• January 20, 2022

Eagles Should Feature McCoy And Rookie Backs Against The Ravens

I’m not sure what the game plan will be this week for the Baltimore Ravens, but it should feature LeSean McCoy and the team’s running game.  There’s no way the Eagles should come out and put the ball in Michael Vick’s hands and let him start throwing the football all over the place.

Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg have already given the game plan to Vick and the other quarterbacks, that happens on Tuesday. It will be unveiled to the rest of the team this morning.  I’ve talked about the ability of Reid and Mornhinweg to design an elaborate offensive game plan, but I haven’t focused on their inability to make adjustments to it during the game.

On Sunday, they let that strength become a weakness when they refuse to abandon the game plan when the situation changes.  If Vick had been on his game, the Eagles could have thrown for 500 yards against the Browns, but that’s irrelevant because Vick was off his game and McCoy was piling up big yardage.  You must deal with the situation at hand.

Reid and Mornhinweg have to be disciplined and know when they must give up on the passing game because their quarterback is throwing interceptions every other throw.  The defense was playing well and the running game was working.  They should have talked to rookies Bryce Brown and Chris Polk at halftime and informed them that they each would carry the ball five to ten times in the second half.

The Birds should have taken the football out of Vick’s hands and grounded the ball with with McCoy and the rookies.  If Vick and the Eagles hadn’t been turning the ball over, the Browns would have never been able to score.  The defense was playing great and McCoy was ripping through the Cleveland defense.

I know they don’t want to burn McCoy out but they kept all these running backs around for situations like the one on Sunday.  They don’t want to forced to give the ball to McCoy too many times in a game, so he won’t be burned out at the end of the season.  Brown and Polk should have carried the ball at least five times each in the second half of the Cleveland game.

Nothing has changed with Reid and Mornhinweg.  Yes, they do a great job of putting together a game plan before game day, but they struggle with in-game decision-making.  This wasn’t a tough decision.  It was obvious that Vick was struggling and not properly seeing the coverage.  They should have taken the ball out his hands and saved him from himself.


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  • 14 years of the same crap and it never changes…why do we all think its going to? They will pass and pass alot and if its not working….pass some more. NOT GOING TO CHANGE.

  • Thank you G. To me the problem is bigger than Vick. Something his haters can’t get through their thick heads. If Vick is horrible at getting rid of the ball; reading defenses and every other negative. it begs the question. Unless he’s the the defacto owner or hc, the responsibility to correct this falls on Andy. Either get me this magical prototypical qb that can run Andy’s “famed” offense NOW. Or have the common sense to make the proper adjustments around the strengths ans weaknesses of the current signal caller now.

  • Great idea G but….. not going to happen. What better way to open up the passing game….. RUN THE BALL!! One major problem the birds hand themselves year in and year out is that teams know they should drop into coverage. Run game? Nothing to see here….at most… the birds will run a big run and then go right back to the the throw. Thats why i say every year…..

    The birds should have found 1 of the old coaches from Vicks ATL days and untalize that old 3 headed rushing attack. Make teams stop our run.

  • I think most of your followers agree with the article above. Most of the comments may be critical of Vick, but we understand it’s Andy putting Vick in an offense that he can not run correctly. Andy get more venom on this site, Vick is just called out on his short comings. It’s like me putting my wife behind the wheel of a Nascar and expecting her have a chance at Daytona. Whos’s to blame, me for expecting her to preform in a situation way over her head.

  • The person most aware of Vick’s inability to read defenses and put the ball in the right place is Michael Vick. He may have talked himself into believing he could do it in the off-season, but reality is starting to set in. He was overwhelmed after a half of not being able to read defenses and getting hit. This is not how he has won football games all his life, to expect him to overcome his height and understanding of the game is to much. His incredible will to win makes him want to run when things get tough, just the opposite todays quarterbacks have to do.

  • I wonder if its becoming like when randal was here. When Kotite tried to get him to play WC system he couldnt do it. He came out to MN and lit it up… why? They let him do what he wanted. I dont know that this is the case… im just wondering.

  • Hard work pays off…This is what I teach my kids, this is what I teach my basketball team…my kids are top athletes on all of their teams, basketball, football and baseball. My AAU team participated in 5 tournaments this summer. They won 2 tournaments and went to the championship game in 2 tournaments.
    All of the hard work I’ve heard MV7 put in, will soon be on display. If this was the MV7 of old, the one that didn’t get into the playbook, the one that didn’t put for the effort to get better, the one that didn’t encourage team workouts.. I’d also be a little down on him (still not as much as some of you). One thing I don’t knock is hard work. Those that work hard have proof. Vick will have proof!

