• May 16, 2022

76ers Blow An Opportunity With Doug Collins Going To Lou Williams At The End

Man, aw man. This game was there for the taking. Just like that it is gone. Sixers played front-runners all night long. Then Boston was like ” OK, enough. Let’s stop playing around.”  You can chalk this one up to plan old experience. Wait a minute.. Lou and Doug too.

Boston showed why they have won a championship. They know how to finish games. Garnett was awesome to-night. Though he is dirty as hell out there. The Atlanta Hawks owner was right. Pierce came up big when he need too as well as Rondo. Rondo got  to where ever he wanted to go to in the second-half.

With all that said on how well Boston executed down the stretch the Sixers shot themselves in the foot as well. The blame goes to Lou and Doug on that one. I thought Doug learned his lessons with having Lou in at the end of games. Well, he did not. Lou made 3 bone head plays.

Let me begin… Sixers hold a one-point lead with a couple of minutes left in the fourth. Lou has a two on one on the break. So what does he do? He takes his time and goes up soft as hell at the rim and gets block.

Play number 2. Lou is at the top of the key and he is trying to take his man off the dribble. What happens? He flat-out loses the ball.

Play number 3. Lou decides since I screwed up the past couple of possessions that he will redeem himself with jacking a fade way three-pointer. The best part about that was that no one was under the basket or even set on the offensive end yet. Why was that dumb as hell you might ask? Well, because he jacked up the shot with about 20 seconds left on the shot clock. You can throw that in there too. He has NO basketball IQ whats so ever. NONE. The Celtics came down and score after every one of those possessions.

Now on to Doug for leaving Lou in, not calling a timeout, and for not having his players switch on everything on that in-bounds play at the end. I just don’t understand. I know Doug is a good coach but he has these brain cramps in games at times. He has to see what everyone else is seeing with Lou.

Yes,  Lou can have his moments where he can hit almost any shot on the court. He is a one-trick pony.   If he is not scoring he does nothing else.  The ball needs to be in Jrue Holiday’s or Evan Turner’s hands at the end of games. They can at-least create for others as well as themselves. They are the future of this team not Lou. Come on Doug, I thought you learned your lesson. I guess not. Yes, I repeated myself with that one. That is what Lou does to me. He messes with my DAMN head.

The Sixers will likely be in every game at the end because they actually matchup pretty decent against the Celtics. They must find away to finish the Celtics off. Listen, I know I am ranting about Doug/Lou and how they helped the Sixers lose this game.

The real reason is experience. The Celtics have it. They showed why they have won a title in the past few years. They know how to finish. Sixers must find a way to close out games some how. Here’s hoping they do….

Joe Hickman Jr.

Bleed Philly Sports! 84 ounces of Coffee a day because that is what I do! Utley's hair has nothing on me! Father of the craziest little girl in the world! Born and raised in Darby, PA! By the way, my Grammar Sucks! You can follow on twitter @phillytugger.

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  • Sixers? Practice? Man, not a game. Practice? The Sixer’s had their moment against the Bulls. Pack it in.

  • Atlanta’s owner was correct – Kevin Garnett is a dirty player ( KG elbowed Lavoy Allen in the head and stuck his forearm in Evan Turner’s neck). Kevin Garnett also committed about 13 offensive fouls in Saturday’s game on screens. I understand the Hawks frustration – Boston with honest officiating couldn’t score 70 points a game- they are too small & slow to compete without those illegal picks.

  • I thought it was more lack of ball movement in the final minutes of the game! The sixers became stale, not passing playing one on one basketball. Celtics didnt. Its not like the sixers have kevin durant that they can do that. They have to continue to move the ball and trust each other in the final minutes and thats it. That was the difference here.

  • Nobody taking about Iggys air balls. He is absolutely horrible in a half court offense. In the last 2 minutes he should be shuffled in and out for defense.

