• May 22, 2022

Should The Phillies Pursue Kevin Youkilis?

Thursday night marked Ty Wigginton’s second straight start at first base and the utility man responded with two RBIs and three hits. The 34-year old has played well for the Phillies in the wake of Ryan Howard’s injury, but how long can this charade continue?

When Ruben Amaro Jr. signed Wiggie to a two-year, eight-million dollar contract, he did so expecting him to have a presence coming off the bench, not to be a regular in the starting lineup. The trend has proved to be the opposite, when coming off the bench the once timely hitter has only one hit in six attempts, but when penciled into Manuel’s lineup card is batting just over .250.

Wigginton has shared the burden of filling in for Howard with John Mayberry Jr and Laynce Nix, and the results have been better than expected. The three spot starters are combining for an impressive stat line of .272/.351/.406 and have tallied 34 RBIs.

Despite the early success of these glorified backups, the Phillies have scouted the Red Sox’ Kevin Youkilis. Youk was just recalled to Bobby Valentine’s lineup, and burst back onto the scene with his third home run of the year.  He has only played in 20 games this year, but could bring a veteran presence to a lineup in need of some leadership.

He is on a two game hitting streak since his return from the disabled list and despite ailing back problems has looked comfortable at first base. The Red Sox have all the intention in the world at keeping Youk in the lineup and have proved so by moving red hot Adrian Gonzalez to the outfield.

This means they will be asking for a lot in return for the three-time all-star. The Phils have a lot of pitching prospects that Boston would want, but is a 33-year-old with back problems a good reason to part ways with guys like Jesse Biddle, Justin De Fratus or Ethan Stewart?

The answer is no. Howard took batting practice earlier in the week and is expected to return to the lineup by the middle of June. Why give away top prospects for a player who will be in starting lineup for the next three weeks? It doesn’t make sense.

Amaro Jr needs to let the guys who have been filling the void keep it up, until Howard is able to return. Should he relapse and have his expected return date pushed back, the Phillies absolutely should make this trade. But with Howard on pace to be back by the middle of June, there is no need for Philadelphia to pick up an all-star first baseman just so he can start for the next three weeks and then ride the bench.

Richard Greco

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  • Baltimore Orioles extend OF Adam Jones to a 6 year $76 Million Deal..
    The Phils should have pursued him heavy last year at the Trade Deadline when the Teams were talking..

  • Re: Youkliss, The Answer is No, he’s aging, with his body breaking down and has too large of a contract to be stuck with (Phils have enough of these already) Youk belongs in the AL where he probably should be a full-time DH for the remainder of his Career for he is limited in the Field and once Hoawrd Returns, where do you play him.. at 3B and shift Polanco to 2nd and maybe Galvis to SS.. It’s too late for all these changes to make to your IF at this stage of the Season… Phils should have planned for Galvis to take over for Rollins at SS, planned on Polanco to play 2B with the Utley injury situation and went out in the off-season and got a 3B like Aramis Ramirez.. If Utley returned and was able to play, Utley could have played 1B until Howards mid-season return… Signing Rollins and then Thome were moves that Amaro should have never made and not only for the short-term (2012 Season) but moving forwards.. Mis-use of Salary and 2 Roster spots on the Club..

  • Amaro might be outta here in a few years I told people they should of let Rollins go or gave him a 1 year deal.

  • Phils and Halladay get rocked early and lose 8-3 to the CArds and now fall to
    5-5 During “Paulman’s 23 Game Stretch to decide teh 2012 Season”
    Does anyone else notice that Doc has not been the seem since last August when he pulled himself out pitching versus the Cubs last Season in early innings due to fatigue… He has lost velocity and most improtantly late movement on his Pitches and since then, he has gotten hit harder in his last 15 Starts or so than I can remember since early in his Career… Something isn’t right with him one way or another and I’ve noticed that it takes him about 2-3 Innings to settle edown and to start getting his “movement” back on his pitches for he he’s getting his Pitches too much into the batting zone with his lower velocity and less movement, he is getting hit and hit hard which is what we’ve seen since that outing where he pulled himself out last August versus the CUbs… An Average Doc can still win games, but with the rest of te issues the Phils are FAcing wit htheir Bullpen, lack of Power, they cannot afford to fall behind 3-4 RUnds right outo of the gate for they don’t have those 3-Run HOme Run Hitters in their line-up any longer…
    I would not be surprised to see Doc on the 15 Day Disabled list and have some tests run, but he has not been the same consistent Pitcher with total command of his stuff since late last Season and is reason for concern not only for remainder of 2012, but the final 3 years of his big Contract..

  • Amaro doesn’t learn – don’t give guys in their 30’s big deals

    Rollins should have been let to walk then maybe the Phil’s would have room to add some real talent to the payroll

    All these bad contracts and lack of talent in the minors has caught up and the window is closed

  • Rotoworld is saying doc left his start yesterday due to a shoulder issue.
    I think they go after melky this upcoming offseason

  • WHen trying to re-tool for future seasons, sometimes you have to make the difficult decisions on when to cut older, lack of producing players…
    You have to admit, the EAagles have done a very good job of this over the years (minus Brian DAwkins), but Amaro and the Phils like many of the Phils fanes just think that players like ROllins,Utley,Halladay and Lee can go on forever and the reality is that all these players are on the downside of their career… The Phils have become like the Yankees where they have a core of players (who are overpaid) and then just go out and hire players for a year or 2 to plug a hole.. What’s happened to developing players.. GM Amaro has made 3-4 major blunders which will cost this Franchise it competitveness over the next 5-6 Seaosns

    #1) Signing R Howard to the Big Extension (While he already under a good Contract)
    #2) Signing SS J Rollins to a 3 Year $34 Million Deal when his production has dwindled over the last 2-3 Season where he simply is an average SS
    #3) Not addressing the C Utley situation with aquiriing a pproductive 3B and shift Polanco to 2B.. (Phils are getting no power #’s for 1B & 3B like almost every other team has or does..)
    #4) Not adressing the Cole Hamles last off-season and getting him locked in for at least the next 3-4 Seasons… Hamels is only 27-28 and signing him to a 3 -4 Year Deal for about $18-$20 Million per season which would still allow him to stay in PHilly and as a player he would still have another big contract to get after his Phillie Deal was up, since he woul only be 31-32 or so…
    Now Hamels #’s have gone up about $5 Million per Season and will probably be looking at a 6 Year $120-$135 Deal from someone (Yankees,Boston,Anaheim or the Dodgers..) The Phils are not going to have 3 Pitchers (Doc,Lee & Hamles making over $20 Milliopn per Season and especially when the are a 500 Club which they are this year…

  • Throw in Re-signing Blanton to a $9 Million per Season Deal making him untradeable too for a 5/6 Inning Pitcher who is a 4th/5th Pitcher in the Rotation..

  • On this Memorial Day, I want to say “Thank You” to all of the GCobb posters who have served in the miltary. Enjoy your day and thanks for all you have done to help keep our country safe and free.

  • Ditto Greenfan… Without the Sacrifices of all the Military Men & Women who serve in all Branches of the US Militart as well as the support from their Spouses,Children and Families, that this knucklehead (Paulman) would not have the freedoms to be able to bitch and argue over someting so trivial as a Sports Team… We thank all of you and God Bless these United States of America…

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