• January 17, 2022

Andy Reid: Mike Kafka Not Playing On Thursday, Foles #2 QB

Andy Reid just let us know that Mike Kafka won’t play at all on Thursday.  He said Kafka’s hand is still tender and he doesn’t feel comfortable sending him out there right now.

Reid feels he knows Kafka well enough in order to make a decision about him.  I took that as a vote of confidence for Kafka.

Rookie Nick Foles will start and play one quarter, while Trent Edwards will play three quarters.  If they had a regular season game this weekend, Foles would be the number two quarterback.

Reid said Foles is the number two quarterback right now, but that is subject to change.

To me it sounded like Kafka will make the team, while Reid is giving Edwards plenty of time to impress other teams, so that he makes a roster when he’s released.

No starters will play including slot man Jason Avant and nickel back Joselio Hanson.

Eagles defensive end Jason Babin said he’ll be ready to go for the opener, but he doesn’t know how healthy he’ll be then.


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  • I actually don’t look at this as vote of confidence for Kafka, for IF Edwards does really well the last game, it would prove he has had a far better preseason. Kafka has no NFL arm, period! …and will forever be a project. If the idea of camp/preseason is to keep the best players, it becomes Vick, Foles, Edwards hands down. Though Vick produced nothing either in preseason, he has a body of work in the NFL. So does Edwards, despite a non-stellar career in Buffalo. He is an experienced guy who played with bad teams up there and never got the coaching he does here, and had won games in NFL. Even if he played the last game at just average, I’d still trust him above Kafka.

  • Wow Iggles…you’ve talked yourself into Edwards. Congrats. That’s hard to do.

    “despite a non-stellar career” you made my drink come out my nose with that one.

    Game 4 all about keeping everyone healthy. Coaches terrified. Only put out guys they don’t care much about. Edwards will play the whole game. At best they’re showcasing him to try and get a 7th or something from a team that needs an upgrade at backup QB, though I don’t think they’ll get that.

    You are right in another area though….Vick certainly does have a “body of work” in the NFL. Too bad its as “the 20th best Qb in the league”, year after year….

    • Hey Vin, I’m neither a Vick supporter nor an endorser of Edwards. Since any C/GM has to make a cut soon, one has to look at situation realistically because you must have 3 QB’s. What good is a 7th pick in future if you know you need more depth in the secondary now? No GM in right mind would give you anything for Kafka who has NO ARM and no body of work as NFL QB and will forever be a project. Again, just sorting through what we know what we have now… but glad I entertained you; just have a napkin ready next time.

      • Here’s the deal. If the birds keep Edwards and he ever plays a down, the season is over. Edwards sucks.

        So…if ever forced to choose between one scrub and another, then I think the only logical choice is for the younger player. You liked the NFL experience, but if the experience is terrible, then who cares. I akin it to the Bills just trading for Tavarisw jackson, the Raiders trading for Palmer….I mean really? Sure they have “experience” but their experience stinks…they’re useless…so is Edwards…..

        And, as was now announced….just like I stated….no starters this week…..Coaches afraid….protecting their players….Edwards out there means he’s on the first plane outta here after the game

  • Well Vinnie, I’m not an endorser of Vick (IMO he can’t adjust to his O; he’s a freelancer) nor Edwards, but you’ve got to pick the best 3 of what you’ve got, so then one must simply analyze and choose. Would you really want to bring Vince Young “the dreamer” back? We’re talking being realistic about the situation you have. A 7th solves nothing and we’re more at need in the secondary. You need 3 QB’s who can hopefully lead the team; Kafka is worse than Kolb. Why would a GM want to trade for Kafka who has NO ARM? I’m glad I entertained you; have a napkin ready next time.

  • Hey Vin, I’m neither a Vick supporter nor a “hard” endorser of Edwards. Since any C/GM has to make a cut soon, one has to look at situation realistically because you must have 3 QB’s. What good is a 7th pick in future if you know you need more depth in the secondary now. No GM in right mind would give you anything for Kafka who has NO ARM and no body of work as NFL QB and will forever be a project. Again, just sorting through what we know what we have now… but glad I entertained you; just have a napkin ready next time.

  • I’m an Eagles supporter simply put…I may not agree with the personnel decisions, the coaching, but come game day I’m pulling for every single player that suits up…..@Vinnie, can you say the same?