  • oh you are an AAU hoops coach…enough said. The worst, most corrupt system in all of sports. its all coming into focus.
    MV7? Is that something like stealing a nickname from a rook with one game under his belt?
    With how bad vick is i don’t hold him totally responsible– i unfortunately am starting to agree with some of the numbnuts on here who blame AR for everything. this was an incredibley stupid decision to entrust this franchise with him or to think that he was good enough to teach him stuff that hes’ incapable of learing.

  • AAU the most corrupt system in all of sports? WTF?

    you sound jealous, were you cut, when you tried out, Skip? or were you never invited, Skip? unfortunately you may be true because there are coaches that charge each player 600 plus for a roster spot (obviously some money is being pocketed)…my team charge is 1/4 that amount, 600 divided by 4 is 150 just in case you’re bad at math…and on all occasions I have to come out of my pocket…no sponsors, myself and my assistant coach thats it…

    if you have a problem with it, maybe you should step up and do something about!??!

  • Lots of internet muscles being flexed today.

  • No but I’ve cut uncoachable AAU kids who could have gone on to great schools yet chose to pal around with AAU scum. They turn my stomach. Even in your defense argument you reference how scummy they are.
    Your immature debate style screams AAU hoops first academics ghetto mentality.it does more harm than good 31 years of working in high schools teaching and coaching tell me that

  • I totally agree with you ozzman. I’m sick of this bullshit. Vick is complete garbage. It’s time to put in Foles. I’m so f**king irritated

  • you know nothing about me, Skip…my team offers tutoring, guidance, and most importantly loyalty…myself and my asst coach reach out to teacher that permit it (would you permit it?) or would your stereotype of AAU folks being scum prevent you from doing so?

    oh so you were paid to work with the kids for 31 years? what did you do on your OWN, without the state or school policy pushing you do to so? …the difference between you and I, I volunteer son, no money hits my pocket for it…its about the kids regardless of the “AAU scum’ you reference, the number 1 is the kids… you prove my point, you obviously have prejudices, labeling AAU “all scum” the same with Vick, still don’t like him due to his past, huh? so any time he slips, you’re ready to keep him down? right?

  • As you know nothing about me. I am rat bastard public educator… And for that I did get paid. Now off to my private yacht for a fall in bermuda

  • RealTalk is not even worth addressing he is angry, thinks he is a internet tough guy, he is a sexual predator, and mentally challenged.

    Thank you and good night.

  • I’ll repeat what I wrote earlier…

    You seem like a very angry person Realtalk.

    Every thread has to end with you proclaiming the tired, “I’ll kick your ass ’cause I still think I’m in junior high and you’re saying bad things about my most favourite favouritest player!!

    Not sure why the truth (Vick stinks) affects you so personally. You should talk to someone about that. I’ve read that therapists can do wonders with anger issues.

    They might also help you come to grips with the whole homo-erotic obsession you have going on.

  • Great Eagles talk guys. Take it outside.

  • McCoy will be getting a big raise next year. As of right now the Eagles are 20 million over the projected 2013 salary cap. We all know OL Bell’s salary can be scratched off the books but the $16.5 Vick salary looks to be the second contract that gets the birds under the cap to be able to pay draft choices.

  • But if you could put the “I coach better than you coach, and if you say that I isn’t true I’ll kick your ass” business for a minute…we could discuss your line:

    “All of the hard work I’ve heard MV7 put in, will soon be on display.”

    There are 2 conclusions one can come to after reading that line.

    1 – Its not true. Vick isn’t working as hard as you’ve ‘heard’. Look I read/saw all the same acticles/reports about his new work ethic. But I’ve also read reports (on less mainstream sites) about how Morningwheg still has to chase Vick down, get him into film study etc. So perhaps he isnt studying as much as you think…….or………

    2 – It is true. Vick is “working” harder than he did when he was young. He’s studying like crazy. He’s been in the film room dilligently for the past 2 seasons. Uh oh….what does that tell us? Seeing that Vick is in fact regressing (even more rapidly than I thought he would)…….I think it would be reasonable to conclude that he must be a pretty dim fellow.

    So which is it Realtalk? Mike Vick is falling apart – and quickly. This wasn’t a one game “aberration”. He’s been fading for a season now. He was terrible in the pre-season, making stupid plays. He was autrocious last week.

    So which is it?? He’s not really studying as much as you’ve been told, or he is studying like mad, but isn’t smart for it to matter?

  • Interesting point Eagles…..I didn’t realize the Birds will be 20 mil over next year. Of course I don’t think they’ll need any added incentive to dump Vick after the season….but that’s gasoline on the fire.

  • @MHen – and you F chickens….dumb ass!!

