboys & GIants, the Eagles have a better balance and much easier finish than they do and should be able to control their own destiny down the stretch…
    It’s critical that they start strong and be 4-2 come their Bye Week and then are in good position for a strong finish..

  • Scramz the eagles have preformed very well in primetime for the last decade or so.

    optimism tells me 10 -6. Ravens and steelers are two good teams that are getting olde and have some holes. I wonder how the saints respond to what happened this off-season? ATL and Lions are not good road teams. Handle the division and play up to you potential. Should be a fun year.

  • Frank…concentrate on the 2nd half of the decade. Our team have been mediocre at best.

    I tend to ignore the first few years of Andy Reid when reflecting on how terrible the NFC East was during that time.. the NFC was wide open and that bum still couldn’t get our team over the top of the NFC.

    Padding stats against bums only to get rolled over on the big stage against coaches with Superior minds.

  • 7-9

  • Paulman….you really think the Eagles will be the Arizona Cardinals?

    Remember Kolb calling out the plays from the sideline?

    Remember Fitzgerald avoiding Asmo only to line up against our weak safeties?

    You guys still think the Eagles are the team that had Ray Rhode’s players and Modrak’s picks on defense.

    there’s no more gimmes with Andy’s teams now. The Cardinals and Lions are of equal caliber right there with the Eagles, if not better.

    Wake up! It’s 2012! Not 2002!

  • All depends on the draft and what moves we make before that.

    If Vick can stay healthy which is a reach. I think 9-10 wins.

    Regardless i think Detroit, Green Bay and New York are still the better teams.

    And maybe San Fransisco too.

  • We are dead

  • 13-3. Easily.

  • Nice early test with Balty.Cream the Browns and tune up nice. Our offense with SHady in second season after all pro break out…will be pretty potent.They’ve taken care of 10 and Maclin wont be sick in offseason.Whole offseason with Peters replacement to get in the mix.

    Hey look man thats how this thing works…you go in and you grind.Reid.

    I think we’re better then Detroit.More balance on offense and better secondary and with backer upgrades d is on par. We have a better d-line.

    7-9……try 10-6….12-4 no injuries.Hit a homer in draft.Get a kid in here who contributes.

  • lol @bsmvideos

    this feels its going to be the finale in some shape or form…. Either super bowl or bye bye Andy and possibly even Vick and some others…

    The schedule is tough and I like it that way. I wanna see these guys play to their ability the whole season and I dont want any excuses from them. This is it..

    if you sit back and think about the sheer amount of talent on this team? There is no reason why these guys cant win a super bowl this year..

  • @Rasheed. EXACTLY. They gave up too many leads last year. They are going into this season with a chip on their shoulder. LETS GET IT!

  • As the rosters stand today, we win no more than 8-9 games. It can change with a great draft, Samuel trade, trades & a few veteran FA signings. But AS OF NOW, 8-9 wins. Paulman, how are they fortunate? They have 6 nationally televised games, 5 are prime time, 11 games are against 500 or better teams, 9 of which are playoff teams, & they have 4 games against teams that are coming off buys, 3 in which are consecutive weeks. Not to mention they play Dallas at home, the week after their Thanksgiving game with them having 9 days rest & we only have 4 days, because we play the Monday night game, the Thanksgiving weekend. So how are they fortunate? Get another cup of Java, Mi Piasano.

  • BoB, smoking that good stuff today, HUH? 13-3!? Are you insane!!?? What gives you any confidence in that? Other than Ryans, they have the same roster. If the don’t make any trades, or FA signings, they will have the same team, with more kids coming in, with a harder schedule. Cut it out already!

  • Dcar…look at the roster again.Get some studying in…we played with the champs twice and had the NFC runner up on the ropes.All with Page at safety….upgraded roster.Come on…

  • Again, this is a tough tough schedule. At first glance it looks easy but 7 out of the 13 teams were in the playoffs last year. Ugh.. the Eagles better be ready this year because teams will not let up on them nor will they lay down for them, the birds did not make the playoffs but they still have a target on there back.. This is no cake walk schedule.

