• December 2, 2021

Will Eagles Follow The Giants Pattern Of Stockpiling Defensive Ends?

I got the feeling while sitting in the Eagles Executive dining room last Thursday listening to Eagles GM Howie Roseman that he’s spent a lot of times thinking about how their arch rivals up the New Jersey turnpike, the New York Giants have captured two Super Bowl Championships in recent years.

Reese’s formula for building a championship football team includes drafting the best player available and filling wholes on the roster in via free agency.

“We try to pick the best player”, Reese told the gathered media earlier this week.  Later on in his talk with the media, Reese said, “The draft has nothing to do with who is on our team right now, we’re going to draft the best player we can find”.

This is the mentality which Roseman wants to adopt.  He wants the Birds to go through this draft with a mentality that’s almost blind to their current roster.  Like Reese they want to draft the best player on the board.  Reese doesn’t think this draft has 32 first rounders.

Many times with the Giants, that best player has wound up being a big, fast, athletic, pass rushing and playmaking defensive end. Roseman has seen how Reese has stockpiled defensive ends during this championship run.  New York currently has three Pro Bowl defensive ends on its roster,  Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, and Jason Pierre-Paul and they had to move another talented defensive end, Mathias Kiwanuka to outside linebacker.

This is one of the reasons I believe the Birds could select a defensive end with their first pick.  Would the Giants pass up North Carolina Quinton Coples if they had the chance to draft him?  I don’t think so.  Would they pass up sackmaster Illinois defensive end Whitney Mercilus?  I don’t think so.

Coples is falling on draft boards and he would be hard for the Eagles to pass up at 15.  He cannot only be a dominating pass rusher from outside at the defensive end position, but he showed during his junior year that he can do an outstanding job of rushing the passer from the defensive tackle position.

Mercilus is an explosive pass rusher, who led the nation in sacks in 2011 with 16 as well as a total of 22 tackles for a loss.  The Illinois defense end had an amazing nine forced fumbles in 2011.  He’s 6’4″ 260 pounds and like Coples, he has the ability to move inside and effecively rush passer from the defensive tackle position.

There have been questions about Coples taking him plays off and Mercilus not being able play against the run.


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  • Im totally on board with the Eagles taking Coples at #15 if he is still there. Especially if they think he can rush the passer from the DT position like Tuck does for the G men. I’ve been posting that I think the Eagles will draft a corner in the 1st rd mainly because of the Eagles wanting to dump Asante and the talent drop off at the corner/ safety position after the 1st rd of the draft. After Claiborne/Gilmore/Kirkpatrick & Jenkins there really isnt any other corners that can come in and play right away. At the DT & DE position there will be good players available in the 2nd & 3rd rd’s like Vinny Curry, Cam Johnson, Devon Still, Kendall Reyes & Derek Wolfe.

  • Remember that Coples lost 15 lbs before his last season at UNC and told the Tar Heels Coaching Staff that he was finished playing DT in College and that he strictly was going to play DEsince DE has a higher visibility and higher pay in the NFL than a DT does…It’s this type of selfish attitude that Coples has shown and part of the reason he is falling..

  • Thats not necessarily true becuase haynesworth got 100 million so hes not 100 percent right about that ,, but coples is a rare player and would fit good here also because he can play both DT and DE.. if he falls to 15 would you take him and would he be your number one player? @ paulman

  • Justin Tuck is a beast a rare breed just because he can do it successfully at the Nfl level. Doesn’t mean these guys can have the same success. Lets be original and come up with our own concepts.

  • We were on green bay’s dick with how they use woodson, how did that work out for us. Now we are on NY’s dick on how they use their d-line. This makes no sense we might as well aske green bay and new york to run our team too. Seeing how we can’t think for ourselves. Hell look out for the two tight end attack cause new england do it.

  • @pdiddy Eagles have been trying to do it their own way for years now… FASTBALLS!!! Small undersized Highmotor & good character players. Really hasn’t worked out to well yet. With the exception of Trent Cole the Eagle have imported all the talent they have on defense but I hear ya on Tuck… Not a lot of players are as good and can move all around the DE line like he can.

  • @ diddy coples is 6’6 285 lbs played DT last year and had 10 sacks at DT.. which is unbelievable at any level .runs a 4.72.. at his size its extremely impressive..

  • You go with what works.. It’s fairly obvious that the Gmen draft much better. A good pass rush does a heck of a lot for your team.. I think they should def go after coples if cox is not on the board. Knowing the eagles, who knows what they are going to do

  • Did anybody happen to notice he Cleveland Plains Dealer’s research on drafting of ProBowl players over the last 9 years. The Eagles are 3rd in the league, trailing only the Patriots and Ravens. Interesting, no?

  • Coples= Tuck, maybe but I think not like I said lets do us. We run the wide 9 lets get the stout DT’s and LB’s to support the dam system. This is what they implemented let’s make it work dammit. We don’t have JUSTIN TUCK WE GOT FUCKIN THORNTON AND LANDRI AND SHIT. LET’S JUST GET REESE FROM THE GIANTS ON THE PHONE AND LETS ASK HIM WHO WE SHOULD PICK.


  • Oh by the way go flyers great win today.

  • joe friday- yep I posted it on here. But be careful – it was ALL PROS not PROBOWLERS – two different things.

    The main difference is who selects them – ALLPROS – the Associated Press media – professionals and they only get to rank the best at each position. Probowlers – fans have a say and I can vote for Chad hall 5 billion times if I know computer technology and wanted to…

    So allpro is more accurate and objective.

    But yes. What is interesting is those facts up against the numbskulls on this site (the haters) who insist that Reid and the Eagles are by far the worst – they’re factually incorrect – way off in fact – but that doesn’t stop them.

  • @diddy watch the video coples plays DT better than all of the other DTs he had 10 sacks in 2010 when he played DT instead of end. tuck is 6’4 268 i think, coples is 6’6 285 the guys is a force .. if hes there and we dont take him im going to be upset.. I didint think he was that good until i watched the tape.. hes the best by far

  • Have the Eagles drafted a pro bowl player on the defensive side of the ball in the last 6 years?

    If so…..who?

  • Has songs asked a question he knows the answer to, but just wants to stir up hate that leads to very little significant information in the last 6 mintues?

    If so…why?

    Because he thinks it says something. At MOST, it can say what the Eagles did or didn’t do in the past. At at most, you can say ‘well, then they didn’t draft well on D”. So then that at most can lead to “fire Reid or Roseman”. But aint happening anytime soon.

    So at most it leads to….drumroll please….. NOTHING AT ALL.

    Songs is that insane person banging his head against a wall in a deadend – over and over and over and over and over and over and over – expecting a different result.

