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Eagles Vs The 2012 NFC East: Washington Redskins

2012, a year removed from the “Dream Team” debacle, and the first full camp as Eagles for last year’s crop of free agents as well as for quarterback Michael Vick, his first full camp as starter. Has the team rebounded from such a porous defensive showing, and has an offense that had trouble holding onto the football (especially in the red zone) be able to return to form when electrifying big plays were the norm in 2010? But how do the 2012 Eagles matchup with or compare to the rest of the NFC East?

But what about the rest of the division? The Washington Redskins have acquired the potential Rookie of the Year when they drafted Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, but what else do the ‘Skins bring to the table if they are to compete with the Eagles for the NFC East Title?

RG III, already anointed King of D.C., will begin the season as the starter, and with him the Washington offense gets a lot faster, and a bit more dangerous.  He has Vick-like ability both on the ground with his speed and in the air with great arm strength and accuracy. But along with his dangerous physical capabilities there is his inexperience which, on paper will slow down the Redskins from being a serious threat to the crown. But a mixture of veterans (wide receiver Santana Moss) and free agent signings (receivers Pierre Garcon from the Colts and Josh Morgan from Tampa Bay) along with tight ends Fred Davis and eight-year veteran Chris Cooley (who returns after missing eleven games last year because of a knee injury) will greatly aid Griffin as he eases into the leadership role of the team.

Washington finished 5-11 last year, and in the middle of the pack in passing yards (3773) and yards per game (235.8), but near the bottom in both rushing yards (1614) and points scored (288). When they go up against an Eagles defense that has gotten better and faster across the board, we could be looking at one shutout this season.

Let’s check out that defense, starting with the line, the deepest group by position on the football club. Defensive end Trent Cole is arguably the best linemen the Eagles have and is advancing towards another Pro Bowl year. Great against the run and a beast chasing down quarterbacks from the right side, he’s flanked by “thrill seeker”, Pro Bowl left end Jason Babin. Hopefully Jason will find his thrill slinging quarterbacks more than the 18 times he did last year. The middle of the line is more than solid if less than spectacular, with tackles Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson. But all eyes are on two rookies, DT Fletcher Cox (Mississippi St) and DE Vinny Curry (Marshall). Cox, the 15th pick overall will challenge for the first spot off the bench in the D-Line rotation (not to exclude Daryl Tapp, Antonio Dixon). RG3 will get an awesome NFL baptism this year!

But the position everybody and their mother has been talking about is linebacker. The Eagles bolstered the group by adding middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans via a trade with the Houston Texans who significantly solidifies a group that had trouble early last year stopping the run so, this year it doesn’t look any better for the Skins on the ground. Throw in the team’s third round pick out of Cali, linebacker Mychal Kendricks and probable starter Brian Rolle and the Eagles have perhaps the fastest set of linebackers in the division. It’ll be very difficult for the Skins or any other team to run on Philly this year.

After a full camp together, and a working knowledge of the system for second year Eagles Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rogers Cromartie will face essentially, a brand new fleet of pass catchers from Washington. The Redskins released last year’s leading receiver Jabar Gaffney (68 rec. 947 yds.) just before last week’s OTA’s as well as running back Mike Sellers, but have resigned Tim Hightower. Running back and budding star Roy Helu who led the team with 640 yards and a very decent 4.2 per carry probably picks up where he left off last year. Like the Eagles, the Redskins had a turnover ratio of -14 and both teams managed to keep the football an average of half the game. But Washington quarterbacks were picked off 24 times last year which will have smash mouth safety Kurt Coleman, Philly’s interception leader a year ago, salivating.

RG3 will have a few weapons to work with on offense, but how about on the other side of the ball? The Redskins have a pretty good corp. of linebackers as well led by that ageless wonder, middle linebacker London Fletcher who led the NFL with 166 tackles in 2011 and has always been a thorn in the Eagles flesh. He will get help from the two outside guys, Brian Orakpo, Lorenzo Alexander as well as cornerback DeAngelo Hall. The NFC’s fifth best has high hopes of improving a defense that notched 41 sacks a season ago.

The team lost Oshimogho Atogwe and hard-hitter Laron Landry, but added Brandon Meriweather, a free agent from New England and Tanard Jackson which should help their secondary improve from only 13 interceptions. But Fletcher and co. will have their work cut out for them against what should be an improved Eagles offense.