  • Rock, all I do is study, watch & research. AS I’VE STATED, AS OF NOW, this is the same disappointing roster that was a fools gold 8-8 team from last year. They won 4 meaningless games to end of the season, after starting 4-8, when all the pressure was off & their season was over. Cut it out with the delusional, retardation. You go do some studying & stop reading fantasies. Come back to reality. You guys that can’t see through your green colored glasses, & have a rational, factual conversation, are nauseating. Yeah 16-0, 15-1, 13-3, Super Bowl, Won the last 4, WOULDA, COULDA, SHOULDA! GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!

  • Safeties will be better this year…backers are upgraded…corners are fine with Nam getting back to all pro play.D-line has more depth with Hunt Graham coming in young and hungry.

    Top rb in the league,line took a hit but its good timing so Bell can get in the mix,Maclin/Jax,Vick full offseason(he can get better..reduce t/o’s),Celek nice TE,and the kicker should be better.


  • Paulman 2012 Predictions for the 2012 Eagles and Presidential Race

    Week 1 – Eagles 23 – Browns 13 (Nate Allen with Int to secure the game)
    Week 2 – Ravens 21- Eagles 16 (Close game right down to the end)
    Week 3 – Eagles 27- Cardinal 20 (Skelton relieves the ineffective Kolb)
    Week 4 – Eagles 31 – Giants 16 (DCR has Int Return for a TD to seal it)
    Week 5 – Steelers 23-Eagles 17 (Eagles have chance to win in the end)
    Week 6 – Eagles 30 – Lions 26 (Back & forth all game, Maclin 2 TD’s)
    Week 7 – BYE WEEK — Jason Peters Returns
    Week 8 – Eagles 34 – Falcons 16 (Vick has career game 4 TD’s)
    Week 9 – Saints 31 – Eagles 30 (Saints win with 55 yd FG as time expires)
    Week 10 – Eagles 26 – Cowboys 9 (DT Fletcher Cox knocks Romo out)
    Week 11 Eagles 20 – Redskins 17 (Eagles win on late FG, RGIII runs wild)
    Week 12 Eagles 31 – Panthers 27 (Another wild game, D-Jax 2 TD’s)
    Week 13 Cowboys 24 -Eagles 20 (Wasted opportunuties,sloppy game)
    Week 14 Eagles 26 – TB Bucs 13 (Eagles jump out early and cruise to win)
    Week 15 Eagles 24 – Bengals 16 (Hard fought game, McCoy/Celek big)
    Week 16 Eagles 23 – Skins 16 (Kick-off TD reutrn by Mardy Gilyard)
    Week 17 Giants 26 – Eagles 24 (Eli with hail mary pass to V Cruz)

    Eagles finish 11-5 and win the NFC East

    Vick ends up with 3600 yards passing at 62% Completion Rate
    He ends up with 18 TD’s and 11 Ints
    He rushes for 350 yards and is Sacked 28 Times
    RB McCoy finishes with 1150 yard and 11 TD’s (9 Rushing & 2 Receiving)

  • Wins arent meaningless….8-8 is a better team then 4-12…no?

  • Kickoff return!!!Marty Gilyard….Paul…word son.

  • Alright so Dcar says that rayns is the same player as casey mathews and the eagles will neither make any more trades, make no further free angency moves, and no draft picks, same roster as last year.

  • *Eagles News*

    Reports are that the Eagles plan to move up in the draft not for a QB but for a DT by the name of Fletcher Cox.

    My Thoughts: Hes worth the move up. I feel you cant lose with Cox or Coples.

  • No it’s NOT better, when they could have had a top 5 pick, & managed to f^#@ that up too! 4-12… 8-8… What is the difference? THEY DIDN’T MAKE THE PLAYOFFS! Get a clue!!!