  • As long as they continue signing them, who cares where they come from? Nnamdi, Babin, Ryans, I am not sure sure if Jenkins has made the list, but he is stellar as well. They still rank 3rd, that is better than 29 other teams, but obviously facts do not matter. Blind hatred is so much more interesting.

  • mobile.cleveland.com/advcleve/pm_59556/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=TpSXNtGY

    copy that into your url. Then click on “2” – songs, you know #2 – your nickname.

    See it for your own eyes.

    Yes, they’ve been worse on D than O. But they are #3 in drafting all-pros. Period. Now they have Washburn helping out. Let’s see what happens. Or bitch and bang your head into the wall like Songs. Your choice.


  • Paulman,
    It seems that all the rumored picks the Eagles were going to pick ( Cox, Coples, Kuechly, Barron, etc) will probably be gone at 15. Do you think they will trade up to get one or trade back to get an extra pick?

  • Watch the eagles draft some bum nobody heard of.

    Just watch…then the spin machine will been how the Eagles got their guy.

    They outsmarted everyone to get a bum that will be out of the league in 4 years.

    You need a damn safety. Barron is there so don’t make the same mistake we made picking Graham over Earl Thomas.

    We have depth on the line..get the Safety.

    Roseman admitted error in past drafts so eat the money invested in your mistakes (Allen & Jarrett) and get it right this year.

    Barron is the truth..don’t draft a guy and switch him to another position. Draft Barron and the Safety problem will be solved. Period.

    Get Burfict at a discount also to add to nasty to the defense filled with soft bitches.

  • that’s wonderful that Roseman wants to adopt Reese’s draft mentality, but who Roseman and the Eagles scouts think is the “best” player is not always who Reese and his scouts think is the “best” player and this is why the Giants have won 2 superbowls in the past 5 years and the Eagles ZERO

  • Songs I’m with you all the way on taking a flyer on Burfict with a 5th round pick. I have a feeling the eaglesreally want Fletcher cox and will move up to get him. Linebackers- Nigel Bradham and Michael Kendricks. Safety- Markelle Martin, although I’m not opposed to waiting til next year to grab TJ McNonald from USC. Brock Osweiler QB in thesecond and Vinny Curry. Tackle Nate Potter from Boise State or lLevy Adcock. Wide Receiver Tommy Streeter from the “U”.

  • It goes mnore to the Coaching and Development of Defensive Players which the Giants have been superior than the Eagles for a a while now.. Ho wmany times do they come up with no-name TE’s, WR and LB’s and CB’s and DL who can all play at a high-level.. Even in JJ’s final couple of Season, look at the Staff that was working with him Segrest, Suhey,etc,tec… Sean Mcdermott was a Good Secondary Coach and once he became elevated to DC, the Secondary has gone to hell the last 3 Seasons…
    You have to have the Talent, but you have to have solid coaching and solid schemes to utilize your players talents on what they do best and in this area, the Eagles have not been very godo for a while now…

  • isnt it funny – I read songs post about drafting a ‘bum’ talking about outsmarting everyone – talking about spin and excuses –

    then in the next breath he talks about drafting a bum, who makes a zillion excuses for why he can’t play – and everyone else says – ‘may not even be drafted’ and he yells lets get him…. cracks me up

  • Agree Eaglehaslanded. It’d be foolish to pass up on Burlfict if he were available at that point. I am really confused as to what the Eagles will do.

    My best bet is that they are going to take Bobby Wagner in the second round. That’s probably what I feel most confident about.

  • Eagle has landed – where you been doc? We have been missing our resident head shrinker –

    DT/DE and LB with the first three picks – I think Keulchy in the first, Curry in the second….

    eagles will get S Bell in FA after the draft –

  • LOL, Hey Navy. I’ve been busy, lots of people out here that need help, seriously. I actually read a post of yours that I agreed with, I then called my psych (LOL). Just waiting on the draft. I think the Eagles will get the job done.

  • OK -now Mium – you got my attention – the eagles on year took a flyer in the 5th round on Jeremy Bloom – he was a freshamn all american with a bunch or return TDs from Colorado I think – he stopped playing football in college to compete for the olympics in skiing, and the eagles used a 5th rounder to see if he had football magic left in him – the eagles have been roundly boo’d for that decision – the reason he stopped playing college football was a battle with the NCAA over endorsements from his skiing – so….

    here was a dedicated, determined, gold medal winning superstar who was one hell of an athlete that busted his butt… and everyone goes – ‘Bloom what a stupid pick’ remember freshman all american… etc.

    now Burflict – go look at his stats – I think he had 1 game with duoble digit tackles, 1 tackle vs Boise state – benched by his coaches, academic problems his whole career – bad attitude – stupid penalties, maturiyt issues –

    then on top of that – shows up fat, slow and weak at the combine and pro days..

    and now people are saying ‘hell, lets use a 5th rounder on him’ when everyone is saying now he may not even be drafted (use a 7th maybe?)

    the logic just amazes me….. having seen a couple of his games (and I admit, I do not watch a lot of college football) I saw NOTHING that would indicate this guy is anything close to ready for the NFL???

  • Hey Dtime,
    A good question and my take is that 1 of the 4 players you named will drop and be on the board at #15..
    I think Fletcher Cox goes to the Rams at #6 or the Panthers at #10 at the latest
    I think Kuechley can go as early as Panthers at #10 or to the Chiefs,Seattle or even the Cardinals before the Eagles select..
    I think Mark Barron is selected by the Cowboys at #14
    So Coples is the wildcard here ..
    Possibly Jaguars at #7 or Panthers at #9 if Fletcher Cox is gone or even Seattl or the Cardinals.,
    I think with many teams looking to trade down, that the the Trade Value will not be what it has been in the past years Maybe an extra 3rd Round pick at earliest..
    If All 4 Are off the board which is a possibilty, then you have to look at
    best Value Pick available which is probably CB S Gilmore or DT M Brockers
    or possibly even WR M Floyd.. I aslo would not be surprised to see the EAgles Trade the #15 to the Oakland Raiders (who have no 1st Rounder and not many picks at all in the draft) for next years #1 PIck and maybe a 3rd Rounder for this year or a player (OLB Aaron Curry) in return… GM McKenzie of the Raiders and AR go back to the Packers days and have been good friends for for a while..

  • EHL – if you ever get bored – go down to the VA – they always need help –

    We are all hoping they get this right – I think as long as they stay oriented to the D side of the ball (no Vinnie – no QB for you till round 5 or 6) with the early picks and find a solid KR/PR we will do alright –

    don’t feel bad about agreeing with me doc – BSM and I have agreed twice this month… shocking I know – amazing things can happen

  • Muimuiman, I’m not familiar with Bobby wagner outside of what I read in my draft guides. I never saw him play. Is he a stud? is he best suited for the Mike , Sam or the Will ?

