• May 19, 2022

Are The Sixers Targetting Andre Drummond?

It seems everyone I talk to has a different opinion on the Sixers. Trade this guy, sign this guy. The real question the Sixers should be answering is whether or not they should they get younger.

If they are going to get younger, the best way of doing it is trading Andre Iguodala. As I have stated before, Iggy has been mentioned in rumors with the Warriors’ seventh pick, and the Raptors’ eighth, but could the Sixers even get as high as the sixth pick or even the fifth pick by dangling him?

ESPN Insider Chad Ford reports that the Kings (fifth) and Trail Blazers (sixth, eleventh) are both looking to deal their picks. For some reason, even the Bobcats are looking to move the second overall pick. Yup, that is exactly what that team needs to do.

The Kings (who have been stuck in the lottery the past few years) might be finally tired of being in there. Would they want one of the best defensive players in the league, a man who also developed a clutch gene in the playoffs? I personally don’t think Iggy is worth that, but I have seen crazier deals.

The Trail Blazers seem like they could use the picks considering all the bad luck they have had with others. Just to name a few, Brandon Roy and Greg Oden. I’m not sure why they would want to move their picks.

The reason for all this talk is that the Sixers might have their sights on Andre Drummond. They have met with him privately a few times even though he hasn’t worked out for them. Some experts have him going as high as number two overall, and some have him going at number nine to the Pistons. Drummond is a seven foot center out of UConn. He is a very good rebounder, and a good shot blocker as well. He can run the floor and has a decent mid-range jumper. He is the athletic big-man that the Sixers have coveted.

If that is what the Sixers are looking to do I am ok with that. You would have a future with Holiday, Turner, Thad, Allen, and Drummond. That is a pretty solid young core to build/add upon. I also like Terrence Jones and Jared Sullinger (even with Sullinger’s bad back).

For some reason I think Collins does not want to groom another young player. That is where the rumors of them trading their number 15th pick comes in for a vet. You can throw Iggy in there for a big-man as well. Though Doug loves Iggy, I am not sure if really wants to move him or not.

Realistically, I can see the Sixers getting to the seventh or eighth pick by moving Iggy. We will soon find out if Doug has gotten his wish of getting more control of the Sixers as he wanted. If they move up something tells me that Doug does not have all control. If they do move their pick for a veteran he does. I am not sure if I like the idea of Doug having more power.

Joe Hickman Jr.

Bleed Philly Sports! 84 ounces of Coffee a day because that is what I do! Utley's hair has nothing on me! Father of the craziest little girl in the world! Born and raised in Darby, PA! By the way, my Grammar Sucks! You can follow on twitter @phillytugger.

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  • Good article Joe. I already stated this in the Sixers trade rumor post about Andre Drummond. Thanks for validating that.

    I agree the Sixers would be making a mistake giving Doug Collins, more control over personnel. The fact that he covets Andre Igoudala, Elton Brand, and Jodie Meeks, rest my case. But if thats the case, in my opinion, if I am the new ownership, I would question whether he has what it takes.

    You have to be crazy or stupid not to see what needs to be done to get ahead. You Start with Brand, (no brainer), and TRADE igoudala. Period

  • Joe, they can target all of the players they want, but unless they get the 2nd, or 3rd pick, they ain’t getting Drummond. You would have to trade Stinkadala, our 15th +, to get that high. If you think Stinkadala alone, will get you that high, you’re nuts. Also, you have to take into consideration, that you have to except, almost matching contracts in return. So you ARE NOT getting the #2, or #3, + players with matching contracts, for Stinkadala!
    Why TF, do you stepfords keep overvaluing this stiff? Cut it out already. I wish it was true, & I am wrong, because I’d drive him to his next team. HE NEEDS TO GO YESTERDAY!!!!!

