• January 20, 2022

Eagles Sign Mardy Gilyard And Release Jaiquawn Jarrett

The Eagles have signed free agent wide receiver Mardy Gilyard and released backup safety Jaiquawn Jarrett.  Starting wideout Jeremy Maclin injured his hip in the win over the Cleveland Browns and might not be able to play on Sunday against the Ravens.

Gilyard was released in the final cutdown by the Birds.  Gilyard caught nine receptions for 151 yards and two touchdowns in the preseason.   He played well when he got the chance and especially in the last preseason game against the Jets.  The young wideout has good size and has the speed to get behind the secondary.

Jarrett had been a second round draft pick for the Birds in 2011, but had struggled to get in the lineup.  He had a poor game in the first preseason game against the Steelers, but came on to play better in the following games.

The team also signed tight end Derek Carrier to the practice squad and released tight end Chase Ford.

Carrier (6-4, 238) originally signed with the Oakland Raiders as a rookie free agent following the 2012 draft after playing collegiately at Beloit College in Wisconsin, where he set school records with 189 receptions for 3,111 yards and 29 touchdowns. He was released as part of the Raiders final roster cut down. Carrier also played two years of basketball at Beloit, starting 21 games and averaging 8.3 points per game. He attended Edgerton High School in Wisconsin.


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  • Paulman called this back in MArch, I was the only Poster on here who stated that Mardy Gilyard had a great chance to make this Eagle Squad and to be honest, he should have made the 53 Man Roster to Begin with over a 4th RB or a 6th DE or a 5th Safety as the Eagles choose to do.. As often as the Eagles pass, they need to have 6 WR’s on their Roster and especially since 3 of them are small and very likely to get injured over a course of a Season like D-Jax,Maclin and now Danarius Johnson..

  • I will co-sign on Gilyard Pualman I thought he was a decent end of roster reciever but a pro none the less. I really liked chad hall as a story as I am a vet but Gilyard showed much more this preseason (oh wait preseason doesnt matter…I keep forgetting)

  • Jason Whitlock on Andy Reid and Vick
    It was laughable reading stories about Andy Reid defending Vick’s performance. Andy Reid needed to be defending his own performance.

    Let me explain. I don’t want to shift focus away from Vick’s awful performance. He was bad. Really bad. But Reid was every bit as bad as Vick. Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinwheg were absolutely clueless on Sunday. Philly’s pass protection was non-existent in the first quarter. Vick took some big hits and was seemingly harassed on every play. Vick and Philly’s offensive line needed to be bailed out by LeSean McCoy.

    Reid refused to run the football. The Eagles kept throwing and Vick kept getting hit and more frustrated. Vick is undersized and, for the first time in his career, he can’t simply rely on his legs to fix problems created by his arm. Vick desperately needs the support of a strong running back-led running game. He’s a bootleg, play-action passer. He doesn’t move linebackers and the secondary with his eyes and clever pump fakes. He’s not that kind of QB. He can only fool linebackers with play-action passing. The threat of McCoy is the key to creating passing windows for Michael Vick. This is not some CIA secret.

    Andy Reid is the only person on the planet who refuses to accept this simple fact.

    In a tight game the Eagles led for much of the day, Reid waited until the fourth quarter, until after Vick’s fourth interception, to realize he needed to feature McCoy. Vick threw the ball 56 times on a day McCoy averaged 5.5 yards per carry.

    Andy Reid is a moron. I mean that. I don’t care how many regular-season games he’s won. Or maybe Reid wants Vick carried off on a cart so the Eagles can switch to a quarterback who can actually play the game from the pocket with some savvy.

  • Maybe the 56 passes are a secret attempt by AR to have Vick get injured or lose the support of his team in order to facilitate a smooth transition to 9. Remember 10 seems enamored with 7.

    Just saying.. for the smoke filled backroom crowd…

  • Paulman does it again! I’ll tell you what P-Man, you are a moronic imbecile 99 percent of the time, but you do call some things spot on. Kudos

  • shout out to Paulman.

    you hit this one.

  • now, if we can get Navy to take 3 swine flu shots..or better yet…jump in the river

  • He’s a blind squirrel or a broken clock

  • What da hell did Paulman nail head on? He said over and over that Gillyard will make the roster as the primary returner. Neither happened. Paulman was adamate that Guillyard wouldn’t be cut. He was. Then an injury happened at wr and he got resigned for wr depth. NOT what Paul predicted.

    If you guys were as easy on Reid as you are on pauliboy,….

    • Schill, where the f^#@ were you? I missed you. NOT!!! LOL!!!! Welcome back!

      • But Shill is right, When Maclin gets healthy, He’s as good as cut again. Paul, I would have kept Gilyard, and Ryan Rau, over Casey Matthews though.