    But honestly, lets talk Edwards…Edwards has done a solid job managing the team in preseason…He is also a VET! Years of experience….I also see no one wants to make anything of that pass that Foles threw for a pic against Cleveland. It was a horrible decision, a decision that Kafka would be bashed for… a decision people would be saying see thats why Edwards a decision Vick would have been called “dumb” for….But since Foles has never played a regular season game and based on what he’s done in preseason, lets just assume he’ll be just as good! Despite the possibility that Foles may not be as good as he seems! If I had to choose, I’d still go with Kafka as my number 2.

    I do hope that Foles turns out to be something special…But that is simply hopes and dreams nothing more nothing less.

    On another note, I am happy to see the defense getting TO’s. The D line is the one part of the team that is meeting expectations. I’m loving Thornton and Hunt! Shit B Graham has been making some noise too! Special Teams is exceeding expectations, offensively and defensively…I seen some big improvement from a year ago thus far. Defense and special teams have benefited the offense with short fields a few times this pre season…I’d like Ryans, Chaney and Kendricks as our LB’s…I know Chaney has been working through injuries, but a year ago, he led the team in tackles, so you can’t discount his production. Kendricks may be may favorite player by end of the season. He is a beast! Polk should be kept on as FB, given he can play that position, I dont think its a good idea not to sign him…I think the chances are higher Polk being snatched from the practice squad than Havili…from what I seen in training camp he blocks better than Havili, shit even better than some TE’s…He’s probably the best blocker the Eagles have as RB. With McCoy, Lewis, Brown, the Eagles may have the most stacked backfield in the league. Brown’s size and quickness could be a problem! Interested to see how much he will be utilized this season. Now I’ve had issues with Coleman in the past, but he is most definitely the best safety we have on this team…I like how he has been coming up and hitting this pre season too…seen a few nice sticks from him! I also like TE Brackett, although I doubt the Eagles keep him…I’d still take Harbor because of the “win now” mentality…but Brackett could be a solid TE.
    Nnamdi, no comment.

  • Kafka should also not play on any future Thursday’s, Saturday’s, Sunday’s and Monday’s from here on out.

  • Realtalk…why does evryitnhg have to be so absolute? “You can’t love the Eagles’ unless you love Vick too???”

    “I’m pulling for every single player” Realy? Always? Is that what a fan has to do? So you would have been “all in” in 2001 if the birds had taken Akili Smith instead of McNabb (as was potentially rumoured). Was Cinci fan “not a fan” for recognizing he was terrible?

    Mike Vick is difficult to like….from his immature behaviour, to later arrests, to lack of develpment, to stubbornness, to perma-frown, to injuries, to stupid mistakes, to the chest-pounding, to headfirst dives, to “I, I, I” to on and on…….

    That being said….I will be driving down to the Giants game Sept ..and I will cheer for a win.whomever is at the helm…as I cheered for Pat Ryan and Hoying and Peete and McMahon and Kolb and all the other scrubs who weren’t going to lead the birds anywhere…

    That being said, aside from being a misecrant, VIck is a botom tier QB, and I will cheer louder…. much louder….when he’s gone and the Eagles’ can finally move forward toward that elusive championship.

  • Vinnie, you know exactly what the hell I am talking about!
    I may not like certain players but I’m not watching the game, wishing that, that player misses a tackle, misses a FG, throws a pick, jumps offsides….

    Point is you watch the games while hoping Vick gets hurt or throws a pick! Do you see the difference?

  • Top #10 QB’s in the NFC Conference (16 Teams)

    1) Aaron Rodgers
    2) Drew Brees
    3) Eli Manning
    4) Tony Romo
    5) Matt Stafford
    6) Jay Cutler
    7) Matt Ryan
    8) Cam Newton
    9) Mike Vick
    10) Alex Smith

    Bottom Feeders of the NFC thru lack of experience, being on bad teams or just bad QB’s at this stage of their Careers
    Josh Freeman,Sam Bradford, Christian Ponder,Kevin Kolb,Tavaris Jackson, Matt Flynn,RGIII, Russell WIlson are unproven and just starting out

  • I would go


  • right on the head Real talk. Last year when Vick was shredding the Cowboys i laid into frail little vinnie and all he could do was try to defend his points about Vick (as vick was throwing TD after TD). Its a sad sad day when a fan roots against his team so he can look smart. This has become the way for many many posters here…. im looking at you Pman.