  • dcar, if you truly are doing so much studying, why haven’t you realized that 1 season to another in the nfl for one team rarely if ever carries over. So neither the shitty start nor the “fools gold” matter. Its a new season. Last year really wont effect this ye

  • 08
    L – cowboys
    L – Giants
    W – arizona

  • SCHILLER, stupid @$$clown, go read my prior posts, dumb@$$! I said nothing of the sort of Ryans, being Matthews. Are you f^#@ing nuts, retarted, or illiterate !? I said other than Ryans, AS OF NOW, the roster is the same. I ALSO STATED, it could change with Vet FA’s & a great draft. Read everything, before you chime in with your stupid, useless, banter.

  • eagles in primetime since 08

    W – zona
    W – clevland

    W- Wash
    L – Cowboys
    W- Chi
    W – giants

    W – San Fran
    W – Wash
    W – houston
    w- Cowboys
    L- Minni

    L- ATL
    W- Cowboys
    W- Giants
    L – chi
    L – seattle

  • i wouldnt call that terrible.

  • hart- that was a post from 4 days ago. where ya been?

  • I just gave you the roster. You buy a clue moron.The backers are different.The corners will be Nam and DRC…the safeties are solidified with Coleman and Allen(they know whot he safeties will be)….the roster on o is the same……but on D…..THE ROSTER IS DIFFERENT!!!

    D-line will get shuffled a bit.

    Chad Hall will no longer be utility guy.

    Return man will be diff.

    New Shady back-up.

    Buy a clue….your comments are full of crap and negativity and they havent even got done there lifting programs.No the league and stop acting like a scout.

  • One year to the next, DOES matter, if the same bunch of bums aren’t upgraded.
    If you can’t play, it ain’t going to change if they ain’t upgraded. BTW, we lost the BEST LT in the NFL, & replaced him with an injury risk unknown, & are trading Mesante. So some would argue that’s a downgrade, also. SO AGAIN, YOU KNOW ZERO ABOUT SPORTS, ARE CLUELESS & KNOW NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • While the Eagles’ don’t have to suffer through any 3 game road trips, the sched makes didn’t do the Eagles’ any favours this year.

    Week 1 – @Clev (W). Eagles notorious slow starters, but it is Cleveland
    Week 2 Balt (L) I just think the Birds are going to split their first 2
    Week 3 @Ariz. (W) Bit of a look ahead game as face Div NYG the following week, but still think Birds win
    Week 4 NYG (L). Eagles in tough spot with NYG on 8 days rest having played previous Thursday
    Eagles probably 2-2 after first 4 (though could be anywhere from 1-3 to 3-1)
    Week 5 @Pitt. (L)Really tough game fro Eagles. Pitt coming off bye week and Eagles off a Div game.
    Week 6 Det. (L)Another very tough game. Det also coming off bye and Eagles 6-6 before their own byes under Reid
    Week 7 BYE I think 2-4 at this point and QB contorversy brewing
    Week 8 Atl (W). Eagles $$ off the bye + Atl stinks
    Week 9 @NO (L) The middle of season continues to be murder. Can the Eagles’ win this? Yes, but Saints are 19-5 at home last 3 years, incl 8-0 last year
    So that makes 3-5 after the first 8 and everyone panicking
    Week 10 Dallas (L) Did I get this right? Eagles on a short week playing a team that has been off for 8 days. Thanks sched makers.
    Week 11 @WSH (L) Again, Eagles on the road facing a div opponent coming off their bye week. Brutal.
    At this point Eagles in big troubs at 3-7….
    Week 12. Car (W). Relief as Car comes to town with a QB rollin’ through sophmore jinx
    Week 13 @D (W). Eagles split with Dallas
    Week 14 @TB (W) TB stinks
    Week 15 Cinci (W). Basically an automatic win hosting a Thursday night game – esp against 2nd yr QBs
    Suddenly Eagles’ fans excited by 4 game W streak to get record to 7-7
    Week 16 Wsh (W). Eagles at home with 8 days rest.
    Eagles 8-7
    Week 17 @NYG – Toss up…..depends who is fighting for playoffs I guess….