Quarterback Michael Vick leads a Philadelphia offense that was in the top 10 in every major category last season finishing 8th in scoring – 24.8 ppg, 4th in points scored – 399.1, 9th in passing yards – 256.9 and 5th in rushing with 142.2 ypg. Not bad for an 8-8 football team that was so unselfish that they just gave the ball away to opposing teams. But scoring is what they look to do this year with great optimism as they balance a great ground attack with a much more disciplined passing game. Vick actually had a good year statistically in 2011 throwing for more yards (3,303) and more attempts (423) than any of his previous nine seasons. And his completion percentage was 59.8, second only to 2011 when he completed 62.6 of his passes with a passer rating of 84.9. But those numbers were overshadowed by the ten fumbles (four of which he lost) and the fourteen interceptions which is a career high.

Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin and tight end Brent Celek practically mirrored each other, leading the team in receiving last season (63 catches, 859 yards, 5 touchdowns and 62 catches 811 yards 5 touchdowns respectively). But DeSean Jackson anticipates rebound from a season that saw much of it wasted in self pity and the sound of footsteps in his ear. But to his credit he still led the team in receiving yards with 961 and 16.6 yards a catch. And Jason Avant, the unsung hero, is always steady and dependable.

LeSean McCoy the leagues 4th ranked running back last season (1309 yards) is expected to do more with less. Less carries that is. McCoy carried the football 273 times. Only six other running backs in the league ran the ball more and only seven for more yards per attempt (4.8). And his 20 total touchdowns led the NFL. But the team had a plan to lighten the load, and drafted Bryce Brown out of Kansas St. But watch out for rookie free agent Chris Polk out of the University of Washington. Let’s not forget about Dion Lewis who I believe will make a name for himself in 2012.

The Eagles offensive line can still be one of the best in the NFL even after losing “All World” left tackle Jason Peters with a torn Achilles tendon. But with the quickness the Eagles snatched up Buffalo Bills left tackle Demetrious Bell in the early stages of free agency. Andy Reid and offensive line coach Howard Mudd, as well as Bell are more than comfortable that the left tackle spot is secure.

With last year’s addition of left guard Evan Mathis and the outstanding play of rookie center Jason Kelce, Coach Mudd looks for 2011 first round pick right guard Danny Watkins to have a better camp (remember Watkins was a camp holdout in 2011). Expect a Pro Bowl year from right tackle Todd Herremans this season. He’s got to anchor the “O” line this year as they look to gel in training camp.

So there you have it. But the Redskins are farther ahead then what most people think. Give them some time to get it all together and they could be dangerous. Robert Griffin III is an intelligent and gifted quarterback who will learn from actually playing the game. And the offensive line, which has some young talent, is going to be better in time as well.

But up against these Philadelphia Eagles it doesn’t matter which side of the ball you’re look at. Philadelphia will dominate this eager (but inexperienced and less talented) team. Eagles sweep the Redskins this season and post a shutout by the defense in week eleven in D.C.

Mylow Young

Originally from Philadelphia Mylow now lives in Statesville, NC about 40 miles north of Charlotte. Mylow once aspired to play with the Eagles a bit after coming out of high school but was sidetrack by street activity and later drugs. He did however play Semi-Pro ball in the Tri-State Football Conference in 1978. He has have been clean and free from an addiction to crack cocaine for almost ten years now thanks to the mercy and grace of the God who loves him! Mylow is the author of two books, his first novel "Against the Gates of Hell: A Crack House Exodus" was released 9-1-11. Visit him at www.mylowyoung.com

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  • It wouldn’t surprise me if The Skins Build with a new QB and win it all just like the Giants did, Some organizations just know how to rebound and get the Chip….

    This is a constant in our division while our Golden Standard relish in being competitive.

  • I stopped reading after you anointed rg3 potential rookie of the year, why not put him in canton already

  • Songs, the way things go in the NFL, you never know right? Jakedog, my assumption was that most people understand the meaning of “potential” which is the operative word. No one is being anointed anything. Finish reading the story and thanks for being a faithful reader of gcobb.com!

  • Washington, blows, & always will blow, as long as Snyder & the Shanahan’s are in charge. RGIII, has yet to take a snap, & he can’t win alone. Fred Davis is the only real weapon he has. His offensive line is the worst in the division, & his WR’s are a bunch of overpaid bums. Moss sucks, Garcon & Morgan are career backups. Cooley is shot. “KING of Washington”, “ROOKIE of the year”! WAAAAAAY TO EARLY, FOR THOSE TITLES!!!!

