• May 19, 2022

It Doesn’t Matter How Ugly It Gets, Sixers Must Finish It Tonight

This has been of hell of ride the Sixers have put us on this year straight out of ‘Great Adventure”. On a night where the Phils decide to blow 4 run lead and where the Flyers get knocked by their old arch-nemesis’s and the Sixers decide to play one of the ugliest playoff games ever. Well, at least offensively and maybe in the history of the playoffs.
When you look at it the Bulls really we’re not much better. The Sixers only put up 26 points at the half. The Bulls only had 35 points. The Bulls did hold the Sixers to 32% shooting while the Sixers held them to 40%.The Bulls made off balance shots all night long. I mean, Loul Deng made three or four of them from down town off of one leg. Boozer even got into the act with a couple of bankers that I know for sure that he did not call. Other than Game 2 this series has been ugly as hell. Man, when Iggy is jacking up 19 shots you know something is not right.

So is it just really bad offense or great defense? It could be a little of both. I like to think it is defense. Man, are they really getting after it. That is one thing we all can agree on is that they are defending the hell out of each other. Since game 2 the Sixers have shot higher than 40% just once, same for the Bulls.

This has become a dog fight. The referees are to blame for a lot of that. They have put the whistles away for both teams for a lot of this series. At times the only way you are going to get a call going to the hoop is if you get punched in the face. Game 5 was the example of that. Both teams where getting mugged out there with the refs standing around watching.
The one thing I do enjoy is watching Tom Thibodeau freak out on almost every play. That dudes cries about every little thing out their even more than Iverson did.  You know who else bothers me? Rip Hamilton. Man, that guy never stops bitching.  He is dirty as hell out there.
Hey man, I know this has been an ugly series and Derrick Rose not playing kills some luster of victories but I will take. The Sixers have not won a first round matchup since 2003. I can only hope that the Sixers can close it out tonight. Noah will likely be back I would think. If there is a Game 7 all the momentum would be on the Bulls side. How awesome would it be to see the Sixers take on the Celtics if the Celtics can close out the Hawks as well. That would be fun as hell. The key for the Sixers to close out is Turner/Holiday. When they have played well the Sixers have won. Here’s wishing…

Joe Hickman Jr.

Bleed Philly Sports! 84 ounces of Coffee a day because that is what I do! Utley's hair has nothing on me! Father of the craziest little girl in the world! Born and raised in Darby, PA! By the way, my Grammar Sucks! You can follow on twitter @phillytugger.

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  • Great article Joe, you and I are true honest fans. I respect you opinions of the team especially being that we agree on just about all the points.. But I see the sixers closing them out tonight. The bulls wont get the chance to build momentum. Its a done deal, the sixers will grab this wounded beat up team by the jugular and will put them away. Iggy is playing through alot of pain, so instead of killing the guy lets start commending him for guting it out for the benefit of the team.. but like i said i see a close out tonight, Holiday will bring it, Brand will bring it, now we need ET and Thad to bring it and i believe they will.. #ShowYaLuv

  • I assume this is Doug Collins game plan – but Jrue Holliday does not pass the ball. He is 28th in the NBA in assists. So if he is making shots the sixers have a chance, if not they lose

  • ET stops shooting after he misses a few shots.. If that happens he needs to take the ball to the hole violently .. thats how all the greats deal with bad shooting .. then the find their touch at the line and wa la

  • larrwd — ET is not great so your point is moot. And he can’t shoot either. He needs to come on the floor, play some defense, and not shoot.

  • we scored 69 points hes gotta shoot.

  • If he tried to take over the game offensively, we would score 49.

  • just saying 7 shots isnt enough brido

  • Larrwd, have you seen the kid shoot? 7 shots is enough, as a matter of fact, I would venture to say he’s ballhogging if he takes more than five! His jumper is ATROCIOUS!!

    Almost as bad as Iggy’s.



  • Congrats Jon Hart! You were right – the 76ers are a top 8 team in the league without contestation

  • Jon Hart who was your Show Your Luv boys on GCobb so I can show them some respect also

  • Iguodala 42:41 min. 7-12FG, 2-3 3pt, 4-4 FT, 4 R, 7 A, 0-TO, 20 pts.
    He stepped up tonight

  • I said Iggy is not clutch. He overall hasn’t be. But I’m thrilled he made those shots. That whole last play and a half was brilliance from him. Great stuff.

