• May 19, 2022

The Latest Sixer Rumors

Man, I love this time of year. We could be watching one of the best finals in long time with stars on each side. The Thunder-Heat series has seven games written all over it. The Finals, going on the NBA rumors, are running ramped and our Sixers are right in the middle of the action.

Where to start, where to start? Let me begin with the man who may or may not be calling the shots for this off-season, Mr. Rod Thorn.

Thorn’s contract runs out as general manager at the end of this upcoming season, but he has about five years on it to be a team consultant for them. So the Sixers head men (including Collins and Thorn himself) have started the process of finding his replacement. At the head of that list is former GM Danny Ferry. Ummm, not really crazy about that dude considering the only thing he did good for the Cavs was draft Lebron. Though Ferry is now the vice president of basketball operations for the Spurs, so maybe he has learned something. I would actually like to see them go after Kiki Vandeweghe. He put together a pretty nice Denver squad a couple of years back. Now you have Charles Barkley throwing his name into the fire. He would be entertaining as hell but I just don’t see him being able to do the job. There is also rumors that Collins is the one pushing out Thorn early. There are reports that he wants more power, supposedly him and Thorn have a little beef going on. Either way Sixers need to get this done if they want to replace Thorn this year. This off-season is too important for them to drag their feet on this. Rumor time!

Here is the list of rumors I have heard over the past couple of weeks.

Lou/Spencer: Lou is most likely opting out and he has actually tweeted about it earlier in the week. Spencer is an unrestricted free agent. They are both reportedly asking for $7 million per for a starting point. No thanks fellas!

Brand: Still have not seen that the Sixers are definitely amnestying him. Maybe they are seeing what plays out after the draft. If they keep him they could use him as trading chip at the deadline. NBA always love those expiring contracts, especially one at $18 million.

Iggy: There is all kinds stuff going on with him. Rumors of him going to the Warriors for the 7th pick. Also reports of him maybe going to the Raptors for 8th pick. Both teams are looking for a swingman. Still hearing chatter about Iggy for Rudy Gay straight up. Gay is a nice player but not what I am looking for. I can see all this going down with Iggy involved. I also can see him staying here.  One last thing about Iggy, he was traded last summer for Monta Ellis only to be vetoed by the Sixers sale not being complete, according to InsideHoops.com

Draft: This is where things could be getting fun. Like I said before there are reports of the Sixers moving up in the draft.  There are also rumors of them wanting to trade the pick for a veteran. I believe they are leaving all their options open. Seeing what makes the most sense. When it comes to drafting at #15 the Sixers have been linked to guard Austin Rivers, power forward Terrence Jones, power forward Arnett Moultrie and swing-man Terrence Ross.

Joe Hickman Jr.

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  • If anything the finals is disheartening. After watching the Heat and OKC and knowing the Bulls were the best in the East if not for the injuries its really sad knowing your team has no shot at a title for YEARS. I mean isnt that the ultimate goal? How can the Sixers compete when teams are throwing out Lebron, Wade, Durant and Westbrook? We are throwing out Iggy and Holliday. Its just a hopeless situation. I know I know they play hard they play the right way. Phillies, Eagles and Flyers are expected to win championships, Thats what the paying customer expects. Theres just nothing the Sixers can do to compete for one. What can Rudy Gay do with Durant and Lebron and Kobe and Dwight and so on. I guess just going into it knowing you can be somewhat competitive and tell the fans we are sorry but we all know we cant win a championship but will give you some entertainment at a reasonable price is all you can expect.

  • Eagles were home for that Wild-CArd Game versus the PAckers who barely made it into the Playoffs. The Eagles were favored and choked again, the fact the Packers got on a roll and went on to win the Super Bowl does not change this fact.. Eagles won the NFC East, hosting a home WIld-Card game and were the Favorite and put up an egg in the 1st Half being down 17-3 (which should have been 21-3 for WR Jones dropping a wide open slant play that Asante Samuel got burned on) The Eagles made a comeback just like they did versus the Arizona Cardinals the NFL Champ but both games were lost in the 1st half in my opinion…

  • Paulman having homefield, home court etc advantage means nothing anymore. Regular season record means nothing. The sports lanscape has changed. We are littered with championship teams from the LA Kings to the ST Louis Cards to the NY football Giants of teams just getting on a roll. The only professional sport where the best team wins almost ALWAYS is in the NBA.

  • You still have to play the games, so you may as well try to win them and I am sure every Coach and PLayer would rather play home then on the road..

  • Dgoolden truer words have never been said on this blog…the best team doesn’t always win… The cards were 10 games out last year…the sf giants weren’t a great team…you have to ride that wave…all you can do is give your team a shot to win it and hope to get on that roll

  • So Joe, pretty much, you brought nothing new to the table. If you don’t think that Gay is a major upgrade, to Stinkadala, you are nuts & don’t know B-Ball. BTW, thank you for bringing up the non-trade, fot Ellis. I feel vindicated, because a few of the @$$clowns on here called me nuts & told me it wasn’t true, when I brought it up several times. How would you like that trade now? How good would he have looked at the 2 with Thadd & ET at the 3? We would only need a 4 & 5, instead of still needing a pure SG. AS I SAID, THEY DID NOTHING, IN THE OFF-SEASON, nor THE DEADLINE, BETTER THIS TEAM! NOTHING!!!!