    I could see the Eagles’ getting to 10-6, but somewhere around 8-8 seems more likely. The schedulemakers really put Birds behind the 8-ball on several occasions.

    I also haven’t factored in which 3 games Vick is going to miss, though its going to be difficult for him to get through the Pitt/Det combo unscathed.

  • This is a different roster as of now. You make no friggin sense bro. I got no time for negative dopes who dont recognize the teams better right now. Thinking it would be better to lose games to get a lil better pick. Tell the players that dope

  • DUMB@$$, GO READ MY INITIAL POST, YOU BOZO! I’M NOT GOING TO GO BACK & FORTH, WITH CLEARLY, A CLUELESS, IRRATIONAL, MENTAL MIDGET! Nothing worse than a irrational, illiterate, who just doesn’t understand how to comprehend, or read full posts. GO BACK & READ MY FIRST POST BOZO! How’s that negatively? Everything I’ve stated is factual & reality of what has already happened. If you want to live in your world of losers, where you are just happy to compete, & stay status quo & where you turn a blind eye to the truth, be my guest. That’s a losers mentality, & I choose to live in the real world, & demand greatness, to finally live up to the false hope & BS, that the Nova Care spin machine has spewed to us for a decade & a half!

  • I like DT Fletcher Cox alot and have stated many times since January, but I would not trade away more draft picks for Eagles to move up from #15 to
    #7 to get him, I don’t think he’s that much better than 4-5 other DT’s who will still be on the board #15 to trade away a 2nd or 3rd Round Draft pick or future players.. Now if you trade #15 and CB Samule to the Jaguars for their 7th Pick then I would be ok with that for Samuel will be gone anyways..
    But Eagles need both those 2nd Round PIcks (#46 & #51)for LB’s/Safety

  • The Eagles are the masters of controversy. sign Shady and put the tension on the back burner. Without Mccoy they are 6-10 or worse.

  • Thank you Songs I think Frank is just a fan who says they will win the super bowl every year..lol I fyou been paying attention to what is going on around the leauge Frank the birds WERE good in primetime BACK IN THE DAY when the nfc east was super week. Ans like songs said, they still didnt win the Super bowl. The Lions are not the old loosing team of old, they are equal with the eagle. Guys the Eagles are no super dominate team anymore, no one is scared of coming to the linc they said last year. Teams were on HNF network calling the Eagles WEEK.. Dude what does that mean? That they were lying?? No other teams are doing the right thing and the Eagles are still doing things there way. The truth is Players small in size wear down by the end of the season then fade away when other teams got there football bodies together. Being small is only good when you have to climb in holes fora living not playing a VIOLENT SPORT WITH BIG MEN.

    serious Birdo 13 -3?? Damn i didnt think people drank this early in the day. Your sick dude..Hey Birdo stop thinking the lost leads were by accident, the offense could not score either. once teams get physical with them they shut down. It was ALSO TOLD by other players last year. That the Eagles gave up in a game I.E Seattle…

    Best said Jon Hart no cake walk. Teams dont fear the birds anymore. They get a kick out of beatting a team that sucked but told people they would have dominated inthe playoffs.. Bunch of talk..

    Really Erock? How will our safties be better this year? because The kid from Temple?? you have facts to back this up??? NOPE! And um did you RESEARCH the real deal with DRC?? He is a bum he got beat 68% of the time 68% thats real bad, but i guess to you 68% was passing in school. You need Facts to back your statments guys stop the wishing. Same team same result.

    Hey paulman stop smoking coke bro. its not cool. to say DRC will intercept a ball.. when has he done that. the kid has bad hands(fact) he stoped on a play(fact) remember when he missed the interception last year and instead of making the tackle while the play was still going he jumped up and down like a kid looking at his hands. Hes a fucking bum. yall need to wake up.and how will the eagles put up 30 points on the lions with that monster rush.

