• July 3, 2022

Could S Mark Barron or CB Stephon Gilmore Be Eagles 1st Round Pick?

The Eagles insist that they are going to draft the best player on their board.  You’ve read and heard from Eagles GM Howie Roseman that they’re going to ignore their needs and get the best guy available.

Remember that this is a copy cat league and right now the Birds are copying the Giants.  Think back to Giants GM Jerry Reese and how they drafted defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul despite having two Pro Bowl defensive ends, Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck, already on their roster.

The Birds have two Pro Bowl defensive ends, Jason  Babin and Trent Cole, but with the new motto in mind, it doesn’t rule out them selecting North Carolina defensive end Quintin Coples or Illinois defensive end Whitney Mercilus.  Remember that this is the “Get The Best Player On The Board Draft”.

In another interesting situation, the last two drafts have seen the Eagles select safeties in the second round each year, Nate Allen in 2010 and Jaiquawn Jarrett in 2011.  Neither has stepped up and proven themselves to be legitimate stars.  Allen has showed some promise but a knee injury has slowed him, so that the jury is still out.

Jarrett hasn’t even proven that he can play in this league as of yet, so the Birds can’t have any confidence in him.

So with this scenario at safety, what do the Birds do if the best safety in the draft, Alabama’s Mark Barron is still on the board when they make their first pick on Thursday night.

Barron is by far the best safety in the draft. He’s got it all, great size, tremendous speed and a sure tackler. The guy is a big time playmaker, who would be the replacement for recently-retired Eagles great Brian Dawkins.  Barron was a defensive leader of this year’s National Championship team Crimson Tide squad and he could help the Birds have a big year.

The Eagles could also wind up picking a cornerback in the first round, despite being expected to start the season with Nmandi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromarite as the starter after they trade Pro Bowler Asante Samuel.

Taking the best player on the board means the Birds could draft  South Carolina cornerback Stephon Gilmore with their first pick.  Some think he’s the best cornerback in the draft and he could play the nickel back position in the slot with Asomugha and Rodgers-Cromartie outside.  The fact that he could do a great job covering the slot, gives Gilmore being the Birds first pick a decent chance of becoming a fact.

One guy you could rule out becoming an Eagle is Mississippi defensive end Fletcher Cox.  There was talk earlier in the offseason about the Eagles grabbing Cox with their first pick, but he’s flying up draft boards at this moment and may wind being the first defensive player to be selected.


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  • Mark Barron needs to be the pick if he is still on the board when the Eagles make a selection

  • The eagles have managed to confuse us more than ever before. We have no idea where they will go in this draft. Ive heard every position mentioned on this site as a guy the birds are targeting. Its all speculation at this point. I still think they go DE Quinton Coples. They may draft a corner. But if Barron is there they may blink. Im hearing the birds wont go Yeremiah Bell in FA. Id rather the birds focus on getting a dominant DE/DE that can team with there already tough DLine..

  • I’m ok with either player. Mark Barron is a stud, and Gilmore has the potential to be something special. And that’s if the birds trade Samuel..

  • I agree Jon… I do not think they will go Barron due to having selected two safeties in the second round in the last two years. I could see them going with Gilmore but I hope they go with a Dlineman.. A guy like coples would be nice.

  • the Eagles will need to trade up to acquire either one….they will be gone before #15…. Barron is going either to the Bills at #10 or the Cowboys at #14.

    Gilmore is rising up the charts and just behind Claiborne on draft boards… he will either go to the Jags at #7 or the Panthers at #9.

  • Cowboys are taking Safety Mark Barron at #14 so he will be off the board
    CB Gilmore is a player and many have him rated as the 2nd Top CB in this Draft (I actually like him over LSU M Claiborn due to being more physical and an excellent tackler) .. I would love the Eagles to grab him and groom him as DRC Replacement for 2013..
    If all the Top 3-4 Defensive players are off the board, (Cox,Brockers,BArron,Gilmore,Kuechley) don’t be surprised to hear OL Gordy Glenn or WR Michael Floyd’s name called out for the Eagles if they are unable to trade down which is going to be diffcult from mid-round on to do

  • In other news, PFT is reporting that Vontaze Burfict failed his drug test at the combine. I don’t think things could get any worse for this guy.