  • DCar glad to see you have not changed. Lol. I say no to Gay. Dude, I want a big-man for IGGY plain and simple. This team needs a big-man in the worst way bro

  • If this team is going to step up in challenging for an NBA Championship, they are going to have to get rid of Elton Brand, and Andre Igoudala Period.

  • DCar, Brother my opinion is, The Sixers are no better off with Rudy Gay, then you are with Stinkadala; Its going to be the same result. So I don’t look in that direction. But if we trade Igoudala, I deal him for a player, and a draft pick, or two if its a multi team deal. I move, or amnesty Brand for Salary Cap relief, and sign a major free agant, or two. I also Draft Michael Kidd Gilchrist, or Terrance Ross, Arnett Moultrie, and Quincy Miller in the 1st round, and John Jenkins, Kyle O’Quinn, and Miles Plumlee in the second round.

    And if the Sixers want to move Doug Collins to the front office in some capacity, I want Jerry Sloane, as the Sixers next head coach, and Danny Ferry, as the next GM.

  • Not going to happen Gmcliff…
    Collins,Sloan and Ferry all together in one Front Office.. Impossible
    Let Collins run the show for the next 2 Years and see what he can do

    Gilchrist will be long gone by the 5th Pick and cant shoot the ball and is another Iggy..
    I do like Terrance Ross and Arnett Moultrie with their 1st Round PIck and they need some legitimate Front Court (PF/SF Players) since they are lacking this skill set on their Team and then a pure shooter, a 3 PT Ace like Free-agent George Hill from the Pacers

  • Jamal Crawford will be a unrestricted FA this off season. If you want scoring thats who you sign. He can fill it up. And hes much taller than Lou Williams. I too like Terrance Ross and mentioned his name weeks ago as someone i would look to draft around the 15th pick and now they brought him in for a workout and he really impressed..

    GMCliff– my boy Barnes has moved up in most mocks into the top 5, teams are loving him right now, he can do it all on the court, i told you man haha.. If the sixers happen to get up there id draft that man in a heart beat. He has franchise player written all over him..The kings are the 5th overall and JH reports are that they are really High on Andre Drummond, if hes gone before there pick they will look to trade out. The sixers would need to offer up Andre Iguodala and the 15th for that 5th. Doug said that we need to get bigger on the wings and Barnes is 6’8 230 with a ton of potential.

    Also new reports have the Bobcats shopping the #2 pick, allegedly they will trade it for James Harden. Why not the Sixers try and trade Dre for that pick? Theyd have to give them a there 1st this year and next most likely. Or how bout they try to trade for James Harden? Okc cant afford him with all these max deals for westbrook durant and soon Ibaka. Dre would restructure his deal to play with durant and westbrook. But if i was OKC id keep Harden and trade Westbrook because he wants to be the main guy and not defer to Durant… But there are alot of possibilities this off season for our sixers..

  • Hey Paul. I think they are thinking about moving up, or getting another 1st round pick using Igoudala asa pawn. If they move up far enough they are going to have to consider Gilchrist. He is not Igoudala, he isn’t that great a shooter I agree but his potential, is better than Igoudalas. Just brainstorming about Sloan, but I think Collins is somewhat of a hinderance to the progress of the team, but if the Sixers want him in the fold it not imposible all three could be working together.

    Jon Hart, I thought you were high on Austin Rivers. Ross can create his own shot, and is a better, and more consistant shooter than Evan Turner. Moultrie is a must have in this draft. I pass on Sullinger, he’s just a rebounder, with no real defensive presence, and John Henson is too skinny.

    During the NBA Combine they have commented on how Harrison Barnes, was ovehyped coming out of college. He will be a good player, but he isn’t special. The Sixers need special. BTW, the only reason he is moving up is because a lot of the teams like his professionalism. His personal maturity is more polished than his overal game.

  • Harrison Barnes = Marvin Williams (another former Tar Heel) overhyped too when he came out.. What has he done in his NBA Career..

    I see no way that Iggy is going to return a High 1st Round PIck by himself..
    The 76ers would have to package Iggy and their #15 to move up into the the Top #8 to get int position to Draft a GIlchrist,Robinson,Drummond,or Beale type of players…

  • Some more Paulman Rumor’s…
    Sixers send their 15th pick, and both Andre Iggy and Thadd Young to the Portland trail Blazers for their #6th and their #11th Picks..
    Sixers then trade thier 6th Pick to the Houston Rockets for thier 2 1st round picks (#14 & #16), then 76ers trade the #11th Pick to the Boston celtics for their 2 1st Rounders (21st & 22nd Picks)
    At the end of flurry of trades, the 76ers end up with 4 selections in the 1st Round

    #14 – PF Terrance Jones Kentucky 6-10 250 lbs
    #16 – SG Terrance Ross Washington 6-7 200lbs
    #21 – SF Moe Harkless St Johns 6-7 210 lbs
    #22 – C Miles Plumlee Duke 6-10 250lbs

