• December 2, 2021

Andy Reid Takes Responsibility For Drafting Jaiquawn Jarrett

According to Reuben Frank of the Comcast Sportsnet, Eagles head coach Andy Reid took total responsibility for drafting Temple safety Jaiquawn Jarrett in the second round of the 2011 NFL selection process.  The Birds let Jarrett go earlier this week in order to open up a spot for wide receiver Mardy Gilyard, who was signed to give the Birds some insurance in case starting wide receiver Jeremy Maclin can’t play this Sunday.

Back to Reid taking total responsibility for the drafting of Jarrett.

“That’s my fault,” Reid told Frank. “Both those guys are my fault. Absolutely my fault. If you want to bolster the defense, which we were trying to do, sometimes you put yourself in a position where maybe you’re stretching.”

As far as I’m concerned Reid can’t take total responsibility for that decision.  Howie Roseman has a great deal of influence on their draft picks.  Their 2012 draft was a good one, the 2011 picks aren’t nearly as good, but it’s Reid and Roseman on these picks, not Reid alone.

I like the fact that they admitted their mistake and let him go.  I don’t like teams who hold onto t a player who they know can’t get the job done, but they keep them around because they don’t want to admit a mistake.

Maclin suffered a hip pointer last Sunday against the Browns, didn’t practice today, may not be able to practice at all this week or play this weekend.  He wasn’t in his equipment today, but seemed to be walking well.


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  • Gotta do a better job!

  • NFL ought to make these guys wear all the equipment including the old fashioned HIP PADS and decent shoulder pads
    If the game players slow down so what everybody is the same boat

  • The 2011 Draft Class for the Safety Position was probably one of it’s Weakest list of Prospects at this position.. The Key to a Solid Draft is to find and select players that are part of the Stength of the Draft Class
    Every Draft Class and it’s positions has it’s strengths and weaknesses, just stay with the Stong positions where you are still getting a good player in the 3rd/4th Rounds and you will end up with a deeper roster..
    Look at this Years Draft.. QB was pretty Strong, RB’s were Strong but
    WR’s, OL were weak, DL was so-so, LB’s and CB’s very strong and Safeties so-so
    Next Year Draft is very deep at Safety with about 5-6 Players probably going in the Top 75 Picks…

  • Gilyard will prove to be a great signing. He is a playmaker. Jarrett unfortunately did not make tranition to NFL.

  • Gilyard will be cut when Maclin is fully healthy, unless, they admit the same mistake drafting Casey Mathews, and finally cut him like they should have done before the season, and kept Ryan Rau. Dude ITS THE TREVOR LAWS/ DEREK LANDRI THING ALL OVER AGAIN.

  • Next Years Draft Targets:

    1. DJ Fluker OT 6-6 338 Alabama
    2. Eric Reid S 6-2 212 LSU
    3. Johnathan Hankins DT 6-4 330 Ohio State
    4. Chance Warmack OG 6-3 320 Alabama
    5. Sean Porter OLB 6-2 235 Texas A&M
    6. Jonathan Brown OLB 6-1 235 Illinois
    7. Jordan Poyer CB 6-0 190 Oregon State
    8. Xavier Rhodes CB 6-3 213 Florida State
    9. Ray Ray Armstrong S 6-4 220 Faulkner University(NAIA)
    10. Jalani Jenkins CB 6-2 230 Florida

  • Couple of things Gmcliff..
    I think Gilyard sticks for the Eaglesand as often as they pass the ball really need to have 6 WR’s on their Roster.. I believe RB Dion Lewis could be the odd man out or that they may make a trade and move DE Tapp while they can still get a decent Draft Pick in Return,,
    On you Draft list which has some excellent prospects..
    If the Eagle Coaching Staff remains (big question mark with OL Howard Mudd return also…The OL you have listed are not his style.. He likes leaner OL and Fluker will be a good OT but not in Mudds System and same with G Warmark.. There are 5 Good Safeties I like with Reid,Lester from Alabama, a kid from Texas and RR Armstrong who was playing for the U of Miami

    • Paul, I gotta a feeling, if this season gets ugly, Lurie will clean house. Vick & the entire coaching staff. They better get their $#!t together!

  • Sunday will be ughly as they get whipped up and down the field I believe..
    A Few things that really bothers me about this Article (AR takling Responsibility)

    #1) I don’t ever Recall AR admitting a Failure in Assesing Talent this Publicly
    #2) More importantly, what message does this send to other young players on this Team or the perception of the Coach who states, yea we took a risk and gamble and hoped he would develop as a NFL player..
    #3) Hypothetical, what happens if Safeties Allen, COleman got hurt this game and you needed to pick-up a Safety as an emergency.. I know this is hypothetical, but what if you needed to bring Jarrett back just beecause he at leasts knows the system,terminologys, etc,etc.. How akward would that be..
    I can see talking about the “overreach” but talk about after the Season and not now..
    I think you may be right DCar about a house cleaning

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