    Songs, any thoughts on this so called playmaker and how you’d like the Eagles to draft him?

  • As long as the kids a contributor tis year it’s a good pick. D-lin would be great cause those guys get chipped up and wear down. Do grooming a rook and haven him for rotation depth would be good. But the same could be said for a db…groom him for when Nam is ready to move back to safety.Or when he’s ready to move on.

    Due for a good draft here…..got Shady and Maclin a few years ago with a great draft.Dup that and get some depth in later rounds. Try and get a good all-purpose guy.

    Barron would give us two Bama guys on d. C-ship pedigree is needed so that would be nice. Gillmore is a great player as well. Heck man you could convinve me of any pick right now im so amped on the draft coming up.

  • Any old Firemen who plays hockey available?

  • haha- Now Songs boy failed a drug test. This guy is on his way to working at MC D’s in no time.

  • i heard when they gave Burifict his wonderlic test he pee’d on it and turned it back in. He thought it was a 2nd drug test.

  • In all honesty- i wouldnt even be mad if they took this guy with like a 5th round pick. He can tackle- something we need. im only poking fun at you Songs- no hate here.

  • Collins released after a major neck injury- this has gotten EAGLES written all over it.

  • Pman – dont you think they will try to resign DRC and groom Gilmore for Asmo’s spot? If in fact he is the pick.

  • They won’t be selecting Barron, or Gilmore. Mute issue.

  • Asante Samuel officially traded to the Falcons.

  • Mark Barron will not make it to #14 to the cowboys, you can put a stamp on that. His stock is at an all time high. Hes the only quality safety in this draft and there are alot of teams in need of a safety. Keep in mind the ability that teams have to trade up. We see that every single year. So the cowboys will not be able to select barron at 14 they will have to move up..

  • In my opinion, both have been overhyped, and will be assummed as bust in 3 years. Barron is a GOOD player, but he isn’t really THAT good. He is the best in this draft, which tells you what kind of talent is available a safety this year.

    Gilmore is just an OK prospect, who is being overhyped as something special, but is just ok.

    I wouldn’t trade up for either one of them…..GMCliff is not impressed with either one of them.

  • **Eagles News**

    ATL has made a deal with Asante Samuel on a 3yr 18.5million dollar deal. This opens up the opportunity for the Eagles to deal Asante. Deal becomes official at 4pm.

  • My Thoughts: Birds strike again. They make a solid deal. But the problem is that they traded him to a nfc rival. I guess we gotta take the good with the bad bc hey had to deal him. The birds were running out of options for a potential deal with other teams..

  • It’s not knews jh, btc was all over it, man you are slipping

  • Looks like the eagles may very well draft a CB early. With this current deal they made to unload Asante, they almost have to get a another young CB thru the draft. They draft a CB early.

  • Jakedog i knew about this an hour ago. I had to wait to report. I also wanted to get the figures of the deal.


  • Thanks jakedog. Jon Hart is doing his best to try and replace Paulman. Sounds like the Eagles got a 6th round pick. More than likely, whoever is picked at that spot will not even make the team.

  • I disagree they go early at CB this year – they have Rodgers, asmo to start – Hansen in slot and a couple young guys (Marsh and Hughes and one other I think) they let Bowles work with for a season…

    course – this year they get to have up to 90 on the roster so maybe they bring another one in – still leaning to DT/DE and LB woth first three picks

  • Also think this is a good trade – people are remembering who Samuel WAS and everything they are saying about playmaker etc WAS true – it was not true last year.. time to move forward – use the cap saving to extend (McCoy and Maclin) and sign some FAs (RB, WR and S)

  • Anyone can write “Michael Vick got traded.” But when JH says it you know its official. JH has some great sources.. No slippage from JH..

  • Songs – as we have had great luck with old fireman that can also play hockey – I agree – are there any in this draft – we are batting 100% with old fireman that play hockey making the NFL all rookie team – lets keep that streak going!

  • JH – who they gonna draft?