  • Pman – agree on the coaching aspect – right now the eagles have I think 4 assistants that can be considered best inthe Biz –

    Wasburn and Mudd for the lines, Bowles for DBs and April for STs… (god I hope April is in screaming for a KR/PR) Lets hope we see some growth with these guys..

  • Hey Navy, according to the Mayans the world is supposed to go through a dramatic change on Dec. 21,2012, perhaps all this agreeing is a precursor.

  • I thought that was supposed to be dec 12 at 12:12:12

    the whole 12/12/12/12/12/12/12 (12h 12m 12 s 12 Dec 2012) time thing – either way can;t wait for the draft to get here – I think all news has ground to a halt till after teams see how the draft falls out – glad to see you back

  • No, it’s the 21st. Trust me on this one, we both agree however, can’t wait til 4/26/12 8 PM. Glad to be back, thanks big guy.

  • Again Burfict can be no worse than what we’re use to drafting…At least he brings an edge …

    Maybe he can at least be as good as Matt McCoy

    You think?

    Shall I name more?

  • Syracuse DE is rising up draft broads Chandler jones. standing at 6-foot-5 266lbs and a wingspan of 35 1/2 inches. he has NFL bloodlines: brothers arthur jones plays for the ravens and jon jones is in the UFC light heavyweigth champion. He is extremely athletic and has a high motor. mike mayock has jones higher rated then coples on he’s board. That’s my sleeper pick for eagles, jones is being compared to JPP and Osi Umenyiora

  • I like their Staff and was especially pleased with the hiring on Todd Bowles as Secondary Coach who I think will make a big differnece with the entire Secondary unit for experienced players and especially all the young players
    but I have been disappointed i n Special Teams Bobby April to be honest..
    This is goign on his 4th Season with the Eagles and I really haven’t seen any significant improvments with their Overall Special Teams play in my opinion.. Their Coverage Teams have improved (probably has to do alot with COlt Anderson) but the Kick-Off Return game still sucks and unless D-Jax does something on his own, the Punt returns are not all the good either.. I don’t recall the Eagles really blocking any Punts of FG’s during his Time so all in all, I think April is overrated and I believe is the highest-paid SPecial Teams Coach in the entire NFL.. I want to see better results.. ..

  • Bobby Wagner is best suited for the WILL Position per many Scouts reports EHL
    He’s 6-0 244 lbs and a excellent tackler, very strong in pass coverages and really one of the few 3 Down LB’s in this Draft in my opinion.. He’s bright, strong work ethic and plays bigger than he is.. He had a great Senior week and was the Games MVP with 9-10 Tackles, 1 Int and 1 Forced Fumble .. He unfortunately had a bout with pneumonia after working out in Arizona where he was training for the Indy Combine and was unable to attend the Combines, but he had an excellent Pro Workout Day and per all reports has done very well in the interview process, has natural leadership skills
    Wagne rwas a 4 Year Starter at Utah State and Defensive Captain for his last 2 Seasons with them.. Senior Year he had 147 Tackles, including 67 Solo tackles, 4 Sacks and 2 INt’s.. He is not a blitzing type of Pass rusher Lb and is in the mold of a true LOLB in a traditonal 4-3 Scheme
    Some Scouts say that Wagner reminds them of of a young Lance Brigg,Jon Beason type where he’s very active, always in position and closes in fast to make the play and that he should be able to contribute his Rookie Season and has a bright future ahead of him…
    NFL Scouts.Com has him rated as the #57 Ranked Prospect which puts him in the middle to late 2nd Round, but lots of teams like him and would be suprised if he lasts past #50

  • So let me get thins straight songs – becuase the way your brain works is unlike any logical format known to mankind – lets WASTE a pick on a fat- out of shape, excuse making (but not playmaking) immature, getsa benched for being stupid LB, becuase he will be better then Matt McCoy?

    Really, thats what you have to offer – especially when you don;t even know if its true –

    at least you have given up on trying to hype the guy… seeing as how no one was buying that load of feces – now its ‘he won;t be as bad as that guy’ logic!

    Nice! What do you say we shoot for guys with talent, that produced in college, that act like they want to be professional football players! You know, guys that don;t say things like – its my coaches fault… (any remember where that interview was posted?)

    BEst thing about Wagner – went to school in Utah – only thing better would be BYU (that’s a joke for those that didn;t get it!)

  • Pman – King Dunlap blocked a field goal – so did Landri vs Miami – can’t remember a punt block – didn;t we get a couple punts blocked last year> but yeah.. a bit of a disappointment especially in the KR (Lewis just didn’t explode up the field). I am hoping they use a 4rth or 5th rounder to get a solid and dedicated KR/PR to add some pop in the return game –

  • GC were on the same page. They go Coples in the first round. I think they need to draft 2 young DEs but guys that are versatile and can play DT. I like both Cople and Mercilus who have great size, speed, strength and versatility. I go Coples in a heartbeat, and i dont believe the eagles will pass him up if he falls to them at 15. But remember the cowboys pick at 14 and would draft an impact DE pass rusher to go along with Ware so if Coples falls, i think they would take him over a safety. So the eagles gotta be careful there..

  • P man about your Eagles trade 1st rd pick to Raiders… Not gonna happen. Raider don’t have any of their own draft picks until the 5th rd. They have however picked up compensatory draft picks from free agents lost last season. Unless the was a change in the collective bargaining agreement, compensatory draft picks cannot be traded. Also read a story on pro football talk about Raiders new GM Mckenzie not wanting to trade away anymore future draft picks. Oakland is already with out a 2nd rd pick in 2013 from the Carson Palmer trade.
    A more likely trade partner for the Eagles if they wanted to slide back would be with the Bengals or the Patriots.

  • We can have a monster draft & if the Birds don’t draft Burfict, Songs is gonna complain. LMFBO!!! Let it go Songs. Come on man. He isn’t going to get drafted.

  • I only have one guy in my radar and thats coples.. .. ive been watching the draft for 12 years and the eagles never took the guy i wanted ..and the most shocking pick was desean jackson .. i couldnt belive they took him .. id take burfict in the 6th round with out a doubt

  • I don’t care who it is. I just want a stud in the 1st round to play to his level and dominate. Juan will go from being the goat from last year, to one of the best defensive cordinators this coming season. Book it!!

  • Well, if they draft a defensive end that will be them admitting Graham was a serious mistake…. a mistake that had two future pro bowlers on deck within i few picks from Graham.

    Can we get Modrak as an consultant for defensive players?

  • Songs, the good teams Draft the best player on their board to fit their schemes..
    If they Draft a DE it’s because they believe he can help the Team and be a good football player regardless on who else is on the Roster..Cole nad Babin are 30 + years of age, Tapp is strictly a rotational player and earns too high of a salary to remain with the Eagles after 2012, so regardless of what Graham does or doesn’t do, they need to add a DE somewhere in this Draft to help groom for the Future..

