• August 14, 2022

Sixers-Celtics: I’m Going To Need Some Tums Before It’s Over

This Sixers team, l swear, they would give me acid-reflux if I did not already have it. Their games are ugly as hell but the endings are the complete opposite. This is starting to become a trend for this team. Ugly but they get the job done. I will take it.
As well them starting up my reflux, there are plenty of times where I want throw my remote through the TV because of them missing shot after shot especially in that third quarter. The one thing that turned out good obviously, is that Boston could not score either.That is one thing the Sixers could count on all year, and in the playoffs, is their defense. It was outstanding last night. Iggy held Pierce to just 7 points. Pierce was a non-factor all night long. Rondo still had a decent game but Turner and Holiday did a better job of keeping him out of the lane.

Get ready…Here it comes…..Lavoy Allen. The ‘rook’ was flat-out awesome last night both offensively and defensively. He held Garnett to 12 points and made him work for everyone of those points. Garnett actually had 15 points but that BS three-pointer at the end does not count in my book. Garnett  was running his mouth from the opening tip and he got contained by a second-round pick. I love it.. One thing that surprised the hell out of me was that they actually called that moving pick on him at the end. It was the right call but you never actually see that called at the end, especially on a  player like Garnett.It was Allen’s bucket, or you can say lucky-as-hell shot, with .9 left on the shot clock in the fourth with the game tied that seemed to give the Sixers a lift. Then you had my boy Turner, who was having probably the worst game I have ever seen him play hit a crazy runner in the lane. Yes, he walked and yes, he was fouled. Then Bradley of the Celtics knocked down a huge three in the corner. That is one tough dude. His shoulder just popped out two quarters prior.

He was answered by Jrue’s three ball and him blowing a kiss to the Celtics fans. Awesome. Then “Jesus Shuttlesworth” himself, Ray Allen buries three. Sixers remained calm.  With 40 seconds left Turner went strong to the basket and made a very tough lay-up. Sixers never trailed again. Turner, Lou and Meeks finished off the Celtics by  knocking down all 6 foul shots. The Sixers actually scored on 8 of their last 9 possessions.This team is ugly at times, frustrating, and high-flying. What has been constantly on display in the playoffs is their heart and toughness. I will be the first one to tell you at the end of the season I really did not know if it was worth them even making the playoffs. I truly believe it was worth it now.

They are growing in the playoffs and there is no better place to do it. Jrue, Turner and Allen are leading the way mostly. That is a good sign all three are 23 years old or younger, and performing at the highest level you can. Iggy has been good through out the playoffs as well. The one thing is for sure the “Mighty Celtics” are in for a battle and they know it…

Joe Hickman Jr.

Bleed Philly Sports! 84 ounces of Coffee a day because that is what I do! Utley's hair has nothing on me! Father of the craziest little girl in the world! Born and raised in Darby, PA! By the way, my Grammar Sucks! You can follow on twitter @phillytugger.

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  • Get the Pepto & Alka-seltzer too Joe, you’re going to need it. It ain’t happening. Just my opinion. 😀

  • The problem that I have with this team, that has driven me nuts all year is that, is that Collins’s man-love for all of the wrong players. His delusional love for Stinky, Brand & Williams has cost this team astronomically this year. We have quite a few promising young guys in Jrue, Thadd, Turner, Vuch & Lavoy, & Collins/ Thorn has stunted their growths, with the way he has run & put together this team. This team desperately needed to finish the rebuilding process in the off-season, by ridding themselves of the albatross contracts of Stinky & Brand. They didn’t & they will never win with them, I’m sorry but it’s true. I’ll eat crow if they do, but I highly doubt it. Just getting to & making a fraudulent run in the playoffs, isn’t changing my mind & thought process, on what still & inevitably needs to be done to this team, to make it better & a legit playoff team again. It doesn’t matter what has/ hasn’t happened in the playoffs, it doesn’t change the fact that they are frauds & need a house cleaning. Period, plain & simple. You can call it negativity, I call it realism.