  • DCar, I never said that Iggy alone would get you a top pick. I think he can get you maybe 7th or 8th pick. I said that in the article. Plus, I know that u would take on a contract. If Iggy was traded to the Warriors, the sixers would have to take on Jefferson and Wrights contract to make it work. I always take that into consideration bro. Plus Drummond has gone at the 6th pick in some mock drafts. I personally don’t think they can get that high with just Iggy and their pick.I said that as well in the article. Good stuff though bro. You too gmcliff.

  • Joe, put everything you are thinking then, & don’t assume we are mind readers. Again, even if it’s the 7th or 8th pick, we are going to have to include our 15th pick. Stinkadala, ISN’T GETTING YOU, that high of a pick, by himself. Again, with the overvaluing. Even though the NBA GM’s suck, I don’t think they are that stupid. THEN AGAIN?!?

  • It would Take Iggy plus the 76ers 15th to move in the Draft to get Drummond at #5 thru #8 which is where he probably goes..
    Iggy alone is not going to return a Top #12 Pick from anyone

  • DCar, I did put everything in the article. Expect for the example of the Warriors trade.I just giving what I see from some reports and a lot of the reports don’t even mention the Sixers using their 15th pick. Like you, I would think they would definitely have to include the 15TH pick to move up as well.I did assume a bit.LOL.Though your hate for Iggy blinds you sometimes Lol. Paulman, I agree.

  • Amnestying Brand isnt a lock to happen. Here is why, teams covet a player with a big contract like Brands who are on the last year of the deal. Brand may be a candidate for the perfect trade deadline scenario.. So i can actually see brand coming back next season then being dealt to a team at the trade deadline. Brand could be nothing more than a trade piece. He showed in the playoffs that he doesnt have much left so a contending team or a team looking to get cap relief could trade for him and we could get some good pieces in return.. Or we could just keep brand for the year and allow his contract to run out that way..

  • This guy has bust written all over him. Wait until Greg Oden is cleared to play and take a chance on him.

  • ES- With Drummond it could go either way. I too said that Oden is a guy to take a look at as a low risk move that could be a high reward if he’s healthy. He like Brandon Roy had the Kobe surgery and both will be ready to ball next year. But between Oden and Drummond, why not both? Its very possible. And you cant have enough 7ft athletic guys that can shot block rebound and provide a good amount of offense for you. Look at what the lakers were able to do winning those 3 titles with Gasol and Bynum.. Collins said we need to get bigger and stronger at the wings, PF and C positions..

  • Jon- I dont really follow the sixers or anything but I only go by what I read.. A wise man once told me that you never draft based on needs.. Only talent.

  • Andre Iguodala and Jrue Holiday for Russel Westbrook. This gives the keys to the franchise to Kevin Durant 100%. they get a top defender in iguodala and he fits their scheme in my opinion and you get a true young rising PG in Jrue Holiday. Sixers then get the scorer and star that the franchise is missing.

    Starting line

    PG- Draft pick or free agent???
    SG- Russel Westbrook playing a position whichs fits him at SG
    SF- Evan Turner
    PF- Thad Young
    C- Greg Oden

  • ES- I thought about that deal too but never posted it. I do like westbrooks intensity but hes also 6’4 like Jrue and needs to learn the pg position so he can have longevity in the league. Right now he has a one track mind and thats score score score… If the sixers traded both dre and jrue to okc, that would set okc up for the next 5-6 years as true contenders in the league and could be multiple championship winners. I doubt the sixers would make a bone head trade like that. Westbrook is just too selfish and has serious ball hog traits. When you deny a superstar the ball (Kevin Duant) the ball so you can get your points, that says alot. I dont want him on the sixers..

  • Let me say this I love basketball, it’s actually my first passion as far as sports go. But what makes you guys think that Okc would give up Westbrook for bum ass Iggy and Average Jrue Holiday. Westbrook plays a little out of control at times, but his talent is elite. And I am sorry they can get a way better package than that for him.