    76ers’s then add 3 PT SG George Hill in Free-Agency andSF Brandon Bass and look like this for the 2013 eason

    Starters – Holliday, ET, Brandon Bass, Terrance Jones,& Vucevic
    Back court Reserves – George Hill, Terrance Ross & Jodie Meeks
    Front Line Reserves Lavoy Allen, Moe Harkless, Miles Plumlee, Sam Young and DJ White (another Free-Agent pick-up)

    1st Pick Terrance Jones will make a real impact right away, Rebounding,energy and never quit attitude make him one of my favorite Rookies in this Draft once the Top 10Picks are off the board.. Hhe needs to work on his offensive skills but the 76er’s have others who can score, T jones will reboud,defend,block shots,guard the lane and be an enforcer and leader in the inside that the 76ers haven’t had in many, many years,..

    I look at Terrence Ross as a much more offensivelly skilled player than IGGY, who can still play defensively at the #2 or #3 spot well and use his length,foot speed. He does need to get stronger but I see him as a player with lots of upside..
    I see Moe Harkless as a wiry,leaping player who has a more offensive skill set than Thadd Young, has a nice outside jump shot and can handle & pass the ball which TY has a real problem doing,,.harkless also will need to get stronger
    Them Miles Plumlee can come in and give you 8-12 minutes a game, High energy, rebounds,decent shooter and a high Basketball IQ who is a Team player… Plumlee should help improve Lavo Allen’s energy level too by pushing him for playing time..

  • Paul I too like Terrance Jones and think he has a game very similar to Josh Smith, but I think Jones has more upside. Hes incorporated a jumper and a 3pt shot into his game so he has the chance to be a real force in the league, and he hasnt even grown into his man body yet, hes only 20 same age as my nephew.. Our draft would be a successful one if we got Jones and Ross alone.That would be wild. But Paul with your scenario, how do you think we would be able to afford all these 1st rounders? We’d literally have to have only 4-5 guys under contract to pull this off… But I also like your other two picks, Harkless is no longer a sleeper teams are hip to him now. Hes gonna be a good pro

  • And whoa to you both, saying Barnes isnt that good and overhyped and the next marvin williams. I wouldnt say that at all 17pts 5rebs 1as per game for Barnes in college to 11pts 6rebs and 0as by Marvin Williams his last year. Barnes is the type of player that when he catches fire look out. Hes the type that could be in the top 10 in the nba in scoring. Paul you keep making that comparison between williams and barnes but the only thing they have in common is that there both african american. Two different styles on the court and Barnes is a better scorer. Barnes just has to learn to drive to the hoop more. His defense is good but can improve there too.. Huge upside with Barnes

  • Guys Terrance Jones first of all is not 6-10,……he’s 6-7,6-8, tops, and not that good.

    Paul, I know you don’t like Thad, but he’s not going anywhere he will be on this team for years to come, unless he decides to opt out. Realistically he is better than you’ve analyzed.

    Jon Hart, Barnes is an excellent athlete, but don’t be fooled by the hype or numbers, that mean nothing in the pros. Dennis Hopson scored 28pts per game in college while at Ohio State, what did those numbers mean in the pro’s …….nothing, and he sat the bench for most of his career. I know for a fact that Barnes is much more talented than Hopson, but you going against the grain of thr experts, who say he was flat out over-hyped comoing out of high school, Didn’t have a good Freshman year, had a good Sophmore year but was as unspectacular as anyone could be. He played High school ball in Iowa, of all places, but when he played against bettwer competition on a regular basis, it turned out he wasn’t any better than some ranked under him coming out of college. Still I think he’s pretty good but you can’t sell me on him as a superstar in the making; He’s OJ Mayo, talented but thats it.

    Terrance Jones’ of the world are a dime a dozen. He’s not all that He’s mocked to go in the later part of round one. His superstar college teamates won’t be there to make up for the lack of what he doesn’t posess. Michael Kidd Gilchrist, basically took his starting spot, but out of respect for him being an upperclassman, suggested to Kentuckys Coach that he would come off the bench. Please stop it with Terrance Jones. We need starters, he will be coming off the bench for a while. Why draft a guy who brings nothing special to the table?

  • I love your football prowess guys but, with all due respect you guys don’t know basketball talent.

  • and Paul I DO agree with your analogy about Barnes, and Marvin Williams. Jon is right when he says Barnes is better, but their careers wont be that much different, with Barnes avaeraging about 8- 10 points more per game, because he has more ability to score. No all star games just a nice complimentary player.

  • I do like Gilchrist and if i were to get into the top 3 i would draft him. Top 7 or 8 it would be Andre Drummond. And Id still draft Terrence Ross who im starting to like more than Barnes. I do not like Beal at all, reminds me of another eric gordon who is undersized to me at 6’4 and wants to play SG, and all he wants to do is shoot all the time. Got a chance to look at Terrance Jones, hes still very raw and needs more time but he will be a good player down the line. But those are my 3 favorites in this draft that are attainable if the sixers play there cards right..

