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Eagles Vs The 2012 NFC East: New York Giants

There is a six-letter word in the English language that, when heard by any Philadelphia Eagles fan after a team, “any” team wins a Super Bowl, is profanity to their ears. What is that word? “Repeat”.

This has been the chant around New York and by Giants fans across the nation since the night of Super Bowl XLVI last February when the New York Giants came from behind to defeat the New England Patriots 21-17.

This word has been filling the airwaves and uttered on every TV sports show the entire off-season. There is a certain disdain and a measure of “hater-ism” emanating from that part of the brain…bleeding from the heart that the typical Eagles fan feels, wondering what it’s like to be World Champs. Never having been in the position to offer such profanity or utter the word, we will set out to see if this is the year the 2012 Eagles will win it all. What does New York have that we don’t? Aside from Super Bowl rings that is.

The Giants have won two of the last five Super Bowls (four in franchise history) by beating perennially, the best franchise in football (the New England Patriots), twice. Finishing 9-7 and edging out the Eagles in the process, they made their way to The Big Dance by simply outplaying the competition. Less than five weeks remain until the start of Training Camp, and much of the talk around the league has been in the Eagles favor, but the road to the Super Bowl goes through New York right? Well, the most talented team in the Andy Reid era will have something different to say about that.

Philadelphia boasted one of the top offenses in the NFL in 2011 with rankings in the top ten in every major category.  But costly turnovers caused the team to finish with a -14 turnover ratio and out of the playoffs, losing the division by one game to the N.Y. Giants. The Eagles have locked up two young superstar weapons in the league’s best running back, LeSean McCoy and dazzling speedster, wide receiver DeSean Jackson (for the next five years) while developing one of the best offensive lines in recent memory, even with the loss of Jason Peters for the season with a torn Achilles tendon.

Quarterback Michael Vick will bounce back from a subpar 2011 season, but will find it difficult at times against what could be the best D-Line that N.Y. has had. Defensive end Justin Tuck is the face of the defense, and had 11 sacks last year, but beware the Long Arm of the “Paul”. Jason Pierre-Paul is a superstar in the making who led the team with 16 sacks and Osi Umenyiora also had nine on a defense that produced 48 total sacks.

The Giants finished 27th in total defense giving up 25 points a game and 376 ypg. New York’s “D” surrendered 255 ypg through the air and allowed 28 touchdown’s, while opposing running backs gathered 121.2 ypg and 15 touchdowns. But statistics aside, the Giants offer a very physical defense that can disrupt any top flight team. Just ask the Packers and the Patriots.

Vick and company will challenge the Giants short and long with a deep corp. of receivers that will battle a New York secondary that had 20 interceptions. Safety Kenny Phillips and defensive back Aaron Ross both finished last year with four interceptions each. But you can’t beat the Giants if you’re not taking care of the football. They Eagles offense must correct that. “If” that becomes an issue at all in 2012 the defense will bail them out of a few jams.

The Giants offense offers the reigning Super Bowl MVP in Eli Manning, a now elite quarterback who went 30-40 and 296 yards and a touchdown in the Super Bowl and looks to add to that status this season. They did however lose running back Brandon Jacobs, tight end Jake Ballard, and receiver Mario Manningham to free agency. Rueben Randle, second round pick out of LSU will compete with Domenik Hixon for the third receiver spot. Randle could be the surprise of the draft for New York.

Either way you slice it, Philly’s secondary, after getting the work in at the OTA’s and at Mini-Camp, have shown great promise to being the defensive backfield we expected last year. Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rogers-Cromartie are looking like the All-Pro players they were supposed to be.

The Eagles defense will be tough to run on, but running back Ahmad Bradshaw will try to give the Eagles all they can handle. Kevin Gilbride says he likes the quickness and explosiveness he sees in first round pick, running back David Wilson from Virginia Tech, a back with pass catching ability and breakaway speed. But against the likes of Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Babin, former Pro Bowler Trent Cole and new run stopping Middle Linebacker DeMeco Ryans, the Eagles could have one of the toughest defenses in the NFL. Throw in one of the finest draft classes Philadelphia has had in recent memory and…yeah, we’re talking about going back to the Dance and finally getting that elusive World Championship!

The 2012 Philly-New York rivalry will pick up this year where it left off from 2011, and promises to be games that will go down as classics. The Eagles already know they can beat the Giants, that’s a given. But this year there’s a certain confidence, a silent swagger, a quiet calm that speaks louder for them this year than any one player could at his eloquent best. The Giants have shown it’s not how you start but how you finish, but in Philly that didn’t quite ring true as the Eagles finished one game short of the playoffs.

Season prediction: Eagles split, winning at home but losing a close one in New York. Eagles win the NFC East Crown. There will be no Giants repeat ending any conversation of a New York Dynasty.

