• June 27, 2022

Notes From Phillies’ 6-5 Loss To Los Angeles

The Phillies lost their fifth consecutive game on Wednesday night, falling 6-5 to the Dodgers. The team is now two games below .500, and six games out of first place. The team carried a two-run lead into the sixth inning, but allowed it to slip away to suffer another crushing defeat in front of the home crowd.

  • Kyle Kendrick has been excellent since being inserted into the starting rotation, but was mediocre last night. The veteran gave up five runs in just 5.2 innings of work.
  • Control was an issue for Kendrick. He surrendered just four hits on the night, but allowed five walks. Any time a pitcher issues such a high number of free passes, the opposing team is only going to need a couple of timely hits to do some serious damage.
  • Ty Wigginton led the offensive charge with by going 3-4 and driving in two runs.
  • Hunter Pence turned in another hitless performance, going 0-4. Its the third time he’s done this in the last week.
  • John Mayberry got a start at first base, but went 0-3. He’s been one of the team’s major disappointments this season.
  • Freddy Galvis left the game with a back strain. He’s going to need a trip to the disabled list.
  • Jim Thome made his return tonight, but struck out in his only appearance as a pinch hitter.
  • Jimmy Rollins drove in two runs with his only hit of the night.

Denny Basens

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  • Another gut-wrenching loss yesterday and then an Qualls implosion today for the Phils 6th Straight lost and fall 8-12 in “Paulman’s 23 Game Stretch” to decide their fate for repeating at NL East Champs for 2012
    I am sorry to say, but not surprised and not even upset, but the Phils Postseason Chances are getting less and less with each passign Series..
    The Dodgers were 2-8 in their last 10 Games brofre coming into PHilly to sweep the PHils in a 4 game Set.. The Phils are 12-19 at Home ,have a losing record within their own NL East Division and have a poor record versus Teams with an above .500 Record (another words, they can’t beat decent to good teams consistently) Some on your Phils Fans need to wake up and smell the Coffee, this Season is going down the tubes and I don’t see a lot of concern among the local media,fans or the Team.. This 2012 version is just not a very good Team which is obvious by their lacklust up and down pla.. I don’t want to hear about injuries either, every team has injuries
    The Phils sit with a Won/Loss Record of 28-31 after 59 games (about 1/3 thru the Season) they would have play .600 ball and win 61 of the next 103 Games left to reach 89 Wins to probably win the NL East.. It’s not going to happen my freinds… Even if they play .550 Ball, which is possible, they will end up with 84-85 Wins which is probably not good enough to repeat as NL East Division Winners.. remeber the NL East is much stronger than in years past so the Phils are going to be lucky to sply with their Divisional Opponent and in fact alredayh have a losing record among games in the NL East so who they go to beat up on.. .They are already finished playing the worst teams like the Cubs and Padres for the Season..
    Time to move forward in my opinion

  • Foolish paulman, and reactionary, the new phils franchise must compete every year, they will attempt the necessary acquisitions, changes, but I may agree with you that stewardship is lacking at the general manager level, gillick would know how to correct these problems, might ave addressed things differently in off season, but no reason to despair

  • Who do they have to give up to get a Power bat at 3B or LF and at least 1 or 2 Arms in the Bullpen.. They have very little prospects to give up and have older players with baad contracts, so how do they adjust and acquire talent during teh Season when you have to make adjustmsnt and especially this Season whien you can’t count on Utley & Howard return or productiveity if they are to return.
    They needed 4 Players last Off-Season (Cuddyer for LF, Aramis Ramizrez at 3b, slide Polanco for his final season to 2B knows that Utley was shaky to return to begin with based on his injuries over the last couple of seasons, and a closer (which they got Papelbon) and another quality Relief Pitcher and not count on Contreras,Herndon or Qualls..

  • CHAD QUALLS, NEEDS TO NEVER SEE THE FIELD AGAIN!!! He is a hot mess, trash truck juice, in the summer, style! Release his @$$, NOW!!!!
    Paul, the same things we’ve been saying, for 2 years. OVER & OVER & OVER! I can’t stand Amaro!!!! HE MUST GO IMMEDIATELY, BECAUSE THIS TEAM, HAS VIRTUALLY GIVEN UP!!!! REBUILD NOW!!!!

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