• July 6, 2022

Sixers Lose Series, But Restore Rivalry

The 76ers’ season comes to an end after a Game 7 loss to the Boston Celtics. The Sixers were simply unable to overcome the wealth of talent that the Celtics have. The 76ers played a tight defensive game (and series), but showed deficiencies in guarding the pick and roll of the Celtics, and the likes of Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett.

The Sixers shot the ball horribly, both from the floor (35%) and from the foul line (14-20). Game 7 had the type of feel where every time the C’s shot the ball it looked good, and every time the sixers shot, it looked forced and off.

However, the 76ers showed a ton of heart not allowing the Celtics to pull away until the final 1:30 of the fourth quarterm which was started with couple of very long (and frankly lucky) jump shots from Rondo. In the end the Sixers simply left too many points on the floor, (particularly at the foul line) and lacked what the Celtics had, someone to go to when they had to have a bucket.

The cliché that there were a lot of lessons learned and that this team has grown a lot through this playoff run is annoying to hear, but it certainly stands true with this Sixers team. This team is far ahead of the team that got rolled by the Heat in 5 games last year’s playoffs and even the 76ers team that finished the regular season this year.

What might be most exciting aspect of this series at least from a fan perspective is the restoration of the Sixers-Celtics rivalry. The Philadelphia fans around my age (23) haven’t experience this rivalry. Sure you have read about it, but have yet to have the chance to see it and what is because of the futility that the Celtics went through in the 90’s and early 2000’s and ditto for the Sixers in the 90’s.

The Sixers and Celtics rivalry in Philadelphia used to be up there with rivalries in other sports such as Eagles-Cowboys, Flyers-Rangers/Devils, Phillies-Mets or any other rivalry in Philly sports history. In fact the 76ers and Celtics rivalry is a classic even outside of their respective fan bases. This rivalry in it heyday was on par with any historic rivalry.

The 76ers are a young team that is certainly blossoming and the status of the Big 3 in Boston could be no longer after this season but there should be some more classic playoff action from these two teams in the near future.

Timothy Hindin

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  • Great effort and heart displayed by the 76ers all Series long, but it’s clear they need to add from front-court ehlp, outside of Brand (Who played well in Games #5,#6,#7) they have no one else who can creat their own shot or go strong to the Rim.. Hawes/Lavoy Allen have nice 12-15 ft Jump shots, but when they miss, there is no one underneath the boards to get any offensive rebounds and the 76ers do not get as many 2nd or 3rd Scoring Chances as their opponents do which in a close game, those extra 4-5-6 possessions a game are the differnece of winning and losing as well as Foul-Shooting..
    Thad Young cannot make a shot form outside 5 feet of the rim to save his life.. He can’t even shoot the ball straight.. He was a major disappointment these entire Playoffs in my opinion and as a 4th Year Player, he’s peaked
    Both Holliday & Turner had their moments, and will continue to improve and need to become more consistent in shot selection, passing and overall playing hard aand focused on every possesion.. I noticed Turner after a bad play or turnover gets down on himself and it really effects his play and energy level.. Part of the maturation process.. Lou Williams never really got untracekd this Series either and had some good plays but also had some poor passing,questionalbe shot selection.. They need a pure Power Forward who can score and clean up rebounds and a pure 3 Point Shooting Specialists if they are to move up to the elite level in the Eastern Coonference in my opinion.. Looking forward , you have to figure the Celts run is about over, the Heat and Bulls remain with teams like Indiana,Atlanta,NY Knicks who figure to improve… This is a big Off-Season to see if the 76ers can improve this roster and to contiiinue to move up in the Eastern Confernece.. Some poor roster moves can put them right back into the middle of the pack in the Eastern Conference..

