• August 8, 2022

Another Look At The Final 53-man Roster

Quarterbacks (3): Michael Vick, Nick Foles, Mike Kafka

If it was a fair competition, Trent Edwards would make the final cut over Kafka. But Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg have been in love with Kafka and his knowledge of the system from the first day of the training camp. I don’t understand why at this point they wouldn’t reconsider. It doesn’t matter how well a quarterback knows the offense is he doesn’t have the physical skills necessary to succeed on the field. It would do this team a lot of good to have another veteran quarterback around to help both Nick Foles and Michael Vick. What’s the sense in having two developmental quarterbacks on the roster?

Running Backs (4):  LeSean McCoy, Dion Lewis, Bryce Brown, Stanley Havili

There’s been some talk that the Eagles could stash Chris Polk on injured reserve to repair a shoulder injury. I hope they do so, because I’d hate to see them lose such a promising young talent.

Wide Receivers (5): DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper, Damaris Johnson

Tight Ends (2): Brent Celek, Clay Harbor

Mardy Gilyard had a chance to push for a spot as the sixth receiver, but I just can’t see the team keeping six. Marvin McNutt had a couple of nice days at Lehigh, but then completely fell off of the map. Chad Hall still has a chance to stick on the practice  squad because Andy and Marty seem to love his ability as a do-anything gadget player. At tight end, both Brett Brackett and Chase Ford had good moments during the preseason, and should be candidates for the practice squad.

Offensive Line (9): King Dunlap, Evan Mathis, Jason Kelce, Danny Watkins, Todd Herremans, Demetress Bell, Julian Vandervelde, Steve Vallos, Dennis Kelly

I think the Eagles are confident in young reserves Kelly and Vandervelde, but they could still look to add another veteran presence to give the backups a little more experience.

Defensive Ends (5): Trent Cole, Jason Babin, Phillip Hunt, Vinny Curry, Brandon Graham

Tapp has been the odd man out all along. The Eagles are five-deep at this position, and even though Tapp has played very well this preseason, he’s caught in a numbers game, and his $2.6 million salary is more than enough to make him lose his roster spot.

Defensive Tackles (5): Cullen Jenkins, Derek Landri, Fletcher Cox, Cedric Thornton, Antonio Dixon

I think if Dixon was really on his way out, the Eagles would have played him against the Jets to give other teams some more film on him. With Mike Patterson unavailable to start the season, Dixon still has value as a run stuffer.

Linebackers (6): DeMeco Ryans, Mychal Kendricks, Akeem Jordan, Jamar Chaney, Ryan Rau, Keenan Clayton

I think Ryan Rau has played his way on to this roster as the backup middle linebacker. I don’t see how the Eagles can keep Casey Matthews on the roster at this point after he’s shown very little and spent the entire preseason nursing injuries. The other surprise cut I have here is Brian Rolle, who began training camp as the starter. The second-year linebacker has looked poor throughout training camp, and continued his struggles against the Jets. Keenan Clayton can’t get an opportunity to start, but he’s an asset to special teams.

Cornerbacks (6): Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Joselio Hanson, Curtis Marsh, Brandon Boykin, Brandon Hughes

Safeties (5): Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, Jaiquawn Jarrett, Phillip Thomas, Colt Anderson

I don’t think O.J. Atogwe did enough to make this football team. Jarrett was the on the bubble, but made a few decent plays against the Jets could save himself, plus the Eagles won’t want to give up on a second-round pick after just one season.

Specialists (3): Alex Henery, Chas Henry, Jon Dorenbos

Denny Basens

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  • Thank you Denny!!! Finally someone who can see Casey Matthews is a waste of roster space.

    I still think Dixon will be let go. They know what he can do, and who’s to say they don’t already have a deal in place, and didn’t play him so that he wouldn’t be damaged goods?

    One disagrement is, Jarrett should be cut. It makes no sense to save face by keeping him on the roster; We already know they made a mistake in drafting him so high. Phillip Thomas, has outplayed him. They did the same thing last year with Trevor Laws, and Derek Landri….WHAT A WASTE OF TIME…LAWS STILL STUNK, AND THEY WOUND UP BRINGING LANDRI BACK. Same thing is happening here.

  • what? what the hell are we holding on to Riley Cooper for?

