• July 3, 2022

Brian Rolle Is Undersized But His Instincts And Ability Could Make Up For It

Former Ohio State Buckeye Brian Rolle caught my eye early in the last year’s Eagles training camp.  On this particular play, he came up and made a play on a screen.  Rolle reads plays and attacks them.  He doesn’t play a careful brand of football and that’s why he’ll always make big plays.

Rolle reads plays instinctively and isn’t afraid of going for the kill.

He’s as quick as a cat and he’s got great feel for the game.  Being 5’8″ won’t be a great disadvantage at WILL linebacker, where he’ll be matched up against the opposing running backs.  Rolle is short but powerful at 240 pounds.

Rolle has a great feel for the game.  Last year I heard and saw him diagnosing plays ahead of players who were much more experienced than he was.  Yes, there are going to be times when he gets smothered by the big offensive linemen which will make it impossible for him to see the football.

Rolle has the good pass coverage ability and he’s shown the ability to get his hands on the football.  I think his football acumen is high and I’ve seen him anticipate routes and make plays on the football.

The youngster is a very good blitzer because of his quickness, explosiveness and willingness to turn it loose.  He’s so short he can get lost in the crowd and sneak by the blockers.

He takes advantage of his size when tackling by getting up under ball carriers.  Rolle needs to make some big plays if he wants to make sure he keep his starting job at WILL from Chaney.

“I haven’t been tall my whole life,” Rolle said confidently after practice yesterday. “But football, I tell people, I just get it. I don’t know how. I think I was just born with it. When we sit in meetings and they tell me the coverage, they tell me the defense, I rarely have to look at it twice. On the field, I see something, I know how to go get it. Some guys ask questions about stuff, but it seems kind of simple to me.”

Rolle will benefit from playing beside a veteran and accomplished player like DeMeco Ryans.  The vet will teach him how to watch film and study the upcoming opponent.  Ryans will be there to encourage him and get him back on the right page when he struggles.

“I feel like we’re going to make a lot more plays, we’re going to contribute more to the team,” Rolle said. “We’re going to be a better-tackling group than we were last year, and bring the athleticism in with Kendricks.”


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  • Ernie Sims 2.0!?

  • Rolle is the polar opposite of Ernie Sims. Sims has the size , speed and strength with not much between the ears. Rolle is small, not as strong or fast but makes up for it with instincts and football acumen.

  • Rolle is pretty fast himself

  • No comparison’s with SIms whose play recognition was extremely poor,
    Sims was a player who ran over 100mph but never knew where the ball was..
    Rolle has much better natural LB instincts, the only question for Rolle is he big/strong enough to disengage from big OL who will be blocking him quick enough to still make plays close to the line of scrimmage.. This is the key for both Rolle & Kendricks, and to be honest. will dictate how good this Eagles LB Corps and Defense can be..
    These young OLB’s need to work their hands, their leverage and agility to shield themselves from getting engulfed by the 320lb + pulling Guard or Tackles who will be coming out to block them…

  • The Eagles defense is getting back to their old standard. They always have weaknesses at WILL and SS. Matt McCoy, Damon Moore, Blaine Bishop, Mike Caldwell, Sean Consisdine. It is a rich tradition. But the point is they have gotten back to these being the only minor weaknesses. And that is progress. I believe they have restored their tradition of excellence at the CB position and Bowles will bring out their best. Nnamdi doesn’t have to deal with Assante and DRC has a contract to worry about (and a winning team to play for) so he will care more than usual (the talent has always been there). And although Allen will never be Dawk, very few that have ever played the game are. That does not preclude him from being a very good safety in his own right. I am confident that Bowles will keep him playing at a high level as well. The secondary will be much improved.
    One traditional trademark of the Eagle defense that has been fixed in a huge way is their tradition of only having ONE capable pass rusher on the team in any given year. They now have tons of pass rushers and a coach that knows what he is doing. I think the LBs will be fine as well. Kendricks and Ryans will definitely be an improvement over last year and Ryans does bring that Dawk leadership ability that we so desperately needed. This defense is definitely looking up and I expect that without multiple injuries this is a top five unit.
    If the offense takes care of the ball, Vick stays relatively healthy, Bell is not a dud (or injured) at LT, and Maclin finally has his breakout campaign, this team is a totally legit SB favorite. If Andy and Marty can avoid going totally pass happy, this team can beat anyone. Yes GB has a better QB, but they did not improve their defense as much as people would like to believe. I think we are still way ahead of the Pack on defense. Same goes for the Saints. SF will not win 13 games this year or surprise anyone. I would not be surprised if they were a one hit wonder. Do people really think Justin Smith and Carlos Rodgers are THAT good? Career years that will not be duplicated. Goldson is over rated. I do not fear SF. The Eagles are the best team in the NFC on balance and on paper. Only coaching and injuries can prevent this team from a trip to New Orleans.

  • God help me, I sound like Schiller.

  • Damn, JB – I was about to say that was the smartest post I have read in a while and you went and said you sounded like Schiller ..

    no solid post – you hit the key points – protect the ball, get after the QB.. I think the addition of Bowles and the additinal year for Castillo will play huge dividends in the D play this year ..