  • To Sully,
    Your are right about compensatory picks, they cannot be traded..

  • @ Eaglehaslanded, Paulman, I’ve seen Wagner project as frequently at SAM as WILL. I think he’d be fine at either spot.

    On the safety front: Barron is the least impressive top safety prospect I’ve seen in a while. There’s nothing that really stands out about him that makes you think he’s a must draft. They aren’t going to give up on Jarrett after rarely playing as a rookie. Coleman actually played pretty well after they benched Page and moved Coleman to SS. I’m not sure you’d get an upgrade with a rookie in this year’s draft class. Same with Allen. They had to rush him back from an injury and he wasn’t ready. He should be a full strength this year and we’ll get to see if he’s worth a starting spot or not. Even though Safety is a question mark for the Eagles, the top end talent just isn’t there in this draft to spend an early pick on one. I think they’d be better off getting a stud on the Dline, a quality LB in the 1st or 2nd, a top slot CB like Boykin in the 2nd, a red-zone threat at TE or WR in the 3rd then drafting the best safety left on the board in the 4th or later.

    I just think the marginal upgrades at the other positions in the first 3 rounds are much better than safety this year. I think they are in a good position to give one last year to see what they have in Allen/Jarret/Coleman since the draft class is so weak.

  • I would pass on Mark Barron too and look to grab a Brandon Taylor from LSU,
    or Antonio Allen from South Carolina or a George Illoka from Boise State or Markelle Martin from Oklahoma who some of these players should be on the board come the 3rd Round..
    I really believe the Secondary Coach T Bowles is going to coach the 3 young players up on the Eagles Roster (Allen,Jarrett & Coleman) that the SAfety position is not as bad shape or a huge need as many think..

  • Bring Modrak back ? because he was so good at drafting up there in Buffalo Right ? LOL…

  • Modrak is officially retired after the Bills let him go last Off-Season..
    He is probably in his late 60’s and maybe even in his early 70’s and was a Scout back for the Steelers from the early 1970’s.. He did not have much success the last few seasons with the Draft and Personnel moves up in Buffalo which is why he lost his job.. (Aaron Maybin, CJ Spiller) trading J Peters


  • agree with you pman in regards to Barron and Bowles

  • ceter….How did the eagles go from being one of the best safety tandem’s in the league to one of the worse?

  • ceterisparibus – dude – you have some seriously good posts – balanced, looking at the whole picture – very nice –

    I would liek to see them (and I am hoping they will) pick up Y Bell in FA right after the draft.. never hurts to have a vet in the mix

  • Songs, because they lost arguably one of the top 5 safeties of all time and a veteran group that knew how to play together. I wasn’t happy with the safety play last year and want someone to challenge Allen, not Coleman. Also remember that Greg Cosell from NFL films was really high on Jarrett. This is just a young group that has no veteran leadership behind them.

    The safety play during the first half of the season was atrocious, but decent during the latter half. Remember, Coleman was playing the FS spot for the first 5 games, which he isn’t cut out to do. He’s a smart player, but not a great athlete. Page was one of the worst safeties in the NFL last during his 5 games as a starter. He was so bad they had to bring Allen back to full speed more quickly than they wanted.

    Not only that but they had Nnamdi all over the place and communication was clearly lacking. The back 4 as a group never seemed comfortable until late in the year.

    The fact that they started playing much more tightly as a unit gives me optimism that it will be improved without adding anyone significant. If anything, I’d like a vet. It may not be great, but I’ll give them one more year to see what they have.

  • Will always have love for B-Dawk. But he sold out. Good riddance.

  • The entire Secondary (Experienced CB’s too) and the LB’s were all atrocious the beginning of last season with all the changes in Personnel and Coaching that went on… They all played better the 2nd half of the Season and were much more cohesive as a Coaching Staff and Players the final month of the Season..
    Now with Bowels leading and coaching the Secondary I expect all of these players to improve and especially some of the young ones (Jarrett,Allen,Marsh,Lindley)

  • Paul i said this from the beginning. Nice to hear you change your tune.. again.. I said the eagles did not need to draft a safety nor add anyone. Yeremiah Bell would have been good but i dont think the eagles nor do i feel they need him. This secondary just needs to be coached up (ie Todd Bowles).. I said the bowles higher was huge for this secondary. I expect a very aggressive secondary, players that will be in your face and will muscle and push you around. Im talking jamming at the line not allowing guess to get off it, knocking them off there routes. They will be a group to reckon with. I expect a top 5 defense and thats not the homer in me talking. Nnamdi and DRC will be shutdown. Dont let last year fool you. Anoher year in this defense and the coaching staff all on the same page, will take this team to great heights…

  • well put Birdo.

  • ceter…The Giants don’t have a top 5 safety of all times..So why do you think they have been pretty good while our Safeties suck ass?

  • Contrary to what many may believe, the Eagles were ranked 8th Overall in Team Defense in the entire NFL.. Getting into the Top #5 which a full Off-Season program is very attainable.. Also contrary to many, Juan Castillo actually did a pretty good job in the 2nd half of the Season.. The 1st month was ugly no doubt for the entire Team (Offense inclueded) , if each unitl does what it’s capable of, Eagles 2012 should be a 10-11 Win Team regardless of their difficult schedule..
    I am not sure how many Fans watch other games or pay attention to around the NFL, there were a lot of Teams Defenses that struggled big time last year as it’s become a Pass-happy, Big Play Game.. Keys are creating Turnovers, and Red-Zone/3rd Down Defensive Efficiency.. If the Eagle improve in these areas, the sky is the limit …

  • SOngs – who said the Ginats safeties are good – you are doig that stupid thing you do all the time which is declare –

    the 9-7 giants with the # 25 ranked defense in points allowed #27 ranked defense in yardage allowed #29 ranked defense in passing yards allowed and #19 yards in rushing yards allowed and becuase they eecked into the playoffs and got hot and won the SB – their safeties were pretty good?

    Meanwhile – the eagles who were ranked #10 in points allowed, 8th in yards allowed 10th in passing yards allowed and 16th in rushing yards have safties that are ass??

    Could it be that you are a completely clueless fuck that has absolutley no idea what he is talking about, but is such a bitch that he will continue to say stupid negative things just to hear himself????

  • Their safeties haven’t been good for a while. It’s why they traded for Rolle and drafted Phillips. Those guys are both now entering their 5th and 7th years in the nfl. In other words, they are experienced. Plus their Dline was stellar as the season wore on. Remember, early in the year the Giants had one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL until their Dline got back to full strength.

    Dawkins wasn’t a pro-bowler as a rookie, nor a 2nd year player or 3rd year player. He was a 2nd round draft pick. Mikel was a special teams player his first 2 years as an Eagle and rarely if ever saw game time. You realize that sometimes it takes guys more than one full season to develop?

