• May 22, 2022

Asante Samuel Headed To Atlanta For A Seventh Round Pick

It’s a done deal.  Asante Samuel is now an Atlanta Falcon.  The Eagles traded him for a seventh round draft pick which very disappointing when you consider how productive Samuel has been here in Philadelphia.

He reworked his contract with the Falcons.  Samuel signed a three year deal for $18.5 million dollars today with Atlanta, now the Eagles will be able to line up Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie at their left cornerback position and Nmandi Asomugha at the right cornerback position.

Joselio Hanson has been the Birds nickel back, who lines up on the slot receiver on passing downs in nickel or dime coverages.


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  • Asante thanks for all the int’s good luck in the atl, except when you play the eagles.

  • great person, great player, great loss for the birds, lets hope we get the safety over dallas

  • Thanks Asante!

  • Solid player, I hate to see talent leaving town. But if the money saved goes to Shady, then it had to happen.

  • Its being reported it was a 7th round pick. Enjoy the hard hitting DRC, lol

  • Horrible deal. The 7th round pick will be a practice squad cupcake.

    I hope they lose every game and Reid gets fired….

  • 7th

  • we just traded away one of the best corners in the game for nothing… why didnt they ask him to take a pay cut … i have a feeling asumough isnt that good… drc is the fastest player on the team and will make some big plays for us but wont be as consistent

  • wow he did take a pay cut instead of 2 years 21.5 million.. he agreed to 3 years 18.5 million .. we just got robbed

  • The Asante Samuel trade had more to do with money than anything else. They can now play a scheme that is more tailored to Nnamdi’s strengths.

    The writing was on the wall last year when they signed Nnamdi and when they implemented the Wide 9.

  • would have liked more but honestly, this HAD to happen.

    they are going back to playing tough D. Its happening…. after years of witching, i get my wish. I am sad to see Asam go- but we need to move NNamdi outside. If the birds grab Gilmore tomorrow i will have no problem at all with that.
    Our D line will be smashing again this year, our LB’s Better be better and the Cb’s are looking tougher.

    Birds have gotten it right ALMOST every time when trading away their former stars. His contract was the issue. NOW we have the scratch to pay Shady and Maklin. We cant have it all boys.

  • A 7th round pick? I need some icons or something to express how sad that is… yet at the same time its ridiculously funny..


  • larrwd- no, he wouldnt take the cut from us, that was the point. PLUS- he does not fit what we want to do. Does anyone else remember the bubble screen game? I loved asam but we arent running that D anymore.

  • Think about it.. If we had just gotten Asante at this price? we would be laughing right now..

    Their plan had better work…

  • Let me educate some of you just so you can put it in perspective and I’m not calling anyone out.

    Nnamdi Asomugha is a press man corner. One of, if not THE best in the game with it. DRC is also a corner who’s strengths are press man coverage. Asante Samuel is a corner who plays off the receiver and also gambles way too much, more of a zone scheme corner, that is his strength.

    The Eagles run a Wide 9 defense that doesn’t use blitzing to get to the quarterback. This scheme is all about throwing the timing of the QB off. In order to do that, you need corners that are going to press the Wide Receivers at the line of scrimmage.

    Now stay with me here….

    Asante CAN play press man but it is not his strength and he certainly can’t do it over the course of an entire game. The bigger wide receivers in this league will toss him around.

    So here’s the situation, you have a corner that is making almost 10 mil a year on your roster, yet he doesn’t FIT the defensive scheme you are trying to run. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and it’s really not that difficult to accept this trade if you think about it. If they didn’t find a trade partner, they were going to release him and have 2 million in dead money, so be it. They tried to get a 3rd for him but no one is going to give that for a DB in his 30’s.

    So in closing, Age Money and Style were all against Asante Samuel. Three strikes means you’re out.

    Subscribe to me, I can educate ya.

  • This is an excellent move by the Eagles. Many positives with this moves… increase in cap space that gives them approx. $20+mil, no chemistry issues or controversies at CB, and Shady can get his contract to avoid a situation like DJax from last year. This also makes me believe that they will try to make one or two more FA moves ahead which I hope includes a big target possession WR.

    But outside of that we just shipped our 3 CB problem to a conference rival. Let’s see how the Falcons handle that situation. Who’s to say Asante will even be starting over Robinson or Grimes when we play them after the bye?

  • no Rasheed1 – this is GCOBB.com

    if we had just made a great trade to (like for instance the trade to get the new MLB) you would see a complete and total roll reversal –

    the guys on here now saying ‘I can’t believe we let him go’

    would be going ‘holy shit – this guy is worthless – if he were any good they wouldn’t be letting him go for that price’ like they did when we got the new MLB

    the guys sayng ‘lets keep him’ would be going ‘holy shit, this guy missed a couple games each of the last couple season – he is damaged goods –

    like they did when we go tthe new middle linebcaker –

    and those of use saying – well we got him becuase he didn;t fit the teams scheme and they needed to unload cap space – would be called front office ball lickers – like what happened when we got the new MLB

    see Rasheed – there are certain people on here that matter what decision the eagles make, no matter how logical, no matter how clear cut, will always find something to bitch about –

    here is a prime example – the reasons we let Asante go and the reasons the TExans let Ryans go – yet for the Falcons this is a steal and for us – we bought damaged goods

  • BoB – way to logical and straight forward. Way too much common sense. The only possible retort is to tell you that you enjoy cherry mashed in peanut butter from Andy’s bellybutton

  • 7th rd pick just sounds like the Eagles got owned in this deal! As long as Shady gets his new deal/ extension before the year I guess this will be worth it. Would be very funny if they use this pick on Burfict…

  • Navy –Assante was a fantastic football player, a pro bowler for the Eagles, why can’t fans be upset ?
    I think the best move the Eagles made this year was to trade Winston Justice – he was making 5 million and it was essentially guaranteed so it was cheaper to keep him than release him – Howie gets a high five for that move — Poor Andrew Luck is going to get hurt with Justice and Anthony Costanzo pass blocking

  • 7?