  • navy…I have to admit this is the most optimism I have had since 2004. I am always excited, but this is only the second time I felt like we could legitimately win this thing. I don’t think this offense is as good as 2004. TO was a beast and Donovan (slightly better overall QB) was more durable and careful with the football. Herremans and Bell are no Thomas/Runyan either.

    The key here is that I think this could be the best defense we have had since 1991. I really do. This is definitely the best pass rushing team since Reggie left. And that is what we have needed. Andy has always been a capable offensive coach. But there are times when his play calling is not great, he panics in the face of a small deficit and goes crazy passing and becomes predictable to the detriment of his QB, or the defense is just a very good unit that gives us match up issues. The offense is good but not so great they cannot be stopped. Physical defenses like Pitt/Balt really tend to present problems. Andy will immediately abandon the run with these defenses. What has to happen in these situations is the defense has to win the game. We never really had a defesne that could win those kinds of games. We have had good defenses. But we need a defense that can go out and dominate. I believe this defense can do that. When Pitt is holding us to 16 points, we need to go out there and give them 10 or 13. This offense can’t score thirty points on elite defenses like the Saints, Pats and Packers can. We need the defense to be able to carry some days. This defense can do it.

  • LOL!!!!!!!!!! JBird………..I agree with you about the 49ers. They looked pretty tame to me when the Eagle played them….The Eagles beat themselves.

  • and no you sound nothing like Schiller ….thank god.

  • Jbird…how can you say this is the best pass rush since Reggie left?

    From what do you draw this from knowing the guys drafted haven’t played a down?

    You hope this will be the best pass rush since Reggie left…right?

  • Songs, what would YOU say that was a better pass rush since Reggie left was?

    Shit, I agree with Jbird just based off of Cole, Babin, Jenkins ad Washburn returning and having a whole offseason. Hands down. So anything another year for Tapp, Hunt (plus added bulk), Cox, Curry, healthy Dixon and Patterson add, is bonus. Can you argue against that?

  • So Schill only you can assume something that will happen in the future huh?

    When others say what will happen you are the first the say no one knows..”wait and see”….

    There’s reasons to be optimistic but remember who was playing behind that great pass rush when reggie was here.

    There were some bad SOB’s at safety and a real shut down corner in Allen…oh yeah…..

    The linebackers were fierce…

    That played into the line being so great,,,,,,

    So hold your horses….look at the gaping hole right in the middle of our secondary like opposing QB’s will.

  • SOngs – you are such an ass – the last 4 years Reggie was in Philly with those ‘fierce’ LB that played into the line being so great – the birds were ranked 14, 12, 5 and 4 in toal D with sack totals of 42 62 45 and 55

    last your with every safety being ass and every LB being ass the DL had 50 (maybe there was no coorelation hmm dumbass) and wait – even with all the ass on the field and Juan Castillo as coach – the eagles were ranked number 10? wait – stop – hold on – you mean Juan Castillo had a D that was ranked higher (2 years worth) then the mighty Buddy Ryan with White, Simmons, Pitt etc…

    you know what year was actually the best for the birds – the year AFTER Buddy Ryan left and Bud Carson was the DC –

    you really know absolutley nothing about the eagles or football do you?

    and I know you are retard – so I will try to explain slowly – JBIrd said it was the best pass rush since Reggie white –

    probably the 50 sacks last year – every single player back – drafting two new DL – moving the CBs into press – finding better LBs… but even the 50 from last year is 1 below the average for the last 4 years with those ‘fierce’ LBs.. bitch

  • I think we are a good coach away from actually winning it all….Reid is ok but for every good move he makes 2 bad ones……

    juan castinko is our defensive coordinator ..some would like to talk about the defense rank at the end of the season knowing the season was over 3/4 of the way….

    What was the defense ranked in week 12?

    Juan Stinks, our safeties stink, and Andy Reid blows 2 games each season calling games.

    We need a coaching overhaul.

  • Songs, I agree with your last line, but even you have to be excited, about this upcoming year? Although I would have wanted a bigger SAM in David/ Wagner, from the draft, & a veteran SS in Bell, from FA, I think this DF has the chance to be the best, that we have had, in the Reid tenure. We have all year to bash them, let’s at least give them a shot, in Lehigh & pre-season, first. Lighten up my brother. It’s Summertime, half naked women running around, beer week. Come on dude!

  • D – SOngs could have Halle Berry, Brooklyn Decker, and Lucy Lui topless in thong bikinis with beer in their left hands and gin and tonics in the right and the guy would STILL find something to bitch about..

    you girls all got immunized – didn;t you! don;t touch me! take those fool drinks away! Your all ass!

  • Navy, I just spit my coffee all over my computer. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I guess you’re right. He ain’t ever happy. They all say I’m the negative one on here. I’m Mr. Sunshine, compared to him. BTW, MMMMMMMMMMMMM, “Halle Berry, Brooklyn Decker, and Lucy Lui topless in thong bikinis with beer in their left hands and gin and tonics.” Add J-Lo, Salma Hayek, Kate Beckensale, Jessica Biel, Gina Carano, Gabrielle Union, Eva Pigford, some Tequila & a deep tissue massage & I’ll be good, for the rest of my life. Damn, & I would have to be at my second job, with the old lady home, skyping me. LOL!!

  • JOYGASM TIME!!!!!!…………LOL!!!!!!!!

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