  • Paulman A more realistic scenario than geting Dwight Howard involves Drue Holliday which he will have to be dealt. The Lakers are definetly moving Gasol and I think Bynum could be pryed away as well. With Bynum I would think definetly Holliday, Iggy possibly Allen has played his way into a interesting chess piece. That would leave the Sixers with Bynum and Turner to build with. Hawes, Brand and Lou Williams coming off the books. Alot of money to play with. For Gasol you still probably gotta give up Holliday, and someone else and a #1. Thats where the Sixers need to strike. I know people are gonna say no to Holliday but you gotta give to recieve. Other teams arent gonna give you something for slop.

  • Bynum is a bum and I would stay awy from at all costs.. Just like Lamar Odom, he’s immature, unstable and not a tem player who pouts and casues major issues in a locker room.. He wouldn’t last 1 month in Philly with the critical Fans and Media …
    The Lakers will keep one their bigs, how are they to compete if they move both Bynum, and Gasol unless they obtain Howard from the Magic…

  • Anyone that thinks holiday will be dealt is an idiot. Holiday will be the sixers point guard for the next ten years. They should trade turner asap.

  • I am very pleased with this years 76ers team. They played with heart and never quit. Thats all I can ask for from this team.

    However, there is certainly room for improvement. With the right moves they can certainly be an elite team. I want to say that I am now officially an Andre Igoudala believer. However, I accept that he will never put up superstar numbers. I know that he is just one piece to this puzzle. Even late in his career we can still build around him. Here are some ideas I think the front office should consider.

    First move must be to let lou williams go. Yes he is a great scorer. Awesome in the 4th quarter. But we need someone who can play more minutes without being a liability and someone who is a more natural ball handler. Players that come to mind will be Kyle Lowry who would be a perfect fit, or Jeff Teague. Jason Terry will be an unrestricted free agent as well.

    The front court needs change. Difficult decisions must be made. Spencer Hawes has gotten better since last year but he needs to improve greatly if he wants to be an elite center. I don’t think he was on the floor for most of the 4th quarter in any game this post season. Thats not a good sign for him. If I was gm, I would keep him for another year, trade brand for an expiring contract or draft pick. And maybe look into signing (crossing fingers) Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum who says he is willing to play anywhere, or Ronny Turiaf. I think they should also pick up the team option on Nikolca Vucevic.

    I am also not opposed to trading thaddeus young. Maybe if lamar odom is up to the challenge he can compete for a roster spot. I just think we need another universal player we can put in the 3 or 4 spot that can score.

    Other then that, this team should remain intact. We have a great corp and if everyone decides to put in the extra work to get BETTER then we have a legitimate chance at being contenders for the foreseeable future.

  • N Vucevic was Drafted last year and has a 3 Years on his Rookie Deal I believe.
    I think there is very little chance that the Atlanta Hawks let go of Guard G Teague who is one of the most promising true PG in the NBA and probably the fFuture Face of that Franchise with Joe Johnson and Josh Smith getting older and not being able to get it down the last few years for them..
    Elton Brand’s Age (33) and his $17.5 Million COntract make him impossible to trade so the 76ers will most likely keep him for his final Season in 2013
    Between Lou Williams, Iggy, and Thad Young .. 2 of these players need to be moved for Front Line Help.. 76ers should build around Holliday,Turner,Meeks, Hawes,Allen, Vuscevic,Brand and whoever is kept from the list of 3 that need to go.. Too many 6-2/6-4 Guard/Perimeter players and not enough Scoring,Rebounding from the Front Line.. Thadd Young has athleticm, but he doesn’t know what to do with the ball outside of 5 feet of the rim, he can’t post anyone, he dribble or create, and can’t shoot the intermediate jumper or make his Free-Throw attempts so every Team knows to simply foul him and after 4 Years in the NBA, uit’s unlikley he will improve in these critical areas..TY is not a scoreer or shooter enough to play a #3 and he’s not big enough to post and defend from the #4 Spot, there’s no place for him in my opinion at all..