    To Quote Jake, “I picked it up at the Mount Prospect City police auction last spring…..They were practically giving them away!!”

    Better chance that undrafted rookies make it than 7th rounders.

  • Love it Sully. Burfict. That’ll change EVERYTHING!

  • E0S – dude – I absolutley agree with everything you said about Asante – and you can surely be upset – it is tough when a fan favorite leaves – no doubt –

    then I recommend you read the posts above by Lionsden and BoB – its a business.. in all honesty – they shoul dhave traded him last year – they didn’t for whatever reason –

    as for Justice – he was never as bad as everyone made him out to be and never as good as he should have become – I rmemeber thinking he was going to be a 2nd round steal… he did have som emoments – good and bad – but yeah – the way Hermanns played at tackle and Mathis at Guard – no way you could keep him..

  • Sully and Vinny – I was thinking the exact same thing – that would be hilarious –

    as a matter of fact – I think that should be the goal – lets draft Burflict with the pick we got for Asante – trying to figure out how Songs can bitch his way around that one?

  • anyone complaining about this trade just doesn’t understand enough about football and the importance of how players fit into a scheme. this isn’t the NBA or MLB, you can’t just collect talent with disregard to how they fit together.

  • Its a bitter pill to swallow, but it had to be done to lock down the youth. We still take the $2M dead $ hit so it frees up about $8.5M this yr giving us about $19.5 M in cap space. It is going to cost about $5-5.5 to sign our draft picks so the intent has to be to resign/extend our own. Extend Shady and lock up Maclin before he hits his contract year in 2013. See if you can sign DRC to a team friendly deal that gives us an out in 2013 if he’s not our guy. Getting rid of Asante allows us to preserve some roster continuity for the next 2-3 yrs.

  • Agree birdo… Let’s roll!

  • hot…this is what we do know…Juan Castillo is still trying to figure out the scheme, let alone the players.

    DRC was getting torched while he was in arizona so they decided to dump him in a trade for bum ass Kolb.

    Asante Samuel is a better corner than DRC.

    So, how is he better than Asante in this scheme again?……and if he was suited better why didn’t the coaches start him ahead of Asante?

  • Songs — hard to disagree with that

  • I like the DeMeco Ryans trade… I give the eagles credit for that… But as far as this goes… I think Asante is the best corner we had… I would welcome a trade if was for at least a fourth..

    I saw the Eagles play more zone than I care to remember last year, and I recall them saying they’ll do it again this year..

    lol.. I dont know what the hell Juan Castillo was running last year…

    its a huge gamble that he’ll straighten it out this year..

    If they are right? then I’ll be the first one to congratulate them, and say I was wrong to question them..

    If they are wrong? I’ll be there with the shovel to help bury these guys

  • 7th rd pick for Samuel? What a joke! Show me a 7th rounder that will be compatible with samuel’s talent. Won’t f**king happen. Sure Asante was a pain in the ass at times, but give him away for a 7th rd pick?? Just goes to show they didn’t wanna pay that 9 mil

  • dman — Asante was offered to every team not just Atlanta. No one wanted him —– Atlanta guaranteed nothing on his new contract so he is not a lock to make their season roster – it is 50/50 he plays in Atlanta next season, they have two expensive Corners on their roster already so it might be Duante Robinson and Asante Samuel fighting for one spot

  • great…a late rd pick for a possible NFL hall of fame guy….right on time !

    The reincarnation of Reno Mahe can be drafted to fair catch punts.

  • lion- YES- ive been trying to explain this to people but they dont get it. The major prob last year is that Juan didnt know what he was doing. Remember the thinking- get play makers at every position- what could go wrong? well- we found out….. they need to work as a unit. I never understood why they wouldnt even consider moving asam. every body else moved around- but not asam.

  • dman – are you the one with the sports bar in oceanside? If so – what’s the name

  • What’s done is done, Asante is now a falcon. Let’s move on. I’m interested in getting this draft under way. Defense, Defense, Defense!!! I’m sure some people will be ready to bitch before the Eagles hand in their selection card!!!

  • Yes i am. Wings-pizza-n-things is the name. 4225 oceanside blvd. Oceanside, ca. 92056. You live out this way?

  • With the 15th pick in the 2012 NFL draft the Philadelphia eagles select Cordy Glenn , guard, Goergia…. hope yall are ready for that

  • 0superbowl- I understand where your coming from, but I think the majority of the teams were gun shy because of his contract. And yes maybe also for his horrible tackling abilities…but is DRC really the answer at corner? Not sold on him. Huge yr for DRC considering he’s in the final yr of his deal. I just hope he pans out or else we wont have that experience that we desperately need at corner. Maybe try converting Jarrett at corner?

  • dman – coronado – I am going to grab aolwest and come catch a game at your place! It will be worth the ride!

  • Mryan. I agree with 2 your 3 suggestions. McCoy – yes. Maclin – yes. DRC – no way. He’s got to actually do something. (and even if he does I think its the patented “contract year” bounce) Samuel had to go – esp for salary cap reasons, but I really think DRC is up for replacement after this season. I’m not a fan of that lazy guy.