      • doing better things, busy at work, and avoiding this site when the technology issues and viruses were at it’s worst. Also, waiting out all the bogus predictions to see when the REAL season – without just speculation after speculation…. started.

        I missed you to DCar. How bout that D? Weren’t you one of the DRC haters? Babin run D haters?

        PS, in case anyone is wondering, I’m anti Vick now. I’ve been fully convinced that he’s too psychologically damaged to play the QB position well. See this past Sunday. For him it’s all about his ego and ‘god given superhuman talents’ – NEITHER OF WHICH HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH SUCCESS ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD FOR A QB

        • No, Schill. I wasn’t a DRC hater. I’ve been one of his supporters, ever since he came here, when we fleeced the Cards for him & a 2nd rounder. I stated many times, that square peg, in round hole Reid, & Deer in the headlights Castillo, ruined him last year, by taking a pro-bowler, & playing him out of position. The players I hated, & always did, was MEsante, & last years LB’s. I still honestly feel, that we will never win with Reid as our HC. Also, Vick is a waste, is, was, & always will be a fraud of a QB.

  • Great post big E, Reid is a joke and a bullshit artist, can’t wait until he’s out

  • Jaiquawn Jarrett was a huge waste of a 2nd round pick. Was he on anybody’s draft board higher than the 4th round?
    The Eagles have blown so many high picks in the last 10 years:
    Jaiquawn Jarrett 2nd round
    Curtis Marsh 3rd round
    Casey Matthews 4th round
    Daniel Te’o-Nesheim 3rd round
    Trevard Lindley 4th round
    Keenan Clayton 4th round
    Mike Kafka 4th round
    Bryan Smith 3rd round
    Mike McGlynn 4th round
    Quintin Demps 4th round
    Jack Ikegwuonu 4th round

  • If you followed any teams draft as close as you followed the birds you would see busts all over the place

  • Come on Paul your hitting that ego a little high. Gilyard would have to blow away everyone and Johnson will have to tank over the next 1-2 weeks to still be wearing Green.
    You talk about keeping 5 S, but in reality it was 4, as Colt has played sparingly (and thats being nice). So now we are left with Sims (1.5 weeks here) and Anderson (8 months fresh off ACL surgery) as our backup S. Neither of these guys have ever started a regular season game in the NFL and their in game snaps are limited (that is being extremely kind).

    Jarrett was a disappointment as a 2nd rd pick, no minced words, but he looked adequate over the last 3 preseason games. Can anyone tell me they are now more comfortable with the depth at S?

    We just cut our only experienced backup S who is no longer PS eligible while we keep a 4th RB who may see 10 touches this year if he is lucky. A little backup to that statement:
    2011 RB Carry Breakdown
    McCoy: 273 att (80.8%)
    Brown: 42 att (12.4%)
    Lewis: 23 att (6.8%)

    *includes the 18 carries Brown and Lewis split in week 17 when McCoy did not dress

    Neither of our starting S played 16 games in 2010 or 2011 so it would not be a leap to assume Sims or Anderson will have to start at least 1 game this season for us. We also have no S on the PS to pick from in case Jarrett gets claimed in waivers. So are we still happy that “bum” is gone?

  • Curtis Marsh is not a bust. He will turn out to be decent player and should be converted to the Free Safety Positionwhere I believe he’s best suited for and has the frame to easily put on 10lbs of bulk
    4th Round picks are not High Draft picks Either they are Back ups and Special TeAmers to start their NFL Careers
    Top 3 Rounds (top 100 Players) I consider As Top prospects who you to hit on
    We have stated numerous times that Jarrett was physically overmAtched for the NFL game. I wish him well in his future endeavors

  • 3 is takes which are biting this team on the original 53 man Roster

    Having 4 RB for a pass happy team
    Having 5 Safeties. (Colt Anderson should have been on the PUP list and then available to activate after week # 5)
    Having 6 DE’s

    Eagles should have has Gilyard. TE Brackett and LB Rau as part of their original Roser instead of RB Lewis Safety Colt Anderson and should have traded DE Tapp or even released LB Matthews for a spot for Rau

  • Any idea why comments disappear from this web page constantly?
    Is anybody else having this problem?

    • E-Money. It happens to everyone. Paulman told me to log out after a post and then log in to make another post. Try it and see if it works. This has been going on for over a month and G has not addressed the problem. He is getting like ANDY REID AND THE RUN GAME.

  • Most of the time I hit the “Logout” Icon under where your name is where you sign in on which is on the right side of the page.. . this brings you to the “World Press” page where I resign back on and then Ican see all teh comments, Most of the time this works for me but’s it’s a pain in the ass..

