• May 26, 2022

Another Late Drive Gives Eagles Another One Point Win, 24-23

This was not the greatest game ever played but for the second week in a row the Birds drove for a late touchdown to give them another one-point victory.  The offense again put up big yardage with a total of 486 yards gained.  They won despite turning the ball over four times.

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick made some big mistakes during the game, but he kept his cool and made the plays needed down the stretch with the game on the line. Vick was 23 for 32 passing for 371 yards with a touchdown pass and two interceptions.  The left-handed signal caller was on top of his game on the game winning drive.   He took the ball in on a quarterback keeper to put the Birds a head to stay.

Yes, he’s got to cut down on the errant throws but getting the job done with everything on the line and leading the team to a win, gets you a pass.  It’s unlikely that they will continue to win if they keep turning over the football.

What can you say about Eagles running back LeSean McCoy?  He’s a great back, who ran for 81 yards on 25 carries against a tough Baltimore defense with a touchdown and a fumble.  The fumble cost the Birds points, but he makes yardages even when the blocking is poor.  There were a few plays where four Ravens were in position to tackle him, but he made all of them miss.  The guy makes more tacklers miss than any other back in the NFL.  He makes tackle look like they playing on ice.

Tight end Brent Celek had a huge day for the Birds with 8 catches for 157 yards.  He should have a big year because Vick and the coaches know that the tight end will always be covered by a linebacker. Teams can’t afford to use a safety to cover him because of the other weapons the Eagles have at their disposal. Quite a few times, Celek left blocking assignments and slid out into the pass routes.  Vick must continue to take what defenses give him by going to Celek.

Birds wide receiver DeSean Jackson played a great game, especially with that long catch he made despite getting smacked by Ravens safety Ed Reed.  That catch changed field position.  It was a great throw by Vick and just as good of a catch by Jackson.  The little guy caught 7 passes for 114 yards.

Eagles middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans played an excellent game against the Cleveland Browns, but he was even better against the Baltimore Ravens to the point where he could very well be the NFC Defensive Player of the Week.  Unofficially, Ryans had six solo tackles along with a big interception and a big sack, which were a major reason the Birds won the game.

Rookie nickel back Brandon Boykin made three or four pass breakups which came a key points of the game, especially on the Eagles last series on the defense.

Rookie linebacker Mychal Kendricks had five solo tackles and of course the final pass breakup of the game which sealed things for the Birds.

Birds safety Nate Allen led the team with nine solo tackles, one assist and one broken up pass one on the final defensive series.

The Eagles other safety Kurt Coleman was also very active in the secondary.  He made six solo tackles and one assist.  I love the fact that both Coleman and Allen are always around the ball and they’ve done a good job of not giving up big plays.

The Eagles defensive line had only one sack and that was contributed by Trent Cole, who knocked the ball out of Joe Flacco’s hand to set up the Birds first touchdown.  The line only had that one sack, but they were pressuring Ravens’ quarterback all day long.


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  • I don’t want to be that negative guy, but did it seem like Coleman was constantly out of position in pass coverage, and when Rice found a hole right up the middle a couple times?

  • Time for some regulars to eat crow. Vick back to back game winning drives.

  • 2-0… let’s see what myths got blown up this week – can;t beat a team with a winning record – check… won;t run the ball….. check,,,,, defense can;t hold a lead…. check………

    sweet, sweet game! Got to cut down on the turnovers! Laugher ref call of the game was the ‘fumble’ that flew forward 5 yards…

    notice at the beginning of the game the Ravens were all chippy and wanted to fight.. by the end of the game they were whining on every single play for a penalty –

    wow – the eagles linebackers have gone from – meh – to a force… what a great trade to get Ryans and what a great draft pick in #95

    anyone else notice that last drive was with 2 back-up lineman in the game as well…

    so big question for this week – of course now that the eagles have won the last 10 games they have played and the D has been pretty damn good in all of them (how did that Flacco no huddle work out) how many more stupid ‘Castillo’ and O Line coach jokes are we going to hear? Are we over that yet? 325 total yard – 28% 3rd down and 0-2 on 4rth for the Ravens – there kicker was the offensive MVP!