  • This team has NO go to guy. Here’s hoping the Lakers get blown out by the Thunder, forcing them to make a gigantic move in the offseason by trading the aging Kobe Bryant to his hometown Philadelphia 76ers and handing the team over to Andrew Bynum who will become the new face of Los Angeles basketball while Kobe leads a team of young and hungry ballers to a championship.

  • Sixers win game 2( 82-81 )sweet justice on that KG offensive pick call in the last 10 seconds—- Evan saved himself in last few minutes, he did not play well ——- give Lavoy Allen more time; Iggy & Jrue logged the minutes and carried this team with solid games tonight ( nothing special but good enough to punch the clock and will their team to a victory)

  • Hahaha you guys on here are pathetic, we lose one game in Boston and here comes Negadelphia, but now they won tonight and everyone is SILENT! How bout yall keep it consistent and show your faces when they win too, cause yall look like clowns. Its as if the sky fell when the sixers lose but when they win noone on here says a word. Yall are the worst worst worst kind of fans. Your rooting for guys to fail and for this team to somehow self destruct and make you right about them. Try rooting for your team to win. Anthing can happen in the playoffs, there are injuries occuring left n right (ray allen, bosh, p pierce) so the sixers have a great chance to go far in these playoffs, how bout you so-called fans start rooting for your city team instead of wishing them failure? How bout you ShowYaLuv, if you even have any..

    BTW Paul, i saw what you wrote on a eagles post about the sixers losing by 30 pts tonight, your one of the worst philly fans in history, you jump on the bandwagon when everything is good then once the lose you come with a multitude of negativity and give this team no vote of confidence, and you do the same with the eagles, your all over the place. Stop being a fair weather fan..

  • Paul knew not to post that on the sixers article because he didnt want it tracked back to him but im no fool. You wont get away with it haha blown out by 30 pts huh? What a fake fan, stay in the boones paul, you dont even get sixer games there, you gotta listen on the internet radio haha smh..

  • Yeah Jon Hart, whatever the sport, Paul is consistently a hater when they’re down and a praiser when they’re up. He’s a spineless tool.

    Great finish to that game.

  • I think Philly is clearly the better team – they are stronger, bigger & faster but the Celtics have the whistle to keep them in the game; and one of the 76ers weaknesses is closing out close games — the NBA loves to “engineer” close playoff games for their advertiser’s anticipated time out commercials

  • Hahaha yeah Schill your right he is bro, and that was a great finish. Now they gotta take advantage of home court these next two games. Wells fargo arena will be rockin, cant wait.

    And I agree Eagles0SB, the celts do have the whistle going for them, but all of doug collins complaints paid off in the last few seconds of the game with that horrible KG moving pick, it was flat out a moving pick and they were doing it all game long. TNT, espn want to see the celts win and play the heat in the east finals, all for ratings/money and they think it will be better entertainment. I do not agree, the celts are old and its time for another team to come out of the Atlantic division and hopefully its the sixers. I would love to see a sixers heat matchup. Its fresh, its new and would be a great story. The experience that Turner and Holiday and Allen are getting in these playoffs is priceless, not just for this year but for years to come. Im really enjoying watching Jrue play, hes a gamer. He hits big shot after big shot with no conscience, same with ET. The one on my nerves the most in Lou Williams. What is goin g on with him? Hes taking some of the worst shots imaginable. He needs to be sat down and they should give Meeks some more burn, he makes big shots, how about Vuc? He needs some experience too. But all in all im proud this team sucked it up and played like men tonight and finished the game. They had the last game in the bag but couldnt finish. They have multiple closers on this team they just gotta get it done.

  • Jon Hart, the imbecile at his finest. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OY VEY, as my Jewish friends would say, & Madonna Mia, as my Italian friends would say!! You are a class A @$$clown, imbecile. Now you’re rooting for injuries, just for us to make a Fraudulent run. Absolutely pathetic, predictable, but pathetic. BTW, maybe because nobody was on here early, is maybe we have lives & aren’t able to be on here every minute of the day. I’m always on here at this time of the night. Just in case you were referencing me. But I think you were talking about Paul. LOL!


