• January 20, 2022

Who Could The Phillies Trade Before The Deadline?

After their failures in Atlanta over the weekend, the Phillies must now put to rest any remaining fantasies about making a run at the playoffs and concentrate on making deals to improve the team for the 2013 season. General manager Ruben Amaro Jr. has a number of veterans to sell, but which ones are most likely to move by Tuesday’s trade deadline?

Joe Blanton: It’s a perfect time for the Phillies to move Blanton. He’s pitching exceptionally well right now (having allowed three runs or less in six of his last eight starts), and can be a fine addition to any team in need of a third or fourth starter.

Cliff Lee: Lee isn’t going anywhere, at least not yet. Ruben Amaro wants to try and keep his three aces together next season, and doesn’t want to move the left-hander at this time. Even if he received a decent offer for Lee, Amaro would be better served hanging onto him for at least the rest of the season. The Phillies need to gauge how much, if anything, Roy Halladay will be able to give them next season. If they determine Halladay can no longer be counted on to pitch like an ace, it will become that much more important to keep Lee in Philadelphia.

Hunter Pence: The Phillies would only move Pence if they could get back a package equal to what they gave up a year ago to acquire him from the Astros. They would love to be free of the $15 million they’ll have to pay him next season, but trading the right-hander would mean the team has three gaping holes to fill in the outfield next year instead of two.

Juan Pierre: Pierre has given the Phillies more than they could have hoped for this season, hitting over .300 all year long. He’s just a stopgap player at this point in his career, and has no long-term future in Philadelphia. He can still help a team in need of a productive, top of the order hitter.

Placido Polanco: About a month ago, Polanco might have had some value. He was healthy, hitting over .280, and still playing excellent defense. Now he’s back on the disabled list, and had fallen into another offensive slump. He’s a shot fighter right now, but the Phillies might possibly be able to move him before the August waiver deadline if he can come back and play well down the stretch.

Jimmy Rollins: Any hope the Phillies had of escaping his ridiculous contract died when the Dodgers acquired Hanley Ramirez, and the Giants traded for Marco Scutaro.

Shane Victorino: Victorino’s Philly days are numbered as it is, and the Phillies would love to unload him. Like Pierre, he’s an attractive option for any team in need of an outfielder, and the former All-Star could really benefit from a change of scenery.

Denny Basens

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  • Trade them all except Catcher Carlos Ruiz and start over..
    The Nats and Braves will dominate the NL East for the foreseeable future anyways so why have a $175 Team Payroll for a 4th/5th Place Team is what the Ownership Group will tell GM Amaro.. It is what it is ..

  • Another stupid comment from Paul… Or at least what I could read of it on this screwed up site

  • Phils Trade RHP J Blanton to the Texas Rangers for a case of Manager’s Washington’s fake nose,hair and mustache masks in time for Halloween

  • It would be cool if we could trade Phillies fans. Paulman would be my first move, I would trade him for a bag full of wooden nickels.

  • Nobody is untouchable! Howard, Utley & Halladay are untradeable. Hamels just re-signed. Chooch I wouldn’t trade. BUT, IT DOESN’T MATTER, with Amaro pulling the trigger. I have ZERO faith, that he will get good young players in return. If he doesn’t get at least major league ready players/ Close, for 3B, 2B, C, LF, RF, ALL types of pitchers, he needs to be FIRED! IMHO, he should have been fired already! But he is the organizations wanna be, golden boy, so he ain’t going anywhere. Charlie will get axed in the off-season for Sandberg. If the rumor of Pence to SF are true, he BETTER BE GETTING, more & better prospects than C Joseph. 1B Belt, 3B Gillespie, & an OF better be involved, or Amaro will get crucified. Lee & Victorino, need to go to Texas, for 3B Olt, SS Profar, OF Martin, P Perez, +. Blanton, Pierre, will also go. I would LOVE to trade Rollins, but nobody wants his contract. LET THE REBUILD BEGIN! AMARO, YOU BETTER NOT F^#@ UP, OR YOU NEED TO GO!!!!!