  • Right behind Derrick Rose is Drue Holliday. How can we possibly trade him. Hell he may be better than Parker and Westbrook. What idiot would trade Drue.Maybe we can trade Turner ASAP because everyone else in the NBA is stupid and will probably give you a # 1 pick for him. Hey maybe we can trade Turner straight up for Bynum because Holliday is untouchable. Next 10 years are bright.

  • Good stuff Phillydude..

    Whomever mentioned Holiday as a trade piece isnt very bright and doesnt know what it takes to build a winning team. Holiday is a untouchable. You dont trade your young star at pg. That position is one of the most important positions in the basketball. Holiday is 22 yrs old and Is the future of this team. You add to the team, not take away. My plan for this team would be to take a serious look at Greg Oden, though he is injury prone, it would not hurt at all. Hes currently a free agent and just had the same knee procedure that both kobe bryant and tiger woods had and it seemed to have corrected there knee issues. And Oden is still ridiculously young at the age of 24. I’d rush to check out that guy, because teams in need of a defensive presence down low such as the heat, celtics and a few other contending teams, could make a run at him this offseason. I’d also amnesty brand. No point in keeping him around. We need to free up cash. I believe the Sixers will also make a run for Bynum, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard and a few other big men. I’d obviously pick the latter but it will be tough to pry Howard away without trading your entire team, then howard would just leave the following year. The most realistic possibilities would be getting Bynum or PGasol. And i disagree with paul who said is a bum and would stay away from at all costs. Hes the 2nd most dominant big man in the nba after howard, any team in the league would want him. He’d actually fit right in in philly, he has that mean streak, toughness and good work ethic. Ive yet to hear any locker room issues hes had so paul threw that in there for argument purposes but has no evidence of it. In fact Kobe is quoted as saying that he loves playing with Bynum and that he reminds him of himself alot so thats that… We could use a flat out killer on offense. JR Smith who is a FA would be a good fit but has way too many off the field issues. The Sixers will have to take a hard look at that position of SG and acquiring a scorer there. I believe the sixers will have to move either Dre or ET this off season in order to get that scorer. They have to. Or ET has to learn how to play with Dre, because Dre can literally play with anyone in the nba. I see one of them being traded. I think okc would be a better team with Dre on it and if they traded Russell westbrook to be honest. But it wont happen. I also like a pf on the spurs who isnt getting any burn since Boris Diaw has assumed the starting role, and thats DaJuan Blair, hes a PF that is an excellent rebounder both offensive and defensive, and is a banger in the paint with a variety of post moves… hes 6’9 6’10, has no acl’s, yes no acl’s at all but can still ball. Id take a look at him too. I mentioned this guy before on here, but i like Center Al Jefferson from the Utah Jazz, but the deal would obviously be Dre for Jefferson.. There are so many options and pssibilities for this young team and hungry organization, and as Doug C came out 2 days in a row and said this team clearly needs to make changes and that the team will not be the same next year, something he did not say last year at all. And the front office agreed with him the same day. I see alot of changes coming and the deals they make may surprise us but as long as they become legit contenders for a long time i will not mind, Besides them trading Jrue Holiday. The only way id be okay with him being traded is if they somehow get Deron Williams..

  • Hahaha. If a Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum(franchise centers are on the market) and Jrue Holliday is a piece I have to give up. Guess what his ass is gone. Do ya think if they could bring one of them in a Deron Williams may want to come here then? hmmmm. Word in Philly. Doug Collins spoke yesterday and stated this team were over achievers and you cant compete for championships with over achievers.Thats coming from the coach. The word here is that this team will be blown up. Brand and the amnesty clause, Hawes only resigned if its the same deal as before a 4 mill a year range, Lou gone. Iggy traded. If you can keep Holliday fine but if its for Bynum or Howard see ya. I build with my new center and ET. Bring Deron Williams in and move on. Im only trading Holliday if I have to get a stud.

  • Jon Hart if I could give you the choice of Bynum and Deron Williams or Holliday and Hawes which one would you take? Its just fan talk.