    1. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Trade into top 3)
    2. Andre Drummond (Trade into top 7/8)
    3. Terrence Ross (We keep our pick #15 overall)

  • This rumor of Stinky & our 1st, for Al Jefferson & their 1st, is gaining momentum. I wouldn’t mind that deal. Jefferson would be a great PF, to replace EB.

  • Al Jefferson is a very underrated and good NBA Player. I would dod that deal in a minute… As far as my basketball knowledge.. It’s not very good, I admit.. My fantasy rumor was just that and just for fun..
    Drummond will most likely go Top 5 and don’t think he’s there at #7 or 8
    I wouldn,t mind to see the 76ers trade baack to get 2 players in the Top 30 since this is a pretty deep Draft..
    They need 2-3 Solid Players on the front-Line with at least 1 of them being a veteran NBA Player like Jefferson, or Free-Agent Bradon Bass, they need a legitimate play to step in and get 15-18 pts and 8 Rebounds a night

  • Maybe its gaining momentum in your head DCar bc there is no trace of it elsewhere haha I wouldnt mind a player like Jefferson who can play both PF and C positions respectably. But I want them to get a SG in he draft that can score the ball. A Gilchrist or Ross, two guys with height and can shoot over people and can defend. We should keep Elton for this year and use him as a trade chip at the trade deadline for teams looking for cap relief at the end of next year. But Dre will most definitely be traded and they could be quietly shopping Evan Turner too just to gauge interest from other teams with what they are willing to offer.

  • Lil BRON-BRON, it was on bleacher report, ESPN insider & Steven A, Smith, & Wilbon have talked about it. Also, Dee Lynam was on Mike & Ike a few ago, & discussed it as a possibility. Al Jefferson is on a team with 4 bigmen deep. So don’t question me, @$$PUPPET!

  • Guys I heard about the Al Jefferson, and Sixers rumors, and all the discussion afterwards was discussions of the initial rumor. Update – Whats happening is a multi team deal involving, the Sixers, Utah, Houston, and Portland, involving players, and draft picks. So that rumor is just 1 part of a potential bigger deal.

    DCar, remember I told you bruh, – and we are boys, so we have zero animosity between us – L.Aldridge, does not want to be a part of a rebuilding project at this juncture of his career, but Portland isn’t going to just give away their superstar; but would think about it, if it brought them Jefferson, or Bargnani, Dalambert, Igoudala, and 4-5 first round draft picks, between this year and next year?……..think about what that possibly may bring the Sixers, lets brain storm…..Aldrirdge, Montejunas, 3 – 1st round draft picks, and salary cap relief to sign 2 major free agents?…I hope they make the right decisions, and do whats best for the team.

    Jon Hart you are a smart man, ( no surprise to me) because, it appears the Sixers are willing to eal Evan Turner for the right deal, and thats only because they ARE going to move Igoudala, and moving Turner, would get them a player, and a high draft pick. I have said myself, Evan Turner can’t shoot, and he is reckless with the basketball, which is why Collins sat his ass down, and it DID cost us some games during the regular season, and in the playoffs. That would not surprise me. Stay tuned fellas, this could get really exciting.

  • Hey car… Just read that coach k and all of USA basketball was fired because they picked Iggy for the national team and that you think he stinks
    USA hoops realized that you know more than coach k

  • Haveacigar – In DCar’s defense. Igoudala may have been chosen, but in no way is he in a position to carry the team; He can concentrate on the one thing he is good at defense, and can rely on the actual superstars to pick up the slack, because of his lack of………It doesn’t say much because he is on the USA Basketball team, we all know he can play defense, who wouldn’t want that on their team? I bet you there won’t be any plays drawn up for him. Do you know why? Those coaches are not stupid enough to give someone the ball in clutch situations that isn’t classified as a superstar……Overall, he does stink.

  • Again, philly fans selling Dre short.. again and again.. just because hes not a flat out scorer doesnt mean he stinks. We’ve seen him for a few years now, we know he doesnt stink. Hes a premier defender and can score on the break at a high level. They have him on the USA Team for those reasons. Hes a great all around player and has the ability to improve his teamates around him by giving them the ball where they can excel at. Thats why the sixers will most likely be picking in the lottery or may even get a star player back in return for him. Stop selling Dre so short..

  • **Sixers News**

    Lou Williams has filed the paperwork to opt out of his contract going to make him a unrestricted free agent

    Brandon Roy plans to make a comeback to the nba this upcoming season

    My Thoughts: Nothing to see here. Knew he was going to opt out, and would not mind if he moved on to a new team. Hes a good scorer but does disappear in spirts and is way too short to be effective long term as a scorer. He needs to learn the pg position and not make the same mistake as A.Iverson did.

    And with Brandon Roy coming back, that is a flat out scorer. If hes healthy I would sign him. Just a year ago he was the Blazers franchise player until he had to retire at the age of 26.. Hes now 27 going on 28 with alot of ball left. He got the Kobe surgery. I think Roy will resemble what he was before. Id take a chance on him. But would he come to philly when he could play for the lakers or heat? Probably not but you never know..