    Damn Erock i didnt think you were this stupid.lol One question EROCK. If they were called SOFT last year, how will the same team all of a sudden become tough in a couple months????? Can anyone answer that ?? A PUNK IS A PUNK AND HE WILL ALWAYS BE SOFT. Namdi doesnt have a mean bone in his body DRC has the mind of a child colemen cant tackle someone with his head down and VICK is tiny as hell he looks like a smoker.

  • The bad part about Mcoy is Reid already admitted at the owners lunch that they were going to cut back on shadys touches. its his contract year, the always do this. if a player is coming off a stellar season they cut his role so they cant pay him off pro bowl number. They straight lied to Desean last year and said come to camp and we will take care of you. I wouldnt be surprised if shady doesnt fall for that shit and doesnt report. Westbrookis in his ear and he will listen to him . they are screwd . Ans the best over all DT is STILL from Penn state. in COX’s HIGHLIGHTS he is gettin lead the way the o line wants him to go . Still is in the back field every play. we need that push. cox is overratted and coples doesnt want to play.

  • damn thats some good stuff there scramz, keeping it real, calling them out, the eagles under reid made their bones when the nfc sucked, no doubt, he coaches small in big games, what is going to change

  • 13-3. Easily. Watch.

  • it’s fairly simple to see from 08-2011 the eagles won quite a few more games than they lost in primetime. also fairly simple to see that the NFC as a whole was not that good. The NFC east was terrible. I just pointed out that what you said was wrong. I can see that you did not appreciate that.

  • Caps lock typing is for teenagers.

    Added a tough MLB….will ad a tough dlineman in the draft.

    Reading into Reids comments at a owners meeting like it means Shady doesnt get his share this year.Calling me stupid.Stop dude.

    Long diatribes of a post….boring…no substance.

    Some of you guys go all out on here like your arguing for lower insurance rates and or your mortgage comp lost a payment.

    Cause someones opinion about the squad differs from yours.I ask questions as to why you think that.Instead of typing in caps and stating there illiterate or ignorant.

    Smoking coke?You lose cred when you pop off at the mouth like that.

    If we’re debating Birds in a bar …would the conversation go liek that if you disagree or think im way off? No.

    So wise up……show some class and remember you know as much as i do.

  • The safeties are better cause we knwo who they are….we’re not going into the season with Jared Paige.Thats my opinion BROSIFF!!

    The d-line has additional depth…they were a strong point of the d last year. Can they play run better yes. But thats why Ryans is here….to be a stud.

    The backers need another player.The Texas kid could help with some mid round guys who could make a impact.

    Namdi was a All-Pro for several years in OAK…..has he lost that? No.It was a down year as far as performance goes but look for a bounce back year.He’s still top 3 press tech corners in the game……MY OPINION BROSIFF.

    DRC is a better left corner then a slot.Leave Jose out there and let him improve off of last years solid season.Hansons fine.

    If you dont think this team has gotten better then its on you.We’ll see come 9-9 if they are.

  • i love how birds fans are AGAIN fighting about what games we win/dont win MONTHS before we even have a team. ugh… oh well. Her’s what i would do….

    1) Draft Cox where we are at- i dont want to see us giving up picks this year to move up.
    2) Draft a outside LB with some size and speed. I understand that LB’s like this dont grow on trees but it IS only the 2nd round- there should be options here.
    3) I’d grab a WR here. if they arent going after Burress, they need to grab someone here who can get up and get the ball.
    4) perhaps move up to grab that CB they felt “could go in the 2nd round but fell to us because of a stolen xbox thing or that torn ACL.

  • Steve – o…what aboutthe other 2nd round pick?

  • that was #3- no pick in the third. my first 4 picks- not first 4 rounds

  • all i aske for is facts Erock you talk out your ass bro. Just becasue you hang arounf tuff guys dont make you tuff it means you got beer muscles. Sorry to say but you sound like one of those soft ass players. If you was real you would know You dont TEACH TUFF PUNK, your born that way bitches!!! Stab yourself kid you know nothing…

  • Rev…couldn’t agree more about predicting games months into the future, but you have been around here a while, it happens ALL the time….many were saying we would be 16-0 this time last year!!