Mylow Young

Originally from Philadelphia Mylow now lives in Statesville, NC about 40 miles north of Charlotte. Mylow once aspired to play with the Eagles a bit after coming out of high school but was sidetrack by street activity and later drugs. He did however play Semi-Pro ball in the Tri-State Football Conference in 1978. He has have been clean and free from an addiction to crack cocaine for almost ten years now thanks to the mercy and grace of the God who loves him! Mylow is the author of two books, his first novel "Against the Gates of Hell: A Crack House Exodus" was released 9-1-11. Visit him at www.mylowyoung.com

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  • IMO its pretty simple when it comes to the differences between us and the Giants. Its makes me sick to say it but the Giants step up when it matters most…they play big in the biggest games. Games most would think they have no chance to win (see GB in the Playoffs/or even SF and the Pats esp they first time around when they were goin for 18-0)..
    This falls on the difference at QB, Coach, and Def IMO…Vick needs to play on Eli’s level this year for us to have a chance..Giants D played well in the biggest games and against the most skilled offenses in the league (GB and PAts superbowl)..Coughlin>Reid..

    I do like our chances this year tho with Ryans/no drama with the contracts (hmm who would of thought that would be the case without Banner in the mix)/ and our solid draft at least on paper. I expect the Giants to fall off a bit this year because thats just a common occurrence of what typically happens in any sport after a championship is won. BUt again Vick, Reid, and Juan have everything they could possibly ask for in this teams talent. Any QB in the league would want to have these WRs, Shady, Celek on their side. Any DC would want to have this pass rush with NA and Ryans in the backfield..its time to win it or for heavens sake let someone else try

  • Yes, we need to win enough regular season, and especially division games to make it to the playoffs…but too many years we have seen the birds dominate teams during the regular season only to see those same teams get “hot” at the end of the season and make a run through the playoffs and some have won SB’s. I care to a point, how we do against division teams, but do not want to lose focus that setting ourselves up to be playing our best ball at the end of the season is really what it is all about. We cannot dig a hole too deep for ourselves early on like last year, but have a strong team ready for the playoffs is really what it is all about. I would surely give away 2 regular season games to the Giants if it meant a SB win for the Birds, but I also do not believe that the two need to necessarily be mutually exclusive.
    GO BIRDS!!

  • They play big in crucial moments yes. But lets not forget the Niners were in there kitchen and i dont think Ginn fumbles two p.r. .Now winners make there own luck but ill stand look at that as a huge collapse by the Niners. But hey,someones gonna benefit from a collapse.

    Giants have an aging o-line,step back in backfield production,improved secondary,top d-line in football(Birds are close),and a question mark at a all important outside receiver(lsu kid wont produce like Mario).I like them as a card team but not to return to the ship.

    Erocks top 5 NFC Squads…you can shuffle em…

    No excuses with an Allpro back now…he stays healthy all year and he’s rushing for a buck 20 in the divisional round to put us in the Conf title game.They have a legit MLB….no more softies up the middle…dline is nasty.One more month.

  • Green, I think its absolutely essential to take care of business against the NFC foes especially the ones in the East. Tiebreakers in the NFC can be huge come week 17. Going 5-1 agsint the division will be a tough task this year since Cowboys will be much better with their additions and now redksins have some hope. Should be fun to watch as a Birds fan

  • Erock that top 5 NFC squad is a violation.

    The Bears?
    The Saints?

    The 49ers behind the Cowboys? cmon man you know better than that.
    49ers will continue what we saw last year. The Bears will be a tough team to deal with. Jay Cutler having his best season as a pro before the injury and now you add Brandon Marshall to that. The lions will be a better team this year and how do you not add the Saints in the mix?

  • Well, I’m here to inject reality.

    Forgetaboutit….Our Eagles will never win A SB under the current Coach and defensive Coordinator.

    The real “Golden Standard” in New York have won “Multiple Superbowls”, and are on their way to being a Dynasty and if Coughlin gets one more he will exceed his mentor Parcells and Canton can get his bust prepared.

    Now, fellas here’s what we have to really look at here.

    New York expects to win and there’s no consolation prizes for 2nd place. That’s what their City is use to and that is what the Team demands.

    Coughlin have had one foot in the unemployment line during a good stretch with the “G” men even after winning a Superbowl yet there’s Eagles fans who actually believe the Eagles have accomplished something during Reid’s 14 years of failure.

    There’s a difference between Philly and New York…The fans in New York are not content with their team winning games against the teams within the division. They expect more….

    And they damn sure would not have paid a coach 14 years with no SB trophy to show for it.

  • Songs you are a moron (ok we all know I can stop there and call it a day… but) if you think there is 1, even just 1, fan in Philadelphia who is content with the Eagles not winning a superbowl. Plain and simple.

    I guarantee that nobody ever told you that they are a currently content Eagles fan. SO, you sir are making an ass out of yourself by assuming or, you putting words into peoples’ mouths they never said, or you are just plain full of shit.