    I could care less what Vinniethesister and Mheshe, have to say or feel about me…Sister, haven’t said anything to you girl, about kicking your ass, today! now HeShe, I have said that too today. that is because he has gotten personal, calling names etc…You are the only two that I want to cause bodily harm too at this moment and that is realtalk…call it tough or whatever you want,I dont give a shit…

    but you get personal with me, calling me racist and shit like that you’re damn right I’m upset or angry…and lets point this out, you would not be poking your chests out like that if we weren’t communicating over the internet….whoops, maybe you two would. since you guys are attached at the ass…….and why get personal with me, calling me racist and ish like that because I defend MV7 while you ladies (actually Mheshe, I dont know what you are) repeatedly talk shit about the man… ok, got it…there is no point of trying to level the playing field, lets just be as one sided as can be….

    so when Vick plays well against the Ravens….will you ladies be saying, Ravens suck? (I mean since Vick was able to play well) will you ladies be saying it was luck? will you be saying wait til next week? what? Any other QB not named Vick will get your support right?

  • I said this before the season started

  • AAU = SCUM if you have any questions read the above comment .. Wow and they let you around children? Anger, violence and ignorance….just what those kids need.
    Ok back to the birds… Not sure why they’d give shady more money… He just got paid. Oh and did I miss something, was graham deactivated Sunday? I don’t think I saw him

  • I am so glad my son is not coached by a scum bag who attacks everyone for their differing opinions, who is obsessed with talking about race, who is obsessed with talking about their own genitals and where they are, who is obsessed with talking about sex and specifically implied homosexual sex and also glad he is not coached by someone who can not spell and has the spelling skills and vocabulary of a 3rd grader. I feel bad for these kids you coach and their parents.

  • @MHeShe – I’d be money your son wouldn’t be good enough to make my team…but I would allow him to workout with the team so he got better…myself on here, is not what my kids see….only dumb asses bring out the worst in me…
    VinnietheSister, Doyouhaveabrain, and MHeShe…the love triangle!

    yea knock me all you want…at least I’m doing something positive in the community? can you say the same? all three of you ladies, day consist of being negative, whether its knocking Vick or talking ish over the net and expect me or anyone else not to respond, when being called racist or idiot, or dumb for having a different opinion than you on the Vick matter…

  • Does anyone else think that keeping RB Dion Lewis is a wasted Roster SPot..
    He’s no longer needed and the 4th best RB on the Team behind MCCoy,BRown and Polk and no longer needed in the Return Game with better players in Boykin and Johnson to handle those dealers.. WHat has Lewis done to deserve a Roster Spot let alone # 2 on the RB Depth…

  • ur the race guy realtalk, also the sexual predator guy, the “im helping kids” but really hurting them guy, the cant spell guy, the cant comprehend reality guy, the guy that puts his genitals on other men guy

  • Paul only if you were at practice could you say that… Let the season play out. I know you throw lots out there but you truly don’t know the ins and outs and that’s fine if you didn’t crow about it when you and your mike martinez batting average get a hit. Cuz you say nothing the 9 out of ten times you pop out to the ss

  • OK MHeShe, whatever you say, I’m done with you…

    Wow listen to this dumb ass…”let the season play out” a cat that is pretty much saying it is a loss season with Vick, but let the season play out for the unproven players…smh…

    @Paul…considering we dont run the ball, I think you are correct…I’d take Polk, Brown ahead of Lewis…I agree with you, there…

  • I aint no damn saint! lets get that straight right here…
    I know that so many of you dumb asses are saints and are perfect, that’s why you critic the shit out of Vick and my comments…my genitals wouldn’t be on anyone, if you simply kept them out ya mouth!

    • RealTalk777 Hang in there bro…

      For the life of me I don’t know why you dignify these guys that you go back in forth with. They have little to no football knowledge and there arguments lack so much context with a healthy heap of propaganda that if you keep at it you’ll be jaded by association.

      I get a good laugh every now and then when I visit this site just to see what crap GCobb and his minions are making up. Facts by another name are data and data can be manipulated. Facts alone do not constitute information… facts within proper context is information. Thus, you will never find information on GCobb.

      Hey… see what the NF9 supporters have to say when asked if they realized that Foles was not Andy Reid’s first choice… that it was actually Russell Wilson. Ask them about his college career and his greatest accolades in college. Ask them about his list of pre NFL injuries. Ask them about his bowl performances (this is a trick question).

      Lastly, you should know by now that vinnie the evicted is a giants fan due to his grotesquely lacking football knowledge and ex-girlfriend like obsession with Vick. Pat him on the head and send him on his way. But your other buddy mhenski… that’s a wacko…LOL!!! For your own safety stay away from him.