    Dcar – It’s moments like these that makes it fun to be a fan. Hope you were able to enjoy that great ending to the game if you were even watching. As I watched it, all I could think of was ‘what valuable experience this is for the young team”. I still stand by that comment, AND – it even rings true for Iguodala. He DID NOT STINK in this game despite your childish epithet. For him to close out a series like this – it’s very valuable for his confidence.

    (I’ll admit, in his post game interview on the court he said “I’ve done that before” – that was a nervous verbal mistake by him – shows that psychological damage haters like Dcar have done to him – that he needs to say that…)

  • Iggy is officially off the ish list for me. Turner still sucks tho. #showyaluv!!

  • on that last 7 second drive of the game Jrue Holliday makes a good basketball IQ play of cutting off Ronnie Brewer by shielding him from getting near Iggy giving him a free path to the hoop which Asik fouls him

  • Birdo — Turner shut Watson down and held him to 25% shooting and 8 points a game in the series I would think his job will continue against Boston against Rondo

  • birdo – True or false – turner showed significant improvement this season. (True).

    True or false – fan hate on individual players has shown to be damaging to players to the point that it hurts their performance on the (court/field/ice..yada yada). (True)

    True or false – Turner is old enough to rent a car in Pennsylvania. (False)

    Just saying…

  • eagles0SB- I finally calmed down after that win haha somewhat, but my guys I picked was for Jrue and Brand to bring it and they did, Jrue had another good overall game balanced 14pts 4as 3rebs but his defense is what was the story here, EB brought the physicality that was needed. ET didnt score well but again was in and out the lineup all night, and obviously we didnt need scoring from him we needed defense and rebs and he did a good job there. Thad, Lou and Hawes all hit big shots and made big plays tonight. A.I. aka Tha Allstar aka Tha Closer had one heck of a game! 20pts 7as 4rebs and great defense on Deng all game long, gotta give the man props tonight he shut all yall up, now we know he will not be traded this off season.

    Also, if you recall I said we will win this series, will beat the celtics the next series and will face the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals and we ll see what happens from there.. Looks like I will be right, again.. But i digress… SHOWYALUV PHILLY!!!

  • Schill, I don’t know who is the bigger nitwit, goofball, you or JH. Absolutely pathetic & predictable. Yeah Stinkadala stepped up, FINALLY, for 1 game & made 2 free throws. Something he hasn’t did his entire career. Give me a f^#@ing break. JH, CLUTCH!?!? ARE YOU INSANE!?!? They were free throws. They almost lost with the half court shot at the end. They beat an undermanned team, without the reigning MVP, one of the best players in the league & their best big-man, by 1 giant point. You 2 are absolutely, hysterical. Schill, for your information, yes I did watch, you dope. By his nauseating, post game interview, tells everyone, all they need to know about what a delusional, egotistical, moron he really is, by saying he’s done it before. REALLY!?!? WOW!!! He says $#!t like that all of the time, because in his own mind, he thinks he’s a “SUPERSTAR”, not because he has to say things because of psychological damage. WTF kind of drugs are you on SCHILL? You need to go into rehab, shock therapy, or you are just plain nuts, or stupid. Something is wrong with you. YEAH, WE WON, WOO HOO! Get Broad Street ready. Here they come. SHOWYALUV!!! IDIOTS!!!!!!

  • Dcar – All you mention is the free throws? Yes – they were significant because they were game tier than game winner, and his history of fucking up to close games out. BUT the man had a very strong night, and if it weren’t for his CLUTCH rebound, coast to coast drive that drew the foul – he wouldn’t have been in position to do so. He shot 7-10. He played strong D like he always does. See your negativity allows you to literally ignore so much positive. You really have an issue there. I KNOW IT IS JUST ONE GAME. BUT IT WAS A SERIES CLINCHER.

    You’ve done a good job of making it clear that for you everything is championship or bust. Well I personally think that that mentality – and let me be clear that it’s not your own, it’s a common phrase around these parts I know – but that mentality is TRASH. OBVIOUSLY the ultimate goal is a championship. But teams don’t go from TRASH to CHAMPIONS overnight or in one season.


    If you buy a lottery ticket, don’t win, and then walk into work the next day to your boss giving you a 2% raise – by your mentality, you should go to the bar, drink to many, go home, not shower for weeks and stuff yourself wit food because that’s reason for depression.

    You said your kids have had great success and you’re an excellent father. BRAVO – THAT IS TRULY A GREAT THING AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER FOR YOU. But by the content of your posts, it suggest that you’d be a lot less loving toward them if they were not so successful. It’s either “INCREDIBLE” “HIGHEST LEVEL OF ACHIEVEMENT or BUST”.


