• August 14, 2022

Roger Goodell Is The Worst Commissioner In Professional Sports

Not one commissioner in the four major sports is very popular these days.

Baseball’s Bud Selig is infamous for looking the other way while steroid use was at an all time high in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, and most recently has come under scrutiny for how he’s expanded baseball’s playoff system.

David Stern of the NBA has never been a popular figure, and just a year ago was one of the major reasons that NBA fans lost a quarter of the season to a lockout.

Gary Bettman took an entire hockey season away from fans during the 2004-05 season, and is on the verge of ruining another while attempting to make his owner’s pocketbooks a little fatter.

But the sins of these three men absolutely pale in comparison to the entity of evil that is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Since he came into power in 2006, Goodell has slowly been diluting the quality of the NFL by putting his own goals and interests in front of the game in the interest of making the league as profitable as possible. When addressing the public, he typically attempts to disguise his motives by trying to assure the fans that he’s listening to what they say and working in their best interests. But over the years, the commissioner has made a number of decisions that reveals that despite all of the nonsense he says, he doesn’t care about the integrity of the game or the fans, and has become drunk with power.

Let’s begin with today’s major issue, the replacement officials. The replacements have been doing their best to officiate the games competently, but they just aren’t qualified to do the job. There have been a great number of mistakes in every game. Games are taking 20-30 minutes longer to complete because of a greater number of penalties and extended discussions amongst the officials. These refs have little control over the players, and fights have broken out so frequently this season its as though we’ve been watching an NHL game. Worst of all, teams like the Seattle Seahawks are losing games because of the officials’ incompetence. And through it all, we have Roger Goodell, a man who claims to put the integrity of the game first, stubbornly sitting on his hands allowing these tragedies to occur. He has allowed his own pride and power to prevent productive negotiations to take place with real officials, and even now refuses to make an aggressive move to get refs back in the game. I applaud the regular officials for taking the stand that they are, and not allow themselves to be bullied by the greedy commissioner.

It’s all about the money with Goodell. Of course, the NFL is a business, but the commissioner’s primary duty should be to put the good of the game first, and profits second. Instead, this commissioner is always on the lookout for any way to suck up all the money he can. For example, since 2007 he’s been trying very hard to get the NFL to expand outside of America by sending teams overseas to play regular season games in London. I’ve always had all kinds of problems with this. It costs one team a home game every year, and also takes revenue away from an American city. There’s even been talk of a Super Bowl played in London, or even a franchise being relocated overseas.

Goodell has also been trying to force the idea of an 18-game schedule on to the league and its fans for years. He’s sneakily tried to claim that he’s listening to the fans’ complaints about the quality of the preseason, and wants to rectify the problem by cutting the preseason in half and adding two games to the regular season. Of course, the idea of not charging season ticket holders for preseason games was laughable and never considered by this commissioner. Any sane NFL fan knows how much of a grind a 16-game schedule is on a player, and to add two additional games would greatly diminish the quality of play later in the year. The only thing that stopped this travesty from taking place was strong, justified opposition from the players’ union.

Goodell has also handled situations like Spygate poorly. In 2007, New York Jets coach Eric Mangini created problems for the league by revealing that Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots had been cheating for years by videotaping opposing teams’ defensive signals. Goodell’s response to this crisis was to keep the NFL shield as untarnished as possible, and tried to do this by quietly sweeping this major scandal under the rug and preventing the public from learning the full extent of the cheating. While Goodell took away a first-round pick from the Patriots and issued fines to key figures involved, he also was quick to confiscate and destroy all of the evidence of Belichick’s treachery, forcing the public to believe his version of the story that New England gained very little from their spy tactics. If that was really the case, why was it necessary to destroy all records of the incident?