  • LOL!!! That was funny Jon!!!………Igoudala stinks….I can’t speak for DCar or anybody else but I can’t be convinced otherwise. The Sixers are better of in the long run WITHOUT Igoudala . They will go no where with him on this roster, otherwise they will continue to be as mediocre as his game.

  • the problem is he is miscast here in philly…he’s a very solid role player. not a superstar and whoever is pissed at him for not being a superstar is an idiot. he frustrates me to watch but i try to remember that if he was the third part of a ‘big three’ he’d be a welcome addition to any team looking for a title. unfortunately the sixers don’t have a big two and i guess some people look at him as a potential#1 player…that he ain’t…. a player doesn’t STINK when just about every team in contention would welcome him with open arms.

  • ok Cigar – HE MEDIOCRELY REAKS………..Not trying to hear the excuses for him, enough is enough I will be glad to see him go……I won’t miss him, because the problem isn’t that he’s miscast in Philly……..He just overrated as a player by this organization.

  • The firing of coach k and his staff by USA hoops was just the first step now Duke has fired him and Syracuse has fired beoheim because they added a mediocre player to the us team
    He ain’t a star… We all get it. Stop looking at him as a crappy star, he is not an elite player you are all correct in that but he isn’t mediocre or stink.
    Coach k wouldn’t have a mediocre player on the best team in the world

  • Well he has…………but nice try with the sarcasm, because realistically he does have a mediocre player on his team. But it’s not like he has never coached overhyped, mediocre pros……..Bobby Hurley, Christian Laettner, JJ Reddick, etc…….the only real superstar he’s really ever had was Grant Hill. But if Coach K coached in the NBA, HE WOULD BE EXPOSED!! He’s a college coach like, Bobby Knight, John Chaney, and Dean Smith,….and he knows it. Please stop it Igoudala is a mediocre pro.

  • Agreed haveacigar, this city is fixed on the fact that Dre isnt a superstar that theignore everything else he does do well and have a lack of appreciation. there arent many superstars in the nba. not every team has the luxury of having one. get over it already. hes exactly what i said he is, a premier defender, great in the open court, and has the ability to improve his teamates giving them the ball in there sweet spots. people in philly discredit him alot calling him a bum and stiff and all these other names. why would you care what a team pays a player? if here was no dre we wouldnt have made the playoffs at all or made the run we did. now is it time to trade him? yes if this team cant bring a scorer in here and a big man or two, he has to go his stock is the highest it will ever be.. but calling a guy whos coming off of being an allstar and now being chosen to the usa team a “bum” or “stinkadala” makes you look foolish

  • Why would anyone care what he gets paid? Because that money could be spent on other players. He is not a superstar and he gets paid like a superstar. He plays great defense and he can attack the basket. But his game is exactly the same that it was when he came into the league. He still can’t consistently shoot a jumper. He plays in a position that is for a shooter and he can’t shoot. That is why I think that he should be traded.

  • How do you figure we wouldn’t have made the playoff without Igoudala!!?? When our leading scorer, Lou Williams came off the bench, and Thaddeus Young was third in the league in drawing charges, and 3rd on the team in scoring, also coming off the bench? and many nights with out HIS energy, we would have lost games? Igoudala was not even a factor in a lot of games this year!! What are you talking about!!?!……I don’t care what he makes; he’s not that good,…….Good ridence he’s a mediocre bum. Period

  • That all star bid was charity for a TEAM that was playing well by the break.Spare me with the all star argument.

  • Coach K didn’t get fired either, It was already agrred upon that he would lead the USA for 6 years and then they would bring in another HC.. Coach K is strating to get up there too and has long season with Duke,Recruiting,etc,etc..
    They brought Iggy on board for we all know that many the Top Players in the NBA don’t really play Defense (except for maybe Kobe) so they brought Iggy on baord for his defensive energy,,

  • GM who will guard Loul deng, carmello anthony, derek rose, Joe johnson, paul pierce, kobe bryant, kevin durant, DWade or Bron Bron and the list goes on? Who on the sixers can take these guys out the flow of there games? Dre does. Best wing defender in the NBA hands down, one of the best finishers on the break in the NBA hands down. No he cant shoot the ball very well but he did lead the team in 3’s and three point pct so lets not call him a bum. He wouldnt have made the allstar game if he sucked, he wouldnt have been selected to the USA team if he was a bum. Why not Shane Battier? Or Ronaldo Balkman? Josh smith? Ron artest? Any body else that can play premier defense on the wing, why not them? Someone answer that please.

  • One of the better defenders in the league is Nicolas Batum, he is just as athletic as Igoudala, not as polished a defender, but he is a better, and consistant shooter. I’m not worried aboout missing Igoudala’s defense. Igoudala is the best YOUNG defender, in the league, thats why he’s more desired than the ones you’ve mentioned, especially Artest; You know nobody is going to chance him embarrassing the country at the Olympics. Its not that big of an issue, especially if they improve their front court defense with some talented bigmen with some height……..His OVERALL GAME IS MEDIOCRE!!I would much rather have Ryan Anderson playing the Small Forward for us than Stinkadla, can score and play defense

    Kiss him goodbye, you can love his mediocre game while he is playing elsewhere you know why because he’s just that good………..bum

  • And he led the team in 3 pt % because he has the green light from Collins to shoot more, which is stupid on his part for try ing to sell Philadelphia on the dream that he is a better shooter than we think he is…No he’s not. I am so unimmpressed with anything about Igoudalas game, except his defense, and that alone got him on the USA TEAM……BECAUSE HIS OVERALL GAME IS BOOTY!!