  • dont need to rebuild need to tweak. trading for prospects is always risky…they dont always pan out. remember kyle draback? 9-16 since the trade with era in the high 4’s, michael taylor .188 hitter… hmmm terrible trade. d’Arnaud looks like he might work out for the jays but you have to give up something to get something.
    blanton right now would be very attractive rental for a contender but remember thats a RENTAL– the phils put together a nice package for halladay NOT AS A RENTAL!!! understand the difference all you wannabe GM’s– you have to play on a level playing field!

  • The other problem that exists is that in the past, teams would get a high draft pick if the “rental” they traded for did not resign with that team. The draft pick compensation no longer exists, so while teams are not less likely to make a trade, they are less likely to give up a premier package of prospects knowing that they will not be compensated (draft pick) should the player they traded for not resign. I agree Dcar, I’m not opposed to trading Pence, but it better be for more than a middling catching prospect and Brandon Belt. We’ll see what amaro is made of here leading up to the trade deadline.

  • DCAR so he should have been fired after the team HE built won 102 but failed to win the series…. That’s when you would have fired him or before?

  • Paulman trade Alert

    PHils Trade LHP Cliff Lee and CF Shane Victorino and Prospect to the
    Texas rangers for OF Josh Hamilton and 3B Prospect Mike Olt..

    Phils then turn aorund and Trade RF Hunter Pence to the SF Giants for 2 Pitching Prospects.

    Phils play Mayberry/Nix in LF, Pierre/Mike MArtinez/D BRown in CF and Josh Hamilton in RF

    Phils also trade 1B/3B Ty Winningham to the Pittsburgh Pirates for a AA prospect…

  • Why would the Phil’s want a rental like Hamilton?just ridiculous, this is why your parents should not give a kid like you access to the Internet!

  • Because the Phils are deaperate for a Power-hitting OF who can play RF or CF and they would not make this deal unless they talked to Hamilton’s Agent adn were sure of resigning him which is basically a wash-out with Lee’s salary
    Texans President Nolan Ryan has had it with Hamilton and will not resign so Texas will lose him to fee-agency without getting anything in return so that’s why this Deal HAppens, Phills get their 3B of the future in Olt and a power OF who hasa few good years left in him meanwhile the Rangers get a Starting LHP which they need to get over the hump plus a veteran OF in Victorino as they make a legitimate World Series run for this and next Season so it’s a win-win for everyone….

  • HAC, I’ve argued at nauseum with you, with this. THE 102 Wins MEAN STUGOTS, when you get knocked out of the 1st round! It’s a hollow number, that counts FOR NOTHING! He DIDN’T build this team, he added to it’s nucleus! Miserably, might I add! Although, I had no problem with the Halladay trade, I did have a problem with getting rid of Lee the 1st time. IT WAS STUPID! We had the $$$ for both & got slop in return. Then he admitted to the mistake by trading for Oswalt. His mid season transactions were fine, but almost EVERY ONE of his off-season moves have been HORRID! He has a happy trigger finger, he stupidly overpays, with years & $$$! He has failed, & managed to make the team decline, in EVERY YEAR, since he took over since the WS! He has been given a OPEN CHECKBOOK, & managed to make the oldest team & 3rd highest payroll, in 2011, to an even older team & the 2nd highest payroll, in 2012! He FAILED MISERABLY, in having the forsight to bring in good younger, position players, to replace this old, rapidly declining nucleus, & to have proper back-up plans, for Howard, Utley, & Polanco, knowing Howard WOULDN’T be fully healthy ALL year, Utley has 2 degenerated knees & would be out most of the year, & Polanco coming off of DOUBLE hernia surgery. He should have NEVER, brought back Rollins, & he should have never have rushed to give Papelbon $51M! There were 7 solid closers, out there, & he left our entire BP bankrupt, because he foolishly hoped on AARP Contreras being healthy, unproven kids like Bastardo, Stutes & Schwimmer doing something of significance & bringing back the Stiff Herndon. This team is OLD, PUNCHLESS, HEARTLESS, SEVERELY FLAWED, OVERPRICED, IN LUXURY TAX HELL, & NEED MUCH MORE THAN TWEAKS, YOU BOZO! STOP DEFENDING & MAKING EXCUSES FOR YOUR BUTT BUDDY! He did a BAD JOB, PERIOD!!!! HE DESERVES TO BE CANNED! Everything I’ve stated, is fact, NOT OPINION! YOU ARE WRONG AGAIN, BLIND LOYAL, APOLOGIST! AMARO/ PHILLIES ARE INDEFENSIBLE! PERIOD!!! IF YOU STILL DO, YOU ARE IMBECILIC!!!!