  • Also real ur lack of respect for women is clear too. Calling me a woman as if that is an insult shows you think women are less than men. Scum bag racist sexist and a pervert is what you are real talk. Look at yourself in the mirror and say the words you type out loud while looking at yourself, the guy in the mirror might just jump out the window and choke the shit outta you

  • Fact – if you are a man and allow another man to put your genitals in their mouth you are 100% an ankle grabbing homosexual.

  • I said that to win a few games this year Vick is your best shot, his athleticism and toughness will eak out a few wins but when teams have time prepare, have talent and good coaching he is overmatched… Look what dick juron did to him and his team has ano talent. Vick can win a few games but cannot take you to the promise land…. Superior intellect and CHARACTER will win games in the end.. Best of my knowledge no felon ignoramus has lead a team to a superbowl

  • When I watched the quarterbacks of the Broncos and Steelers play I see that Vick doesn’t even remotely resemble or have any of the skills of these two guys. Manning
    reads defenses, audibles, calls out blocking assignments and knows where his receivers will be as does Rothlinsberger. Their teams also run the ball and don’t give up on the run. Keep in mind Farve had a QB coach before Reid and won a Superbowl before Reid was his QB coach. McNaab was not the brightess bulb reading defenses or running a two minute drill. Kolb is no savior. Why does Reid get so much credit for developing QB’s? This is all hype. As I said before Farve Made Reid, not the other way around. This idea of game planning for months before the Browns game is hard to believe watching the Eagles play. The Brown were 30th against the run and this is not the first team who was weak against the run that Reid decided to attempt a record number of passes against. What happened to the quick slant to beat the rush or the draw play. Am i the only one that thinks reid and Vick act and appear clueless during games.

  • Great job Andy for getting Vick, bad job for not trading him for two number one picks(when he was 2nd in MVP YR)

  • Lionsden!! Was wondering when you’d crawl out from under your Vick posters and show your head.

    Didn’t we have a season bet on Vick’s performance?

    I guess we won’t be reading much more from you rambling on about “propaganda” and “context”.

    Here’s the “Context”. Vick went up against the miserable Cleveland Browns and shit the bed.

    As for you Realtalk. LOVE that you’re saying I’m calling you racist. Kettle, meet pot. After enduring you and your like for a year calling me a hater/racist/bigot/etc, you’re now going to try to turn the tables once the curtain has been pulled back from VIck???

    You go back…search every post I’ve ever made, and if you find one instance where I’ve called you a racist or bigot for loving VIck so much….(I’ll stop here because you won’t find any)

    Mhenski….spot on with thecomments about Realtalk’s potrayal of women ///…he constantly degrades women, posts that they are inferior, consistently denegrates homosexuals, all the while denouncing others as bigots and racists……interesting….

    • LOL… I see that post menopausal memory is still causing you issues. And I see you still have the same aversion to the true. Ok… here was the bet… if Vick played more than 11 games this season you leave the site… if Vick takes us to the SB you leave the site and admitt that Canada Sucks and that you are indeed a bigot… (ok… it threw in the Canada part but the rest is accurate).

      Here’s some context for you: in spite of over 100yds in penalties, in spite of being frustrated because his #1 and #2 receivers can not get separation, In spite of throwing 4 int’s due to forcing balls after being frustrated with receivers who run ugly routes, get little separation, and can not read the blitz, in spite of all that Michael Vick lead this team on 91yd TD Drive where he threw the game winner (in the red zone) by looking off the defender and throwing a TD strike to his TE in between two defenders TO WIN THE GAME.

      By my count that’s 1 game played by MV and 1 Eagles victory with Vick at the helm….


      I’ll check in on you from time to time to get the latest lies…

      • 11 games left…he’s got to play 12 full games….and he won’t.

  • Berks….I wrote the same thing after the 2010 season. Huge mistake for the Eagles not cahsing in on the overvalued fools gold that is Mike Vick.

  • “This guy’s fantastic with the football, without the football, however you want to deal with him,” Lewis said. “I think that we have to go out there and we have to play our game. You can’t be enamored with what he does or not. He is Vick and he is a very special talent. But we are ready to go play a full football game.”
    – Ray Lewis on Michael Vick

    I’ll take what the best MLB in the history of the game has to say over what some two-bit racist canadian redneck has to say ANY day of the week. Your hate on Vick has gotten to the point that it’s borderline amusing, but it’s still annoying. Get a life.

    • BoB… Way to go!!! There’s alot of heavy lifting that true fans who support this team and ALL of its players, have to do but it will get done. The Eagles will have a great year in spite of all the hate artists.

      Good post.

  • Lewis said that for the press. he is an old pro he knows not to say downgrading things about an opponent. Birdo i assume you know this right– They talk in cliches to reporters.. you understand that right? you think lewis was going to say ” we are going to confuse him with our blitzes and our coverages because he can’t read them”? … is this your first day following professional sports?

