• August 8, 2022

Eagles-Giants Pregame Thoughts

It’s Up To Andy To Improve Vick

Michael Vick has been terrible. There’s no other way to look at it. The veteran quarterback has been a disaster so far in 2012, tossing six interceptions and losing three fumbles in the first three games of the season. Turnovers have been a major issue for this team, and to have their quarterback committing them at an alarming, league-leading rate is a recipe for failure.

However, while I’ll be the first person to criticize Vick for the flaws and limitations in his game, I’ll also be the first to tell you that his head coach is doing him no favors. Pass-happy Andy Reid has been the head coach for two of the three games this season, and his poor playcalling has only made Vick’s problems worse.

Opposing defenses have more or less been able to completely forget about LeSean McCoy and running game, and are easily forcing Vick into mistakes by relentlessly sending blitzes (that the Reid’s offense have had no answers or adjustments for) at the quarterback, and successfully taking away the deep routes to DeSean Jackson and the other Eagle receivers that Andy and Marty Morhinweg seem to love so much.

Why is it such a hassle for this coach to put the ball in the hands of his best player, LeSean McCoy? Reid did a good job balancing the offense in Week 2 against Baltimore, and Michael Vick was a much more effective player in that game when the weight of the team wasn’t only on his shoulders.

At the end of the day, I feel that Vick’s inability to properly read and anticipate defenses combined with his turnover tendencies will always be an issue for this team, but these issues could be significantly reduced, if not masked, if his coach were to put him in a position for success with a balanced offense.

How The Giants Can Beat The Eagles

New York will need to overwhelm the Eagles defense with the wide variety of offensive weapons that they have available to them. Although they’ll still be without Hakeem Nicks, they still have an explosive target in Victor Cruz, a dangerous redzone threat in tight end Martellus Bennett, and a couple of young players that have given them a boost in recent weeks like Andre Brown and Ramses Barden.

Eli Manning has a great command of this offense, and he can pick this defense apart if his offensive line can give him enough time. The Eagles’ secondary had no answer for Larry Fitzgerald a week ago, and the depth of this New York offense could prove to be just as challenging. Manning can look to test young and unproven members of the secondary like Brandon Boykin, Kurt Coleman, and Nate Allen.

Defensively, the Giants simply need to do what they do best: get to the quarterback. Michael Vick is not playing well at all right now, and his patchwork offensive line is something that New York will need to exploit. If the Giants’ defensive line can do enough damage with just their four-man rush, they have their back seven drop into coverage and wait for Vick to make a mistake.

Why The Eagles Will Win

The Giants have a lot of injuries that the Eagles could take advantage of, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. The New York secondary has already placed starter Terrell Thomas on injured reserve, and another starter (Corey Webster) will be playing with a broken hand. Add in the fact that their reserve defensive backs are banged up too (Jayron Hosely is out, Michael Coe is questionable), and I have to believe that the New York defense is going to have a difficult time with the Eagles’ receivers.

The return of Jeremy Maclin should be a huge shot in the arm for this group. The Eagles get a playmaking receiver back on the field, and his presence will open things up for the rest of the group. Maybe this is the first game in 2012 that DeSean Jackson really breaks out and makes a difference? Maybe this is the first game that Jason Avant receives a heavier workload? Against the weakened New York defensive backs, the receivers are going to have opportunities to make plays all night.

LeSean McCoy is going to be more involved in the offense than he was a week ago. I think this is a week Reid “does a better job”, and gives one of the best running backs in football a good opportunity to make an impact on this game.

One of Andy Reid’s positive traits has always been that his teams typically bounce back after embarrassing losses. It isn’t very often that the Eagles have lost two games in a row or more during Reid’s tenure, and I feel that this is a week that he’ll have his team ready to play.

Final Thoughts

The Eagles are in a position where they have a lot to prove. Although they currently sit at 2-1, they could just as easily be 0-3. Michael Vick is now in a position where his job security is in doubt, and must come up with a big performance to keep rookie Nick Foles on the bench.

Philadelphia has also had the Giants’ number as of late, winning seven of the last eight meetings.

There are a lot of reasons to like the Giants in this game too. Eli Manning and the New York offense looks deep, and they’re playing extremely well right now. The New York defensive line has the potential to create chaos and really disrupt the flow of the Eagles’ offense. However, I feel that this game means much more to the Eagles than it does to the Giants, and I like the Eagles to bounce back from a disappointing loss to the Cardinals on Sunday night.