  • I would obviously go with the proven guys DWilliams and Bynum. As much as i love Jrue you may not get the same production from Jrue nighg in and night out that youll get from DWilliams, and you dont know if Jrue will ever reach that potential or the level of a DWilliams so yes you take Williams over Jrue at this point. And the no brainer would be to go with Bynum over Hawes. And i think in reality thats the direction they may go. They ll have to trade Dre for Bynum and it benefits both teams. The lakers would be getting there young athletic wing player that brings excitement with dunks, and hed be player beside his idol kobe bryant and bryant is fond of dre too. And the Sixers would finally be getting there young center, dominant at the age of 24 25 and has plenty of room for growth. I see them attempting a deal like that for Bynum.

  • Doug Collins calls his team over achievers?, what a load of disguised self-praise, first they beat a crippled bulls team and should have beaten an older, gassed Celtic team, this kid Turner can play, and in my view, Collons messed with his development, forced him early to play Collins’ type of guard, instead of letting him create, the talent level on this team is not where most think, don’t blow it up, bring in a big man who can go to the rim

  • Deron WIlliams is a no-no and a been a locker room problem everywhere he’s been from University of Illinois, to tUtah Jazz to the Nets.. Stay away from him and if the 76ers are going to build around Holiday at PG, then you don’t need a
    Deron WIlliams who commands the ball…
    I could see the 76ers moving Iggy and Thadd Young to the Lakers for one of their big guys (Preferably Gasol, SF Devin Banks and a Draft pick) which I would be fine with.. Banks is 6-9 215lbs and can shoot the 3 pretty well and can also rebound and play Defense as well as Thadd Young

  • Come on, with these exaggerating articles, already. There was no restoration of a freaking rivalry. First of all, for there to be a renewal of any sort of rivalry, you have to have 2 teams that are going to be good, for long stretches at a time, battling each other. Second, this the Celtics last horrah. Third, both teams roster will be drastically different next year. Just because the 2 teams have the names 76ers & Celtics, doesn’t make it a renewed rivalry. If that’s the case, why has it have to be renewed? Shouldn’t we always have been? Let’s be real, these 2 teams, haven’t been rivals, since Doc & Bird. The 76ers haven’t been good enough to be anyones rival, for decades. This year was a good story, for a fraudulent team, who over-achieved & only advanced, because they caught the break, of Rose & Noah got hurt, & Deng was playing injured, nothing else!

  • Paul what are you talking about??? Again trying to sound like you know what your talking about and you don’t. So now Deron Williams has been a T.O everywhere hes played which is 2 teams? Your making up things again. Him and jerry sloan his former coach had disagreements about how deron should run the point position. And the reason he was traded from the jazz was because he was going to leave them at the end of the season anyway so they wanted to get something for him and they got rid of sloan shortly after.. hes never had issues at illonois or with the nets so stop it. Speak facts man. And if youd take jrue over deron Williams than you obviously don’t understand the game at all if youd pass on a allstar pg and absolute killer on offense and gets after it on defense, over a 22 yr old with potential, than your beyond out of touch.

  • Sloan resigned because of Deron Williams (It was either Sloan or WIlliams)
    Deron WIlliams remainded on the Team after SLoan resigned . Get your facts together JH.. Deron WIlliams was problem & primma donna while at the University of Illinois before coming into the NBA, but you wouldn’t probably know that ..Deron is soft , no heart, selfish and not a team players and everyone who follows the NBA knows this JH….

  • Either way you slice it, they both are gone out of Utah. You said he has had issues at illonois and with the nets too, i wanna know when? And if hes such a problem, why are the nets trying frantically to resign him? And the Jazz wanted to resign him too but he didnt want to so they shipped him out so theyd get something back for him. You have to come with facts supporting your outrageous argument that Deron Williams is someone to stay away from. Someone that is a year in and out allstar selection, a leader and isnt afraid to take the last shot or to set his teamates up for it. You dont pass on a guy like that.