    But seriously, if you didn’t get a good feeling from the end of that Sixers game, and feel somewhat happy for Andre Iguodala and the young team, I say that’s a shame. Because they’re your city’s basketball team. You’re a basketball fan. And they just had the biggest accomplishment they’ve been able to achieve in a long time. And they did it in exciting fashion.

    You’re a fan of a team. They just advanced in the playoffs. And you think they suck, are not worth a shred of enjoyment, and should only be criticized.

    THAT sir is a DAMN SHAME.


  • Dcar aka Freddie Mitchell.. How can you still be so grumpy after a win like that? We all know your angry every day but really? after a huge win like that? C’mon man.That entire series was a dog fight. What you seem to forget is how good the Bulls were without Rose this year. Well over .500, some even said they looked better as a team without him That was a great defensive team that is well well coached by Tom Thibodeau so theyre gonna be a good team with or without Noah, Rose or other.. But on to Iggydala, he has made the game winning play or shot before, its not every game but he has done it before. But this one was special because the shots he made at the FT line propelled them to the second round of the playoffs, a whole different ball game buddy. Thats clutch. Thats what being clutch is, making big plays/shots with the game on the line. Iggydala proved that he is more than capable of doing that and did it! The rest of your rant Dcar is pointless “they almost loss with the halfcourt shot at the end.” Any team in that situation has a 50/50 chance of losing from a half court shot. Are you really a fan of the sixers? Your rants after a win like that means nothing to anyone, I think you need some therapy or maybe you should just ShowYaLuv!!!

  • And D – as for Iguodala’s post game comments – I agree that they are significant. I stand by my point that it displays the psychological damage he’s been through. He said that as a defense mechanism. The man is HATED in Philly. You and I could disappear from this city or have never been here but the fact is, the pervasive message he gets from fans in this city – and has gotten from the start pretty much – is YOU SUCK, GO AWAY, YOU ARE NOT WANTED, ANY GOOD YOU DO IS NOT APPRECIATED BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT WHAT WE . He hears it OVER AND OVER AND OVER. That sir is conditioned hate. The human response to such is some form of defense mechanism.

    I know a girl who he was courting (pun intended) recently and she said it was difficult because he really doesn’t like to be out in public here at all. He avoid going to restaurants unless there is a private room. He doesn’t like being with the public – even the VIP bar where the players wifes and family can go. He avoids the public in Philly like the plague – BECAUSE THEY TREAT HIM LIKE SHIT. LIKE YOU DO.

    His teammates (I forget who specifically) last night said it’s big for Andre because of his relationship with the fans.

    Everyone talks about how ‘guarded’ he is. And how he “won’t show emotion”. WELL GUESS THE F WHY? That’s draining on a person. And while he hasn’t been consistently spectacular here, adding an extra burden to a guy in this city – which we do often if not always – HANDICAPS THE TEAM. PERIOD

    You can call me or him a sissy or whatever you’d like for talking about psychology and emotions. But they are FACTUAL PARTS OF BEING HUMAN BEING. Nobody is immune from that stuff.

  • COngrats to the 76ers, Coach Collins and the Fans, The 1st Playoff Series Win in almost 10 years.. The Win was ugly as was this entire Series as probably the next Series versus the CEltics will be, but a win is a win is a win… Maybe Iggy can relax now and take that chip off his shoulder and play loose and fast which is when he’s at his best… Look forward to the next Series which the 76ers have a very good chance if they can get out and run a little against the older Celtic Team who came off a 7-Game battle with the Hawks.. 76ers need to steal Game #1 on Saturday which is a very quick turn-around and can maybe catch the Celtics a little flat footed to start the Series

  • Iguodala was tasked with taking overca team after their most beloved player was gone…..and he didnt have the talent to do so. With that said, all it takes is one big moment like the one he had to get off MY ish list. Hes off.

    As for Turner, you said hes improved schiller, really? You seen improvement? I still see the same scared little whiner i saw last year. His defense is good though.

  • Also want to give a shout out to Iggy who has had his shares of bad times, and bad experiences by many in the media nad the fans.. Though I am not a big supporter of his play, he does play hard,is a team player and reminds me in many ways of Donovan McNAbb.. He’s been the face of the Franchise since being drafted, has had his heart and aloofness questioned by many, so the fact that he’s guarded is not a surprise, in fact it’s a sign of maturity as he is probably well aware of what McNabb went thru during his final seasons with the Eagles.. He just needs to relax and not try to do so much and play his game… I am happy for him for he has been through some rough times, so let him and the Team enjoy their Victory.