  • Congrats to the 76ers on a great win to Tie the Series at 1-1, they blew game #1, but showed alot of heart to come back and win a tough Game #2.. Now let’s see what they can do at Home, Game # 3 will be the biggest game in recent History, the winner of Game #3 (especially if it’s the 76ers) can seize the momentum and could carry them on to the Eastern Finals versus the Pacers

  • ClassIc paulman, predicting gloom to stir the masses, hoping for team’s failures so he is the prophet of of the peasants of failure, gloom, doom, now sixers win, and for the briefest moment he purports to be a fan, but wait for the next opportunity to predict failure, hope for it, a sad miserable old man, stuck in the 80s when he made his bones playing jv football for cherry hill high school

  • Not that Pman needs me to defend him, but that didn’t seem to negative to me. They did blow game 1.

    I think that Turner has earned the right to be in the game at the end to make plays.

  • Hahaha nice Jakedog lolol nice!! You described charlie sheen i mean paul perfectly. Out of all the so called philly fans hes the worst of the worst. He didnt expect anyone to call him out on his prediction of a 30pt blow loss and made the prediction under an eagles article so it wouldnt be tracked back. Hes a phony philly fan. Hoping for your team to lose? Just like a few months ago he predicted for Vick to get hurt and be out for the season and the eagles have another losing season. Hes a fake fan, and like Schill said when everything is going good hes a die hard but once they lose he turns on them and in my opinion shows his true colors. Also hes really a indiana pacers fan not a sixers fan. Listen to how he talks about the pacers and listen to the way he talks about the sixers.. phony fake fan.

  • I love the win last night. We needed one in Boston. Game 3 is going to be pivotal.

    Sixers vs. Thunder in the NBA Championship this year, mark my words! I called it two months ago and I’m calling it again!

    Jon Hart — I know the next series against the Heat is going to be hard for you but try to take Lebron’s nuts out of your mouth long enough to cheer for the 76ers!


  • I liked the Pacers over the Heat even before Bosh’s injury and now I like them even better to knock the Heat out..
    For the Championship, I like the Okla City Thunder over the Pacers in 6 Games

  • Paul your smoking the boones too much if you think the pacers will defeat the heat. They are not going to stop the heat from being in the eastern conference finals, not gonna happen noway nohow..

  • The pacers may not even win a game. Its a wrap for the pacers, theyre about to be going fishing.

  • I remember when Jon Hart said the Mavs might not even win a game in the Finals, lmao, how did that work out?

  • I think the Pacers have one of the most all-around talented Rosters in the East
    Front line of Granger,West,Hibbert and Hansbrough and a backcourt
    of George, Barbosa, N Collison, G Hill, AJ Price, D Jones… The Pacers have put together a pretty good team who are mostly still young (outside of D West & Barbosa who are about 30 years old)

  • Where’s Jon Hart.. Pacers just beat your Miami Heat…. ha ha ..
    Pacers are going to Win this Series and move on to the Eastern Conference Finals like a I called back in Febuary.. This Pacer is a very good and deep team and even when they are not shooting well, they still play defense,rebound well and block shots which is why I have liked them all season long and with a deep front line and back-court, if a player is in foul trouble or having an off night, they have plenty of depth and can play 9-10 guys and not have much of a drop off..

  • So much for that Miami Heat sweep! Just keep your mouth shut Jon Hart, you’re just hurting Lebron every time you speak! You’re like Tom Bradys hoe….coming out of your mouth when you shouldn’t!!

  • I do remember you calling that Paulman and I believe a Sixers/Pacers Eastern Conf. Finals will be VERY competitive and a VERY tough series which I hope my Sixers win. But good luck to your Pacers.

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