Denny Basens

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  • Denny, you said “Pass-happy Andy Reid has been the head coach for two of the three games this season” ??? Who head coached the other game, Dick Vermeil? WTF?!?!? LOL!!! Other than than boo boo, good article.
    I have zero faith, that this will be close. 31-17 Giants. Vick 2 more interceptions, sacked 4 times, & out hurt, by the 4th. Hope not, but I got a bad feeling about this 1.

    • hahaha fair enough, I guess I should have mentioned that .”Balanced Andy” was the coach in the Baltimore game.

  • We’ll see a bit more of the run but I can’t imagine Andy getting anywhere near balance or even much better than 70 / 30 because Andy and Marty are blinded by the Giants soft secondary. Their licking their chops & that’s all they can see because they think that Vick will be able to throw the ball deep against this D line to Jackson & Maclin. As long as they find a way to win, I don’t care what the ratio is but, I don’t see a one without much closer to or better than 60 / 40 against this D line and using the clock to keep the Giants offense of of the field.

  • EAGLES GIANTS BABY! I should be in Philly around 11ish with my JPP jersey on. First time at Lincoln Financial Field so im really looking forward to it. Hakeem Nicks is out but that doesn’t bother me one bit because for some reason we play better when he is out.

    Prediction – Giants 35 Eagles 31
    Player of the game Eli Manning 300 yards 3 TD’s
    Eagles Player of the game Lesean McCoy 180 rush 30 catch 2 TD’s
    Disappointment of the Game Nnamdi Asomugha
    Highlight of the night.. Fire Andy Reid chants and Nick Foles chants.

  • I said earlier in the week that the Birds will win this game, somehow someway…And then I see them losing against Steelers next week since they will be coming off a bye and Reid will give us his BS about how he goofed in not getting his team ready to play.

    BUT for today
    All I want from Vick is a turnover free game. Thats it (which is pretty pathetic for an Eagles fan to only be wishing for these days). Just give me no turnovers. No fucking turnovers. Even if the Online plays like crap or Reid game planning blows again, its doesn’t mean you have to turnover the ball. Plain and simple..go down if pressure is in your face OR just quickly throw it away, just don’t turn it over.

    Hate the Giants. Hope we knock Eli and his salsa dancer girlfriend out.
    Go Birds

  • Sunday night games Eli plays lights out. Same thing goes for Michael Vick also. I give the edge to the giants only because the Eagles O-line stinks our D line is the best in the league. You do the math. Eagles secondary needs to force Manning into turnovers if not then the Eagles will lose this game. Watch out for Ramses Barden and Martellus Bennett. two guys Andy Reid has probably not prepared for in his game plan. Bennett over 3 weeks has better numbers than Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronk and Kyle Rudolph. Barden will be used on the middle of the field where its no secret it the Eagles weakness. Enjoy the game guys.

  • Andy Reid has to go period…simple as that; he’s the problem with this ball club. He has to go.

  • Giants in a laugher 34-17 that is over early in the 3rd Quarter after the G-Men convert another Vick turnover into 7pts to go up 31-7
    QB Foles comes in and leads the Eagles to 10 4th Quarter Pts in mop up duty versus Giants back-ups and prevent Defense but looks good in his 1st NFL action
    Manning lights up EAgle Secondary and CB Asmo gets burned for 2TD’s Passes as the blueprint is out on how to attack the Eagles Defense which is simply to max-protect and run deep routes to Asmo’s side (up the left sideline)
    Which happens to be Eli’s favorite and best pass from him
    This one is over early as Vick continues to struggle in 2012

  • I’m watching Miami vs. Arizona. The Miami defense has made Kevin Kolb look like kevin kolb, the one we know. They are doing everything the Eagles D did not do scheme wise. Good job Juan! The Miami O has scored a TD against the vaunted Az. D, it is 10 – 0 Miami, guess what? Miami ran the ball. Good job Andy and Marty! Hopefully the D and O will redeem itself tonight. Go Eagles!!!

  • I’m watching Miami vs. Arizona. The Miami defense has made Kevin Kolb look like kevin kolb, the one we know. They are doing everything the Eagles D did not do scheme wise. Good job Juan! The Miami O has scored a TD against the vaunted Az. D, it is 10 – 0 Miami, guess what? Miami ran the ball. Good job Andy and Marty! Hopefully the D and O will redeem itself tonight. Go Eagles!!!