  • Schiller if Andy Reid was fired after this season how would that make you feel as a Eagles fan? would you feel a bit more relived or would you feel that it was a mistake and that the fans dont know what you got till its gone?

    I think what songs is saying is that after 14 years of not winning a superbowl there are some people who say “well we made it to the playoffs, maybe year” and they’re happy with that. No one should be happy unless you win it all. Yeah you can take some positives from it but in the end you cant be satisfied with 14 years of never getting it done. Its a disgrace that this organization has never won anything in 14 years with the players and HOF coaches that you have and had. The Eagles should have won at least 3 superbowls in the last 14 years. You have to question that. I know songs is an ass but he’s pissed off that his team should be better than what they are and rightfully so.

  • eagles suck, being content or not with the state and current composition of your team, and what you think should be done with the coach, are two different dynamic things…

  • ES, Dan Marinos teams. What about the Utah jazz? Sports is not about what should have happened, its about what did happen. If Reid is fired (really not resigned….) after this season, no I will not be relieved, because that will mean new coach, new system, more change and uncertainty. Rarely does a new coach win a SB. You can give me gruden, but its very rare.

    But I would accept it and hopefully have some reason for hope in the new guy. I would only want them to do that if they had a convincing reason to think that the new guy gives you a better shot.

  • schiller… if Reid don’t win the SB then what is the difference between him in another guy who gets the Job and don’t win a SB?

    Again, we’re no satisfied with just being competitive……

    Give us a guy like Gruden who knows how to take a loaded team and win the big one.

    Reid is a good planner and day to day guy but lacks sorely on game day against good teams with good coaches.

    Did you notice that Lovie Smith with less talent on offense than the Eagles manage to win against the Eagles when up against Reid?

    Reid is not a patient grinder who lets the game come to him, but tries gimmicks and rely too much on the big play..and that only work against bad teams.

    14 years is enough!!!!

    I would rather have a Head coach that and build a Championship team through trial and error than a coach like Reid who lives in mediocrity.

  • Eagles suck…The Giants Suck…i said you could shuffle the list. I dont like the Saints this year with all the turmoil and no Payton and Vilma. I could slip the Lions in there over the Boys maybe. I think the NFC East Champ could win the bowl. We’re playing the AFC north and each other twice…will eb a battle rtested bunch. Dont front on the Boys this year…they made some nice moves and i think there a dangerous offense.I dont believe in the Bears,defense is old and I think if they dont get the Forte contract done it could hurt em.

  • I hate the apologist for this sorry organization. Apologists come on here and make every excuse for this organization without admitting the decisions made that costed us the opportunity to win it all.


    Kevin Kolb

    real Eagles fans was looking at this move from the beginning scratching their heads knowing the Eagles were close to getting championship.

    The move stopped us from darting a 1st round pick that could have helped the team immediately and disgruntled the starting QB, and if the player don’t work out it sets the organization back.

    Was he worth the risk?
    Hell no!

    yet apologist mention the Eagles got a 2nd rd and DRC…..

    If someone would have told us he was being drafted to be traded years later for a few 2nd rounders, the fans would have told them to go “F” themselves, yet the apologists are using the trade as a feel good story for the FO yet ignore the damage done by drafting him in the first place.

    When Nate Allen’s ass is shipped outta here we’ll here the same apologist talking about what we got in return for a player that should not have been here in the first place.

    And what did we get for a player that actually produced like Asante Samuel?

    A damn 7th rounder.

  • I hate the idiot Songs who comes on here and pretends he has a freakin clue when he doesn;t know, and demonstrates on just about every post that he is a clueless fuck. Dude – you know nothing about football, nothing about the eagles – you only know how to be a classless, whiney, bitch, nothing more, nothing less.

    Example – Kevin ‘Who fuckin cares’ Kolb.. again.. its like your crowning moment of glory.. you predicted Kolb would be trade for a 2nd round draft pick and an all pro CB… wait – you didn;t predict that…

    but look at the absolute STUPIDITY of your comment – like you know something – in the draft the eagles had the # 26 pick – they dropped to the #36 pick and also picked up an extra 3rd and 5th rounder –

    but songs – again – becuase you are a complete ignorant douche – you stated –

    The move stopped us from darting a 1st round pick that could have helped the team immediately and disgruntled the starting QB, and if the player don’t work out it sets the organization back.