  • Many changes, have to happen, for this team, to even sniff elite status, in the top of the league. In no way, shape, or form, do I want anymore AARP stiffs & other teams retreds & cast-offs. That means, HELL NO, to Gasol & Bynum. Bynum has been a bust his entire career, & only had a decent year, because it was a contract year. My wish list–
    1- AMNESTY Brand.
    2- Trade Stinky to Hawks, for Josh Smith.
    3- Make a contract offer to RFA C Roy Hibbert, if not C Javalle McGee.
    4- Sign SG Jason Terry to replace Lou Will.
    5- Sign PF Ryan Anderson.
    6- Sign SG Courtney Lee.
    7- Sign PG Jameer Nelson.
    8- Sign PF Reggie Evans.
    Starters- Jrue, Lee, Thadd, Smith/Anderson, Hibbert/McGee.
    Bench- Nelson, Terry, Turner, Allen, Vuch, Evans, draft pick PF & C.
    BIGGER, TOUGHER, BETTER SHOOTERS, BETTER BENCH, SIGNIFICANT UPGRADES, VERY DOABLE, SALARIES WILL FIT, with Brands $18M+ gone, & Smith making $1M+ less than Stinky. What an offseason, that would be. Legit contenders immediately.

  • Dcar, I think the Sixers are trying to get a superstar or one that is pretty close to it. A Bynum, Dwight Howard, J McGee and a Roy Hibbert. I doubt Hibbert goes anywhere, McGee is a possibility because he fits our style of play big time and is ready for stardom, Dwight would be the guy i go after but who says he wants to play in philly, i think he may be staying in orlando. Bynum is the guy i see being moved this off season, maybe to philly for dre.
    There are also centers like Chris Kaman, Amer Asik, Kris Humphries, Greg Oden and Hasheem Thabeet who would be good fits here

  • I like a guy the knicks had this year, Steve Novak, a sharp shooter from anywhere on the court, hes a unrestricted FA and could be a guy the sixers target for scoring purposes

  • 76ers nned to get rid of Lou WIlliams (while he has Value)
    Adre Iggy (his Value will never be higher) and Thadd Young (before his value sinks lower)

    Add a PF who can Rrebound and Score (remember last year when I wasnted David West who the PAcers got pretty cheap..) and a Sharp Shooter from the outside

    SG Jason Terry is too old and a major Defensive Liability
    PH J Nelson is too small and a major Defensive Liability
    (Remember that playing in the Eastern Conference, you need decent Defensive Guards with size and strength to match up with the D-Wade/D Rose/J Wall/The Pacers Guards, etc,etc…)

    Signing Roy Hibbert would be awesome but don’t see te Pacers losing him
    and Guard COrtney Lee is a very underrated player who would bring a toughness, size and a deadly 3 Point Weapon to the 76ers.. He’s a very good player and an excellent Foul Shooter..

    Retread PF Reggie Evans does all the dirty work and is a good team player and the consummate Professional and helps every team that he is on.
    PF Ryan Anderson I am not familiar with his game and will check him out

  • To Jhm

    Bruve Weber at U Of Illinoise had to bench him a couple of times in College for failure to run the call plays, missed preactices, poor academic work..
    It’s no secret for those who followed the college game that he was a high-risk, high-reward type ofpick.. The kid can play, I don’t argue that for one moment, but he has lots of baggage and a real immature personality and has no leadership qualities.. The Net’s are trying to re-sign him for they are about to move into a New Arena in Brooklyn, in case you haven’t heard, and need all the hype and big name players they can get… Deron WIlliams will never win anything as long as he keeps his immarture,selfish atttitude..