    • Compared to the Eagles QB play, so far this season, Kolb looks pretty friggin good and AZ is still undefeated. All things considers, Kolb is still doing a decent job with ZERO INTERCEPTIONS THIS SEASON and three 3 TDs today. Geez, feeling kinda jealous right now for the rather pedestrian Kolb. No I’m no big Kolb Booster but, looking better than our starter.

      Lets hope Vick can get his shit together tonight.

      GO BIRDS!!!!

  • Juan has to go as well period. He’s also the problem with this ball club.

  • The O-Line is playing horendous, it’s swiss cheese tonight. I can’t blame Vick for lack of offensive production tonight thus far!!!

  • Eagles D playing hard and fast so far , they have to stop these dumb penalties and especially on 3rd Down
    On Offense it will be a struggle behind this Eagle OL
    They should just flat out release LT D Bell
    What a bust he is. Play Kelly or even shift Watkins out to LT until Dunlap returns but Vick has little to no time to even look downfield

  • morninwieg outsmarted himself again.. after the first 2 runs its time its time to run a bootleg or have vick run up the middle..


  • Still waiting for Boby April to show Philadelphia how great of a Special Teams Coach he’s supposed to be! Talk about getting gashed on special teams! Jeeeeesh!

  • birds win. Sorry Pman and vinnie.

  • andy gives them a chance.

  • whewwww….

    good game by the eagles. Good game for vick,,, sorry haters.

  • If they made the field goal i was calling for reid to be fired

    • LOL! Me too! I was cursing the TV. Only Reid would call a time out on a missed FG. JEESH!!!! We won. That’s all that counts. No turn overs. BTW, Asomugha sucks elephant balls!!!! He is horrid!!!! Worse signing of the Reid era.

  • EagleSuck my Eagle balls LOL Eagles win baby.Nice prediction paulman Eagles win, not the giants in your laugher bullshit. O line came together nicely in second half. Go birds. Screw you haters and doubters find another team bitches!!!

  • Great Win and Team effort. Vick had a very nice and played smart tonight
    He gave up some potentially throws and ate the ball to live another play
    A big concern of mine Defensively is CB Asmo, Team with good QB Nd bog Receivers are going to target him the remainder of the Season for his down the field coverage and lack of speed is the major weakness of the SecondRy and when you have a slower Safety in Coleman trying to compensate for him you are in deep trouble. Think of up oming opponents Steelers w/Ben and Wallace or Brown, Falcons with Ryan and White or Jones, Panthers with Cam Newton and Steve Smith , Cowboys with Austin,Bryant, etc. I thought CB Brandon Hughes looked better than Asmo

  • Vick’s best game in a very, very long time PLUS, the game plan put the players in to position to succeed and they did.

    Bottom line, Vick played very well.

  • No complaints from Vinnie?!? LOL!!!

  • Fraudman…thought you said we were gonna lose 34-17; you’re back on the bandwagon ehh?

  • nice win tonite – most imprtant stat – ZERO turnovers

    what up with the kick coverage!

    Castillo and the boys hold on to another 4rth Qtr lead

    Songs is an ass sucking, nut sack licking, gonna be gone from this site shortly piece of shit!

    Great win – Pittsburg next week… should be a good one.

  • Paulman don’t you ever get tired of “asterisk” excuses. Vick had the most handicaps and was the better qb. Aso was damn near shut down gor more than a half before his injury. Your lame-ass prediction didn’t materialize so now it’s throw something against the wall til it sticks. A key strip on a nice Eli throw; a horrible pass interference call; and a text book shield on a obvious offensive pass interference. PLEASE STOP!!

  • Vinnie, sorry your 600 mile trip to see the EAGLES lose and Vick get replaced by the unproven Foles didn’t work out for you, you stinkin bum. Go back to your mamas basement you “jockstrap lickin jackass”

  • Fraudman– STFU! Your really pissin me off man.. You picked for the Birds to lose you were dead wrong as always now you nit pick the win and are looking to the following weeks? Thats how i know ur not a true fan of this team because everyone is enjoying the win that are true fans. Your talking about the steelers and falcons? What a fraud. You was wrong again talk about that old man

  • I’ll take Songs over the frauds Paulman and Vinnie any day. And there’s a few more I’ll call out. But I’m too busy enjoying a win where Vick and his teammates actually won without the sideline fuccin it up. They beat the defending sb champs with an oline that’s no better a local high school’s.

