• May 22, 2022

Falcons Talking To The Eagles About Asante Samuel

It was previously reported that the Eagles were talking to the Denver Broncos about a trade which involved Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel.  Now they’re reportedly talking to the Atlanta Falcons about a draft day deal for Samuel, but the Falcons just like the Broncos want Samuel to restructure his contract before they acquire him.

This demand killed the Broncos’ proposals and it could destroy a possible deal with Atlanta.

The fact the Birds are going to get only a low round draft pick for a player as good as Samuel points to the mistake they made a year ago, by acquiring two additional Pro Bowl level cornerbacks who couldn’t play together with Asante.

They’re all outside cornerbacks. If one of the corners had been capable of playing the nickel corner position, the Birds might not be trading Samuel.

Nmandi Asomugha is making big money.  Samuel is due to make $9.5 million this year, but Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie isn’t making very much. The Eagles believe they’ve got too much money tied up in one position with Samuel and Asomugha on the roster, so they’re going to remedy it by trading Samuel.

When the season gets here, they’ll either continue with Joselio Hanson at the nickel position or they’ll draft a young cornerback to take over there.  Asomugha and Rodgers-Cromartie will be starting at the right and left cornerback spots, respectively.


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  • Garry is right… They made a mistake last year and they are about to compound it this year in classic Eagles style…

  • Shoud def have been traded last year. no value for a goof CB. They did have to trade him due to the reasons that were listed.

  • good

  • more dumb talk from Frank

    its not “good” to trade a probowl player for 6th round pick… you wont even get back half the value you had in the player..

    not “good”

    *shakes head @ Frank again*

  • Rasheed, come on bro, if you could read i said “good” becasue mispelled it in the previous post.

  • Alright I do apologize Frank…. You are right on that one..

  • I hate to see Asante go for a 6th round pick. It’s seem like we should get a 4th round if so many teams are intereted in him.

    I really hope DRC proves out to be worth it. It could be me but he did not impress me at all last year. It would have made more sense to move Asante last year. Didn’t happen hope it all works out. Would hate to go all next year saying we miss Asante.

  • Pro-Bowl player from 2-3 years ago.
    Teams are interested Assante Samuel, but not at $20 Million over the next 2 Seasons for an aging, 31 Year old who has lost a step and has issues with his knees… .

  • another great move by Roseman and Reid….Asante is a done deal to the Falcons for a 6th rounder per Adam Schefter…. now the Falcons have a formidable CB trio to play against the Eagles passing game…. this deal hurts the Eagles…. they now have $20m under the cap but free agency is over..

  • previous post was sarcasm.

  • The rumor was that the trade last year with Detroit was not done because of Asante’s contract and his unwillingness to redo it. He has every right to be that way but I am at the point where I would keep him on the roster until the final cut down, cut him and let him find a team with $7-8 million in cap room at that late date. Good luck with that.

  • Yeah, another dumb, dumb move. If DRC was not the SOFTEST PLAYER IN THE NFL this trade might make just a little bit of sense, but with the players that are here as I’ve said a number of times it makes more sense to trade DRC and find a way to draft a corner or get an exceptional free agent. The Eagle should have tried to sign Brandon Carr or Cortland Finnegan if they were so intent on trading Samuel in the off season since DRC is not going to be physical corner they need for this system.

  • Asante talked himself out of town, it’s a damn shame, only playmaker on defense
    Is gone

  • Not a big fan of this move but I do understand why it was done. My guess is the Eagles are really targeting Stephon Gilmore CB from S C & Dre Kirkpatrick CB from Ala. will still be able to get good quality De line players in 2nd rd like Vinny Curry, Derek Wolfe, Cam Johnson, Devon Still…

  • Just as importantly…if it finally comes out that he’s restructuring his contract to 18.5M over 3 years vs. 21M over 2 years Why wouldn’t the Eagles themselves make that deal to keep intercepting passes in Philly? (thus the “Dumb-Dumb” label on the front office stays.) The Eagles could probably get a 3rd or a 4th rounder for DRC.