    I like Cox or Stills with the 1st pick….want Stephen Hill WR from GT with the next pick (although doubt he will still be around) unless the sign Plax like you mentioned….a solid LB next and returner later. I actually like Russell Wilson as a late round QB pick. I think his accuracy would be a good fit for our West Coast offense and even though he is only 6′ tall, he reminds me of Garcia or to a lesser degree Brees.

  • Have we done anything thus far that help improve our scoring efficiency in the Red Zone?

    Are our Safeties the same crew that got torched all last season?
    Demeco Ryan….will this addition help every other player improve their tackling?

    Can Juan Castillo win against the great offensive minds in the game?

    Have we filled the void of a big target receiver that keep the chains moving and threaten defenses in the red zone?

    Look at these questions then put in your prediction for the coming season.

    Earlier I said 9-7……

    But I’m going with 7-9 after careful consideration.

    If the Eagles improve Nate Allen’s position before the draft I’ll bump it up one game.

  • On McCoy’s Contract status
    I would not expect any movement until deals are reached with RB’s Matt Forte (Bears) and Ray Rice (Ravens) .. Both players were placed with with the “Franchise Tag” and both players have decided not to sign those Franchise Tags so they will be holding out until they come to terms.. Once these 2 Peers of McCoy settle, then McCoy and his agent adn teh Eagles will know that the market value is for Top RB’s.. It would be foolish for McCoy and his Agent to agree to any extensiton at this time before a new higher market value for RB’s is established which will happen once after Forte & Rice settle with their Clubs..

  • I think the NFL Office has it all fixed anyways
    They like the Eagles to rorate with the Giants & Cowboys and soon to be Redksins to keep as many people interested and spenfing $$$ on thier Teams as possible..
    2013 Super Bowl will be the Packers and Denver Broncos (Peyton Manning)
    2014 Super Bowl will be San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens
    2015 SUper Bowl will be Panthers (Cam Newton) vs Steelers
    2016 Super BOwl will be Redskins (RG III) vs the Texans
    2017 Super BOwl will be Lions vs the Dolphins
    2018 Super BOwl will be Cowboys vs the Jaguars
    2019 Super BOwl will be Bears vs SD Chargers
    2020 SUper BOwl will be Vikings vs the Bills

  • We need to do a poll.

    What team will build from obscurity and get a Superbowl before our “Golden Standard”?

    Right now, I’m picking the Rams again…I remember them being garbage and Lurie choosing Reid instead of grabbing Vermeil.

    Vermeil ent to St Louis and built with good general management, great coaching, and an owner who was willing to do what it took.

    Reminds me of the Giants who built from nowhere and grabbed 2 SB’s while we were being competitive.

    hell, Dungy built 2 Superbowl teams (the one Gruden won with in Tampa Bay) and the Colts who were average with Manning until Dungy came there.

    Saints built after the whole city was rebuilt and got a big one.

    Let’s do a Poll.

    What current pathetic team will win a Superbowl before the Eagles?

    What pa

  • I think the Panthers and Bills have a better chance at the Super Bowl before the Eagles do.. ..

  • I also think President Obama wins Re-Election in a very close race vs Romney
    and that a Gallon of Gas will be $4.50 by Memorial Weekend

  • Paulman the Soothsayer. Do you read tarot cards.

  • I too will go with the Panthers, 49ers, The Lions and maybe Denver. This is all based on the eagles keeping Reid around. Bring in another coach who believes in a balanced game, let the other coaches do there job and he focuse on Game managment they can easliy win a super bowl. The Talent has always been here i think reid reached his platue back in 04 and that is ok. He is out of ideas and to OLD school(stubborn) to change his ways. Been a coach to long and now Pride wont let him give up. Which in turn has hurt our team.

