• July 3, 2022

Notes From Phillies’ 6-4 Loss To Baltimore

The Phillies fell to the Baltimore Orioles on Saturday, losing 6-4 in extra innings. The defeat puts the Phils’ record at 29-32, and are now seven games behind the Washington Nationals, who won today in Boston.

  • The Phillies were their own worst enemy today. Errors by a shoddy defense caused starter Vance Worley to give up two unearned runs. Jimmy Rollins and Mike Fontenot were responsible for two of three errors committed by Philadelphia today that led to runs.
  • Had he gotten proper support from his defense, Vance Worley would have put together a nice outing in his second start back. He did have a decent line for the day (six innings, three runs, one earned), but you have to wonder if he defense held up behind him, could he have gone an extra inning?
  • Because Worley had to extend himself early in the game, the Phillies were forced to turn to rookie Jake Diekman in the seventh inning, who gave up a run to give the Orioles the lead.
  • Charlie Manuel has no reliable option to go to in the seventh inning, and he’s forcing his young talent into action, hoping that guys like Diekman can grow up fast.
  • Jim Thome put together another good performance for the second straight game. He went 2-4, drove in two runs (including the tying run in the eighth inning), and also hit his first homer of the season.
  • Hector Luna took advantage of his opportunity to start today, going 2-4 with a homerun and a walk.
  • Ty Wigginton blew a tremendous opportunity to win the game. In the eighth inning, he grounded into a double-play with the bases loaded. The Phillies didn’t get another decent scoring opportunity after that.
  • Wigginton finished the day 1-5, and left five runners on base.
  • Chad Qualls has been pretty brutal over the last few weeks, but he pulled his weight today, tossing two scoreless innings to give the team several chances to gain a lead and get to Jonathan Papelbon.
  • Tough break for rookie B.J. Rosenberg. He was thrown to the wolves in the extra innings today. He managed to throw one scoreless inning, but ended up giving up a walk-off homerun to Adam Jones.

Denny Basens

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  • Phils fall to 9-13 in PAulman’s “23 Critical Game Stretch” to determine if Phillies are contendors or pretenders and can they repeat as NL East Champ..
    It’s over for the team and was officially over last Saturday (6/2/2012) when Ace Cole Hamels blew a 3-1 Lead to the Marlins in the 6th inning after the Phils had won 5-6 Straight Gmaes to get back into the NL East Race and were starting to get their Confidence back.. Now a week later, the are out of it, going 1-7 since and playing like a last place team… The Fat Lady from Philly has already sang..

  • ESPN Meteris has 11 of the 16 Teams in the NL with a greater probability of making the Post-Season than the Phillies do based on a range of Stats..
    Bottom Line, This 2012 Team is simply not a very good Team and hasn’t been all Season long and will probably continue to slide as they fall further out of contention which may be a good time to kepp playing the young players like Galvis,Luna, and heck, even call up Dom Brown and see what he can playing everyday in LF at the MLB Level.. Phils need to find out if he can play everyday in the Big Leagues.. What future does Juan Pierre figure in for the Phils..
    With the Tradeline a month away, look at tradiing a Lee, Victorino and maybe dangle a Rollins,Blanton, Kendrick, Polanco,Wigginton, Thome to Teams who have a legitimate shot at Playoff spot and maybe have a specific need to improve their own playoff chances… I could see where Teams like the Red Sox, Toronto,Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Anaheim, Pirates,Yankees may be willing to trade some Propects in return..

  • Luna is a journeyman and 32 years old… he is not the future–as GM you would have know that
    and if you do have a fire sale (which may not be a bad idea) be prepared for a few years of an empty ball park, 70 win seasons and I hate to say it …..when do we report to Lehigh…ugh!

  • There will not be, repeat for the fifth time, any fire sale, they will attempt to right this ship this year, after how many sell outs , do you think ownership would allow that scenario to happen hac, this is a new era of phillies baseball, one of the 3 or 4 elite , big markets for baseball

  • Jake I do agree with that. People have to realize that in sports injuries happen, teams have bad years. The Phil’s will rebuild withou a total fire sale Ruben has proven over and over that he will make BOLD moves contrary to what people say.