  • The sixers are playing like they did on the 20-9 run, the heat is showing that they are a fraud team again, with bosh out, all the pressure on that freak James , and he showed us what he is made of again, talk about carrying a little Johnson in your pocket that cat is the most overrated fraud of all time, if sixers can get passed this gassed celtics team they could make it past the pacers and play for a chaMpionship, who would have thought

  • Pacers are going to the Championship and will lose in 5 games to the Oklahoma City Thunder…

  • Where’s Jon Hart at… I thought he said the Heat and his LeBron-Bon would take care of the Pacers in 4 Straight…The Pacers will win that Series and play the winnner of the 76ers/Clets.. Tonight’s game is probably the biggest in 76ers History since the NBA Championship Game #2 versus Lakers when the Iverson and his 76ers had a golden opportunity to win Game #2 and take a commanding lead in that Championship Series but failed to capitalize..
    If 76ers play loose and fast and can get up on Celts early and keep the crowd and energy leve high throughout, they should defeat the Celts, I believe the Celts will come out strong for they know it will be difficult for them to come back from a 2-1 Hole with the 76ers still having 2 home games.. Should be a barn-bruner and I am calling a 86-83 Victory for the 76ers

  • Im here paul, and i stand by my comments unlike you who doesnt and wont even make mention of your errors. The heat will win in 4-6 games. I give myself some leeway. Good game by the pacers who caught fire late. I still do not see them advancing pass the heat. They dont have it. Bron bron and Wade wont allow it. Yall can pray all night long for the heat to lose this series but it will not happen. Man dudes really hate ballers theses days..

    As for my Sixers. It will be a 10pt victory for the Sixers. My biggest reason why is there home court advantage. They play great ball in front of that crowd. Jrue goes off, Lou rebounds from so horrific games and brings it tonight. Iggy does his thing and Levoy keeps gaining more n more confidence, remember hes a ROOKIE, ET is a second year guy. They only going to get better and better..

    As for dcar. A coach can only play the guys who earn it. Not just bc there young guys. This organization wants a winning mentality and tradition, not the kind the Kings have in Sac where you play your young guys but dont win anything and you damage there confidence and mentality. What Collins did was the best thing in a shortened season, no practice time, young guys everywhere with some vets. You cant expect them to tank games so guys can grow, that makes no sense. Also Brand and Iggy have contracts noone wants to take on and and anyway brands comes of the books after this year. So we know he wont be returning. And they may keep iggy but who knows, i would think so. Hes still young and is the best wing defender in the nba. You need to look at the situation realistically. This new management doesnt want a losing team with a losing mentality. They doing a great job of promoting the team and i believe will work to acquire elite talent come this off season..

  • So I take it your telling us that “Bron Bron” and Wade won’t allow the Sixers to defeat them either right? That’s what you’re telling me?

  • Did you see the game JH
    The Pacers, had a comfortable lead for most of the game and almost blew it versus the Heat who were the ones who came on strong in the end..
    You stated yesterday that Pacers wouldn’t win 1 game and now you say 4-6 games.. Well the Pacers won last night so no 4 game Series JH…
    And for the record, I stand up and admit when I am wrong and have done so many times…

  • Jon Hart = Clueless, imbecile, sports illiterate. How are young guys supposed to grow & get better, if they don’t play, or play together? You know nothing about what it takes to rebuild a winning team. Stinky & AARP Brand are old news, & win us ZILTCH! You just wanna be content with waving pom- poms, for a fraudulent team, during a fraudulent playoff run.

  • Paul the game went back and forth for awhile and the heat were up by 5 pts in the 3rd, 4th then the pacers caught fire and didnt give up the lead, they were making everything late. The pacers stole one in miani but thats what the playoffs is all about. 2mins remaining and the heat started missing everything .. but Bron Bron and Wade will win this series.

    Birdo im not commenting on results of potential future matchups. Im still in the semi’s bruh.. but i do see the sixers and heat playing in the eastern finals.

    Dcar aka Freddie Mitchell, I didnt know they allowed internet access for prison inmates haha… there is no getting thru to you. You want to be right about this team and you keep being proven wrong. There are too many philly sixer fans hoping for this team to lose and for what? You sound ridiculous. Tonight will be another win for my beloved Sixers and i will ShowMyLuv on this site once the game concludes..

