• May 19, 2022

Iggy For President

This team.. I swear, I could slap the hell out of everyone them. They are just flat-out exhausting. I rushed home from work just to see the start of the second-half and see the Sixers take a 12 point lead mid-way thru the third quarter. That is when the Sixers decided to go stone cold. They have done this all year. They just have these long droughts that seem to last a lifetime.
Hey man, you have to give the Bulls credit, even though they where out manned most of this series, they did go down swinging. Honesty they are a still a good team even without Derrick Rose in the lineup.
They smother the hell out of you on the defensive side the ball. They make you fight for every inch on the court. Say what you want but the Sixers did just that. It was not pretty at all. Hey, the Sixers are going to the second round for the first time since 2003 and I will take it.
Seriously, how in the world did the Sixers win this game? For the love of God they got out-rebounded 56 to 33. I think there was about 6 minutes stretch in the 4th where they did not grab a single rebound. OK, I am lying but it felt that way. They did not even have a offensive rebound until late in the fourth quarter. I am looking at my wife saying, “there is no way in hell the Sixers win this game.
No way.” Sixers found them selves down 5 with about 5 minutes left. I just had that empty feeling. I knew if they did not win this game there was no way they are going to win a Game 7 in Chicago. That is when something strange started to happen. I still can not believe it. Iggy started to make plays. Yes, Iggy. Even better, it was in the fourth quarter. I will be the first one to admit that I did not see this coming.
First he hit a spot up three to tie the game up. Then he came back down the court a couple of moments later drawing a double team for an easy kick out for Lou three to give the sixers a brief moment. The funny thing is that he blew the assignment on the rotation on the defense side of the ball when Asik got the wide-open dunk to give the Bulls a three point lead. Thad made it a one point game with an acrobatic layup. Then you have C.J. Watson give the ball to the worst foul shooter on the court with 7 seconds to play. Why? We may never know.
Here it is the stage is set. Asik misses the first. Me and my 3 year old daughter waving a rally towels and I am saying to myself,” Christ, they are going to lose off of a offensive rebound.” Yup, that is where my confidence was. Asik misses the second and Iggy is off to the races. I am screaming, ” Go, you son of a ……. Go!” The foul is called. Yes!! Iggy is at the line. No!!! Iggy has been flat-out awful from the line this year. Philly’s whipping boy stepped up calmly and knocked down both. Barely even hitting the rim. Iggy for President!! Iggy really was good tonight even though a bash him at times.
Some people are still are going to discount this series win without Rose and Noah in the last games. Let them. They are the same people who would be ripping them if they lost without Rose and Noah playing. The Sixers just won a “Street Fight” series. The Bulls where physical as hell with them and the Sixers answered. For at least one night Iguodala is Philly’s favorite son. Bring on the Celtics!! Saturday night peeps!

Joe Hickman Jr.

Bleed Philly Sports! 84 ounces of Coffee a day because that is what I do! Utley's hair has nothing on me! Father of the craziest little girl in the world! Born and raised in Darby, PA! By the way, my Grammar Sucks! You can follow on twitter @phillytugger.

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  • Sixers won because they gutted it out and didnt give up.. Iggy got the big board in the clutch and took the rock to the hoop. He could of passed it to Lou Will, but he did the right thing (unlike Cj Watson) and took care of business on his own. This is Iggy’s first real superstar moment. Im not saying he’ll start having alot of these, but this has to be a big boost to him and this young team. They have already faced a very good defense, so that should prepare them for the next round. Boston is the better team because they have the playoff veterans (I saw KG tearing up the Hawks), but the sixers have to play with the intensity that they had in the Bulls series.. They shouldnt even be playing right now, but Rose got hurt and the 76ers capitalized on it like any good playoff team should.. Im excited to see them face Boston in the playoffs

  • that article is pathetic, where have you gone 2008 phillies , our city turns its lonely eyes to you, what’s that you say mr. paulman, pat burrell has reired and gone away…….. just stifle it joe with this nonsense iggy for president

  • Iggy for Pres. Jakedog for shit scooper

  • Good job joe,

    bla bla bla- hate hate hate…. from guys like jakedog.

    I love this team. They fought hard and iggy gets some love. They shouldnt be playing but guess what- they are. And the best part is….. they are a team. They watch sportscenter too, they know they dont have a howard or a kobe or a rose or a king james…. and they are making the best of what they have. Maybe… just maybe…. because of this, because of their coach, they get someone in here that is a true superstar.

  • Iggy for secretary of defense then?HAHA.

    Jake..Shill …why do we suffer?lol.

    I like them to take the Celts the distance…only way they win the series is if one of Celts guys goes down or we just flat out play A ball nightly. We’re more athletic and the team doesnt look at the C’s as a superior team. Much different then playing the Heat. I’m calling Sixers in 7…TOUGH CALL!! Just tryna keep my flyers beard goin.

  • listen, I don’t hate the sixers or iggy, I am hoping they keep winning, its just that there mannersims after beating a crippled chicago team make me think they are satisfied, igg standing on a table like he won a championship, collins hugging his grandson while giving an emotional talk to his team, now iggy for president, for who for what, its sickening

  • but iggy as president no worse than obama

  • Got it – Jakedog wants to tell players when they can celebrate and when they can’t.