  • I did say “anointed” King of DC didn’t I? Have you heard the fans response to RGIII in DC? They finally “think” they have something or someone to cheer for and believe in. That’s not saying the Redskins are going to do anything but as in any town whose team is a perenial loser, when you have a bit of a ray of sunshine, you’re gonna gravitate towards it right? Washington thinks they have a star for the future and he may be just that. Only time will tell…

  • He’s going to be seeing stars, when our D-Line get to him. 😀

  • Perennial losers? The redskins have three super bowls, what does that make the eagles then?

  • And I know my low, they haven’t won one since ’92, but there’s football history before Reid and mcnabb showed up, and it’s still a goose egg, yet Reid still here

  • Yeah, Songs, Dallas has done an excellent job rebounding form the Aikman years by drafting a great QB and winning a championship… oh wait.

  • Jake, yeah because last millenium is relevant to the current redskins. Exactly how many members of the ’92 team are still associated with the skins? And you really think the Skins fans care about ’92 right now? Does it make it any better for the current players?

  • Schill, please
    it wouldn’t surprise anyone here in Philly if Redskins win another Superbowl while we stay “Chipless”
    The Giants did it while we were the so called Beast of the East. Remember?

  • Are you kidding me Schiller, is world war 2 irrelevant, how about viett nam, it damn well matters when the rookies walk by a case and see 3 Lombardies, ever been to Pittsburgh, constant reference to the six pack, it’s only irrelevant to geeks like you whose best argument against the cowboys and redskins is what have you won lately, meanwhile the birds trophy case empty, but Reid still here

  • It sure as hell would suprise me Songs.

    Jakedog – those Wars are certainly relevant, but not to current Eagles football.

    Jake, yes Reid is still here. You can cry and whine all you want. He is still here. And there have been 0 signs of his departure. And you’re still bitching.

  • Hey Jake, I just got an update – Reid is still here.

  • I would not fall asleep on the Redskins in 2012 and it’s not about the Hype and Arrival of RGIII..
    There O/Line made some nice improvements last year and shoule be better this year with a Full Season with LT Trent WIlliams and LG K Leitheberger who both miseed time due to spsensions and injuries.. They also have at RT Jamall Brown wh did not live up to expectiations after signing a big Free-Agent Deal from Saints last off-Season and had some issues with his back..
    The Redskins have a nice young RB R Helu and E Royster to go along with Veteran RB Hightower who was playing pretty well last seasons before getting injured
    WR wise, they have upgraded their postion quite a bit with additions of
    WR Garon and Josh Morgan, who was having an All-Pro Type of Season with
    the 49ers before getting injured.. Remember that expect big things from last yers 2n Round Pick Lance Hankerson as he goes into his 2nd Season and will still have the very reliable Santana Moss ..
    They Drafted 2 Solid OL this past Draft to help with their Depth in OT Tom COmpton and Guard Joe Leribeus

  • Songs and Jake….Schiller would be the first to tell you that I am quick to criticize the Eagles and their deficiencies. However, I acknowledge that they have turned over a new leaf and are doing things better than they ever have in the past. They have retained good players and rewarded guys like Herremans and Cole that did not have to get raises. They had one of the best drafts in football according to draft experts. They got rid of Joe Banner because Jeffrey realized his way of doing business was not going to win a championship. I too have doubts about whether Reid can win a championship. Same goes for Vick. But this team is the best team we have assembled here in the last five or six years. I think you need to give this team a chance and try to be a bit more positive. Give Reid and Vick one more year. If they screw it up this year I will be the first to call for their heads. But I think this team has a chance. Vick should be at his best. And Reid may just have a team that is too talented for him to screw it up. He will never stop mismanaging the clock or passing too much or in the wrong situations. But I think the margin for error will be wider this year because they will be so much better than a lot of the teams they play. And I don’t mean just the Skins and Browns of the league. I mean the Lions, the Falcons, the Ravens and other teams that we may think are close. I bet you they really aren’t. We are actually head and shoulders above those other playoff contenders as well as the reigning champs. Only the Saints and Steelers should be tough match ups for this squad.