    Who – in those 10 spots would you have picked? Who – again – you bitch to bitch – you whine to whine, your a useless douche – well, becuae your a useless douche….

    then you (and that ball less nut sack Jake) Want to go out now and bring in a McNabb or Garcia to be a backup –

    wait – McNabb should fear a 2nd round rookie and that makes him disgruntled – yet lets bring in a former Pro Bowl QB that publicly states he wants to start???? is there any limit to your double standard douchebag talk?!?!

    hell – the guy the cowboys drafted – spencer in the 1st round – had 66 tackles last year – Rolle had 49, Jamar Chaney a 7th rounder has more tackles then him the last 2 years… oh – and we kicked the shit out of the cowboys the last year – so again who in those 10 spots asshat?

    yet again – you are wrong – your theory is wrong, your information is wrong, and you are just stupid.

    and songs – I know you like to make up words – you ignorant fuck – but it is NOT apologizing to mention DRC and a 2nd round – that is a fact – I realize you can;t handle facts and the truth and all that, but you yet again (shocking) demonstrate your ignorance – I guess every time somone points ut how wrong YOU are they are apologizing… everytime someone points out what an ignorant fuck you are, they make excuses.. yet the only one that ever makes excuses is you.. the trade IS a feel good story – for people that know and understand football – not so much for a constipated jackass

    And no matter what happens with Nate Allen – we will STILL hear your whiney sniveling worthless useless no nothing ASS talking shit like you know something, you will still be bitching and complaining, cause that’s all you know..

    dude – like a broken watch and a broken record.. all fucked up and wrong 23 hours 58 minutes a day, and can;t do anything but repeat the same lame crap time after timeafter time after time after time after timeafter time after time after time after time after time after time after time…

    what truly pisses me off the most, is that if the birds do win it this year – somehow you can;t be locked in a box and not be permitted to enjoy it like the rest of us.. thats why you suck

  • Haha, navy and songs keeping the midnight oil burning…

    For the record navy, I am an ardent advocate that mcnabb was the biggest fraud ever hoisted on the city, clear divergence from the reverend, see post above

    I also wanted Kolb to get his chance, never really did, mixed bag there as far as results are concerned, at least with the eagles, I jousted early and often with songs about Kolb ,jury is still out but songs is probably correct that Kolb is “ass”

    But songs is absolutely correct that you are an apologist for mediocrity, but that’s life, you are an eagles fan, I respect you for that at least

  • Not midnight out here Jake – sun is stillup and the crowds at the beach are still going strong –

    songs is never correct – I don;t apologize for shit – and fuck you that about sum it up?

    taking a fact (the Eagles have not won a super bowl) and then claiming that any bullshit stament some no nohing jackass makes up, and saying that based on 1 fact all other is correct is pure bullshit..

    you know in posts on here yesturday – I read that on one play – Nate Allne got run over and Casey Matthews got blown out.. the initial touchdonw run by Stephen JAckson last year (and then today I read about Asnate Samuel)

    well its true Jack – the Eagles have NOt won a super bowl – but Nate Allen did not get run over, and Casey Matthews did not get blown out – and Asante Samuel was the only Eagle to not get blocked on that play… so if by being an apologist – you mean I tell peopl how absolutley fuckedup their bullshit factually incorrect posts are – yeah – your right Jake – I am sorry – sorry that such a bunch of ignoarant sad sacks who profess to be ‘passionate and smart’ really don;t know shit – sorry – I apologize…

  • The Eagles have handed out their extensions, they’ve signed their rookies and even recently grabbed a free agent… And yet they’re still among the league leaders in cap space. PFF ranked the teams by cap space as of June 22nd and the Eagles came in 3rd with $18.02 million. That’s more space than the rest of the NFC East combined. The Giants are near the bottom of the league with $3.11m, while the Cowboys and Redskins are near the middle wit $7.81m and $6.97m respectively.
    Undoubtedly some of this money will be rolled into next season, but otherwise there’s not a lot to do with it. There aren’t significant signings to be made as far as free agents go. The team as it is now is pretty much the team that we’ll see in camp and opening day.There are some potential candidates for extensions. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is in the final year of his deal, but you would think the Eagles might want to see him play a bit before investing what would likely be pretty big money in him. Jeremy Maclin has two years left so it’s probably a bit early for him, but who knows? Darryl Tapp is in the last year of his deal, but given the draft picks the team has made in recent years it doesn’t seem likely they’ll see the need to extend him.

  • Good info dag, sign a back up qb, Garcia

  • Jake with the importance of qb position did it ever occur to you to ask why Garcia At 42 a forgotten man by nfl standards is on your radar but not 32 nfl coaches gm’s etc? Wow you know more than all them

  • So…….

    How many people on here still think the Eagles have had more success than the Giants?

    Remember Eli was a joke and guys on here was talking about the Eagles dominance in the East?

    How do you guys think they over jumped us and surpassed our team?

    You think it had something to do with Marc Ross whom we let go to the Giants while holding on the Andy’s buddy “Hell” kert?

    I’m open to hear how the Giants out of nowhere began what could be a dynasty?

  • o..

    how many peopl eon here think songs is a redundant idiot.. How many really care what happened last year or two years ago? How many people really care about Kevin Kolb?

    How many people think the eagles will beat the Giants next year – twice? How mnay remember we have beaten them 7 out of the last 8 times we have played them??

    do you have a life? a clue? Why would you come on an eagles site and start talking about how a team that went 9-7 as a dynasty?