    • Thanks Pman, I have tried this too, but it doesn’t always work. This site has become pretty frustrating, and the main reason I have stopped coming on. It sucks, especially at this time of year when talking about the Birds is at it’s best!! I will try your method again.

  • Paul gets zero points for this…Gilyard was dead to rights at the 53 man cut down. Most people saw the guy play in pre-season and wanted him on the team, thought he deserved a spot on the roster.

  • I suppose the Dynasty can begin now…..Sheesh

  • Paul doesn’t need any Viagra, after this move! ROFL!!!!!

  • i give paulman props for once .. he definitely called gilyard.. i agree, gilyard can definatily play … he can contribute immediately..

    • larrwd – pay attention to detail and hold yourself to some standards. Paul was wrong. Period. After being wrong, a strange combination of circumstances resulted in Guilyard being back with the team. Paulman predicted 0 of what happened with Marty Guilyard and the Eagles. He got 0% of his prediction correct. So tell me now, how is that definitely calling something?

      Paulman definitely was correct on how to get around the technology BS of this website – see I can give credit where credit is due – Thanks Paulman for that.

      BUT, when you predict that the next guy walking through a door way will be Michael Jordan, then a big fat woman walks through next, but 3 people later Jordan walks through, were you right? NOPE

  • ESPN.com’s Todd McShay thought Jarrett was the Eagles’ best selection in the 2011 draft:

    I believe Jarrett will be a good starter in the NFL, and with Quintin Mikell a free agent, Jarrett will ideally step in right away. He’s not big, but he’s tough, and Jarrett is one of the more underrated defensive backs in the 2011 class.

    Mike Mayock of NFL Network loved Jarrett’s temperament:

    The Eagles need a nasty guy up front, and Watkins is a nasty guy. I have to say the same thing about Philly’s second-round pick, safety Jaiquawn Jarrett out of Temple — I love his temperament. He’s a very good tackler and will compliment 2010 second-round pick Nate Allen back there. So you’ll have Allen at free safety, Jarrett at strong safety — both of them exciting young safeties picked in the second round of the last two drafts.

    Per Rotoworld, Greg Cosell of NFL Films really liked Jarrett:

    “I really, really like this kid,” says Cosell. “I think if you could get him in the third round, he’d be a terrific pick. I think he’s only going to get better and better and better. He’s very athletic. He’s one of the best safeties I’ve watched on film. … He played very physically.”

    ESPN.com’s Mel Kiper had Jarrett tied for his third overall safety prospect and pegged him as a second-round pick.

    Evan Silva of NBCSports.com liked Jarrett as a prospect:

    When you have 11 draft picks, you typically come out looking pretty good. The Eagles did a thorough job from top to bottom, using their top 2-3 selections on day-one starters. Danny Watkins was the nastiest offensive lineman available, and Jaiquawn Jarrett is a ballhawk with tremendous physicality.

    Kerry Byrne of SI.com liked the Jarrett pick:

    What I liked: The tag-team combo of Jaiquawn Jarrett (second round) and Curtis Marsh (third round) in the secondary. Philly struggled badly at time in the defensive backfield, as evidenced by the 31 touchdown passes allowed. Only Houston and Dallas, two of the league’s most incompetent defenses, surrendered more TD passes (33 each). So the Eagles needed help in the secondary and got it in Jarrett, a run-stopping safety, and Marsh, an athletic cover corner.

    Scouts, Inc. on Jarrett:

    Pros: Shows very good overall recognition skills. Reads keys and is disciplined. Is tough and fills hard for an undersized S. Does a good job of breaking down, wrapping up and finishing as a tackler. Does a good job of avoiding blocks when cheated up near the line of scrimmage.

    Cons: Gets in position to make a play on the ball but doesn’t always finish. Will mis-time some jumps and hands are questionable. Lacks elite playmaking ability in this area.

    As you can see, a lot of analysts really liked Jarrett, and so did Howie Roseman, Andy Reid and the Eagles. But things didn’t work out for him in Philadelphia. And now Jarrett begins the next phase of his career, one that will focus on finding a job somewhere in the league.

  • Paulmans’ notes and analysis of Jaqwain Jarrett prepping for the 2011 Draft

    Positives – Smart, Instinctive with a solid Football IQ
    Negatives – Small (Was orginally listed at 6-0 210 lbs) when he is really about 5-10 and 190lbs.
    Slow Foot speed to play in todays pass-happy NFL with speedy WR’s and Speedy TE’s.. Level of Competition playing the MAC Conference was also an issue with some scouts..