  • I hope the Eagles draft a DE or DT. CB is not nearly as pressing of a need as these two positions; especially with our aging line.

  • Old News Guys, Paulman reported this yesterday and of course, no one believed me.. .
    Why do you guys keep forgetting about CB Trevard Lindley who will compete at Slot CB and may just beat out J Hanson who did not have a strong season last year

  • BTC agree – best DE or LB in round 1 (will be happy with a DT) and continue on with first 3 picks till we have DT, DE and LB – find a KR/PR in there somewhere and the rest is gravy

  • Navy- No idea. I hope its Coples but like i said the eagles have managed to confuse us more than they ever have before in regards to this draft. I heard a player from every position mentioned on this site as a guy the birds will draft. I have no idea where they go Navy.. In previous years i would have an idea but not this year.

  • Now, we know who will be the next NFC Team to get a Superbowl before the Eagles..The Atlanta Falcons….

    Watch the side DRC plays on become the new Demetrius Patterson side.



    Why couldn’t we just improve the areas of weakness like safety instead trading the best corner from last Season?

  • JH – I think it was bleeding green or one of those sites that talked about how the last 3 years the guy the eagles pcikes had no clue the birds were targetting them – what makes it fun – I an ref’ing tommorrow night when the birds pick… hoping a fan in the stands has a Eagle shirt on so I can ask (how I found out the flyers won sunday – that Orange stuck out!) Funny look on the guys face when I walked over and pointed at him – – Hey Buddy, the Flyers win? – well – it was funny to me

    Pman – and yes, Lindley – wasn;t he the one they talked about McDermit making the D so complicated he couldn’t learn it… – anyway – a few young CBs to give Bowles a chance to work with

  • No play makers on d now, just weakened the defense and turn over capability, this team will draft for the future, probably tannehill if available or move up to get him

  • Lindley’s not even on the team anymore.

  • I thought they cut em…guess they brought him back. He’s a waste. Run with the vets. Bowles may be able to help him progress though,good point Navy.

    Bowles is a great addtion to staff….he’ll get Nam back to All Pro status this year.No reason that guy cant be top shelf again. Playing him off the line…come on!

  • Erock – sorry – he is listed as #35 on theteam roster – 2nd year out of Kentucky?? What made you think he wasn’t on the team? – he was resigned to the Team in Jan 2012?

  • If Gilmore is available @ 15 he will be there guy. I don’t see the Eagles taking Barron that early they have never thought highly or invested highly in th safety position. If the Eagles pick Corner with their 1st pick there will be quality players available in the 2nd @ D line and LB…
    Gilmore can come in and play Nickle right away and if DRC doesn’t work out he can replace him next year.

  • Jh is a fraud

  • sorry E – I think we crossed swords with the reposts – yeah – lets hope Bowles gets them all going in the right direction –

    question – anyone think Bowles might have had some input into Samuel staying or going?

  • What plays did Asante make last year…specially down the stretch when he was hurt? I feel ya on losing a player like that but he’s not the same player he was in 08-09′. So it’s time to move on…he didnt make any bigtime plays last year to change a game. Give Nam and DRC a shot being a year wiser in the system.

    Ryans is a playmaker. legit 3down MLB.

  • Songs- i have a question for you and im not trying to start a fight but why do you love asam so much when he is ALL the things you hate about the kind of D we have played- cant hit, cant tackle, cant press.

  • SBG – never invested heavily in the safety position? hm… could you please define – we currently have 2 2nd round picks as out safeties – Mike Lewis was a 2nd – They have attempted to draft a couple guys JR Reed – who I really liked both as a KR and a safety – was a 4th and had his career ruined when he tore up his leg jumping a fence to get away from his dog? They have tried a couple free agents – Page and Marlow Jackson (he got hurt as soon as he got here) Quinton Demps was a fourth rounder – I think he is playing for the Texans??

    So – what does it mean to ‘think highly’ or ‘invest’ – your defintion

  • I think he mighta had a say.He hadnt coached him so i would say not much.I think the $ is a big issue.He doesnt warrant that cake anymore. Thanks for the plays Sant….good luck.