  • I have a Xbox, PS3 and a Wii… The Wii although a fun system to play does not fit into the kind of gaming I prefer to play so I sold it pretty cheap on craigslist…. This story applies to Nmandi, DRC and Asante.

  • But of course, grumbling about corners is pretty irrelevant. As long as we draft Burfict. That guy will lead us to 6 SBs. Can’t wait.

  • Dumb, dumb move…unfortunately it’s typical of the Eagles, particularly in the Howie Roseman era. This organization’s scouting report must read like AJ Feely’s “Makes Critical Errors at Critically Important Times.”

  • That would be awesome! Would love to see more Eagles fans at my bar. 30 beers on tap along with 35 tv’s. Looking forward seeing you guys

  • Larrwd- it def won’t be Glenn, he is not a Howard Mudd type player… Cordy Glenn Is way to big to be in this system but I definitely understand what your thinking! I’m sticking with Stephon Gilmore as the #15 but would be more than happy if Fletcher Cox or Quinton Coples was the pick!

  • 1st rd is on me

  • Vinnie I just ordered my Burfict jersey online today!!! 2012 defensive player of the year!!!

  • The way I look at it, the only other choice was to release him (Samuel was not going to rework his Deal to stay in Philly, it goes against everything he stands for) If he was released, the Cowboys would have signed him in a heartbeat..
    At least he went to another Team and they 7th Round Pick will probably end up being a Punter to give Punter Henry some Competition…
    The CB shceme will be a Press-Man Cover scheme to take advantage of Asmo’s and DRC best abilities with their size and long arms …Most of us knew this was comeing and this really should have happened last year but the Eagles were “all-in” and tried to make it work which is obviously didn’t, but do keep in mind that the last 2 Seasons by Decemeber, Samueks Knees swell up to the point that he can’t practice and has even missed the finaal couple of games each Season and I expect that as he gets older, his knees will continue to flare up more often.. Bottome line, Samuel had to go and as far as Castillo goes with Coaching and calling the schemes for the Def Secondary, it’s not happneing, Todd Bowles will ahve full reign in calling the formations and schemes coverages with the Secondary as DL Coach Washburn has the Def/Line, Castillo will concentrate on the LB Corps..

  • Dman – appreciate that – can’t wait to get the season rolling!

    Pman – the program is to draaft burflict with that 7th rounder (if not – I would bet a FB – even if just for the PS)

    Butch – I for one would love to hear why you think it is a dumb move? clearly there were not a bunch of teams beating our door down for Samuel – as it has been a well known fact the eagles have been trying to trade him for a while….. how would you have played team D with one corner whose strength was to lay off and jump routes and two other corners whose strength was press man?? And remember – I am the guy that was screaming last yeear that it was bullshit that Asmo couldn;t play zone? He should have been able to – no problem – it just wasn;t his strength –

    educate me brother! The draft is tommorrow and then we can have real things to talk about

  • It was a move that needed to be made and I was one who supported it to be done last year, but I think the EAgles and Coach AR wanted some familiar player and playmaker in that Secondary.. This move now means the Secondary should belong to Asmo, it’s his tmie to step up and be a leader of the group and play to the best of his ability.. This is why the Eagles are paying him the big bucks.. I will give him the benefit of the doubt comign to a new team, new Coaches & Schemes and Teammates, but I don’t want to hear any excuses next season from anyone about the level of play for Asmogoah.. He’s one of the highest paid CB’s in the NFL and I am not accepting that he changed Conference from the AFC to the NFC, that he a new Coach, plays at teh Lince, used to play West Coast and now is on East Coast… or any other lame excuses, It’s his team and his time to shine and he needs to take full advantage of it immediately.. Anything less and the Eagles made a very critical mistake in even Signing him..

  • paul, it wasn’t done last year because Asante wouldn’t renegotiate. That’s the report. Not anything else your mind makes up. Samuel wouldn’t do it before, now he will. He had leverage because no team would trade for him without a restructure – then he eased on his demands. Don’t go brainstorming when there’s an answer out there….

  • Say what you want about Samuel, to me, this is more about the Eagles creating holes instead of filling them. At a time we celebrate Brain Dawkins, let’s remember the Eagles created a hole when they prematurely let him go that they’ve never filled. I hope DRC is the man considering the fact that the Eagles have given a proven all pro playmaker away for essentially nothing to make room for him. Let’s see whether DRC’s virtues outweigh Samuels faults.

  • yo haters, what round was Tom Brady picked in? And how’s the 3rd best LB on the Eagles right now? Who, of the MLBs last year, played the best? A 7th rounder?

    I’m not saying they’ll do so well with this particular 7th round pick, but…

    Fact is, Asante BLOCKED trades last year so all the “the Eagles should have traded him last year” stuff – is BULLSHIT – THEY COULD NOT POSSIBLY DO IT. THEY TRIED AND WERE UNABLE TO, DUE TO FACTORS THAT THEY COULD NOT CONTROL.

    Same goes for “WE SHOULD HAVE KEPT HIM WITH THAT PAY CUT HE TOOK” – he wouldn’t have done it and it still wouldn’t been bad for our football team – no press, gambling, putting the safeties in bad positions, blowing big plays, not tackling, messing up the scheme. Being MEsante…….

    Stevo – so in the entire Eagles career of the guy, you never ONCE spelled his name close to right? Booooooooo

  • rasta – please tell me how the Eagles “prematurely let (Dakwins) go”? They had initiated negotiations with him – with a low ball offer – you know like how every negotiation goes – that’s how it works. They were given the word of Dawk and his agent that they’d come back to the Eagles and give them a chance to match other offers. Then Dawk just walked ON HIS ON ACCORD – NOT BECAUSE THE EAGLES “LET HIM GO”….and that was that.