In my eyes, Roger Goodell has been a cancer to the game of football ever since he seized power in 2006. This NFL may be in a Golden Age in terms of profits, but the Golden Age of integrity was lost when the last great commissioner, Paul Tagliabue, retired. The horrible incident that took a win away from the Green Bay Packers on Monday night was a painful confirmation about just how far the quality and integrity of the NFL has slipped since the corrupt Goodell took over. I haven’t at all been pleased with the direction that the league has been going in for the last six years, and I hate to think of what else is still to come, as Goodell sadly won’t be leaving office anytime soon.



Denny Basens

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  • I couldn’t agree more, and I believe the big push by the league regarding player safety is just a way to cover their ass for any current or future lawsuits. To show proof that they “tried” to do something about it. Prime example being the replacement refs, the unwillingness to put the best set of eyes on the field to monitor rule enforcement, specifically if your supposed focus is on player safety. Actions speak louder than words.

  • Wrong, wrong, wrong… Roger G works for the OWNERS and is dong his job so well everyone is mad at him and not the 32 entities that comprise NFL franchizes. That is the biggest part of the job… to br the public face and eventual scapegoat to divert fans from psychologically grasping that they are buying the bullets from and for the man with a gun to their head owners.

    Realists ned to recognise thay there is no NFL without the owners making money. players could always offer to pay the refs out of their revenue share next time there is a cba to be signed but I garunte that most would also choose replacement refs.

    The idea of a union for contracted part timers is laughable any way. These are millionares bickering over money spent by working men / women that needed real unions to ensure safe working conditions and a resonable wage. Modern unions are mostly useless and suck the life out of profitable industries untill they can no longer afford to exist cough gm cough.

  • @RegalEagle
    Agree 100% Unions are destroying alot of things in the this country as is Corporate greed . A good example of what a union paradise brings is GM and Detroit .
    The one thing about the NFL is except for goverment paid for stadiums it still operates on free market . Meaning we can vote our dollars , If we dont like the product , simply stop buying it , or stop watching it .
    I agree with authors assessment on Mr Goodall , Since he taken over the NFL has become transparent in its relentless pursuit of profit like the owners are Farangi . My interest in the game has dropped steadily from purchasing eagles gear and watching every Philly game , then watching every bit of analysis available from espn to CSN and nfl net, to catching the score on internet and reading this site from time to time . It has become like standing outside a Burger king next to a McDonalds and rooting for one or the other for 4hrs every Sunday .

  • The owners expect Goodall to be the bad guy. If his actions cost them money, they can fire him. He does all the dirty work while the owners take public relation photos with underpriviledged kids. The NFL’s actions are for the long term benefit of the league. Thats why it’s the cash cow it is today that we all follow religiously. A few blown calls is not going to make me stop watching. The owners will not give pensions to extremely well paid part time employees. I’m sure there are hundreds of guys willing to be paid 6 figure salaries that will do a great job with a few months of real training and preperation. The whole situation has been handled horribly by the NFL and it’s a black eye on this season. Black eyes heel and are quickly forgotten and the NFL is not going to be forced into making any deals it does not want to do.

  • Way too much made of the refs , this issue so damn over blown, and to call the consequences of alleged bad refereeing “tragedies”, Denny pull you head out of your butt buddies arze and get some perspective on life

    • Haha Jakedog, maybe you’d like to help me out by offering some of your own brilliant perspectives? What are some of the reasons why you think the replacement ref issue is overblown?

  • This issue could be solved in one minute. The players instead of bitching on twitter should stand as a UNION! Say we won’t work because of player safety and solidarity with our fellow union members. We will sacrifice game checks until they are brought back. Very freaking simple…the owners have felt NO pain. Advertisers are still buying commercial time, beers are still 10 bucks, tickets are still being sold…they have no reason to negotiate

  • Stop going to the games and watch how fast the NFL brings them back.

  • Way to much has been made of the ref? Wise up brosiff.

    They’ve blown tons of calls,lost controll of the games(constant scrums that havent been happening since this year),no general standards,THEY COST A TEMA A WIN!!,they need a consultant on the field(whats it say about your job when you gotta check with someone else first),they’re scabs!!,and last but not least…..one guy had a td called…other guy had the stop the clock signal.If your still stating its overblown after those examples your a flat out nitwit.

