• January 17, 2022

Graham Should Do Something On The Field Before Running His Mouth

Did I miss something?  Did Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham have a 18-sack Pro Bowl season?  Hasn’t he been a bust up until now?

Graham was running his mouth yesterday in the Eagles Nova Care Complex locker room.  I believe you should always let your play do most of  the talking.  If you are talking louder than you’re playing, then you need to lower your voice and shut up.

Graham should wait until he does a lot more on the field before being so quick to run his mouth.  I agree with him that former Birds defensive coordinator Juan Castillo should have mixed things up more in the fourth quarters of the last two games, but that’s for a more accomplished player to say.

“We started running the same stuff over and over,” Graham said. “We’re not switching it up as much. You could hear it on the sideline. A lot of times we run the same coverage.”

Castillo’s mistake was believing that Graham and the defensive line were going to be able to get to the passer.

It’s amazing that a defensive end who should be focusing on making a play by putting some pressure on the quarterback, is paying attention to the coverages which are being called.   If I were a player like Graham, who has never done anything in the league, I wouldn’t have much to say.

Here you’ve got Graham who has never lived up to his first round draft position, yet he’s very quick to evaluate the performance of the team’s defensive coordinator then have the nerve to make his opinions public.

Graham also made some comments about what he thinks new defensive coordinator Todd Bowles will be doing.

“That’s what he talked about, not being predictable in the fourth quarter,” Graham said. “By the fourth quarter everybody [knew] what we’re going to do. That’s how we [got] beat.”

If I were the coach I would have a talk with Graham and let him know that he should make legitimate contributions on the field before he runs his mouth to the media.

Graham is the current picture of the defensive line, which has only seven sacks after six games.  They were outstanding in the preseason and started taking it for granted that everybody was going to roll over and let them dominate during the regular season.  That hasn’t happened and it’s one of the reasons this team has been a major disappointment so far.

You’re only as a good as you play when the games count.  If you can’t get the job done when the games count, you’re not any good.


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  • Just another player on this Eagles Roster who whines and complains and then does little about it with their performance/production on the Field
    We’ve heard it from CB Asmo, DE T Cole, DE Graham, QB Vick, WR D-Jax & Maclin… and these are some of the players who are supposed to be key leaders of this Team.. Eagles have some real evaluation about some of the attitudes on this Roster..and to top it off, what has any of these PLayers won before..HAs Amso ever been on a Team since COllege that has been a .500 Team.. It’s a joke and Coach AR is losing his Locker Room little by little I believe.. I get a real srense of undiscipline and a lack of accountability with this years Team and as I have stated in the past, I believe Coach AR Coddles his Team far too often and instead of calling them out on ocassion and when it’s warranted and the result of this coddling is a pure lack of mutual repsect and accountability players looking for excuses and I am sick of it… Blow this complete Franchise up Jeff Lurie from the GM Roseman, to it’s Coaching Staff (maybe keep Todd Bowles) and the Front OFfice/Scouting Depts… HIre Mike Holmgrem who is looking to get back into Coaching again before the Panthers or SD Chargers hire him and then the EAgles are stuck with Andy Reid again..

    • I guess im just old school, you know as a kid playin sports.. pick captains… choose up sides. AND PICK THE BEST PLAYER OF THE BUNCH…. and yes the same simple rules apply in the NFL draft… when your turn comes up… PICK THE BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER ON THE BOARD , REGUARDLESS OF POSITION… U CAN NEVER GO WRONG THAT WAY, brandon graham … no ( jpp was a reach ) EARL THOMAS WAS THE BEST PLAYER ON THE BOARD. oh by the way he’s been to Hawaii .. as in the pro bowl. … and the bust after graham looks like Watkins as his right guard play has been awful

  • Dream team
    No D-coordinator in the league can stop me
    Its not my fault

    This team has been talking for a few years now – sans results.

    But nein Holmgren. Aren’t we about to fire his clone?

  • @Vinnie – this article was about Graham….do you have a comment in regards to Graham? its obvious you can’t comment without trying to take a shot at the QB!

  • Doesn’t surprise me, another article coming down on an Eagles player…. Fact Graham with his limited snaps, has produced at a high level! the question should be, will he get more snaps? but thats right, only report when the possibility of negativity exists!

  • “No D-coordinator in the league can stop me”….. um….. Graham starting as QB this week? Sheesh.

