• July 3, 2022

Eagles Practice Rewind: Backup WR’s Have Opportunity, Bryce Brown Stands Out

The door is wide open for Eagles rookie wide receiver Marvin McNutt with Riley Cooper sidelined for six weeks.  He could earn himself a spot on the team if he can prove that he can produce.  Cooper hasn’t distinguished himself on a consistent basis, but he did have a very good game last year when the Birds beat the New York Giants.

Head coach Andy Reid let everyone know this weekend that the Birds aren’t going to add a wide receiver from outside the organization because of Cooper’s injury, so that means opportunity for McNutt and the other backup wide receivers currently on the roster.

McNutt is starting to assert himself at training camp with his size.  He can’t run away from coverage or juke out cornerbacks, but he can go up and take the football from defensive backs.  That’s his strength, going up and taking the ball from defenders.

The former Iowa wide receiver doesn’t stand out much when the team workouts n the shorts, but he’s standing out with the pads on by taking the football from defenders and turning heads.  I think he could be a factor in the red zone because of both his size, strength and his height.  He would be a good rebounder if he were playing basketball.

McNutt talked yesterday about fashioning his game after teammate Jason Avant because his wide receiver coach in Iowa had coached Avant at Michigan so he had McNutt study tapes of Avant during his time at Iowa in order to learn how to play the wide receiver position.  McNutt was switched from quarterback to wide receiver at Iowa.

“That was one of the first films I watched, one-on-one tapes and red-zone one-on-ones. How he worked his technique, his release and his hands … Coach Campbell told me he wasn’t the fastest guy, but he was one of the hardest workers, that he came to work every day,” McNutt explained to Philly.com’s Les Bowen.

It was another day of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie putting on a show with his catch-up speed.  Rodgers-Cromartie knocked down numerous passes and picked off others.  We really got the chance to appreciate the speed and athleticism of this former Tennessee State cornerback.

He was timed in a 4.29 forty-yard dash and he’s every bit that fast.  Rodgers-Cromartie did get beat deep one time by DeSean Jackson but there a few other times when he ran step-for-step with Jackson and knocked the ball down on deep routes.

LeSean McCoy got a lot of work yesterday.  He carried the ball in live drills at least ten times and one of those runs resulted in a fumble.  McCoy made a few big runs, but the Eagles defense did a good job against him for the most part.

Second-year safety Jaiquawn Jarrett was the guy who caused the fumble by McCoy.  He knocked the ball out while making an open field tackle on McCoy.

“You attack the ballcarrier as well as the ball,” Jarrett said. “Just going in for a strip attempt.”

On another play Jarrett attacked McCoy and cut him down after he’d made a gain of 16 or 17 yards.  Jarrett is fighting to make the roster with Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman starting at the safety position right now.

Rookie seventh-round draft pick Bryce Brown put on quite a show by consistently gaining six to ten to fifteen yards on each of his carries.  He ran with power and definitely has a burst through holes when he gets the ball in his hands.

Brown did drop a couple of passes during the workout which was a negative.

Brandon Boykin made a great one-on-one tackle of LeSean McCoy in the open field in a 3rd down situation.  This young man isn’t just a athlete, he’s a football player, who has no problem hitting people.    I would like to see him play safety because he can hit and cover.

Number 72 Cedric Thornton has been showing up big time in the one-on-one drills.  He’s very quick off the ball and seems to have gotten stronger in the off season.  Right now he’s fighting up hill with Derek Landri and Antonio Dixon behind Cullen Jenkins, Fletcher Cox and Mike Patterson at the defensive tackle position.

The key to the defensive tackle position will be what they do with Patterson, if he’s activated it will mean Thornton, Landri or Dixon taking a walk.  Landri is starting in place of Patterson right now, so it will be up to Thornton to catch him.  Landri was very effective a year ago and he continues to stand out.

“He continued where he left off last year”, Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo said about Landri. “He makes plays, he’s quick off of the ball and he is a professional.”


