• May 24, 2022

Notes From Phillies’ 6-2 Loss To Atlanta

The Phillies lost their third straight game on Sunday afternoon, falling 6-2 to the Atlanta Braves. It’s the sixth straight loss to Phils have suffered against the Braves, and Charlie Manuel’s group now sits at 45-56 on the season.

  • I wasn’t at all pleased with what Roy Halladay accomplished on the mound today. The positive spin is that Halladay turned in his best start since returning from the disabled list, allowing three runs in six innings, striking out seven, and retired the final 10 batters he faced. My take on it is that the ace put his team in a bad spot once again, allowing three early runs including two in the first inning.
  • Halladay’s velocity was poor throughout the game, averaging around 88 mph on his fastball. It took him over 45 pitches to make it through the first two innings.
  • Shane Victorino was the offensive star in what could be his final game as a Phillie. The centerfielder went 3-4 with a solo home run, his ninth of the season.
  • Kevin Frandsen made his first start of the year at third base, and went 2-3 with a couple of singles. He also played a steady game in the field, and didn’t commit an error.
  • Chad Durbin pitched 1.1 scoreless innings out of the bullpen for Atlanta. It makes you really miss what Durbin brought to the table during his years in Philadelphia, a reliable arm capable of going multiple innings out of the bullpen.
  • Hunter Pence didn’t start, but came into the game late to replace Laynce Nix. He went 2-2.
  • As Manuel watched his former reliever Durbin go into action, he was forced to turn to Jake Diekman in the seventh inning. The rookie allowed three runs and recorded just two outs before being lifted for Kyle Kendrick.

Denny Basens

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  • This site is screwed up. Your posts don’t get posted. Viruses attack at will.
    Fix this garbage before you lose all your posters and use spell check.

  • The Fat Lady has put the Microphone Down,shut off the Speakers and Soundy System and is cought a flight out of town… How quickly the mighty have fallen, Lee & Doc are only shells of themselves and now the Phils are stucking paying them $20 Million per Season over the next 3-4 Seasons.. The fans and Citry bought into the hype, but guess what, the fans were fleeced and now the Phils have approx $140 Million in Players Salaries next Season and beyond tied up in the following 7 Players (Howard,Utley,Rollins,Doc,Lee, Hamels and Paplebon) What a joke of poor roster management and contracts by Amaro.. Are Phils Ownership going to want to spend $175 Million and pay the Luxury tax for a 4th/5th place team… I don’ think so.. .You can kiss the supporting cast of Shane Victorino, Carlos Ruiz, Hunter Pence, Placido Polanco, Joe Blanton, Kyle Kendrick goodbye

  • Doc is done and will never likley be a Top Ace/Dominant Pitcher again
    He’s not been the same since last August when he pulled himself out of a game in the 2nd Inning in Chicago due to heat exhaustion against the Cubbies..
    I believe something else was going on with his arm, but it seems to take him
    20-30 minutes of pitching (30-40 Pitches over the first couple of Innings) to get his arm loosened up and get some movement on his Pitches.. If he gets no movment, he gets tagged for his Velocity is mediocre to begin with, it’s all about his late movement and control and without it, he’s just an average Pitcher which is what I think the Phils are stuck with for the remainder of his Contract…

  • Tom Seaver, lefty, bob Gibson all had a down year in their 30’s and came back to be dominant. Just another ridiculous statement by Paul and if by chance he does become average Paul can say see I told you. So let’s get this straight now the idiot is saying signing doc was a blunder by amaro…. Wow What an idiot.

  • Doc is not a Seaver or Gibson who had overppowering Fastballs in their heyday..
    Halliday is a control,thinking man’s Pitcher who relies on late ball movement and pinpoint control, and since last Mid August (which is almost a full year ago) he has had neither. Mark it down, he’s in decline, this is not a bump in a road, he’s lost something and very unlikley to get it back.. He’ll be a 12-15 Game Winner (on a good squad) and have about a 3.75- 4.00 ERA and be a 6 Inning Pitcher for the rest of his days…. He’s had a great Career no doubt, but he has thrown a lot of Innings over the years and Old Man Time waits for no one..