  • Did you seriously write “one of the best finishers on the break?” So since he can dunk well in the open court, he should make 14 mil a year?

  • I rest my case Bugsy…….

  • More Negadelphia if you ask me. Im not mad at the contract he got because at that time what wing player was available that was better than Dre? Noone, we had no plan B so sometimes you gotta pay up when you have no other options. And this organization was hoping that Dre would develop a better jumper and honestly he has improved it but just not a durant type, but who has that? Even bron bron and wade dont have a jay like that. But the ones that really cap strapped us all these years was cwebber and iverson, more so iverson. His contract was ridiculous, maybe if they didnt gve him so much money they could have added better talent around him over the stiffs they had and maybe coulda won a title… but i digress…

    You guys couldnt properly answer the question because in reality the answer is hes a premier defender that is a good all around player that can do it all on the court. GM, Batum didnt make the allstar team or USA team. Cmon man just stop it. No comparison. Thats why the guy that teams are asking about is Dre, we may end up with a lottery pick bc of it. Negadelphia needs a reality check. The only reason were gonna trade Dre is bc we dont have a superstar player here and we need one or someone in that ballpark in order to go to the next level so we gotta trade value in order to get more value back and take this team to the next level. So dont misconstrue why the Sixers will trade Dre, they really love his game and dont wanna trade him but they know they have to..

  • Yes they no they have to because they are paying him superstar money, and as you have said yourself, he is not one. That is not negative, that is fact.

    What question do you want answered? He can’t do everything on the court, because he can’t consistently make a jump shot. He may do very well somewhere else, because he won’t be the man there. Here they are paying him like he is and giving him the ball like he is, but he is just not that guy. Again, that is not negative, just fact.

    And don’t mention him and Iverson in the same sentence. AI was a superstar who willed this team to victories and almost to an NBA championship. He had his faults on and off the court, but his will and talent were on another level than Iguodola.

  • Jon, Thats the point he can’t do it all on the court…he never has, and by your own admission he is NOT a superstar. Batum is not from this country, he’s from France. He is are on their country’s Olympic team, and in Portland LaMarcus Alderidge, gets all the attention, but Batum is a free agent, that will be paid like Igoudala reasonably this year because they are equal in skill level. I know you are pro Igoudala Jon, my brother, but you are completely delusioned about his overall game, otherwise you would never state he can do it all. If he could they would keep him despite the salary hit , because you can still sign, and trade Lou, trade Evan Turner, (which is still being explored)and amnesty Brand……..Jon we can agree to disagree, but as I’ve stated I have grown tired of all the 1). clank Jump shots, 2). the turnovers in key situations because he can’t really handle the ball, 3). the disappearing in games offensively, and then trying to claim he can do it all because during the game he realized his shot wasn’t falling, (what else is new) so he settles for distributing the ball for assist to pad his stat sheet, and 4). Cherry picking in transition because he knows he can’t create his own shot…..Plenty of reasons to get rid of him. Its amazing what you can see when you open your eyes.

  • gm, am I too greedy for wanting Jefferson & Aldridge? Aldridge still isn’t running. So who knows if he’ll be ready? BTW, don’t waste your breath, with the @$$CLOWN brothers above. They are running neck & neck, as King of the poster children, for the use of contraception. I have never seen such unreasonable, clueless, brainless, imbeciles, like them, in my life. It’s really sad.

  • I wouldn’t expect anything else from the man DCar…………

  • gm, realistically, what do you think our moves are going to be? I think Brand gets amnestied. Stinkadala, gets traded for either Rudy Gay, Josh Smith, or Al Jefferson. We will sign Javale McGee, Cortney Lee & Jason Terry. We draft PF Moultrie, or Lamb.

  • They are still trying to trade Brand, before they decide to Amnesty him.

    Rudy Gay, and Josh Smith are literally lateral moves, if you are going to trade for them, you might a well keep Igoudala.

    At this point in his career Al Jefferson, is not really a starter, and considering his injury history, I wouldn’t want him. You know, I would do what I could to get Aldridge, and do a duel sign, and trade with Lou, and Nicolas Batum, and trade Igoudala, and a future #1, for their #6, and Draft: Terrance Ross.

    This would be easier, and bring back more for the Sixers if more teams would be involved, so they could get another #1, and Draft: Arnett Moultrie

    I would also trade Evan Turner, and our #1 this year (15), and next year to Charlotte, and Draft: Andre Drummond

    JaVale McGhee, is a nice name for consideration for Center, but remember, Collins loves Spencer Hawes.But, I would rather have McGhee. I would like to sign Jason Terry, and Andre Miller, for some veteran leadership, and Courtney Lee isn’t worth talking about, he’s done nothing since his rookie year.