  • Erock – solid post –

    Stevo – cause songs likes to talk out both ends of his ass at the same time, al lthe time – same thing with why is he always bitching about the things he hates on how the eagles draft – and he will list them – and then turn around and say “draft Burflict’

    I mean Dennis Erickson coached at Miami U – how bad must Burflict have been for Erickson – who let some real shit go on at Miami – to bench Burflict…

  • Navy, cj gaddis, blaine bishop, page, there’s more too…

  • Apparantly Samuel has been traded to ATL.

  • Songs there isn’t another fireman, but there is another Canadian OL who plays for Baylor.

    Philip Blake from Toronto. Reid is “all-in”

  • I really have no clue what they are going to due nore do i even have a clue. Roseman did say the best player on the board. I mean that could be a linebacker, or it could be an o lineman. I guess ill see tomorrow. All i know is those punks better not trade out of the first round

  • PT reporting Burflict failed the drug test at the combine.

  • Navy- I dont look at bleeding green or whatever it is for information. But i said in previous draft i could tell where they were going but this one i have no idea. I do hope its Coples though.

    I hope all goes well with ref’ing tomorrow night bro..

  • 5 Best Players Avaialable in GM Roseman’s Mind to Draft

    #1) DT Fletcher Cox
    #2) LB Luke Kuechley
    #3) CB Steve Gilmore
    #4) DT Mike Brockers
    #5) DE Chandler Jones

  • pman – I would be very happy with 1,2 or 4 #3 – just not feeling the CB – let Bowles work a year –

    Chandler – found this on him – but another guy with a mock:

    15. Philadelphia: I look at the Eagles defense, and see the need for an inside pass rusher in their sub-package personnel groups. Remember, in the final 4 games of 2011, the coaching staff expanded the alignment and personnel concepts, often utilizing Jason Babin and Trent Cole in 2 point stances as moveable linebackers. With that said, the pick is Chandler Jones from Syracuse. Jones has an intriguing combination of size, length and athletic movement. I think of Eagles defensive line coach Jim Washburn, and I could easily envision Washburn looking at Jones, and seeing a better version of Jason Jones, whom Washburn coached in Tennessee for 3 years.

  • heres my final thoughts i guess on the draft.

    if they are going DL- Let washburn make the pick.
    if they are going SS- let bowles make the pick.
    if they are going LB- Let Mudd make the pick- y not?

  • JH, I agree I really am confused about this draft all the talk is done fellas it’s time to draft in about 24hrs. I feel like a kid at christmas(I’m a fuckin geek). But I think we all know if we get this draft right our season can be very good this year. For the first four rounds we need to draft contributors to the team at least. No more trevor lindley or curtis marsh types, actual players.

  • pdid – 1 day 4 hours 5 minutes –

    so I looked around till I found a mock I like –

    Draftcountdown had the bords getting Couples DE in 1st and Thompson DT from clemson and David LB from Nebraska in the second – DE/DT and LB –

    That’s what I am going with!

  • I tink Barron right now is a better corner than Nate Allen. He has speed, can cover, and can tackle….Some might say Allen have experience, yet others will argue (Like me) his experience is up and down at best and he gets run over on the regular.

    I’ll take a raw Barren before Allen any day.

    Are the Eagles willing to admit error and get Barron to solidify the Safety position?

    My money is on some player no one is mentioning that the Eagles will say is the steal of the draft.

  • NO WAY the Eagles take Barron this year after skipping out on Earl Thomas last year. That’s just so stupid that it’s not even worth thinking about.

    Barron is nothing but the “tallest midget”. He’s not that great, just the only one worth talking about. Safety draft class is WEAK.

  • @JoeFriday — is that Burfict news about drug test true or are you just trying to poke Songs

  • Burfict high on Crystal Meth is better than every Linebacker we’ve had on the team in the last few years.

  • Navy if they got those players dude I would go thru my roof literally. On paper that would be an excellent draft.

  • Burfict failed his drug test….LMFAO….draft him!!