  • tom seaver .60 winning percentage. doc .66 winning percentage. and dickhead control pitchers can pitch later in their career because of their placement of the ball, power pitchers lose their stuff…compare him to then lets say greg maddux movement and control (your words) who won 15 or more games 10 times out of 11 years from 30-40 years old. only had one terrible year when he was 39 but came back to win 15 at 40 even won 14 at 41– you don’t know what your talking about… as my freind on here says FACTS — only i use real facts not made up ones!

  • Paulman.

    First not knowing how to spell Docs last name says a lot about you!

    Second it looks like the Phillies will only have Doc under contract through next year because he wont make his 2014 option, so you saying we are on the hook paying him for the next 3-4 years is totally FALSE. Worst case scenario it is 2 years but most realistic scenario is next year is his last year.

    I know you love to predict bad stuff for the PHILS but GET REAL this organization is committed to winning and has all the resources to contend in the future. Having Doc & Pence coming off the books by the end of next year at the latest will free up money to get MAJOR players again.

    Stop hating on the best organization in town you dope!

  • Henski a couple on here have no idea about collective bargaining agreement etc. amaro knows what he’s doing. Pence and Lee might be on the move today with a couple of good players coming back, doc will work it out and give them a solid year and if he does he makes his option which is a GOOD thing.

  • No Trade Clause means nothing, If Phils Approach Lee or Doc about moving them to rebuild the team to a Contender and it’s a Team or City that they like, they will consider it not what the Trade Clause deal states, it happens every year.. Players are not going to wnat to stay with an organization that no longer values them in their future plans and that’s just the way it is ..

  • Another reason Paulman is a dope:

    Paulman said

    He’s (DOC) not been the same since last August when he pulled himself out of a game in the 2nd Inning in Chicago due to heat exhaustion against the Cubbies..

    After that cubs game Doc threw a 1 hitter, a 2 hitter, a 3 hitter, and 2 4 hitters. In the month following that cubs game (august) he gave up 10 earned runs in 5 starts. The month after that (september) he gave up 7 earned runs in 5 starts.

    Clearly you are an uneducated Phillies hater Paulman.

  • HAC, AMARO KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING?!? REALLY? WHAT’S THAT, GENIUS? Because up to now, he has shown nothing but impatience, ineptness, cluelessness & the making of ill-advised transactions, at his job! You spend more time ripping us, that actually have a clue, live in your deluded mind & making excuses for your butt buddy, more than actually coming up with factual, poignant points, & arguments, & ways to rectify this abortion, on the field. Just STFU, because you don’t havenoclue!!!! BTW, if your butt buddy, ONLY GETS A “COUPLE OF GOOD PLAYERS” for LEE & PENCE, he better RE-SIGN! ALSO, what f^#@ING evidence has Halladay given you, of giving us a solid season? Even before the DL stint, he wasn’t right, & his velocity was 3-7 MPH down, depending on the pitch. He’s back, & his velocity is no better, after all this rest. I can understand location & mechanics, but his velocity should be better. If he doesn’t improve, they quite possibly could shut him down, especially with us out of the playoff picture. WTF, games are you watching?!? PLEASE, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF AMARO’S @$$! I haven’t missed a game, & have been to 8 games, so don’t make your futile attempts to smear my fandom, because you would be wrong again!!!!

  • *RESIGN*

  • A.hole you are a 12 year old brat. You live in fantasy baseball world. The 102 means nothing you like to say.. I Guess he gets no credit for the parts he added but the blame for not winning it? You make no sense….none. He should have broken up a team that won 102? According to you trade Halliday, bench Howard, not resign jimmy, no papplebon, put utley in an old folks home…. So it’s who galvis, Madsen and who?

  • I honestly can’t decide who is more annoying in this thread. The insufferable know-it-all, Mhenski, or DCAR who screams all the time.

    For Mhenski and haveacigar- do you think that having 89 mil in 4 players is sustainable? The Phils have deep pockets, but they also have a ton of holes to fill. If you can fill those holes with Lee and get out of that contract, then I think that you have to do it. They are not going to trade Hamels, so the only one with legit trade value of the remaining 3 is Lee. Seems like the Rangers love him and they happen to have some stud prospects at 3B and in the OF which is where the Phils need players. Are they prospects, sure but you are not going to get everyday player for Lee right now from a contender.