  • Yeah and id take the so called “baggage” that he has over Jrue and there arent many pgs i take over jrue. 1.Chris Paul 2. Deron Williams 3. Derek Rose 4. Russell Westbrook and 5.Tony Parker. Those are pgs id take over Jrue Holiday. So When you have an opportunity to get a superstar here at the age of 27 with alot of basketball left to play and plays a position that he could go another 10 years at, you dont pass that up and it might include trading a young player like Jrue Holiday that has potential but may never reach the level of any of these guys i mentioned above. Thats what im saying.

  • I hear what your saying JH but it’s not going to happen.. The Ownership of the 76ers is similar to Lurie and gang across the Street.. rthey don’ tbring on head-caaes and questionalbe character players.. They just don’t so you can scratch off Deron WIlliams, Andrew Bynum off your wish list for it ain’t happening..

  • Oden will never play another NBA game. No team with any sort of brain molecules, will touch that injury plagued waste.

  • Dcar, it wouldnt hurt to take a look at him. He can be a force in the paint on offense and defense when healthy. Hopefully his injury days are behind him

  • Oden’s down for, 3-4 Surgeries, followed up by Micro-Fracture procedures, which is unfortuante, but once big men are afflicted these type of Foot/Ankle injuries, it’s very hard for them to overcome.. It’s like the taller you are, the more succeptible your bones are from healing back properly.. Bill Walton,Sam Bowie, the Chinese player from Rockets, and now Oden.. and remember that even Manute Bol and Bradley had foot issues/injuries which set them back..

  • Greg Oden is injury prone. But id give him a shot. Low risk high reward. You wont have to invest much money in him at all, he comes cheap. And if it wont work out they can dump him

  • Low Risk but Low Return JH, Oden has indicated that he’s going to hang it up after going thru 4 Years of Surgeries, rehab onl yto have heartache again as far as injuries go.. Sometimes, you just have to move on with you life which is what Oden is going to do per sources close to him…

  • Paul again, what are you talking about? Oden’s agent came out 2 months ago and said that Oden contemplated retirement but has decided to make a comeback. Hes currently rehabing in his hometown of indianapolis. Hes gonna give it a go this upcoming year and i support the guy, regardless whether the sixers give him a call and check him out or not.

  • Daggolden — the fact is, Jrue isn’t going anywhere. He’s a YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG point guard who is getting better and better. Turner is not a better player than Jrue. Not even close if you ask me. The upside for Jrue is a lot higher than it is for Turner. You’re stating that we should build around Turner? Why? What has he shown you other than a couple spurts here and there that he is someone we should build around?

    When your point guard has a more consistent jumper than your so called #2 overall pick and “shooting guard” — that says alot.

    Turner is a bench roleplayer. He’s a guy you use to build around guys like Holiday.

    We need to get a big man like Bynum or maybe make a play for Josh Smith and I think we will be good to go.

  • Bird, id prefer Bynum bc hes so young (24,25) and is a shot blocker at 7’0 and can score the ball. And is the 2nd most dominant center in the league behind Dwight Howard. Josh smith i dont want, when i see him i dont see a winner at all. Id pass on him

  • Birdo,
    What is your assesment of Thadd Young as a 4 Year NBA Player, how about his upside and do you think he’s worth $7.5 Million per Year…

  • Jon Hart,with all due respect, you have a clue. Oden has been hurt every year & is rumored to have brittle bone disease, has 2 bad knees, bad back & feet. Where is the freaking upside, or positives in even giving this waste of $$$ a call. Not to mention, he is an alcoholic! WTF is wrong with you? Also we ARE NOT getting Dwight Howard. He IS NOT a FA. He signed his team option, & they have ZERO reason to trade him, now that Van Gundy is fired & not to mention, we have ZERO trade chips to get him. Bynum is a MUTT, that only played well because of his contract year. He is another injury prone, bust, mutt, that I don’t want zero parts of. You want to get younger, bigger, more athletic, with offensive upside. Not big dogs, who play when they want to. Get your head, out of LaLa land.