  • jake, if they don’t try to rebuild this team now, how long do you expect the sellouts to continue, when they are ancient & mediocre, for the next 3-5 years. They can still rebuild & stay in the thick of things. But I think they need to get a competent GM in here to do it. But this entire roster needs an overhaul. I’d keep Pence, Howard (who is un-tradeable), Chooch, Doc, Hamels, Worley, Papelbon, & the kids May, Diekman, Bastardo, DeFratus, Aumont & Stutes???. Everyone else can either be trade bait, leave, or retire. We have a cash cow down there. Especially with that monster TV deal coming. But the fans ain’t stupid, & if the ownership doesn’t want a 90’s revisit, they better make some major, smart moves. My hopes are, although they have been my favorite players, is Utley retires & Rollins agrees to a trade. All of Rollins, Lee, Blanton, & Victorino should be on the block. They are not making the playoffs, & you just can’t do nothing. We have no room to add anything of significance, to help this hopeless roster & BP. TOO MANY HOLES! Chalk it up to a loss. Love ya, thanks for thw 2007-2011 run, but the cycles over & it time for the next phase. If anyone thinks otherwise, you’re delusional.

  • Phisl Payroll is not unlimited and Ownership has given GM Amaro the orders, not to exceed $175 Million and be exposed to the Club getting hit with a Luxury Tax.. Only the Yankees have been subject to the Luxury Tax as other teams like Red Sox,Dodgers, Angels have actually reduced their Payrolls the lasy few Seasons though Anaheim jumped right bak up with the Free-Agnet Signings of Pujols and Pitcher CJ WIlson.. per most Phillie Sources, they have about $1.5 million left before hitting Luxury Tax so they would have to move/trade Players with Salaries to add any players of of significance
    Phils WIndo is closed because the other Teams in the NL east all smarted up and got a lot more talented and added some nice players to theri Teams and are better built for the medium to long term… Nationals only have 1 everyday player over 30 Years old (Adam Laroche) and Werth if he was playing and 4th OF Rick Ankiel… Look at Marlins Roster, all players in their primes 26-29 years old (Reyes,Ramirez,Stanton, etc,etc) Braves have an old one in Chipper Jones, but Uggla,McCann ,Bourne,are in their primes and have youngeters in Heyward and Freeman who are not 25 years old yeat..
    Look at the Mets line-up, David Wright is still 29..
    Phils dug their own grave the last 2 off-seasons when theyt should have been re-tooling for the future.. SIgning SS Rollins for 3 Years at $11 Million per Season was stupidd, signing J Thome was a waste… Not playing Dom Brown right now everyday in the Major Leagues is a waste… Victorino will leave free-agency no doubt.. I say Hamels is 50/50 whether he returns.. Polanco will be gone after his contract is up after this Season… Whats the Status of Utley moving forward…I wouldn’t count of him.. I do believe Howard will be fine in 2013 but will not contribute much this 2nd half of te 2012 if he returns at all..

  • Agree 100% Paul.

  • Paul you talk about the cap and the need for youth yet you wanted Polly as your utility with rameriz at 3rd? How would you manage that? Letting worth go for pence was a bargain and WE all liked that move. Getting lee back we all liked it. Jimmy is debatable but your options were who? If he hits 260 and plays D you have to live with it

  • whats nice , Readings best player is a 1st baseman

  • To have a Cigar
    I would have signed Ramirez and let J Rollins walk, and shifted Polanco to 2B and used Utley at 1B until Howard returned knowing Howard was out until at least July and knowing that Polanco is in his final season of his contract and with teh Phils.. .. Once Howard returned and Utley was able to play 2B, then Polanco would have been a Utilitiy player or trade bait once I knew Utley/Howard were healthy enough to play and contribute (but to be honest, I never expected either Utley or Howard to do much in 2012 and Utley probably ever again..)