  • Wow – ceter – you are the man….. another excellent post –

  • I think the EAgles already follow the pattern of stockpiling D-ends like the Giants do…The Giants just draft the right ones while we haven’t drafted a pro-bowler on defense since 2005.

    Navy,you hate the Giants like all of us but if I could trade our safeties for the ones the Giants have I would in a heart beat and anybody that wouldn’t is a clueless fuck as you sayf…The Giants were decimated at the corner position and on defense in general all year. Our safeties had the luxury of playing behind 3 pro-bowl corners all year including one of the best corners in the league and still looked pathetic. Also imagine if we had to play NO and GB (best passing attack teams in the league) like they did…our safeties showed they did not belong on an NFL field when they played the better teams like the Pats…the safety position would have been a massacre if they went up against Brees and Rogers. Nate Allen prolly has nightmares of getting schooled by Brady and Welker on that play fake…BTW who lets Welker beat them deep like that.

    Just taking one simple statistic and basing you’re entire opinion on it without looking at everything that doesn’t show up on a stat sheet is being a clueless fuck.

  • on to knew topics – saw a 3 round mock draft today – hated it –

    started OK with COuples at 15 – but then had an OT (from Cal) and Brockweiler in the 2nd and Joey Adams in the 3rd –

    hoping they stay focused on D in first 2 rounds

  • Ceter maybe their pass defense was terrible because almost every corner they had was injured and couldn’t play…you know those guys that actually have to cover those other guys that catch the ball…just sayin…

    You are right when it comes to players needing time to develop tho no doubt…you can be as optimistic as you want too but i just feel that our current group of safeties will be more like a Demps, Harris, GAddis, JR Reed, Considine type.

  • No way they should go Oline unless they truly think Peters is done. They obviously have the best info on him out of anybody so I think if they go Oline high in the draft it will speak volumes to Peters being done. You just don’t waste a pick on a player in rounds 1-2 that will be on the bench/backup for years to come…O-line as it is now is signed through 2014 I think…

    Should be all defense going into 3rd round…

  • So, when did we begin following the Giants as a model for success after the turn of the century?

    Oh, I know.

    When they signed Spags who was supposed to be the JJ replacement & got Marc Ross to draft defensively for them instead of us.

    Alright…I get it now,

  • pheags – I guess you missed that absolutley perfect post by my new Hero ceter – above where he talked about the number of years it took for those particular players to get to where they are in life – the issue with Allen coming off knee surgery etc… I strongly recommend readinthe ceter guy – most definitely not a clueless fuck..

    and again – for all the bitching moaning and griping about the Eagles LBs and Ss and how they were going to be targeted etc… your argument that there were 3 pro bowl CBs actaully futrther proves my point that for the birds to post those numbers (and remember Page was a starter at the beginning of the year and Allen coming off knee surgery) our safeties have to be better then given credit for –
    I don’t want the Giants safeties and I assure you I am far, far far from clueless – I see talent that needs time to develop, and took great strides forward at the end of last year – I would LOVE to add a vet (Y Bell) in FA –

    so why would you want the giants safeties anyway – I looked at the numbers – Rolle started 16, Phillips started 15 games – Allen and coleman started 13 and 12 –

    very similar numbers (in pairs) on Pdef, Ints, FF, – coleman and Philips similar numbers in tackles – Rolle had more tackles then Allen..

    now – lets also remember Rolle and Philips were both 1st rounders (as opposed to a 2nd and a 7th) Rolle is the highest paid safety in the NFL –

    and oh yeah – both players missed time early in their careers with knee injuries! Coleman had more interception last year then Rolle has had his entoire time in NY –

    So Pheags – other then the old ‘gut’ call – why do you like the Gnats safeties so much??

    and again – what you are saying is based on pure conjecture – our safeties played much better at the end of last year – but most people are bitching ‘those games didn’t count’ – yet facts are facts…

    at the same time as you mention those ‘3’ pro bowl CB – exactly ZERO went to the pro bowl LAST YEAR. I realize it may not have been

  • Navy….are the Giants Safties better than the Eagles?

  • No I addressed Ceter’s post actually and by my response to it I thought it was far from excellent. I said he was right about one thing in regard to allowing players time to develop. Yet he must not have actually watched the Giants play since he failed to mention the fact that their pro-bowl corner was on IR, rookie corner got hurt, their slot guy got hurt etc…obviously you defensive passing stats will be low with injuries like that to CBs. SInce you know those guys actually cover WRS. Again I didn’t read anything excellent there but i guess he gave you a hard on. Also failed to mention how they had the most ridiculous sched in the league having to play NO and GB and we didn’t.
    How do the safeties on this team deserve more credit when they were an absolute liability when you look at the whole season and were a major factor in costing us a shot at the playoffs? PAge was awful like you say (maybe the slowest safety ever) and JJ couldn’t even beat him out on playing time…but I guess thats showing promise for you?

    Any NFL FO would take Rolle over Coleman (actually like Coleman more than Allen)…stats don’t tell the whole story. But I guess one interception stat based on one year does it for you.

    yes our safeties played somewhat better at the end of the year when they had to go up agsint The Sanchez, Grossmans, and Matt Moores of the world…I guess you face players of that caliber in the playoffs right? Nope which is why we haven’t played nearly as well against the better teams and haven’t had a playoff win in years…

    And the whole thing about our safeties playing so well over the year is a bit overrated to me…watch the games again. You will see how the pathetic WRS on the redskins had our sfaties beat deep on many occassions but the QB was just incapable of getting them the ball and short handed throws letting our guys catch up to it. But hey the needed mre time to gel right it was only week 17! no big deal. The good Qbs that you actually have to be capable of beating to win anything in this league won’t miss those throws when our safeties are getting beat on the regular.

    The fact that none of those CBs went to the probowl proves how bad the players surrounding them at the LB and S spots were along with the Defensive coaching of Eddie Jordan…o wait oops i meant Juan Castillo. I just guess guys like NA, Samuel, and even DRC just forgot how to play football in an offseason. How many different rotations did we have at linebacker again? But to you that probably means everyone can play really well so we want to give them all a chance at playing time. The Eagles were also a national laughing stock based on their W/L record and NFL record of giving up leads in the 4th quarter so I could see why some quality guys would get no love in the votes.

  • Oh songs – my oh my how I love this little tap dance you do…. you make stupid statement after stupid statement and each time it gets broken off in your ass you try and come back with changing the question or the scenario to try and save some face…… if it were not so amusing, it would be pathetic –

    But let me ask you a question – as you like to ask everyone rhetorical questions but never like to answer them –

    what makes Rolle and Phillips ‘good’ while Coleman and Allen are ‘ass’

    you yourslef said Allen adn Coelman would be ‘targeted’ – yet in terms of tema D the Eagles were much better during the regular season?