  • Another obervation over the preaseason. I think the backup DT are better than the starting DT. Im not a big fan of Jenkins I think he is way overrated and quite frankly doesnt give you much of anything. Flether Cox is no way better than Thorton, Landri or Dixon (for what Dixon does) right now. All I know is when the backup DT come in all that running up the middle stops. Also Curry is definetly the worst DE right now. I understand he is a high draft pick but he isnt better than Tapp. Isnt it about the best players make the team. We have enough young talent at the position.

  • agree dag, and how about graham, looking strong, and this wide nine thing is like Andy s high wire offense, exciting but not championship prone

  • Regarding Dixon, I can buy the argument that they need bodies at the DT position with Patterson on the PUP and that is why you hold on to him.

    But if you are going to say he has value as a run stuffer, shouldn’t there be visual proof on film in games that he can actually stuff the run? If you think he has, we must have been watching completely different games. I get that people like Dixon because of his size which lends itself to the perception that he can stop the run. I don’t dislike him. In fact, I want him to be the player everybody thinks he already is. But the truth is he has been a virtual non-factor in this scheme.

  • F%^& that Marty Gilyard over Cooper I agree with Thongs


  • WHo said 2 months ago that MArdy Gilyard is a good player who belongs in the NFL.. He got better and better as SUmmer Camp went on (remember that he didn’t play at all last year).. Someone will pick him up and he will turn out to be a nice contributor as a Punt Returner/4trh/5th WR.. All he did while at University of Cincinnati was make plays..
    Eagles should Trade WR Maclin for a Stud LB or Safety and keep the Following WR’s D-Jax,Avant,Cooper,D Johnson,Gilyard and then Sign Burress if they want to really fix their Red-Zone Issues

  • Thongs LOL

  • Yesterday Lurie (and Reid) both announced that 8-8 would be “unacceptable”

    @Cleveland – win (have to be able to crush that inept squad)
    Baltimore – loss – tough game. I don’t think Vick can handle Balt D
    @Ariz – win against one of the worst teams in the league

    Eagles 2-1 so far against a pretty easy sched

    Giants – 50/50 huge early game, Vick gets hurt in 3rd and Foles leads a comeback…this game is pivotal
    @pitt – win – Pitt is very overrated and have a swiss cheese pass D
    + no Oline

    Wow…either 4-1 or 3-2 at this point depending on Giants

    Det – loss – – Vick prob gets hurt in this game again as Suh takes a 15 yrder giving Vick a suplex
    Atl – win – another very pivotal game, but Reid $$ after bye

    5-2 or 4-3 at this point depending on NYG game

    @ NO – loss. Lose this game with Dallas up next

    If we’re 5-3 everything rosy…but if 4-4 there will be some questioning……
    Dallas – win.

    6-3 or 5-4 at this point

    @wsh – win
    Carolina – win – another huge game that will decide the season I think
    @Dallas – loss – splitzkie time

    Now 8-4 or 7-5…possibilty of 6-6 if loss at Carolina

    @TB – suprise loss – This is another tricky game. Coming off Dallas and entering a short week. Could go wither way.

    Now either 9-4, 7-6 (or 6-7 if things break badly and fanbase screaming for Foles)

    Cinci – big win..home teams win the stupid Thursday games at an .850 clip
    Wsh – win again off the “mini-bye”

    Now either 11-4 or 9-6 or 8-7

    @NYG – loss – possibly for the division title…difficult to predict…if NYG has something to play for then I have to take them as their QB has shown he’s clutch

    Now either 11-5 or 9-7 or 8-8

    I really think the 1st NYG game, the Carolina and the @TB game are keys to the season…….I’ll split the difference and go 9-7…I don;t trust Vick at all, and think as likely as he is to win a game, he’s just as likely to and it to the other team.

    I think there’s a really wild unpredictability to the season. The only games I feel really confortable predicting are Celveland and Arizona and the loss to NO in NO….the rest…from Balt to Pitt, to Car, to Det, to the NYGs, etc are all winnable / losable games that could go either way…..My final feeling?


    Is that as “unacceptable” as 8-8?

  • Songs this is only a prediction…It hasn’t been made final as of yet…

  • Denny your title is a bit misleading

  • I’d really like to understand how you think trading a receiver(maclin) ,who is about to have a break-out season,was a first round pick,and is a intrical part of the offense,is a smart thing to do. For a stud linebacker?

    FYI Paul…teams want those guys on there roster and getting Maclin would be great for them but wtf would Andy wanna do that, and insert Marty stinking Gilyard as the #2? Hes had a nice preseason but hes not ready to play the other side of Jax.