  • JH, at the Start of the 4th Period it was Pacers 61-Heat 52 aftter the Pacers outscored the Heat 28-14 in the 3rd Quarter and were clearly in control of the game.. The Heat outscored the Pacers 23-17 and came up short in a 3 Point Loss..Your King Lebron did not even attempt a FG from the Floor in the final 3 Minutes which is mond-boggling but something we are used to seeing where he want’s nothing to do with taking shots late in games when his team is behind..

  • JH, I have never been wrong about them. You are delusional. Hey I admire your blind pasion, for them, but I choose to be realistic. AKA FREDDY MITCHELL!???
    You’re a nonsensical, stupid, imbecile. LMFBO!!!

  • Lebron is the biggest fraud of a legend that I have ever seen.

    Still too shook to take control of the game at the end.

    You would think that by now he would just say F IT and shoot everytime he gets his hands on the ball in crunch time. Could the ridicule really be any worse if he misses? I think not.

  • the 76ers have to get a good game out of Thad Young tonight ——- his numbers are way down in playoffs — Taj Gibson beat him up & rejected his game & heart into the 2nd row. He still hasn’t recovered; in the 2 Boston games he has been just as meek and passive. Elton is not capable of guarding Garnett or Bass’s outside pick and roll jump shot so Thad has to give them something tonight for the Sixers to win game 3.

  • Birdo tell me why you say Bron is a fraud. *As he accepts his 3rd MVP award at only 27 yrs of age* Tell me and the masses why you keep saying that.

  • Oh and an award I said Bron would get 2-3 months ago. Another flat out stone cold lock prediction by yours truly JH aka Hartrodomus aka when am i ever wrong?..

  • For one, the MVP award should have gone to Durant but Lebron is the NBA’s most sellable ticket so there you have it.

    For two, anyone who dubs themselves the “King”, tattoo’s “Chosen One” on their back, and acts as if they are the greatest thing on the basketball court will not get my respect, ever. Especially when their nuts shrivel up during crunch time in the playoffs.

  • E0S — Thad DOES have to pick it up on the offensive end but his hustle and defense is pissing the celtics off. He’s contributing, the numbers just don’t show it. I would love to get more offense out of him though.

  • I would take Durant over Lebron any day of the week if I was starting a Franchise
    I would even take the aging Kobe Bryant and or even Dwayne Wade over LeBron

    Key in tonight and the remainder of series if the play of Lavoy Allen… if he and Hawes can combine for at least 30 Points and 12-15 Rebounds which is very attainable, the 76ers will be tough to beat… Allen needs to take minutes from
    both Elton Brand who has little left in his legs and Thadd Young, who has regressed this year and really seems to be lacking in self confidence right now… When the Celts go small, I like a 5 man line-up of Holliday,Turner,Iggy,Allen and Hawes..

  • Um – I’d like to change my opinion please – the Celtics are bigger, stronger and faster than the 76ers
    Rajon Rondo chewed up and spit out Turner ( someone down at the Wells Fargo needs to whisper into Evan’s ear USE THE BACKBOARD ON THE PENETRATION — this is the playoffs and Jrue Holliday has no fouls and is letting Celtics dunk and shoot layups down by double digits ( he is a selfish player) Thad Young nice game you shut me up for questioning your heart and game

  • Celts in 6, The 76ers are simply too immature as a Team and Coaching Staff to win against this veteran team at this time.. 76ers win game 4, then Celts win the following 2 games to win 4-2 as they will move on to face the Indiana PAcers for the Eastern Conference Championship

  • Paulman – I don’t know about the Sixers winning game 4, unless Kevin Garnett gets hurt because he swatted the 76ers (Brand, Hawes, & Allen out to pittsburgh, baltimore, & hartford) on both ends of the floor

  • I think Celts lay the egg in Game #4 and then get serious and put the 76ers away in Games #5 & #6

  • Paulman I’ll be watching and hoping your game 4 prediction holds
    your friend DCar is going to be swatting some showyourluv boys on here by tommorrow morning
    — the only positive tonight was Thad Young’s offense it got so bad someone named Xavier Silas was playing