  • No doubt Haveacigar. He just reiterated the same old “special talent” business we’ve been hearing about for a decade.

    I can imagine their defensive meetings this week. They’re watching the film and chuckling to themselves over what they see.

    Right now defensive teams WANT to play the Vick so they can pad their stats and earn some $$ on their next contracts.

  • Hey guys above, can you knock your petty garbage off.. It’s hard enough to post and comment on here as it is anymore, and every other posting from your guys is juvenile and stuipd.. C’Mon, cut the personal crap out and lets talk Football and the Eagles… thnx

  • Latest NFL Team Statistics:

    Total Passing yds – Eagles #5
    Total Rushing yds – Eagles #6
    Opp Passing yds – Eagles #1
    Opp Rushing yds – Eagles #17

    Per NFL.com

    Passing leaders – #5 Michael Vick
    Rushing leaders – #5 LeSean McCoy

    More news to come


    “Passing leaders” Stop trying to sugarcoat that abomination Sunday.

    Interceptions #1
    Interception percentage 7.1% (incredible) but only ranked #2 (thank you Brandon Wheedon!!)
    Quarterback Fumbles #1
    QB rating #30
    Yrds/Att #29
    Completion % #28

    Points scored #23

    More to come!!! LOL

    • In the words of DCar…. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      Vick 1-0 Game winning TD Pass against last years 2ND RANKED PASS DEFENSE… in spite of throwing 4 picks.

      Eli – 0-1 Boy he sure looked great (NOT)
      Rogers 0-1 can you say Dear in the head lights
      Brees 0-1 Do we need to revisit the RG3 vs Luck debate???
      Newton 0-1 I expected more from him
      Rothlisberger 0-1 doesn’t he hold the ball a little long???

      Top 5 QB’s per NFL.com

      Griffin 3rd

      Vick’s winning percentage after week 1 100%

      @giants fan… it is really fun slapping you around.

  • I dont think he is trying to sugarcoat the abomination on Sunday…how can you? it was terrible the QB even admits it…
    But what you need to understand is there were plenty of yards racked up by the Eagles offense…minus Vick decision making, even more yards…minus the penalties even more yards…But honestly it has only been one game…
    After all of the stats, guess what Eagles 1-0…..

    • RT… don’t get sucked in by giants fan… he wants you to focus on the negative and not look at the entire game and the end results. Listen to what Mornihnweg said to Vick at the end of that game… Listen to him tell Vick how proud he was of him… in fact he wanted Vick to look him directly in the eyes so Vick would know just how he felt. Listen to his team mates at the end of that game… I have not an ounce of worry for next weeks game. The Eagles will be ready.

  • True indeed, Lions, true indeed!

  • You’re so right. How could I have missed it.

    Mike Vick is the 5th best QB in the NFL.

    BTW – they were the 5th ranked pass D last year, not second, mostly because they were behind in every game they played and teams didn’t throw in the second half. Teams also didn’t need to throw for scores because the Browns offense is terrible, and they’re no threat to score. (hence ranking 29th or something vs the run).

    Their O is so bad, they wouldn’t have scored any pts Sunday had Vick not decided the name of the game was give – away. All of CLeveland’s 16 pts came off Vick. Good thing Cleveland Coaches don’t know what a 2 point conversion is either.

    Also, they had 5 new defensive starters on the field Sunday. You’re #2 pass D assertion is false.

    • Were all of the points off of Vick turnorvers???? I think you might want to try that one again.

      So there o-line is bad instead of our D-line being that good. Interesting.

      Please name for me those 5 new starters that reduced the quality of the pass defense that I was refering to….

      giants fan… at the end of the day… we the Eagles won a close game and your giants lost. GET OVER IT. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Whatever. YOu’re delusional Lionsden. You see 51% 4 ints 3 or 4 more potential ints, 2 fumbles, in one of the worst quarterbacking performances you’ve ever seen…..

    and you insist on the…but he threw for 300+ (in 2 games worth of atts btw)…he “Won the Game!!” BS that convieniently ignores the fact the one, and only, reason they Eagles’ weere behind was due to him.

    So go ahead. Put on your Vick PJs every night, Cuddle your Vick stuffie close, kneel before the Vick posters in your room for your nighttime prayers and, wish upon the number 7 that this week will be different. This week he’ll “show us”

    There is only one reason the Birds won tlast week, and its because God hates Cleveland.

    Vick pulls anything close to last weeks performance SUnday and the Birds will lose by 30.

    even if he improves his performance 100%, we’ll still be looking at 2 ints and a fumble….and that won’t cut it either!

  • Can we bring this conversation back to Earth? Vick is not as good as some of you think and not as bad as others of you think.