  • Paul, come on! Hamilton is Charlie Sheen in cleats! No thanks! He’s one binge away from the point of no return!

  • I’d love to see it in writing that he said Oswald was a mistake. He had a great record. He’s added pence, Halliday, lee twice. He didn’t know utley was out. No one did.there you go again inventing stuff.
    Who was your ss with no Rollins?

  • Phils need a little excitement DCAR
    Fans are bored of this team and next year prospcts
    Josh HAmilton can hit 40-45 HR playing at CBP

  • I don’t make $#!t up numbnuts! He did know Utley had degenerating knees, they DON’T miraculously disappear, you nitwit! Where did I say, he said Oswalt was a mistake, you moron?!? I SAID HE ADMITTED TO THE MISTAKE, OF TRADING LEE, BY TRADING FOR OSWALT! Isn’t that an admission, to needing another top tier pitcher?!? AGAIN, Hooked on phonics! GET IT, USE IT! BTW, it’s Halladay & Oswalt, NOT Halliday & Oswald, Mr. Superfan

  • Spellcheck idiot

  • Roch Kubatko of MASNSports.com reports that Joe Blanton’s medical records have been faxed to the Orioles’ orthopedist.
    It’s unclear whether this is just due diligence or if the Phillies and Orioles are close to an agreement. Blanton has a 4.59 ERA and 115/18 K/BB ratio through 133 1/3 innings this season with Philadelphia. While the 31-year-old right-hander isn’t a frontline starter, he would at least eat some innings for a thin starting staff.
    Related: Orioles
    Source: Roch Kubatko on Twitter Jul 30 – 5:36 PM

  • We’ll trade you back Ibanez for Victorino! LOL (Yankees)
    But seriously

    Phillies have become a mess and its sad because I respect the Phillies more than any Philly team and I want to see them to continue that success like the Yankees because lets admit it. The Phillies and Yankees are very similar now because of our spending we are among the most hated in the league because we land some of the top players in free agency and etc.

    For years as a Yank fan all we hear from everyone is you win games because you spend money and you take away all the good players and im like…Uhhhhh and whats wrong with that? now that the Phillies are in a position to do that I find now a lot of Phillies fans understand how us Yankees fans are spoiled rotten.

  • My odds each player in the article is traded :

    Blanton 95% contract almost up, some1 will give us a wooden nickel for an inning eater

    Lee 1% too many years and too much money left on his deal

    Pence 65% has value not a ton but some. Can’t think the Phil’s are very happy with him and can’t imagine they want him back next year.

    Pierre 50% could get us something minor which is good considering we got him for nothing this offseason.

    Poly 10% can’t see anyone wanting him especially with him being on the dl.

    Rollins 0%

    Vic 5%

    I think there is a 10% shot that doc gets moved. Most likely not though, if the Phil’s don’t rebound next year he could net us a late haul next trade deadline pending he remains healthy.

  • Ill actually increase pence odds to 80%. They gotta get rid of some money because they won’t be getting playoff revenue and pence is the most manageable big ticket trade bait

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