  • Now Defensively, the Redskins may have the most talented Front 7 in the NFC East.. With last year’s 2nd Round Pick DT Jarvis Jenkins returning after missing his Rookie Season with an injury to go along with DL Barry Cofield, Adam Karriker ,Stephen Bowen, Kentwan Balmer and with OLB Pass Rushing players in Brian Orapko and Ryan Kerrigan to go along with steady ILB London Fletcher, free-agent pick-up Mike Goff from the Giants and the young Perry Riley who they are very high on and Rookie Draft Pick Keenan Robinson, they have a makings of a dominant Front 7
    There Back end of their Defense will be vulnerable, their CB’s of D HAll, Josh Wilson are small and not very physical, Cedric Griffin was also added and at Safety, they have 2 new players who are very talented but have had some off-the field issues in Tanard JAckson (TB Bucks) and Brandon Merriweather (Pats/Bears) as well as Veteran returnee in Madiue Williams,Reid DOughty..
    If their Safety play is good and picks up their system and learn to play well together, The Redksins could have the Best overall Defense in the NFC East.
    If Jackson.Merriweather can get on the same page and play undisciplines and withough focus, the Redksins will be succeptible to big plays (just like they have the last few seasons.. but their Front 7 Can be very,very good)

  • Dcar for once I have to agree with you RG111 will be seeing some stars for sure. I think a lot of the fans and the media are truly under estimating this team, there schedule looks tought, but at the same time this team is tough. I expect them to win the division and pray they can win the championship, and most of all I am not concerned about RG111

  • How many of you right now would trade RG3 for Michael Vick? straight up? I would.

    How any of you would trade Michael Vick for Eli Manning? I would.

    I would trade Vick for Romo.

    Which leaves Michael Vick as the worse QB in the division. Last time I checked the QB was 80% of the team. Of course the fan boys boys will argue me down but let talk stats and potential. RG3 has way more potential at this point than Michael Vick. After what I saw Cam Newton do last year im even more convinced that RG3 will blow the roof off in this division. Eli Manning perhaps the most clutch QB that isnt named Tom Brady. Tony Romo over 4000 yards 31 TD’s 10 Ints. What has Vick shown us on the football field in the last 1.5 years? answer… Not a damn thing. Step your game and prove to the world that you are the 100 million man.

  • I think RGIII will be a very good and exciting player but it will take tsome time..
    I don’t expect him to play out of gate his 1st Season like CM Did with PAnthers..
    There no douct that this is a huge year for Vick and his will be playing for his Future as far as remaining an Eagle Goes.. I believe the EAgles have an buy-out option after the 2012 Season.. You have to remember also, that Vick’s style just dens’t fit any Team, Or Coaches Style.. If he fails in 2012 with the Eagles, I do believe that Vick’s NFL future Career could be in Jeopardy as far as being a “Franchise QB” and getting another big Contract.. If he can’t make it big in Coach AR/MM’s Pass happy Offense with all the Skill Players surrounding him, then word on the street is that he simply not good enough or smart enough to run an Offense or be anywher eclose to being considered a Franchise/Elite QB who could commanfd big $$.. This is a make or break it Season for VIck more so than Coach AR in my opinion…

  • 7-9

    we split with the skins

    Juan tells us how it will take at least 10 games before the guys began to gel….We end up sucking up the joint all season…miss the playoffs but win the last 3 meaningless games, and Andy then tells us we can carry the 3 game momentum in to next season.

    Guys we already know the Safety position is the built in excuse for losses this season …so guys I’m curious.

    Is there any other built in excuses besides the weak Safety position and no Quality back up at QB?

  • You guys might be happy to know that Trent Edwards is quoted ….”I’m finding my way.”

    Great…nothing to worry about here….

  • QB Trent Edwards will be gone by the 3rd Pre-Season Game.. Word is that he’s having an terrible time picking up the Eagles Offense.. Anyone know what his “Wonderlic” score was coming out of Stanford…

  • Anyone who expected anything from a guy who was a year out of football and is on his 3rd team in five seasons has to give their head a shake. I mean the guy couldn;t hold on to a job on the Bills or Jags….what kind of competition did he have there? Fitz? Garrard? Gabbert? Damn that’s terrible.

    I stated the day he was signed that Edwards would not make the team (I go to a Bills game every year – Edwards is just…..pedestrian….)

    Skins might be competitive this year but won’t go anywhere with a rookie QB. Still, fanbase actually has some hope for the future.

  • @EaglesSuck- aside from your screenname which shows you as a true troll and hater- you proved you knew nothing about football when you said you’d take Romo over Vick- not even goinng to explain why Vick is better than Romo. Then you show your lack of football knowledge by saying you’d take a ROOKIE over a QB who we’ve seen at his best and worst. You’re making projections son. And i dont give a damn how many Super Bowls the Giants win I would NOT trade Eli for Vick. Now back to your Cowboys board- the one team we all know will lay down year in and year out.