    How do you guys think this asshat songs gets so fucked up? Hit by a car? Recovering from a stroke? Snorting too much crack?

    I’m open to hear how this idiot with no clue, no knowledge and no understanding of football comes out from under his slime covered rock and asks lame ass questions?

  • navy…do you think a team that win 3 superbowls within a 6 year span can begin a Dynasty?

    if Giants win another championship regardless of their regular season record can be considered a dynasty?

  • Back to the question…

    obviously the New York Giants have a formula for winning “Multiple Superbowls” and I thought it would be a positive thing to examine how a division rival totally rebuilt their squad while we were competitive and won a 2 Superbowls in 5 years.

    What do they have that we don’t?

  • if aunts had balls they would be your uncles – isn;t that what you say songs –

    and no songs – you don;t want to have a positive discussion – you want to have a discussion to remind everyone that 1) the eagles haven;t won a super bowl and 2) the giants have – in other words – you want to be a dick, a jackass, a fuckstick..

    why don;t we talk about all the positive changes in the roster to try and help us win that SB we all want – why don;t we have a discussion about the positive impact of the new rookie class why don;t we have a positive discussion about the new additions to the coaching staff like todd bowles, why don;t we have a positive discussion about ow well last years rookie class (Kelce, Watkins and Henry among others) played and how much better they should be this year…

    why? Becuase youu are an ASS that really dones;t want to have psoitive disucssions about the eagles – you want to, under the ‘guise’ of being positive break balls –

    what did the Ginats have for their 2 Sb wins – one hell of a pass rush – what are the eagles trying to do this year – one hell of a pass rush – anything else douchebag?

  • Okay navy, you can name call, curse, spin stories, but can’t, refuse to answer the reverend’s question, what do the giants have that the eagles don’t such that while the eagles play competitive regular season football the giants have won two super bowls in five years, so what is it navy?

  • I’m not Navy, but the answer is a smart, well trained, humble qb, and a lot of luck. They only played the pats after they were caught cheating too, that helps. There you have it. Now that’s not to say its a formula. You do not win superbowls by following formulas. You win super bowls by winning the requisite football games. Its not a formulaic, linear, simplistic thing. But people like Songs don’t seem to comprehend that.

  • thank you Schill..now I understand…..

    you can win 2 Superbowls in 5 years if you have luck.

    See Navy,

    That wasn’t hard was it?

    We’re finally getting answers that can lead the eagles to the Superbowl…

    Just need to get some “luck” and we can also win 2 Superbowls in 5 years.

    Does anyone else have reasons the Giants won 2 Superbowls in 5 years while we were competitive?

  • Schill, it seems you have figured this SB thing out and I appreciate your knowledge.

    Why do you think Andy Reid haven’t picked up on these tips in 14 years while Coughlin surpassed him out of nowhere to build a team that can soon be a dynasty?

  • Giants have a a qb that doesn’t make mistakes and have gotten hot at right time and GOTTEN breaks. …remember the hero of first SB win was a scrub who is out of the league

  • Really Songs – instead of just lloking at the NYG – why don;t you look at the last 12 SB winners….

    hey Vinnie – sorry to do this – but why don;t you explain to Songs – for about the 400th time on this site – what the unique and common trait is among the SB winning teams – I know you have done it 400+ times, but Songs apparently is to stupid to have read your multiple informative posts..

    Have a cigar gets the cigar for being first.. but yet agin, songs saticks hi foot in his – well would it be his ass or his mouth – shit comes out of both all the time….

  • and your right songs – it wasn;t hard – that’s why I am stunned you asked such a stupid question – as everyone else on here knows the answer to the question…. just basic understanding of football –

  • well if you are correct Navy, , then who is responsible for the decision to go with these quarterbacks

  • and the answer to that question is not as obvious as one may think

  • Its a given I am correct Jake – and there is nothing wrong with having Vick here – the question is can Vick play smart (like Eli did) Can he avoid big hits and throw the ball away or check down under pressure (like Brad Johnson Eli Manning or Drew Brees) can he use his athletisism at the right time (and not try to make soehintg every play) like an Aaron Rodgers….

    if the answer to that question is yes – then hells bells boy – we stand a really good chance of making a deep run to the playoffs..

    if not, we better hope the other facets of the game (D and ST abd the run game) can caryy us – yes it is more complicated thanks for explaing that to your dumb ass friend songs..