  • Does anyone know what the cap floor is? Trading Asante should leave us about $20 million under the cap. We will have to spend some of that money. Some will be for the draft picks and some could go toward extending our own current guys (like McCoy) but….maybe there is a trade in the works as well???

    I know Dwight Freeney has 1 year left on his contract and is owed something like $19 million this year. On top of that they are moving him to LB in their new 3-4 scheme. Wonder if he could be available for a decent price, assuming he restructures his contract? Hmmm.

  • Why trade DRC? yes, he did not have a good last year but he was playing out of position. I also realize that there are some rumblings of him being lazy and not physical (true). However, Asante was the least physical corner in the NFL! No doubt about it, DRC has talent and hopefully he will feel more comfortable on the outside. ToddBowles should help to make him a more complete corner, coaching matters.. It is also a contract year, extra motivation to impress.

  • nah guys – this is a solid move – time for Asante to move on – not a kncok against him or his skills – his skills (reading and jumping pass routes) did not fit with the teams desire to go to more man coverage (you have a tough time playing man AND looking in the backfield at the QB) one of the main reason Asante got beat with a pump/ double move –

    look – I am happy for asante – but he is not what he was a few years ago – he had 3 picks last year – hell Coleman had more…

    Why resturcture for a guy that does not fit the scheme you are putting in – can only play one side, can not support the run, and teams target with screens, frequently free lances.. he is not the same caliber player he was 3 years ago

    best of luck to asante as he moves on –

  • Its funny how people are now saying the eagles are going to take a corner in round 1. We all knew samuel was going so why does the “news” change your thinking? We have starters at both cb positions. We have marsh and hughs as young prospects. If you want to take a phyisical corner to play slot and groom for the outside later, fine, go for it, in any round. But I find it funny that news 22 is being traded effects peoples’ draft predictions…

  • I agree with Schiller here that most knew that Samuel would be moving on..
    I expect Eagles to extend Deals to RB McCoy & WR Maclin with some of the Cap Space left..DRC is 26 years old and should have 5-6-7 Good Years ahead of him, If he plays well this Season, he will be looking at a big contract also.. If Eagles like how he plays, then the Eagles could extend him during the Season to lock him up for 4 years or so… Samuel moving on was etched in stone the day they signed Asmo for this year, they will employ a lot more Press-Man coverage which is not Samuels game, he’s a zone, play off CB and a very good one at that,but that’s not the schmee they will be playing in PHilly most of the time anymore.. ..

  • When you have a surplus, and you unload one to get back to even, you are then at even, not a deficit. Jh, can your esp intake pause for a moment to wrap your head around that truth? The eagles might draft a corner, but they are not more likely to now that samuel is a falcon…

  • **Rumor Mill

    Jets talking to the Browns about sending CB Revis and their #16 Pick to the Browns for their #4th Overall Pick and select RB T Richardson..
    Jets Coach Ryan knows this Season is it for him and potentially for him to keep his job, and is going to go back to what he loves and wants the most from his Offense and that’s a pound and ground attack led by QB Tebow and RB’s Richardson and S Green… C-Ya QB Mark Sanchez, probably will get traded to the Dolphins.. Remember, you heard it here from Paulman first..

  • Frank…here’s the deal, while Samuel isn’t a physical guy he will at least throw a shoulder at someone. DRC on the other hand runs away, along with, or slows down deliberately as to not be the first person on the scene that needs to make a tackle…thus DRC IS THE SOFTEST PLAYER IN THE NFL…maybe in the entire history of the NFL.

    Think about that while trying to layout out your fall prognostication for the season.

  • Butch… ok

  • Schiller — I’ve been predicting Dre Kirkpatrick for the past month.

  • Butch that’s you opinion of DRC and your entitled to it, your wrong but you can make that statement. DRC is taller, faster and with bowles help can be very good for us. Asante had his time but he is declining what don’t you get.

  • Now they have room to sign shady dude, like what’s wrong with that.

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