  • Great game, huh eagles0! I told everyone what frauds they are. Real teams don’t lay eggs, like they did last night. Where’s JH, aka showyaluv, aka Hartrodomus, aka when am I ever wrong, aka pumping out his man-boobs, aka Imbecile, aka know-nothing at? He’s a fraud, just like Stinkadala & the gang. THEY ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH, GET IT THROUGH YOUR CAPER BRAINS! REBUILD!!!! Believe me I take no personal satisfaction in this, it’s highly amusing, to see the flip-floppers on here. I can’t wait for the excuses & BS spewing. BTW, there was a Sam Young siting. Schill must have had multiple orgasms. Change your panties Schill, they’re all wet. XD

  • Dcar aka Freddie Mitchell, at 3:44am isnt your prison on lock down? So how the heck did you manage to get use of the internet? Haha.. It was a bad game for the Sixers from tip off to the conclusion of the game. They never had control of the game. The big 3 Rondo, PP, KG all asserted themselves and pulled there clocks back about 3-5 years. They all were very impressive. If they play like that, no team in the league can play with them. So I ll give Boston that W, but expect alot of grit and determination out of the Sixers come tmr night, who will be looking to exact some revenge on the Celts.. A bright spot was the emergence of Thad Young who has been pretty quiet in these playoffs and I dont know why. We need that toughness and consistency from him, but we also need both ET and Jrue to show up, they looked terrible lastnight on both ends of the floor. The team as a whole just didnt have it last night, they gotta go back to the drawing board and keep in mind what makes this team go, and thats outrunning teams and playing lockdown defense. We need them to at least play lockdown defense if nothing else and they didnt even do that. I expect a much better effort out of them come tomorrow night because if they dont bring it then they will be going home in 2 games..

  • An embarrasing performance by the Team and Coaching Staff.. They should be ashamed of themselves, 1st home playoff game in the 2nd Round in almost 10 years and the Team comes out playign like this… That was a joke of a performance, have a little slef-pride and dignity will you 76ers…

  • props to Paulman the prognosticator on the Pacers

  • Where is Jon Hart at? His boy is DONE!

  • Thanx Eagles0superbowls… I have liked this Pacer Team all season due to their Frontline and Defensive & Rebounding abilitiy and thought if their Guards in Collison,Geroge & Hill can make shots fron the Outside that this is a Roster built for Playoff Success… I stated all season that they have the best and deepest Frontline in all the NBA and it’s paying dividends come Playoff Time.. The aquisition of PGF david West (who I wanted the 76ers to go after last off-season) has allowed younger players like HIbbert and HAnsbrough to develop and SF Danny Granger has been a very good player for a few Seasons now that nobodty knows about.. They haave a verty balanced team with solid Coaching… I believe they beat the Heat in 6 games
    I like Guard D Collison also who I am hoping that jrue Holliday who played behind him at UCLA can become which is a facilitator who can drive and dish but Collison can shoot from the outside as well and is a very good deffender on the ball with his length and long arms/reach..

  • Bron Bron played hard, Dwade struggled worst than i have ever seen him do. Forced Chalmers to score but it was not enough. There defense is non-existent, they really miss Bosh. But they gotta pull it together and win come saturday night if they wanna remain in this series, very similar to our Sixers right now..

  • In the 2008 nba draft at 16 the Sixers picked pf Maurice Speights and with just a pick later at 17 the Pacers selected Roy Hibbert. All that size that you cant teach. He was raw but had tremendous upside. Now look at our situation. Were still in need of a center that can not only score but can also defend the basket. Hibbert does that. Hes between 7’2-7’4 and is skilled. Now hes incorporated a 10ft jumper. Sixers really messed up there, should have drafted Hibbert..

  • I told JH that the Pacers have the Best & Deepest Front COurt in all the NBA and you laughed and scoffed at me.. They present more mathch-up problems then any team in the NBA outside of Oklahoma City with their Big 3.. See I do know a little about Basketball though I don’t follow the NBA as closely as the College game.. here’s a another name I threw out last Draft was the Rebounding machine Kenneth Faried who is making a name for himself with the Denver Broncos and you guys were like small town school (he went to Moorehead State) but led the Nation in Rebounding his final 2 Seasons in COllege and now is kicking ass at the NBA level..