    Dawkins did the walking, the Eagles were in the process of trying to retain him, but he got offended and left.

  • Good bye, good riddance. But damn, did the Birds FO really @$$ f^#@ this entire situation up. They had him traded for a 2nd & 3rd last year to Detroit, but for some untold reason, it fell through. Some say Asante put a kibosh on it with his salary/ contract demands, & some say the Birds got greedy & wanted 2 2nds, or a 1st. I tend to believe the latter. Somebody in that FO f^#@ed up. NO DOUBT! 7th round pick, SHEESH! But it had to be done, for all of the reasons that BoB & Lionsden have stated. Add to that, that he WAS NOT a team player, would not adjust to the teams DF, nor the coaches requests, was a ME first player, locker room cancer, was allergic to tackling, & to be honest, IMHO is on the decline. Now we don’t have to look at his dumb@$$ in his pictures, with his arms crossed like an 80’s break-dancer. I just wish they could have added him to a trade to move up somewhere. But hey, water under the bridge. THEY BETTER NOT F^#@ THIS DRAFT UP, or they’ll have people storming the Nova Care with pitch forks & torches. LMFBO!!!

  • Hey at least they got something for him. I thought they were going to have to outright release him, like other teams have done, with their overpaid veterans.

  • On another note Vontaze Burfict, showed up at the combine, weak, fat, out of shape, failed his drug test, got one of the lowest Wonderlic test scores, failed miserably with all of his verbal sessions with teams, made excuses, did terribly on all of his combine tests, & on top of that, had a bad final year at College. YEAH, SIGN ME UP! Draft him at #15! He’ll be undrafted & won’t even be on any teams unsigned lists. Talk about wasted talent, this f^#@ing dumb@$$, will never get it. The biggest time in your life, & you fail a drug test, on top of all of the issues with him. What a stupid bastard. People would kill to be in the position that he was in. What a waste!!!

  • Alot of the mocks are now saying we will draft cb stephon gilmore.. rated as the 8th best player in the draft by mayock …

  • Stanley Havilli is up to 250 lbs.. supposedly rock sold…

  • Wow isnt it typical Philly. All of the sudden our perinneal pro bowler, our only playmaker is selfish, cant tackle, and is a locker room cancer.lol. Hilarious. He has 35 more ints then all of the Eagles DBs combined. He cant tackle? Ummmm anyone see DRC and Nnamdi tackle lately? Deion hasnt tackled anyone yet and ummm is in the HOF. I have no problem with moving him I just have a problem with all of the sudden he was never any good. Out of all the other garbage on the Eagles Trent(I only show up 8 games a year) Cole and Jeremy( Hopefully 1 day I can get 1000 yards) Maclin get free passess. unbelievable. Yeah lets resign that stiff Maclin and his annual 60 catches for 800 yards. shiver shiver I bet they game plan against him.lmao

  • Any other GM would have gotten much more for a Pro Bowl Corner…It wouldn’t surprise me if Asante is in the Pro Bowl again….The Eagles really need a General Manager bad because these guys including Andy are destroying things as we spin in mediocrity.

  • It weoudn’t surprise me to see SAmuel have his best year this Season since 2009… But it also wouldn’t surprise me to see him with sore aching,swollen knees by late season and miss a few games either… The time to move him was last year where the Eagles could have gotten a 2nd or 3rd Rounder but who cares we all knew he was moving on.. this is Asmo’s Secondary now and lets see what the overhyped Free-Agent Signing from last year can earn his keep…

    On Burfict, not 1 of the any of the 32 NFL Teams invited him in to get a personal workout, not 1.. I have stated for about 3 months now that Burfict was sinking faster than than the Phillies, but to see him go out from a high 2nd Round to possibly not even Drafted has to be the biggest drop in the History of the NFL Draft.. and I bet Songs still wants him on his team too.. better go to Canada Songs, if you to watch him play…

  • Schiller, I already stated that Samuel wouldn’t re-negoitiate last yeard which is why the Detroit Lions Deal fell thru and do remember, that in 2011, Sammuel wasn’t making as big as a Salary as he is due 2012 & 2012, so a team could have paid him less in 2011 and then discuss future contract options with him..

  • Yes it had to be done , Now they can sign McCoy to a long term deal where they didn’t have the cap space before.

  • Paulman, oh please. First, that’s stupid. A team would not trade for a guy that was reasonably cheap for 1 year, and then exorbitantly expensive the next thinking “then we’ll discuss future contracts with him”. Said team would have 0% leverage in said contract talks, and he’d have 0 incentive to re work the deal. They would be stuck cutting him or paying him the money. Period end of story.

    Remember, think first, click “post comment” second….

  • It really is simple, Samuel needed to go. They couldnt get more for him becasue every single team in the NFL knew, he had to go.

    Songs – starting to think that you do not even believe what you type. You just like to make outlandish remarks to get people going. Having said that, 99.9% of the things you say are false. But, I do enjoy it.

  • In years past the Birds FO would never have made this trade. They would have demanded “better value” and would have wanted to “look” like they got the better of the deal.

    This year they have been much more forthcoming in admitting, albeit obvious to most fans, mistakes and from the looks of this off season, correcting those mistakes.

    Assante did some really great things during his years with the team, but it wasn’t hard to see that the 3 CB’s we had assembled did not work last year. Tommy Lawler has a great posting this morning on his Iggle’s Blog, and it talked of the press style of coverage that the birds are now employing with the wide 9 front, and how in the end, Assante wouldn’t play that style. It was a move that needed to be made, they should have made it last year, but doing it before the draft allows them to put the best team on the field in 2012.