  • One thing that everyone needs to keep in mind for the Next Head Coach..
    Look at this Eagles Roster and especially it’s Offense and the way the Roster is comprised with which is built around the Pass with a quasi West Coast/Deep Routes type of WR’s..Smaller, more athletic OL..
    If you hire and bring in a smash-mouth type of Coach with a run-first mentality, then you would have to replace half the WR’s and OL.. Can this be done within a 2-3 Year Time Frame.. Can these Smallish WR’s like D-Jax/Maclin/D Johnson play in a standard Offense/Passing attack where there are a lot more shorter routes, slants and have to make plays over the middle of the field . Who is going to run these routes and be strong enough to last playing with a new passign scheme.. And how about the OL, if the Eagles become a more run-oriented team under a new Coach, who along the OL are good Run Blockers and what becomes of future of (Mathis,Kelce,Watkins) who are smaller and built more for Pas-Blocking than Smash-Mouth Run BLocking.. It will take 2 years minimum with either new Draft Picks and or Free-Agency to convert this “Speed” Deep Passing Route Offense to a more “Physical,Smash Mouth Offense”.. and you know a potential interested Coach like a Bill Cowher Type would not even want 1/2 this Eagle Roster just for this reason alone for knowing that you have to scrap much is this Current Roster.. Same goes along with the Defense.. Smallish DE’s and LB’s will not fly with more Defensive Minded Coaches who are going to want bigger,stronger Players in the Front 7.. so what do you do when you have 6 DE’s all under 6-2″ and 265lbs and and 6-7 LB Corp that are smaller than 6’2 240lbs (except for MAtthews who just can’t play at the NFL Level)

  • This is typical of the ‘leadership’ on this team…. when the team was led by #5 and #20 you never had this…. who does the team claim is their LEADER now???? hmmm what number was he again? what type of me first leader would allow the comments that have been coming out of the eagles camp? can’t think of his name or number….
    as for the bill cowher cry babies i don’t have another 13 years to wait for a ssuperbowl!

  • @haveakittykat – on the defensive side of the ball, the leader of the team is Demeco Ryans…again this has nothing to do with the QB…did you hear the QB throw a coach under the bus? Graham is a grown man, he comments are his comments and no one elses

  • just speaking to the character or lack there of… and the undisputed leader of this team according to offensive and defensive players is 7–“mike is our leader” “mike is the guy in this locker room”– if he had character he could control a guy who has contributed zero after being a first round pick. — 7 got his contract, started wearing his hat like he was back in the hood and they’ve been .500 since– i’m sure thats just a coincidence.
    everyone except you knows that the QB sets the tone on any team. you think brady would accept what is going on by those clowns? i think not

  • man you are a joke….! Graham is a grown man….How f’d up would the world be if you got in trouble or evaluated for your brothers/friends/relative crimes? I mean really, your thought process is pure ignorance….

  • my brothers and friends and relatives have lived a relatively crime free life… but there are out on their own. a locker room needs one voice and the undisputed leader sets the tone. i’m not blaming your buddy, leadership is not an ability he has. He can throw and he can run but he isn’t a leader of a FOOTBALL TEAM!
    you are living in the bubble my freind!

  • I’m living in a bubble? do you know what hypothetical means? NO you dont! I think you are the one living in the bubble…and your response proves it….you obviously couldn’t even relate to the point I was making….thats great your family relatives have lived crime free lives, I guess they also never made a mistake in their life and all their actions have been by the book…what are you 15? Graham is a grown man…now if i was hearing things like this coming from multiple players on the team that would be a problem…but the thing about me, I respect people that speak the truth, therefore I’m not mad at Graham at all….

    • “now if i was hearing things like this coming from multiple players on the team that would be a problem”


      You are hearing this shit from multiple players.

      I pointed that out at the top of this thread….and you responded with a “who said those things!! stop talking about the QB” whine….

      • @Vinnie – FALSE, you little doo doo stain! who said dream team? VY, not on the team….
        as far as Vick saying no d coor in the league cant stop him or saying the word Dynasty…since when does having confidence become a bad thing…this is not something that impacts the locker room! not about his coach, not about a teammate big difference…

        • Announcing that the team could be a dynasty coming off an 8-8 disappointment is not “confidence”

          Its stupid.

          And if he actually believes it (and I think he does), then you better believe others on the team believe it too. And if you don’t think that has an effect on a team, then you’ve never played or coached for a team that has that attitude. Because its cancerous. It leads to half-hearted efforts. It leads to sloppiness. It leads to players who actually start bleieving the “I don’t know what’s wrong, but it can’t be me!!” garbage.