    Based on the end of last seaosn and the pre-season there correcting the red-zone issues with more run plays and two TE packeages.

    Plax does one thing…catch balls in the red-zone…he needs to play special teams to get on this roster.No dice.

    Hand the ball to #25 in the red zone or tell Vick to sprint right and catch the d off guard,dump to Celek.


    5-1 in the division last year and lost close games to Niners,Falcs,Bills….got better on the d-line and o-line is a year better for young guys. Peters is a bigloss yes,but be resilent.Gamblers gone on d and we play press now.I dont see how we dont win the division.

    All this talk abotu Cowboys d.Carr was a #2 in KC.Lets see if Claiborne can cover Cruz,Jax,Maclin and some of the speedsters in Washington.Not buyn them.

    • Agree 100% Great post, Erock.

  • Erock, Did you read my entire post…

    Macling averages 65 Cathces 900 yards and about 8 TD’s a Season
    I believe that a combine Receiver Trio of Burress (for the TD’s) Danirius Johnson and MArdy Gillyard can surpass this..
    Look at the Great Teams Erock, the Packers, Patriots, the Giants,,
    They spread the ball out to 3-4 differnent Receivers so defenses can’t lock in on 1 or 2 and gives the Offenses a big advantage with match-ups..

    Give me 4 Receivers with 40-50 Receptions Each than 2 with 85 receptions any day of the week.. D-Jax runs 3 Roiutes and is too predictable and Macling is goign to command $40-$50 Million or maybe more come next off-season.. Do you think he’s worth it.. Can you see the Eagles having $100 Million locked into 2 WR’s (D-Jax/Maclin) I just don’t think that’s good roster/salary cap management.. I like Maclin don’t get me wrong, and I think his Trade Value is probably the highest it will ever be and if I have 2-3 other players who can replace his production between them and get a Starting LB or Safety (Which Eagles Need) in return, then I am doing it.. and save on future Big Salary then I am doing it .. Its all about Roster Management and putting together a 53 Man roster to compete for a SUper Bowl and the Eagles still have big question Marks at LB and Safety in my opinion where the WR position is a position of Strength

  • I believe the Eagles should keep Mardy Giliard and Trent Edwards. In college Mardy was the go-to man who came up big in big games. He also won games as kick returner. He has a knack of getting open. He also did pretty good on kick coverage. His combination of versitility and big play ability would be more valuable than Chad Hall or Riley Cooper, or possibly Jason Avant. Trent flat out earned the 3rd spot. Kafka will still be waiting in November for a call if cut.

  • The Biggest non-factor Free-agent Signing this Year was SAfety O Atogwe as I said he would be.. He’s missed more games than he has played over the last 3 Seasons and is a former shell of himself.. The Reckless abadonment that he played with during his first few Seasons with the Rams in 5-6 YEars ago are long gone.. Atogwe cuts released, Jarrett makes the Roster and the Eagles will pick-up another Safety from the Waiver WIre …
    Safeties will be Allen,Coleman, Jarrett and a “Player to be named by the Weekend”

  • Paulman, I think you’re wrong on this one.

    The Eagles’ do not have anyone to replace Maclin. Your plan would make Desean the bonafied #1 (which he isn’t) and have the #2 roll filled by 2 rookies and an old man.

    The reason this will not happen is because, for the most part, Reid hates playing rookies at the skill positions. (also a reason why all this Polk/Brown arguing is ridiculous as neither will see the field anyway this year).

    Also…you bring up the Pack, NYG and NE as teams that have multiple WR weapons……First of all, I would argue with the “spread it around – everybody get 40 receptions” idea for those teams.

    NYG had Cruz at 82 catches and Nicks at 76 (and hurt) and no one else over 40. That’s top heavy.
    NEP had Welker at 122, Gronk at 90, Hernandez at 79 and Branch at 51…no one else on team had more than 15…4 guys were the vast majority of their catches
    GBP had Nelson 68, Jennings 67, and Finley 55….they were the only really “blaanced team” that you speak of with 9 players over 15 catches

    Generally…even the teams that you mentioned have 2 or 3 top guys over 60 catches…..and then scrubs

    Look at the Eagles: Maclin 63, Celek 62, Desean 58, Avant 52 and McCoy 48

    In What’s ironic about your post is that you claim to want the Eagles’ to be balanced like NYG, GB, NEP….when in fact, the Birds already were more balanced than any of them!!