    Hell – the Gnats got spanked by the Skins twice?? So come on Songs – enlighten us with why YOU think something

  • wow pheags – guess you missed that same grossman beat the giants twice –

    try not to get your panties waded up when you jump in on a discussion between songs and myself k big fella

    I also enjoy how each time I use stats (and I used MULTIPLE) you say each one stat doesn’t matter – how many should I use?

    why are you allowed to make excuses for giants and how they got better at the end of the year but when the eagles do it… it doesn;t count

    tell you what boss – why don;t YOU tell me what the criteria is/are for the process of looking at how the eagles safeties and D rank against the Gnats safeties and D – OK – becuase the vogue seems to be to say anything related to Philly SUCK and anything related to the Gnats is great – but maybe its you that gets the hard on from the giants? You like little Tommy C –

    I mean dude – really – go re-read yourself – giants players – excuse excuse excuse – Eagles players – blame blame blame

  • and again remember Pheags – you keep missing this – if the eagles safeties were such a liabilty – how did the eagles end up (not just a little but a whole BUNCH) better statistically then the Gnats – wouldn’t teams be attacking them constantly… you can cover for a bad corner, you can hide an LB – but how do you hide your safeties (they used to move Dawk up to play like a hybrid LB)

    Keep flailing buddy!

  • The Giant’s #1 CB didn’t play all year. They eventually relied on a rookie. I don’t think their secondary got markedly better throughout the year. I think their Dline got healthy and they kicked ass in the playoffs when it mattered. But if we want to go down that road we can. Nnamdi was not good and DRC was out of position. If Nnamdi is back to a quality player and DRC back to the out-side where he belongs and they bring in a competent slot CB, then may be who have have a safety shouldn’t matter that either, right?

    This isn’t a question of who the Giants have at what position. They are a different team. A different team won the SB the year before that, and a different team the year before that. There is no one way to do it other than stellar QB play, that much I hope we can all agree on.

    In terms of safety play, I just don’t see a big upgrade at the position where it was most needed from my perspective, FS. Barron is a SS and Coleman looks to be a decent starter. Allen played more poorly throughout the year. There is no FS in the this draft that is worth drafting in the 1st and hardly the 2nd unless you count Harrison Smith as a FS. I’d rather go after one of these elite athlete DTs in the 1st and slot CB in the 2nd. Your Barron type safeties come along every year. To me, there is no reason to abandoned your young guys now for something that you can find in almost every draft. Barron simply isn’t a can’t mis-talent.

  • I simply said that it’s silly to say that coples can do what tuck does until he shows it. I think tuck is a rare beast and not everyone is as good as him switching up d line spots like him. Coples may be a beast at DE but who says he will be great doing that in the NFL level. That’s all I was saying.

  • well – the point I was trying to make was based on a typical songs clueless post –

    Most folks would agree the giant shave one of the best DL in the league – most folks would agree the Ginats LBs are better then the eagles – most folks (especillay on this site) think the giants coaches (the D side) are better then the eagles – most folks agree that as a pair, Rolle and Philips are better then Allen and Coleman – and most folks would agree our CBs were better then the giants –

    so based upon better CBs – yet look at the REGULAR season results? and the we win one more or they lose one more we aren’t even having the discussion on post season

    so my conversation (pheags pay attention) directed at Songs was along the lines of please define ‘good’ safeties as opposed to ‘ass’ safeties.. cause every stat I look at team wise (and remember the Gnats had better DL, LB and S and coaches) the eagles faired mush better then the Gnats and individuals – the S of the eagles were on par in terms of FF, INTs Pdef and Coleman had a comparable number of tackles (Rolle had many more tackles then Allen)

    so where is this Goo to ass gap Song likes to proclaim and are our safties that bad?

    Pheags – next time you jump in a conversation – go back to the beginning –

  • The Giants lost Top CB (Tyrell Thomas) their Top Nickle CB (Bruce Johnson) missed the entire 2011 Season due to Preseason Knee Injuries
    Also their TOp Draft Pick from 2011 CB Prince Amukarama broke a bone in his foot and really only played the last 6-8 weeks of the Season and was not 100%.. The Giants won with Veteran CB tandem Aaron Ross and Corey Webster who were both not locks to even make their ROster when Summer Camp oopen… It goes back to Coaching.. All NFL Players are talented.. But the Coaches have to get the maximum out of them and have the right players for repsective systems and schemes and this is where the Eagles are lacking

  • The Giants Safety Corp of Kenny Phillips, Antrelle Rolle, Deon Grant and Rookie Tyler Sash is far superior collectively than any Safety Corp the Eagles have had in least 5 years or so you can put away the Eagles Goggles fellas..

  • That was never the point nor was it part of the discussion (well that is what Songs tried to make the point after I repeatedly pointed out that if everything about the giants was so superior why did the eagles end up with a statistically much better defense last year) you know – they have better DL, LB, S and coaches – or maybe, possibly….. everything really wasn;t all that bad with our S and our coaching… nah – on GCOBB it everything is wrong with the eagles and anything that proves that theory wrong is fucked up and anyone that points out facts is ‘defending’ –

    the topic if you care to jump in and help out again was what is the difference between the Giants safeties being ‘good’ and the Eagles safeties being ‘ass’

  • losers reconstruct events to say if only this we win, eagles are not in the same conversation with the Giants until they win a super bowl

  • jake – you would be the be all end all on knowing everything about being a loser –

    sorry bout that kid – just evolution – remember that when you go to procreate – don;t make your kid suffer the same life you do

  • The eagles will probably add janzen jackson S that played for tennesee and had to transfer to mcneese state he the only saftey that we had a visit with.. hes a good player but another small saftey 5’11 188.. nate allen is actaully pretty big but plays small.. if kurt coleman could gain10 lbs he could be the one..

  • I think 2-3 players listed as CB’s could be converted to Safety

    Dre Kirkpatriuck, Turmaine Johnson bit have size 6-2 and weight approx 200lbs.. Both are very physical players but probably don’t have Top End Speed to play CB on an insland and probably would be more slot CB’s or Safeties..
    I still say the Eagles should work with LB Keenan CLayton at SAfety for I don’t see him making the 53 man Roster if they Draft an OLB or 2..
    Clayton was all Texas State Safety in High school and was recruited as Safety by University of Oklahoma and then converted into a OLB at Oklahoma

  • I think LB Brian Rolle could make a kick ass Strong Safety and play down in the box on running downs and against strong running teams (Steelers,Ravens) and then maybe slide him up to MLB to replace Ryans on obvious passing downs and bring in a more athletic Safety who is better in Pass Coverages..