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  • I think WR’s Ron Johsnon and Mardy Gilyard have a shot
    I called the Sleeper Player of this Year’s Camp would be DT Cedric Thornton who will force Mike Patterson into early retirement, but could end up being a big contributor on the DT during the Season allowing C Jenkins to play more outside at DE for the injured Jason Babin who I tihnk will have leg issues all Season long and never really be 100%.. Then on PAssign downs, B Graham comes in for C Jenkins to rus the passer.. that’s my story and I am sticking with it.. Babin will be a role player only when healthy, if he has no burst or quick 1st step from him, then he’s basically a liability to the Defense in my opinion…

  • Just read that the Packers have installed a 2.5 second clock at their traing camp and Rodgers has to have thrown the ball before it goes off.

    That thing would be funny at Birds camp, with it going off whilst VIck was in the middle of one of his patented 7-9 step drops.

  • G, I like the idea of Boykins playing Safety, if he has the size strength, and tools.

    I have agreed with Paulman all off season in reference to Cedric Thornton. I don’t think Patterson has been effective enough through his career to start, even when he was healthy. I think Thornton will make his mark on this team, and make the roster.

    I too agree with Paulman, about Jason Babin, I have said all off-season, I would have traded him, and he’s a fraud as a professional.

    However, I do think my partner is still dreaming that Marty Gilyard, and Ron Johnson, has any shot to win the KR/PR duties job, and that is the only way they make this squad. That will between Boykins(a lock), Damarius Johnson, and Cliff Harris. My money is on Damarius Johnson hands down.

  • Don’t know if I agree on the Boykin move. I could see him being installed on some dime packages, but he’s already pretty big/cut for his size (5’10, 180) you have to wonder if his frame can handle another 10-15 lbs necessary to be a FS (He’ll never be a SS). Even if he doesn’t beat out Hanson this year, he still looks great in coverage so far and appears to be our nickle corner/ backup outside CB of the future why force it?

  • Jason Babin a fraud as a professional? Interesting statement..

  • GM, if he can get us anywhere close to 18 sacks again, he can be a fraud ALL HE WANTS! LOL!!!!

  • BTW, no to Boykin at Safety. Nicklel/ dime/ slot corner. Not big enough to aid in the box, unless you meant as FS? Maybe???

  • Vinnietheevictor- Yeah I seen that on the NFL Network. The Packers are my favorite to win the Superbowl this year.

    I read a report that the Eagles are trying to take away the punt return duties away from Desean Jackson and I believe that is a huge mistake. I dont care if he weighs 100 pounds you need to play this guy to his strength. He has been doing it since his college days and ill go on the record and say when the ball is actually in Deseans hands (meaning once he actually catches it) he is the most dangerous force in the entire NFL. If im a coach I need the ball in his hands no matter what shape or form.

  • more deleted comments…….hmm

  • mryan the comments aren’t deleted you just have to log out and log back in to see them. This site is wacky man SMH

  • Giants Report that CB Tyrell Thaomas (their best cover-CB) reinjured his surgically repaired knee which he missed all of last Season with.. He is scheduled to have MRO but it is feared he has a partial ACL Tear to that same knee making his ability to play in 2012 very doubtful ..

  • @Eaglessuck stfu troll, why would keep djax on punt returns idiot,he is injury prone.

  • He also hasn;t been a very good punt returner for about a year and a half…and pretty much flat out bad last season.

    In fact, Desean has not been the same player (at WR or PR) since he was wiped out in the Atlanta game (2010). I believe he only has 3 100yrd performances since that time. We’ll find out this season whether last year’s “struggles” were because of his contract issues or because he plays frightened and is now reduced to being a “one-trick pony”. I suspect the latter.

  • Take the 1 unblievable Punt Return vs the Giants at MIracle of Meadowland II Game and D-Jax’s Punt Return Stats for 2010 & 2011 are pretty poor. He’s afraid to get hit and in Football you will get hit..

  • Seahawks sign Free-Agnet WR Braylon Edwards to a 1 Year Deal from all reports has reddedicated himself to Football and is in the best shape of his life physically… Time will tell for he’s always had Talent but a questionalble motor and surly attitude on occasions.. .

  • There’s also the fact that Edwards can’t catch.

  • On another note….

    Vegas yearly “totals” for the Birds dropping a bit. The books that had them at 10.5 have dropped them to 10, and those that were always at 10 have increased the juice on the U.

    Interesting because the Eagles are a very “public” team. Seems not everyone is sold on the “MV7 experience”

  • That under looks like free money vinnie. Vick isn’t that good and his replacement when he gets hurt is awful.

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