  • My bad Iggy is not a bum, I take that back but Westbrook is beast like if he ever calms down and plays smart. He will be tough to deal with, he can definitely take a game over with scoring when needed. To me Holiday is just an average point guard. Nothing about his game screams superstar to me, he is just ok. Granted he is young but I don’t see this great potential that everybody else see’s in him.

  • The Knicks are shopping Amare Stoudemire. It would take Thad Young and Iggy or Thad, 15th pick and E.T. Way too much in my opinion.

    I agree he is a ball hawk but you cant deny his ability. This team needs a star. Westbrook is not a SUPERSTAR but he is a star. They have no one to drop 40 on you in a ball game. Jrue will never get 40 in a game. Even the top scorer Lou Williams will never get 40. Id rather have a Ball hawker trying to make plays than watching (in my DCAR voice) stinkadala throw up brick after brick.

  • JH, I strongly disagree with you about Westbrook I will take him on the sixers in a minute. Shit I will throw in anybody they wanted for him. You get Westbrook other free agents will come also and play with him.

  • Our biggest problem in the playoffs was scoring, Westbrook solves that problem from day one. But lets be honest we don’t have any value to offer Okc for him. I know this is just a pipe dream but they would never do it.

  • Im not so sure players would want to play along with Westbrook after what they see him doing with one of the best players in the league Kevin Durant, denying him the ball, trying to be the hero, you think A.I was bad, this kid may be A.I times ten. Not the type of guy i want on my team and primary option and who the team is built around. I like his scoring ability but everything that comes along with him is intolerable.. but after they lose this series he may be a option. They may decide that they wanna keep Harden instead of Westbrook.

  • Hey JH, yeah their all looking at Westbrook play in the championship round while their asses are at home. I admit he has made mistakes but at twenty three (I think that is his age don’t hold me to it.) I will take these mistakes and with good coaching help him grow. He is 6’3″ with a wicked handle and can score from everywhere on the court. His main flaw is just playing under control, which he can learn.

  • Pdiddy im not saying the kid doesnt have ability and potential through the roof, what im saying is look what hes doing while playing alongside a top5 player in KD in the NBA Finals. Hes not good for the team. He has to realize and im not sure he ever will realize, that he cant do it all by himself. 23 yrs old or 33 yrs old. He has the wrong mentality for a team like the sixers who believe in team concepts. He’d drive Doug C nuts, i definitely dont see him coming here and im happy about that.

  • ES. LMFAO! DCar voice. CLASSIC!!!

  • JH are you serious? Are you serious? Nah what would we do with a Westbrook. Lets keep Turner over him. lol. Nah better yet that stud Holliday. Psssst. heres a newsflash, Westbrook is a top 5 player to. You fans are unbelievable. Your still touting “lets play the right way”? Westbrook is a stud. That ball hoging player you recall AI took this sorry ass franchise to the finals and gave us the most exciting B-ball in the last 25 years. You would rather watch this non-shooting, 12 points a quarter garbage over bringing in a Westbrook? unbelievable. Team concepts. lol. He was praised the other night for keeping OKC in the game. If not for him they would of lost by 20. If he came to the 76ers he wouldnt have to worry about feelings no one on the Sixers is capable of scoring more that 13 points a game anyway,

  • dagg, he is too busy having his boy toy, BRON-BRON’s meat in his mouth, to understand what you are saying. Don’t waste your breath on that know nothing imbecile. He doesn’t realize that DC would coach him up. We don’t have 1 person on this team, with an ounce of the talent he has. He is a bona fide star. We don’t need any of those. A team full of swing men, overpaid, fraudulent, Mr. softee, non-scorers are what we need! Jon, isn’t even a fan. He’s a fraud, front running, Bron-Bron, ball slurping, band-wagoner. He only was a fan of the 76ers, when they were making their fraudulent, run for a championship.

  • No matter what Skip Bayless says, this guy is a beast.

    Westbrook is the scorer that is so desperatley needed on this team. My worry about him is his D.