  • That post was one of the most absurd dude… I refuse to jump on the short bus with you Navy…You say why use something so absurd like a gut check but yet lets sound reasonable and pick an interception stat based on 1 year of play because stats are the coolest bestest shit ever and tell the whole story…

    OK so I guess you think Coleman is also better than Ed reed who just had 3 interceptions (rmbr stats are all that matter) some great logic there buddy
    Lets try some more…
    Chris Houston (5) is better than Revis (4)
    Babin (18 sacks) way better than Peppers (11)
    Marshawn Lynch (12 rushing TDs) better than Foster (10)
    Victor Cruz (1536 yards) must be better than Fitz (1411)
    Laurent Robinson (11 TDs) must be better than Welker, jennings, Vjax too (9)
    Sanchez (26 TDS) and R. Fitz (24) way better that Big Ben (21)

    Nothing like some real stats man because otherwise you’re just making shit up and are completely failing. MAkes matters worst when people compare numbers among players when they don’t play the entire same competition in regard to who they rack up those stats against. The Eagles stats were one of the worst in the league and jumped in a ridiculous way because they played awful teams and QBs in the last 4 games. But hey god forbid people take into account everything …who needs that when you can just pick a number or two on the stat sheet right to make yourself in your own mind seem bright. What did that defense do against the PAts? We were lucky Brady and Bellichek showed mercy or Brady could have easily set the record in NFL game tds.

  • Btw for someone that despises people for bitching, you do an awful lot yourself. Your probably bitch more than anyone on Gcobb if you think about it…

    You constantly bitch about other peoples so-called bitching….great logic there buddy. I guess in your mind it only counts in regard to others and not yourself. But I guess you just don’t like yourself either.

  • wow – dude – you trip on LSD before that post – cause you have to be an idiot to NOT realize I used about 8 stats 4 team and 4 indivisual to make the point yet your little brain can only process 1 – guess you can only keep one little fact in that tiny tiny brain of yours –

    and again ASSHAT – the disucssion was between two people – me and songs – YOU decided to jump in, the discussion was what is the differecne between two good safeties (the giants) and two sfeties that are ass (the eagles) when using those 8 (that is eight, ocho one more then seven one less then 9) stats… so the discussion you keep trying to make the direct comparison between the ginats safeties and the eagles – WAS NEVER THE DISCUSSION idiot – so you were arguning with yourself –

    but if you want to answer Songs comment – here ya go –

    April 23, 2012 – 12:05 pm
    ceter…The Giants don’t have a top 5 safety of all times..So why do you think they have been pretty good while our Safeties suck ass?

    so when you jump in on an argument – try to pay attention to what the argument is moron

    maybe you want to explain to me – oh smart one – why the ginats safeties are good and ours suck ass? Based on what?

    always cracks me up the ginats consider beating the Jets the ‘turning point in te season’ while the eagles fans consider it awefule – and that same bad team we beat – beat the giants twice –

    you are like an excuse making, bullshitting, twisting in the wind beeotch –

    is that simple enough for you – cause who you kidding, you know that short bus well – I am sure they even gave you your own little helmet

    and lastly – the eagles and the ginats played 14 common teams – 14 – so there are two teams they played that were different – Philly played atlanta and Seattle and the ginats played NO and GB –

    so your whole fucking theory is based on those two games???? Really????? 2 games – talk about reaching into your ass – they played 14 common teams and guess what Philly lost to Atlanta and seattle and NYG lost to New O and GB – so why don;t you stop lying and saying I picked one fact – stop lying and talking about the season like they played totally differetn teams – they played 14 of the same damn QBs you hack

  • LOL yea those 2 teams are only the best passing teams in the league but don’t bring that up either. One of the Qbs only set the NFL record in yardage and the other only won the MVP but yea no big deal..yes they did play many of the same teams outside of the division like the Pats. Hmm how does that comparison work out..Brady destroyed our defense esp those amazing safeties we have and was out of the game I believe by the 3rd quarter with only about 5 tds or something.

    Victor Cruz had better stats than Fitz and AJ across the board (not just 1 stat) so he is better in your mind. So Awesome point there dude.

    ANd You can find examples like that all over the place too year to year in the stat book. But again it doesn’t tell the whole story and you are simply a fool if you think otherwise.

  • oops – sorry – I was in such a rant – it was Atlanta and Chicago – not seattle –

    by the way seattle scored 36 on the giants – 31 on the eagles

    so again asshat – your ENTIRE argument is that becuase the eagles played Matt Ryan and Atlanta and Jay Cutler and Chicago vice Brees and NO and Rodgers and GB –

    that was the reason the Giants were # 25 ranked defense in points allowed #27 ranked defense in yardage allowed #29 ranked defense in passing yards allowed and #19 yards in rushing yards allowed

    Meanwhile – the eagles who were ranked #10 in points allowed, 8th in yards allowed 10th in passing yards allowed and 16th in rushing yards

    those two games made all that difference? by the way – Philly lost to both Atlanta and Chicago and New York lost to both GB and NO – so they were 0-2 against uncommon opponents.

  • dude – again – the discussion was again why are the giants safeties good and ours ass – can you actaully answer that –

    really – your argument got blown up AGAIN and now you want to hold out hope on the last two games – I really need to go look up the stats of Cutler and Ryan verse Brees and Rodgers – pull them out and just go with the 14 common teams really? You are that much of an asshat – just keep making up reason to love the ginats and hate on the eagles – you and songs are a pair

  • as a matter of fact – I did some quick math and Brees and rodgers passed for about 300 more yards then Cutler and Ryan – so 300 yards averaged of 14 games is about 20 yards per game – so my question is do you really think those 20 yards a game will take the giants from #29 to number 10?

    really – other then make very weak, lame and lazy attempots to try and poke wholes in my arguments – what do you have to show that the Ginats safeties are good – and ours are ‘ass’

  • i am starting think the eagles will draft poe or trade back because if most mock drafts are right then cox and the lb from b.c will be gone and i dont think anybody else fits what they want and if they did want those players they could trade back and still get them

  • Lol nothing got blown up at all. I just think the Giants safety tandem of Rolle and Phillips is much better than what we have here. Its my opinion and you can sit there and pick and choose whatever stats you want that will make yourself feel good but I’m sure every NFL FO would disagree with you. Ask any team whether they would rather have a combo of Rolle and Phillips at safety or any combo the Eagles currently have on pure ability And Im sure all of them including our own EAgles themselves would take Phillips and Rolle. But keep sitting there in denial that they wouldn’t do that while you jack off to your Andy Reid poster.

    Again stats based off of one freaking season doesn’t tell the whole damn story. You are too retarded to simply understand that.

    And Im far from a Giants fan. If anything you (unless you are a hypocrite) would rather have Victor Cruz i guess than Fitz and Ajohnson according to you’re retarded logic……..because his stats were across the board better in one season than both of them. Since you based your entire argument on stats in the 2011 season.