  • Roger certainly isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed if he is giving the Eagles and Giants fans an extra 8 hours to consume alcohol this Sunday at the linc — Off duty police or not, don’t show up at Geno’s with a NY jersey on, just some free advice.

  • I love when people get all worked about this and they threaten that they are not going to watch. Well, crap or get off the pot. You are not going to stop watching just like you are not going to boycott buying gas because the prices are so high. So don’t even bring it up anymore.

    I am trying to remember if the world was going to end when Hochuli blew that call back in 2008.

  • Im not a fan of Goodell at all but most of everything you mentioned in the article is driven by the Owners. It just has Goodell’s name attached to it which is the price you pay for being a commissioner.

    The ref issue is everyone faults. The owners, the refs, and even the players. The players have acted out of control on the field that past 3 weeks. I get the idea that the refs screw up the integrity of the game but in regard to player safety its bullshit. The players do that to themselves.

    It was pretty funny tho when that ref throw his hat on the ground and almost made that Cowboy fall on his ass.

  • I disagree,, I think Goodell has done a pretty good job in overseeing the NFL during his Tenure..
    I beleive NHL’s Gary Bettman is the worst Sports Commisioner in the 4 Major Sports followed by David Stern of the NBA
    Too much expansion, lost of ESPN TV Contract and just a plain poor overall job in contolling salaries, the wave of player turnover every Season,The Draft is not highlighted enough..The Winter Classic and All-Star Game are well run, but the Regular Season is a bore and too long

  • Great post pheags88. I agree 100% especially with the players/coaches being out of control. Personally, I think that Bud Selig is the worst commish in sports.

  • Bugsy, yea i forgot to mention the coaches too. Their conduct has been out of control as well. I just think its funny that everyone is saying the NFL is failing to protect the integrity of the game by doing this (which they have no doubt) but lets not also forget about the players and coaches. The integrity of the game doesn’t mean shit to them either as long as the calls are going their way.

  • Disagree Denny…. The game is safer (players fight this). Game is being played every sunday (players came to their senses), NFL does not appear as much a thug league as others (suspensions for thugs), crap like cheating is punished.

    Whats not to love?

  • as far as the officials…. anyone remember the Tuck Rule? or the Edd H game? how about the Megatron incident? How about that hit on McNabb 5 yards in the endzone AFTER he scored a TD? Lets stop pretending that the Old crews were great. The Refs tried to hold the game ransom and they lost. Looks like they will back this week…. THANK GOD, but lets remember they arent that great either.

  • I have no idea what you are talking about Stevo. The old refs were perfect. They never missed a call that cost another team a game. They never made bad pass interference calls or were inconsistent.

  • The old ref arent perfect but theyre way better than this.. i feel like im watching WWF out there ..Do you all see the hit former eagels joe mays put on shuab .. omfg lol..

    The league is smart the changed the rules at the perfect time .. becuase these hits would be evey week with the speed and strength of the players..
    Im disappointed in the eagles even though they are 2 and 1 .

    I blame the coaches. some of you may disagree and put the blame on vick but i just dont see it that way. all the teams now are running simplified offenses even the patriot only throw short routes to the TEs now.
    what do we do have vick sit back there with no offense line while maclin and desean go deep every single play .. they run the old west coast system from the 80s ..

  • lawrrwd… im glad the old refs are coming back but i want to point out a few things…..

    1. Head to Head hits were at there highest last year… old refs did not fix this.
    2. It was the replay guys that blew the game on Monday…. they are not replacements.
    3. The players have been saying the NFL has gone soft… that every thing results in flags…. well… now they have their wish. Fighting on every play. Im fine with this.. they should be too, they got what they asked for.
    4. If the players are worried about safety…. they should pay the old refs or…… strike (and not collect payment)… by kneeling down on every play as the pack suggested.

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