  • That’s BS Stevo. Good for Vick to have a good/great game every now and then. Doesn’t matter. He’ll always revert to hiscrummy ways when the chips are down. He’ll always end in disappointment. Go ahead, keep wishing that will change.

    As for NFC QBs I would take on the team right now over Vick

    These first 5 are all obvious. Anyone who thinks Vick is better than the above need to go watch water polo or something.
    Newton – beast
    RGIII – vick with brains
    Smith – porential one year wonder just like MV, but he’s younger so I take him
    Wilson – though it looks like he might be rising very quickly
    Now some of these guys may be debated, but I’d still take them all over Vick

    And now the bottom tier

    I’d maybe take Vick over these 2 guys…..then again, probably not

    Do I hope Vick “fails” Realtalk. Do I cheer against him? Whatever. Sorry I’m not all “geeked up” like you are over a guy I put right at the bottom of the NFC scrapheap. I don’t “wish” for him to do something stupid. I just know its going to happen. When that mini-man Simineau was wasting space at LB, I’m sure you weren’t “wishing” that he would whiff on his tackles, but you knew it was going to happen didn’t you? And you certainly “wished” the Eagles would find someone else, because it was pretty damn obvious that they were going to struggle with him manning the LB corps wasn’t it.

    This is the exact same…..except 10x more important.

  • .

  • OK, Vinnie why not just say you believe Vick is the worst QB in the NFC –

    Regular season, less than two weeks away…
    To be continued…..Vick will provide you with more details, stay tuned!
    Just as confident you guys are that Vick will fail, is just as confident I am that he can lead the Eagles to championship. Who’s opinion holds more weight? None!

  • Done. Worst it is.

  • 10 reasons why Vinnie doesnt like Mike Vick and 7 were personal in nature
    I would respect a lot more if you didn’t try to mask your dislike of vick with Stats when clearly you don’t like Michael Vick the MAN

  • If neither opinion carries more weight why do you two keep re hashing the same arguments , damn enough already …

  • @Jakedog – with all due disrespect, mind your damn business then…no one is talking to you…this is a public board….your opinion most certainly holds no weight, so you can zip it!

  • why cant i see what people are saying?? ugh!!!!

  • You hav et ocontinually sign in and out Stevo..
    Try logging into the “World Press Sign-In Box” and it seems that you can sell all comments from there.. At leaset for me this seems to work..

  • Stevo..
    I have nothing to prove to anyone on here.. I will always call them the way I see them.. Some of you Eagles Fans don’t pay enough attention to what other teams and players are doing around teh NFL and attach youself too emotionally with certain Eagle PLayers.. I am about Performance and Production and WInning and until Vick actually does this on a consistent Basis, then now, I am not going to rank him high just because he plays for the Eagles for that’s assanine and childlike.. If I think or state the RB McCoy is one of teh Top RB’s in the NFL (and I do) it’s not because he’s an Eagle, It’s because he’s demonstrated consistently, durability and plays at a high level every week.. I like to keep things real about my hometown,favorite teams even though the truth will hurt some times… It is what it is..

  • See…. thats what i mean “some of you eagles fans dont pay enough attention”. The attempt here is to lower everyone who doesnt agree with you… and therfore make yourself sound smarter. Its bogus. PMAN you talk so much that when you finally get one right you make it sound like it was your only point. Here is the truth… you’ve been calling for the phillies to hit rock bottom for many years and its only now that it has happened.

    on vick….. its not like the rest of us arent able to see his struggles, i dont see anyone saying he’s the best in the league. I dont see anyone outside of perhaps SONGS thinking he is a top 10 qb. But 2 facts remain….. 1. He’s the best qb we’ve had on our roster in 3 years. Need proof?….. 1 guy is out if the league. 1 guy is only still around because we sucked a team into a stupid stupid trade. 1 guy is a rook and MAY be something… but its not time. and 1 guy’s named Kafka. 1 guy said dream team and is looking for a job. Should we have made a play for flyn? Maybe Payton M.. i get that one. But THIS WAS WHAT WE HAD. The other fact remains….. this guy is our starter…. season is a week away. Get in line…. root for your team.

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