    Jake what is so fascinating about ‘who is responsible for the decision’ – 31 teams ‘went with the decision’ that did not win SBs last year…..

    oh – your a ‘Philly’ eagle fan – yeah – you think SB QBs grow on trees.. that its such an ‘easy’ decision – failing to realize of course there are a large number of outstanding QBs in the HOF (Marino, Fouts, Tarkenton, Kelly, Moon others) that did not win a SB, and there are some really really not so great ones that happened to be on solid teams (Dilfer, Namath (one of THE most over hyped QBs EVER), didn;t Kerry Collins win a SB – Brad Johnson..)

    hell I am not even that imporessed with Manning – the Ginats did not win those games BECAUSE of manning.. they won it becuase of their defense and Manning did NOT hurt them..

    but the UNIQUE c0ommon trait is during the years those QBs won SB – they didn;t make mistakes, they didn’t have turnovers, they rarely took sacks.. they would rather complete a 3 yard pass and punt

    can vick do that – yes, life is good, don;t not so much – same people are responsible.

  • Jake you don’t have any credibility…. Garcia.

  • Anyone else notice that I gave Songs 2 clear reasons and he was able to take note of a whole 50% of what I said?

  • Whoa have a cigR, taking unsolicited shot at me, Nice, but I have no interest in maintaining gcobb cred, just here to post some opinions, joust a bit with the fellow philly faithfuls, yourself included BUT, if Garcia says he’s ready and willing, like he has, wants to come back, then eagles must Take a look and sign him given the glaring weakness at back up qb, assuming Garcia is as reps himself

  • hell Jake – garcia –

    why not Jake Plummer or Troy Aikman or Rich Gannon or wait for it..

    Brett Farve!

    at least two of those guys won ‘the chip’ (I felt gay even saying ‘the chip’) ..

    please not the previous comments were intended as sarcasm and mockery of young Jake… wiat – Ryan Leaf wants a comeback….. where is Jamarcus Russel!!!!

  • Schill – something tells me songs was the kind of kid that was happy if he got a 50%…….. and remember his faithful sidekick Jake (which one wears the mask – whihc one the cap) will mock ‘educated derelicts’ but cheer on and worship ‘uneducated morons’

    wait – I feel a Kevin Kolb statement coming on…..

  • Garcia wants a check z32 gm’s are passing on him. Why would you say bring him in. AR says Kafka is better. Probably 20 at least gm’s would agree. Garcia is washed up… Why would you even say that they should bring him in? Oh I know because when Vick gets hurt you can say YOU right.. I call bullshit and arm chair QB on you.
    My guess is before cowher won his lone SB pissburgh a.hole bloggers were saying similar things
    It takes breaks, luck, skill and a bunch of things…David tyree blew but has a ring. Spags was a great dc , got a ring but ousted as HC…. It’s tough out ther and it really takes the stars to be aligned

  • Navy, fair enough on Songs. But chill with the gay jokes. I really don’t think that 99% of the gay people out there deserve to be associated with Songs and Jake. Sexuality has nothing at all to do with this talk of utter stupidity. Keep that stuff separate – because it really is.

  • Jeff Garcia,,,lol

  • it takes the stars to align, well they sure know how to align them in dallas, dc, and new york, only here in philly, where the fans expectations have been dumbed down, that beating the giants in the regular season is enough for this coach to keep his job, while the new york coach, dallas coach, and watch, the washington coach with his new quarterback, if they don’t win championships they are done, its all good haveacgr, you have your birds on sundays, here in america

  • No homophobic slurs intended – it is kind of a younger slang out here to say things like – how gay is that, that’s just gay – its almost like ‘gay’ and ‘wierd’ wrong or ‘strange’ are interchangeable…

  • the only thing dumbed down is the quality of the postings on here when you and songs ‘share’ your opinions –

    really how stupid is that – ‘dumbed down expectations’ – like is there any fan on here that isn;t hoping, wishing, praying for a super bowl – but becuase we are not jackasses going ‘if we don;t win a Sb we need to fire the coach – we don;t have the same expectations? That’s just stupid – or worse – becuase we are what 2 months from the start of the next season going (like your mentor sir douch a lot songs) we have a glaring hole at back up QB or ‘our safeties are a weak spot, or making comments about Juan Castillo’s last name and mexican food we have dumbed down expectations – christ your an asshat – think before you post much? Didn;t like my BRett FArve idea?

  • navy – I truly understand what you mean about that slang – but HELLO – that’s how hateful language works. I’d expect better from you there.

    When we propegate the connotation between being gay and general ‘weird’, ‘wrong’, or ‘strange’ that passes on the mesage that a whole shit tone of people in this world are bad wrong…etc….that’s f’d up. I’m not saying you’re the only one, but come on man. You’re better than that.

  • Navy, it seems your argument is pointing to Vick’s turnovers as the key reason our Eagles did not finish with better results the last few seasons…….but how does that equate before Vick when Mcnabb was one of the best QB’s in football history to take care of the ball and avoid turnovers?

  • Songs, do you personally believe that the Patriots cheated in the Superbowl v. the Eagles?

  • He he took care of the ball…just not in big games..He threw 9 picks in those NFC title games and Superbowl ( ok 8 that last one in the SB was a hail mary )
    So while it may appear that he took care of the ball that simply wasn’t the case when the big money was on the line….