    @Lionsden- Is your point that we shouldn’t judge Vick on one game? Because 1 week of stats is a too small of an n to really make any assumptions.

    Any list of qbs that doesn’t have Rodgers and Brady on top of it is bunk. Peyton sure looked like the Peyton of old on Sunday too.

    • Bugsy take a look at the giants fan’s post above yours before reading this and then if you have a chance, re-watch the game on NFL Rewind… Vick was hit hurred and under more pressure than any other QB in the league last week. This was not a result of holding the ball too long instead the result of a porous line. Also, the O-line had the lions share of the penalties killing several drives and often causing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and longs. Vick looked sharp in the 1st half but still became frustrated and decided to take matter in his own hands at times to the teams detriment… It happens. Ofcouse you can judge Vick in that game… as long as you judge the performance of others around him. How good is the seperation that Maclin and Jackson get? How well do his receivers adjust their routes to the blitz? Did Vick force the ball when he became frustrated… yup, were his wr running wide open all day… nope. The fact of the matter is, he over came his mistakes and won the game for his team… by throwing a strike. Hey, even God (I mean Tom Brady) has thrown 4 ints in a game more than once. See, some people say the only reason The Eagles won is because God hates Cleveland… not because of the determiniation and perserverence of our starting QB. You know when a 300 yard game is crap…. when Mike Vick has one.

      Bugs… do you agree with the giants fan above you? Was there one and only one reason we were behind?

  • Of course I don’t believe that he was the only reason. The play calling and the left side of the line was a problem. That being said he made some really poor decisions and looked lost on the field some times on Sunday. Just like you stated that you can’t solely blame him, you can also not let him off the hook. He had a bad game. There is nothing wrong with that statement at all. He did lead the game winning drive, but he played a large part in getting them into the situation that necessitated a game winning drive. You can’t divorce the 4 INTs from the rest of his performance. Luck threw for 300 yards but also 3 picks and I don’t think that that was a good game. Do you?

    That being said I hope he kills it on Sunday.

    • Bugsy… valid points but lets put this game within its proper context. The penalties killed drives and they mostly came from the o-line. Vick was hit way more and under pressure way more than any other QB last week. Yes he forced the ball a lot and that’s on him. He was frustrated with not being able to score points and you could see it all over him. I will disagree with the assertion that he looked lost because after having watched the game a third time I don’t see that. I’m not letting him off the hook, but he certainly was not the sole reason this team didn’t play well Sunday. His receivers do not get good separation and his O-line does not hold block for very long, but in the end he can’t force the ball… frustrated or not.

      I’m with you, I hope we kill it next week. I want to see how this D handles Ray Rice.

  • “Vick was hit hurred and under more pressure than any other QB in the league last week.”

    Romo 2 sacks 5 scrambles 76% 300+ 3tds 1 int
    Cutler 2 sacks 4 scrambles 60% 333yrds 2tds 1 int
    Griffin 2 sacks 9 scrambles 73% 320yrds 2tds 0int
    Manning 2 sacks 4 scrambles 73% for 253 2tds 0 ints after a year of “rust”

    Vick 2 sacks 7 scrambles 51% 317 2td 4 picks 2 fumbles

    Every QB in the league faces pressure. Its like you think that all QBs not named Vick have some sort of force feild around them and only VIck faces pressure. They all face pressure. Vick gets hit more than they do because he can’t handle said pressure and holds the ball too long

    “Also, the O-line had the lions share of the penalties killing several drives and often causing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and longs. ”

    Another blanked statement (btw – every consider some of those holding penalties are caused by Olinemen having to block for the NFL’s “slowest release time” leader?)
    Vick faced a 1st and 20, 2Two 2nd and 20, 2nd and 21, Two 2nd and 16, 2nd and 15, two 3rd and 15s (after the failed 2nd and 15s), and a 3rd and 13

    Romo faced a 1st and 20, a 1st and 30 (touchdown), 1st and 15, 2nd and 13, 2nd and 12, two 3rd and 15s

    Every team faces these situations. Romo faces just 2 less then Vick, on the road vs the SB champs and was $$. Ours faced the same in Cleveland and collapsed.

    “Vick looked sharp in the 1st half”
    He looked “Sharp” for 1 drive. He had his first fumble on the 8th play of the game. Not exactly the first half.

    ” It happens”
    I happens with Vick.

    “Were all of the points off of Vick turnorvers????”
    I guess you’re right…the first 3 were off McCoy’s fumble. The other 13 all off Vick’s decisions. Sorry about that.

    But damn, you make a lot of unsubstiansiated blanket statements.

    A question I may have for you Lions is, have you actually every watched a other NFL game? Ever? Any game that Vick wasn’t playing in?