  • Haha @ Songs

  • Navy what I meant by previous post ( highly invested ) was no 1st rd safety’s or big free agent signings. I don’t see them taking a safety in the 1st rd. 2nd rd ya if harrison smith is still there. Just as you stated though they have back to back 2nd rd picks in safety’s I can’t see them going with Barron… It’s not what they do

  • sully – cool – I don’t think they will take Barron – I saw the guy from Boise State play twice – I would want the FA Bell before anyone else –

  • I could be way off with the safety assessment, could have been because Dawkins was on the roster for so many years but Eagles seems to always aim for Linemen, QB’s, WR & CB

  • Ya I agree! Brining in Bell seems more like the direction they would go. And he will be cheaper after the draft.

  • PFT reported it, I didn’t make it up. This kid is sending out clear signs he has no interest in playing in the NFL.

  • You guys are so blinded if you gonna go defense you gonna draft the guys from Alabama the best defense in college football in a long time 2 national championships them guys on there defense been through it all so there gonna pick Barron of Kirkpatrick.

  • The guys i think the eagles will target are as follows:

    1. Fletcher Cox (Hearing the birds are desperately trying to move up 4 him)
    2. Luke Keuchly (May be the darkhorse pick guys are over looking)
    3. Quinton Coples ( One of my personal favorites, id be ecstatic if they take him at 15 and he will be there.)

    Alot of possibilities. This is gotta be the most unpredictable draft in regards to who the eagles will pick. I have no clue at all. Id hope its one of these 3 guys though.

  • I’m not gonna say this again any Alabama defense player they played in big games and in pressure situations plus they played in the best conference in College Football.

  • Burfict realizes that he won’t be the first-round pick he was once projected as, but he says he’s content because he believes his future is in God’s hands.

    “I don’t care where I get drafted because God will place me somewhere great,” Burfict said. “Wherever I go, I will cherish it and play my hardest. I will be grateful for the opportunity and make the best of it. I can’t wait for that to happen.”

    I’ll put money on it.

    The Eagles will regret it if they don’t get this guy on the cheap.

  • By the way….I need everyone to look at Mayock’s evaluation on Cam Newton last year. Mayock is a damn fraud who uses his position to sway public opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised if Agents give this loser kick backs to give a positive analysis for their guy.

    Now, they’re talking about Burfict & Marijuana when damn near every kid at the combine probably hit some bud throughout there college days. pathetic

  • Burfict will not get Drafted

  • Paulman…you’re missing the point….If he don’t get drafted he can still end up being the best linebacker in this draft…..Graham was drafted ..We’re still waiting to see if he’s worthy of his draft, and the same can be said of MCDougal..Hell, Casey Matthews was drafted and we all know he’s garbage.

    So, this is not about whether or not a player will be drafted but will they be good football players in the Pros.

    Burfict playing at his top potential is better than every linebacker in the draft and some team will give him a shot.

    If he destroy that opportunity then he’s out but if he do the right things and get himself together…his potential will turn into a nasty defensive player to be feared in the league….Low Risk/High Reward

  • Who cares about Burfict, why do you continue to waste your time on this bum..
    Get some help man..No Risk/No Reward for he’s off everyones radar and that’s just the way it is, I been telling you for 3 months now that this guy was stupid,immature and just plain bad news… Time to move on Songs for the rest of the NFL,SCouts and Fans already have..

  • Coples is very overrated. I would take Chandler Jones over him. Coples did nothing last year. The Burfict topic is very interesting. He does have immense talent but he’s a head case. Why not take a chance with a late round pick?? If it doesn’t work, so be it. It would be no worse than Matt McCoy, Barry Gardner, Ikegwounou (spelling), Norman LeJuene, Quintin Demps or all the other late round picks who didn’t make the team. I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded a couple of slots back inthe first and take a DE. I think they will use one of their 2’s on Brandon Boykin from Georgia to return and play the slot. Good value there. Either way, this is a crucial draft and they have to get production from these early picks.

  • Songs,

    You’re selling him short with “Burfict playing at his top potential is better than every linebacker in the draft and some team will give him a shot.”

    Better than every LB in the draft. How dare you compare him to a bunch of lowly college players. I’ve seen the video. 50 cent tells me everyone is scared. Everyone!! I’ve heard Xzibit. He says Burfict puts people in the hurt locker. Just like LT did. And Eminem says he is a psycho – just like Jack Lambert.

