• August 19, 2022

The Sixers Told Boston “We Aren’t Going Anywhere”

Right before the tip-off of Game 4, I was still heated about Game 3. The Sixers played out of character. I’m not talking about missing shots, I’m talking about effort. That is the one thing you thought that they would bring to the table every single night.

The Sixers let the Celtics do what ever they wanted in Game 3. Paul Pierce was screaming at the top of lungs after every basket he made. Kevin Garnett was talking down to everyone who would walk by him. Then you even had Michael Pietrus giving his celebration after knocking down a three ball as he went back down the court. After that horrible performance, the Sixers needed to man up.

It always bothers me when the home team lets the visitors show them up on their court. I just don’t get it. For the love of God, I had to watch the Celtics bench try to impregnate everyone in the building all night long. (That has to be the dumbest celebration I have ever seen by the way.) Yes, the opponent might be better than you that night. But you never, EVER let a team show you up on your home court! They did just that.

I know Turner shot awful from the floor, but he kept on attacking. I love the fact he clapped right in Pierce’s face at one point while the Celtic laid on the floor. Then you had KG try to elbow/trip Iggy, and moments later Brand tried taking KG’s head off while coming through the lane.

The Sixers bullied the bullies. That has always been the Celtics’ way. Physical play and intimidation. The Sixers beat the Celtics at their own game. Obviously, I would have liked to see it a little more early on. We have grown accustomed to seeing the Sixers just have flat-out awful halves, then having monster halve’s all in the same game. They shot 23% from the field in the first half and decided not to score until down 14-0. Though being down as many as 18 points in the third quarter, the Sixers out scored the Celtics by 24 points in the second half. 

It seemed everyone had a part in this comeback. Lou Williams (who I will admit I cannot stand at times) was awesome.

Jodie Meeks (who has been lost for about three months) arrived for the first time this postseason.

The rookie Lavoy Allen has me scratching my head with the way his play has been in this series. He has been able to body up KG, and has been knocking down those mid-range jumpers as though he has been here before. Very impressive.

Thad was Thad, bringing great energy as usual.

Then you have Iggy. Can we call him clutch? Well, he is starting to prove a lot of people wrong including me. Iggy slowly but surely is changing his perception around these parts. He gave the Sixers the lead with 1:26 left in the game. Then he put the final blow in with a three ball with 30 seconds left in the game. Seriously, who is this dude?

That second half was unbelievable. There are no other words to describe it. Its funny I tend to think I am actually playing with the Sixers on the court at times. I really took Game 3 personally. I hate being shown up on your own court. If you get beat, you get beat. Don’ t ever let the Celtics or any team show you up on your home court. Take that personal, I know I do. During Game 4, the Sixers did too, they didn’t want to be shown up in front of the home fans again, and showed a great amount pride during their comeback.

Joe Hickman Jr.

Bleed Philly Sports! 84 ounces of Coffee a day because that is what I do! Utley's hair has nothing on me! Father of the craziest little girl in the world! Born and raised in Darby, PA! By the way, my Grammar Sucks! You can follow on twitter @phillytugger.

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  • This Sixers team usually doesnt lose back to back games. This is the way they have been all year long. They take pride in it. So when i saw them struggle the whole first half of game 4 i knew it would turn in the 2nd. But good thoughts on the series Joe, we are true fans so we share very similar sentiments. Dre Dala has become our closer. Hes clutch and is now our closer. Plain and simple. And his play may propel us to the next round..

  • Jon Hart
    May 21, 2012 – 8:31 am
    “This Sixers team usually doesnt lose back to back games. This is the way they have been all year long. They take pride in it.” Again, you spew your ill-informed, delusional, know-nothing, BS. FYI, they lost back-back games twice, two 3 game losing streaks, a 4 game losing streak & a 5 game losing streak. during the season. So before you spout off of the mouth, with incorrect BS, go school yourself, before continuing to make a Royal @$$clown, of yourself. He is not, never was, nor ever will be a leader, or consistent closer. Remember, a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes.

  • Freddie Mitchell dont you have anything else better to do then to stalk gcobb.com bloggers? Sheesh.. I ll keep this brief. How about you make mention of all the wins they had after losses since you wanna act like a stat guy haha your funny.. In all honesty your a flat out hater, and you find ways to hate on this team. You should be ashamed of yourself..