    At some point they have to get younger and they have to fill some holes. I don’t know another way to do it faster than to move Lee. This year is over whether you like it or not, and they have 132.5 mil in contracts to 8 guys (including Kyle Kendrick) for next year. That doesn’t include: Pence, Ruiz, Bastardo, Worley, Stutes, etc…

    They currently have a ton of holes and the money is not endless. I am not suggesting total rebuild, but they could do a lot for next season if they could get the right deals done.

    So go ahead and call me a wannabe GM, but I am never going to stop speculating on how this team could potentially be better.

  • 12 year old brat?!? ROFL! I’m 43 & probably old enough to be your Dad, F^#@NUTS! Where did I say trade Halladay, bench Howard, & EVEN A COMMENT about Madsen?!? Again, you are an idiot, clueless, factless, baseless & an imbecile. Get Hooked on phonics, & learn how to comprehend what you read, & stop making $#!T UP! For the life of me, I still can’t believe, how you still are this delusional, irrational, stubborn, & apologetic about this GM & team, & still making excuses. Dude you are wrong! Get over it & deal with it! You only look more stupid & imbecilic! You can get mad, make all of the failed attempts to make me look bad, all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact, that I’m right, & you’re wrong. GET A CLUE! I’m sick of arguing with someone who is dumb as a bag of rocks.

  • bugs, I scream, because it’s like arguing & correcting 4 year olds on here. They just don’t get it, & refuse to be wrong. It’s craziness. But I agree with you, maybe I should quit while I’m ahead, because some of these imbeciles, are delusional & highly irrational.

  • Bugsy, I apologize if I annoy you because I check facts before I post rather than act like Paulman and write things like ‘Doc is gonna cost the Phillies $20 million for the next 3-4 years’ when reality is he is gonna cost $20 million for next year and possibly the following year and then his contract is up.

    Now to answer your question as to do I think 89 million for 4 players is sustainable. My answer is probably yes. Their revenue is currently around $250,000,000 and that does not include the new revenue they will be generating on future contracts…. I would not be opposed to the Phils trading Lee but I just dont see any way it happens because of his contract and because he wants to be here and because he is not dominating this year. If someone is being traded of the big 3, it will be Doc… Also as an FYI if the rangers offered the phils that 3rd base prospect tthat deal would have already been done had Lee agreed…

    IMO they have to move Pence for any reason at all whatsoever. The guy stinks and makes way too much money.

    I have no problem with you speculating on how they could be better and I am glad you do have ideas and share them.

    The one thing I stress you realize is that until the fans stop showing up this team will not rebuild EVER, they will just retool…

    Cross your fingers and pray Reub finds a way to get Shin Shoo Choo in the next 24 hours.

    I still dont understand why I annoy you, if anything I would think I should be appreciated for posting with facts and knowledge instead of Paulman who just types big brown poop logs everyday

  • hopefully one pitcher goes (blanton probably?) so Tyler Cloyd can get up here and throw, Kids been dominating AAA

  • Lee doesn’t have to agree to a trade to Texas, Yankees and a couple other teams he has a limited no trade. Car I’ve been coaching high school sports for 30 years, also officiated. I guess I’m tired of blow hard know it alls who scream that they know more than one of the most respected GMs in the game

  • Cigar do you have a source for who is on lees trade okd trade destinations? I hear his no trade is limited but have come up empty in my search for the list of okd destinations.

  • Jim salsbury on csnphilly says 21 teams he can decline but he believes Texas is one that he can’t decline

  • Thanks cigar. For what it’s worth I just read this

    ESPN’s Jayson Stark said that a deal between the Phillies and Rangers involving Cliff Lee is “not going to happen.”
    The two clubs did have talks, but they have all but ended. Rangers’ beat writer T.R. Sullivan reported earlier Monday that chances of a deal were “less than one percent” and Stark is pretty locked in with the Phillies, so it’s unlikely we’ll see anything between the two clubs in the next 24 hours. The Phillies appear determined to shed payroll going into 2013, so it’s possible the idea could be re-visited during the offseason.