    I didn’t see the end of the Celtics game last night, but judging by Granett’s comments afterwards, he was pretty pumped. I’d wager to bet that he celbrated demonstratively after the game too.

  • That was a great night. A great “Philadelphia” moment.The Sixers have been sleeping for years. Iggy nailed the shots. They win. Best feeling I’ve had about philly sports since Vicks Washington game.

  • jimmy mac – Agreed, and great to hear that. But lookout, don’t let Dcar or Jakedog hear you say that.

  • Congrats Iggy for finally playing big in the clutch. No complaints today.

  • You guys are Awesome. I was in the moment when I wrote this. For at least one night Iggy for president.LOL .I had fun writing this one. Jakedog, has some fun with it my man. Take it for what it is. The Phils are not doing much, the Flyers just got knocked out, the Eagles don’t start for another 2 months. Sixers are giving us some fun bro. You are allowed to be happy. Even as a Philly fan. lol

  • Paulman’s Ode to Igggy,

    “If I’d thought about it, I never would’ve done it I guess I would’ve let it slide,
    If I’d lived my life, by what others were thinkin’, the heart inside me would’ve died,
    I was just too stubborn to ever be governed by enforced insanity, someone had to reach for the risin’ star, I guess it was up to me”

    Bob Dylan- 1974 “Up to Me” from his “Biograph Album” and one is his best and very underrated songs in my opinion that never made the official release for “Blood on the Tracks”

  • Ya Mr. Jakedog kick rocks homie. I would vote for Iggy over Obama in a heartbeat! Sixers in 6 people

  • Stinkadala for President of the Septic System Society & Schill & Jon Hart as his interns, under his desk. Sorry guys, I had to. LMFBO!!!

  • I would definitely take Iggy over Mitt Romney any day.

    It is a little strange hearing Collins talk about ‘loving ‘Dre’…

  • let Iggy’s value rise then deal him in the offseason for a big man at PF…

  • I dont understand why everyone is sooo excited. Yes they won, im happy for them but they BARELY beat a bulls team without their two star players. They would have been beat in 5 if rose and noah played.

  • Cmon Wild_bk, have a little home town team spirit, it’s been since 2003 that the 76ers have won any Playoff Round and how you do it and under what circumstances doesn’t really matte you play to win the games and the 76ers won 4 of them and now are moving on… sorry about the injuries to Rose/Noah, but that’s the Bull’s problem.. … Its like when the Phils Won the WS in 2008 over a newby team Tampa Bay, with a bunch of young inexperienced players who were making their 1st ever Playoff appearance as a Franchise .. Does this make the Phils achievement any less important or significant…..

  • Wild_bk – so fans and the media should react to hypotheticals and not what happens in real life?

  • When the Sixers beat the Celtics in this series, what will the naysayers complain about then? “Oh they beat a old washed up Celtics team”.. Give me a break. Wildbk, jakedoggy dogg and Dcar aka Bobby Brown, all yall are fraud fans that don’t root for your team succeed, your too busy complaining about them winning big games, and isn’t that the objective? For them to win? I don’t know why the true fans waste there time and energy giving a rebuttal to there asinine comments..There fraud fans.

  • DCar aka Bobby Brown?????????…………Oo
    Dude, you are a hopeless, imbecile. Honestly, with all due respect, you are a clueless @$$clown. BTW, Boston IS an old, washed up team (fact), but the Sixers still aren’t going to beat them. Stop puffing out your chest, with your foolish, ill-advised, brashness. You will only get it deflated & proven wrong, AGAIN!

  • A blown Opportunity to steal a game on their Court to open the Series…
    I like the Celts in 6 possibly 7 games.. THe Sixers still have a lot of maturing to do down the stretch, very questionalbe shots put up (Lou WIlilams) poor interior Defense (Thadd Young) and questionalble Coaching and Line-up Match ups (Collins) and why is HOlliday not missing that 2nd FOuld SHot with 3 Seconds left in the game and have entire team crash the boards to try to get a put-back to Tie the Game.. Sixers had a fould to give so they would have needed to foul the Celts Twice, then have them miss a fould shot and then go the length of the Court for a chance to tie which means they had a better chance with Holliday missing the 2nd Fould SHot on Purpose than doing all of this..

  • Like I said, we should be happy that they won but I believe that everyone has false hope for this team.
    “iggy for president” please, come back to me when we have a shot to win the title.

  • Wild bk. You’re entitled to your opinion. But last time I checked, you can count the number of people who have hope for the sixers winning THIS years NBA championship on the fingers of a quadropalegic!

    See the grey area numbskull. Take your “championship or bust” glasses off for just a second. They are doing better then everyone expected and that can equal valuable experience and growth for the youngins. That’s all. Oh yeah, and without those cheap misleading glasses on, um, when a team goes to the playoffs and has some success, for fans, um, it can be fun and exciting. I bet if you try hard, you can remember that feeling.

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