    Stop selling Burfict short. Greatest of all time. Book it.

  • And that interview you quoted Songs. Fantastic. From his hotel in Las Vegas. ….where he’s chillin’ before the draft. Exactly where an unemployed guy should be.

    Gamble it up. Hit that bottle service. Keep lighting up. Draft? What draft? God will put him somewhere great. Because God has a plan for Burfict’s excellence. That’s how God works.

    Run up those debts – the big payday is coming!!

    That guy knows how to ROLL!

    OMG. 13 yr career. 13 all-pros and 6 SBs So $$ Can’t wait.

  • This is what I’m hoping for from our first round pick in my own preferential order….

    1: BArron
    2: Kuelchly
    3: Dre Kirkpatrick
    4: F. Cox
    5: Hightower

    Now my prediction on what I think the EAgles will do…
    1- will not pick at 15
    2- the Eagles draft Dre Kirkpatrick

    You heard it here first

  • No defensive lineman under 280 please! My preference is barron, kuechly, or cox. However, with wash on dline i wouldnt be surprised if they select dontari poe. It makes sense in a way, high risk high reward, and with mudd in my opinion having a say with the oline selections last year, and its successs, id believe they might listen to wash on this kid. I personally want barron, and a wlb with the next pick, i woud b intrigued to see the biggest dlineman of the reid era if poe was selected, and what effect it’d have on future moves.

    If reid gets tannehill, it means his job was and is, never in jeopardy! If the kid is good or bad is irrelevant to the fact that ill b dissappointed if hes picked.

  • Paulman’s 2012 Mock Draft for the NFC East

    1st (#2) – QB RGIII – Baylor
    3rd (#69) – OT Zeke Sanders – Fla State
    4th (#102) – LB Demario Davis – Arkansas State
    4th (#109) – WR Nick Toon – WIsconsin
    5th (#141) – SS Antonio Allen – South Carolina
    6th (#173) – C David Molk – Michigan
    7th (#213) – CB Josh Norman – Coastal Carolina

    1st (#14) – SS MArk Barron – ALabama
    2nd (#145) – CB Janoris Jenkins – North Alabama
    3rd (#81) – WR Brian Quick – Appalachian State
    4th (#113) – DE Mark Jackson – Tennesee
    5th (#152) – TE Rhett Ellison – USC
    6th (#186) – OT Mel McCants – UAB
    7th (#222) – LB Jerry Franklin – Arkansas

    NY Giants
    1st (#32) – OT Bob Massie – Miss State
    2nd (#63) – DE/OLB Bruce Irvin – West Virgina
    3rd (#94) – SS Brandon Taylor – LSU
    4th (#127) – C Phillip Blake – Baylor
    4th (#131) – OLB Sam Acho – Texas
    6th (#201) – QB Austin Davis – Southern Missisippi
    7th (#239) – WR Dale Moss – North Dakota State

    That’s it for now

  • damn paulman, I bet you could give a near full scouting report on all those players as well, and none of it matters, tomorrow there will gnashing of teeth among eagles fans no matter who they select

  • Eagles Selectiions

    1st (#15) CB Stephon Gilmore – South Carolina
    2nd (#46) DE Vinny Curry – Marshall
    2nd (#51) WR Mohammed Sanu – Rutgers
    3rd (#88) DT Derek Wolfe – Cincinnati
    4th (#114) LB Keenan Robinson – Texas
    5th (#153) QB BJ Coleman – Chattanooga
    6th (#172) SS Duke Ihenacho – San Jose State
    6th (#194) FB Brad Smelley – Alabama
    6th (#200) OT Andrew Datko – FLorida State (Tore ACL Senior Season)
    7th (#229) TE Cory Harkey – UCLA

  • I really like your mock quite a bit, Paul. The only changes I’d make are Tom Compton, OT – South Dakota in the 5th, Jerron McMilian at SS in the 6th, then take the QB flyer on Austin Davis, So. Miss in the 6th and not worry about drafting a FB since Havili seems poised to slide in there and it’s not a position of huge utilization anymore.

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