  • And what the hell is wrong with McSlabb? He is the only QB ever to be quoted saying the NFC Championship is the BIG DANCE. WHAT???? Someone has convinved him that settling for less is the ultimate goal. How do you admit that as a professional athlet and expet your peers to respect you. People dont play professional sports to finsh second. That just answered 11 years of his game.

    Hey McSlabb no one in the Hall of Fame said second best was good enough for them. Thats why he will never play football again and be remembered for being a crybaby who threw up and wont admit it.. Andy brain washed that boy..lol

  • scrams – yeah, maybe certain skills have to be innate. BUT – you’re acting as if NFL players never improve. You are as you were as a rookie. Well tell that to seasoned vets. Tell that to Eli Manning – SUCKED ASS for years. Now he’s a two time SB champ and MVP.


    So for you and Songs to say that you know Jarret, Allen, Coleman, Cheney, Rolle, Mathews, Graham, Tapp, Hunt, Marsh, Nnamdi, DRC WILL NOT IMPROVE is……drumrolll please…..


    I don’t know that they will. But don’t tell me that we have the same team as last year. That’s B U (oh hell, just see above).

  • HAHAHAHA ouch! my stomach! hahahaha!!! Paulman you are hilarious man! who the heck predicts the superbowl in 2020?

  • What is this weak division crap you guys keep yapping about? Damn can’t enjoy those old wininng season can you. Hell when our teams were crap did we call the skins and C-girls bums for beating up on us? Noooo! get off it bruhs, give credit where it is due, we might not be that great now (I think we are), but hell we had good teams that was averaging over 11 wins per season, thats just plain more than NFC East arse kicking if you ask me.

    That weak division speech is plain old revisionist history, Bulla Shitta. So if we some how have a wining season this year is it becase the cowboys and skins once again suck, and the Giants are on a superbowl slump?

    Dam the things I read on this site some times, holy shitta. I respect everyones views on here except one,……. that bulla shitta excuse about weak divisions and conferences. MotherBrother!!!! That is just plain hate for the sake of wanting to hate.

  • Mono, still suprises you? Haters were born to hate, not use their brains.

  • Monollith when the Cowboys and Skins were kicking our backs in they were winning championships…so you can’t compare that to when they were doormats during Reid’s successful years. ..He didn’t finish.

  • On a semi-serious note,
    The Eagles have as good as chance as any other Team to win the Super Bowl in the 2012 Season.. The Core Players are still pretty young and they need about 2-3 Upgrades on their Defense (DT,SAM LB & Strong Safety) and 2-3 Pieces on Offense (FB, Back-up RB and a big-Target WR who excels in the Red-Zone) and they should be good to go
    If Key Players stay helathy (which is never a given and reason to have wuality depth), limit Turnovers and Penalties and creat turnovers on Defense and Improve Red-Zone Defense there is no reason they can’t compete
    EAgles really need to nail this Draft for not only the upcoming season but for the next 3-5 Season for they have some players who will be in early 30’s and will need replacing in a couple of years..

  • songs you make 0 sense. If you believe that, and the Eagles win a superbowl, you’ll NEVER EVER be able to complain about the Eagles again, because they’ll have a championship. But you know that wouldn’t happen because you eat, shit, and sleep HATING.

    The cowboys and redskins haven’t won a thing THIS MILLENIUM

  • Paul, REALLY?

    “EAgles really need to nail this Draft for not only the upcoming season but for the next 3-5 Season for they have some players who will be in early 30′s and will need replacing in a couple of years..”

    um, dude, DIDN’T YOU TAKE THE EXACT OPPOSITE ARGUMENT WITH ME A DAY OR SO AGO? And now you use my point?

    You’re such a two face man.

  • Paulman…..so upgrade at Free Safety is not necessary?

    Where will you be next offseason when Nate Allen is unceremoniously released next offseason (Ala Trevor Laws) after costing us in big games this year?

    Why can’t anyone see that Nate Allen is soft?

    He is not an enforcer and good QB’s targets him.

  • Schill…what have the eagles won this millennium?