    Heat take the game tonight.

  • JH, you must be crazy high or have a deplorable basketball IQ (or BOTH) with some of the statements you say…

    “what im saying is look what hes doing while playing alongside a top5 player in KD in the NBA Finals”…Hmmm look what is he doing? Look up his stats man and you will see what ridiculous stats he is putting up in these finals..stats a current sixer on this team couldn’t touch

    “Hes not good for the team”…really man? are you insane? if it wasn’t for him his team would have been eliminated by now…if he wasn’t for him they would have lost the last game by 25 points…he was the only guy that really showed up at all

    “hey may decide that they wanna keep Harden instead of Westbrook”…WTF laughable…you mean the HArden that is playing with his tail between his legs…the HArden who is looks like he is playing scared to death right now under the bright lights…the Harden who cant hit an open jumper OR even layup to save his life right now. Yea that makes sense. what a GM you would be

    THen you have talked about the Sixers bringing in Greg Oden and B. Roy as if their careers are still relevant anymore or have been for that matter for some time now. Both those guys are trash right now and have been for a long time..I could see them now getting seriously hurt as they put their sneakers on before the 1st game

    Dude I dont mean to tear you a new butthole (im sure you get that type of sick pleasure from Lebron every night watching him play JK) just saying some of your comments are ridiculous

  • Dagg- So do you want to just make it to the finals or actually win it all? Sounds like your another blind philly fan satisfied with just “getting there.” As great as allen iverson was a scorer, he wasnt the type to get his teammates involved, never learned how to play the pg position, and now is known as that guy with all this potential that wasnt reached. Im not the type of person satisfied with just ” getting there.” Westbrook cant function properly with a top 5 player on his team or a james harden whos a flat out scorer. We certainly dont need a cancerous type of guy like westbrook in control of our franchise. Hes another A.I with one mentality and that’s “i gotta get mines” and yes team concepts are extremely important, this isnt a video game. Look what throwing team concepts got us during the A.I reign, 1 trip to the finals along with an abundance of false hopes. Some guys have the thought “lets just enjoy the ride.” While other franchises are main stays in the finals or playoffs. We need a “TEAM” thats built that way not a one time for all time type, c’mon man..

  • You guys are prisoners of the moment. You see Westbrook drop 43 and LOSE THE GAME and you say oh we need that on our team? Are you guys insane? If he cant play alongside the great Kevin Garnett, then who? Who can he play alongside. Iam not giving this wildcard the keys to the palace bc he wont take care of it..

  • Garnett?

    Sooo…your telling me that the team thye have now is better off than a team with Russel Westbrook? your telling me that a team with greg oden added to it is better off than a team with RW?

    JH…I completely agrre with you in regards to LBJ (in general). but I couldnt disagree with you more on this. prisoner of the moment? not a chance …dudes been a beast.

  • JH – what are your opinions on Derek Rose?

  • And Pheags its not about how many points you score its about when you score them. 43pts later westbrook proved that 1 guy cannot win the game for you alone. Westbeook is a gunner and does not get his teammates involved. I could care less if hes averaging 25 a game, we’ve seen this before (A.I).. means nothing. What stands out to me is his inability to get KD involved and his lack of interest in getting others involved. This team would be up 3-1 in the series if they had a true pg running this team. Your another prisoner of the moment pheags. Everything i say is supported by facts not blind emotion, what i see is a 6’3 pg that wants to be a sg, and doesnt get his teammates involved in the game all he does is score. You think thats helping this team? You obviously dont understand what a pgs purpose is on the court.

  • Derek Rose is the 2nd best pg in the nba after the great chris paul (who okc was considering trading for but decided not to, bet there kicking themselves now). But Drose is learning how to play the pg position the correct way, hes a guy that works to keep his guys involved in the game. He could put up 40 like westbrook if he wanted to but he realizes that there is a bigger picture and for the benefit of the team as a pg he picks his spots. He plays under control. Hes a great player and pg. Westbrook wishes he was on that level.