    All in all- I had him as a late 4th/early 5th Rounder basically due to a very weak Safety Position Draft Class in 2011 and basically had him as a Career back-up but thought he could develop into a SPecial Teams Demon on Coverage Teams which never really happened.. I stated that he would play no more than 2 Years at the NFL level unless he made dramatic improvement coming into this Season which obviously didn’t occur.. It’s a shame for he does seem like a great guy, great teammate but his physcial limitiations in height and speed mean no job in today’s NFL..

  • Who cares that you thought they should of kept Gilyard.Seriously,we’re supporsed to prop you up for callin some bs like that?

    Look at me …im right…as i’ve stated on previous posts.

    Ravens …Eagles….get on the board quick and smack Flacco early.I dint like the Bengals defensive approach.They seemed to play coverage and not try and get after him at all. I was unimpressed with there pass rush.

  • 2 questions:

    1. what exactly was Paulman right on?

    2. Why does Paulman refer to himself in the 3rd person??

    Am I missing something??

    • Thank you RR. As for “2.” – because he’s a fool and it amuses him

      PS – that last part can be applied to almost anything and everything Paul posts on this site.

    • LOL…I had the same thought about the 3dr person references…pretty creepy

  • Thats what i was wondering Reed. Paulman… you said he would make the team. He didnt. Did i miss something here? He’s back because 2 guys that DID make the team are hurt. So…. um….. yea he’s back, but he didnt make the team. You in fact were not right at all.

  • Songs – I just read the comment about the 3 swine flu shots or jumping in the river and I think you are being very cruel –

    I realize that I bumped into your mother, your wife and your sister this weekend, but do I really need a swine shot for EACH – don;t you think just one swine flu shot should cover the entire weekend?? And as for jumping in the river – I have done a lot of chairty work with burn victims, lepors and just ugly people, they weren’t that scary –

    but 9 more wins and you are gone douche!

  • paulman you really need to stop… I guess we’re all geniuses then if we can pat ourselves on the back about being right about someone who we said will make the team is released and re-signed. wow. so the eagles swung and missed on Jarrett, so what?? every team in the league does. how about Vernon Golston, Aundray Bruce, Curtis Enis, Lawrence Phillips, Kevin Allen, Bernard Williams, Aaron Maybin, Jason Smith, Jason Babin (he just started producing) and not to mention the countless eagles picks over the years. how many mock drafts were you correct on?? get over yourself. Anyone with common sense knew that Jarrett was a goner as soon as Colt Anderson was healthy. they were only trying to get him some value so he could eventually catch on with someone else. They had at minimum 2 roster moves to eventually make with Anderson and another one with Riley Cooper.

  • Navy and Songs……. I just want to remind you that there is enough hate in the world…. relax. Try and remember that you are Both created in the image of God and may want to try living as such. I dont see eye to eye with most of the people here but im not wishing anything on any of them.


  • You guys need to lighten up.. I know many of you can’t stand when I am right and were dogging my all SPring./SUmmer when I was talking up Gillyard..
    He should have been on the Roster in the 1st Place.. This Eagle WR Corps is very fragile and probably the 4th Rated WR Corp from Top to Bottom in their own Division…

  • Just what we need a tall playmaking WR! This will be 4th Cincy player to surprise Philadelphia fans!

  • G, What is wrong with Plaxico Burress ? Could the Eagles us him?

  • bluenote, I sure as hell aint G. But Plax wants to be payed like a lamborghini to be a beaten up old dented chevy. Only moron teams would do it. He’s not what we need. This season we have 0 redzone issues. We have significant WR depth issues. Plax isn’t much of a WR anymore. He’s a redzone threat. But that’s about it for now. If someone offered you something for a horrible price deal, would you take it?

  • Good poddiblity that both D-Jax and Maclin don’t play Sunday.. Also Rilly Cooper attending Practive but is not expected to suit up.. Eagles couls line up Avant,D Johnson and Gilyard as their main WR’s who are 100% and by the way, the Ravens have one the NFL’s most physical and deepest CB Corps in the NFL.. Eagles will be likely not score many points and probably have to run the ball 40 Times Collectively to keep Vick healthy, to make up for back-up WR’s and to shorten the game.. If I am game planning , I would McCoy to get 20 + Carriers, with another 15-20 Carries between Borwn and Polk.. De-ActivateDion Lewis and really, they should Release Lewis and use that Roster Spot for another WR/LB or Safety..

  • I still CAN NOT believe, people are still on this Plaxico $#!T, still. WTF part of WE DO NOT NEED HIM, don’t you nitwits understand? He doesn’t play ST’s! he isn’t an every down WR anymore! He is slow & old! He is a locker room CANCER! Also is now ONLY a red-zone target! SOOO unless DJAX &/or Maclin miss a significant amount of time, HE IS NOT COMING HERE!!!! LET ME REPEAT IT! HE IS NOT COMING HERE!!!!! OKAY!!!!!

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