    Let’s move on to the draft….thanks for your play Assante, but we are moving on…..GO BIRDS!!

  • Last year was last year Schiller, teams and cap situations were all over the board last year where teams were now under new Financial Conditions where some teams had a ton of $$ under the Cap that could have not have afforded Samuel’s Contract but also needed a quality CB like the Panthers,Vikings,Bengals,Lions,etc,etc.. This year it’s a different marker for many teams got their finiancial houses all throughtout the year in order so they wound meet the threshold established by the new NFL CBA and to better manage their roster..
    Bottom line with Samuel is what I stated last Year, no team was going to pay him a $20 Million Salary for the 2012 & 2013 Seasons an d I was right… He’s not the same player he was 2 yers ago and his knees are causing him more and more issues as he gets older.. This was a no brainer, Eagles only traded him to Falcons for believe it or not, they take care of their own when trading and land those players in pretty good spots in comarisions to what many teams do and act, which is “Hey, don’t let the door hit you on the way out”..
    This move was expected and the return value I though would be a 5th Rounder,but that’s the way it goes, maybe if they waiting to the actual Draft they may have found a team willing to give more in return,but the EAgles are done with it now so Samuel and the Team can move forward which is fine by me..

  • This is a move that had to be made. 2 out of their 3 corners are man/press corners and Assante was the other one. This move makes sense for the strength of their Cbs and of course for the money saved. In essence, they released him.

    But now that money can go straight to McCoy and a back-up RB. Maybe Bell at Safety?

  • Eagles fan: “I want to trade kolb for drc and a 2nd”
    Eagles fan: “I cant believe they traded samuel for nothing”
    Eagles fan: “I want them to pay McCoy”

    you guys wanted drc, you got him… you guys want mccoy paid ? play the guy you traded for, and trade the guy making 10 mill a year.

    the end

  • All this talk he didn’t fit the scheme, is nonsense…you have a pro bowl corner, who QB’s are scared to throw at, because of his unpredictability and the INT’s throughout his career to show for it. We were all expecting more press coverage last season, what happened with that plan? …Who here has spoken directly to Castillo, and he has said, the Eagles will utilize DRC and Nnamid on the WR at the line much more often…Maybe Castillo has learned and maybe we’ll see the defense we expected last season.. But lets not make more of this than it is, this move wasn’t about the scheme, it was about the $…

    Trading Asante to a pretty competitive organization, is a just move by the FO for a player that they have appreciated for the last 4 seasons.

  • RealTalk — learn football. The player being outstanding on his own is NOT always good for the overall TEAM function.

  • @ Realtalk.. Agreed…

    this talk about Asante not ‘fitting their scheme’ is BS.. Out the other side of their mouths they claim they are gonna draft the best player on the board…

    HOW? what if he doesnt fit your scheme?

    this was a salary dump… it doesnt make the team better …..

    Im not sold on DRC… They wanna play press, but DRC isnt physical and he doesnt tackle either..

  • You don’t have to have insider access to know that DRC and Nnamdi play better in press coverage and that Assante plays better off the WR. You want them to play differently on opposite sides of the field?

    But as a business/cap point, you can’t have 2 CBs making that much money. They seem to be committed to Nnamdi, so Assante had to go. Especially if you have a capable back-up who makes a lot less money. And they had 3 CBs who can’t play in the slot, so how can you utilize all 3?

  • could have re worked Asante’s deal and put DRC up for a trade.. They kept him because he is younger and cheaper….

    not because he is better.. <<<<<there is my problem with this

    the Eagles dont even have a defense scheme… lol

    Juan has said he will be running those horrible zones again this year also

    if you are gonna trade our best corner, at least get something in return… a 7th round pick shows that you forced the move. there had to be better options than what they wound up with.

    If they come out and say they couldnt pay Shady without doing this deal? then I understand… But I havent heard them say that yet..

  • RT – come on man – you are usually pretty solid in your assessments – Asante got bubble screened to death last year becuase he likes to play off and Reid – and just becuase I have not personally chatted with Castillo – does not mean I can not watch two players and see they have different styles.

    I will agree with you the large salary probably had a BIG factor in the decision, but it was pretty clear that either Samuel was going to have to learn to play more man press or Asmo and DRC were going to have to get better at plaing zone – and I was the guy last year saying it was bullshit that people were pissed Castillo didn’t just leave Asmo in press while having the rest of the team play zone..

    Rash – sorry bro but you are taking ‘the best on the board’ and twisting partner – you don;t think ‘best on the board’ will have a factor such as ‘best on the board for OUR team, best on the board for OUR scheme, you don;t think Washburn or Mudd have said best on the board for ‘OUR’ program?

    Do you really think if they want press man corners they are going to sit in the draft prep room and rank a Zone CB as better then the man guys without looking at the style and type of team O and D they play?

    Asante is gone guys – wish him well ever game but the game he plays against the eagles – it was great having him here – next!