    I am one who is clamouring for the Sixers to sign Ryan Anderson, to play the 3, and I still want Donatas Montejunas’ rights from Houston. I think that would give us what we need to challenge for a future championship

  • I said that he can do it all on the court and he can, hes a all around player. I never said he does anything great besides his transition game and he doesnt cherry pick, gm your hate for him has blinded you so much its unbelievable haha The same goes for all the Bron Bron haters, you ignore the greatness that you see him do on a regular basis and focus in on his flaw so even when he does do amazing things you find a way to criticize that. Same is true with Dre, but dont misconstrue what iam saying, im not denying that Dre needs to be traded at all because he does and the reason for the trade is to get more value back for this young team on the rise and you keep forgetting that the time of the deal Dre got there was no other SG/SF available that was better than he was. None. He was the sixers plan A,B,C-Z. And Batum should have never been mentioned at all, hes not a allstar and isnt even an american so hes not gonna be on the usa team and if he was an american he still wouldnt be on the usa team and you can take that to the bank (Hes not better than Dre either). Alot of foreign players play for there native teams even if they are less than average so that wasnt a good argument by you GM. But like you said we can argree to disagree man haha I know im dead on though..

  • G- Jrue Holiday 6-4
    G- Terrance Ross 6-6
    C- JaVale McGhee 7-1
    F- LaMarcus Aldridge 6-11
    F- Ryan Anderson 6-9

    G- Andre Miller 6-3
    G- Nicolas Batum 6-7
    C- Andre Drummond 6-10
    F- Donatas Montejunas 7-0
    F- Thaddeus Young 6-8

    G- Julyan Stone 6-7
    G- Jason Terry 6-6
    F- LaVoy Allen 6-9
    F- Arnett Moultrie 6-11
    F- Quincy Miller 6-9
    F/C- Kyle O’Quinn 6-10
    C- Nick Vucevic 7-0

    Jon, if you are that sure of yourself, God Bless you brother. I say you are one of a handful of mislead, decieved, hoodwinked, Philadlphia 76ers Front Office, Andre Igoudala Suckers. This is a mute issue as far as I’m concerned.

  • gm, +1 on last post. Minus Miller.

  • Updateed Rumor Alert – The Sixers are interested in Trading Andre Igoudala, and the 15th pick in this years draft to Charlotte for the #2 pick in the draft, this years 2nd round pick, and Matt Carroll. The target in the draft is Andre Drummond.

    The Sacramento Kings are interested in Evan Turner, and willing to give up the #5 pick with the right package. Target with this pick is Michael Kidd Gilchrist, or could trade down for more pieces, and draft Terrance Ross.

    Strange rumor gaining steam has Houston trading Donatas Montejunas, and the #14 pick in this years draft, for a signed and trade Lou Williams, Elton Brand, and a future #1. Target in the draft is Arnett Moultrie.

    DCar, Miller is a steal in the second round considering his skill set. Before he tore his ACL in high school, he was a potential Lottery Pick. Nothing to lose in the second round.

  • Wow, rumor mill is churning them out. What about Beal if they trade Turner? Pair him with Holiday. Barnes to play the 3? I am not too high on Drummond. Too much of a risk.

  • The Sixers are watching OKC play in the NBA Finals and there saying this team is is young and after a few years playing together could be a power house like OKC, I called this last week that the Sixers are modeling there team after OKC. Andre Drummond is a target Gilchrist is a target. Beal is too short to play SG as just a pure shooter. I prefer Gilchrist and Drummond! This team will compete for a title relatively quick

  • GM, you like Beal? Im not a fan at all. Id prefer Gilchrist, Ross or Barnes. Beal is way too small and the sixers will not target him bc they want bigger wings not little guys that should be running the pg position. Drummond has potential thru the roof and would start day one. Can play both PF and C..

  • Comparing the talent of the 76ers with the OK Thunder,no matter how many years the 76ers stay together is crazy thinking JH..
    Durant is one of Top 3 Players in all the NBA
    Westbrooke is one of top 5 Guards in all the NBA
    James HArden is probably one of the Top 6th Men in all the NBA
    S Ibaka is probably one of the most underrated young PF in the NBA

    You cannot compare Holliday,Turner,Meeks,Thadd Young, Vuceivic to this group with a straight-face.. C’Mon JH.. Take the 76er Goggles off..

  • To GM Cliff, what are you smoking

    The Sixers trade Iggy and their 15th Pick to the Bobcats for the #2 Overall Pick and their high 2nd Round pick along with Matt Carrol.. That’s ridiculous..
    and no way is going to happen.. You guys are way overrated Iggy’s Value
    The Bobcats will trade out from the #2 Pick, but probably with Portland, ROckets or Celtics who all have 2 1st Round Selections..