  • Despite the fact that this might bring another rash of “hater” comments. the answer to Song and Jake’s question is….

    Effecient QB.

    Thant’s about it. Take a look at the last 10 sb winning Qbs in the SB. Check this line for the last 8 SB QBs:

    (note – I am not including the 2005 Pitt victory over Seattle as that game was fixed. No one will ever convince me otherwise)

    Last 8 sb winning QBs:
    206 of 301 (68%) for 2236 yrds (279/gm) with 15 tds and (the kicker) 4 ints.

    Why haven’t we won SBs? We haven’t had that guy.

    I don’t think we have that guy this year either…at least he’s never shown he can be that guy.

    You’ll notice that passing yrds aren’t that impressive. Its the incredibly high comp %, and ridiculously good TD/int ratio. 15:4??? 4 ints in 301 pass atts??. That’s just above 1%. Our cuttent QB has a career (reg season)average 3x that number.

    What you have to understand is the disparity in talent between teams is minimal…..Quality, safe, intelligent QB play is paramount. I want the smart effecient guy at the helm every time.

    As for the “why did’t we win with the efficient McNabb? Well, was he?

    He never had a high comp%. As for ints…
    He was always efficient in the regular season…..with a 2.1% avg with the Birds. But in big games….not so much. Don;t you remember the 3 ints in the SB? (would have been 4 if not for the one called back down near the 5)

    He threw 9 ints in 225 attempts in his 5 “big games”. Or 4%. If you only look at the 4 big losses, it was 9 in 199 atts or 4.5%

    No team is going to win a big game with the QB throwing picks at that rate. No one.

  • GLI – thank you for the assist my man – Songs – any follow on stupid douche bag questions??

    And Songs – the ENTIRE TEAM had a team record number of turnovers last year – for example – I know you know very little about eagles football – but last years 1 pt loss to San Fran – two very key turnovers – not Vick…. the R Brown play (if he just holds the ball an easy FG – and the Maclin gets hit from behind while on last minute drive)

    I have no ‘argument’ idiot – you wanted to have a postivie discussion about factors of Super Bowl winning teams – one of the common traits (even for the Gnats – the year Manning threw for the most ints in his career – no SB) – whihc is a question YOU asked…

    one of the common factors is the team (aka the QB becuase the punter is not throwing too many picks) with fewer turnovers wins? Guess you didn’t know that huh?

  • No Vinnie – your information is spot on – no hating there – Vick needs to do better (and be smarter) no argument from anyone on that fact. HE has all the physical tools (be nice if he were 6 inches taller), but he does NOT need to be an ESPN highlight film.. just efficient.

  • So if I’m understanding this correctly….you guys are saying, all of the Eagles misfortune of not winning the SB is due to the QB play throughout the last 14 seasons? Yup and I guess none of the teams that won the SB, had solid defense play, only solid play from the QB, thats why the won the SB, correct?

    Efficient QB is just another ingredient to a SB team it is not the ONLY ingredient! Its a little more complicated than just saying you need an efficient QB (efficiency from the QB is very important, probably more important than anything else, no doubt, but to win the SB all we need is efficient play from the QB? am I understanding this correctly?) …

    So lets not depend on the defense to keep the game within reach for the QB to be effective. How about special teams and field position. No none of that counts either. It rests all on the shoulders of the QB…so why the hell does the offense and defense even bother suiting up…Yea you dont need the coach to come up with a good game plan either, just throw the QB out there and tell him to be efficient.

  • Songs is looking for simple answers to satisfy his simple mind. He asked me about last year’s giants versus last year’s Eagles. My answer to the reason they won the superbowl and not the Eagles was two things – QB play and luck.

    Now the conversation has spinned out of control to the whole Reid tenure.

    You need many many things. And luck is certainly one of them. But Songs and Jake think all you need is a head coach that they will approve of. And they only approve of head coaches that have already won superbowls. So if you asked them if they thought Sean Peyton had what it takes to coach a team to a SB in 2009, they’d say, no he’ll never win one. If you asked them if Cowher had what it takes in ’05, they’d say no. And so on.

  • The bottom line as RT777 stated above, it takes an entrie Teamto Win a Championship from the Coaches tot he Players and to be honest, The Eagles hav simply not been good enough when it has counted.. No more or no less, find your reasons,bad calls,weather,Coaches, Star players underperforming. etc,etc… The Eagle have just not been good enough across the board to win a Super Bowl yet, hopefully this is the Season they put it together and play and execute and coach as a TEAM…

  • RT – understand your points but you are jumping into the end of a Songs conversation – you need to expect it to be silly and stupid – Songs is a douche, and wanted to have conversations about the ‘possible’ giant dynasty – and why the eagles don’t have one –

    remember RT – if songs is involved in the conversation – it aint real – I just think its hilarious what a complete idiot the guy is and enjoy like hell hammering away at him… for entertainment purposes only.. Have seen a couple sites saying eagles are team to beat in NFC East… thoughts

  • Oh, I hear you Navy, and it kind of surprised me that you would be one of the guys involved in that type of conversation “you need only one thing to win a SB”…In my opinion there are a handful of posters on this site, that show knowledge of the game with their posts…and you are one of them!