  • here guys – I can’t say it better so I will steal this quote:

    Samuel, who plays off his receiver, doesn’t fit a scheme in which the Eagles would prefer cornerbacks to stuff their coverage targets at the snap, make the quarterback pause, and give the defensive line time to sack him. That isn’t what Asante Samuel wants, and never has been. He wants the quarterback to get the pass away, and he has made a lot of money in this game because he gives receivers just enough space to make a completion seem more likely than it actually is.

    if you don’t agree we will have to agree to disagree

  • I think the Eagles are blowing smoke up the a$$ of the fans right now(as they do from time to time)

    they say traded Asante because he doesnt fit their scheme, when they dont have a scheme on defense… they dont even have an identity as a defense and that was the problem last year with Juan. The defense is

    As far as drafting the ‘best player on the board’ I think its Roseman just talking. I think they see players they like and players that they dont.. Whether or not they draft what is considered to be the best player on the board tonight? they will insist that they did, and say it worked perfectly (regardless of what the truth is)…

    I think its just talk…

    the only thing that matters is what the team does this coming season. If Andy doesnt get it done? him and all these other guys need to get out of town

  • Rash – you seem bitter today brother – go check out a great article on Asante by Marcus Hayes on Philly.com – puts a little ‘perspective’

    and remember 30 other GMs had wind that Asante was on the trading block – 30 GMs new the eagles were working a deal for a (very) low round draft pick – 30 GMs (remember all the other GMs are NOT pencil pushing non-football types) knew that Asnate could be had for a 6th rounder! They passed – they realized the eagles were not just going to cut him and then get in a bidding war with other teams………….

    as for the Defensive scheme – give it up man – they moved over to a Wide-9 in a strike year.. what is the purpose of the constant negativity –

    beginning of the year – time for hope and optimism – woke up this morning

    Brockers with first pick

    Curry from MArshall with Second

    LB from Nebraska in 2nd (and everyone is going to bitch he is too small!)

    I still want Kuelchy at 15.. but this is what I think the birds will do

  • Marcus Hayes? lol .. wouldnt waste my time reading anything from that nutball.. you talk about bitter? there is a guy who oozes it..

    yeah 30 GMs saw right through the Birds and knew they had the leverage on this one

    I like Washburn.. He actually earned his money last year.. The defensive front is awesome…. The back end (Juan’s adventures with Casey Matthews and putting Namdi in zone coverage) is where they look lost as a defense.

    hopefully they’ll do a good job in the draft.. We need some more playmakers/ solid players on defense. I can live with cox or Barron or Keuchly… Anything sensible will do.

    but this is it for Andy and these guys….

    its time for Reid to sh*t or got off the pot..

  • Thus begins the end of the Andy Reid era and the beginning of the “Era of Mediocrity” led by Howie R and financed by Jeffrey L.

    The biggest problem with this is that just based on this trade Reid is basically not interested in winning a championship and has basically given in, rolled over to the will of Roseman…pretty pathetic. All hail the coming of Jon Gruden…FINALLY!

  • mickey hayes is a joke and a coward. he would never have the cahunas to write that type of article while Asante was here.

  • in 2007 & 2008 the birds traded out of the 1st round but the 2nd round was held the same day ————- when teams trade out of the 1st round now it will really piss off the NFL teams fans because the 2nd round is held the next day

  • I just read Marcus Hayes article because reed_richards mentioned it above on Philly.com – he really doesn’t like Asante does he. I don’t agree with Marcus but at least he is entertaining – I get frustrated reading Rich Hoffman because he writes the same thing on every topic in different words “ we’ll just have to wait and see” —- so at least Marcus has an opinion – a mean disrespecting personal attacking opinion but entertaining

  • E0S you mean the part where he sez for everi pick six asante gives up 10 tds… no did’nt like him at all

  • i dont understand what you guys are complaining about. Asam didnt fit what we are trying to do, he also costs FAR more than he’s worth to us. They are going to use that money to get shady locked up. Howe does this not click with people?

    Shill- You are right- i wrote asam every time and now it doesnt matter. haha

  • Breaking news….

    Asante Samuel traded back to the Eagles for 2 first rounds picks! Details are not out yet, but I am hearing that he gets 6 yrs 50 mil. 30 guaranteed.

    and Rasheed1 rejoices….we finally have our playmaker!

  • Steve0 – its almost pointless to try and keep explaing the logical thinking to this trade. but you are exactly correct

  • there is no logic in trading a probowl player to a team in our conference for a 7th round pick Frank… that is why you cannot ‘explaing’ the logical thinking to this trade..

    that hasnt stopped you from trying yet though…

    knock yourself out pal.. ‘explaing’ away.. lol

  • Rasheed- you are right that trading him to ATL is not the first place I would have wanted him to go, but who knows if they had any other offers. I am sure if they did they would have traded him out of conference.

    But system questions aside, do you think that it is a good idea to have 2 CBs that make over $10 mil? My second question is do you prefer Assante over Nnamdi? They were not going to keep both of those guys and whether or not you are high on DRC dosen’t mean that they aren’t. Now if they take that money and give it to McCoy and sign Bell at S, so that they can draft another position in the 1st round, does that make sense to you or would you rather keep Assante and not have the money to do those things? Sorry about the run-on sentence.

  • It’s logical when SAID player doesn’t fit what you are trying to do on defense anymore! Why is it so hard for you idiots to understand this?

    Need another example of another pro bowl player being traded for a low draft pick and getting very little in return?

    See Demeco Ryans.

  • Rasheed, yes buddy it is logical to trade him. Hes getting old, numbers are dipping, bad knees, 10 mil per year, dosent play man coverage. Do you need more? Would I have liked to have got more for him? sure. Everyone in the league had a chance to trade for him, did they? nope. Shouldnt that tell you something?

    When you read the posts of Steve0 and Navy in this article nothing clicks with you?

  • I know your going to say “he was our best corner last year”, I dont doubt he was. Things were so screwed up last year that in the secondary and nobody was on the same page. That lies the problem, you have mesante doing his own thing and everone else trying to do another.