    ‘Cuase you sure as hell don’t seem to know what’s going on anywhere else….though come to think of it, your interpretation of what is going on with the Eagles’ offense is so distoreted, I suppose I shouldn’t be suprised….

    • Here you go again… Just because you’ve got a pocket calculator and a subscription to stats inc. doesn’t mean you know football.


      Vick gets hit more than they do because he can’t handle said pressure and holds the ball too long – ABSOLUTE LIE AS PROVEN BY SHEIL KAPADIA LAST SEASON.
      www dot philly dot com/philly/blogs/moving_the_chains/150598695.html?jCount=2&#comments


      Romo 2 sacks 5 scrambles 76% 300+ 3tds 1 int
      Cutler 2 sacks 4 scrambles 60% 333yrds 2tds 1 int
      Griffin 2 sacks 9 scrambles 73% 320yrds 2tds 0int
      Manning 2 sacks 4 scrambles 73% for 253 2tds 0 ints after a year of “rust”
      Vick 2 sacks 7 scrambles 51% 317 2td 4 picks 2 fumbles

      Do me a favor… please rank the o-lines for the above mentions qb (I’ll need sources cause you know how your are with the truth) and also, please evaluate the receivers for these teams and their ability to read the blitz and run route…. thanks buddy.

      PLEASE SEE FOLLOWING ARTICLE: www dot philly dot com/philly/blogs/inq-eagles/How-do-Vicks-hits-compare.html

      Here’s an exerpt: By the league’s count Vick was hit 11 times behind the line of scrimmage, including two sacks. The numbers don’t include the shots he took when he scrambled. By comparison, his counterparts in the NFC East took a significantly less number of hits in Week…

      guess you’re right…the first 3 were off McCoy’s fumble. The other 13 all off Vick’s decisions. Sorry about that. CHECK AGAIN… LOL!!!!!!

      GIANTS FAN YOU ARE A PATHETIC LIAR…. and not very astute.



      • Since when an @$$hole lies?!? It either $#!t & farts, or it doesn’t!! O^o
        BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! BTW, that’s my laugh, you can’t have it! LOL!!!

        • I was just borrowing it BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA … there you go, you can have it back now. But I might have to use it again once idiot the evicted make another ill informed post. Would you mind if I use assclown as well… I’ve been dying to use that one on him. BWAHAHAHA… oooopps I’m sorry I meant LOL!

  • distorted

  • I think the bottom line is Vick isnt a Pro-caliber QB. He is making mistakes as a 10 yr veteran that Rookies don’t make. If your really an Eagles fan you want the best Qb for the Eagles to win the SB. Vick obviously can’t do this. That being said Gotta root for the birds to win Sunday.

  • Ah, the infamous “ALL CAPS” The old Jerry Springer move…If you don’t have an intelligent arguement, just start yelling.

    Of course Vick gets hit more, as he has been top 3 in “hits over 3 seconds” his entire career. (as proven by Football outsiders, who are quantifiably more reliable than Sheil Kapida.

    Rank the Olines? Didn’t you see the teams I put up there?
    Dallas? Their oline is a disaster
    Chicago…didn’t they set a record for sacks given up last year?

    Honestly….how many straws do you have left to clutch at?

    I will tell you one thing. I coach 2 football teams, one being a 12-14 yr oldgirls touch team (cue the “HA HA HA you coach girls” f-ing pussy from Realtalk). ANyway, for the most part this is their 1st introduction to the game. My QBs have never played before, and I don’t let them hold the ball more than 4 seconds. And you know what? By mid season they always get the ball out of their hands on time. Oh….and they always have pressure on them because there’s no oline. Just someone coming hard from 5 yrds off the LOS.

    Can you explain to me why ‘m able toI coach 13 yr old girls who can handle pressure and get the ball off quicker than your hero?

    • @giants fan… take a look at what your credible source has to say:

      Like Solomon, Andy Benoit, writing for FootballOutsiders.com, points to the plays dialed up by offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg as one of the culprits to Vick’s struggles.

      “Just about every pass play (which there were too many of, by the way) involved slow-developing routes from the outside receivers,” Benoit wrote Thursday. “The interior routes from the slot and tight ends were also slow-developing and too easily defended. Vick had to spend the first two seconds of his dropback just waiting for routes to unfold.”

      This statement was preceded by:

      When the Eagles have the ball. Any conversation about this offense has to start with quarterback Michael Vick who had an abysmal effort against the Browns last week. And while it’s easy to just point to the four-interception effort as proof that Vick bears most of the responsibility for this unit’s shortcomings, the reality is that it’s more complicated than that.

