• August 16, 2022

Report: Sixers Interested In Jamal Crawford

With Lou Williams opting out of his contract, the Sixers are going to be in the market for a guard that can bring a little scoring punch off of the bench. One of their options to replace Williams could be 11-year veteran and former Sixth Man of the Year, Jamal Crawford.

Chris Haynes of CSNNW.com reports that the Sixers, Celtics, and Timberwolves are among the teams talking to the Portland Trail Blazers in hopes of acquiring Crawford.

Is the veteran shooter a good fit for a 76ers team that’s looking to take another step forward after an unexpected deep playoff run?

Crawford has a lot of miles on him, and his scoring averages have dipped from an average of between 18-20 points a game from 2008-10 to 13-14 in the last two seasons, but he could still be an adequate replacement for Williams. He’s still a quality three-point shooter, and has proven he can light up the scoreboard wherever he goes. He can play both guard positions, and it would serve the Sixers well to have an experienced veteran in their rotation instead of constantly relying on their youth as they have over the last five seasons.

The downside to Crawford is he’s been known to display a poor attitude, and teamed with Raymond Felton to lead a mutiny in Portland that contributed to Nate McMillan’s firing. Crawford and head coach Doug Collins don’t exactly sound like ideal matches for one another. There was time during last season when it looked as though Collins might have lost the team when the Sixers were playing poorly at the end of the season. That situation could have been much worse if the team had a couple of sour veteran personalities.

Crawford still has enough gas in his tank to help an NBA team, but I don’t think he’s a good fit in Philadelphia. If he was the player he was a couple of years ago, capable of putting up 20 points and dishing out five assists a game, the risk would be worth it. But right now he’s a player on the decline, and can’t give enough production to compensate for the potential negative impacts he could have on the locker room.

Denny Basens

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  • Denny, it really doesnt matter what we think. There just reporting this but i called this about a week or so ago on this site saying that if Lou goes or they dont make an offer to him (He’s probably walking) than they will look to sign the taller (6’5 compared to 6’1 williams) more experienced ( 11 years in the league to williams 7) Crawford. I would not mind having Crawford on the roster. He’d be great off the bench and i believe more effective than williams because of his height advantage. He can’t be the only scorer we go for this off season though the need to add at least 2 more.. Alot may go down tomorrow on Draft Night.

  • Stay away from Crawford, he’s toxic and would be a disaster for the young 76er locker-room and mentoring for their young players…
    Signed SG George Hill if you want a young Scorer with an upside..
    76ers need to stay away from aging bums like Crawford,,

  • LIL BRON BRON, you ain’t a Sixers fan, so don’t comment on them. YEAH, YOU PREDICT EVERYTHING! YOU NAUSEATING IMBECILE! Give it a rest, fool! Get a life!

  • Paul, George Hill is a RFA Indiana just traded for him last year during the nba draft. I doubt they let this guy go, someone that was consistent and a bright spot for that up and coming team. Not gonna happen

  • Raise your hand if you care what Jon Hart predicted and when…. ? ……?



    …. Yoo hoo….anyone in here?



  • F Jon Hart that bandwagon heat fan’s words dont mean ish in here.

    I dunno how I feel about Jamal. He’s a deadly scorer but I’d rather just stick with Lou Will if we’re going to use him Crawford off the bench. Might as well just stick with what we know. We need a 2 guard that is going to start and contribute on a nightly basis.

  • Lou is as good as gone and is very replaceable…

  • Haha! I see that there remains guys on here still bitter over my boy bron bron winning it all huh? haha I love it.. Get over it fellas hes a champion!

    Yeah Schill i cant help that im always right lol They say your only as good as your last correct prediction. I guess im pretty dang good haha..

    Its okay Birdo this too shall pass lol, im no bandwagoner like the majority on this site,who openly root against there own “so called” teams. Ive never done that. I flat out said the Heat would win it all. Id love for my sixers to win it all. The Heat led by bron bron are an unstoppable force, Bron is an HOF right now, Wade is a HOF right now, ya gotta pay homage to the Beasts of the league. Im not like you guys who root for dudes to lose because there better than everyone else. Thats sad. I dont stoop that low. I give respect when its due and im no hater..

  • Jon Hart aka Khloe Kardashian, you are not Sixers fan and if I ever saw you at a Sixers game I’d punch you right in the jaw. You are a Miami Heat “fan” through and through.

  • Rumor MIll that & 76ers Owner is reaching out to Larry Bird to see if any interest in taking over GM/President of Basketball operations for the 76ers..

  • Paul thats like having Jerry Jones take the reigns for the Eagles.

  • I like Crawford, if the price is right, like for Jodie Meeks, or a 2nd round pick.

  • Gm, Crawford opted out of his contract making him a free agent. He did it in hopes of signing a long term deal with a team.. He originally agreed to be dealt but after consulting his family, decided to go the FA route which i dont blame him for that, this is actually the first time hes a FA in his career. He’s really looking forward to it. Now he may sign with a true contender like the Heat or Bulls or the Lakers or OKC..

  • Not gonna happen paul, Larry Legend stepped down because of health concerns, he needs shoulder surgery and possibly back surgery, hes gonna take a year off then maybe come back the following year, but not with the Sixers.

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