• August 17, 2022

Eagles Must Find A Way To Unleash LeSean McCoy

There’s a good chance Sunday’s game will be played under rainfall.  The ball will be wet, the field will be wet, the wind will be blowing and that environment will make it harder to throw the football down the field.  Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg must go into this game with an emphasis on calling plays which minimize the risk of turning the ball over.

Protecting the football and avoiding turnovers will probably decide this game.  The 3-3 Birds come into the game with 17 turnovers in only six games.   Atlanta’s defense comes into the game having forced 17 turnovers in their six victories.  This stats aren’t a coincidence.  If you turn the football over you lose, but if you force the other team to turn the ball over you win.

If the Eagles take care of the football, it will give them a great chance to win this crucial contest and get their season going in the right direction.

The Birds have a turnover prone quarterback and one of the best if not the best running back in the NFL in the person of LeSean McCoy.  It’s also true that they don’t have a good run blocking offensive line, especially with Jason Peters and Jason Kelce sidelined due to injuries.

This current unit has had problem blocking for the stretch running plays which offensive line coach Howard Mudd loves to run. The draw plays which had worked so well in Indianapolis haven’t been successful with Dallas Reynolds, Evan Mathis and Danny Watkins leading the way.   The Eagles guards and center were getting pushed five yards into the backfield by the Detroit Lions defensive tackles when the Birds tried to run the stretch play.

The offensive coaches must figure some running plays which this group can execute.  In the last two games, McCoy hasn’t been able to get back to the line of scrimmage without encountering tacklers.  He averaged only 2.5 yards per carry versus Pittsburgh and Detroit.  That must change.

Right guard Watkins may not play because of an injured right ankle, so rookie Dennis Kelly might get the first start of his career.  It may be a good thing when you consider how Watkins has been playing.  I want to see the Birds use a power running game on the right side in back of Kelly and right tackle Todd Herremans. It’s vital that they find a running play that this offensive line can be successful with in order to keep the Atlanta defensive line guessing by mixing up the run and the pass.

The Falcons defense isn’t very good versus the running game.  They’re 28th in the league when it comes to stopping the run.  Offenses are averaging an eye-popping 143.8 yards per game against Atlanta.  This is a large number when you consider that this team is 6-0 and playing with the lead most of the time.  A team which is trying to come from behind is more likely to be throwing the football, yet they’re averaging over a 140 yards per game and 5.2 yards per carry.

The Eagles need to keep the ball away from the Falcons’ high scoring offense.  I recommend a blending of a short passing game and handing the ball off to McCoy.  The key will be finding some running plays which this offensive line can execute.



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  • Eagles 26-20 Over the Falcons
    The Star of the Game is TE Celek and FB Stan Havilli with 2 TD’s

  • Dennis Kelly? another long shot –
    I feel bad for Vick this week two rookie after thought late round draft picks with a pass happy OC & HC

  • hmmm…. i just read that running game has had more plays go for 0 yards or negative yards than any team in the NFL. Amazing right? I find this amazing because we dont even run yet we lead the league here….. So… our Oline cant stop the rush and they cant push for the RB…… Lets just keep talking about vick. lol.

  • Stevo — Vick touches the ball every play and is making the most money on the O

  • Watkins suddenly injured huh….haha, just like Matthews got “hurt” last year too. Another blown first rounder.

  • Eagles win 28 – 23. Mccoy gets 2 rushing td’s and rushes for over 100 yards. Vick surprisingly has zero turnovers, rushes for 40 yards, and has 2 passing td’s and is the games MVP.

  • If you believe Watkins ankle is hurt I have beach front property in the middle of the desert to sell you for a very low price.

    This front office is pathetic picking in the first few rounds on both lines. What’s the deal with Curry who was touted as a steal in the 2nd round? This team is very dysfunctional

  • At this point, all reading of and therefore responses to anything regarding the Philadelphia Eagles is a exercise of not only futility but stupidity as well. Get a life, get a hobby. Do anything besides try to dissect and analyze a process which produces nothing but frustration and anger. Do we really need to try and find either of those in this day and age?

  • No conspiracy there songs, more spin control for yet another abysmal draft decision, nothing wrong with Watkins other than he sucks, where the f is that little bitch navy and his Pom poms for this pathetic front office, eagles team, good times ahead though after another year of faulure

  • eaglesO- really? thats all you got? soft.

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