      The offensive line has to improve as does the play-calling…

      www dot nbcphiladelphia dot com/blogs/birds-nest/What-to-Watch-Ravens-vs-Eagles-169745506.html

      Giants Fan… time and again I can easily prove not only are you a liar but don’t understand the game of football at is most fundamental level. Time on and again you come on this site half cocked spouting BS. This is a team game and yet you focus on one player no matter what the topic… you’re pathetic. Grow up and get over your hatred.

      Did you really site a 12-14 yr old girls touch team as your reference? I’ll let you try again before I respond….


  • Lionsden…..you watching this 1st Q? You still going to argue/imply Chicago has a better Oline than the Birds?

    We have 2 QBs here, both under incredible pressure….and suprisingly,(at least to you) they’re not playing “give away” like your hero. Strange.

    Also, thy’re only being hit when sacked….amazing how many hits are avoided when the ball leaves the Qbs hand before the very last mili-second.

    Oh….and you can pretty much guarantee they’re both going to get better as the game goes along and they start figuring out the Ds they’re seeing…..

  • Maybe I spoke a little too early on Cutler. I guess I forgot he was Jay Cutler for a moment. He’s about 6% better than VIck.

    Deep down every Bears fan knows, despite all the “Cutler to Marshall – they’ll be great – this will be Cutler’s year” hyperbole spouted by TV analysts this offseason (sound familiar). Deep doen every Bears fan knows they’re not going anywhere with him at the helm.

    Eagles fans know the same thing.

  • when vicks in the game the only call down field throws its the coaches

  • are you really comparing girls touch football to NFL? seriously?

    • RT… trust me as long as I’m on this site (which will only be for short periods at a time due to me not being able to stomach the propaganda and hate) he will never live that one down.

  • Unreal I guess he felt comfortable after you admitted to coaching AAU.

  • I am not comparing girls touch to the NFL, I’m just sayin I coach 13 year old girls who understand quarterbacking fundamentals more than your hero.

    I just asked you why you might think that is…of course you didn’t answer…instead resorting to your childish atempted putdowns. Predictable.

    And Lion….when you go quoting Oursider articles I read days before you did, make sure you include all the releant pieces like…..

    “To be clear, if Vick were a better presnap reader and anticipation passer, he may have found more ways to overcome these circumstances. But that’s not Vick’s game. It never has been. Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg know this, that’s why they don’t call more quick-timing plays for Vick. They play to his strengths by stretching the field and allowing him to hold the ball. This tacitly encourages sandlot plays. But by using these tactics almost exclusively and making dumpoff patterns somewhat of an afterthought, Vick’s strengths can become weaknesses. We saw that Sunday.”

    “If the Browns could stymie Philadelphia’s offense by having second-year free safety Eric Hagg roam deep in centerfield, what do you think the Ravens can do with Ed Reed? Or, if the Browns can give Vick pause early in the down simply by feigning a few blitzes out of their 4-3 front, what effect do you think the Ravens’ amoeba front seven looks will have?”

    “The Ravens disguise and rotate their downfield zone coverages extremely well, and they obviously pack more pass-rushing punch than the Browns. If Vick has to hold the ball for prolonged stretches again this week, he’s liable to break a rib sometime around his third or fourth interception. ”

    “The Eagles don’t want Vick in a chess match with Ray Lewis and Dean Pees. So, they’ll once again be reluctant to put a lot of quick-hitting passes in the gameplan, as these tend to require pre-snap recognition.”

    “Vick over the years has had trouble recognizing blitzing corners. (Remember what Antoine Winfield and the Vikings did to him on that snow-delayed Tuesday game in December 2010?) “


      You don’t even read your own articles: “But what stagnated Philly’s offense more than anything was the play-calling.”


      ” I coach 2 football teams, one being a 12-14 yr oldgirls touch team…ANyway, for the most part this is their 1st introduction to the game. My QBs have never played before, and I don’t let them hold the ball more than 4 seconds. And you know what? By mid season they always get the ball out of their hands on time. Oh….and they always have pressure on them because there’s no oline. Just someone coming hard from 5 yrds off the LOS.
      Can you explain to me why ‘m able toI coach 13 yr old girls who can handle pressure and get the ball off quicker than your hero?” – Vinnie the Evicted. CLOWN PRINCE OF GCOBB. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

    • Oh wait… there’s a new one:

      “I am not comparing girls touch to the NFL, I’m just sayin I coach 13 year old girls who understand quarterbacking fundamentals more than your hero.” – Vinnie the Evicted, CLOWN PRINCE OF GCOBB.

  • Happy Birthday Lionsden.

    10 is such a fun age to be.

  • E-A-G-L-E-S – Eagles!

    Proud of the team as a whole. A win against a top team! Hats off to the defense, who came up big the final 2 minutes of the game!
    Proud to be an Eagles fan!

    to the ‘love triangle” – Hi Hata’s!

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