  • Plus I would have traded Joe Blanton, even if I had to Pay $5 Million of his $9 Million Salary, but I would have dumped him one way or the other.. I would not have re-signed SS J Rollins , and would not have signed Jim Thome so there’s about $15-$16 Million right there..

  • Phils drop another extra Inning game.. CLiff Lee gives up a 3 run Bomb and remains winless… Phils went 9-14 over “Paulman’s 23 Critical Game Stretch” to see if the Phils are contendors or pretenders… Even Chrissy Hyne could help them out now… This Seasonas far as repeasting as NL EAst Champions is over and mostl likely so are even making the Playoffs as a Wild CArd
    Phils just are not a good team this Year… I don’t want to hear any excuses either, many teams have many injuries.. I don’t want to hear that the Phils had no Utley or Howard.. We’ve known about Howards injury ssince last October.. Some were foolish (Amaro,Phils, Media and many fans) that Utley would be ready by April.. I did not and do not ever think he will be anywhere near the player he was 3 years ago..As a matter of fact, he’s been slipping in production since 2009 so t osay he’s even a #3 Hitter anymore is foolish to begin with… With his lack of mobility and range ,his Defense has been shaky over the last year or 2 to to begin with. He’ll make the play when the ball is 5 feet either side of him, but he simply cannot get to balls that he or most 2B need to get to … Phils need to move on from Chase Utley

  • Stick a fork in these mutts. This is the most heartless, listless, non-energy, bunch of bums, that have been on this team, in a LONG, LONG time! Cliff Lee is officially on my $#!T list. I could care less if this non-emotional @$$, is getting any run support. This is 3 badly pitched games in a row now, for him, & he has an, I don’t care attitude. He’s making $23M, & is supposed to be an ace. Trade him & re-sign Hamels. I’m sick of his garbage.

  • ok paul but who plays SS? a pretty important position!
    and you say “traded joe blanton’….ummmm to who? you always assume there is a willing buyer. who coveted joe blanton?
    as for rameriz… he is hitting 250 and is 34 freaking years old…haven’t you seen enough of players declining in their 30’s… give me a break and do some research before spouting off.

  • Freddie Galvis could have played SS and there were other 3B out there too besides Arama s Ramirez. players like Matt Reynolds, Mike Cudyear . Brandon Inge..

  • Ramirez is 34 hitting .259 and makes 12 mil, cuddyer is 33 .269 and 10 million, inge is 35 and hitting .244 and reynolds is a career .236 hitter.– great options…
    polanco is hitting .289, makes $6 mil and is a gold glover…. what the hell are you even talking about????

  • Beacuse you need Power #’s from your 1B and 3B to be able to compete ..The Phils have zippo power and unable to come from behind like they used to since they don’t get 1-2-3 Runs with a 1 big swing of the bat like CBP is built for..
    Rollins $11 Million, Blanton $9 Million so ther’s your $20 Million right there and Don’t forget Thome’s.. He can still hit and play DH but the Phils play in the National League…

  • duh they are missing the big piece! you don’t just replace that…. rameriz is over the hill and incredibley expensive. he has 5 hr’s this year. reynolds has 3 and is hitting .211, inge is hitting .244, cuddyer is a real good player, 33 years old and $10mil…. you talk like there are a bunch of 35 hr guys sitting around out of a job… you just throw names out there
    they got burned with utley but they are not the first team to pay a star player and then he gets hurt…. happens all the time
    remember they won the w.s with pedro feliz at 3rd…
    obviously the set back with howards infection and utleys complete disintegration have affected their power numbers. as for thome, wiggington et all they wanted (and this blog agreed) they needed more punch off the bench… they got it but unfortunately they don’t have the luxury of keeping them on the bench… mayberry hit 15 hr and batted .275 in 100 games last year (that projects to about 25 hr in a season), they gave him a shot (and who wouldn’t have) and as of right now its not working out… IT HAPPENS IN SPORTS!

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