    So i guess that makes you the Giants fan there. Because you know all he does is have better stats off of one year and thats all that matters to you. I”d go with my gut check again and go with either Fitz or AJ.

  • im starting to think you guys want the eagles to 11 pro bowlers on d-fence ok the gmen won the bowl last year but did they hav great lbs at all NO WERE THERE cbs great NO there safeties are good not great they won off there front four i mean hell the eagles were in a new system last year with new players, coaches, no otas short training camp and rookies all over the place not to mention players coming off injury the gmen got hot at the right time and went on a run i dont know about any other eagles fan but im not scared of the giants there running game dont scare me there wr are good but if you put pressure on eli he just throws balls up for grabs the only thing i fear on the gmen is ther dline and thats only cause peters is out for the year

  • im starting to think you guys want the eagles to 11 pro bowlers on d-fence ok the gmen won the bowl last year but did they hav great lbs at all NO WERE THERE cbs great NO there safeties are good not great they won off there front four i mean hell the eagles were in a new system last year with new players, coaches, no otas short training camp and rookies all over the place not to mention players coming off injury the gmen got hot at the right time and went on a run i dont know about any other eagles fan but im not scared of the giants there running game dont scare me there wr are good but if you put pressure on eli he just throws balls up for grabs the only thing i fear on the gmen is ther dline and thats only cause peters is out for the year

  • Best DL in the NFC East

    #1) Giants (Jpp, Tuckm,Umenyuri,KIawanuka,L Joseph, and remember that last years 2nd Round Pick DT Marvin Austin comes back from injurty)
    #2) Redskins (wait to they get High 2nd Round Draft Pick Janoris Jenkins for the 2012 Season, he missed all of last season with torn Achilles)
    #3) Eagles (top 3 players COle,Babin and Jenkins are 30+ Year old)
    #4) Cowboys

    Best LB Corps for 2012
    #1) Cowboys (Ware,Spencer, Lee and Bruce Carter, Dan Connor)
    #2) Redskins
    #3) GIants
    #4) Eagles

    Best CB’s in the NFC East for 2012
    #1) Eagles
    #2) Giants
    #3) Redskins
    #4) Cowboys

    Best Safeties in the NFC East for 2012
    #1) Giants (Corp of Phillips, Rolle, Deon Grant and Tyler Sash are one of the Top Safety Corps in the NFL)
    #2) Redskins (added Brandon Merriweather, Tanard Jackson,Madeiu Williams
    #3) Eagles (Jarrett is the wild-card, can he be an NFL Safety at his size and lack of speed, he better tackle and read coverages a lot better in his 2nd Season)
    #4) Cowboys (currently have a mess which is why M Barron will be top Pick)

  • This is why Roseman shouldn’t be the GM… If he actually believes what Reese is saying he’s twice as gullible as I originally thought. There is a point where you A.) Come up with your own plan and B.) Even if you peek over the shoulder of someone else doing a better job than you have enough sense to sniff out the bs.

    If you actually look at what the Giants have done and compare that to what Reese is saying you know it’s a crock. The Giants haven’t made a big splash in free agency since the signed Plaxico Burress fresh out of Pittsburgh…yeah Chris Canty doesn’t count. They’ve drafted for need virtually every year for the last 5-6 years If you look at all of their skill position starters on offense and defense all except one or two are players that they drafted. Just as importantly the Giants have zero pressure to win this year having won the Superbowl last year, completely opposite situation as the Eagles. The Eagles shouldn’t be taking queues from them even if that is their plan for this year.

    The only thing I can say is if the draft goes drastically different then it has the last couple of years I’m pretty sure we’ll all be able to thank Rick Mueller and not Howie Roseman for that.

  • The other thing that the Giants and other succesful teams like the Ravens,Steelers,Bears and PAckers have done is not a lot of moving up and down in the Draft.. They get their 6-7 Picks every year and since they are consistently Playoff Teams, they are Drafting anywhere from 20-32 almost every Draft.. These teams seemed not overly concerned about what the counterparts are doing and have a game plan and target specific players based on who is on the board.. After doing this for 4-5-6 Years, you end up with a quality and deep roster trhat can go 2 deep in many positions so these teams don’t have to rely in bringing in a Free-Agent for they all do a much better job of developing players that best fit their schemes.. These teams have had players come and go, coaches come and go, and yet, they are some of the top teams in the NFL year in and year out over the last 10 years or so and in the Steelers case, the last 30 years or so..
    These Teams sit tight, draft the best available player on their Draft Board and don’t reach for a player to hope to satisfy a need area.. Until the Eagles learn and start doing this, we will continue to see players like Jaquan Jarrett selected #55 Overall in the 2nd Round (when most had him rated as a 4th/5th Round pick, or a players like Teo Neisham selected 80th when most had him going around 150th (2 rounds later), or when they selected DE Bryan Smith with a 3rd Round Pick when most Scouts had him as a 6th/7th ROund Talent.. They even used a 4th Round pick last year for a Kicker and the next kicker wasn’t selected until the mid-6th Round
    It’s one thing to start reachign for players once you hit the 6th/7th Round and take a chance on a player coming back from injuriy or Character flaws but those first 4 rounds (Top 125 Players) an Organization needs to come away with 3-4 players and the worst part is that the Eagles have had multiple pikcs in the 2nd/3rd & 4th Rounds the last few Drafts and have very little to show for it… This 2012 Draft is not full of playmakers & gamechangers, but there are a good 4 Rounds worth of very good players who have bright futures in the NFL and the Eagles need to select about 4-5 of them and then acn roll the dice with their 3 Selections in the 6th Round or trade up/down or for future picks…

  • wow Pheags – you are beyond fucking stuipid – I mean really beyond fucking stupid – here – try this nice and slow – – –

    the discussion is never about who is better between the giants safeties and the eagles safeties – just like it was never about who was better between Cruz and Fitz –

    but since you broght them up – if Fitz is better – does that make Cruz ass?

    OK idiot – that was the fucking conversation… so congrats – you managed to get andy reid – jerking off stats for one freakin season

    dude – you decided to jump in conversation – you posted a buncj of lame ass crap – and you never actually answered the question –

    again – the question was never – who has the better safeties – do you get that yet idiot or do I need to post it about 6 more times –

    this is the post that started the conversation for the 3rd time:

    April 23, 2012 – 12:05 pm
    ceter…The Giants don’t have a top 5 safety of all times..So why do you think they have been pretty good while our Safeties suck ass?

    now based on 2012 – do you agree the Giants safeties are good and ours suck ass? Answer that dipshit –

    if you answer is no you dont agree – hey we are in aggreance –

    if you agree with that shithead –

    then how do you explain (which in your case is to just dismiss) the results of 2012 – the defensive team rankings and the individual statisctics?

    is that too hard –

  • Eagles apologists are @$$! Sorry I had to. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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