          And the Birds are rife with it. And it flows from their “leader”.

          Hey, if you’re the mid 70s Steelers and you feel you are going to go out and grind down whoever you play, and you do, that’s fine. That’s confidence. Saying you feel your team is good enough to go out and compete with any other team in the league, that’s confidence.

          Announcing you have a potential dynasty and no one can stop you when you’ve just come off a season and a half where you’re below .500…and where…..well…just about everone not named Jets and Dolphins stopped you….that’s delusional.

          • Come on Sis……If it is going to be spoken on, “dynasty” following a disappointing season, I think that is the best time to do it! be confident, have something to shoot for, try to get your teammates amped to believe the same thing as you…

            This is the thing, sis, not everything has to be taken negatively. Life can be difficult don’t make it worse with the negativity….hope you take my brotherly advice!

  • There are 3 High-Character Guys on this Club as far as Leadership Goes and players who are about accoountability

    DT Cullen Jenkins (Who has actaully won a Championship before)
    LB Demeco Ryans (Who leads by example and is a great mentor)
    TE Brett Celek (Who I wish would speak up more for the Offense)
    Safety Kurt Coleman (always man’s up and demands a lot from himself)

    Disappointing Players who have been around the Eagles long enough to take on more of a leadership role but have not for some reason

    QB Mike Vick, WR D-Jax, RT Todd Herremans, DE Trent Cole, CB Asmo & Safewty Nate Allen are all too passive and have failed to step up in my opinion

  • are you kidding remarks like this have also come from several others– as for hypothetical… I never ran across that word as I was obtaining my B.S, M.S or EdD. .
    you know my point Vick is a complete idiot. Andy lost this team when he went for flash instead of substance- 7 IS NOT the only example of it…nnamdi, graham, curley matthews,babin, mudd and washburn (who are gimicky) are other examples. a power O.line with a smart QBand shady … it falls mostly on AR … his falling in love with gimickry is the problem, i’m not sure what came first his love of it or his love of vick– either way its a disaster.
    since you consider yourself real… keep it ‘real’ and answer this question: what team and with what role will vick play next year?

    • @Haveakittykat – hahaha, wow…when mudd and washburn were hired, how did you feel? did you oppose the hires? I know when the hiring took place no one here had a negative thing to say…or were you the 1%?

      I’ll keep it real with you right here, and it can’t get no realer! Reid, has led this Eagles team to successful seasons year in and year out. With Reid the Eagles have always been a contender, Reid has made some very nice decisions, has made some questionable ones, and has made some poor decisions…The same can’ be said for every head NFL coach in the league…As for your question, I am not a psychic, the season is 6 games in for the Eagles with 10 games to play, what the future holds is undecided! That’s keeping it real!

      • hiring both of these line coaches was assinine , THATS LIKE BUYING CAR TIRES BEFORE U BUY THE CAR … IT DOSEN’T FIT

  • I see 2 Teams willing to Roll the Dice for Vick next Season

    #1) Arizona Cardinals – The Kevin Kolb Experiment has failed, Wisenhut and Staff are signed thru 2013 and will need something to show improvement or that are all gone, have solid Defense, Good WR’s but no QB..
    2) Jacksonville Jaguars- New Ownership, slipping attendance and will be heading to Los ANgeles,Ca soon to play if they don’t start fielding competitive Teams

    3rd Option is Vick to finish his Career in the Canadien Football League

    • My hometown Ottaw3a Rough Riders (formally – no news on the new name yet) are re-launching their franchise in 2014 and will have first pick in the CFL draft.

      Frankly, I’m giddy!!

  • The “its not my fault” was paraphrasing Graham (and the whole dline)
    I put the others on there because its sympomatic of a team that seems to have a lot of “me first” guys on it. Vick being the leader of that bunch.

  • Bingo Cigar!!

    Lets take a vote. Which fanbase is going to be most disappointed over the rest of the season by their team’s QB

    Eagles with Mike Vick and his “keep up the street cred” sideways hat.

    Lions with Matt Stafford and his “I’m a quarterback bro!” backwards hat.

    Panthers with Cam Newton and his suggestion box….or…

    Ravens with Joe “I’m Elite…I RELLY AM!!” Flacco

    • hahahaheheeheh – oooo sh**…comments this week have really kept me entertained “Lets take a vote” in my most feminine voice possible….you want everyone to hold hands and sing kumbaya, as well?

  • Real …You have the patience of Job…My dude

  • Vick voted as the 4th most overrated player in the NFL by his peers.

