• July 3, 2022

Andy Reid Wants Competition At Eagles Training Camp

Competition is what Andy Reid wants to see at this year’s training camp and he’s got good reason for feeling that way. The stress which is created during a competition for a starting position makes everybody better because it will not only affect the positions where the competition is taking place, it will also wind up affecting players at other positions.

Reid wants that type of healthy tension at the workouts during the team’s time at Lehigh.  Football is the type of sport which is played best when players are pushed to the edge a bit.  Most of the time, comfortable and NFL football don’t go well together.

There are a number of positions up from grabs.  One of those battles will take place at safety.   Nate Allen had a supposed lock on a starting job, but that’s not necessarily the case.   Reid shot that down and says that Allen, Kurt Coleman, Jaiquawn Jarrett and O.J. Atogwe will all be fighting it out for a starting job.

“I want everybody competing for a starting position. That’s not taking anything away from Nate [Allen] or Kurt [Coleman]; those are good football players. But [Atogwe] is here to do that just like the other guys are. They are here to do that. [S Jaiquawn Jarrett] is here to do that. I want that competition. I am going to give them that opportunity at all positions to do that. Get out, do your best, and compete.”

I’ll put my money with Allen and Atogwe to the be the starters.  Jarrett has to prove he’s an NFL player, while I see Coleman being the backup for both positions.

The starting nickel spot will go to either veteran cornerback Joselio Hanson or Georgia rookie corner Brandon Boykin.

“They’ll compete. Joselio [Hanson] is coming off of a good offseason. He stepped it up in the offseason. One of the things you get a pretty good look at in the offseason is your secondary since most of the camps are passing camps. You get an opportunity to see where your secondary is at. He did well. Boykin will give him a run there.”

I like what Reid had to say here because he made it a point to publicly speak in favor of Hanson, who has played well for him for a number of years.  In the meeting room, he will be for the guy who is getting the job done.

I see Hanson holding him off temporarily, but Boykin will be starting by the middle of the season.


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  • Reid says he wants everybody competing
    I would assume that means they get equal time playing in the preseason games ?

    If so how about at QB or is that not one of the positions where everybody is competing ?

  • In other news, a Philly high school teacher was quoted as saying “I want the students to come in in September and focus on academics”.

    Also, a Governor of a US state was quoted as saying “We want to balance the budget”.

    A campaign advisor stated “We’re hoping to see an uptick in voting, and particularly for our candidate this year”.


  • Im excited to see some of the late rd picks and undrafted free agents,especially byrce brown,cliff harris and damaris johnson.I think they all have a chance to make the team.

  • rcp – competing in camp is one thing. Preseason is a league farce that nobody in the NFL actually takes seriously

  • I’m excited about watching these late round picks and undrafted FA too. Cliff harrispicked two passes today. He’salready done more than Brandon Hughes. Cliff Harris will make this team as the fourth corner as long as he stays healthy, that’s how good his skill set is.

  • There should be competition in every training camp. This comment by Reid should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s not any earth shattering revelation. Like Shiller says stock mumbo jumbo.

  • Making the Trek to Lehigh, with the boys on Thursday night. Staying for Friday. Gonna be fun. Hope to see this so-called competition. Gonna be focusing on the LB’s, Safeties, & the new draftees. Should be interesting.

  • Dcar, let us know what you see, if this site let’s you. Who do the coaches focus on more, Brown or Polk. funny Mudd stories? Washburn quotes? McNutt impression?

  • Schill, no problem. Although we won’t really know how good they are, until they play live games, I’m definitely curious to see their speed, coverage skills, & the receivers. I’m particularly going to stalk Ryans, Graham, Allen, Cox, Boykin, Curry, McNutt, & the entire secondary & LB units, as a whole. Also going to see if Cox gets Pattersons snaps, or they go full rotation, which is more likely. I will give honest opinions. Should be fun & interesting, to spend a few days, with the 2 older boys.

  • Have a great time DCar..

    If you could, let me know your thoughts on the following players
    LT D Bell, WR/Returnman M Gilyard , CB Curtis Marsh, CB Trevard Lindley,
    DT C Thornton, DE P Hunt and FB Igweniba and QB N Foles

  • Paulman,
    Mardy Gilyard? He will not make the roster and is a reach for the practice squad. Everyone else on this list is warranted for a good look but Gilyard will not make it here. DCar, you might also want to take a look at Bryce Brown because he’s a sleeper.

  • @RCP…there is very intense competition at the QB position that will take place and that is for the backup spot.

  • @realtalk777, you’re right that is going to be tight competition, hoping we won’t need to use the back up, but at the same time I want the best replacement.

  • not to change the subject but the Predators have matched the Flyers offer sheet to Shea weber

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