  • Eli Manning is a f*cking dope. Yeah he won a Super Bowl and I repsoect it blah blah…But Eli looks like the type of guy that won two Super Bowls and hasnt heard about it yet.

  • Eaglesinoak- If you were a owner of a franchise. You mean to tell me you would rather build a team around Michael Vick over RG3? hahahaha cmon man lets be real here. I know your an Eagle fan and most people find it hard to come out their zone as a fan I get that but lets be real here. Michael Vick has not done squat in 1.5 years. How dare you disrespect Eli Manning. You dont win 2 superbowls by being garbage. Dont give me the Defense and blah blah that won no in that Green Bay game we beat them at their own game and thats scoring. Eli makes Victor Cruz an undrafted free agent look like a top 10 WR!

    Tony Romo has it all but I question his heart. I question him that when the gane is on the line can you get it done? I already know he can light you up in a game. But can he put a offense on his back and carry his team? Still im taking him over Vick.

  • And you must be new to Gcobb. My name was made a long time ago. I never had the intention on posting comments. If I could change the name I would. I dont come on here trolling anyone. I am a football fan period. I blog on many sites including this one. I dont come on here to hate but I do call it how I see it. Sometimes its good sometimes its bad. If you dont like my comments then simply ignore them.

  • peace, I’m honored that you actually agree with me for once, instead of ripping me. LOL! 😀

  • eaglesinoak, Eli has 2 Super Bowls. What does our so-called superstar QB have? STUGOTS! I’ll take that f^#@ing dope Eli, over a career underachiever, any day of the week. I can’t stand EaglesSuck either, but let’s not get carried away. You know you would take Eli, over Vick. Stop bull$#!tting yourself. Tony Blowmo sucks, RGIII is an unproven rookie, who has yet to take a snap.

  • Es, you keep saying that, but Mike Vick has the same number of Superbowl MVPs as you have barriers to you changing your screenname. You CAN change it. What, you mean you can’t with the same email address? Create a dummy email with one of the billion free email sites. Come on man….

  • I would like to have RGIII because he is young and looks like he’ll be a beast in the future…

    I wouldnt trade for Romo or Manning though..

    Romo has never done sh*t.. get him outta my face..

    Eli is a clutch Qb in the playoffs, but we have had number for years and he cant eat if dont let him…

    I like RGIII’s potential mostly….. But other than that I take Vick…

  • @Dcar SPEAK 4 YOURSELF. I would NOT take Eli over Vick. Im aware that Elu was PART of a team that won two superbiwls hes still not all that. He had a hell of a defense and a hell of a team. But he didn’t ball out. MY OPINION. U KNO WHO ELSE HAS A RING? Reggie Bush but i wouldnt trade him for Shady.

  • @EaglesSuck i stand by what i said u have zero knowledge u actually think Romo is better than Vick. Goodbye. Im not new ive been a reader for years sometimes i cannot resist the urge to answrr someones idiocy. RIGHT NOW: Vicks better than Rg3 bc Vick has won PRO GAMES rg3 hasnt. Vick has more playoff wins than Romo. Plus Romos Romo nuff said. And yes Eli has 2 rings so does Charlie Batch. I take 7.

  • EaglesinOAK – save your breath, many of these cats just dont understand football is a team game! Would the Eagles had won the SB with Eli as QB this past season or previous? No! Why? because the team still wouldnt have been good enough, THE TEAM! Now lets put Vick on the Giants??? yea pretty intriguing isn’t it? There are way too many circumstances involved, concerning personnel, coaching staff, chemistry etc…

  • RT – always keepng it real! Exactly.. Big Ben has a couple SBs – and I know for sure the first one was in SPITE of him, not becuase..

    and ever notice its the QB that’s clutch – it wasn;t Manningham or Tyree or Burress that were ‘clutch’ (I forget who caugth Big Bens against the cardinals) and Welker that wasn;t – but Brady wasn;t clutch -… TEAM game gents –

    the SB is won by TEAMs – not individual players.. why I can;t stand the Dan Fouts Dan Marino verse Trent Dilfer conversation..