  • When you really think about it..The Eagles Def Secondary as a group has ranked #30 in th NFL the last 3 Seasons since 2009.. The only Common Denominator in the Seoncdary over this time frame has been Asante Samuel..
    I don’t believe the Eagles Defense is going to miss him as much as many of you think,,,

  • Exactly P-Man.

  • @Paulman….you are right about the common denominator but that denominator being production…there is no denying Asante was the most productive player DB on the Eagles defense since 2009…I think you are undervaluing Asante! Again this was a $ move, and nothing more!

  • funny part is everyone keeps calling Asante a pro bowler –

    well hell Asmo and DCR were pro bowlers as well!

  • truth P-Man

  • @Birdo – learn football? don’t start acting like a clown, because I disagree with you on one thing…considering we agree on many other levels…I’m not saying my opinion is fact, but could it be possibly that your opinion is not fact? I think so…you can’t discount the fact, opposing QB’s think twice about throwing at him, you can’t discount the fact, that he ranks in the tops, in regards to be thrown at…you can’t discount the fact, he is one of few defensive players that exhibits high emotion on the field and the sidelines…
    Fact, Asante was the best CB on the Eagles in 2011…

  • True indeed, Sheed! True indeed!

  • It most definately was a money move. Who wouldnt want to trade a declining, aging CB who gets paid 10 mil a year. Sounds like a W for the eagles.

  • Navy – I totally understand what you guys are saying…players have strengths and weaknesses…Asante isn’t solid at press, but who is to say DRC will be better? Who’s to say Castillo will play more press? whos to say we wont see Nnamdi floating around as LB, as a safety? Lets put it this way…If Asante was making 2mil like DRC is due to make this season, would the Eagles have traded Asante? I highly, highly doubt it….

  • @bugs.. I dont have a problem with trading Asante if they had a better plan. I would attempt to re-work Asante’s deal and keep him and Namdi … People say Asante wouldnt, but I havent heard that from a reputable source, only from a couple of knuckleheads on here… If Andy and the front office tell me they are ‘all in’? I expect to see them man each position with the best players they have on the roster…. If you are gonna trade him? Get something for him.. Don’t compound the mistake you made last year with another one… A 7th round pick is practically worthless… he is not soo old that he cannot be a problem for us for the next 4 years.. he’s 31… thats not that old..


    Its not logical to trade a probowler for a 7th round pick.. Even when the probowler does not fit your scheme any more…and the scheme argument is total BS anyway… because like I already mentioned.. DRC is not physical and he tackles worse than Asante.. He is younger and cheaper… he is not better… that is why the Eagles kept him… and also, a defensive coordinator who has a defensive front that is capable of damn near 50 sacks on its own should be able to do almost anything he pleases on the back end with Asante and Namdi… (DRC is fast and looks talented… but he also looks disinterested and lazy… giving half a$$ effort most of the time he is out there…the guy worries me)… You can play man with Asante and let him clue once in awhile also (at a good defensive coordinator can make it work)

    and a couple things on DeMeco Ryans…. I remember the reaction of his teammates when they traded him for a 4th… What would they say if it was for a 7th? lmao…

    its so absurd that its laughable….

    @Frank yes he does play man…he plays off man coverage which is man, but not press.. He played some press last year.. He is a much more effective corner when cluing the QB, but he plays man also… And you will see more zone coverage next year.. this isnt going to be a strictly man press defense next year… they are blowing smoke up your a$$ and you love it… lol

    and this is for that clown Paulman….
    Asante was ranked #2 in QB rating behind Revis last year… Please spin that into a negative for me…

    If they had to trade him, the least they could have done is get something back… they say they are ‘all in’ but this smells like the old Eagles..

    but like you people say… its done… So im going to look forward to the draft and hope the Eagles do the right thing

    either way we get a resolution to this Andy Reid problem at the end of the year…

  • Navy – 30 GM’s, knew Asante price tag would be around 10mil this season, unless he renegotiated…now lets just say his price tag was lower, lets say around what DRC is making 2mil (a lil less, I believe) now do you think more GM’s would have been interested? in fact we don’t even know how many teams reached out showing interest in Asante…we all know this, and there is no denying it, money rules the world!

  • If Asante was making 2 mil for next year, I still think they trade him, they also get alot more value for him. This is the coverage DRC played in AZ that got him to the Pro bowl. It is also the coverage he played in AZ that got him traded for peanuts. So the questions you have about him are valid. He does have speed and talent that are endless. It is the eagles job to make sure he plays to that level.

  • I’m still happy with what we have and I do think we will be successful..mainly in part to the Ryans deal, his leadership will be a big addition to the defense.

  • Realtalk — you want more facts?

    Fact — Asante refused to consistently play man to man and took gambles, costing the Eagles big plays.

    Fact — Asante made big plays.

    Fact — Asante is getting older and is missing more and more games.

    Fact — Asante was very pricey.

    Fact — Asante was a me-first player and cared more about getting his stats then the defense functioning as a unit.

    Fact — Asante doesn’t fit the scheme the Eagles are trying to run.

    Of all those FACTS, one of them were in his favor.

  • yea Frank, you may be right…had he made less money, GM’s would have been ready to pull the trigger on a deal a while ago…with me, I just dont think it comes down to Asante’s skill…its money, age maybe even personality that could be factors…so you are right, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Eagles would still trade Asante if he were making DRC type money…

  • Rasheed – looks to me like they are executing the plan they wanted to. Trade Asante who does not fit what they are doing.

    Rasheed – nobody in the league strictly plays zone.