  • A win is a win baby…I’m still trying to figure out how we won that game. If you want to knock kickoff coverage…..knock kickoff coverage..6 returns for 216 (giants) to 3 for 50 (eagles). Henry was clutch tonight w 3 for 3 FGs, but might not have had to be if he could put a few more kickoffs through the endzone.

  • All wins are great.

    This one is important but we must score a TD inside the 5yd line moving forward.

    No turnovers = OUTSTANDING

    Still Micheal Vick = FOOLS GOLD (Best asset is that he runs well) Quite a few passes were DANGEROUS. At least he followed coaching and Ran istead of throwing when he was chased all over.

    • @Regal – that is straight BS…A few passes were dangerous? like the one to Celek? Had another QB thrown that it would just have been a great throw, right? or any other completed “dangerous” pass….

  • I agree Paulman I thought Brandon Hughes played better than Asomugha. Aso is terrible an I think its time to realize he is who he is. ts amazing how a QB looks when he gets some protection. Its not a coincidence that Vick didnt turn the ball over. He wasnt getting hit all game and running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

  • Hey Marty it took you 4 years to realize if you run Jackson on 7 yard routes he cant be covered. Hey Marty amazing how the offense looks on 3 step drops. Unbelievable. Hey Marty amazing what a run game does for your oline and your protection. I know we will pass 50 times next week. Unbelievable.

  • I have to agree with Unreal77 a qb has to make those throws. its part of the game. i don’t like vick and don’t think he can take us to the promised land (hope i’m wrong) but we are 3-1, he had a solid game and its time to move on to the next one.

  • @HaveNoBrain – it doesn’t matter what you think! in fact I don’t think you can think…you also didnt think Vick would have a turnover free game last night too…so your thoughts are irrelevant!

  • Vick played his Best Game as an Eagle in a very long time, which was great to see and really needed by his Team and his own self-confidence moving forward
    What I liked is that he played smart and took what the Giants D gave them when they went to the no-huddle,faster pace late in the 2nd Quarter,
    I liked the Play Calling and FB Havilli had him best game as an Eagle and really liked the underneath delay-trap handoffs to him in which he gained 15 Yrds on 2 Carriers… Their Red-Zone Play-Calling left some to be desired but I liked how Vick didn;t panic and didn’t force any passes in the Red-Zone .. This was huge

  • @pheags88 it looks like you got your wish man. lol

  • Also, anyone notice that R BRyce Brown is running so defensive.. He missed 2 Cutbacks that had big holes and seems to run the ball for the Assigned Hole/Gap instead of running for daylight.. Probably the sign of inexperience but a couple of time he went left with the bakll when they back-side on the right was wide open.. He needs to trust his running instincts more instead of being timid when running which should come with more experiences…
    The quicker-no huddle Offense and utilizing D-Jax on shorter routes was the game changer that really took the Giants D out of their base coverage schemes and seemed to open up everything else which allowed QB Vick to get into a comfortable rhythm.. Also using the FB Havilli and Danarius Johnson on some short-quick routes was impressive

  • @Chevron…Yes i did man and i couldn’t be happier. There is no defending those turnovers in the 1st 3 games..they kill your chances to win the game. Vick played the exact type of game I want from him. I don’t give a damn if he doesn’t throw for 300 yards or whatever. If he puts up 200 plus yards and a TD or two we will have a chance to win every game we play.

    Im 4-0 calling Birds games this year but I hope i end up being 4-1 next week. I hope I am dead wrong about them losing but I just have a bad feeling for this upcoming game. Hope Reid/Marty/Reid don’t fuck up this good feeling we all have today by coming out flat and unprepared like they did against the CArds

  • highly impressed with djax so far. didnt think last year was a fluke, he is playing at a very high level with vick throwing him the ball at that

  • *Reid/Marty/Vick

    We SHOULD destroy Pittsburg offensive line. Just ahve to get Big Ben down when you get to him

    DRC and Nnamdi will have their toughest test this year when they go up against Wallace and Brown

    Special Teams cant play like dog shit again

    Reid has to let his best player in Shady win the game for us like he did last night

    Vick better be prepared for TP (if he plays) blitzing him off the edge. The guy loves those safety edge blitzes…Vick better have his eyes on him before ever snap he takes

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