  • You mean Denver Nuggets Paul not Denver Broncos haha.. I will admit that the pacers have a well balanced team but the heat are a man short, they really miss Bosh. If they can get him back theyd be right back in this thing. Regardless, i still see the heat winning this series. Wade goes off next game for 30-40 pts.

  • Yes the Nuggets, I wanted this Faired on the 76ers for he’s a defensive force and the best all around Rebounder since crazy man Dennis Rodman..
    I say the Pacers in 6 as they advance to the EC Finals and then lose in the Championship to the OC Thinder or San Antonio Spurs .. I actually liked the Pacers in this Series from get go before the Bosh injury even occured and now I really like them to close the deal in 6 Game.Heat have no frontline with Bosh out and are playing with little to zippo Confidence

  • Jon Hart
    May 17, 2012 – 12:32 pm-

    Senseless, goofy nonsense, blah blah blah, BS, blah blah blah, idiocy, blah blah blah, pom-pom waving, blah blah blah, delusions, blah blah blah, imbecilic comments, blah blah blah. That’s the content of that post & every post prior & will be every one of your subsequent posts. You are a stubborn, clueless, moronic, imbecile, that just doesn’t get it, & probably never will. I feel for you my brother. Just stay off of the bridges, when the Stinkadala & the frauds, & your boy Bron-Bron, inevitably go down.

  • BTW, is anyone else impressed with how good & deep the Spurs are. They are flying under the radar, not getting any pub. They are my favorites right now, to win it. They have probably been the most consistently good, fundamentally sound team, in all of the NBA & have been for a long time. Even at his age Duncan still is unbelievable consistent.

  • Spurs are the ultimate “team/franchise” that always flys under the radar,
    from their unassuming, lack of ego’s and with no real attention grabbing PLayers or Coaches , they just go out year in and year out play well as a team,share the ball and give a 100% effort every game…
    I think they have the right mix of Veterans and youngers to win another Championship when they were on no one’s radar all year long and them versus the Oklahoma City Thunder would pit the old versus the new and should be the best Series of these Players for most of the other Playoff Series have been clunkers to be honest… lots of ho-hum, 4-1/4-2 Type of Series in this years Playoffs..

  • Dre is hitting HUGE shots down the stretch. Im talking BIGTIME SHOTS.. The Celts look TIRED and BEAT UP. Im loving this.. ShowYaLuv!!!

  • We Won!!!! SHOWYALUV!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unbelievable game — how did they win that game ======== no one on the 76ers had good game stats —

  • 2-2 going back to Boston —— the sixers are back in it —- 3 games series now

  • Doc Rivers said his team lost its composure, he said the sixers were fouling , grabbing, holding hands and mucking it up in the 2nd half, Doc Rivers contributed to the Celtics lose — sixers 52-38 rebound advantage and sixers 11-17 turnover advantage I guess that is how they won , Iggy stepped up in the last 4 minutes in a tie game and shined

  • I cannot believe they came back from that deficit.. They showed the heart and determination that I thought they were going to show. This series is wide open now. I dont know why people think the Sixers have no chance. Its unfathomable. This team (the Sixers) was the best overall defense in the NBA this year, top 3-5 all year long. If they can consistently lock teams down and listen to Doug and the other coaches, there is no reason why they cant move on into the next round of the playoffs.. Now with that defense we need offense, we cannot struggle like that from the floor again. This is the playoffs not reg season. They seemed very nervous early, very sloppy play, if they wanna win this, they cant do that against a team like Boston. They are old, but they are Vets and have been here before, this isnt anything new for them. So we need 100% from everyone. Thank you Thad for the gritty play, if we didnt have Lou or Thad we would have loss.. Next game is another big one, more business to take care.. but in the meantime ShowYaLuv!!!

  • Thad Young had some nice post assists in the lane to Lavoy when KG left him to block a Thad shot that never came because Lavoy was two hand dunking it in the 4th

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