  • RT – that was the point Schill was trying to make earlier that Asante had a lot of say in where he went based on his ‘desire’ to renegotiate. I conceded money probably played a huge part in it them wanting him to move on –

    I also think if he were scheduled to make less they STILL would have traded him, they probably could have gotten him gone sooner and gotten more for him…

    as for DCR – like everything else – time will tell – I mean he could get chased by a dog, try to hope his fence and cut the nerve in his leg, or get depressed or bust his achilles in training.. all that shit has happened –

    I know it is a popular ‘funny’ but right now everyone INCLUDING the GMs and HCs are playing fantasy football – trying to build the best roster possible – How many team have two pro bowl CBs on their roster?? One of which before last year – was considered the best in the biz…

    now they just have to go out and play like it –

    lets use that money to extend McCoy and Maclin, sign the picks, get Bell and Addai in FA (hell, maybe even Burress) and move on

  • sorry – I thought of something funny – we can sign Burress to with the money we saved from Asante – and line Burress up so Asante has to cover him …

    and use the pick for Asante to draft Burflict!

  • It’s a dead issue now…they woulda gotten nothing forhim had he not been dealt prior to draft.

    I think they shoulda played hardball with teams and just bit the bullet and released him. least you would had a chance to get a 3rd-4th. 7th rounder does nothing for this team. I think the bonus here is we cut money for Shady and Macs new deals.

    In the end we’re gonna be a better d with Ryans and having DRC and Nam on the outside. Look for Bowles to demand DRC to be complete. He has great ability and needs a kick in the arse.

  • @Birdo – we’re good…I totally know where you guys are coming from…but skill set isn’t why the Eagles released Asante…its that simple

    Fact — Asante refused to consistently play man to man and took gambles, costing the Eagles big plays.

    LOL. come one man…are you serious? how about the gambles he took that resulted in big plays in the Eagles favor? what is it like 30 INT”S his career with the Eagles? thats right, here in Philly we dont remember the good, only the bad…

  • @ Frank…

    Right… they meant to land a 7th rounder for him… Denver and Detroit and whoever else werent going low enough *sacasm*

    all part of the plan..

  • Real talk – agree completely. It is hard to imagine trading asante samuel for a 7th rounder. But the factors you stated played a large roll in the trade. I think the eagles could have got more for a trade with another team, but asante was in essense a free agent. He could dictate where he wanted to go by agreeing or not agreeing to a new deal. He tied the eagles hand. Would he have done the same deal to go to Oakland? No, he would have said I want a 7 year deal.

  • @Navy – I hear you…I agree…and it does allow us to have the ability to work out a deal with probably the most important weapon we have, McCoy…

    I’m not against what was done..at all…I just dont think it was done due to the way Asante plays..

  • Howie signed a player he didn’t need in asmo, drc is not a football player, looks like a crack addict, samuels was best player on defense and asmo sucks, wd

    Asmo most overrated player on eagles, drc looks and plays like a crack addict and you put out for garbage your top playmaker, yup this makes sense

  • Good one Navy..

    I think everyone needs to realize that you can only have 1 “man” or Voice in a Defensive Secndoary.. Once Asmo was signed, the Eagles Secondary has become his and the only way to do that completely is toremove Samuel from it.. There is no way that Samuel is going to defer to anyone, and Asmo never felt comfortable all season last year looking over his should at what Samuel may or may nor say as a sitting Veteran that had been on the EAgles the last 4 Season.. There was a lot more locker room issues going on here than just the Salary and Scheme arguement which I think many of you are missing or failing to take into consideration…

  • I have a very hard time understanding your logic and your sarcasm.

  • Real — we good.

    But Asante only had 23 INT’s, not 30. 23 over four years. Thats a little over 5 picks a year, I can deal with that loss.

    I would rather NOT hear a DB’s name because that means he’s refusing his WR to make a play on the ball. He’s denying him. It’s a big reason Nnamdi didn’t get big numbers in Oakland — because he simply took the WR he was defending OUT of the game.

  • 4 hours 19 minutes!

    Rasheed busting on everyones spelling today – jakedog with DCR looking like a crack addict – god we need something real to argue about….

  • @Birdo – true indeed…no denying that, but the one thing that really worries me..is Castillo going to be consistent or deviate? We all wanted to see more press coverage last year…less zone…why didnt we? I mean we were even deeper in 2011 at DB then we will be in 2012… I mean if Asante isn’t that solid in press, then why not give him safety help? While Nnamdi is on the teams best WR?

  • on another note – Pman – I think I look a lot like the guard from Stanford – Decastro – he stole my hiarcut – what do you think – course he doesn’t have my ‘mature’ greying around the temples –

  • DeCastro will be an All-Pro Player for 10 years in the NFL,
    I don’t like him for the Eagles and see a Team like the Cardinals at #12 or the Bengals at #17 Grabbing him since they have needs along their OL..
    Eagels should be set at OL for a while as long as Demetrus Bell and JAson Peters remain Healthy, but Mathis,Kelce,Watkins & Herremans are all under contract for the next 4 Seaons or so..
    You guys do look a like a little bit, but he went to Stanford, so we know he’s a lot smarter than you… ha

  • Whew…they took Fletcher Cox. I feel a bit relieved they didn’t grab someone out of left field that would have otherwise not been drafted until the 2nd or 3rd round. Although I don’t know that they had to trade up the way they did. ANyine know what they gave up? (Probably the Samuel 7th…so retarded to recall that that trade actually happened)

  • Cox Cox Cox !!!!!!!!!! I love the pick!

  • I want to give props to paulman, he called the fletcher cox pick months ago. Good work old man

  • Bird- how many different guys did he say the birds would pick? All he did was throw a new name out each week. I dont give props for stuff like that. Everyone did that on here..

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