    Vick verse Manning, Romo or RGIII

    if I get the Vick from 2 years ago.. Vick. I have never been impressed with E Manning – never – Manning may have a ring (so does Andy Reid for that matter) or two but the SB means the best TEAM.. and honestly – not that impressed with either of the two Ginat teams that won the SBs that year.. they seem to get hot in the playoffs – do I worry the eagles will lose if they play them – NOPE – I predict we will beat them both times next year – hell we have beat them 6 of the last 7 times we played them – 4 or 5 times at their place

    hate Romo – think he is on downward side of his career – not getting any better..

    RGIII – I don;t know – how have fast mobile ‘game changers’ worked out – look at the last 10 years worth of SB champs (this plays right into Vinnie’s wheelhouse though folks) all stand in the pocket QBs – E Manning (2) Rodgers – Brees – Rith – P Manning – Brady – Brad Johnson… Dilfer Warner – how far back you want to go…

    Too many top draft pick QBs bust – especially when they are ‘saviours’..

    GRass is always greener right

  • Paulman’s NFC East 2012 Predicitons

    #1) EAGLES – 11-5
    #2) Giants – 10-6
    #3) Cowboys – 9-7
    #4) Redskins – 7-9

  • Compairing Romo to Vick is a joke. Vick can’t read defences or change plays nowhere near as good as Romo and he will never throw for as many yards or td’s. Romo was the reason the Cowboys won 8 game and had double digit leads in the 4th 5 times that the defence couldn’t hold and McCoy and the defence is the reason the Eagles got to 8 wins. Vick is injury prone and a turnover machine so playing in the sack machine known as the NFC East just aint good for him. He’s nowhere near as good as Romo and you can’t even compair the numbers.

  • Tony Romo is not the same player that choked 3 years ago. Eli is not that same little whimp we seen in 2006. Were talking a superbowl MVP. A man that beat a undefeated New England Patriots team. A man that beat the Packers at their own game. You could argue with me about RG3 because to compare Vick with RG3 is pure speculation. But Eli vs Vick is a joke.

  • Romo is garbage..period… There is no reason for any Eagle fan to want that clown…

    Eli is good at times, But he is also an interception machine at times…

    Nobody fears these guys…

    its about more than just the QB position…

    Vick is comparable to any of the guys in this division…

    When we play the Giants this year, Eli wont look like a super bowl champ (he never does against us).. He’ll be chucking and ducking trying not to get hit.

    RGIII maybe on potential… but other than that?


  • @DCar, you’re more than welcomed, you actually hit the nail right on the head that time LOL…………..Peace

  • @DCar, now you’re going a bit to far LOL, there is no way in the hell I would take Eli over Vick NO WAY

  • Would anyone take Cam Newton over VIck…. Yay or Nay..

  • Another year of Newton playing at a high level like he did last year and I will most certainly take him over Vick moving FORWARD.

  • I’d drive Vick to North Carolina, if I could bring back Cam with me. Health aside, dude is a stud. If they can add a few more pieces, they can be legit contenders.

  • Watch the Panthers surprise this year and really run the Ball..
    They have 3 legitimate RB’s in DeAngelo William,Jonathon Stewart and added Mike Tolbert who they say will play the FB position and really didn’t add to their WR position which is basically Steve Smith and a 3-4 young players who are not proven yet (LaFell,Gettis,.. .. They may become a more Ground & Pound Attack than what the opponents and fans are expecting..

  • Hey dcar, how do you think that convo with Vick on the ride down to n carolina would go, Vick starts talking about how he’s disrespected, he’s MV7′ dcar tells him to stfu, you got “stugots “, that car ride wouldn’t last farther than Girard point bridge

  • Ha, good one Jake..

  • wasn;t stugots the name of Tony Soprano’s boat? Didn;t Big Pussy get whacked on ‘Stugots’ –

  • Ummm….EaglesinOak.

    Did you write: “But he didn’t ball out.” in reference to Eli in the playoffs?

    This playoffs he went 65% for 1219 yrds 9tds and 1 int in 4 games. If that’s not “ball out” as far as playoff QBing is concerned….then what is?

    BTW Navy – I think I’ll go all Casey at the Bat and let that easy “wheelhouse” info slide right on by.

  • In a surprise come back, Vick calls dcar a “skivosa”, an outraged dcar drives car off the Girard point bridge, neither Vick or dcar ever heard from again…….

  • Vick’s final words to DCar as he leaps out of SUV,
    “Dude, enough of that damn Mummer’s Music ,I will not miss Philly at all “

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