  • wow – I missed a day of nothing! So sad – so let me get this straight – the schedule came out and the usual cast of bitches came out to proclaim how much we suck – before one snap, before one practice, before one OTA, before the draft?? And look – yep – not only do we suck now – we used to suck then – and look, everyone else is going to be better then us –

    Songs – is it possible for someone to proclaim to be a male to be ANY bigger of a complete douchebag whiner then you? Is it – why don;t you folks that don;t think the eagles will ever have a chance go find another team? Admit it – there are about 5 of you selfish pricks that are so hung up that you would prefer the eagles actually lose then pray they actually win?

    What disgust me the most is that if the birds win it – you sorry pieces of shit will get to watch it, participate in it, and act like the bandwagon jumping douches you are.. doesn’t matter if its this year, next year – or in ten years – you will still suck – disloyal cowards – can;t even back your team up before the season starts..

    The Dali Lama was visiting out here in San Deigo – spoke today at Uni of San Diego – got asked a very thought provoking…. the question asked was “How do you keep so optimistic when there is so much pain and suffering in the world?”

    He paused and said, “Far better to remain optimistic.”

  • 2004 NFC Championship – 2001,2,3,4,6 and 10 NFC East titles

    any other bright questions there king douche

  • Songs, dominated the division, superbowl appearance – were cheated on in the superbowl too.

    (cue the wizard of ozz music)….”If Songs only had a brain”…..

  • to hell with the Dali lama….This team will suck as long as Andy Reid and his compadre Juan Castillo is at the helm. Give us a starting Safety…a starting SAM, a red zone target and possession receiver, a coach that can win against winning teams, and a defensive coordinator that can beat the top offensive minds…a then we’re on board.

    I’m not buying the bull anymore.

  • I am not writing off Free-Sefety Nate Allen jsut yet, I actually think he’s a pretty good player when he’s healthy.. The Free-Safety main job is to be the Center Fielder and the last line of Defense which I think he has played pretty well, again when he’s been healthy.. He should not have been on the field to start last season which I stated many times even last year when it was obvious he still wasn’t healthy.. I feel the Strong Safety is where the Safety position needs to be updgraded and where they Eagles need a thumper (like a Mark Barron type)
    Most of the Scouting Reports when Allen was coming out of College was ed that he was a good player on the ball and in pass coverage and this he wasn’t the most physical player or a great tackler which has been pretty accurate.. The Free Safety needs to be a Pass Cover player first, the Strong Safety need to be hitter and enforcer of the Secondary which the Eagles lack.. .

  • Paul, that’s correct – for a team that uses a true strong and free safety. Now, if you’re paying attention, the Eagles are not such a team.

  • In the Eagles Scheme, they have relied basically with 2 Free-Safeties which hasn’t worked too well the last couple of seasons.. They need more of a physical prescence along that back line to play sown in the box and protect the intermediate middle of the field which a true Strong Safety would do and then have the Free Safety (N Allen) play more of a deeper centerfielder type and make plays on the ball in pass coverages which is Allen’s strength..

  • I do believe new Secondary Coach T Bowles will help this entire Secondary with his experience and solid coaching and his no non-sense approach..
    I didn’t like last years hire in Secondary Coach in Johnny Lynne at all for he was too passive and having the Eagles Secondary thinking too much and playing too soft

  • hey schiller i wasnt talking about skills.. i was talking about heart bro. to many time i saw those same guys you just named try and tackle with a shoulder thud. that means your scared to wrap and tackle. to many tim have i seen those same guys backing up in the redzone when you should be moving up on a player. you dont give them extra room in the redzone you move up and smack them in the face. ..And all those players wont improve over time it only happens to a few. thats why everyone doesnt make the pro bowl. after a certain amount of time you peek. and after that you just dont get it. IM TALKING ABOUT THE STUFF YOU JUST CANT TEACH BRO.. ITS CALLED BALLS TO THE WALL.

  • But i do see your point on most of the stuff on here.

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