    @Schiller, I agree I think luck plays into it too…Health wise, I think luck is a factor…possibly a bad throw that doesn’t result into a TO, or a fumble that bounces back in the lap of the fumbler, in my opinion could be attributed to luck….But the overall ingredient is simple, which can be defined in one word, in my opinion and that is production.

    @Navy I dont think the Eagles are the team to beat. If am I player on the Eagles team, the team to beat, would be the defending SB champions. We didn’t even make the playoffs last season, I would have to disagree with all of those sites saying the Eagles are the team to beat. We didnt do ish last year, we don’t deserve to be considered, the under dog role fits this team much better!

  • The question wasn’t “what one thing do you need”

    The question was “what did the SB winning teams have in common?”

    To distill what I was trying to say down to “throw the QB out there” is bogus. That’s not what I said. Of course all other facets are essential, but like on Animal Farm, some facets are more essential than others.

    Baltimore may have an awesome D, an awesome RB, but honestly, do you think they’re going to win the show with Flacco at the helm? I don’t…at some point he’ll revert to Flacco.

    When Minny was running a couple years back…did you not know how that would end? Peterson could run all he wanted to, Allen could have 5 sacks, but you knew, that when the chips were down, Favre would Favre it and throw a pick. I watched the game with a bunch of Vikes fans and we pestered them all NFCC game…”you know what’s coming don’t you….you don’t know when but its coming” Of course they did. That stupid pick was not a suprise.

    Do you think Buffalo will supplant NE this year? Doubtful. Why not? They have 2 better RBs, a much better defence, better DL, LBs….sure there are other considerations, but what does it really boil down to? Fitzpatrick vs Brady. If those 2 switched places, I bet you’d be leaning Buffalo.

    On the flip side, you’ve got Brady carrying the, what? 30th, 31st ranked D for the past several years. You don’t think Denver isn’t going to roll to the Div title with Manning this year?

    Again, the difference between players on NFL teams is minimal. Even when I talk about int percentage I’m talking about the diff between 2.3 and 3.3%. That’s only a couple of picks a year. but those 2 or 3 picks = 2 or 3 wins usually.

    When the chips are down, Vick is going to Vick it, and that will have a much more detrimental effect that being 3.4 yrds behind the other team on punt returns.

    You can talk other stats all you want…but the diff between the #1 kick return team in the nfl (27 yrds/return) vs the eagles 21 yrds/return…or about 12 yrds a game.

    Do you honestly think that played as much of a factor in the rise of SF and our tire spinning as them having a QB who wen from throwing 3% ints to 1% whereas ours went from a 1.6% aberration back to his career avg of 3%? The one factor that led to the 49ers doing what they did last year was QB play.

    Oh….and I totally expect a reversion to the mean for those 49ers. Smith was way above all his averages last year, and he’ll revert. Only thing they have going for them is their diversion.

    QB is not the only factor. Not the only consideration. But it is the most important factor, the most important consideration, and we’re weak there.

    That being said, lets cut out the Garcia talk for God’s sakes. He’s 82.

  • hey vinnie, you have a better option for a back up, how well do you know his fitness, and what do the birds have now at back up, jack, Blanda played until what age as a back up, this guy Garcia is a winner, perefect compliment to Vick, and the rook foles, I was never a big Vick fan, until all the bs, naysayers, your an fn genius, you have all the stats nailed down,but you can’t measure a man’s heart with your stat sheet, vick has the heart, unlike your mcnabb, ihope he nails it this yearto shut up all the detractors and put to rest the fraud mcnabb

  • Dude. Its 2012. He’s 42 yrs old. He hasn’t thrown a pass in the NFL since 2008. One the birds for 1/2 a season in 2009. He was out of football for all 2010. (ok…not exactly true…he had a scintillating 50% 9td 11 int campaign with some team caled the Omaha Nighthawks, which I think is perhaps 2 levels above the old-timers flag football league that I play in) Back for 5 games in ’11 where he was 3rd string behind TJ Yates and the absolutely horrible Jake Delhomme.

    If you can’t get ahead of Jake Delhomme on the depth chart its time to move on. I’ll take my chances with Foles and Kafka over Garcia at this point.

    Never said that Vick doesn’t have heart. Never questioned his desire to win…But Rudy Ruettiger had heart too….but I’ll take intelligent play over heart any day at the QB position.

  • Garcia as a back up is all you need to say to lose Any credibility! No one has called him in years and you want him. You are a joke. You know more than all the nfl gm’s

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