    Songs – I didn;t forget you you whiney beoootch… 2 down – 8 to go.. na na, nana na na hey hey hey good bye….. even your most famous claim to fame – insulting Kolb, ain’t working out that well – did the Kolb lead Cardinals beat the Pats today… now – here ya go for a change – I hope like hell Kolb sucks the big one next week!

    really need to tighten up the special teams – the punter did NOT have a good game

  • Awful game by coach Reid. Accepted a penalty at the end of a 3rd down play which he should’ve declined to make it 4th down. Luckily the d bailed him out. Also awful play call on 2 & goal from the one and 3rd and goal from the 1 even though Vick bailed him out.

    Vick looked great on the first and last drive of the game. Not so much in between.

    Great all around day by the defense except for nhamdi.

    Great win, players battled through a lot especially the Kelce and Dunlap injuries.

  • Coelman missed on a few plays that could have shut the door with that 3-18,

    They just punched a AFC powerhouse in the mouth at home. Bring on the Cards.

    Player of the game O..Vick…poised when we needed him and stayed away from the game ending mistake. To echo G ,he found Celek/Harbor all day with ease. Great to see the game play catered to the opponent.

    Player of the game D…Ryans…lights out…great instincts and is leader and its only week 2. Drc really elemented the speed of T. Smith. He made a mistake and had his head around once but he’s an upgrade over Samuel already.

    Go Birds

  • What a huge win. Im proud to be a true fan of this team. We are answering the bell. It shows the fight this team has. Of course they realize they have to cut down on the turnovers, but the win was a big one against a true contender in the AFC. The birds were not at there best at all and despite this, they still win? Cant wait to see when there clicking on all cylinders.

    The defense looked really really good. I havent heard many give Juan Castilo credit but hes working his butt off and has really impressed me in year 2. Drawing up a gameplan like this and executing it really is a testament to the tough makeup of this team in comparison to last years who would bend and break. This year they barely even bend. Joe Flacco had a 0 qb rating in the 4th quarter I believe, correct me if im wrong. Im happy G you made reference to DRyans who did play even better against the Ravens who are a true contender. 6 Tackles 1INT 1Sack the man is a force in the middle and will only get better each week but looks very good so far in this defense. Kendricks had a huge play at the end of the game covering Rice, that sealed the win. Vick played much much better today, threw 2ints one wasnt his fault but he managed the game much better this week and made some huge elite throws today. Way to battle there at the end MV7, he was hit all game long. The online is very thin right now, we gotta hope guys arent as hurt as it appears. But what I was going to say earlier, the birds were in the redzone on 3 of the 4 turnovers. They had no issues moving the ball against the vaunted Ravens defense. Im proud of these guys. There an explosive team they just gotta clean up some things..

  • The one thing i didnt like today was our Punter, im sorry but hes HORRIBLE! If the real reason hes here is cause he holds for the kicker then they better go find a holder ASAP cause this guy is gonna hurt us down the line.

  • Big win against a top 5 team.

    Desean and Celek big plays
    Vick kept his head on and led the team
    Linebackers played well

    Punter blows get a new one
    Coleman is awful
    Refs were a disgrace

  • Did any one notice on Ryans int that no on touched him and they called the play dead. Im not saying he definetly was gonna score but he had the whole sideline open as he was running alone.

  • LB D Ryans had outstanding game, my hats off to him for really stepping up so far in the Regular Season and has made a huge difference in the middle of this Defense as well as being a great mentor for Kendricks. I see one real weakness on this Defense and that’s attacking CB Asmo on the Deep Routes which he is terrible in covering,terrible at picking up the ball and terrible and timing his leaps.. Opponenets will stay away fro mDRC side and attack Asmo early and often and deep for he does not play well down the field

  • the Eagles corners held the Ravens wide outs to just 85 yards and one touchdown.in 4 quartrs ? WEAKNESS ????

  • CB as I gave up a 2nd TD on a 3rd and long for 30 yards that he got bailed out on by a replacement Ref. Why does every WR look like an All-Pro whoever he is guarding. LAst Season it was Bennett from the Bears , Cruz from the Giants
    Robinson of the Cowboys, a no-name from the Bills Nd now Jacoby Jones of the Ravens.

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