  • Yeah lee is staying put for now. They need that 3rd baseman. And they really need Dominic Brown to be the player every one in MLB thought he was going to be.

  • HAC, you are comical! I’m the blow hard, know it all? I’ve heard it all now! I’m not stating my opinions, or acting like I know it all. I’ve done nothing but state facts, & things that have already happened, but I guess you can’t see that, through your delusional, irrationally biased, thought process! I knew enough, that his moves were mistakes, & stated they were from the beginning. BTW, who said that Amaro, is one of the most respected GM’s in the game? What exactly, has he done, to warrant that kind of Moniker? He was given an open wallet, & managed to make us an old, overpaid, run down team, with ZERO prospects, & no $$$ wiggle room! Yeah, well respected! LOL!!! Boy, you really do have an irrational man crush, on the Golden boy, don’t you?!? You are a lost cause.

  • Blanton and not lee is the most attractive trade piece because of the differences in contract and also because of lee’s relative lack of productivity, especially at his contract, the move should be to shed Blanton, probably will not get you olt, but very good prospects, bring up cloyd, shed pence, bring up brown, see what he’s got…and mhenski is correct, the phillies will not , never rebuild as long as the fans come, something that idiot paulman never does, but darn good at his “poop” logs, lmfao

  • Dog, blanton is a rental, mid level prospect. Look for lee to get moved in the off season ..it’s too complicated this time of year… Stark says only possibility and it’s remote is Arizona for uptown…

  • Please no upton. Thanks.

  • @have Blanton is signed through 2013, he’s a very effective pitcher and rangers, Orioles may deal more to get him

  • Correct, his contact is up this year but his trade value will never be higher

  • Wy no uptown? Time to put some young pieces around the core… We all thought pence was going to be a piece but for some reason he doesn’t seem to fit… Mayberry has been a dud and the enigma that is D. brown… Ugh

  • No Upton because he strikes out A TON and has average power. You are right he is young and hasnt peaked so he has tremendous upside but those k’s are tough to swallow for me.

    doesnt matter anywhere because Lee can and would block an AZ trade

    I would do anything to get Shin Soo Choo but that wont happen either

  • Upton with his demaenor and arrogant attitude wouldn’t last 2 months in Philly between the media and the fans.. Think of how Scott Rolen was when he was young, but worse.. He would get run out of town in a heartbeat…

  • Well Paul, the nicest guy in the world, PENCE seems not to have fit in. I’m not an upton guy per se but at some point you have to stir the pot. I along with everyone thought pence was a perfect fit. But for some reason it hasnt worked. Maybe he is the scape goat and maybe if the black cloud wasn’t hanging over he’d be the guy….plus he’s expensive, upton is under control for 3 years at an average of 12$ million.

  • The reason Lee is not goingto texas is simple.

    The rangers dont want to deal top prospects and pay the load on his contract.

    Phils dont want to pay on his contract.

    unfortunately no deal will be done.

  • Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Phillies have traded outfielder Shane Victorino to the Dodgers for right-handers Josh Lindblom and Ethan Martin.
    Victorino is back where it all started, as he was originally drafted by the Dodgers back in 1999. The 31-year-old outfielder will wrap up his tenure in Philadelphia with a .279/.342/.434 batting line, three Gold Glove awards, two All-Star appearances and a World Series championship over eight seasons. He figures to take over the starting left field job in Los Angeles and may get a look out of the leadoff spot. Lindblom will join the Phillies’ bullpen right away while Martin still has a ways to go in his development.

    Martin can hit 100 mph

  • Sports illustrated says pence to giants. No details

  • Tommy Joseph is headed to the Phillies as part of the Hunter Pence deal, according to CBS Sports’ Danny Knobler.
    The Double-A catcher played in the Futures Game and just turned 21. Pegged as San Francisco’s fifth-best prospect by MLB.com, Joseph hit .260/.313/.391 at Richmond prior to the proposed deal. He was the Giants’ second-round pick in 2009.

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