  • Paul, you don’t bring in a guy like Terry for his DF. He is a lights out, consistent, veteran, 3 point scorer, that is an instant upgrade over Lou Will. He isn’t a starter, but upgrades our bench, exponentially. Nelson is being brought in to to be a good backup to Jrue. He is a very underrated, pure PG. Something we don’t have. His DF is better than Jrue’s. Not that is saying much. Do your research better. LOL! By the way Anderson is a PF from Orlando, who is very underrated, & is a solid rebounder, that bangs the boards & has improved his offensive skills & toughness, over the last couple of years. He is strictly a backup bench player, if we bring trade for Josh Smith, or sign Chris Humphries. We MUST GET BIGGER, TOUGHER & more ATHLETIC at the 4 & 5 positions. We also must get better scoring at the SG positions, starters & backups, PERIOD. Amnesty Brand, trade Stinkadala & let all of our useless FA’s walk, & problems solved. Plenty of $$$ & the Stinkadal for Josh Smith trade, also saves us more than $1M. Build this team around Jrue, Thad, Turner, Lavoy & Vuch. Smith is the big Athletic PF we need, that we should have signed, instead of Brand to begin with. Absolute idiocy!!! Stephansky, needs to never show his face in this city again. Between the Brand, Stinkadala, Williams contracts, & the Jordan coaching disgrace, he set this team back another 5-7 years, on top of the black hole it already was. He made Billy King & Larry Brown, look like Bill Polian, & Ozzie Newsome. Different sport, but you get the comparison.

  • JH. *** DON’T HAVE A CLUE***

  • @ Birdobeano I agree about everything you say with Holliday. I dont want to trade him eithier but realistically you have to give to get. Any trade to get a Bynum ,Howard(wishful thinking)or possibly Gasol I would think would have to include Holliday. Other teams arent stupid they know Turner isnt very good eithier. I want to keep Holiday over Turner of course. But to get a young center who will get me 20-20, 10 to 15 times a year,in the east.and who is also young and will dominate on defense in a non-center league I will drive Holliday to PHL International myself. Thats the only type of player I would trade Holliday for a dominating big man. My thinking is other players would want to play with a Bynum. There are alot more good point guards then centers to choose from. Then I just have to hope that ET improves to build around I guess.

  • @Paulman — I like Thad Young but he dissapointed me in the playoffs. I think he had one “great” game and it was in a loss to Boston (game 5 I think). His price is a little high but I love his versatility. I do believe he should be starting however at the 3 spot and that’s not going to happen with Iggy there. I know for a fact that Thaddeus is Doug Collins’ favorite player, so as long as Doug is here, so will Thad Young. A dream lineup for next year would be:

    PG – Holiday SG – Iggy SF – Young PF – L. Allen C – Howard

    I know it’s likely not to happen but Iggy needs to move back to the 2 spot in order to get Thad Young in that starting lineup. If there was anyway we could get Howard, I would be all for it. Maybe Turner, Brand and two first round draft picks can get it done? Who knows.

  • I just don’t see it guysa, With Iggy a SG & Thadd SF you have 2 players who can hit above 40 % of their Jump shots…

  • Paul, we had even worse at 2 guard this past yr! At least iggy can slash. Besides, ive grown accustomed to winning with defense

  • You stil lhave to outscore your opponents down the stretch and the 76ers don’t have any legitimate scores in crunch time (Outside of Lou WIlliams)
    If I am an opponent, I am hacking this team to death and put them on the Foul Line for the last 4 Minutes of the game and let’s see Iggy,Turner, Thadd Young can do making their Free-Throws, when the pressure is on… This 76er Team is very easy to defend and don’t make opposiin teams work hard enough on their end of their court.. way too predictable and too many flat-footed jump shots…

  • Up abouve 2 Posts, should have ready Iggy and Thad cannot even make 40% of their Jump Shots, why would you have them on the floor at the same time as your SG and SF… Yikes… ..


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