  • @DCar… Yo Just SHUT UP…why the hell are you commenting negatively about a team that WON the Phucking game ????? You obviously don’t know shit about ball or this team…complaining about how and who not on the other side playing GTFOH with that….LMAO
    JH/Schiller and any other fans on this site

  • And it was Lou Will who said it was good for Dre to clinch the game because of his relationship with the city….

  • Worst GCobb prediction of 2012 award goes to:
    A) Paulman —Djax will never be franchised
    B) Songs – Vontaze Burfict
    C) DCar – Sixers will never win in playoffs
    D) Someone else who has yet to stick their neck out there
    Just for laughs, every coin has heads & tails and every natural number is odds or evens

  • the one negative of Iggy’s game last night was his defense — Loul Deng went off on him for a double double, 19pts. 17 rebounds

  • Schiller, stfu with all that psychological mumbo jumbo, these are men, professional athletes, wah, wah, poor iggy, can’t go out in public, are you kidding me, you’re outta here

  • Thnx Eagles0Superbowls..
    Where do I pick-up my “Denny’s Restaurant 10% Gift Card”..

  • Paulman it’s a long year you didn’t win nothing yet besides I know someone, maybe myself will trip and fall right on my face with a prediction,besides Vontaze might still get arrested before training camp

  • Paulman’s Predictions

    #1) Indy 500 Winner — Helium Castroneves
    #2) Coca-COla 600 Winner — Greg Biffle
    #3) Sixers-Celtics — Sixers in 7 Games
    #4) Phillies — Fall further behind are will be 8 games back by the end of May
    #5) Gasoline Prices remain flat (about $3.75 per Gallon)

  • Paulman — Obama or Romney for next 4 years?

  • hey paulman what about that self imposed moratorium on trashing the phils?

  • Jake,
    The Phils are already 5.5 games out of 1st place so losing another 2.5 games in standing over the next 2 weeks is not trashing the Phils ..

    Obama wins in a very close Election over Romney (270 Electorial Votes Needed)

    Obama – 277 Electorial Votes over Romney’s 261 Electorial Votese

    Romney Wins 8 more states than McCain did in the 2008 Election
    Romney wins Florida,North Carolina,Virginia,Indiana,New Hampshire & Maine,COlorado and Nevada making it a very close vote

    It comes down to Rust-Belt where Romney needs to win Michigan or Ohio or Wisconsin and fails to do so in very tight races in each state ..

    I am calling the Popular Vote to be in Obama’s Favor 49% (66 Million)
    to Romney’s 44% (62.5 Million) with Ron Paul getting approx 6% (8 Million)

  • Schiller & JH = clueless, senseless, moronic, imbeciles.
    GLI, I know more about sports than most of you. Mind your business.
    eagles0, I never said, they won’t win in the playoffs. I said they won’t win any championships with this team. Don’t put words in my mouth. All props to Stinkadala for finally having 1 good clutch game, in 7 years. It doesn’t matter & doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t winning a championship & that this team needs to be imploded in the off-season, to progress & properly rebuild. It was good that they won a series against an under-manned team, without the league MVP, their best bigman & a hobbled Deng. I hope they enjoyed celebrating like they won the title, because that will mercifully end soon. You guys can delude yourselves all you want, you can rip me, disagree with me, & call me whatever you want, but honest facts, are honest facts. Schill, Championships aren’t everything, they are the only thing that matters. If you want to just watch sports to just wave pom-poms & live in constant mediocrity, so be it. I want teams that realistically have a shot to win every year, not frauds. I don’t only want Championships or bust. It doesn’t take Nostradamus, or a soothsayer, to see what’s going on. It takes realism, facts, sports knowledge, half a brain & your freaking eyes. 31 years Schiller. Don’t give me your BS trash to Championships aren’t won overnight garbage. For my final warning, leave family out of the conversation. I don’t force greatness, perfection, nor anything else upon my kids. I won’t love, respect, or support them any less, no matter what they decide do. So again you don’t have a f^#@ing clue, or sense of what you speak. Keep our arguments to us & our teams & stop trying to make yourself look intellectual, with your wanna-be, head shrinking, psychotherapy, psycho-babble & mindless comparisons.