  • Paul, reread what i said. I wasnt comparing the current group to OKC, i was talking about the sixers after they possibly acquire new talent through the draft and FA’s. Going young isnt a bad thing. Yes OKC is fortunate to have drafted studs at 4 of the 5 starting positions but it shows it can be done. There is a huge possibility that the sixers can get two lottery picks so they may have the opportunity to infuse some younger talent into the starting lineup, preferably Gilchrist and Drummond

  • I think you guys are still overaluting Iggys Trade Value..
    For the 76ers to mve up to a Top 8 Pick , It’s going to cost them Iggy and their own #15 Pick.. Where is everyone coming up that that 76ers are going to get a high 1st Round Pick for Iggy and still keep their 15th pick as well..
    Maybe if they package Iggy and Thdd Young,but neither one of them has Top 1st Round Draft Value on their own, Iggy is not worth a Top #15 Draft PIck in return on his own
    If I were the 76ers. I would trade down and attempt to get multiple picks..
    The ycan get 3 Solid Players between picks #15 and #30, then I would consider this Draft a success.. Forget about Gilcrest who can’t shoot or score from outside of 5 feet from the hoop..

  • OK City is a sucessful Franchise JHm every losing team in the NBA is trying to model themselves like them.. What’s new in your posts JH…
    Draft well, Coach well, Stay healthy and focused and develop Good Team Chemistry.. There I said it, watch every team and GM now copy off of my strategy now to come succesful team… C’Mon JH.. Say something original once in a while… ..

  • That was not my desired choice Paul to send Igoudala to Charlotte. I just copied,and pasted that one from the internet. I did say Igoudala AND their #15.

    Toronto seriously wants to give up a package like that too; giving up their first pick as well . I think thats #7, and Bargnani!!???!…*(I’m shrugging my shoulders)

    I will never overvalue Igoudala, but some in the LEAGUE do. If Jordan wants him he can have him. If we can sucker someone to take Kevin Kolb off our hands, and benefit, we can surely do the same with an overrated crumb like Igoudala.

    Jon Hart, I like Beal. He is short, for a guy that has to guard the likes of Kobe, but thats not his biggest negative. His defense is suspect. I do like him as a player but not for the Sixers. Jrue Holiday, is light years more talented.

    Drummond is their target in the draft, and if Doug Collins can get something for Evan Turner, like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and veterans like Jason Thompson, and Travis Outlaw, he would welcome that.

  • I still think that Drummond has much more potential to be a bust than Barnes, Beal or Kidd Gilchrist.

  • GM don’t mind paul he must have had a bad fathers day weekend, so much so that he can’t even read and comprehend properly haha..

    I too can confirm your report GM, all that you wrote are whats floating around rumorville for the Sixers.

  • Paulman is my main man. We respectfully know how to disagree, without undermining each others opinions. Thats why he post because he’s a real fan. I will ALWAYS RESPECT HIS THINKING. Thank you Paul for your thoughts.

    JH, same goes for you.

  • Thanx )GMCliff.. We probably have been around te block a few times and I value your opinion as much as anyone on here.. I admit, I am not a big fan or follower if tha NBA ( I prefer the College Game where it’s still a team concept and barely so anymore) This is a pretty good Draft from what I can tell and there are lots of PF on the Board and the 76ers need at least 2 (1 who can rebound,block shots and play defense while the other needs to be able to score and then they need a pure outside shooting threat so if thy can add the 3 pieces between the Draft and Free-Agency while losing Iggy & Lou, then they should be a better Team..

  • Were here Paul…..Solid Brother…I just hope they do the right thing, and not keep Igoudala, because that is the #1 thing holding them back from being in real contention. They just love to overvalue mediocre to slightly talented players like: Kenny Thomas, Samuel Dalambert, Jerry Stackhouse, Mareese Speights, Willie Green, and Tony Battie.

    Its scary that they want Doug Collins to make personnel decisions, because he feels the way about Igoudala, Meeks, and Hawes. Time to move on.

  • Thanks GM, I may sometimes let the homer come out from time to time but for the most part I try to call the teams the way I see them. But I also respect your opinions of them as well GM, good stuff keep it coming bro.

  • Hahaha! Bron Bron! Bron Bron! Bron Bron!!! 1 Win away from his destiny, his first NBA Championship! The Bron Bron haters have been rather quiet as of late! hahaha i dont blame you hes shut all yall up, You are all witnesses! Bron Bron! Bron Bron! Bron Bron! haha Its over thursday night! Take that to the bank HATERS!

  • Where are you dcar aka bobby brown, bird brains, paul aka charlie sheen, jakedoggy dogg where yall at??? What a flat out fail on all yalls part. You cant deny greatness, Bron is the best in the game, get over it! Now hes about to be a champion! You are all witnesses!!!

  • No one but you, you @$$clown, gives a rats @$$ about your boy toy. We are true 76ers fans. We don’t root for other teams to win you f^#@ING FRAUD. BTW, who is being quiet, I’m on here the same time every night. You are the one that disappears, & only shows up when he wins, or the topic suits you, or you want to act like you are informing someone of information, that we already have read on 20 other sites. GO GET A LIFE LOSER! YOU ARE A JOKE & A FRAUD OF A FAN, & A FRAUD OF A HUMAN BEING!!!!
    F^#@ THE HEAT!!!

  • LeBron has definitely proven himself in this series and playoffs as a whole. He is much more determined than he ever has been. That being said, why do you love him so much Jon Hart? Are you that excited that another team besides the sixers is gonna win the championship? Not judging here. Just curious.

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