  • OK Dcar – I never blog hoops but had something happen this weekend that was too funny – you reading on here today

  • Props to the 76ers… If they fight hard tonight? I’ll be proud of them.. Boston is still the better team, but the 6ers can take them if they just keep fighting and down let up..

    and thumbs down to Dcar… Your act is really pathetic pal… You make yourself look like a total a$$hole… Attention whore

    go away idiot… you are a disgrace to the philly fanbase

    Anyway, the team is giving everything they have, and it will take every ounce of effort to beat Boston…

  • I almost forgot…Bron Bron! Bron Bron! Bron Bron! 40pts 18rebs 9as. Thats the MVP! Thats the future HOF! He put on a alltime great performance! So shut the heck up all you haters haha! I Love it!

  • Good points Sheed. Dcar is a miserable man that hates himself and his life and is not a true fan of the sixers. I figured that out the first time i read a post from him.

  • For the old school b-ballers
    KEEP IT ON- Galaxy Five

    to the spectrum everyone cause the sixers have begun to get hot

  • Kaboom —– Boston two hand slammed the Sixers for a 3-2 series lead —- That was dishearten

  • Turn out th elights, the 76ers are toast.. As I expected, the 76ers would win game #4 to get everyone excited, but the CElts mean business and will finish them in Game # 5 & #6 as they begin to move on and prepare for the Eastern Championship.. Tonight’s game wasa meltdown from about mid-way thru the 3rd Period when 76ers were in the game, playing half-way decently and were up 57-53 and then proceede to toss the ball around, unable to handle entry passes, take poor shots and play poor Defense.. I am sorry and have said this before, Thadd Young has no Offensive SKills away from the basket, talk about a player not improving as he’s gotten older..what’s this his 4 th Season in the NBA.. he shoots and handles the ball like a CYO big-footed uncoordinated kid… Jru Holiday pussed out all game and was pushed around, Evan Turn is not a NBA ball handler. he dribbles while playing too erect and has lousy control and there loses the ball too easily.. Lou WIlliams could not guard Jon Harts Grandmother.. Where was Spencer Hawes.. Coach kept the line-up who had about 5-6 Turnovers within 3-4 minutes out there too long and the game got away from him and the Team..
    It’s been a godo Season in which to build upon, but this 76ers team has a long wasy to go and was almost abale to take advantage of the Injured Bulls Team with no D Rose and Injured Noah, playing an old team like the Celts and could have potenially met up with the Pacers in Eastern COnference Finals.. The 76ers missed a golden opportunity and probably won’t get this easy of a path to the Championship Series for the next 20 Years..

  • Wow, paulman just elevated himself to the most stupid poster on gcobb predicting a twenty year draught for the sixers based on one game, realize what kind of moron you are dealing with Paul Mancini

  • To Jon Fraud & Sheed, I’m not miserable, nor do I hate myself, nor my life, but when pom-pom waving @$$hole, imbeciles, like Jon, spout off idiotic, untruths & delusions about this fraud team, after ripping into me when I speak my mind & the truth, I’m going to say something. If either of you don’t like it, too f^#@ing bad if the truth hurts. FYI, I want nothing more than the 76ers to win a Championship. But, like I said, this entire playoff run is an illusion by a fraudulent team. I’m tired of MY team mired in mediocrity, in the 8th position, or barely missing the playoffs, or sucking every year. If you are content with that, then you are loser, frauds just like them. AGAIN, I repeat, WE WILL NOT WIN WITH STINKADALA, & BRAND ON THIS TEAM. I’ve been saying this for 3 years now. I don’t just say things, to hear myself talk. If you guys can’t see this, then I don’t know what to say to you. “Stinkadala is a closer & leader.” LOL!! That’s the most asinine $#!t that I’ve ever heard, even coming from a step-ford, pom-pom waving, @$$clown like you JH. Great game tonight by your savior HUH, JH!!!??? DUMB@$$.
    BTW, JH, if I’m not a true 76er’s fan, why have I had season tickets for the last 10 years? Because I like to waste my $$$? Again, you are a know-nothing, imbecilic, @$$clown. Just because I’m brutally honest, & base my comments on fact & reason, & don’t live in clouds, with pom-poms, & rose colored glasses, doesn’t make me lesser of a fan. Stay off of the bridges, when Stinky & Bron-Bron are golfing, or dressing up in their ridiculous Erkle look-a-like, after they are eliminated. But while your upset & crying for them being eliminated, I’m sure they’ll be just fine, cashing their paychecks.

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