  • Schill, also, if Championships are all that matters to me, why do I go to at least 10 games for each team every year, spend my hard earned $$$, love them, & still root for them, when the Eagles haven’t won since 60, the Flyers haven’t won since 74, the Sixers haven’t won since 83 & before the PhIls won in 08, it was 80 for them. YEAH, I’m a hater & not a fan. GFYS. If something needs to be truthfully stated, I’m going to vent & say what needs to change. That doesn’t make me, or anyone else with that thought process, any less of a fan, & it doesn’t make you stepford, sheep, pom-pom wavers, anymore of a fan, because of the way you act.

  • LMAO…This dude said mind your business on a BLOG… AINT SHYT PERSONAL ON HERE PLAYBOY it’s a free an open forum

  • GLI, I was trying to be funny. I hit post before I could change the wording. It came off wrong. LMFBO!

  • dcar is old school philly, not this touchy feely Im ok your okay, years ago all philly fans were like him, now we have nerds into sports like schiller, before the nerds stuck with the erector sets, but they now worry about the players’ psyche, wah wah, blah blah,gtfo, or in harry’s voice, outta here

  • jake, nerds need love too. Maybe that’s the problem, maybe they are still virgins. OH WAIT, the first sight of a naked woman, might be to emotional for them, & they will need bags to hyperventilate in, after they stop sobbing. 😀

  • Dcar – can you be more of hypocrite?

    “Championships are all that matters to me, why do I go to at least 10 games for each team every year, spend my hard earned $$$, love them, & still root for them”….yada yada yada

    and then

    “Isn’t that the picture of the Championship win? OOPS! MY BAD!
    Mediocre fraud player, mediocre fraud team = ZERO Championships in 30 years. Great, encouraging win though. IM PUMPED! WOO HOO!

    You said it plenty of times above that the reason you are pissed about this team is that they won’t win a championship this year.


    Fool, that’s the only word I can think of. You don’t deserve to enjoy this.

  • Jake – yeah, old school must be better. Remember old school USA when slavery was cool? Remember old school thinking when the world was flat?

    Hopefully one day you”ll grow up and learn that ‘hard’ and treating anything pyschological as ‘psychobabble’ is BULLSHIT. I’d LOVE to see you look a vet coming home these days in the eye and tell them that PTSD is ‘pscyhobabble’.

    Grow up and learn.

  • Schill you still don’t know what you are talking about. AGAIN, I DON’T HATE ANYONE, imbecile. You are right, about one thing though, I don’t deserve to enjoy a fraud, mediocre team, that can’t score more than 80 points, against an under-manned, MVP short roster, that has ZERO chance of a Championship, & that has just prolonged the inevitable for another week. Yeah you’re right, I DON’T deserve that.

  • schiller there is a major distinction between a diagnoseable, recognized pyschiatric condition versus a man just being a pus, man up for a change, if santa can hack it, some of these soft athletes can take it, for crying out loud

  • in my best dutch daulton voice, rant on dcar, rant on

  • everyone applaud jakedog – he’s tough. he’s cool. we should all bow down to his machismo

  • “that can’t score more than 80 points” – revealing again Dcar. For you you’ll always find some thing to whine and bitch about. Because that’s what you are – a whiny bitch

    If they didn’t score 80 points, and they sure didn’t, and scoring 80 points is the goal… well then…. oh wait. Scoring 80 points ISN’T THE GOAL. SCORING MORE POINTS THAN THE OPPONENT IS. OH YEAH.

    So you can find your things to whine and bitch about all day because you’re a whiny bitch.

  • jake, santa doesn’t exist. That man dressed as him was there for a few hours. Iggy has been getting shit from jerks like you for years. TERRIBLE attempt at an anaology. And you actually know 0 about how that guy you called Santa handled that anyway.

    Poor effort there.

    I’d LOVE to hear what Dutch has to say about Iguodala and how you and Dcar are reacting. I’d bet he’d call you two clueless knuckleheads.

  • no schiller, dutch would say pipe down iguodala, you have not won anything yet, get off that table you damn clown and get ready for the celtics

  • Jake, I disagree. The time to get ready for the Celtics is not less than 1 minute after beating the Bulls. You do not prepare for the next series before walking off the floor. THAT IS ASININE.

    And “you have not won anything yet” – Dutch would not utter UTTER BULLSHIT.

    Winning a game, and a playoff series at the same time is WINNIGN 2 THINGS.

    Do I need to teach you that 2 is greater than not anything?

    Let’s practice. Which is more: 2 Dumbasses (Use Jakedog and Dcar if you need props) or 0 Dumbasses?

    Got the answer?

  • And yes, I did mean to use the word ‘utter’ in both forms, consecutively.

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