    The other major issue with your plan….well take a look:

    GB Jennings 5′ 11″, Nelson 6′ 3″, Driver 6′
    NYG Cruz 6′, Nicks 6′ 1, Hixon 6’2
    NE Lloyd 6′, Welker 5′ 9, and then the 2 giant TEs

    Good god.

    Do you realize that if they we rolled out Desean, Mardy and Damarius we wouldn’t have a 6′ tall WR on the field? Not that Maclin is big or anything but at least he’s 6′ tall..

    The last thing we need is a 5′ 10″ QB throwing to a trio of 5′ 10″ Wrs….you think anough balls get batted down at the LOS now…….

  • J Hanson CUT. Congrats to Boykin he won the job

  • NFL.com is reporting that Mardy Gilyard has also been cut

  • Mardy Gilyard waived

  • Goodbye- Tapp, Hanson, Matthews, Dixon, Kafka, Cooper & Gilyard. SORRY PAUL! 😆

  • WHat your failing to relaize Vinnie is that these other teams (Packers,Pats,Saints,GIants) don’t just use 2 WR for 90% of their PLays like the Eagles, They shuttle WR in and out and collectively make it difficult for teams to match up with the.. The Eagles passing attack is very predictable with D-Jax (running 1 of 3 Routes) and Maclin running (1 of 4 Routes) and the othe rdown-side is that wehn these palyers get into the 4th Quarterm, they fade and fizzle out.. Do they get worn down after 60 Snaps.. Are they arfraid of physical contact as the game gets into crunch time in the 4th Quarter where many gets become more physical with close coverages by opposing Secondary’s.. I will agree with you that the Eagles have no True #1 WR and we already know that and have stated that for a few years now.. but give me 4-5 Options instead of teh 2 they have now.. I don’t count Avanat for he catchesd to ball and gets tackled immediately for he lacks the foot speed to even get away from LB’s.. Put Damrius and Gilyard out there with Jax/Maclin, spread the field out.. Send D-Jax down the middle & deep to draw Safety coverage and then have Johnson/Gilyard with intermdiare crossing patters and pick-up an easy 15-20 Yards..

    • PAUL Gilyard is gone! Not happening Paisano.

  • Brett Brackett, Keenan Clayton and Chase Ford will be released. Patriots cut Brian Hoyer, Dan Koppen and Deion Branch

  • Official- Otagwe, Clayton, Gilyard, Hall, McNutt, Hanson, Thomas, Rau & Washington, of notable cuts. WTF is Jarrett, Matthews, & Cooper STILL doing on this team?!?!?

  • Final 3 will be McBriar, 1 of the Qb’s & 1 of the D-linemen. Most likely Edwards & Tapp.

  • ***CUTS***

    S Oshiomogho Atogwe
    TE Brett Brackett
    LB Keenan Clayton
    DT Landon Cohen
    TE Chase Ford
    WR Mardy Gilyard
    WR Chad Hall
    CB Joselio Hanson
    FB Emil Igwenagu
    T D.J. Jones
    WR Marvin McNutt
    LB Adrian Moten
    DT Ollie Ogbu
    LB Ryan Rau
    DE Monte Taylor
    S Phillip Thomas
    DT Frank Trotter
    G/C Steve Vallos

    Final 3 will be McBriar, 1 of the Qb’s & 1 of the D-linemen. Most likely Edwards & Tapp.

  • pft reports they keep 4 qb’s and 4 rb’s?

    I am a little confused, is this the final roster, barring they see someone come across the waiver wire?

    • Frank, they still have 3 to cut, to get down to 53. McBriar, will be 1 of them. 1 of the Qb’s will be 1 of them & 1 of the D-linemen will be another.

  • Tapp has a massive talent advantage over Graham and Curry. Tapp is not getting cut or traded.

  • Tapp, IS A GONER! They ARE NOT paying a 5th-6th DE, $2,750,000. BTW, e0sb, he does not have a massive talent advantage over Graham & Tapp. With all due respect, you don’t have a clue. WTF are you exactly watching?

  • comprende .. I read the article on pro football talk and it was extremely confusing

  • Curry is a rookie, can’t really make a comparison as of yet…Graham has played very well this preseason, although Tapp was doing work too…I think Graham is ready to play the way the front office expected him to…I’d take Graham over Tapp.

  • Tapp has 5 sacks in 2 seasons, I fail to see his greatness as a pass rusher as some on this site would have us believe!!! Graham and Curry much better upside and potential. Tapp is who he is but nothing worth betting my chips on on Sunday morning.

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