  • Let me guess the Top #3 most Overrated NFL Players

    #1) QB Tim Tebow
    #2) RB Chris Johnson
    #3) CB Nnamdi Asamougah
    #4) QB Mike Vick

  • The only Dynasty that Philly has seen are the Phialdelphia Atom

  • Tebow, Sanchez, Romo ,Ray Lewis and Tom Brady also made the list too…

  • Ray Lewis is just at the downside of his career. He might actually be done. How is that overrated? And Tom Brady? That list is bunk if it is calling Brady overrated.

  • actually paulman, it was Tebow, Sanchez, Romo then Vick. Ray Lewis Tom Brady and Eli was on the list as well no Nnamdi.

  • @Real you have some serious patience dealing with these clowns bro. They are so blinded by their hate of Vick they can’t see the forest through the trees my man!!! They just can’t wait for the Eagles to lose so they can get on this site and proclaim, told you so!!!

  • @BigLion – just trying to bring some balance to the comment section…if a fan from another site comes here, they’d think they are right at home. I don’t have patience at all, I wish I could reach through my laptop monitor and choke the sh** out of a few of them…ha!

  • That’s right real talk, you bring balance but not the truth, Vick is not a good quarterback

  • Unreal, I’m the biggest Reid supporter ever. I have had fights at parties and family functions because I’ve supported AR! I’m a huge fan, I didn’t like the Washburn thing. Thought it was gimmicky, I like the sprint draw that Indy ran and like when shady runs it … As for his decisions… Again huge fan here, the free agent super team and of course vick have been foolish. Willbe his down fall

  • Andy is ASS

  • Brandon Graham, You have 1/2 of a sack 6 games and you have the audacity to
    bad mouth Juan. Granted I have criticized him but you have 1/2 a sack as a number one draft choice. You only hope that you ass will be in the league as long as Juan’s. AT LEAST HE WAS LOYAL TO THE EAGLES AND SAID HE WOULD TAKE A BULLET FOR COACH. YOU BETTER START MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR OPPORTUNITY BEFORE YOU ARE SOON TO FOLLOW JUAN OUT THE DOOR. GO AFTER SOME QB’S INSTEAD OF AN EX COACH YOU DUFUS.


  • Do you think Earl Thomas would have kicked Castillo’s back-in. Guess, we’ll never know.

  • Great stuff big e, and check out Jeff Garcia on Vick and his poor play ” I would have benched his ass already “

  • Who cares what Jeff Garcia would do!!!

  • LOL…Jeff Garcia = The very definition of an Average QB

  • Garcia is an average QB eh? What is Vick then?

    Garcia 117 starts 62% 25,500yrds 161tds (4.4%) 83ints (2.3%) 2-4 in playoffs
    Vick 98 starts 56% 19,500yrds 119tds (4.3%) 91ints (3.3%) 2-4 in playoffs

    If Garcia is average….what do you call Vick who is below him in every single QBing category?

  • Played 10 years 58 wins 58 losses = ?

  • below him everything except L’s..and will pass him on W’s before the year is out..LMAO

  • All I know is Garcia had a average at best career, I loved watching him play (the fire he played with was inspirational) and his wife is a fucking 10! Good for Jeff!

  • BigE agree about Graham…Im so sick of this dude. I remember when everyone was calling out his performance last year and he was getting emotional about it and now he has the audacity to call out a Juan who was nowhere near the complete package in what you need as a Dcord. If it was an established player on this team then I would be fine with it…but Graham should be the last person in the locker room to comment on anybody’s lack of performance. Reality check dude, you will go down as one of the biggest busts in Eagles history because you cant play anywhere near to being a 1st round pick (which we also traded up to get)…
    Send him out of here after the season for a 4th rounder if you can get that…it makes me sick to even see him wear Eagles green while Thomas is a pure leader and stud on one of the better defenses in the league.

    This Eagles team does have talent. They can be a real contender for years to come if they can just make the moves that are needed in the offseason. They just need the right coach first.

    If Im Lurie I give Tony Dungy a blank check. I would take him as a coach over pretty much anybody out there. (Holmgreen really? Thats basically Andy Reid on steroids..that would be insanity). There are solid pieces in play on the Def and Offense to intrigue him to come here.

  • by the second it looks more like watkins out this week and kelly in.

  • waits for Vinnie to come back with some bull#$%^^ ..LOL

  • the best Brandon Graham every played was passing down DT with Sean McDermott — he just is a below average player
    I could be wrong but I don’t think giving him more playing time will lead to anything but another injury

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