  • Derek Rose is Russel Westbrook.

  • And lets puts some clarity to what i said about both Greg Oden and Brandon Roy. I said id take a look at them. Not sign them off the street and they’d be the saviors of the franchise. I said they got the kobe surgery and look to make comebacks. If theyre healthy then they should take a look at them. C’mon man thats common sense.

  • JH, there you go again…

    “What stands out to me is his inability to get KD involved and his lack of interest in getting others involved. This team would be up 3-1 in the series if they had a true pg running this team. Your another prisoner of the moment pheags. Everything i say is supported by facts not blind emotion”

    You sound like a lunatic dude. Do you even watch the games or does your LJ boner keep you distracted…Westbrook was feeding people the ball but its not his fault they cant make the shots..do you want him to score for the others like HArden too?…He gave HArden wide open 3s all night and he missed them all. same with the others…so he had to take over since he was the only one who could make a shot come crunch time. Again how is it his fault when the people he is passing the ball too cant make the shots???How is that the PG fault..

    Why do you keep saying he cant play alongside KD? And even worst say you support these ridiculous statements with facts..
    Here is a fact buddy the thunder are in the Finals..
    ANother fact they blew the defending champs off the court to get there…
    Another fact the blew thru LA and Kobe to get there as well…
    Another fact they only beat the Spurs as well who were considered the best team in the NBA by many NBA experts…
    Another fact they were BOTH allstars..
    Another fact Westbrook was only an all NBA 2nd team selection this year in a very high talented PG position with much depth in todays NBA
    Those are facts that make your point about Westbrook sound pathetic and completely make your assertion that “he cant play with KD” Wrong.
    FACT is nothing you say i supported by facts on this topic.

    “You guys are prisoners of the moment. You see Westbrook drop 43 and LOSE THE GAME and you say oh we need that on our team? Are you guys insane?” WTF look in the mirror dude…if you think Westbrook lost them that game your are insane bro. They lost cuz the rest of the team sucked and couldnt make a shot…THEY ARE DOWN IN THE SERIES because of KD (love him as a player) but dont cost his team with his stupid fouls. His foul trouble cost them games they should have easily won.

  • “Dagg- So do you want to just make it to the finals or actually win it all? Sounds like your another blind philly fan satisfied with just “getting there.”We need a “TEAM” thats built that way not a one time for all time type, c’mon man..”

    Yea Einstein…we dont need superstars to win rings these days. PLEASE tell me the last time a “team” without a superstar caliber player won a championship in the NBA to prove that stupid point you just made to go along with the rest of them. WHere is your facts for that since you state you base everything you come up with with nothing but facts…I think the FActs show that you are stupid.

  • JON, you may be the biggest imbecilic, lunatic that I’ve ever encountered. You talk out of your @$$, with delusions, hypocrisy, idiocy, & ZERO FACT! YOU ARE THE DEFINITION OF SOMEONE, WHO IS BLIND & LIVES IN THE MOMENT, JUST HAPPY WITH JUST GETTING TO THE PLAYOFFS. WTF, are you kidding me!?!? Your entire charade, antics & lunacy, with the fraudulent Sixers run, proves that. You are either an immature child, that doesn’t know any better, or a flat out bedbug! YOU HAVE NO CLUE, NOR KNOWLEDGE OF ANY SPORT! ODEN? ROY? STINKADALA? GIVING FRUITY NICKNAMES TO PLAYERS? ABBREVIATING PLAYERS NAMES? ROOTING FOR ANOTHER TEAM, AFTER CLAIMING TO BE A 76ER FAN? CHRIS PAUL OVER ROSE!? NOTHING YOU SAY IS FACTUAL!!!! NOTHING!!!! YOU HAVE THE SMARTS & KNOWLEDGE OF A DIRTY TOILET BRUSH!!!!

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